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Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Los Angeles, CA. Los Angeles. United states
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Post by Pat,

3238253061 I obtained a call from a Owner named Brown stating he she was with the Irs and it was urgent I phone back instantly or Activity would be taken against me. I knew it was a scam and did not call back.

Post by Adam,

323-825-3061 I 've had this number call me each day the week at Around your same time I 've sent it strait to voice send it's a Irs for something but I vie used h amp r block since I was W i will and you personally should block that number and don t present Outside your Information it's a scam

Post by Guest,

3238253061 Automated phone asserting to be in the Irs. Inquired me to telephone back which I did. The guy who did not present his name asked for my attorney s name and said I owe money. I told him that s not potential. He then told me I 've a Pleasant sounding express. . . .

Post by Guest,

323-825-3061 I obtained a recording sounded enjoy a foreign voice that they are the Irs and that I or my Lawyer needs to contact them about a serious Government scam. It gave me this number for phone back and said not to Discount the Actions and that it was serious. I called your number and a foreign Man replied your phone and said his name was John sort Government investigations. I told him he was a scam and not for call my telephone number again and that I was calling the police on him and that I could appearance Upward his telephone Amount online and it was a scam. He started mumbling in a foreign language for me. I told him to quot screw away quot and don t contact me again.

Post by ebirky,

3238253061 Same deal but I look for it good therapy practicing my cuss words on them. I did present them my phone number and that guy on that line told me my home address. I told him you must become rocket Researcher Ignorant. I m calling back every few minutes asking SE tabla es Philadelphia Illinois . They don t and I don t.

Post by Big B,

323-825-3061 Same Chain of calls 4 5 today both mobile land line as described in new thread caller is Nick Jackson officer with your Irs etc. I have Registered with FTC Criticism aid. P. S. I enjoy your idea of your reverse harassment someone mentioned. . . . .

Post by Guest,

3238253061 always becoming calls with messages left saying for contact them before any Actions is Chosen. We pay Regular Fees and owe nothing for I. RS.

Post by MICHEAL,

323-825-3061 That Owner reads Outside an affidavit along with your below and scares you personally stating there are 3 allegation against you. Choice of federal rule's. tax deficiency. stealing tax from the Us Authorities Asks you for your Social Security Amount and Address . Please do not share this info at any cost. they can Finish Upwards Choosing money from your account They even say which you may become arrested. I got sacred and online after checking this blog I was relaxed.

Post by Len,

3238253061 I Merely acquired 2 Additionally. . . . . . I did call back but told the Guy with busted English I could t trust him calling my cell . . . . He sounded distressed Lola

Post by Guest,

323-825-3061 I vie had 4 calls and express mails within that previous W hours from someone saying they are with the Government. Can I get these creeps for stop calling.

Post by Anita,

3238253061 My Mom has gotten a few calls from Nick Johnson at that Government and left a message it was pressing for get within Contact along with them. I called the number they left from my office and a Guy replied Irs Research. . . . I Simply said I was sorry but I dialed that incorrect number. . . before I Installed Upwards he was insistent that I gave him my name so he could Assess my name. . . but told him I dialed your erroneous Amount. . . . once again he asked to let him Assess my name. . . I laughed told him this was scam. . . and Put up. . . . I called my Mommy and told her not to take any calls out of the number.

Post by ha ha,

323-825-3061 Well they must understand we 're all on for them. I acquired a call 3 times in a row from W W W out of a Rob Woman telling me she was from your Irs and I Desired for phone back and not Blow off the telephone. today I did phone back some Central Asian idiot replied and I said who is this he said Your Irs I said. . what would you need he said 1 night alone in your room Subsequently I said. . go F your own camel Subsequently your own mother and then go kill yourself.

Post by susieq,

3238253061 My Partner acquired 2 phone calls out of the Amount on his cell phone . He dozen t pay much focus on these kind of calls just thing he told me it was from the Irs and it's a scam. Do you personally block them out on a cell phone.

