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Post by DD,

3069881871 Within less than W hours I 've acquired 2 calls out of these creeps. They don t get really Way as I don t let them continue talking previous I am from Microsoft . I don t know anyone in Saskatchewan Or can I value calls at W W at night the first phone was then . I want that phone Firm would block them.

Post by Guest,

306-988-1871 State to be Windows Technology and that you 've something malicious going on in the registered computer However all they desire to do is get into your computer and screw it up Subsequently get your credit card number and charge you for something that's not real.

Post by Slim,

3069881871 I have your not empty Bundle AVG Ultimate and will figure out if it's dealing along with your root Set. Cheers to your help.

Post by Slim,

306-988-1871 I have your not empty Bundle AVG Final and may body Outside if it's dealing with your root Set. Thanks for your own help.

Post by Renaissance Man,

3069881871 I have gotten multiple calls out of W W W purportedly from some company name I could not get after several tries. It's Recorded as being in Regina Saskatchewan. They State that they 've been becoming several virus Notices out of my Computer. When I told them to wait because I got another phone they Put up each time. Appears for become a total scam. Don't Repeat NOT Allow THEM To TAKE CONTROL OF Your COMPUTER Under ANY Situation. Practically surely they may introduce Traveler Applications or worms Take your own personal and Monetary info besides within all Chance making your own Computer a slave or zombie.

Post by michelle,

306-988-1871 I vie gotten several calls from W W W Saskatchewan comes Upward on your caller I. D. since your beginning of February W. I may get two Telephone calls a daytime spanning Around W min. apart from each other regardless if I vie replied these calls or not. Today I was informed after replying one of these calls this was a Tech directly from Microsoft windows and the problem with my computer would crash my system and was spreading viruses into the internet. Shaun Smith then requested that I log into my computer and he would Go me through your procedure of cleaning the serious State out of my computer. I let him know that I would appearance into the issue along with my local computer technicians and Inquired for his Staff number and a contact Amount for follow back up along with him he became very frustrated and told me that I did t recognize how serious the problem was and Desired instant attention. When I told him I could appreciate that and was still going forwards with my coarse of action he told me that he would be immediately disconnecting my computer from your use of Microsoft Windows mainframe thus not to infect everyone else and that any and all info Related for this system off my computer would become lost threatening me. I told him for would what you have to would and don t call me anymore. Not confident who for call for report this but I can be contacting my local Telephone company for 've that Amount blocked. I m already on your don't call list so I m not certain how these calls are making it through.

Post by telecom worker,

3069881871 've gotten numerous earlier morning calls from this number. I refuse to reply numbers I don t Understand. Called Id says Saskatchewan. Also received a telephone out of my own Amount and called Id. Clearly a spoofing or phishing expedition. Take my advice if its Actually important the Owner will leave a comprehensive coherent message. Its not worth answering otherwise you personally re exposing yourself for trouble and a serious head ache.

Post by Guest,

306-988-1871 Called at 6 pm 2 W W left no MSG I blocked them.

Post by Chicago Western Suburbs,

3069881871 I acquired a Telephone call at 6 something am. . . I 'm on each legit Usa Do not Telephone listing and enroll. They should not become calling me anyway. . The Additionally should NEVER become calling the early in the morning. . If I accepted solicitation. . scam Telephone calls. . .

Post by Jeanie,

306-988-1871 Got a phone from someone saying they were Port Dawson out of Microsoft at 7 W am my local time. I told him that is a prank telephone and he Installed Upward. Did t even Disagree with me. ha . When I went to Assess your caller ID on another Telephone it gave that number W W W out of Saskatchewan. I vie Additionally gotten similar calls from a California Amount also early within that morning like this 1.

Post by Slim,

3069881871 I have the not empty package AVG Ultimate and may body Outside if it is dealing with the root Set. Thanks for your own help.

Post by Lovanna Myers,

306-988-1871 Have had two calls so far from the Amount and both times was the same woman with a Jamaican Feature telling me that there was many type of emergency viewing my windows computer. Funny I notion since windows dozen t create computers. I was Inquired if I was that owner of the computer at the address . . . I said yes. Then she proceeded to tell me that we've been receiving reports Around your own computer Building downloading and spreading viruses over the Web. Again amusing. . . I m running previous PX on a Dell out of W that just has MB of ram. It takes eternally for Facebook pages for Simply Weight Upwards let alone accomplish anything. . . . HOW In Your HELL 'm I SPREADING VIRUSES Over That Internet. . . . I Only did a Check yesterday and NO THREATS Found. WHAT The F EVER. . . . I told her she was on drugs and proceeded for laugh my away. .

