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2017-09-05 23:40:52
Why on earth are they cold calling an animal rescue to sell investments in a "not out of the ground" oil scheme? Scam.
2017-07-11 04:11:10
This number keeps calling about 7:30/8:00 and tells me I filled out a online form one for houses and another for Statefarm... Very strange I tell them no thanks and hang up.
2017-07-07 18:40:54
I keep calls from these people. They call, I answer, I heard wind or someone breathing into the phone into the background and they hangup. I call back and they said they are "Performance" and they handle "personal matters." Is this supposed to be like "sanitation?"
2017-07-06 16:27:02
Calls several times a day. I called back the 1st time but just shuts off phone call
2017-06-21 00:09:40
Caller " Hello Ms.(last name) my name is Yvonne and were actually speaking on a recorded. The reason for me reaching out to you today because I am actually handling some business for you and I just wanted to make you aware of a couple of things it will only take about 5 minutes of your time , if you'd allow me to go through my verification I can tell you my reason for my call (XXXX) is the last four of your social".... Me "and who are you calling from"? Caller "Account Control Technology." Me "From where and in regards to what?" Caller "Like I said earlier I need to go through my verification to make sure Im speaking with the correct individual before I give anyones personal or private information." Me "Send it in writing or through email". Caller "Ok then have a good day God Bless you." Really.........God Bless me. Little did she know I have a free call recording app that records every call that comes through my phone for business purposes so I am glad that she stated that it was on a recorded line because it was and it is what I will use to find her. No credit card company or bank has ever called me and asked me to verify my information, not even bill collectors will do that and if the do then that is violating your consumer rights and you have the right to sue like I did and WON!!!. Never give out personal information not even if the information they told you was right. Reason being if they had what they needed they would not be calling. Good luck
2017-06-02 21:57:29
Blocked it but they managed to leave a voice mail saying you reach Harvey directly from Account Control Debt Collector.
2017-01-26 16:40:20
Called claiming to be a recruitment agency. Said I didn't want to do over the phone sales then hung up
2016-07-08 18:13:57
don t answer block him completely
2016-07-08 15:56:53
Calls several times a week but never leaves a message.
2016-07-08 08:09:11
Got a call three times out of the Man around 1 W am. That voice sounded incredibly recognizable but I don t understand who it was and they looked to understand a lot about me but that May}n' 've Only been out of my Facebook page.
2016-07-07 20:47:31
blocked call
2016-07-07 15:57:01
I had the same type of experience. I missed that phone from the Amount called back 3 times and held at least 5 minutes each time. Who s number is this. Is the some sort of unexpected Trend or Only a Joke mass telephone.
2016-07-07 06:37:39
2016-07-07 06:21:04
called billed my cell phone
2016-07-07 02:58:00
gt gt gt Although your phone Amount is out of Odessa FL they Likely 've a VIP Web phone that they could be anyplace. Lt Lt Lt Provide this poster a prize. You're Certainly right. The Owner is a magic Port user. See my other Considerably more comprehensive post with Referrals about the kind of scam on the very Web site at HTTP notes. com forum ta EEC . . . kickback numbers
2016-07-06 00:04:01
This Amount is a scummier Connected for the Sullivan University scam within which E-mails and Cool calls try and collect Excellent tuition balances out of a school I never attended and most who get these haven't attended. So if this Amount calls you personally or Bobbie Melton Lt email W protected gt emails you it's from a scummier. I m along with United Alteration Services and I have been Used by Sullivan University for Accumulate on an outstanding tuition balance. Please telephone your office seeing the Dilemma. We can set you up on a payment plan and all you might have for would is for phone me at W W W. Bobbie Melton United Adjustment Services.
2016-07-04 19:06:38
he keep calling me
2016-07-04 16:42:14
Another junk text about winning a target present card.
2016-07-04 11:11:16
Stephanie along with Your Cable Company. . .
2016-06-24 03:50:58
I also get many phone calls out of the same number however I would Notice your Telephone ring. No 1 Solutions and they leave no express message. More than likely it is a moron that dozen t have a life. I have my Telephone setup to mute any W telephone so I simply see it in my own Owner ID when I look at it. So idiot if You're reading the message keep wasting your own time.

