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Telephone information: Intermedia Communications Inc.. Miami, FL. Miami-dade. United states
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Post by britt,

3055074557 I m also. getting calls out of this number I believe. . . . It shows Upwards as unknown or W. I m constantly telling them. to. Quit calling me. Just one guy Strike on me by telling me I sound beautiful and then my husband chewed them Outside but they are still calling and I don t 've a. manner to block them. since its unknown

Post by Mandy,

305-507-4557 I have been getting calls for Around 2 weeks now from the number. The first time they asked for me by name and previously mentioned that I am entitled to your settlement because of that Delivery control I used. I told him I don t use BC. He said a few yrs ago. I let him no how many children I have and that no I have never is Edward BC. He Subsequently went on for request me if I ever jade a surgery because there surely is money for that. I told him mo and he Installed up. About 1 telephone a day after and no message. Recently I was Dwelling and they called 5 times. There is silence when I answer and never does anyone Discuss. Annoying and I 'm on that don't call list. . .

Post by Anonymous,

3055074557 Same matter along with me. I told him I had never been on birth control in my life and he told me I was lying to him. I think I would know if I had been on Start control before. I told them for take me off of their calling list and he screamed through your Telephone and then hung Upwards on me. RUDE

Post by Charlotte,

305-507-4557 I vie been becoming these same calls out of two Distinct numbers. It is a man having an Indian accent or something similar. The two numbers that 've been calling are W W W and W W W. I Submitted a Gripe along with the Do not Call registry. Everyone needs to make certain that they would that same.

Post by Verna McDermott,

3055074557 I 've gotten numerous calls each daytime from this number and I do not know who they are. They do not leave a message but continue to phone.

Post by Jill Delmastro,

305-507-4557 Please 've W W W Cease calling me 2 a day

Post by Fed Up,

3055074557 powerful Highlight asked for me by name. . . told them they had a incorrect number. Subsequently they told me my E-mail address. . . told them they still had a erroneous Amount. not confident what they are selling but if they send it for my E-mail it most definitely is hitting your spam File because no hint what they desire.

Post by Guest,

305-507-4557 wish u stop

Post by Audrey,

3055074557 I Simply got a phone type this Amount and the were asking for someone who does not 've the Amount. I told them there was no 1 here by that name. and he said that is locate and started talking about Start control. when I told him I was W and never been on birth control he said that's okay. what sickos.

Post by Noneya,

305-507-4557 great going. I want I got that Much with them. I wish I had gotten a NAME. Of path they are going for present fake names. But who cares if they give fake names. If they state this can be Billy Fran I ll address the person as Mr. Fran and I ll say your name around and over again. At least you personally got for your Guessed motive Exactly why they were calling. Calling women huh. I never got ANY answer as for why any just one was calling me. Now i know.

Post by mm,

3055074557 I acquired a couple of calls from the number but I did t have a opportunity to reply. I called back it was a telephone center. After on I received a call again and I replied it there was a Jamaican guy trying for find Outside did I ever took a Delivery control Tablet. Hi Mann. Do not Telephone ME EVER AGAIN.

Post by Guest,

305-507-4557 Simply saturated 2 weeks ago along with other Strange numbers out of Canada California and NJ.

Post by Pen,

3055074557 I Merely called this number back 3 times your first two they Answered Hello Pen how frightful is that. . I told them I Desired to speak to your Manager and got hung Upwards on. That third time they Set me through for another person that said they were a supervisor and told me I would become removed from their telephone list. We ll see. . .

Post by godmother22,

305-507-4557 A few Pakistani guy. When I SA your Amount I said W what's your own crisis how can I help you personally. Put it on Audio asked for me by name. and he kept saying Hello Could you help me. Gotta 've enjoyment with these foreigners. Find how it s Always the Indians that present you personally Rob calls . I Detected that Recently. GO BACK For SYRIA AND Deal Along with Your Folks.

Post by annoyed,

3055074557 obtained 4 calls they never leave message Fantastic. . . . Merely what we all need. . . more scampers

Post by Stay home mom,

305-507-4557 First called out of an unavailable number Began talking for me about medical Business and compensation for surgeries done within previous years and blah blah thus i Installed Upward. then I figure they realized that they didn't get any Information and called back. I accidentally replied then Installed Upward without saying anything. Looking Upward your number I m certain it was that same Man. Thick India Highlight tough for understand.

Post by Myra,

3055074557 This number called me on Saturday and the man on that line called me a Soft several times. I called Now and talked along with a guy who said he is along with the United States Well-being attention Centre. He gave his name as Bob Martin and Offered his email address as email W protected I 'm furious over the and I wish there was a few way to identify who in your world these Individuals are and they're calling Folks.

Post by Noneya,

305-507-4557 Does the Mr. Amount work on Home Telephones IE. . . Property lines. I think I demand it. These Individuals are freaking idiots and I want them dead.

Post by Kathy,

3055074557 For the past couple of weeks this number was ringing on my cell phone. I have been Simply deleting it when it comes in but yesterday I called it from my office Telephone and a guy along with a very heavy Feature started talking quite Rapidly and kept replicating this was not a sales or Promotion telephone. When I politely Required that he remove my Amount from his calling list he Simply kept talking. I Installed up. I 'm still getting the calls today.

Post by elisabeth,

305-507-4557 i got phone from the number and he was asking me about birth control pills and bladder surgery . . . i don t understand who was that idiot guy.

Post by Sandi,

3055074557 What exactly are they gaining out of the data. I was believing he was Likely becoming info out of my phone while we were on it. I asked him for phone on a acreage line and he would t would it.