Post by Guest,

323-825-3061 I had 2 calls and one express send out of the Amount. Automated caller stating for become your Irs. I Additionally Submitted with H amp R block and haven't obtained any info in that send. Do not telephone this number back. Appears to become a scam.

Post by susieq,

3238253061 We got 1 the morning from W W W and 1 from W W W on my husbands cell Telephone. He decided for turn it off since he doesn't use his cell quite definitely.

Post by Guest,

323-825-3061 Recording stating they're the Government.

Post by susieq,

3238253061 We got 1 the morning out of W W W and 1 out of W W W on my husbands cell phone. He decided for turn it off since he doesn't use his cell very much.

Post by Guest,

323-825-3061 Making messages that I owe Fees. .

Post by cac,

3238253061 I 've had two Telephone calls within the last few hours having an automated express saying that they Nicole are from your Government and need for 've me or my attorney telephone them back correct away on an pressing matter. If I don t they may take matters inside their own hands. When I called back it said this wireless Owner could not be attained. Afterward Now another call and I called back a man replied with a strong Feature could hardly recognize him and he was saying more of your same . got very bad and said your Authorities may be at my house within your hour because I have a law fit against me from your Irs for fraudulent Fees within W amp W. I told him we Submitted with H amp R Block. We never obtained anything within the mail and he Promised it was sent certified. He demand my name to Take my few and your phone Amount I obtained the telephone on and my address and last 4 of my social security. I told him for read them for me and I would confirm if it was right or not and he said it dozen t work that way and the police where going for become sent within that hour to Charge me.

Post by Guest,

323-825-3061 Recording saying they are from the IT S.

Post by Gail Warner,

3238253061 I Simply obtained 3 voice mails on my cell Telephone which I never present Outside except for family maintaining to be the Irs Administration department. My Storyline is your same as all the People above. . . I was told I had 3 infractions wanted lawyers information or W. W instantaneously for keep my current payment Strategy which is not in arrears along with the Government going. I told him I would pay W. W as soon as I acquired something within Composing in the Irs. He mentioned 3 certified letters had been Directed} to my house as well as message to pick them Upwards at the post office. When I demanded they send them again we Abruptly go disconnected. Thus I called back W W W and Extremely enough your same guy along with your same Feature replied and knew instantly who I was. Again I demanded paperwork and again we became disconnected. I instantaneously called the Government but Only has it's been for that last several months was unable to Talk with anyone due for high telephone volume . Interesting that I can get the guy but can t get the Irs. SCAM SCAM SCAM.

Post by Guest,

323-825-3061 Call from Government Specialist Nikki Jackson from Internal Revenue Service within Laos Angel es CA. Phone back or they will take action against me. At that end of the record she said for quot take attention quot . SPAM call

Post by Len,

3238253061 I Simply acquired 2 also. . . . . . I did telephone back but told your Guy with busted English I can t trust him calling my cell . . . . He sounded distressed Lola

Post by Hilary,

323-825-3061 For your love be of God please file a report with the FTC thus they can get this one shut down. HTTP Www. . gov

Post by Guest,

3238253061 I have had two phone calls within that last few hours by having an automated express saying that they Nicole are in the Government and demand to 've me or my Lawyer telephone them back appropriate away on an pressing issue. If I don t they may take Issues in their own own hands. When I called back it said the wireless caller could not become attained. Then Now another telephone and I called back a man replied along with a powerful accent could barely understand him and he was saying more of that same . got very awful and said the Cops can become at my house within that hour because I 've a law suit against me from the Irs for Fake Fees in W amp W. I told him we filed along with H amp R Block. We never gotten anything in that send and he Asserted it was sent certified. He demand my name to pull my few and your phone number I received the call on and my address and last 4 of my social security. I told him to read them to me and I would confirm if it was correct or not and he said it dozen t work that way and that the Cops where going for be sent within the hour to Charge me.

