3053016329 / 305-301-6329

Telephone information: New Cingular Wireless PCS - GA. Miami, FL. Miami-dade. United states
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Post by The Warden,

3053016329 called here earlier did t leave a message now blocked. Owner ID reads WIRELESS Caller I m getting real close for blocking that entire Place code Lola

Post by Guest,

305-301-6329 Spammers

Post by Guest,

3053016329 Wireless call. .

Post by Guest,

305-301-6329 They called a business office Telephone number. When I answered that is Cindy Fairly than Hello they Installed Upwards without saying a word.

Post by Pete Moss,

3053016329 Next time ask her if she has a Cops record Though. BTW I earlier got a phone out of India Canadian Pharmacy and forwarded these scampers number to the Canadian Pharmacy Amount. VIP is Fantastic. . Next time they call they can talk for an India telemarketer.

Post by The Warden,

305-301-6329 HTTP Www. eBay. com thing T LOCK Call BLOCKER V . . . automatic's for use as a Owner ID.

Post by w brammer,

3053016329 I do not need these calls. if I desire for buy something I will go Outside searching for it or get on your computer and find what I desire. please don't telephone people again.

Post by Guest,

305-301-6329 These quot Boiler Room quot telemarketers don t follow any rules but those that pay them. . . . I purchased a separate quot Call Blocker quot System and they're gone eternally. . . Bands once and dozen t ring again. . . . Been blocking just one for two per day. . . That System has no limit so come on. .

Post by Guest,

3053016329 This number will not take Don't Telephone ME seriously. I do not pay my Phone Statement for THEIR comfort.

Post by zee,

305-301-6329 scummier. . using W and need your own personal info. . . . Florida. DON T Response. HTTP Criticisms. dentally. gov Grievance Gripe Assess. notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W Make Grievance For FEDS Along with That NOTES LINK . . . The Way THEY SEE MORE THAN 1.

Post by Guest,

3053016329 When I reply there surely is History noise but no 1 says anything. . . very annoying. I am Posting to Indiana Lawyer General. We 're on no phone list.

Post by jer,

305-301-6329 when you block that Amount they Simply 've more to replace it and I am confident that they increase the calls just for harass people. SCAMPERS all your manner. I want a bullet could reach them through that Telephone lines. Ha. ha.

Post by SJ,

3053016329 Called saying they are a walk within Bath fitter that may become on my road today to a neighbors. Asked if I Desired a free quote. Place away a reddish Banner. Now blocked number and if I see in my own road may let my Friend understand they're using her as Offer.

Post by Guest,

305-301-6329 They keep calling repeatedly even after I have told them numerous times to Place me on their do not call list. They will literally phone several times in an hour. Quite annoying. . . .

Post by The Warden,

3053016329 HTTP Web. eBay. com thing T LOCK Phone BLOCKER V . . . automatic's to use as a caller ID.

Post by JJ,

305-301-6329 Called and left no message. If these people don't have any reason for leave a message they don't have any legitimate motive for phone within your first Put.

Post by Guest,

3053016329 Reply or Leave calling. . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

305-301-6329 These Individuals are driving people nuts. Our number is on the Do not Call Registry. I don't consider it works.

Post by Guest,

3053016329 I answered and she asked for speak for my Partner by name or Mrs. . . . I asked who was calling and it went directly to Bizarre music. Eventually clicked off. I am also on a don't call list. Can these calls become stopped.

Post by Luisa Ribeiro,

305-301-6329 My Amount W W W is on a don't telephone list in the state of North Carolina. I keep receiving calls from W W W and want to report the to ensure it is Discontinue.

Post by C Williams,

3053016329 Owner ID said Wireless Caller Tuesday 7 W at W 'm. I replied because I was in a disposition to rip up on someone if need be. Woman I consider she said her name was Mary babbled about being from among those walk in Bath companies. I informed her that I had not contacted her Firm in any style and Consequently she was violating that Don't Telephone law by contacting me. I said I was not interested in her Merchandise and demanded that she take me away her list. After a couple of minutes I Understood she was still talking while I was. not listening to anything I said at all and I eventually Put Upwards on her. But by God I was not going for let HER interrupt ME thus I kept demanding removal from the list without Making her get a word within edgewise. I repeated take me away your own list AT LEAST A DOZEN TIMES. Simply now 7 W at W 'm I got another such call out of Joe from a different Amount W W W. HE at least shut Upwards while I talked. Told him after he d Released himself and his alleged Go within tub Business that I had never contacted that Business which he was in Infraction of your Do not Call law and said I 'm NOT interested within your own Merchandise I don't need to receive calls out of you personally I Desire you personally for take me Off Your LIST. What can I need to do to create that occur. Then I shut up and waited. He said Fairly sheepishly he could print Outside my Information and supply it to his manager to 've my name removed. I Inquired him to please can so. He agreed and politely wished me a great daytime. I reciprocated and we hung Upwards. Let s see it works.