Post by Kelly,

305-507-4557 Got a call Simply now. Man along with an extremely thick Indian Highlight. Said he was from a few medical company and asked if I 've ever taken more then 2 Delivery control pills in my total life. Very tough for understand and quite noisy within that History. I hung up on him. Caller Id says Miami.

Post by Suresh,

3055074557 This idiot calls me again and again. .

Post by kathy,

305-507-4557 I have been receiving that Actual same medical Payment calls for two weeks now at least once a daytime out of various Folks all with powerful Indian emphases. The same Start control questions and claim that I received compensation for a blood clot he called himself Adam Smith . I told him for Cease calling threatened for report him told him I was on a don't call list On the last telephone I said that I considered the harassment and yelled at him and he replied I may keep on calling you personally everyday. Totally frightful. Can I telephone someone for 've them trace that Owner. Anyone successfully get these people to Cease calling.

Post by Doreen,

3055074557 This Man by having an Indian Feature keeps calling me seeing Delivery control. He called at 6 Am and I told him what your he. . He notion he was doing waking me Upward thus earlier and I Installed up on him. They vie called me 3 times already. I told him for send me his data within the send but I m not giving him my address. Next time I ll ask for his address and see what he says. This is Really Affecting.

Post by Gin,

305-507-4557 I started getting these calls on Tuesday Thursday and 2 Now. The first 3 calls were unknown but I answered because I 've children and you never know. Your first call they asked me 1. have i been on your Start control pill. 2. 've I ever been on anti depressants. 3. 've I ever had surgery. I replied no for all 3 questions and he said thank you and Installed Upwards. The ND and Rd calls were out of unknown again and I screamed Thur your phone for take me away their call list and hung up. The Th call was out of W W W and I screamed again and hung Upward and reported them to your Don't Phone list. I called our Telephone Provider and they can t can anything. Becoming a whistle Today.

Post by C. Freeman,

3055074557 The man calls each daytime saying within an extremely busted India express something about I left Information for medical things . . . I am now sure this really is Likely a scam I called number back that is from Florida and told them never to telephone again. . . . . . SE if the works. . . .

Post by anon,

305-507-4557 Left message on my machine. Had lots of telephone Centre History noise but no message. I will not answer any unknown out of area call because they're all SCAMPERS. If they were a valid company they would 've a valid Owner ID identify themselves after you reply and Value your own wishes not for become called again. If Individuals got smart and just did t response these calls then these idiots would go from business because no 1 would response them.

Post by DeeNC,

3055074557 They call a few times a day several times in a row. When I try and return the call sometimes it's a busy signal occasionally it never goes through. Eventually today I was Capable for get someone who I could not understand around the din of that telemarketers scampers also in the room but I told him to take my Amount away of their calling list. Annoying to state that least.

Post by julie,

305-507-4557 Daytime two of becoming phone calls from the . I m drained of it as they are Clearly nothing valid in the least. Your Man on the other Finish of the Telephone had a very strong Highlight and was hard for comprehend. He said something Around a few kind of medical Firm Afterward kept talking Around Delivery control pills. . .

Post by Momo,

3055074557 I vie Inquired every time and in many different manners for become removed from their calling list. Alas they phone again and again Regular asking if I vie taken Delivery control. They all 've fake names and heavy accents and are Very rude to Start. I desire these calls for stop. Do I get them for Cease. multiple s W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W. . . .

Post by Steph,

305-507-4557 This Man called out of the number. Called me by name and claimed he was calling about my Tremendous resolution. I told him he was I right I was not component of any claim. I tried for tell him to take me of his lust. He talked around me when I Understood what he was saying I was thus shocked I hung Upward. He said I need to f you personally around and over.

Post by Guest,

3055074557 he said he wanted to wed me. def spam. dozen t Chat English well in any respect. john carter he said was his name. he said he Needed for understand medical history and compensation. . I said take me off R list and that s when he Inquired if I would marry him.

Post by sandi,

305-507-4557 Did that calls eventually Discontinue. I 'm becoming them now.

Post by kathy,

3055074557 I have been receiving your Specific same medical compensation calls for two weeks now at least once a day from various people all with strong Indian accents. Your same Start control questions and claim that I acquired Payment for a blood clot he called himself Adam Smith . I told him for Discontinue calling threatened for report him told him I was on a don't telephone list On this last call I said that I considered this harassment and yelled at him and he replied I can keep on calling you everyday. Fully scary. Could I phone someone to have them trace your Owner. Anyone successfully get these Individuals for Cease calling.

Post by Sandi,

305-507-4557 What's to gain out of these Telephone calls. I 've gotten Likely W calls in 2 weeks. It shows Upward No caller ID. I did have your surgery and it made me Insane that they had my medical records but they must Simply be phishing.

Post by Tianna,

3055074557 It says it s a Florida number and they keep calling and it Simply sounds like a bunch of static a jest and Afterward they hang up. It s Fairly annoying.

Post by Guest,

305-507-4557 Do not answer

Post by DCS,

3055074557 Merely shows as unknown on Owner id I 've Inquired several times for them not to phone me I have Additionally Registered Gripes along with the FTC each time they call I don t care who they're. . . . .

Post by Purple Angel,

305-507-4557 I tried to tell them as nicely that I am not interested and this really is who they were talking for. they STILL continue for call. quite annoying. yes you are able to Blow off the phone and all that but I feel for you you and your own family whoever is by that phone Merely thinks its someone we know to go and pick it Upward. It s your worst on my cell Telephone Recently been becoming a lot of scam and sales calls Only enjoy having acreage line. So terrible. I don t know who for call on it though. Great Fortune.

