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Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Bloomington, IL. Mclean. United states
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Post by Guest,

3098074536 Called several times. Told me if I or my Lawyer did not return his call I would be arrested.

Post by cindyp,

309-807-4536 I receive a telephone at work yesterday 7 W W around 2 or 3 pm Around a Firm name American Cash suing me for fraud for being late on 3 loan payment. Granting for them I 've a loan amount of W. W that I demand to pay. The heavy accented person i know by your name of Brian Maxwell said the Authorities would become coming to my house or work for arrest me for 2 weeks while they have an Analysis. He said that I 've for display to court and that I was likely for lose that case and 've for pay W of penalty charge on top of the W. W loan payment. They have my whole social security Amount where did they get the from. but along with wrong birth year and my bank. After that telephone I had for phone all my loan Businesses and support that all that Funds that I made 've been Removed and that my Records is within great standing. I was really frightened after receiving that Telephone phone that I have to call my local Authorities department for see if I 've an arrest Guarantee or not. Your Specialist was Actually nice and told me for Blow off that call and that it was a scam.

Post by Guest,

3098074536 Scummier that Merely desires cash he Maintained his name as Leon Meagan and had an India Highlight hmm American name for an India Good Lao don t response and don t phone your Amount back

Post by Kim Richards,

309-807-4536 Who is that number Joined to

Post by jbry,

3098074536 got the same telephone Today and your guy said you must pay or you will become behind bars tomorrow . . . luckily i did my research and this is the first matter i saw. Thank you personally everyone who posted. . . this kind of scam

Post by Courtney,

309-807-4536 That is A SCAM. . I had similar Activities as preceding posts. . . Man had thick Feature and told me his name was Justin Murphy I had to pay W or I d be arrested. Told me a sheriff would show up at my house and I d become arrested for W days if I did t supply them payment within 2 hours. Everything sounded Pretty legit there was a State and a subpoena and an Research team and they had my right Information still it was certainly a scam when they told me for get a cash card matter or something from CBS and for phone them back along with the Amount for pay. Any time You're asked to make a payment through cash G or any other means other than checks or a bank account it is NOT a reputable business. I am so thankful for these places or I would vie been scammed. Decent Folks beware.

Post by Jackie McCallum,

3098074536 The number called me said that they have a suit that they need to file against me and for have my lawyer contact them immediately. I consider this for become a scam from all the other Opinions. how do I get them for Cease calling me. and do I protect myself from these scams within the future.

Post by Guest,

309-807-4536 I got a telephone from the Amount telling me if i did t pay W. W i was going for jail compared to amount change to W. Told me i would hi for jail for 7 times. I called the Coops and my Lawyer and they both told me it was a scam. Said that it's been report over over several different states this was a scam. Your policeman told me that next time they called for tell them to kick Stone. I was so scared because I vie never been in ant problem nor 've i Ever Ever taken Outside a loan before. Thus the its BS please pass the word. Ty out of Panama city

Post by Kevin,

3098074536 Did they tell you what law Organization they were out of and did they tell you they were contacting and Publishing your case for your Lawyer general.

Post by John,

309-807-4536 This a scam . . . . . . . . calling from India

Post by Alfalfa,

3098074536 This really is a criminal extortion scam Managing from India. They're making the calls utilizing VIP and that names of legitimate Companies for ensure it is Look that calls are Beginning out of within that Us. There surely is NO company or debt and you may NOT become arrested. They're harvesting and or buying consumers personal identifying information out of unscrupulous websites enjoy your just one you could possibly 've filled out an Program with and you need for would whatever you are able to to shield yourself. This Contains Notifying your FTC HTTP Internet. . gov placing fraud alerts along with all three credit bureaus notifying your bank and Workplace and Making these criminals understand You're conscious they're attempting for extort cash for a non existent debt and have alerted your Experts. ABC News released an investigative report on this scam a year ago HTTP acne's. go. com Blotter phantom debt co . . . Roy. id W

Post by Guest,

309-807-4536 I got a call out of 1 W W W. My Child attempted for get a loan out of People Cash and was Refused online but she Place her Bank and SS . They said we owed W and will become issuing an arrest warrant and will become Place within Prison for W days. She did t even get a loan and was not accepted. We called your Cops and they Arrived and said it was fraud to close your bank acct since we Set Information online and phone SS and report fraud. She learned never Set your own private Information enjoy SS online when you don t understand what it is.

