3047541002 / 304-754-1002

Telephone information: Frontier West Virginia Inc.. Falling Waters, WV. Berkeley. United states
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Post by Guest,

3047541002 They have called me three times in that last two days so Way. Leave bugging me. . . .

Post by Janet,

304-754-1002 Caller said he was out of People Automobile attention. I Inquired what did he desire. He said I desire nothing Great bye and Put up. Weirdo. Also definitely foreign accent. Telephone Arrived from Seville WV. When I attempted for call that Amount back it went for not alive atmosphere no ring.

Post by Roy Taylor,

3047541002 Who are and why are you personally hanging Upwards.

Post by wanda,

304-754-1002 I just got a telephone and said take me away your calling list. He said NO and hung Upwards.

Post by Blueeasy,

3047541002 Because we are all sick and weary of Striving for understand outsourced calls. Liberal .

Post by Guest,

304-754-1002 Within that last week they have called Approximately. W times. They state nothing when I response and when I called back Only got a active signal

Post by Guest,

3047541002 Terrible Opinions were said by caller

Post by Jade,

304-754-1002 That fraud Researcher I work along with told me never to telephone those numbers back because if you would you appearance like you personally re interested within learning more. Even though you can t get through your Amount is Enrolled and. consider me they can phone back. Additionally when you get that it's Frequently a sign that the call is being milt routed from overseas. It s Likely a great matter that your own phone dozen t go through or else your phone company might get a lot richer.

Post by Nicole miller,

3047541002 Cease calling me

Post by Gabbie,

304-754-1002 I overly obtained a telephone out of this Amount. They said nothing just hanged Upwards when I replied.

Post by Guest,

3047541002 Call twisted a day for each day.

Post by Guest,

304-754-1002 Report to Federal Trade COMMISSION HTTP Www. Buyer. FTC. gov Posts W Telephone scams

Post by Guest,

3047541002 Automobile insurance. calls from other numbers as well. won't remove your own number from list if you personally ask.

Post by Guest,

304-754-1002 Voice phone no response and Installed Upward after W seconds

Post by brent,

3047541002 what I may do Only turn on my laptop and Move your Application capturing that number Making it on and open unable to disconnect until I determine to turn away my laptop. and I m okay along with leaving it on for weeks. it's now booting. another Amount is probably easily Accessible by them but they re not going to tease me out of the Amount again for a little while.

Post by John,

304-754-1002 Simply received a telephone from this number on my cell phone. Did not answer.

Post by Guest,

3047541002 It s Saturday 7 W 'm and they are calling for John Gonzalez. There is no one by this name here this is my cell Telephone.

Post by Kara,

304-754-1002 I have the number on my Automobile reject list on my cell it tells them to not call the number back You'll become automatically rejected no solicitors on this line will be excepted. Yet they keep calling.

Post by Jason,

3047541002 Just gotten a telephone on my cell did t reply. If you've an Android phone you are able to add that number for that reject list by touching your Amount for a couple seconds to bring Upwards a menu and Afterward tapping on Add for reject list. At least Afterward you won t be bothered when they keep calling.

Post by Tierra,

304-754-1002 I vie gotten more then just one call out of this number and no 1 Solutions when I Select Upwards. Also when I call back no 1 picks Upwards I don t even Notice a ring back tone

Post by Go back to school,

3047541002 I apologize. I 'm truly truly. . . . a dumb Buttocks.

Post by Guest,

304-754-1002 So tried of them calling answer it it hangs up telephone back u get no response

Post by mike,

3047541002 it Issues. . . . . alto of foreign crime rings Run in the Nation. sounds like your a foreigner along with a chip on your shoulder

Post by Guest,

304-754-1002 i

Post by dog,

3047541002 This really is a SCAM.

Post by Being Hacked?,

304-754-1002 response no just one is there and hangs up phone Amount doesn't ring whatsoever Began for think it might be a brand new exactly why hackers are Attempting to get your own info so i Only blocked Owner on my phone

Post by J,

3047541002 After third time calling me and reading above posts I may block this Owner.

Post by barry,

304-754-1002 Go to . com. You are able to enter your own Amount for free and there surely is a manner for report them on that site too.