Post by The Warden,

305-301-6329 HTTP Web. eBay. com thing T LOCK Phone BLOCKER V . . . automatic's to use as a caller ID.

Post by Pete Moss,

3053016329 Next time ask her if she has a Cops record Though. BTW I earlier got a call from India Canadian Pharmacy and forwarded these scampers number for your Canadian Pharmacy Amount. VIP is Excellent. . Next time they call they could Discuss to an India telemarketer.

Post by Guest,

305-301-6329 Why MUST WE GET THESE ANNOYANCE CALLS Seems Like A Large WASTE OF TIME Energy AND USE OF Telephone Wires. . . . . . Can THEY EVER Offer Upward. COME ON AMERICA WE Can BETTER USE Our RESOURCES.

Post by Guest,

3053016329 Repeated calls no answer. We are seniors on a no call list. It's beyond annoying. .

Post by Jane,

305-301-6329 no MSG

Post by Elsie,

3053016329 Stupid scampers. I replied your Telephone the morning and she asked for me by name introduced herself and Subsequently said we create Go in Bathrooms and stair lifts. I said I m on the don't phone list. She said you don t need a free estimate. I said no and I don t need you personally to call again. Then I blocked the Amount.

Post by Snapper,

305-301-6329 Calling from your Arkansas area Around remodeling the home and stairs. These are your jerk offs that read your obituaries every daytime and then Hope on the elderly. No shame.

Post by Guest,

3053016329 Nearly Day-to-day calls. Merely hang Advantages on my message machine. I won t answer when I see this number.

Post by Guest,

305-301-6329 A Girl asked for me by name amp asked if I had seen your commercials for Go in tubs. Annoyed I said yes but we have been not that previous yet amp Installed Upwards. Wished I had asked where she got my name amp Amount. When I phone back I get an automated message that states that owner has not set Upward their express mail.

Post by lab,

3053016329 Gotten call did not reply they left no message.

Post by BG,

305-301-6329 Called saying Company Marketing Go within Bathrooms. At this point hung up Telephone. Owner Id wireless caller

Post by annoyed,

3053016329 The caller calls at least 3 times a month. I never answer Only thus exhausted of these thugs calling my Dwelling. DC isn't value 1 cent. Thinking about not even having a Telephone except for my alarm system and my renal Ailment which I don't demand that stress of your calls. Thanks annoyed

Post by JHL,

305-301-6329 States not soliciting Simply Strategy to Fall by and can free bathroom Examinations amp leaving free literature.

Post by Guest,

3053016329 If the Merchandise is good sell it within the store. You're invading my privacy. I 'm on a quot do not phone quot list which apparently does not work because your Business has no ethics. Marketing idiots get a Actual job

Post by Lockjaw,

305-301-6329 These Folks don t thoughts wasting your time by telephone you along with Cool contact calls I 'm thinking Perhaps we should all Begin making Meetings with these people and not become House or let them go through their Message and Afterward state no I was never interested

Post by Guest,

3053016329 Calls keep coming in and I 'm on that no call list. Do we Discontinue this Constant battle. . . . . .

Post by Guest,

305-301-6329 Called Looking for send a salesman for my home about walk in Bath. When I Inquired for become removed out of their list was very rude told me not for tell her the best way to can her Occupation. Very unusual she is in Fl. has a salesman within essential N. C. in a very rural area. There needs for become a way to Discontinue these Folks.

Post by Annoyed,

3053016329 Did t response the just one. Owner id was Simply WIRELESS Owner It Looks all that scampers keep reusing your same numbers or it s one Owner that keeps doing Distinct scams. Blocked. I m thus glad transferred my number to a VIP number that Lets me for block numbers by Simply Recording in. I could even block total Place codes. I get calls Practically each daytime but never in the same number. I ll keep blocking you personally idiots . . . . I can play that game all daytime long. . . . . . .

Post by Tom,

305-301-6329 Owner ID Wireless Caller. They did t leave a message don t know who they are or what they desire don t attention either.