Post by Pam,

3069881871 Got a call at W W pm tonight out of this Amount 1 W W W and did not Select up. . . no message was left. Calculated Joke phone if anyone unknown to me from the area code was calling me out of this number so late at nighttime.

Post by Guest,

306-988-1871 Called. Answered. No just one said anything. Called back and there was a messaging system that indicated the mailbox was full and could t Take anymore express send. Don t know who they are. Called them back to request them to Quit calling me.

Post by sara,

3069881871 Tired of calls after W pm gr om spam

Post by Guest,

306-988-1871 2. W. W W W used by man along with India sounding Feature doing your quot you've a virus in your computer quot scam said from Microsoft calling to help correct your Issue Ha.

Post by Guest,

3069881871 We received a Telephone telephone stating they were calling about your Microsoft computer and Needed to know if I was your Main user of that Windows computer. I instantaneously told them to take the Telephone number off their phone list.

Post by Guest,

306-988-1871 Claiming my computer is delivering a message for Microsoft that it's viruses. Thick Highlight quite aggressive. When I hang up on him he calls right back again. Recently and Now.

Post by LInda,

3069881871 HTTP Www. scam novel. com Firm See W Urgent Tech Help aka UTAH

Post by Rio,

306-988-1871 Called the evening during dinner. Did not Select Upwards.

Post by Guest,

3069881871 Indian accent. Said he was from Microsoft Technology Support. I told he I was calling that police. He hung up.

Post by Me2,

306-988-1871 My computer is giving them an alarm. LOLA HA HA bye blocked

Post by Ray,

3069881871 W W W called twice on 2 W W with the scam Microsoft Technology Support phone Clearly from India. State they 've detected a serious Trouble with your computer Complete scam don t would anything they request you personally for would. Only hang Upward or blow a loud whistle in their own ear.

Post by Ken,

306-988-1871 Got a telephone out of the number at W PM on 2 W W. Caller Inquired if I Chat De English knew immediately what this really is about from preceding calls. Said yes I speak De English Afterward asked if he was going for help mend my broken computer. He was quite excited at this point and said yes I help you repair DA computer . I said Okay I send you lots of cash and you repair my computer. Subsequently I asked is your name Asshole. He said yes. About that time I was laughing so difficult that I Put up. Phone is a Complete scam.

Post by Guest,

3069881871 They 've called my house 7 times in your last two days after I 've repeatedly Inquired them to remove the number. Constantly an Indian person saying they are tech support along with Microsoft and our computer has a virus. ugh

Post by Guest,

306-988-1871 Telephone from someone along with thick Indian Feature and I could just comprehend him. He said he was calling about my Windows computer thus I said quot Which one. quot He said quot Your Windows computer quot I said quot Which just one. quot He repeated your question at least a dozen times and I gave that same response every time until he got quite frustrated and said quot Would you personally Talk English. quot He said all my computers were infected along with a virus and he was for help me get rid of them. I Inquired who called him and he said my computers were sending a signal for Microsoft telling them they had a virus. I said quot How do you personally even know if I have a computer. quot and he hung up. When you get these Sorts of calls you personally should create their efforts to scam you as frustrating for them as possible.

Post by tom C.,

3069881871 Called at W. W pm woke me Upward. Power saw caller ID so I just hit that on off button on my phone real Quickly. I was pissed. Figure that s within Canada

Post by Jr,

306-988-1871 I meant remove it.

Post by Guest,

3069881871 They said I 've a virus on my computer. I said that fraud is illegal. He hung up.

Post by nick,

306-988-1871 window Issue told them not for call

Post by Guest,

3069881871 This number has called my house for that last two Times at W PM. By that time I get to it they hang up. Who calls at that time of night. . . .

Post by pete,

306-988-1871 Got a phone at Am. . . . guy said he was John Walters who could hardly speak English from Windows . . want to fix my virus within my computer . . . .

Post by Annoyed in PDX,

3069881871 Called at PM. Did t answer or leave message. Owner ID read Regina SK Scrolling through many hunt results for the Amount on Google which I constantly do I located this profile on Linked in for a Man named John To var from CA Cellular telephone Company Directory that number s even mentioned in his description. HTTP ca. Related within. com in Fundamentally it s a Promotion call. I can have to wonder who sold my Amount for your list he is they are using though. So frustrating.