Phone list in area 325

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
3254004530Sexual texts that won t stopGuest22015-11-04 17:52:29
3254288663Making threatsGuest12015-11-04 18:37:25
3253072652Won t leave messageGuest22015-11-04 18:58:29
3256606931I am glad I decided for Assess this Outside and located the here. Thank you everyone. I was Around to telephone that number and Master bally would regret it for a few time for come. I am very interested in your Set of quot quot Ornamental quot quot Geese W Berkshire please contact me either by return email or Telephone. I would like for schedule a time to appearance at the Pair of quot quot Ornamental quot quot Geese W Berkshire. Phone W W W Cheers. Delivered from my iPhone Truly 2 W W PM 1 W WGuest62015-11-04 16:00:29
3252121629FBI stingGuest72015-12-16 08:30:12
3254000262Called cell no message left. Not Significant. Guest672015-11-04 16:36:29
3252178381Great morningGuest82015-12-09 22:44:38
3254560170heyGuest22015-11-04 17:20:29
3258292798Following my phoneGuest12015-11-04 17:57:26
3259427813Invoice collectorGuest52015-11-04 19:25:29
3253517937Home security system sales. Guest832015-11-04 20:27:29
3254802861Canadian pharmacy. Completely relentless. . . Guest702015-11-04 20:46:29
3252614824This can be nothing more than a scam. This can be not from Irs or your Department of Income. Your message alerts you you are Topic for Charge and you might have litigation pending. This can be a Important scam. Guest522015-11-04 17:26:28
3254362981Exactly why don t you personally call back and ask. greg62015-12-14 17:53:37
3254002054calls and hangs upGuest12015-11-04 17:43:25
3252616049Phi sinGuest242015-11-04 18:16:29
3252201035Calls when no 1 is House and dozen t leave anything on your replying machine. Lawana82015-12-15 01:00:31
3252070299harassing meGuest12015-11-04 20:30:25
3256484518When you call this Amount back it says this Amount was disconnected or is no More within service. It's a spam call. They don't leave a message. Guest92015-11-04 20:30:29
3252264931CFCGuest22015-11-04 15:40:23
3254800389likes for send nude pics and Extreme testingGuest72016-04-15 17:05:34
3255139367I won a free computerGuest122015-11-04 16:44:29
3252243943Unknown. Installed Upwards. No message left. Guest32015-11-04 17:06:23
3255143839FoolGuest82015-12-16 10:58:45
3252243977Debt collectionGuest82015-11-04 19:23:23
3254361223nastyGuest92015-12-20 03:40:52
3253407269Leave a Opinion Around that Owner hereGuest72015-12-09 04:04:12
3254802471SalesGuest72015-12-14 08:37:57
3252679188Calls Regular. . . . No message Merely callsGuest702015-11-04 20:52:29
3253721004Haphazard calls and textsGuest12015-11-04 20:55:29
3252002927HarassmentGuest72015-12-09 13:07:32
3255188515Dead beatGuest32015-11-04 21:02:29
3256697848GGuest12015-11-04 21:04:26
3252453012blockedGuest32015-11-04 21:19:23
3253073783Called rang three times and Put Upwards. Guest62015-11-04 21:19:29
3256765527i don t like U Destination t u Eva got itGuest52015-12-15 01:14:52
32532051154 Bands and a hangup. Owner ID says Unassigned gfp92015-12-14 20:14:17
3259427821Act is your Co. Guest22015-11-04 21:47:26
3253388356StrangerGuest72015-12-19 04:54:43
3252485052The Amount is a mortgage solicit er. Douglas82015-12-14 20:39:38
3257160437unknown callerasunta82015-12-09 21:00:49
3254393653This number called me too. Crystal52016-04-06 16:52:31
3253409095Not availableGuest42016-04-12 08:17:07
3252754000Scam. Mechanically blocked Since I vie Changed to a cell Telephone installed the NW Call Blocker app and set it Upward for only accept calls out of phone Amounts I need it's hanging up on W of all incoming Unwanted calls. I go to your Program gt Chief Display gt Station Star gt Blocking mode gt Take Simply Out of WHITE LIST and Contacts. Add the Telephone Amounts you want for receive calls out of for your Associates as Ordinary and or add non Associates that you want for get a phone out of to your White list. Guest662015-11-04 22:15:29
3254802465your own Amount has been blocked you can no longer contact this callerGuest52015-12-16 21:42:54
3252075874Never want for hear out of it againGuest52015-12-19 05:12:30
3259427823Only got a phone from this number also. Lady left a message for me to call the number. Did not give her name Or her Firm. This Arrived into my business cell phone. Guest72015-11-04 22:37:29
3259427846Got a telephone at work from this number. Said they were a debt collector. Acquired several calls and finally they left a cryptic message on voice send. Guest32015-11-04 22:47:29
3252613685They left a text message saying I was a Best Buy Card Success for a W and to State my prize at many silly sounding net address. No I did not check your address because I did t want to become hurt by their scam. If it were actually Best Purchase I would 've received a professional email or page directly out of them. Guest32015-11-04 22:49:24
3257635877Many Business sending spam texts consisting of Hello Sweetie or I 've fresh insurance card for u. Younghold52015-12-09 22:24:40

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