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2017-09-26 18:39:43
I was called this morning that this was Actions Revenue Recovery she was very rude to me when asked her what was this about all she was my SS# my address and I told her I dont give that info to anyone over the phone she call me the B word and hung up .I know this a SCAM
2017-05-19 12:16:36
Call me 12 times drunkas hell. Talkin I'm lydya
2017-05-09 20:50:30
They call 10 times a day. They say I've won a prepaid debit card worth $200, but need my card info to charge me the shipping cost. SCAMMM!
2017-03-28 19:06:32
This number keeps texting and harrassing me and my fiance she already hacked into his phone and got a naked picture i had of myself and called me out of my name. Me and my fiance been together for almost two years and now its going down the drain havent had a great conversation with him in two weeks. I want him back and need to talk to him. 318-416-7570 please do something about this girl texting me and my man please thank you.
2017-02-14 03:31:04
Was called by this number and the person sounded like a kid, said hello only, then silence
2016-10-15 03:12:56
Paul Benoit, ex-trooper used this phone number to harass me and my wife after he got cheating on his wife Chasidy Benoit. He called my wife at work and even threatened to come and meet us. Big and bad behind the phone. He accused me of having an affair with a dear friend of mine. But we have remained great friends and always will even after all the calls.
2016-06-22 17:52:31
They keep calling amp testing me amp my husbands 2 ph i thought they were someone named Alex. we understand. That is what your numb was programmed under. Apparently its not her
2016-06-22 10:24:12
Phone Bands 3 times and quits Making number
2016-06-22 10:02:41
The person is harassing me and is calling and testing me.
2016-06-22 10:00:36
Justin Maintained for be out of American Lung Association
2016-06-22 09:55:09
This Business keeps calling and leaving is a recording about how I 've won Awards or sometimes there is no 1 there. Constantly telephone either very earlier in that morning or late at nighttime within a very substantial accent. Not joyful Around these calls.
2016-06-22 09:37:49
2016-06-22 09:37:11
Background noise of a call Facility Put Upward suddenly when I said this is a company .
2016-06-22 09:18:25
Only got a telephone from this number. Called it back along with occupied Sign and Subsequently nothing and then ring ring ring and then hang Upward.
2016-06-22 08:53:15
NC credit services
2016-06-22 08:46:10
2016-06-22 08:35:33
That is crap. You post attempts to find people as Names Found when no info is returned. The MI's represents your own Effective quot hit quot speed. Waste ON quot Mr Amount quot .
2016-06-22 08:33:49
called 3 times in just one hour. . . no message on vim on each. goes by your name computer help each time
2016-06-22 07:53:48
Got a call from the Amount and when Decided Upwards I could hear background noise but no just one talked. Hung Upward.
2016-06-22 07:28:19
Called and hung Upwards on me twice

