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Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Cedar Key, FL. Levy. United states
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142 complaints
Post by North Carolina,

3523257809 They said your same matter to me. . . . . . . . . never had such operation and i don't have any Thought where they got my number

Post by Dorothy,

352-325-7809 Called. . . left no message. . . . added to Avoid list

Post by Cathy Butterfield,

3523257809 Calls Begin in India and Pakistan. They spoof local numbers.

Post by Guest,

352-325-7809 Exhausted of them calling my phone cant comprehend them anyways

Post by iowa,

3523257809 I had your same call Around Kidney mesh. That People accent got it quite had to recognize what your F they were saying thus I Put up.

Post by 352-325-7809,

352-325-7809 Not that first had many others It is a scam. .

Post by Guest,

3523257809 Making me know I could join a Course action suit for a mesh implant which I never have had Put Upward when I told them I was on your don't call list

Post by HENderson,

352-325-7809 No 1 here may do that. Invest in a phone blocker.

Post by Megan,

3523257809 Phone blocker apps don t work. Specially if you have Verizon

Post by Dr Paninea,

352-325-7809 I told them that I had a sewn into my Consequently the name Paine

Post by Debbie,

3523257809 Keeps calling never leaves message

Post by Cathy Butterfield,

352-325-7809 Calls Begin in India and Pakistan. They spoof local numbers.

Post by Tina,

3523257809 Called me 4 times Now already. Your first telephone was at 7 W 'm. I 've blocked the Amount.

Post by la lo .A,

352-325-7809 I didn't recognized the Amount so I did t Choose up cause of these debt Lovers always calling my phone it s harassment if you ask me.

Post by Guest,

3523257809 spam brew

Post by ben,

352-325-7809 He s a foreign scummier. I uncertainty you could would any better in his Local language.

Post by Dr PunJaby,

3523257809 I answered the Telephone and said in a Mid Western express that I could not comprehend them and ask their name Subsequently I said that my name was Doctor Punjab and if she could kindly suck my Jock. They never called back

Post by Guest,

352-325-7809 Fake medical debt Set male could speak understandable English. He was Joe at ST called him back less than 1 Minimum and same Man was John searching for same name he Inquired for on your 1 st call

Post by steve,

3523257809 Cease calling.

Post by Guest,

352-325-7809 seeking medical information

Post by Matty B,

3523257809 Yes I received your phone for your Kidney sling. I assume these Folks are calling for a Attorney s office for round up Folks for a Course Activity law Room. I told your person I was not willing for to Discuss about my medical history and ended your phone. He called right back and said it was about my medical Insurance which Actually made me furious because I 'm particular it wan t my health insurance com pay calling and I am not Around to Discuss about my medical Methods with some guy who is placing Telephone calls . I told him to never never call me again. Not more than W minutes After that same phone Amount called again. I did not reply and your Individual calling left a message. What worries me is 1 how did they get my Telephone number and 2 for individuals who might not become emotionally sharp this could Head to some unwanted badgering.

Post by Bob,

352-325-7809 Please Quit calling the Amount.

Post by Megan,

3523257809 Telephone blocker Programs don t work. Particularly if you have Verizon

Post by Joan C.,

352-325-7809 W W W. Keeps calling early waking me Upward. Told them not to phone.

Post by Patti Huskins,

3523257809 Cannot comprehend what caller is saying.

Post by Guest,

352-325-7809 Called asking about medical insurance and me having some surgery I never had

Post by Guest,

3523257809 Keeps calling for medical Payment scam. I 've told them 3 times for Cease calling me. They get nasty and argue along with you personally.

Post by PATTY,

352-325-7809 Caller never leaves a message so it could t become overly important. They telephone 3 5 times a daytime. I never answer it. . . . . . I don t know your Owner i don t response.

Post by Guest,

3523257809 Since it revealed Upward as an Net scam telephone I did t answer amp they did t leave a message red flags In the Gripes I vie Merely read happy I did t another annoyance avoided cheers this app. . .