Post by Lisa B,

3055074557 The number calls almost each day at various times of your day. That caller ID says UNKNOWN . I let it go for express mail and they leave a message that s just dead atmosphere with a few call Facility History Sound. Enjoy everyone else any more I m on the Don't Phone list but it dozen t seem to question.

Post by Teresa,

305-507-4557 same here

Post by Guest,

3055074557 hang up

Post by rebecca,

305-507-4557 Do not call our Telephones.

Post by npples 69,

3055074557 i Began calling them back harassing that f rs and telling them I eat beef. I had pleasure for 2 hours and they eventually stopped accepting my calls. they get easily offended. . . . . I love it. Want we could Fall a bomb on them.

Post by Gloria Craig,

305-507-4557 W W W

Post by Mandy,

3055074557 I do not desire the Individual to call my Telephone again .

Post by Valerie,

305-507-4557 I 've gotten calls out of the medical compensation place as they state so many times. I finally started answering your Amount for see they d Stop calling. First they would request me about being on birth control and causing some Well-being dilemmas and now they say I had already had a blood clot caused by using Start control. I continue to tell them none of this has ever happened to me. I can NEVER recognize them b c none of them Talk ENGLISH in the least. I 've told them for Stop calling me and take me off that list but they continue for call. My Amount is Enrolled on that don't telephone list but not confident what for do. I Additionally got to that point that I was going to turn them in if they would telephone me again. A few would Merely eventually hang up and others would keep talking.

Post by FCC complaint filer,

3055074557 Called X just one daytime last week left no message. Called yesterday no just one talked before I hung Upward. Called Now after a short delay a man with thick Feature spoke unintelligibly. I made out medical. . . Business medical States maybe. Told him within a slow patronizing fashion that he was within Misdemeanor of Do not Call and if he did t remove my Amount I would report him to that FCC. He said No. I laughed and told him he was Wonderful. Afterward I Put up and filed a Criticism with the FCC.

Post by Poster,

305-507-4557 Recently there has been an Rise of these unsolicited Telephone calls coming within. . . . . and Afterward hanging Upwards OR asking for a name of a person who is not affiliated with the phone number. . . . Could it be potential these are Firms who call and see what time a Particular Telephone line is replied and then that Info is Offered. It happens a lot

Post by Sheila M. Leitner,

3055074557 The Amount has called me that last three times along with many foreign sounding man asking for me. I told them not to telephone again but keep becoming calls.

Post by Guest,

305-507-4557 Have asked for them for Quit calling and they keep calling . Today that Man was rude and asked a nasty question . I desire this Discontinued i should t 've for Cope along with the.

Post by Paula,

3055074557 I have had more than 1 call from the Amount and just one out of a California number. They would never Truly identify themselves and Inquired about different drugs on each call. Any Thought on who is providing them info on patients. I did request that they remove my number from their records.

Post by Guest,

305-507-4557 These people are trying to indication people up for a medical lawsuit . My wife asked them to Cease calling they Begin Replicate calling talking vulgar sexual comments for her . When she tries to call back for a Supervisor. That Owner Simply laughs and keeps on along with the sexual Opinions .

Post by Nancy A,

3055074557 I too have been becoming those calls saying I had had bladder Throw surgery Issue is that I never did 've this type of operation nor do I understand anyone who has. I can t body where they got my number and Thought that I vie had such a operation. I vie asked them to remove my name Advertising number but thus Much no great.

Post by kay,

305-507-4557 Several calls from this Amount caller unknown.

Post by L,

3055074557 Called x 3 today and did not leave a message.

Post by Guest,

305-507-4557 spam

Post by Robbie,

3055074557 Quit CALLING. . . . . . . . . . . . . . W W W Your own ARE ANNOYING . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Noneya,

305-507-4557 Does the Mr. Number work on Home Phones IE. . . Acreage lines. I believe I need it. These Individuals are freaking idiots and I desire them dead.

Post by Chloe,

3055074557 Keeps calling me talking Around Delivery control Subsequently saying they Merely Needed for hear my pleasant express. wt can someone take their time for telephone thus many people and .

Post by carolyn,

305-507-4557 Really English challenged I think he was asking Around blood clotting than Start asking personal questions. Around periods I Put up.

Post by KSC,

3055074557 Been becoming calls from the Amount claiming for become a medical Payment Business. I Simply Installed up

Post by Guest,

305-507-4557 don t no but from Miami

Post by Shirley,

3055074557 've obtained a phone for the last three days. First day nothing was said I heard voices of a telephone center within History heard that operator respiration . I stated are you personally going to respire at me or attempt to sell me something Afterward I Installed Upwards. Second daytime respiration and call Facility background. Now Girl with accent asked for me by name I did not confirm Inquired who was calling she replied but I could t understand her when I Inquired her to repeat what she said she hung up.

Post by Robert,

305-507-4557 Asked for my wife and Installed up

Post by Andrew,

3055074557 I have been getting calls out of the phone for over your last 2 weeks. They must believe I am a woman because they state they desire to supply me cash for medical services. I quested what they were talking Around amp Afterward they ask if I took birth control pills. I mentioned that that is none of their company and they kept talking around me saying same matter around amp around. Each time I said my sex enjoy is none of your own company. I was Subsequently told to Go and have as Considerably sex as I Needed to . . I said pardon me I did t comprehend you personally your guy along with Indian accent English was not good said for me for go 've SEX SEX SEX. and Installed Upward on me. during the chat I request for be Place on their don't call list figure they don t care Outside laws.

