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2016-06-17 12:18:33
I 've been scammed by a Charlie White at this Amount. The Guy has stolen my retirement savings and my Identification while promising me millions of dollars. I kept investing within him as he Offered that he would help me regain my losses. Within your Finish I lost all of my personal savings. He Subsequently told me that his Business was going to supply my prize package for someone else. The upset me and got me desire the cash even more. He told me that Regularly people need for invest W W for eventually win a prize. Finally I talked for family members and a physician who helped me comprehend what had happened to me. I hope this posting will help others as I am very obstructed Around that Condition.
2016-06-17 04:37:24
this number called my house once. nobody replied your phone and glad we did t. if the number calls your house Do not Response IT. . . . . . . . . . . Average SPAM Action SUSPECTED with the phone number.
2016-06-17 04:17:16
Same here. A few Bad soul got Taken into the scam to use their own phones to sell Deals for pennies. Within the blocked list it goes. CID UNKNOWN NUMBER
2016-06-17 01:14:55
Many person called stating the was his Telephone.
2016-06-16 21:02:20
Could you tell me who this Telephone Amount belongs overly.
2016-06-16 18:09:59
Received text out of this on W W W W pm Looking me to visit a web site and enter code. called back and Huge surprise it s not place Upwards for voice send.
2016-06-16 05:33:53
The woman makes Upwards a bunch of Distinct names and when you telephone her bluff she Functions enjoy she has no Notion what you are talking about and acts all innocent enjoy You are the 1 harassing HER. She told me I was a piece of S T that doesn't pay their bills and that she was going for come to my house and defeat my head in with a crow Pub. What a professional. Thus I called her back and said that I was waiting for her for come over and beat me Upward and she acted enjoy she did t know what I was talking about. . . okay MICHELLE SILVER OR MARY PORTER WHATEVER Your NAME IS. Get a Actual Occupation and Stop playing on that Telephone. .
2016-06-16 01:40:43
I Wager it s among the companies that Market that Reverse Call Back Amount and they trust you ll click on your link above and pay the price to look for Outside who it was. . I ll Wager you personally. . Don t use those Change Phone Back Numbers is a scam. They phone everyone just one or a computer does and Subsequently when you personally investigation to see who s number it is the Alternative to PAY to get the right data comes Upward. IT S A SCAM don t waste your cash.
2016-06-15 20:19:03
Not Choosing calls busy
2016-06-15 14:32:22
Did t request a loan.
2016-06-05 00:44:46
I got a strange phone asking for a Friend for phone the number. It appears for be a Set agency.
2016-02-16 02:17:04
Amount posted within gay sex Advertisement Yakima Grisliest
2016-02-15 20:52:28
text messaging Around a Fake job needs me for interview via yahoo messenger PM on a Monday without any see. WT. .
2015-12-22 19:10:14
Called this 'm but Amount is no More within service when I telephone back
2015-12-21 16:47:43
Just acquired a telephone from Billy Martinez asking for the owner. He Approved me on for another man. Went into a Large Message about Striving for sell me something and when I could t do business along with him he hung up. I called that Amount back and he got indignant that I would phone his Telephone. He kept calling back several times.
2015-12-18 19:21:44
all they would is call
2015-12-17 19:46:53
Is the maria
2015-12-16 19:52:01
I obtained a telephone but didn't reply. Called back it is a Put that's trying for sell Well-being insurance. Wouldn't tell me who they were. Desired me to tell them my name. I refused and said who is this and what Firm. Then the man said it was for Well-being insurance. I said take me off Ur list. Who knows if they did.
2015-12-16 14:34:08
sorry you can t Discuss to him
2015-12-16 14:17:18
On W W W at 2 W a. m. We received a telephone W W W. Did not state anything at Afterward talked about Melds.