Post by Guest,

352-325-7809 It s one of those scams enjoy that Irs do not fall for it. . . . I Truly reported the Amount to Department of Justice don t know if that s your correct place or what but so Ill of these people

Post by Guest,

3523257809 annoying call hang Upward no message left

Post by Guest,

352-325-7809 Mesh implant or uses zealot

Post by Jane Daux,

3523257809 They Simply called me twice within W minutes. Thanks for that info everyone. I believe next time I ll response and offer them a bladder sling before they get a opportunity. Allowing for the White Pages that number is a VIP not suspicious in the least. HTTP Web. white pages. com phone 1 W W Someone Really tweeted Around them which is hilarious. HTTP twitter. com Journal's standing Clearly they're not a legit company but scampers as I can t even locate a Business Associated to that number. Oh because it s fake. I Simply called your Amount back with my caller ID blocked and they Truly did response but all they said was Hi. repeatedly. If it were a real company they would answer along with that company name. So Ill of these jerks as I get daily calls out of different Amounts. Whomever Offered my Amount is what I desire for understand. And no The Do not Phone Registry no More works as when it was instated your Technology we use now did t exist. At the Second they haven t Calculated Outside a way to mend that Issue but I do know the Senate is working on it. Only block them if you personally re Capable. If you might have a land line get a telephone blocker. I hear those help loads.

Post by T. Shamay,

352-325-7809 Keeps calling me with different Amounts and says my mother s name saying Hello how you personally doing my Parents name you are experiencing Important pain blah blah thus i hanged Upwards on him Certificate of deposit sounds like a Pakistan Man i added your Amount to Connections as don t answer i think he is Attempting to spam people

Post by Angie Steele,

3523257809 W W W I have replied this Amount when they called i keep becoming hangups though Subsequently i don t answer it and they don t leave a message what's maddening is that when I telephone them they want my full name and Amount I m not giving them that. Then i request what is that name of your Firm calling and they hang Upward.

Post by Glenn,

352-325-7809 These are CRIMINALS You're dealing along with. 2 Methods I use that help. 1 Put a call blocker on your own phones and each time you get among these annoying crooks Set their number into that call blocker app. 2 Either access you personally Telephone account online or telephone your Service and have them block Particular numbers. What you personally NEVER must do is for try to go to an Select Outside or do not telephone list out of these crooks they then know your own number is legitimate and they could sell it for other Legal telemarketers. The Issue with these things is that they Run in other countries so that FCC cannot do a damned matter about it.

Post by Emily Ross,

3523257809 Calls no message or answer.

Post by jk,

352-325-7809 Your DC isn't for criminals who are committing fraud or asking for restitution. It is not law enforcement. You need for report to an appropriate law enforcement Bureau. That DC site has all the data on its Applications.

Post by Guest,

3523257809 Told me I would get compensation from being taken out of my family. Where can they come Upwards along with the stuff.

Post by Hoytdog,

352-325-7809 I 've had 9 calls since 9 'm the morning from 3 Distinct Amounts. This is becoming irritating. Merely leave me alone. Locate a brand new scam we Stadium t Stupid Americans anymore. This can be definitely harassment.

Post by Pam R.,

3523257809 Yeah Only gotten a phone on my cell phone out of the Amount did t hassle for answer since I did t Comprehend that Amount. Both my land line and my cell Telephone are Enrolled along with the Can No Call. When is this crap going to discontinue. Obviously there is a disconnect no pun meant Someplace that we 're still be subjected for these harassing and annoying calls.

Post by Angela,

352-325-7809 The Amount just popped Upwards on my Telephone. I did not response it. I don t understand anyone who is out of FL.

Post by ben,

3523257809 He s a foreign scummier. I uncertainty you personally could can any better within his Local language.

Post by Chris R,

352-325-7809 Got a few phone calls out of the Amount yesterday and told them do not call back. Just received another telephone Only now from the same Amount. All calls were from a Individual with a substantial Feature and very hard for understand with a lot of History noise of other Folks talking. I know that is a scam and I 'm Additionally on that Don't Call List. Very ANNOYING. .

