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2017-09-28 03:27:53
Call everyday but no message.
2017-09-21 03:52:15
Once again, the CSO (Chicago Symphony Orchestra) uses different numbers to bug you about donating. Even after a botched donation to them in the past.
2017-09-15 16:59:19
2017-09-15 06:29:22
This number called me 13 times in one day! All blocked though.
2017-09-15 04:01:26
Chicago Symphony Center, I'm pretty sure. If you've ever attended any event there, they put you on their dialing list forever.
2017-09-14 16:06:26
This number rings me but there is no one on the other end and then they hang up.
2017-09-08 21:54:43
SCHNEIDER (312) 781-8220 1 N DEARBORN ST STE 1100 CHICAGO, IL 60602
2017-08-25 23:08:05
They wouldn't guarantee that the auto part matched what I wanted. Wanted me to pay up front and said if it was wrong to send it back and they would search for another part. Plus their price was double everyone else's. We are 2000 miles apart so I told them to forget it. Now they won't top calling me.
2017-08-23 22:44:27
Very rude, idiotic so called debt collectors. I could barely understand his muffled voice. Was trying to politely talk with him and he would not listen and had the nerve threaten me saying I had an hour to call back!
2017-08-23 15:26:24
Keeps getting calls daily, claims to be fraud department but unable to send me any paperwork.
2017-08-22 22:41:21
Its Allied Van lines. Did you recently move and looking for feedback?
2017-08-03 18:42:06
debt collector
2017-08-02 19:57:10
This is my phone number these things that are here attached to my cell phone number I slandered it is not true I would appreciate it if you guys would remove this from your site if not I will take legal actions upon this this harming my reputation the unfounded allegations that are attached to 312-523-1729 that are posted on your website is slander I am the owner of this number and I feel as though you are participating in slandering my name reputation in garnishing any further opportunities I might have because this is on Google regarding my number
2017-07-26 05:38:36
It's an Korean palace escort service
2017-07-25 02:32:53
They text me saying they will expose me and called me vile names.
2017-07-25 00:01:26
Saying I wrote a bad check but I couldn't get a hold of anyone . I've never wrote a bad check in my life.
2017-06-30 00:16:05
Pretending to be IRIS and asking for money. This is a spam
2017-06-29 21:51:56
Its Joe on a recorded line
2017-06-13 00:06:50
this is a survey for us it was a Tricare inpatient survey from when my husband was hospitalized. its harmless. They will keep calling until you participate
2017-05-17 16:54:52
Calling every hour. No answer