Post by sarah,

306-988-1871 got called twice late at night out of caller

Post by Guest,

3069881871 Telephone from someone claiming to become Windows Specialized Support Identified self as Sofia

Post by Guest,

306-988-1871 Received Telephone FOR Individual OWNING COMPUTER. 've GOTTEN SAME Telephone Out of OTHER Amounts. all Individuals ARE ASIAN Accent. Desire You personally For OPEN Your COMPUTER Thus THEY Can Fix Problem. Apparent SCAM

Post by Guest,

3069881871 said he need for help me but did not understand my name. I Installed up

Post by Missbettymorgan,

306-988-1871 Called at 6 pm 2 W W left no MSG I blocked them.

Post by Guest,

3069881871 caller did not say anything for a minute Afterward manner off distantly I heard someone croak hello . I hung Upwards. Appears to come out of Canada. Might be erroneous Amount but very Unusual.

Post by Guest,

306-988-1871 Two calls in three nights. Microsoft calling at W W pm and 9 W pm. . Same Storyline Around a virus. I would love for report for police. Possible.

Post by Slim,

3069881871 I 've your full package AVG Ultimate and will body Outside if it's dealing along with that root Set. Thanks on your help.

Post by Guest,

306-988-1871 Maintaining my computer is sending a message for Microsoft that it's viruses. Thick accent quite Extreme. When I hang Upward on him he calls appropriate back again. Yesterday and today.

Post by Jr,

3069881871 I meant remove it.

Post by ar,

306-988-1871 Got phone listened and Ignorant Me gave them accessibility. They 2 different Individuals State from Microsoft. Revealed me corrupt files. Viper my security kept telling Me corrupt file don t allow. They attempted for by pass and computer shut down. Told them I could t give any more time and he said phone me After. He was frustrated that computer Close away twice

Post by Slim,

3069881871 I have the not empty Bundle AVG Final and can figure Outside if it is dealing with your root Equipment. Cheers to your help.

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7022627854 Complains by Nick Karten,

W W W Is the number for NJ Limousine Services.

7149880124 Complains by Guest,

Spoofed Owner ID fake Nuisance Owner keeps hanging Upwards if l mute my Telephone they believe I vie Put Upwards Subsequently they disconnect

8003719811 Complains by dan,

this is your Gasoline Business calling called Customers Energy in Mi I think your Invoice is due and you did not pay.

9513701242 Complains by Guest,

Calls and hangs up. Happened 3 times in 5 1 2 hours.

8175054200 Complains by LAMET,

've gotten calls on my cell several times from the number. They never leave a message and when I do response they immediately disconnect. All my Telephones are the do not call list and I 've never had any business along with them.

7164304904 Complains by Guest,

Would love to know the owner of the Telephone number

9518707198 Complains by Guest,

block all text amp calls

9542063191 Complains by Guest,

when you personally try calling back the it says quot the number isn't within use quot . . . more scam crap for sure . . . .

8002356550 Complains by Guest,


8002532920 Complains by Eric,

I Merely got this phone too. I live in Fresh Jersey but I vie always paid my medical bills in that office and I vie never obtained any bills out of anyone else thus I don t 've any Notion who they could be Signifying within this case.

8002791842 Complains by same ol crap,

Thousand Tracks Striving for get you to go to your meeting thus they could try and sell you a time share

8002804610 Complains by Marc,

ditto that above. Ben customer missed telephone searched found the. Also responded less than favorably for an SIMS poll.

8001237654 Complains by juanfer,

They called me I did t answer.

8002262166 Complains by tka,

I obtained a call from allegedly from Verizon Wireless and they said for call W W W. I could t look for any data that verifies your Validity of this number.

8002563844 Complains by ec,

That s a great example of exactly why you personally should just deal along with a debt collector in Composing. By that manner if it s legal within your state to do so record any subsequent Telephone Interactions you've along with them. That recordings May n't come in Helpful should they break that law. For advice on dealing with these Folks and holding them to account for their conduct Assess out Bud Hobbs website. He has lots of great data on protecting your rights and resolving debts. And if Wanted Bud provides attorney referrals. Web. Buddhas. com Great luck.

8002512920 Complains by Gman,

Junk fax Marketing small business loans. Why anyone would trust a Facsimile like this with no company info is beyond me. Treatment Guidelines are Internet. Amount Seclusion. EU an obvious number harvesting site if it does exist or W W W. FCC Gripe was filed. HTTP support. FCC. gov Criticisms. HTML

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