Post by b,

3523257809 Had this same scam call 2 months Past. I told that caller that I vie already hired a Attorney and I m in your class Actions fit already no need for their services. Not Accurate but I tried for take his Frequency away. Your person thanked me and Installed Upwards. No calls for 2 months. But I just got a new call Now. I ll attempt this approach again as it looked for work before.

Post by jon,

352-325-7809 I tell them I am going to have there number traced by the Cops and they may locate them they constantly stop after that.

Post by lamont,

3523257809 Harassment

Post by Welcker,

352-325-7809 Harassment calls from unknown

Post by KyGal,

3523257809 I blocked it on my cell. . no more calls

Post by pissed,

352-325-7809 Man called said something about if I or a family member was on a blood thinner. I replayed with I don t know who You're but I m not interested. and Installed Upwards.

Post by Guest,

3523257809 Calling for medical supply law fit.

Post by Latino,

352-325-7809 Keeps calling dozen t state anything.

Post by Private,

3523257809 keeps calling dozen t say anything

Post by Penny,

352-325-7809 calls all the time morning midday night. No is a word they don't understand.

Post by jc,

3523257809 That DC was not created for handling crooks and Legal scampers. Just a list .

Post by Guest,

352-325-7809 Called had Central East Feature said he was from a medical Facility which was contacting people that had bladder mesh surgery. He asked if I had had that surgery during a specific year which I did. i wondered how he know that. Since my operation was done at a military hospital I wonder if my military medical records were among those Authorities files that had been compromised. Really annoying.

Post by T. Shamay,

3523257809 Keeps calling. I Discount but dozen t Cease them from calling again.

Post by b,

352-325-7809 Only had the phone occur. I hung Upwards and GE never called back

Post by Dr Smegma,

3523257809 Merely ask them for see if their Partner is Residence because you are sure she is within your own bed getting Prepared for suck your

Post by Carol,

352-325-7809 They suck. Called a few minutes apart soliciting people that 've had mesh inserts within your own family or something idiotic. I called back and Inquired for a Manager of path none is Accessible appropriate now yeah appropriate. I told them to take me off their list. We can see. We can restrict free Presentation within this Nation but not calls of the nature. .

Post by KyGal,

3523257809 I blocked it on my cell. . no more calls

Post by Betty Lien,

352-325-7809 Calls a something about medical. cannot understand him. 1 W W W

Post by KyGal,

3523257809 I blocked it on my cell. . no more calls

Post by Lace,

352-325-7809 never response never leave messages. Calls each few times.

Post by Ann,

3523257809 This member has called me twice now within less than 2 hours.

Post by Guest,

352-325-7809 Unknown to me. The appearance Upwards pages even states 9 W Spam Amount. .

Post by Dusty,

3523257809 This Amount keeps Displaying Upwards on my phone 2 3 times a daytime occasionally. I don't reply calls out of Amounts that I don Comprehend and that Owner does not leave a message. I won't become reply this phone.

Post by Bambi,

352-325-7809 Here s another just one calling repeatedly that I Simply could t recognize because of your significant accent. Could Merely make Outside the word medical. Told After second phone For Cease an get my name away list then he started hollering at me . Wan t rude this time but watch Outside next time.

Post by KButts,

3523257809 They called twice Actually earlier in that morning. I rejected that first just one they called correct back. After Viewing these comments in blocking them.

Post by jon,

352-325-7809 I tell them I'm going to 've there number traced by the Authorities and they may find them they consistently Quit after that.