Post by Deb,

305-507-4557 Got many calls out of the Amount could just recognize half of what he said but did get that he wanted to provide me with medical compensation. I told him that I did not demand any compensation and Subsequently he Inquired about Delivery control pills. I asked for Chat to the Supervisor and of course he was the Supervisor. I asked for Chat for his superior and he told me I am Outstanding to you personally . What a idiotic scam Only expect no one falls with this.

Post by JTM,

3055074557 This Amount has been calling me each daytime and not leaving a message. Today I eventually Decided up and same matter as everyone reported above. Indian man along with Highlight I could t comprehend Loud telephone center Sound within background Asking me about birth control Rude and insisting this can be not a marketing call that is Around ME and MY Money Said your company was Medical Helpline Center I asked to become removed from your list and after yelling at me I eventually just Put up.

Post by Nancy A,

305-507-4557 I too have been getting those calls saying I had had bladder Throw operation Trouble is that I never did 've such a surgery Or do I understand anyone who has. I can t figure where they got my Amount and idea that I vie had such a surgery. I vie asked them for remove my name ad number but thus far no great.

Post by Pam,

3055074557 when I tried for dial that Amount back in 1 minute of their call a Man on the end got ugly and Truly blew a whistle into the phone

Post by irma,

305-507-4557 i called them back after a missed call. that guy sounded middle Japanese. i asked what he Needed he told me he he Only wanted for hear my sexy voice. Mindless waste of my time. wt

Post by Pen,

3055074557 I Merely called this Amount back 3 times the first two they Answered Hi Pen how chilling is that. . I told them I wanted to speak to some Manager and got hung Upward on. Your third time they put me through for another Individual that said they were a Manager and told me I would become removed out of their telephone list. We ll see. . .

Post by Jane,

305-507-4557 Have obtained several calls out of this number after I partially Finished a survey online dumb me . I now reply that telephone along with your phrase Remove my Amount from your list and they hang Upwards. Will be reporting them to the Do not Telephone registry.

Post by Guest,

3055074557 If cry is calling about birth control pills please what s ever I took I don t 2 deal along with it anyway original anything.

Post by Mandy,

305-507-4557 don't ever telephone my Amount again.

Post by Kelly,

3055074557 Called 2 times in a row even after asking to become removed out of their telephone list. Quite loud call center and thick Asian Indian emphases. . . Asking very personal questions about my Delivery control taking Practices. . . Subsequently asked why I was on your Supplement for so long. Was I Unfavorable to condoms. I yelled at him Are you kidding me. . Don t EVER phone me again. He said No Ma 'm I 'm not kidding you personally. The concept of the rhetorical question is lost.

Post by Guest,

305-507-4557 Its a scam from from your Nation Folks Striving for get your information

Post by Jamie,

3055074557 The man with an extremely thick Highlight keeps calling me and won t let me Discuss he is quite rude and keeps yelling at me . Do I get it for Cease that number is W W W. I could t understand a thing he is saying and it is Very annoying he calls me 3 times a day for about a week now.

Post by michelle gunderson,

305-507-4557 Hi this can be Michelle Henderson and how did you get my cell Telephone number

Post by Janet Kelly,

3055074557 Do not Call my number

Post by Roma Ewing,

305-507-4557 Keep getting calls out of unknown an Additionally this Amount. I don t answer and they don t leave messages. Very annoying.

Post by Sandi,

3055074557 What is for gain from these phone calls. I 've gotten Likely W calls in 2 weeks. It shows Upwards No caller ID. I did 've the operation and it got me mad that they had my medical records but they must Only be phishing.

Post by noneya,

305-507-4557 Got a telephone and they Installed Upwards when I said hello. I called back. He said hello W and said my name. Not certain how he got my name. He spoke along with Indian Feature. I asked him what he said and I he said that is and I could t Notice what he said after that. I asked him again who he was and why he was calling me. He again said That is and again I could t Notice what he said after that. Then I said let me someone that speaks English since you personally don t speak English . He said something again and I did t recognize him. I said again You don t Talk English you personally need for get someone that speaks freaking English thus I could tell you personally people for never for call again . I said What's your own business and he said This is NOT A Company I yelled You are not a business then what the are you personally. Are you my Pal then my mom came down and took your Telephone away out of me as I was Attempting to get his NAME or his company name or why your he was calling me. I ll call his back at Am and kill his . .

Post by carmen,

3055074557 I get 3 and 4 Telephone calls Day-to-day out of some along with a substantial accent I located a brand new way for get even and amuse myself when they telephone I place the Telephone by your stereo and play really loud music they Put Upward in a second heehaw I suggest you personally guys do that overly that annoys them

Post by DCS,

305-507-4557 Only got another call out of this Amount asking for someone not at the Amount. Shows as unknown on Owner id. . . . probably a scummier. They have been calling each daytime all week long I eventually replied and previously mentioned there was no 1 here by that name they hung up. . . . .

Post by Ken,

3055074557 We got a phone again out of the number Now at 6 W pm. Your preceding call was Now at 3 W pm. Your Owner ID again was unknown . This time that telephone was blocked by our phone blocker. When I called back the last time I got a busy Sign. This time I got a recording which said Please remain on your line and you personally ll be transferred for that next available Representative. After waiting briefly they Put Upwards. I assume this is because your Owner ID is blocked on outgoing calls and they do not desire to Cope along with someone they could t identify.