Post by Disappointedinppl,

3098074536 I got a phone from that Amount but my Telephone is off during work. They left a express mail your Girl had a powerful accent thus it was challenging for recognize her but she said it was a legal subject that i needed for phone as soon as potential that its was a time Difficulty and if she didn't hear out of me that she wished me Fortune with what was going for happen. She called again and I replied her she said I owed over W. W out of Cash America this was Approximately 4 PM she said if I didn't pay that money i would get arrested your next daytime for W days. I 'm youthful and never had that occur thus I got frightened she said I had until 6 W pm which is when they close for pay. I got thus stressed I called your police for help me quiet down. They said they cant Charge you for something like that and it didn't create sense to owe that much. My dad told me for tell them I would phone the Officers if they didn't Discontinue and she attempted to say she would Set a cop on the line The was after 6 PM when they purportedly close I researched my dues and your charge was a fake. Thank you Men for Publishing your own experiences along with this Amount I can state I am not as stressed Around this. .

Post by Christine,

309-807-4536 This can be A SCAM. . I had similar experiences as preceding places. . . A Man having an Indian Feature called my work and said that it was an pressing issue. When I called that guy had thick Indian accent and whenever he transferred me to your Distinct Man they all had accents. 1 guy told me his name was Shawn Andrews and which he was that Specialist within charge of my account. Told me a sheriff would show Upward at my house and I d become arrested for 2 weeks and that I would become Directed} for court for not paying a loan. and there was nothing I could would Around it. They said they could t offer me any information Around that creditors or my account and that I would become becoming that when I was arrested. I had no clue what they were talking Around and I decided for call them back to get more info. He still insisted that there was nothing I could do about it and that I was for sure going for become arrested and he was Simply doing his job and telling me. He said that creditors tried to contact me by email and tried to withdraw funds but was Refused by my make a numerous time and that I had lapsed. They said the creditors name was American Cash. I Afterward called back after becoming disconnected and he was Fine and said that when it wan t intentional not paying back a loan which he would talk for the Lawyers and make Measures to pay it and prevent being arrested and all that legal fees. After holding he said that I had for ensure it is today within your hour. Everything sounded fairly legit there was a State and a subpoena and an investigation team and they had my correct Information. It Validated a scam when they told me to get a cash card matter from Walmart or a store that does those cards and for telephone them back with that Amount for pay. I Additionally have a friend that is a Investigator and he typed in that above number and found it on a recent scam list. Finding these places also Affirmed and relieved my Pressure. Please Telephone Consumer Finance to file a Criticism. 1 W W W for help Quit this.

Post by Guest,

3098074536 Harassing me.

Post by Pamela,

309-807-4536 The Owner should become jailed and be Discontinued. Waste on you for all the it s scam.

Post by Guest,

3098074536 This really is a man claiming for work for a law Company and threatening to 've me arrested. He has my phone social address DOB. . . and when I tell him I ll 've my lawyer contact him he curses and has really vulgar and disrespectful language.

Post by Josh,

309-807-4536 Got a telephone this morning saying if I did t pay for my payday Main by PM Afterward Subsequently I was gonna go to jail your next daytime for W days. Please tell me you can t really be arrested for that.

Post by Kevin,

3098074536 Did they tell you personally what law Agency they were from and did they tell you they were contacting and Publishing your case for your Lawyer general.

Post by scaredmydad,

309-807-4536 My father gotten a phone out of the number saying he was being arrested for fraud tomorrow morning but if he Delivered them W then he would t become arrested. they said it was either that or a W W Help which of course he cannot afford. They also told him when he had the cash for phone back. . . probably wanted a money G or something. We called your number back asking for legal documentation of that case but they claimed to be unable to provide it. We Afterward called a police and they called that number W W W and he reassured us that my daddy cant become arrested. It's a scam.