Post by Carol,

3523257809 They cursed your amp amp Outside if me and when I asked You're a representative from a medical agency and you personally talk like the. . Than I did that same and Likely made their ears bleed They prey on Folks that don't understand better and are vulnerable sickening Karma

Post by jordan,

352-325-7809 jeez what an idiot. . . . relentless

Post by Carol,

3523257809 Same for me they're scampers among a huge bunch I vie gotten lately. I Offered had NO surgery ever Do not give them any info

Post by Guest,

352-325-7809 Why does the keep happening I am so Ill and drained of these Individuals becoming away with bugging Innocent people. These throw away phones need for become Banned and these Folks demand to go back to whatever State they are from.

Post by DodgerLove66,

3523257809 I 've acquired a phone from and Indian Man too

Post by Tracy,

352-325-7809 I told him I could not recognize a word he was saying and not to call me ever again

Post by Pat,

3523257809 was calling every daytime and not Making messages. Eventually I picked Upwards Recently was a middle Asian guy I believe asking me if I or anyone else in my own family were injured by a mesh implant. I told him no and to take my Amount off his list and don t telephone anymore. What is Upwards with that do not telephone list anyway. Just got the Amount not even 2 months ago and I vie been becoming calls every day even though I Place it on the Don't Phone LIST twice since I got it. I believe that telephone list is a scam overly. Still get these calls.

Post by Waterspirit,

352-325-7809 Phone at 8 W 'm from man with Indian Highlight. Began his Talk about it being medical reimbursement. I kept interrupting and telling him for take me away of his phone list. He kept interrupting back it wan t a telemarketer phone. I Inquired him his name and he said John. AGAIN told him for take me off of his list and that I was reporting him for the Lawyer General. I eventually hung Upwards as he kept on yakking at me.

Post by Guest,

3523257809 A few foreign guy said his name is Rich calling from your Health attention Centre.

Post by Amy,

352-325-7809 calls multiple times a day sometimes as earlier as 6 'm PST. Never leaves a message. I vie been called 4 times today alone.

Post by Dr PunJaby,

3523257809 I replied the phone and said in a Mid eastern express that I could not comprehend them and request their name then I said that my name was Doctor Punjab and if she could kindly suck my Jock. They never called back

Post by bw,

352-325-7809 First Monetary offering a pare approved loan. This is one of many Amounts they use. There s Energy in numbers can what I did. File an FCC Criticism here HTTP Buyer Grievances. FCC. gov Ch en us

Post by Person,

3523257809 They telephone my cell everyday all daytime and leave no messages. I want these calls stopped now.

Post by Susan,

352-325-7809 Call me over and over again. Never leave a message.

Post by bill merrill,

3523257809 Unwanted and requested calls from W W Service Place Cedar falls Florida Name of Owner Kevin

Post by North Carolina,

352-325-7809 They said your same thing to me. . . . . . . . . never had such operation and i don't have any Notion where they got my number

Post by kat,

3523257809 I acquired a telephone. My mother was on a blood thinner that's making news. They Needed my Parents number. I told them that i will not offer them my Parents Amount but I would take their information and 've her phone them. I started asking what law firm they worked for and they said it was classified . thus I asked a name and an extension. They kept giving me the same Amount over. I asked them what Business they worked for and they said medical health Centre. I asked medical Wellness centre of what. . . . These Ignorant dumbness said should I reply your questions . I said . I lit them Upward like your damn Th of July. Fake Folks. I hate when people get into your own private and private life and try and play on your own Thoughts. They can kiss my End.

Post by Susan,

352-325-7809 Keeps calling says nothing

Post by kaylee,

3523257809 acquired a telephone told him for take me off the list and hung up

Post by lisa,

352-325-7809 They asked me if I wanted to sue due to a vaginal mesh implant which I haven't had. I don t understand how they got my number. This is pure harassment and it needs for Cease.

Post by jde,

3523257809 This is a first time for me. Arrived within as Forest Essential Florida. Did t answer as I don t understand anyone within Forest Vital Florida. After reading that posts above I am glad I did t answer. Never had any Kidney surgery nor any kind of medical dilemmas. These scams need for be Discontinued. But how. Hope they don t telephone again but if they would they will Only get my express send so they have for pay for that telephone.