Post by ANNOYED,

305-507-4557 Got the telephone from that Amount Aug. W W response it no one said s anything and they hang Upward. Just got that call again Aug. W W no just one did t say any thing when I response so I said to them are ya gonna say anything and Afterward I said Discontinue calling here and they Put up. I live within Grand Getaway Mi.

Post by Andrew,

3055074557 I 've been becoming calls out of the Telephone for over that last 2 weeks. They must think I 'm a Girl because they state they desire to give me money for medical services. I quested what they were talking about amp Afterward they request if I took Delivery control pills. I mentioned that that's none of their business and they kept talking over me saying same matter over amp over. Each time I said my sex enjoy is none of your own company. I was Afterward told for Go and 've as Substantially sex as I wanted for . . I said pardon me I did t recognize you your guy with Indian Highlight English was not good said for me for go 've SEX SEX SEX. and Put Upward on me. during this discussion I ask for be Place on their don't telephone list suppose they don t care Outside Guidelines.

Post by Guest,

305-507-4557 The Individual identifies him self as a doctor. i have gotten calls from the Amount within your last times i Offered attempted for block with Mr Amount but it USN t working

Post by anonymous,

3055074557 Out of Florida. Never leaves a message.

Post by ELVIRA,

305-507-4557 I Overly Am Getting THESE SAME CALLS. I 've Additionally Gotten CALLS From Man AND FEMALE MARKETERS With A Powerful Feature. So Strong I Could Barely Understand WHAT They're SAYING. I Proposed IF THEY DID NOT Cease CALLING ME I WOULD Become Filing A Telephone HARASSMENT Gripe. Your Male ON The LINE Started RAISING HIS Express Looking To Know IF I KNEW WHAT Your Phone IS About. WHAT I Know IS THAT I Have not HAD ANY SURGERIES In W YEARS AND Haven't HAD ANY Wellbeing Problems.

Post by Teresa,

3055074557 me for. . . they say they are in the Food and Drug Organization. . . . Called me again this am. .

Post by Tina,

305-507-4557 Calls out of the Amount could t understand that Feature they get impatient with me asking for repeat. Told them for take me away their list got bumped Upwards to some Supervisor who when I questioned what she was saying Put Upward on me. Definitely in Infraction of SPAM Act.

Post by Theresa,

3055074557 've received several Telephone calls out of this Amount called back thinking it was someone I knew because I have family within Miami. A Girl replied and knew my name stating within an extremely substantial Feature sounded India whatever that that I was going for get medical compensation could not understand what she was saying and when I Inquired her for please Replicate herself I could not comprehend what she was saying she Installed Upwards if they telephone me again I will become reporting them its a scam.

Post by Guest,

305-507-4557 I m not liking none of these Telephone calls. . . they are really disturbing and a waste of my time. . . they need to Discontinue calling me every single daytime and hang Upwards once I response.

Post by SUE,


Post by Anonymous,

305-507-4557 Same thing with me. I told him I had never been on Start control within my life and he told me I was lying to him. I think I would know if I had been on Start control before. I told them to take me away of their calling list and he screamed through the phone and then Installed up on me. RUDE

Post by Mary,

3055074557 I did not reply Now but they called me within the last few weeks with Distinct matters. it s rude. your People had accents. I told them repeatedly for remove me from your list but they keep calling. last time they said that they're a governmental organization to supply me a free allow. . . which of course I never Required. .

Post by Why Me???,

305-507-4557 Big time scummier alert. called my cell Amount multiple times and significant accent Indian maybe. telling me they're a medical compensation Business and asked if i had Chosen Start control pills out of W present day. are they serious. what a joke. i got your error of giving them my work number because could t here very good inside Protected building. I Finish up asking them to Fall me from their list and not to ever telephone me again. i 'm praying they dint start calling my work number now that they have it. Important SCAMPERS.

Post by Donna,

3055074557 W 8 W at 7. W pm I acquired a Telephone telephone out of a foreign man claiming that he was Competent to represent me in a law suit if I used Delivery control pills and claim that I 've blood clots. I told him nicely your own calling my cell Amount and how did you personally Get it . he Installed Upward. I recalled your Amount back for see who would play this kind of joke. The same man answered saying if you personally go to that doctors and get it in writing that you got blood clots out of taking Start Control. He would help me to get a big resolution. in the back ground I heard several voices along with the same line to other Individuals man and female at which point I Installed up.

Post by Barb,

305-507-4557 So when I obtained that call they had my Physicians name and year of operation and mentioned a Artificial mesh was used which I was aware away and said some legal fit was owed for me. The Man did 've accent as nicely as Female.

Post by Gloria Dixon,

3055074557 The morning has Additionally called me he has an awful Feature can t understand what he says the just thing I could comprehend was he wanted me to go to your doctor to 've another surgery on my bladder sling I had within W he s called me several times

Post by Alanna,

305-507-4557 Called me this afternoon. A man with a very significant Highlight answered out of many sort of medical Business or so he Maintained. Interestingly that Firm dozen t 've an Real company name. . I told him to remove me out of his calling list and which he was calling a CELL Telephone. He just said Ok Thank You personally really fast and Installed Upward on me.

Post by Rose,

3055074557 W W W calls me and the first matter I hear is Is the my name I state who is this they ask me that question again I state who is this again and get that same reply. Just went off on them on exactly why would I demand to tell them who I am if they won t tell me your name of that company or who they're. guessing he idea I wan t going for be Extreme because I m a Girl hello. . . . . . . I demanded to become removed Afterward was disconnected. I called them back. . . . . . . . . . . they have Owner I. D. I found out. . . . . and yet again demanded for become removed and kept duplicating that until the Dumbo on the other end got it. Wow. .