Phone list in area 318

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
3182195881They have called me twice and won't leave a message. Guest462015-11-04 15:42:41
3185194052Warning ThiefGuest12015-11-04 16:14:06
3189465548blockedGuest22015-11-04 16:14:43
3185104417He s a stalker that gets Insane when matters don t go his way and when you personally don t reply or respond for text he continues for stalk youGuest32015-11-04 16:20:42
3187598002Keep getting calls out of the Amount I will not response if I don t recognize the number. RW42015-12-14 09:10:34
3185034943Owner ID says New YORK. Michelle out of Card Services calling from a NYC cellphone number. Scam.  Marie92015-12-15 16:59:35
3187629684SpamGuest52015-12-16 17:06:10
3187547499I don t understand who it was out of. Text was Delivered asking me was Upwards. Delivered September W W the could be someone tr yin 2 get info from your own fromGuest142015-11-04 17:40:42
3189908196No answerGuest62015-12-21 05:38:31
3182354199Keeps calling I dint no themGuest42015-12-08 07:47:54
3185550124phone along with no message Sunday W W Wkay62015-12-15 17:09:07
3187870056text me saying they 've Image 4 something to barter i text them they never text back plus could not find pictureGuest482015-11-04 18:57:07
3184852705fake numberGuest32015-11-04 19:02:42
3185843457you made your choiceGuest12015-11-04 19:15:07
3187628284CL saleGuest42015-12-09 13:43:15
3187038998The Owner continues to phone for a Robert K. . . . . He must have had my phone number and i am getting all his calls. Patty62015-12-22 04:56:56
3182457789unwanted solicitationGuest532015-11-04 19:57:05
3183672906Caller just said Hi and did not leave a messageAl72016-03-22 21:02:34
3183172352Calling Cellphone with a Man that dozen t Chat English certainly. A personal cellphone isn't for jokes are solicitation. Guest142015-11-04 19:58:41
3184238119she consistently texts and calls me. it s annoyingGuest12015-11-04 20:00:41
3184658462sending offensive MSGGuest52015-12-08 16:53:06
3182200220It was about president Obama not interested in anything that man has for say. Thank you personally. Guest532015-11-04 20:19:05
3188073500Your number was blocked by the user. Guest62015-12-19 15:37:25
3183174129This number keeps calling and hanging up after asking for me. Three and four times a dayConcerned62015-12-11 00:38:23
3184235177fakeGuest72015-12-19 08:59:30
3184041851Received a phone out of W W W on 6 W W. Said she was from Century Link and had a Recommendation for my autistic epileptic son who Only turned W. Would t tell me what physician was referring or being referred for until my son got on the Telephone and gave permission for Discuss for me. Was Merely many b. s. Around general Advantages of our insurance. We vie had a LOT of these Telephone calls Recently. The simply motive she got as far as she did in your discussion was that she LIED about having a referral. Once I Calculated out she lied I told her for quot Cease calling Quit calling Quit calling . . would you get it However. quot Guest12015-11-04 17:04:06
3183416303Asked if I desire for extend that warranty on my Tahoe. Lots of background noise as if calling out of a Bash. Anon62015-12-10 00:16:20
3187172580block AND TEXTGuest52015-12-16 12:22:57
3185641370Someone from the number called my Amount several times 2 hang Advantages amp 1 who s the. When I said quot you personally called me. Who s this. quot they Installed Upwards. Guest62015-12-14 23:44:44
3183448099payday loanGuest82015-12-15 00:06:32
3188342652don t answerGuest12015-11-04 17:44:07
3186630112Block the number send for voice mailGuest52015-11-04 17:50:42
3186807802i love you . please be Pleasant so I could Speak to you personally againGuest72015-12-20 07:11:29
3182953063Will telephone and hang up. Block it. Guest202015-11-04 18:08:06
3185733172Not Taking calls text E-mail or express mails out of this Man. Guest12015-11-04 18:42:42
3184025109stalkerGuest32015-11-04 18:50:41
3182618167SpamGuest32015-11-04 19:15:41
3189954022Lied and said I had a Occupation interviewGuest132015-11-04 19:27:08
3187237405Calls hangs Upwards occupied when you try to call back. Guest102015-11-04 19:36:07
3183445932no response on other Finish if called back Only a active tone or Fixed it variesZombie_K52015-12-20 10:26:14
3182394056Calls an hangs upGuest332015-11-04 20:49:05
3186149355Reduction Ono itGuest12015-11-04 20:49:07
3185647901JailhouseGuest92015-12-18 21:23:04
3182668822Called my Telephone twice within W Min's. . . waiting to see if they call again. Did t leave a message either time. If I don t know your Amount and they don t leave a voice send Afterward it obviously USN t Significant. Guest152015-11-04 15:53:41
3182563289Did t answer no VIM left. Guest132015-11-04 16:11:05
3182864338I m going for KILL HIM. Guest22015-11-04 16:13:06
3188190819Na VOA attender. Guest12015-11-04 16:16:07
3182548101Don t have accountGuest32015-11-04 16:30:41
3182394827Never leaves message and when I call back it says the number isn't in service. Leading PITA. . . Guest902015-11-04 17:06:41
3185427049it Only happened for me Now and i felt for it alsoangel72016-04-12 18:29:15

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