Post by Rebecca,

352-325-7809 I 've been getting a lot of these sort of calls Recently. I don't waste my time replying them

Post by Karinski,

3523257809 Phone my company cell phone hangs Upward before saying anything. . . . Greer.

Post by Carol,

352-325-7809 They cursed your amp amp Outside if me and when I asked you are a representative from a medical Bureau and you personally Speak enjoy the. . Than I did your same and Likely made their ears bleed They prey on Folks that do not know better and are vulnerable sickening Karma

Post by Megan,

3523257809 Telephone blocker Programs don t work. Especially if you have Verizon

Post by LC,

352-325-7809 They keep calling and do lot leave a message. I consider my fix might work. I have a very loud rescue whistle that I plan I blowing into the Telephone the next time they telephone. That should Quit your Issue.

Post by Guest,

3523257809 Stop. . they phone 6 W times a daytime. I d say that is harassment and is very annoying.

Post by Guest,

352-325-7809 Called me 4 times in 1 hour. Happy I read these Opinions instead on replying. Though my number is on your Do not call list for a reason.

Post by Beth,

3523257809 They Merely called me twice. I blocked them in my own iPhone. It s easy. Add the Amount within your contacts and give them a name like SPAM and Search down and Press your button that says block this Owner .

Post by Guest,

352-325-7809 Unwanted caller

Post by no need to know my name,

3523257809 Keep becoming same calls out of these people. I told them to stop calling they have the wrong Man I never have had a mesh nor inst rated in one. I never had children was with someone who could not get me pregnant. They won't Quit calling.

Post by Glenn,

352-325-7809 These are CRIMINALS you are dealing with. 2 strategies I use that help. 1 Place a phone blocker on your phones and each time you get one of these annoying crooks Set their Amount into the call blocker Program. 2 Either accessibility you personally Telephone account online or call your Supplier and 've them block Unique numbers. What you NEVER must can is to attempt to go to an Elect out or do not call list from these crooks they Subsequently know your own Amount is legitimate and they could sell it for other Legal telemarketers. Your problem with these matters is that they Manage within other countries so that FCC cannot can a damned matter Around it.

Post by Guest,

3523257809 They keep calling 6 W times a day.

Post by kelly,

352-325-7809 That number of W W W call me Now at 5 PM est but did t Select up duo for me being somewhat busy doing something. They never left a message but I decided for phone them back for find Outside that the Telephone number is no longer active and it's disconnected and that I might had Face the number wrong. Thus I knew correct there it 've to be a scam cause if your Telephone Amount is disconnected Understanding that someone Only phone me a few moments before but did t leave a message Subsequently you personally understand it's a scam.

Post by Guest,

3523257809 Did t Chat clear English. I am on that do not call list. Told her not to phone me again.

Post by Kat,

352-325-7809 I obtained a telephone twice within an hour out of this Amount some guy with a thick Indian accent talking about my health care coverage. I said both times to put me on their don't call list that second time adding if they called again I was reporting them for my local police Section. What I m Thinking is if the has anything to would along with that Anthem Blue Cross hacking attack earlier this year since it s talking about medical records.

Post by Linda,

3523257809 I 'm becoming quite mad along with these scam companies especially for medical compensation they're getting really disturbing and I am Crazy and informed the today.

Post by Laura,

352-325-7809 I acquired a call out of the number. No message. I called back and asked who it was. That Girl who answered hit numbers on her Telephone dozens of times until I hung up. Then she called me back several times back to back and never left a message.

Post by Guest,

3523257809 daily calling don t understand how they got my number

Post by Dottie,

352-325-7809 I got 2 phone calls from the Amount and no message left. He called back at 8 PM and said He was Bruce from American Health Start. I told him I wan t interested in anything. Thank you personally. He had a strong accent enjoy out of India.