Phone list in area 312

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
3127391303byeGuest72016-04-22 01:16:13
3122793363 Lt foo gt Pub Lt foo gt Guest1902015-11-04 15:41:56
3126255627Continuous calls hangs Upwards after you response when you phone back your line is active. Guest552015-11-04 15:45:59
3128009199Call and don t speak. I vie Began hitting send on that fax machine thus they can listen to that screech. Guest842015-11-04 16:35:01
3129610656Call meGuest12015-11-04 16:42:26
3122855954beat it creepGuest22015-11-04 16:51:56
3125486990Keeps calling and asking for sex. Guest12015-11-04 16:56:58
3124881852Answered call. Man hung Upwards. Want they would Cease calling meGuest512015-11-04 17:03:18
3124924996trying for sell you personally leadsGuest1092015-11-04 17:09:19
3124881190. Guest72015-11-04 17:13:18
3129578347The Amount calls everyday and hangs Upward. I finally looked up your Amount everyone claims it for be a fake Google. I called them today I was told by an automated system to have all of my company Information and a kind of payment readily Accessible and Subsequently got connected to some Man and told them to take people off their list. For which he rudely replied that my Google listing is Around to become deleted. I said that s Great because I already knew it was a scam. He rapidly hung Upwards on me. This is NOT a legit Google Business. Guest152015-11-04 17:16:26
3122168774 quot Illinois call quot this Term was on my Dwelling Telephone display. Guest1702015-11-04 17:26:56
3124739154This Amount calls every morning and Works through voice mail. They don t leave a message. Guest22015-11-04 17:36:58
3122083755I am active telephone u tomorrowGuest52015-11-04 17:58:13
3127592465I demand bee UN gm ail[email protected] /* */62016-04-08 04:02:29
3127574287Really heavy Indian Feature. Desired to Discuss about a W. W loan. I never take loans in the Net or Telephone. Guest902015-11-04 18:17:00
3128009007cruise spamGuest102015-11-04 18:20:23
3129850542Some Statement collectorGuest62016-06-16 10:14:40
3127300639Stop harassing me from this numberGuest92015-11-04 18:38:22
3124730911payday loan scamGuest532015-11-04 18:44:17
3122551010Free atmosphere Good and hotel I Put up after finding the Website. knottyrope42015-12-09 11:58:53
3125686780Netflix scamGuest52015-12-21 15:27:13
3128346028did not leave name or messagelucy72015-12-23 06:18:35
3129310023I got at least W calls and about W text from the person and Dint want this Man to telephone me anymoreGuest52015-11-04 19:24:25
3125025454flakeGuest62016-04-07 16:13:26
3124420103I vie had a few messages from the claiming there s a federal Guarantee for quot you quot never using my name . Charlotte NC Observer has had a few articles HTTP Internet. Charlotte's. com incoming article. HTML describing how the scam works. Guest272015-11-04 19:30:57
3122416424UNKNOWN LOCATIONTTTTTT52015-12-15 21:39:21
3122790774The Amount is really annoyingGuest112015-11-04 19:56:14
3128095885Calls non stop called 3 times in W minutesGuest102015-11-04 19:57:24
3128799372blockGuest12015-11-04 19:58:24
3122396510They left a Weird message this morning. Something Around a Difficulty regarding me and my social security threes a Weight of BS. Guest232015-11-04 19:59:56
3122731588she. placed my number on a calling list of spamGuest162015-11-04 20:18:14
3125198115Ace Assess cashingGuest52016-04-03 20:51:12
3122404851People Gasoline ChicagoGuest902015-11-04 15:40:56
3128009100Blocked on my cell now they vie moved on for my Google voice Amount. . . Quit CALLING MEGuest1032015-11-04 15:52:01
3122565402despise dis bi chGuest12015-11-04 16:03:14
3125210493this number keeps Striving to get my private informationGuest12015-11-04 16:05:58
3125666612I request them not for phone back but I gotten 7 calls in 4 minutesGuest42016-05-08 17:27:18
3125549934blockGuest52015-11-04 16:38:19
3128783246HTTP RIF. NeWSes. org RIF. textGuest312015-11-04 16:40:01
3129258962Simply more Dumb callers. why would they think anyone would Purchase from themGuest72015-12-20 15:48:01
3125025450That comment from John is untrue that is a iPhone from Verizon Individual customer W W W is a Verizon customerGuest42015-11-04 16:52:19
3128009063Did not answerGuest1022015-11-04 16:55:01
3124731512A Man CALLED ME AND SAID I WAS Accepted FOR A 5 W LOAN I TOLD HIM I DID NOT Implement FOR ANY LOAN HE Started YELLING AT ME AND TOLD ME Subsequently HOW DID I GET You personally Amount Yet HE DID NOT Understand MY NAME. HE HAD A FOREIGN Accent AND I COULD NOT Recognize HIS NAME. Guest632015-11-04 16:56:57
3122817560Called me several times per dayGuest862015-11-04 17:10:56
3125065081travel cruise spamGuest792015-11-04 17:13:19
3122882692Some surveyGuest62015-11-04 17:26:15
3123914365block the numberGuest52015-11-04 17:46:15
3128904304Unknown pyramid SCAMGuest82015-12-14 02:34:33
3126616334stalkerGuest22015-11-04 17:59:00

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