Post by barry,

3047541002 Go for . com. You can enter your own Amount for free and there surely is a way to report them on that site overly.

Post by Jade,

304-754-1002 Your fraud investigator I work along with told me never for telephone those Amounts back because if you personally do you personally look enjoy you personally re interested within learning more. Even though you are able to t get through your number is Enrolled and. consider me they will telephone back. Additionally when you get that it's Frequently a sign that the call is being milt routed out of Offshore. It s Likely a great matter that your own phone dozen t go through or else the Telephone company might get a lot richer.

Post by Guest,

3047541002 called back and gets not alive air silence.

Post by Guest,

304-754-1002 This person is a live Individual breaking that LAW.

Post by Jade,

3047541002 Consider becoming a call blocking System or phone. . You can Google them and many are around W. W or so. If its a cell phone some already have phone blocking if not there are free Applications on that web that will work for many. You are able to Google the. If you might have a bright Telephone there is a free app called call control. IPhone Look to 've Applications also. Another one is called Mr. Number. Report your callers here not Only for that DC alone HTTP Internet. . gov amp Screen HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms sort. Amenhotep's Gripes. dentally. gov Gripe Gripe check. asp. Cell By State DC lists HTTP Www. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Forgotten Calls Criticism kind HTTP Www. FCC. gov CB consumer facts D R. pitfall E-mail W protected For file Grievances on Foreign Firm s consumer. gov Report Your Gripe mail E-mail W protected

Post by Neil,

304-754-1002 I obtained a missed phone from the when I tried for telephone it back it dozen t even ring just dead atmosphere.

Post by Linda,

3047541002 This number called when replied it was not alive air and when I called back it says that number you have accomplished is not reachable

Post by Guest,

304-754-1002 One of many Amounts Lately calling

Post by Mr. Louis Williams,

3047541002 Who are you personally and are you calling me.

Post by seabreeze,

304-754-1002 rang about 4 Bands and Installed Upwards don't have any just one within West Virginia who would telephone.

Post by anon,

3047541002 You personally rate up there with the top Ledge dumb asses.

Post by Guest,

304-754-1002 Don t like getting these absurd calls. They must not 've a Actual Occupation and enjoy bothering people. .

Post by Guest,

3047541002 They have called me 3 times within your last 2 times. Reportedly to sell Automobile insurance. Blocked on my phone. USN t there a website to report these illegal calls .

Post by anthony,

304-754-1002 After your Th time I answered when they Inquired for me I said I murdered him n your Indian lady says o my gawd n yells W. Didn't get anymore calls

Post by Guest,

3047541002 This company calls and calls and Afterward hangs up once the phone is returned no ring and then it hangs up

Post by nana,

304-754-1002 I obtained a phone out of this at W 'm W W W quite upsetting at that of morning don t no what they're up for but I m sick founts calling me about balk Leg pain melds . Or about Auto Ins. Cease it now.

Post by Jade,

3047541002 Telephone FEEDING and get your contact data for that Good Commerce Commission. They take general reports and when a pool of reports against your same Bureau gets Enormous enough they take Significant Actions.

Post by Jade,

304-754-1002 I did that until they started using rotating phone s. Took Upwards overly much block space. Now I document the calls and report them.

Post by dog,

3047541002 This really is a SCAM.

Post by brent,

304-754-1002 what I may can Only turn on my laptop and roll that Software capturing that Amount Making it on and open not able for disconnect until I decide to turn off my laptop. and I m okay along with leaving it on for weeks. it's now booting. another Amount is probably readily Available by them but they re not going for tease me from the number again for a little while.

Post by ml,

3047541002 I acquired a telephone from the Amount I notion I would appearance it Upwards before calling it. I am glad I did

Post by Corey Richardson II,

304-754-1002 They never say anything when I answer. They call at least twice a daytime. It s very annoying.