Post by jack,

3053016329 your call Strike my reply machine and they hung Upward. . . . . . Assessed your telephone at notes. I 've bought your CPR Telephone Blocker and I love it. It's Discontinued my calls by Likely by W . I 've W telephone Amount logged inside it now and it will take W calls. I bought it at Amazon. com and worth every penny.

Post by Guest,

305-301-6329 American Bathroom and Shower Looking to do free Quotes. Calls keep coming in and I 'm on your no telephone list. How do we Quit the continuous battle.

Post by Karen P.,

3053016329 Gotten a call out of the today. Caller ID said it was out of Florida . I don t know anyone within Florida thus I did t answer. Cheers for this group. . . I m happy I did t answer.

Post by Nod,

305-301-6329 Merely acquired a telephone from the number and now checking it out. Simply one of many such calls I get Day-to-day. I did answer one and at your end they said to Strike 3 if you personally do not want for receive any more of these calls. I did. Figure what. . . . . they are still calling. You can t win. The aggravating is Anonymous. They just don t supply up.

Post by jack,

3053016329 the call hit my reply machine and they Installed Upwards. . . . . . Assessed the call at notes. I 've bought the CPR Call Blocker and I love it. It has Ceased my calls by Likely by W . I 've W call Amount logged inside now and it may take W calls. I bought it at Amazon. com and value every penny.

Post by Guest,

305-301-6329 She wanted for send someone to offer me an estimate on a bathtub or stair lift for my future needs. Has called several times in that past and hung Upward. I told her when I 've those needs I will go to that nursing home.

Post by Go away,

3053016329 It s that bathtub Bath Individuals. Told her I 'm not interested. May never Shift my thoughts. Don't have any prior relationship with these Folks so they shouldn't contact me. I told her I was on the do not telephone list and she said they don t 've a don't call list. Tries for give that Impact they're not leap by that federal DC list. I pay your Telephone bill should I become subjected for Constant unwanted phone calls. Go away.

Post by Of Mice And Men,

305-301-6329 I got a call from the Amount Simply now. My caller ID read that it was coming out of a cell phone number within Florida. When I replied it was Only dead air. I bet this caller was a scummier. More than likely.

Post by Guest,

3053016329 This is spam. Block or don't response. They should become fined that W do not phone purchase. These Bath callers male and female are all around your Put making calls out of various states utilizing various Telephone Amounts.

Post by Rose in SC,

305-301-6329 These creeps are becoming sneakier. This telephone came is as Wireless Owner . Virtually answered then saw that Fake Amount. Blocked it on Panasonic phone. Looks like that more I block your more calls I get. Despise these scampers thus much. Makes me wanna cry.

Post by The Warden,

3053016329 HTTP Internet. eBay. com thing T LOCK Phone BLOCKER V . . . automatic's to use as a caller ID.

Post by pm,

305-301-6329 've got many calls from this Place code and numbers . We don t response but I Only Decided Upwards the morning by accident and the Female was talking thus low and i said I can not Notice her and she Put Upwards. thus weary of these calls.

Post by Guest,

3053016329 W W W Owner ID quot Florida quot Change Telephone phone from Ohio FL and Traction Mobile Telephone. No message left on replying machine.

Post by Guest,

305-301-6329 Called left no message. We re on that no phone list as nicely and 've an unlisted Amount. . .

Post by Rich,

3053016329 The lady calls X daily and say she is from Microsoft and your IPA information is being hacked and files transfer Edward for Pakistan. Beware Microsoft employees are not allowed for phone customers about their Web info. Absolute Crack.

Post by flutemother,

305-301-6329 Ugh cheers for that warning y all. I vie missed this call twice the week and looked Upward the Amount thinking it might become valid like a customer. . . . NO. Thank you personally for your warning.

Post by Guest,

3053016329 Owner ID says quot Unknown Name quot which is a Red Flag for telemarketers OR they vie spoofed your number

Post by Guest,

305-301-6329 She Began for tell me about the product walk within bath and Bathrooms. I said quot I do not recognize I am on that national don't phone list. quot She suddenly Put up. Rude when I challenged her.

Post by Guest,

3053016329 When I reply there's History Sound but no just one says anything. . . quite annoying. I am submitting for Indiana Attorney General. We are on no telephone list.

Post by Guest,

305-301-6329 Exactly why do we even annoyance to put our name on a do not phone list if it's not enforced. . . . . .