Post by Lillie,

305-507-4557 I keep becoming calls out of this medical Payment Firm I never let your talk get really for but how can they keep calling me at work. How do I get it for stop. I m on each do not call list Accessible and Though David Wilson right sounds enjoy he s out of somewhere in India keeps calling me at work.

Post by Sabrina,

3055074557 I keep getting calls from this Amount. The first time I did not answer. After a few hours I got another phone but this time I answered. I did not understand what your Individual was saying. It sounded like he is within a boiler room lots of people talking and lots of Sound. He Additionally has an extremely thick Indian Highlight. I told him that I 'm not interested with whatever he is selling. I also told him for remove me out of their list. Regrettably after W minutes I got another call from this Amount. This time I did not response. I Strategy to report this Firm for violating that don't phone request.

Post by jo jo,

305-507-4557 I 've acquired 5 calls from the Amount. I haven't answered any of them. I understand no 1 in that Region.

Post by Guest,

3055074557 tel

Post by sandi,

305-507-4557 Did your calls eventually Cease. I 'm getting them now.

Post by AngryAndAnnoyed,

3055074557 I 've had your Actual same dilemmas. . . I don t know who for phone to have them stop. It s getting exceedingly irritating. As soon as I request to Chat with a manager 1 got on your phone amp Subsequently proceeded for tell ME I 've the wrong number amp to not be mad for them calling before hanging Upwards on me. Has there been a solution yet.

Post by Guest,

305-507-4557 spam

Post by Teresa,

3055074557 same here

Post by Guest,

305-507-4557 spam call

Post by Frustrated,

3055074557 Called to state they could get me lots of money because I took birth control pills and had side affects. Won t take no for a reply and won t Quit calling. Number now comes Thur as W W on my cell Telephone. They vie called twice Now. After I told the Man for Cease calling I had for start yelling because he would not Close Upward. Last thing I heard him say as I Installed Upwards was Oh my god. . . . . because I was Crazy and cursing . Jerk had that nerve for telephone me back 2 minutes After and proceeded for tell me he loved me being fully inappropriate. I Offered him as many f bombs as I could and told him to Set that supervisor on that Telephone. He refused. I Offered him some more f bombs and then Installed Upward. 7 phone calls Perhaps 8 because of another unknown within the last 8 days.

Post by Guest,

305-507-4557 Called me and asked Around a e Name loan. . . . . scam

Post by Allison,

3055074557 I vie been dealing with these Men for MONTHS. Within October they called me everyday for 2 weeks and were demanding and rude when I Inquired them to put me on their don't call list. They harassed me so Substantially that I finally Only let them take me through their Survey and Merely said no for everything. After a month they Began calling again and have been harassing me since. I vie attempted everything for create them Quit. I was able to get one of their E-mail addresses though and he Truly replied in busted English. I m not certain how I can use this info for Place an end to this though. Today I just answered the phone and pretended to become Ohio PD. Again they we re rude disrespectful demanding and eventually hung up. I finally Calculated Outside the way to block them on my iPhone. Hopefully I won t be getting and more calls from the slums.

Post by Noneya,

305-507-4557 great going. I wish I got that far with them. I wish I had gotten a NAME. Of path they're going to give fake names. But who cares if they present fake names. If they say this really is Billy Fran I ll address your person as Mr. Fran and I ll state that name around and around again. At least you personally got for the Guessed motive Exactly why they were calling. Calling girls huh. I never got ANY answer as for exactly why any one was calling me. Now i know.

Post by Guest,

3055074557 spam

Post by Sandi,

305-507-4557 What exactly are they gaining from this data. I was believing he was Likely becoming data out of my phone while we were on it. I asked him for telephone on a land line and he would t do it.

Post by Guest,

3055074557 No answer

Post by Sandi,

305-507-4557 ID if it was out of the . It said Caller ID not known.

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

305-507-4557 They asked about Wellness questions and could t Chat English

Post by LD,

3055074557 Getting same scam telephone concerning medical compensation as reported by previous Cards. They are Additionally calling from W W W. Blocked both numbers.

Post by Guest,

305-507-4557 I demand these calls to stop. They are calling numerous times a day and I don't have any Notion who they are.

Post by Guest,

3055074557 Don t answer

Post by Called me,

305-507-4557 Got two calls Now. No message left.

Post by Gary,

3055074557 They called and asked if I had any diabetes problems. I said no. Subsequently they Inquired if I knew Anyone in my own family that had that same disease. I said no and that they had the incorrect number. I Inquired for be Chosen away your list and they said it would cost me W for would so. They kept asking me if I was listening. Subsequently your Manager came on and said the same matter. They both had an Indian Feature. They would t explain why it would cost me to take me off their list. I 've the telephone type as a telemarketer but would list it as a scam .

Post by Donna Fee,

305-507-4557 Answered 3 Distinct times. really rude people. Inquired for be taken off list. Continue for 've calls come into my Residence. Told them I was not for be on their list. A few foreigner told me that she did not call me before. Defined the phone is that same and I want it for Discontinue. Hung Upwards and I called back your . They replied and I told them for take me off. Thus much background noise that they could not 've heard me.

Post by AngryAndAnnoyed,

3055074557 I have had that Specific same problems. . . I don t understand who to phone to have them stop. It s getting excessively irritating. As soon as I request for speak with a manager one got on your Telephone amp then proceeded for tell ME I 've that incorrect Amount amp to not become mad for them calling before hanging Upwards on me. Has there been a Option yet.

