3052304061 / 305-230-4061

Telephone information: Bellsouth Telecomm Inc DBA Southern Bell. Homestead, FL. Miami-dade. United states
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Post by Guest,

3052304061 Calls no one there

Post by CC,

305-230-4061 I contacted them for Pupil debt relief a couple of weeks back and talked along with someone for just look for they could not do anything for any old Pupil loans because I am currently continuing my Instruction so all loans are within deferment. They called back again so I answered and once again told them the Condition that I would telephone them when my payments started again and to please remove my number out of their sales phone list. Yet they continue to phone me 3 5 x a daytime. Simply when i Select up it is a Registered message for me for hold until they're available Afterward after holding for a couple of minutes I was Directed} to a express mail. I left a Long voice mail message demanding them for remove my phone number from their list. We will see they continue for phone.

Post by Bob,

3052304061 They keep calling even if I tell them never overly telephone my Amount again too 've my Amount removed out of their list. Once a week they call many times three for four times a day. Exhausted of this game they play leaving no messages just a Amount. GET THEM Away Every Ones BACK. . . . . . .

Post by SB,

305-230-4061 They only call my cell phone number not my property line and they must call me 3 5 times per daytime each day. I never answer because I do not Comprehend the Telephone Amount. Region code W is Florida and I have a classic Pal close Orlando whose number the most definitely isn't so I understand that it's not her calling me. Whoever this can be please Discontinue calling me over and around and over again. Can anyone tell me what the name of that Firm is thus that I could contact them for PLEASE Cease calling me. Thanks.

Post by Martine Thomas Fox,

3052304061 These Individuals keep calling me as if we went on a first date and they need more.

Post by Erika,

305-230-4061 They call me around 3 times within a row three times a day.

Post by John,

3052304061 It's wise to block or not response ALL calls in the W Region code the code of scampers.

Post by Guest,

305-230-4061 Call

Post by Guest,

3052304061 please Leave calling the number. you've the incorrect number. the Amount calls my phone W times a daytime. that is ridiculous

Post by Guest,

305-230-4061 Calls at least twice a daytime. I will not response Established on what others here 've said. Watch out for Plano TX calls too.

Post by Guest,

3052304061 Every time the number calls I response and they hang up

Post by Guest,

305-230-4061 Its for Pupil loan forgiveness or becoming a lower payment.

Post by Guest,

3052304061 Harassing me calling me countless times a day without an message. I 've even picked Upwards and they Only hang Upward. Remove my number immediately

Post by AG,

305-230-4061 They call me multiple times a daytime even though I have told them numerous times that I am back within school and I don t qualify at the time. I 've heard Okay we can take you off the list supply us a telephone next year Around W times. . . . but they continue to telephone. . . . . . . It s Operating me nuts. . . .

Post by Guest,

3052304061 Same here. called twice today and once yesterday.

Post by S.Johnson,

305-230-4061 I Closed Upwards with this service without realizing that the service they sell is Truly something I could do myself for free on Pupil loans. gov in less than 5 minutes. They charge W mo for 3 months Afterward they procedure your own application for a reduced Pupil loan Invoice Subsequently they charge you personally an Add-on W. W mo as a processing Price within addition to your own reduce speed Pupil loan. Don't sign Upwards for this service if you are fighting to pay your own student loans go for that Dept. of Educations Website which is designed for help you personally Internet. Pupil loans. gov. You may know it's that Actual thing cause you may have for sign in along with your own Green out of your own FAFFS Program. I cancelled that service after one payment but they won't refund me your W.

Post by Guest,

3052304061 They vie called twice Now so Way and when I reply they hang Upward.

Post by Guest,

305-230-4061 This number keeps calling my Telephone multiple times in your daytime. They don't leave voice mails and over multiple weeks it's not stopped. I won't reply numbers I don t understand and if they Wanted me this badly they need for leave me a message. It s quite annoying and I m tired of ignoring the calls.