Phone list in area 351

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
3512060016sales callGuest142015-11-05 03:59:20
3513333600We've been receiving Around 7 W quot faxes quot per day from this number all Approximately your same times. Your faxes don t go through and we could t get them to Cease. Wasting lots of paper as this has gone on for a few years now. Guest22015-11-05 06:30:20
3512021665Google BSGuest62015-11-05 08:27:20
3512020350Quit callingGuest42015-11-05 09:14:20
3514082621SPAM CRAP . . . . . Guest12015-11-05 21:18:44
3512020352Fraud do not answerGuest92015-11-06 00:23:20
3512069028Rude and not confident if it was a valid businessGuest22015-11-06 04:25:20
3512020288Needs cash for magazines I don t know anything Around. Guest12015-11-06 05:28:20
3512074787Can you tell me who this phone number belongs too?Joanne42016-06-16 21:02:20
3510307270sorry you can't talk to himGuest72015-12-16 14:34:08
3512505792won't stop calling me..Guest62015-12-14 09:22:32
3512010909N d mGuest12015-11-09 17:09:44
3512074785Didn't request a loan.Guest72016-06-15 14:32:22
3512074780spam cell callerGuest12015-11-10 14:00:44
3515196689Calling after 9pm pacific timeGuest12015-11-10 23:20:20
3512074786Not taking calls busyGuest52016-06-15 20:19:03
3514201155Text said call this number 321 4201155 and listed an extension. The text came from a 904 207 2425 numberGuest12015-11-11 01:12:20
3517600030un solicited sales callsGuest72015-12-08 18:20:28
3513628713ScammerGuest12015-11-12 07:45:44
3511044661says this extension is not available at this timeGuest82015-12-14 06:44:52
3514142705Number posted in gay sex ad Yakima CraigslistGuest52016-02-16 02:17:04
3512551614Si. Vos?Guest12015-11-13 06:03:44
3515099498Shows country code +52 ... calls between 5pm - 6pm PDT . Has called past 3 days leaves no message .....Guest12015-11-13 23:15:20
3512094956i don t want to receive calls or messages from this personGuest12015-11-13 23:47:20
3512021664F 'em!Guest22015-11-15 05:08:20
3510005412I get calls from this number a lot and and there is never any message left.pj122015-11-16 07:11:57
3515264600I received today at about 16:00 two phone-calls. One was hidden and a minute later it appeared the number above.partykiller32015-11-16 07:47:26
3517293958Left no message. Called to my direct work line.Amy72015-11-16 08:15:57
3511250335Phone # is on my bill and don't know who it issingle12015-11-16 08:39:47
3510017009Called this AM but number is "no longer in service" when I call backTom52015-12-22 19:10:14
3512050054Received call. I didn't answer since I didn't recognize the number nor do I know anybody from Massachusetts.Darn Kat22015-11-16 09:06:21
3510007685Answered & got a robo-call telling me that they were a consumer credit card agency (made-up name, of course) and were offering to lower all of my card rates to under 5%.  Just dial 1 and speak to a rep...don't miss the boat for this fabulous deal because this is your final notice.  None of that is true.  I've gotten these calls before &  I once followed the prompts and spoke to a pleasant educated young woman who wanted to sign me up to lower my rates. She politely evaded my questions about the company and my request for mailed information.  It turned out all I had to do was give her my card account numbers and SSN and she would take care of everything from there. Who wouldn't want to do that?  Me, for one.allen32015-11-16 09:21:06
3514907090sres! mi apellido es mengual no lengual como lei recien!  y trabjo para persnal n l area de fidelizacion..les llamams a ustds Clientes cn el simple motivo de comentarle su beneficio..pedimos datos para djar coroborado en la llamada ke le damos al titular el benefio y no a cualquiera ke haya agarrado el celular!  si a ustds no le interesa solamente djen dicho en la llamada ke no lo desean y seran sakados de la base de muy sencillo siempre xfavor con amabilidad xq no llamams para molestarle ni estafarles, si no kieren ser mas beneficiados tambien lo dicen...les reitero tenems todos sus datos y si quisierams estafar no tendriams ke ni llamar..muy bien espero que les sirva para ke se quedn tranquilos!! RECUERDEN SEAN AMABLES PORQUE NOSOTROS TAMBIEN ESTAMS TRABAJANDO MUCHAS GRACIASmengual dbo142015-11-16 11:03:18
3512347972hello Mr.Jackson sorry you can't get through but you been blocked have a good day now ✌Guest42015-12-15 13:20:59
3510417543Never give money to "charities" that call you. Always check out the charity yourself before giving money (real charities will understand this). I suggest googling "cancer society" and see the listings for American, Canadian, etc. or get a phone number from an internet directory but do not call the stranger-number that called you.anonymous22015-11-16 13:58:31
3512074782I got a strange call asking for a neighbor to call this number.  It appears to be a collection agency.Grandpavan42016-06-05 00:44:46
3515514025Is this a real company? I have just been scammed by someone saying they were from PC help desk. I want to know if the above number is from a google live technician?Sheila macrury72015-12-09 20:10:45
3515986600no se un domingo al medio dia recibi esta llamada y no sevanesa62015-11-16 16:02:16
3519607069I have been recieving calls and msg from Numbers +351960047069, he is killing me coz he always wakes me up after 3am,, please do someone know what i should do to stop all those calls,,Sam12015-11-16 16:07:47
3518513442He's a jokeGuest52015-12-16 08:11:48
3514879562Just called me, I did not answer as did not recognize the number.  No message left.SD42015-11-16 17:26:09
3512074454I am on the do not call registryGuest12015-11-16 17:55:20
3516440003They are French speaking and probably are working from Quebec. As far as I can determine I believe they are selling black market sex products but was unable to understand all the message, when I asked for them to repeat message in English they hung up..Pirate Phil52015-11-16 19:13:49
3513574151Keep calling over and over even though you push #2 that you are not interested. Talked with person in FT lauderdale, very rude!!!!fedupfromtx.32015-11-16 19:56:44
3511294307Is this mariaGuest42015-12-17 19:46:53
3512511380Stop childishGuest52015-12-14 14:28:38
3519923033future market     left no message, would not answerperplexed12015-11-17 02:21:55
3518662344brianGuest72015-12-16 09:41:30
3511910324called my google number, left no messageun-amused42015-11-17 07:33:12
3513576755chelnata12015-11-17 08:38:52

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