Post by Guest,

3047541002 Auto insurance Cool calls

Post by Consumer Conscience,

304-754-1002 Not that it will help any but register your own Amount on the National Do not Call list. It s free. And if they phone you personally then they have violated Federal Law and you can report them on The National Do not Phone Web site.

Post by Consumer Conscience,

3047541002 Not that it can help any but enroll your own number on the Federal Do not Telephone list. It s free. And if they call you personally then they have violated National Law and you are able to report them on That National Do not Call Website.

Post by Amy123,

304-754-1002 Frequently receiving calls from the Amount W W W when answered no just one can there be.

Post by Jade,

3047541002 I did that until they Began using rotating phone s. Took up overly Substantially block space. Now I Record your calls and report them.

Post by Guest,

304-754-1002 don t call here

Post by Guest,

3047541002 car insurance company

Post by Barbara Davis,

304-754-1002 I for keep becoming calls from this numbed constantly for that previous two days. They won ts Quit. I Destination t answered it because I don t understand who it is.

Post by Regina Davis,

3047541002 The Individual called my cell. I don t know anyone within West Virginia. . .

Post by Monica,

304-754-1002 called me twice already today 've called me before multiple calls in a day have asked them for stop

Post by Blueeasy,

3047541002 Ill of you personally Computer Authorities . Go away.

Post by dde,

304-754-1002 They could call 'm PM your own local time.

Post by Guest,

3047541002 Ok I had this number 2 time Now and did not leave a message and I Simply telephone it back and get dead air

Post by mel,

304-754-1002 we have been in America and when an unknown Amount calls and that dude has Perspective an foreign Feature is just a little more dubious. . . . no racial. but Folks can get People numbers from other States. that's all.

Post by US Marine SSGT.,

3047541002 Go your Residence to your own terrorist land. So we can come kill you personally and your Pals.

Post by Guest,

304-754-1002 Vehicle insurance

Post by Guest,

3047541002 Skip your phone called back and it was dead

Post by citizen,

304-754-1002 Democrats Attempting to tell you personally how great Obama care Actually is Afterward asking for Contributions.

Post by Guest,

3047541002 Automobile insurance. Don t telephone That General You GET ON CALLING LIST You are able to T GET Away OF

Post by Sharon Kelly,

304-754-1002 I do not desire to get calls out of the Amount. I get at least 3 a daytime.

Post by Guest,

3047541002 Don t these Individuals comprehend if we don t reply. . . . we don t want to Discuss for them. . .

Post by dde,

304-754-1002 They can telephone 'm PM your own local time.

Post by ND,

3047541002 It annoying. . . . . That's what it has to would along with ti

Post by Jade,

304-754-1002 Telephone FEEDING to get that contact for that FTC and because they violated the law by cussing at you personally might even make it eligible for file a complaint with the People Section OF JUSTICE as well.

Post by Guest,

3047541002 That is 1 calling an iPhone.

Post by nunya,

304-754-1002 Ok Stop Striving to create an unnecessary arguments you personally know what he meant .

Post by Sol Figueroa,

3047541002 I keep receiving telephone at least 3 for 4 times a day Striving for get my information about my insurance the Indian or Pakistani or whoever is calling is tough to comprehend your Feature and when I request that reason for the phone they hang Upwards. On Tuesday night the guy who called at 7 W pm told me they work having an affiliate to Progressive Insurance and he kept asking for my vehicle data and when I told him if you work Underneath Progressive umbrella exactly why can you personally demand that Information you personally should 've it if you work for them and he hang Upwards. I called my insurance Firm to Tested the info and they told me they don t know that Business Us Vehicle Attention and not for provide them any data.

Post by Michelle Gearhart,

304-754-1002 keeps coming in and hangs up each time. Happens twice a day

Post by mike,

3047541002 it Issues. . . . . alto of foreign offense rings operate within this State. sounds enjoy your a foreigner with a chip in your shoulder

Post by Go back to school,

304-754-1002 I apologize. I am truly really. . . . a Stupid Bum.