Post by david,

305-507-4557 these calls are similar for mine. Lots of hang Upward calls. They ask for john Thompson when they don t hang Upward . I tell them no one lives here by that name but they remain in calling back. I 've Owner id thus I don t 've for Select Upward but they call repeatedly several times within a daytime. When I ask for Speak to Manager or ask what your call is within regard for they hang up on me. Telephone company says I can put block on Telephone but it can block people that Legally are calling. I don t understand why its legal for them for harass Folks. If I called an ex like this I m certain your Authorities would get included. Thus around it.

Post by Stephanie,

3055074557 The Business calls me numerous times during your daytime each day. . They tell me that I m eligible for medical Payment and 've tried for request me many medical questions seeing my health. Half the time they just hang Upwards when I answer and leave empty voice mails. I have told them repeatedly to Quit calling me and that I m not interested but they Simply don t get it. Could t someone can something Around the. . .

Post by Pregnant,

305-507-4557 I just keep getting calls from the above number and it seems that they're pinging a few electronic Unit I use to get this info. Last week I was doing a Hunt on Roe vs. Wade for no real motive. But something must become done about the weak security on the android devises I use. I ll keep working on it. But if anyone has anymore any info it will be of Fantastic use to Cease Nuisance calls out of W W W.

Post by Guest,

3055074557 Scams

Post by Very Annoyed,

305-507-4557 I have been becoming these calls as nicely for about a month. They 've called my cell and know my name as well and also believe they are Indian or Pakistan. I 've told them repeatedly that I am not interested and Inquired how they got my name and cell number. They Just either hang Upward or try to get me by saying don t you want money. Recently I obtained another call did not answer it. But Afterward I called it back for see they would tell me the company name whenever they replied. They did t and once they were on your line they started their spill again. I requested to become Chosen away that list and Inquired again how they got my Amount. He said that he got my information out of a People Commercial Medical group. Never heard of them either. He said they are Medical Health Line Strategy . Asked to Chat to a Manager and was told they did t 've 1 and Put Upward. I called appropriate back and same 1 answered that phone saying Skip. . . . . . my name and Afterward whenever I Inquired for a supervisor he Offered me for another Individual and he Began the same Discharge and kept saying it was from a surgery I had is why they were calling me for get money. Did t I want money I told them I was going for report them to FCC too and eventually they hung Upwards.

Post by Purple Angel,

3055074557 I attempted to tell them as nicely that I 'm not interested and this can be who they were talking to. they STILL continue for telephone. quite annoying. yes you can Discount your call and all that but I feel for you personally you personally and your own family whoever is by that phone Merely thinks its someone we know to go and Choose it Upwards. It s the worst on my cell Telephone lately been becoming a lot of scam and sales calls just enjoy having property line. So Bad. I don t know who to phone on it though. Great Fortune.

Post by Guest,

305-507-4557 If i response its not alive atmosphere and it call at least W times a day

Post by Jack,

3055074557 They phone but don t leave a message. Called twice within two days so far.

Post by mg67,

305-507-4557 I got 3 calls out of the Amount Now. Recently it was W W W. I got 1 out of that one Now I reported them both for your FBI.

Post by diane,

3055074557 I keep get Container this phone. I asked them for remove my name and never phone me again. The has been going on for about a month now. Dint understand how they got my cell .

Post by Deborah,

305-507-4557 No message

Post by Teresa,

3055074557 me to. . . they say they're in the Food and Drug Organization. . . . Called me again the am. .

Post by Roberta,

305-507-4557 Frequently get calls from the number even though it's on the Don't telephone registry could t recognize a word they're saying.

Post by fed up with robo callers,

3055074557 Called claiming for become along with many type of medical Payment company. Kept asking if I had a Kidney sling or trains vaginal surgery along with mesh implantation. Indian Feature Owner and Manager. I Put Upward after need to become removed from the telephone list. Your spamming caller seems for be Choosing advantage of your Authorities shutdown and that resulting deficiency of law Support of DC.

Post by Janice Butler,

305-507-4557 I 've so many calls which are scams and I figured this was another one of them thus I did t response. They call from Distinct Amounts and it is that same bunch of people. I replied once and it was thus noisy in the back earth I could t hear thus I Put Upward. Folks get a life

Post by godmother22,

3055074557 Some Pakistani guy. When I SA your Amount I said W what is your emergency how can I help you. Put it on Audio Inquired for me by name. and he kept saying Hi Can you help me. Gotta have enjoyment with these foreigners. See how it s Consistently your Indians that offer you personally Rob calls . I Found that Currently. GO BACK For SYRIA AND Deal With Your Folks.

Post by Purple Angel,

305-507-4557 That's hilarious. . . they talked for me Around some birth control could be side effects etc. I said if you knew me you personally knew I wan t on any and You're offending me really badly correct now and swore up that storm it was sort of fun for yell back BC Ordinary calls Firms people you can know you are able to t do that Lola I Simply Inquired to speak to that supervisor for get on don't call list. Expecting the works but what scary component when I called them back they knew my name correct away without me stating it. Chilling.

Post by Michael,

3055074557 I have been getting at least 2 calls a daytime from this number asking for my Partner. I told them she would not become back in that Us for 3 months. Your Man Subsequently said no I 'm calling in the Us of America. I told him okay she still isn't in your State. Called 4 times Now asking for my wife. I told them she was in that Middle East Afghanistan that is not within America and I asked him if he Comprehended English. He said he did but I did not.