Post by Alfalfa,

3098074536 This is a Legal extortion scam Managing out of India. They're making that calls utilizing VIP and your names of legitimate Businesses for make it Look your calls are Coming out of in that Us. There is NO Firm or debt and You'll NOT become arrested. They are harvesting and or Purchasing consumers private identifying info out of unscrupulous Sites enjoy your one you could 've filled out an application with and you demand for do whatever you are able to for protect yourself. This Contains Notifying that FTC HTTP Web. . gov Setting fraud alerts with all three credit bureaus notifying your bank and Company and Making these criminals understand you are conscious they are attempting for extort cash for a non existent debt and have alerted that authorities. ABC News released an investigative report on the scam a year ago HTTP acne's. go. com Blotter phantom debt co . . . Roy. id W

Post by Not amused,

309-807-4536 They did that same for me. They even called my Manager. What a scam. Don t present these idiots one penny.

Post by Poppy,

3098074536 I vie alerted your Feds. Report fraud at W W W. They May}n' get to use those big guns

Post by Guest,

309-807-4536 spam

Post by Michelle,

3098074536 I obtained a called from a Tina Brownish with Brownish Law Agency. She talked along with an extremely significant accent. I could barely comprehend her. She previously mentioned I have a case against me and Inquired me for support my last four digits of my SS . I did not. Before she could go into detail about the phone I told her she had your wrong Amount and or contact Amount. She got upset and stated that sheriff may become for my house for arrest me for W times. She disconnected the line. This really is when I go ogled your Amount and located all the other post pertaining to the number.

Post by annoyed,

309-807-4536 Called my office for an employee. Stated that it was a legal emergency. Have attempted telling them that we do not pass along personal messages. Owner insisted that it wan t private it was legal which by the way is personal . Identified himself as being Brian Maxwell from Dunn Law Agency. Caller talked with an extremely significant Feature so I doublet that is his real name. I 'm certain all of you personally understand you cannot become arrested for debt and a true Group Bureau should not endanger you personally along with matters they cannot do. It is against the law per FORA. You should report these scampers for FTC immediately before they scam overly many Folks. Good luck

Post by Guest,

3098074536 Called my office for an Staff. Previously mentioned that it was a legal crisis. Have tried telling them that we don't pass along private messages. Owner insisted that it wan t private it was legal which by the way is personal . Identified himself as being Mark Maxwell from Dunn Law firm. Owner spoke along with a very heavy accent so I doublet that's his Actual name. I 'm certain all of you personally understand you cannot become arrested for debt and a genuine Set agency shouldn't endanger you personally along with things they cannot do. It is against that law per FORA. You personally should report these scampers for FTC immediately before they scam overly many Folks. Great luck

Post by letesha,

309-807-4536 I gotten a telephone from the Amount they mentioned that they Signified their Customer. . . . . . never said who the Customer was and that i owed for a payday loan. . . . . . I 've been from work sick for awhile and was online trying for find a loan to help me until i got back to work. . . . That loan was never successful because I just kept on becoming bounced out of one offer to the other. . never signed an e signature page along with any Firm because I was never presented along with 1. . Though in still my account remains in negative for charges that did not clear after sickness. . still they insist that i owed their client something and that they attempted for get the cash from your account but it had been shut and the client takes this as me not not unwilling to pay and have filed a lawsuit against me. . . When I insisted on asking them pay for what Viewing that i never acquired anything. . . they proceeded on for ask if I had a lawyer because they were filing match within my state tomorrow. When I told them they better for become to have documentation that I owed them something because I was not worried and that I would counter sue for harassment and fraud they Put Upwards. . . . . Not before giving me my email address and stating that they had attempted for E-mail me several times but I never responded. . . . It's frightful that u can not even use your Web as a means of helpfulness without Folks becoming your own private information or Attempting for scam or frighten you personally along with it. . . . I can become Processing fit myself if they telephone back but regardless I Can Become CALLING Your Cops. . . . . . . . .

Post by Denise,

3098074536 I was called at work and told I was going for be arrested. Hopefully this can be just another part of your scam

Post by Guest,

309-807-4536 this persons name is Mr. cooper and is threatening me and I believe they are scampers I thinking been a victim of Id theft.