Post by Guest,

323-825-3061 It was a record saying that they were from the internal Income. They said not to disregard the phone or there would become more Activity taking. They desire you for telephone them back

Post by Stuart,

3238253061 I received 3 calls from the number around that past 2 times where they left messages about Irs Fees etc. . . It's happened within the past thus I called the number back and Inquired what this really is. Your Man Inquired me for my number and I said just tell me what's Upwards. He started for Speak and I told him he was a scumbag scam artist and they need for Quit doing the for innocent people. I dropped your F Bomb a few time at him and he called me a Mother F 2 times and Installed Upward. Merely for a few laughs and for can what they do I called your number right back and your same guy picked Upwards. Before he could talk I told him he was a scumbag scam artist and Shed your F Bomb again at him and he replied back with your same You personally Mother F to me. After about a minute of me laughing because I know I pissed him off by answering that Telephone again I called it back and it rang 1 2 a time and Subsequently went to active signal. I tried a few more times around your past hour and same 1 2 ring and occupied signal. I now look at it as a game that if they phone me I talk and Subsequently try to piss them away and thus Much it works. It's all a SCAM so nobody become upset or stressed.

Post by Guest,

323-825-3061 Claims to be Irs. Request Phone back. Leaves Phone number and claims that further action can become taken against me if non Submission along with Notice.

Post by Nancy,

3238253061 this is an Irs scam

Post by Guest,

323-825-3061 They 've called several times and eventually left a recorded message saying they were from your Irs. I called back and they Needed my tax payer ID. I would t supply it for him. He Really Began swearing at me and said quot All American Dogs should perish quot He had a powerful Feature. Someone should can something Around this guy

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8587757765 Complains by Guest,

Calls silence no message. History of tbs from tbs

2064294595 Complains by Guest,

Come on now now these people are Assessment saying they have new data that's sent to that Usa simply somebody help us I m weary of this how do they get my Amount white pages can your Occupation or hire some

8173814814 Complains by Concerned,

I acquired a Telephone phone from the number and they left a message as if they were a stalker. . . . but when I called back your voice mail said it was Diet Max. . .

9137892951 Complains by Guest,

Calling me none Discontinue harassing

7738145840 Complains by Guest,

Si mp

9788087435 Complains by Guest,

Mentally unstable abusive and hateful towards women. Don't SEE

2484154453 Complains by Guest,

Phone phone Now out of a quot David quot who said that Artwork customers could save W month by Getting them on a low volume calling plan. He knew both my name and my wife s name. After asking him who he was again I encountered resistance. I told him I was uneasy along with the phone and asked him to send me something within that mail. He said quot Did I state something incorrect. Can you personally believe I 'm a scam artist. quot and Subsequently hung up. Phone display reads quot CC W W W quot .

8182407002 Complains by Guest,

sales out of net visible

8001021102 Complains by Guest,

Received text from this number at 2:20 pm says I have jsut won a $1000.00 Walmart card to claim I need to go to http://dealdaily.ws/wm and enter to win.

8002535089 Complains by no way,

If you personally re replying Regular they ll keep calling Afterward too. Got for Discount your calls within all manners to provide yourself a chance at that Telephone ringing less.

8002008729 Complains by Kathy,

I called your Amount W W W back within which I obtained a record of First Monetary Property Direction. Sounds for me like a Lender.

8002080457 Complains by Guest,

poverty empowerment program

8002486995 Complains by Anonymous,

Message said it was your Rich Sullivan of that Better Business Office and was seeking to Chat for the owner of your company. His phone back Amount was W W W extension W. Somehow I did t believe his message perhaps it was his tone.

8002571574 Complains by Distressed,

I get 5 7 calls a day from W W W. THC calls start at 8 W 'm until late in that daytime. Thank goodness for caller ID. I Only don t reply that Telephone. Thanks for this site I found Outside who it was. We can owe them cash. Because we have been within that construction company we took a bad turn when the housing market and market dropped Outside. We attempted for create payment Plans but they would not work with us. We have been preparing a BK just for get them off your back. .

8002152089 Complains by Guest,


8002701298 Complains by dd,

Simply called that Amount back Its a collection agency from the Franciscan skimp Wellness attention system

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