Post by Go back to school,

3047541002 I apologize. I 'm really indeed. . . . a dumb Bum.

Post by Envy,

304-754-1002 Mine had a foreign Feature overly and they would state nothing I believe it s Pol that tying for would fraud

Post by Jeff,

3047541002 Receive calls consistently Seeking me to understand Around your change in car insurance rates I 've told them several times for Quit calling and take me off your own calling list. They use multiple Amounts to disguise themselves.

Post by Jade,

304-754-1002 Call FEEDING for get that contact for your FTC and because they violated the law by cussing at you May}n' even ensure it is eligible to file a Criticism with that Us Department OF JUSTICE as well.

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4252291123 Complains by KL,

unwonted tact messages

7865555772 Complains by Guest,

Quit calling

9155193709 Complains by Guest,

Phone message said they re was Fees to some credit card. Really disturbing.

3109286855 Complains by Guest,

I do not understand any 1 within Laos Angles CA. Region so why are they keep calling Me.

8054524894 Complains by Vanessa,

They call me at around 4-5PM, and I get a voice recording saying that "They've repeatedly tried to contact me" and that my "vehicle warranty is expired" or something. I don't even own a car right now.

8326087169 Complains by Chuck,

The text message came simply a few minutes after I posted on Craig s List. Suspicious for me.

6188382353 Complains by Gmer,

They called back this time I Inquired and they're from Google search engine for see I desire my web site for show Upwards first on Google searches

8003430860 Complains by google,

it s fidelity investments

8002197854 Complains by seawatch,

that Amount at the Base of this Facsimile to get removed is no More within service USN t that nice for them

8001216223 Complains by Dianne,

Hi I Simply acquired an Automobile dialed phone from the above number advising me to go for you're. com. My computer warned me that it was a phishing site. I m concerned that the caller needs you personally to log within and Subsequently it can invade your computer or bright Telephone. Can you have any data on this. I may go to Art customer service and Ask Additionally. Thank you.

8002452577 Complains by camille,

Established on earlier posts I called the Amount back I had for press 1 Subsequently 3 Subsequently enter my Telephone number for have it removed. The record repeated that Amount and mentioned that although federal law entitles them for W days for removal they would create every Energy for remove it in a couple of days. . . . hope that happens.

8002386279 Complains by Meow,

Meow meow.

8002461564 Complains by NA,

Calls 3 4 times a day. When I reply I get someone who Addresses European. I finally interrupted her to say I desire my Amount removed from their list also asked what Firm it was after repeating my question 5 times they finally answered Heartbeat Company thus Essentially a long space telephone Firm. I Inquired for speak to some Supervisor got transfer Edward but waited on hold for over an hour without talking to anyone. I called back and attempted again but even when pressing 1 for English I got someone who talked European and talked only small English and could not recognize that I Needed my Amount removed so that as I continued for pressure to Talk to someone in English they Installed Upwards.

8002201942 Complains by Holly,

NCO Monetary. Simply an automated express telling someone to phone them back. They don't specify who they're looking for. This is your second phone and message left out of them in W minutes. The other Amount they called from is W W W.

8002326065 Complains by Kahu Moka,

Alaska Airlines corporate office

8002468464 Complains by cls,

telephone received from this Amount on my property line answering machine. . . caller id revealed that Amount and at amp t fix center. . . . Owner s name was bill and his message was that my tel Amount was Ok now no problems. . since i don t 've at amp t that is ab it Bad. . . called him back only for get a menu of Amounts for phone i was asked for enter my tel which i did just for be told by a robot that it was not an at amp t . . . . . tried calling back but would t ring. . . your third time i called i was able to get a Individual for Answer but her explanation for exactly why i acquired the telephone in that first place was not exactly explanatory and that my tel was not an at amp t . . . the Place i live within doesn't have At amp t. . . . . . . Ti's ab it unnerving. . . . . .

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