Post by Guest,

3098074536 called me several times from different Amounts and used Adam Spencer and became very mad and threatening

Post by Christine,

309-807-4536 I was proposed by Investigator friend that if they phone you back Simply state loud and directly into the phone Driver this is that caller trace this phone and Afterward hang Upward instantaneously.

Post by judge in Denver,

3098074536 My office Owner was out Now thus I fielded all calls. My Remarks are similar to other places. A Girl identifying herself as Stephanie Thomas along with a strong Highlight called for my administrator by name threatening many obscure Concept about an crisis law suit then asked for my name which I happily gave her before I warned I would make sure SHE is arrested along with members of her Firm. I 've at hand it for her. She persisted saying I would Additionally be named within the arrest warrant. I played along saying we ll all go to Prison together. I Recommend notifying that Attorney General s office of the state out of where that Region code originated this one out of Illinois for lodge a Gripe. They will inquire especially if they receive sufficient Amounts of Grievances.

Post by Guest,

309-807-4536 same Man calling from Distinct numbers



Post by Julia,

309-807-4536 The happened to me Recently 7 W W . I gotten a call from a Ben Cooper. He said he was representing Dunn Legal Association Law Firm. He previously mentioned I owe W and if I did t pay your now balance of W. W I would become arrested tomorrow morning which is Now and I would 've to pay 8 W in Help money if I did t pay them now. I called back and asked who the lender was and they previously mentioned American Cash. That said they would start legal Procedures if I did t pay W. W for a payday loan received within February W. They had your last 4 digits of my SS the last Numbers of my bank acct your name of my bank and my employers name and Amount. I did the research online and found several things on these fools. I phone the local authorities my bank and all three credit reporting Companies. I was told for contact that Feds and having them handle this Condition.

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5105095698 Complains by Guest,

Don t know

6623920515 Complains by Guest,

Only block it

5203662622 Complains by Guest,

this number has been disconnected

8003371812 Complains by Guest,

Try to sell ads

8187369862 Complains by fed up,

Zomba Assets Mark Savoy is your CEO his extension is W Spammers of the worst kind.

8325546829 Complains by Alicia,

This is that second number that has done this to me the week. Another Amount within California W W W. . They both Needed to buy my Automobile out of crackliest and willing for pay asking price without Viewing that car. And tell you they will add shipper fee to the Sum but in that Finish they want you personally for pay for that shipper Price Upwards front before releasing their cash into you personally account it s a Scam.

9162739893 Complains by Guest,

Unknown Female caller called at W W a. m. on W W W Complete call lasted W seconds. That Man calling Inquired for myself by name first and last name. When I Accepted that I was that person by saying quot Speaking quot your caller Installed Upward.

4127680662 Complains by Guest,

Telephone all times of daytime. Do not know the person or Business. Have a monitor on Telephone to disconnect these calls.

8003268298 Complains by Aggravated,

Acquired a phone out of the number at 8 W the morning. There was a few seconds pause before anyone said hello. I Put Upward. Did t think anyone could phone before 9 W a. m.

8042349021 Complains by Call Receipient,

It s a debt collector spam caller.

8003320245 Complains by John4767,

Yeah i Merely now got a phone from W W W on my cell phone i answered it but no 1 said anything

8003361489 Complains by Nancy J. Richardson,

Telemarketer attempted to convince me that this was a free service for review my Medicare coverage. When I Inquired who was sponsoring the free service she reported that it was Individual Metropolitan Life Ins. and other insurance Businesses. I confronted her and previously mentioned that it's a telemarketing call and I 'm on your Don't Phone List and have been for a few time. I more informed her the public is not Ignorant like everyone thinks. . . we Understand the difference between a free service and a telemarketing phone. They could Select to phone it anything they want but it is what it's . Mad that I 'm still continuing to receive unwanted calls enjoy the.

8002515150 Complains by Dido,

Called out of from state and left no message

8002742624 Complains by knuckle,

this can be a to your porn Popular line

8002733495 Complains by frankle,

Stated they're NCO Fiscal a Set agency.

8002623114 Complains by ray eastburg,

Charge of W. W we ll send you personally a Facsimile. . .

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