Post by Jenna,

3052304061 Called 3 times a day.

Post by Ima Bothered,

305-230-4061 W calls are in the Homestead FL Place. W calls for my cell around 3 days sometimes Simply minutes apart. Never a message RUDE. I would NEVER can company with them or any other unsolicited telephone of the ilk. Being on your Don't Call list makes no difference. This really is harassment. Don t understand why they objective me can t become about student loans in the case but it dozen t matter. NOT INTERESTED.

Post by C,

3052304061 That s what I did unsubscribed from the email and now they call back for back 3 X day

Post by Jay,

305-230-4061 They keep calling and calling. I don t answer and they don t leave a MSG. Funny matter is that I Finished Faculty W years ago and paid my Pupil loans within the Th year for the day of that Wedding of my college School Nearly W years ago. Thus Mindless that they're calling me. I vie had this Telephone for over W years so it could t be that they are Attempting to reach that Man who had the phone before me.

Post by C,

3052304061 That s what I did unsubscribed from your E-mail and now they call back to back 3 X day

Post by Paul,

305-230-4061 've asked to be removed from the telephone list. Calls multiple times per day

Post by Guest,

3052304061 dint answer

Post by Guest,

305-230-4061 Calls me numerous times per day without Making a message. I have even replied and stated quot not interested stop calling me. . quot Though your calls keep coming. It NEEDS to Quit.

Post by S.Johnson,

3052304061 gt gt they need a W Upwards front payment. Lt Lt Read this It's prohibited for Firms doing company by Telephone within your U. S. to promise you a loan or credit card and request you for pay for it before they Offer. HTTP Internet. consumer. FTC. gov articles W Progress Cost loans

Post by S.Johnson,

305-230-4061 I Closed up for this service without realizing that the service they sell is actually something I could would myself for free on student loans. gov within less than 5 minutes. They charge W mo for 3 months Subsequently they procedure your own application for a reduced student loan Statement Afterward they charge you an Improvement W. W mo as a processing Payment in Add-on to your reduce rate Pupil loan. Don't hint Upward because of this service if you are fighting to pay your own Pupil loans go to your Dept. of Educations Website that's designed for help you Www. student loans. gov. You may understand it is that Actual matter cause you will 've to indication in with your own pin from your FAFFS application. I cancelled the service after just one payment but they won't refund me the W.

Post by John,

3052304061 It is shrewd to block or not response ALL calls from the W Region code that code of scampers.

Post by Barb,

305-230-4061 Buy a Telephone at Walmart etc. that had telephone blocking. They're within that W and Upward range.

Post by Guest,

3052304061 Calls repeatedly during work and or sleeping hours super annoying

Post by C,

305-230-4061 That s what I did unsubscribed from your E-mail and now they telephone back for back 3 X day

Post by Guest,

3052304061 How do you personally get these Amounts to Discontinue calling.

Post by Barb,

305-230-4061 Buy a Telephone at Walmart etc. that had call blocking. They are in the W and Upwards range.

Post by Guest,

3052304061 leave me alone

Post by Guest,

305-230-4061 This number calls my cell Telephone each daytime but never leaves a message. My think is that it s a Attorney telemarketer. How do I Cease the. . .

Post by Guest,

3052304061 blocked

Post by Guest,

305-230-4061 Does not leave a message. . . . . called twice already today

Post by .,

3052304061 Calls numerous times a daytime and refuses for stop

Post by A.,

305-230-4061 I have acquired a call from W times the morning. They do not state anything and when I called the number back it sent me to a record and Place me on hold. The Items irritates me.

Post by S.,

3052304061 Only acquired 6 calls within less than W minutes. It's beyond absurd. This Amount is now blocked along with 4 other numbers they were calling from.

Post by KRISTIN,


Post by Guest,

3052304061 Received multiple calls on company Telephone. The group has that wrong Amount and 've been told however the calls keep coming in on my work Telephone.