Post by BJ,

3053016329 . . . . . . . . . . When is our government agencies . . . who we pay countless millions of dollars per annum for track amp prosecute these criminals . . . going to measure up amp would their damned Occupations. . . . . . . FCC FTC BBB Attorney Generals . . . etc. . . . Fully useless. . . . . They re overly damned busy Attempting for track down amp prosecute difficult working Americans Only Striving to make a residing day by daytime.

Post by Beaumont Texas,

305-301-6329 scam

Post by Guest,

3053016329 Laughing and talking within History. Man on line laughing and talking saying she s not Dwelling. on phone for Around 3 minutes carousing. Ill and exhausted of calls. Something needs for become done. I am on can non call list

Post by Guest,

305-301-6329 I 've request numerous times for take my name away their list. They have However to would it. They 've called every daytime the week. I 'm sick of them.

Post by Judy,

3053016329 Merely acquired a call and they hung up after I picked Upwards on your second ring. I vie gotten at four 4 spam calls Now and I was Prepared for Grab someone a new one. Instead I just SCREAMED after they hung up. I tried for return your phone and got a message that said your individual calling did t have a send box set Upward yet. LEAVE ME The HELL ALONE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Mouse,

305-301-6329 Called the morning first time with this Amount. Female knew my name and Asserted to become from American Bathroom and Bath which doesn't have a Site that I could locate. Said they would be in my Community tomorrow and want for present me an estimate . We had many discussion Around the fact that I will never buy anything from someone who calls me and Additionally about your Don't Telephone List at which point she Installed up.

Post by Betty K,

3053016329 He called me by my first name and said that is Jessie Dixon . I Merely Installed Upwards despise these calls.

Post by Guest,

305-301-6329 Owner claims to be from American Bath and Bath Seeking for can free Quotes. Insists he isn't telemarketing and becomes belligerent when challenged. FCC report filed on the number 7 W W at W W 'm CST

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5129281933 Complains by Guest,

calls and leaves no identifying express send.

2514609035 Complains by Guest,

1 phone month past two month second phone left express MSG Seeking a return telephone and has an EXT. Only BS spam

4402904544 Complains by Guest,

Debt collector

7866079053 Complains by Guest,

Its NOT a coincidence a LOT of NIGERIAN call with a Proposal OR A quot You WON. . quot State an they re calling out of a bounced number in Florida. I have answered 1 too many. An wont response for ANY other Florida based s.

5406591508 Complains by Guest,

gate calling why I don't know

8175882082 Complains by ej schwartz,


8283780069 Complains by Annoyed,

've called once a week for a month no message left. I called them back from my work Amount and I think they answered outsourced legal Preparation. I was scammed last year and 'm not searching for it to happen again so i am a serious screen er.

9707123245 Complains by jrv62,

Yes. Have you or a family member ever worked for TC. They are offering Individuals eligible for the TC pension plan an earlier payout.

8064415510 Complains by Christine,

Gotten a phone telephone from this Amount at 7 W Am called you back left a message

8045027313 Complains by John,

A Brand new SCAM. . . W W W was an Insurance Co. Your Amount revealed Upwards on my Owner I. D. when I returned your telephone in Arrived baa ck as a disconnected number. I called your Telephone Firm and they count not hint your owner and said it revealed up as a disconnected Amount. Any just one got any notions. John

8042103061 Complains by Beth,

It s get Protected. com All you have to do is call the number and request them to remove your own name. They may take attention of it along with no questions asked

8003470354 Complains by Chris,

W W W called all four of cell Telephones on my Charging and stated that the call is for a Personal Company Matter . But never mentioned who it's Merely phone 1 W W W. If it's Learn there's no demand for them to be calling all four Amounts which they would not have my two son s numbers. What a SCAM. . . . . .

8132522497 Complains by Jessica Bateman,

I answered and robot voice says goodbye Afterward hangs Upwards. I would recommend not calling the Amount back. It probably charges you or something.

8002859200 Complains by Jennifer,

It s a fax machine beeping

8047758604 Complains by JR,

Rec d a telephone on my cell phone from the number. They said it had shown Upwards on their Owner i. d. from a long time ago. I don t have their card Substantially less Set type calls coming within. 've had same cell number for 9 W yrs. . . . and absolutely no small or Grownup children use it.

8003555443 Complains by Dan,

Valid Telephone phone from GE Capital they did not leave a message but when I called back and went through the info it was all right. It was out of a debit card out of a couch I purchased.

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