Post by Lisa,

305-507-4557 Keep calling and dint state anything

Post by X,

3055074557 I receive calls from them no messages. I called back and they knew who I was when I called are tough to understand but your name of your company is allegedly American Service Facility. I asked to become removed and he laughed at me. They called again Today and I replied and asked if I want for make cash and I asked for a Manager I got Nick Brown Yep appropriate and I was told that I would be removed from your list Yep appropriate . I was mean ugly and stern so hopefully the works.

Post by Ellen,

305-507-4557 Someone out of India called me from the Amount called amp asked for me. They State for be a medical Business of some sort. I asked for become taken off their calling list but was told that I had for Speak to your senior Manager SS for that to occur. I held amp when your SS came on your line he would just request me questions Exactly why can you need for be taken off the list. How old are you. Don t you personally need to create cash. . He never told me that I would become Chosen away your list amp I eventually Installed Upward.

Post by Guest,

3055074557 Asking if I took birth controls pills or antidepressants

Post by Suzanna,

305-507-4557 Got a telephone from the Amount. A few Indian whack Occupation that said he was coming to my house because I had given him my Amount and he had flown Outside here for satisfy me. He never mentioned the medical matter as is mentioned here but you could Notice he was calling out of a phone Facility. Kept him on your line for W minutes telling him I was sorry that many girl Clearly not me had given him a number along with a wrong address. Time for create a report for the FCC now.

Post by Ken,

3055074557 We got a telephone from this Amount today at 3 W pm. The Owner ID was unknown . My wife replied but hung Upward because she said she could t comprehend what your Individual was saying due to your awful Link with a lot of static. When I attempted for telephone back several times I got a active Sign. I have given up on reporting these numbers to the don't phone registry and rely instead on my call blocker.

Post by Jennifer,

305-507-4557 I Additionally missed a phone out of this number when I returned that phone it was a medical service. Your guy on the other line had a Distinct accent.

Post by Andrew,

3055074557 The Amount called substantial African Highlight threatened me and endanger me with court charges. . What a clown. Your legal system dozen t work this manner ship them all back for where they Arrived from idiots

Post by Guest,

305-507-4557 Solicitor

Post by Guest,

3055074557 The caller is asking medical questions Around Ur Va Jay Jay stating it s not a telemarketing telephone although u can certainly Notice multiple Pol within that History but Somewhat medical compensation. I started asking them questions like their Business name how they knew any of my medical history since it s Fully Discreet and they were swift for tell me cheers goodbye and hung up.

Post by Mary,

305-507-4557 Many idiot keeps on calling my Amount. Discover the best way to speak English you small Filthy scrub. Is bad language that only words you personally understand the best way to Talk you Stupid idiot.

Post by Guest,

3055074557 Calls W times a day. Really annoying.

Post by Purple Angel,

305-507-4557 Medical law Organization a few scamming company on Start control Really hard to understand what Firm it was exactly. Becoming to private on the phone. PLEASE Discontinue them.

Post by Linda,

3055074557 I have gotten 9 calls in less than just one week. When I 've answered he says good bye. Another telephone from the same number was a guy by having an Indian or Pakistani Feature and told me he was along with a computer company. I Put Upward and he called right back. These calls are for just this week but there 've been others out of this same number. Beyond irritated. Other calls out of the Amount 've been hang Upward calls.

Post by Ramona,

305-507-4557 They called three times Now and I called back and that Man having an Highlight picked Upwards and I told him they better not phone me again. . . I went nuts yelling for that Man Lola

Post by Guest,

3055074557 Harassing telemarketing Business.

Post by dee,

305-507-4557 this number was calling me for days never leaves a massage. Now I decided for reply and a guy Maintained to me out of many medical Put. he new my name Afterward Installed Upward. calls are coming from Florida.

Post by Dorothy,

3055074557 this Amount calls me 3 or 4 times each day for that past week. Significant Indian accent wants for know medical data if I 've Chosen Delivery control pills am I a diabetic would I 've Kidney dilemmas I have just response the number once where they Needed for know medical info I have given them no information however they keep calling. . . . . . . . Even though I Blow off your calls they keep call ling. . . . . Can I get your calls for stop.

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Recent comment

2196279585 Complains by samantha jade,

Person who is stalking me called from this number.  Does anyone know if this is a pay phone number from either Goldens Bridge, NY or Katonah, NY?

2134463984 Complains by Guest,

They said they were the IRS. That the IRS is suing me and that this is my final notice and to call them back for additional info.

4164618185 Complains by bgabriel,

scam keeps calling Do not reply.

2078912647 Complains by Guest,

dint talk for him he lies n a player

8036751226 Complains by David Gardner,

Calls so Substantially i put it within auto reject mode. Still keeps calling.

2135592569 Complains by Guest,

Called once and I did t Select Upwards because I did t know who it was Subsequently a couple minutes After called again and I answer but no 1 talked.

8323767162 Complains by Smh,

What he call u form

8779917855 Complains by Guest,

FRAUD PHISHING Call I don't 've a Barclay s credit card

8002942147 Complains by Guest,

Won t Cease calling Attempting for sell me solar power

8003358047 Complains by CJ Nixon,

Getting Actually annoyed along with the Determination of these people. . all times of the day and no message left.

8002719704 Complains by Erika,

They're angry calls make them stop

8001793435 Complains by Guest,


8042233261 Complains by Pete,

They keep calling don t leave any message or state anything

8042938064 Complains by Gorp,

Go On. org. Good group. Only don t feel enjoy giving money or talking politics.

8042053239 Complains by Guest,


8003351522 Complains by Robert Lewis,

This Firm is a joke. here is your info on your former Cesarean Atkinson Sentenced for Eight Years in Prison CBS St. Louis

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