Post by Guest,

305-230-4061 This Amount calls me 4 6 times a day never leaves a express send and when I response nobody can there be. Thus annoying. I blocked the Amount along with my cell Service.

Post by Guest,

3052304061 Calls are for attempt to help with my Pupil loan. I have not Inquired with this help. It's Really annoying. They have even called on Sundays amp Vacations. They don't leave a message amp hang Upwards when I have called back 2 times on a restricted number .

Post by Guest,

305-230-4061 Phone 2 X a day. Leaves no voice mail.

Post by Guest,

3052304061 Call

Post by Guest,

305-230-4061 Pupil Loan Account Executive Pupil Loan Resolve Office W W W I have Inquired them numerous times not for contact me for I am not interested within what they had for offer. I have those requests via email and they are Making me no choice but for file a complaint

Post by K.B.,

3052304061 Definitely a scummier. Please don't supply them any personal data guys.

Post by Guest,

305-230-4061 Repeated unwanted caller

Post by Bob,

3052304061 I got a telephone from W W W at 1 W pm on May 2 W. That caller did not leave a message even though my replying machine was on. My Owner ID said out of Place and these are Nearly constantly telemarketing calls. I have been on the Don't Phone list for Five years. I hope my Telescope got rid of them.

Post by Guest,

305-230-4061 Calls repeatedly dozen t leave a message.

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9737481997 Complains by Guest,

Automated credit card phishing Advertising message

3379354063 Complains by Guest,

f you

7572327579 Complains by Guest,


8087451493 Complains by geneva gustin,

for attempt care of his son. on care. com

8184097048 Complains by Laura,

Someone calling from Maximum Security, trying to give us a free alarm system.  I said I wasn't interested and he just kept talking.  Eventually he made some sarcastic remark about how I didn't value my family's safety and he hung up on me.

8773054847 Complains by Guest,

Spam telemarketer

9142782217 Complains by tom,

called and Put Upward many times.

7739225440 Complains by Guest,

called it back. phone could not go Thur from my Region. appears like the telephone is from a phone system you hook up to your own computer. . . enjoy quot Telephone Port or Classic quot .

8042121525 Complains by A Barton,

Calls no 1 there

8002854872 Complains by Chihiro Wood,

They keep calling my house every morning asking for a tenant that moved out.  Very annoying.  I'm on the do not call list but what good is that.  Companies call anyway regardless of me on that list.

8003086632 Complains by Ellie,

I keep getting unwanted calls out of W W No just one is on that line when that phone is answered . . just a clicking sound.

8002935048 Complains by sue,

SCAM . . . . Numbers they're using W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W

8003196346 Complains by lastonehome,

Installed Upward without leaving a message.

8003202891 Complains by Bob,

Again Individuals your call could possibly appear for become out of Iowa or wherever but it's out of First Energy a corporate conglomerate made Upwards of many local power Businesses. Here in NJ it s JP amp L in Iowa it s Kansas Edison in Philadelphia it s Penile in W other states they have W other names. But your fact is they are all component of First Vigor and your local Electronic or natural Petrol company within your own area is probably Underneath their umbrella. They use the number Predominantly to warn you that your own Electricity or Petrol is about I be shut off within lost states they 've to offer you at least 7 times warning so if you get a phone out of them pay your own Statement in a week from when you personally get the phone. I am nicely Experienced in my utilities threatening for cut people away Regrettably but my point is the call isn't a scam it s out of a legitimate Business and it s probably within your own best interest to phone them back for verify and them pay your bill

8002652329 Complains by Pete S.,

Addendum. It appears that this scummier is forging Owner ID information and the toll free Amount that is displayed within Owner ID belongs to your valid business called Eric Cox Sanitation within Ontario Canada and who is fully involved along with the scam.

8003089740 Complains by dave,

arrest these . All they desire is your credit card Amount. I dint understand how in this daytime and age they could still be walking around

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