Post by gc,

3523257809 Good luck.

Post by r m,

352-325-7809 Wan t home to get phone they called twice amp the wan t recognizable. . . after reviewing that Opinions I won t become answering.

Post by Clyde,

3523257809 Though I Generally don t response calls out of unknown numbers I m awaiting a phone after having my Automobile smashed Now. Insurance adjuster. Of course not Simply some foreign woman who was indecipherable. As others 've Composed the only understandable word was medical. She s blocked now.

Post by no name,

352-325-7809 This number called me. I did t recognize it thus I did t response it . .

Post by Audrey,

3523257809 2 calls out of this Amount in less than W minutes. Something for would with bladder mesh surgery. They hang Upward real quick when you personally Begin dropping the F bomb within Fast fire.

Post by lamont,

352-325-7809 Harassment

Post by jk,

3523257809 The DC isn't for criminals who are committing fraud or asking for restitution. It's not law enforcement. You need to report for an Proper law Administration Bureau. The DC Website has all that data on its Applications.

Post by Bob,

352-325-7809 Please Quit calling the Amount.

Post by jc,

3523257809 The DC was not created for handling crooks and criminal scampers. Merely a list .

Post by Guest,

352-325-7809 Another scam telephone asking verifying that I 've had surgery needing a bladder Throw mesh etc. I told Mr. Indian Feature which he was from his mind and to never call me again. . .

Post by Tina Brewer,

3523257809 I gotten a call Around 6 months Past. I have gotten many from many Amounts but they have all weeded out except this Amount. They call each day or every other day. Today I told them if they did not take my name out of their database i would get a lawyer. Afterward hung Upward.

Post by HENderson,

352-325-7809 No just one here can do that. Invest within a call blocker.

Post by TaW,

3523257809 Merely gotten telephone out of this Amount but they left no message. I m blocking I don t need the kind of interruption.

Post by Guest,

352-325-7809 number has called me Around twice a day for that past week or thus. haven t Decided it Upwards because i do not answer Amounts i do not understand. they never leave a message Typically a Very big indicator to be a scam phone combined with that Volume.

Post by Guest,

3523257809 hang up

Post by Guest,

352-325-7809 Called 2 times in half within hour. Left no message.

Post by Betty,

3523257809 Keeps calling me. I cannot comprehend. This kind of foreign Feature. Says Florida in my caller ID. Certain it is just a scam. They get worse and worse.

Post by BBee,

352-325-7809 Said they're calling about medical mesh settlement. Significant foreign accent.

Post by THood,

3523257809 I keep getting calls out of this Amount along with a woman who has a foreign Highlight and I have a great Cope of problem understanding. She has asked for private info which I refuse for supply Outside. I have told her I was not a Bash to this litigation and for please take my name away that list. Nonetheless they continue to call. I decided to call back and request again for them for remove me from their list. When I called back it was answered by what sounded to be a black Man Only replying hello enjoy he was answering a home Telephone. I Understood at the point this was not a business phone but a scam call.

Post by Tracy,

352-325-7809 I m From Iowa Multiple calls on cell Telephone never leaves a message.

Post by Matty B,

3523257809 Yes I gotten that telephone for your Kidney sling. I suppose that these people are calling for a lawyer s office for round Upward Individuals for a class Activity law suite. I told your Individual I was not willing to for Discuss Around my medical history and ended the call. He called right back and said it was Around my medical coverage which really made me mad because I am particular it wan t my Wellness insurance com pay calling and I am not Around for Speak Around my medical Methods with a few guy who is placing phone calls . I told him to never never phone me again. Not more than W minutes After your same Telephone number called again. I did not response and the person calling left a message. What worries me is 1 how did they get my Telephone number and 2 for those who might not be emotionally sharp the could Direct for a few unwanted badgering.

Post by Jen,

352-325-7809 Keeps calling don t answer don t understand your Amount harassment at late night

Post by Guest,

3523257809 Seeking for medical information

Post by Megan,

352-325-7809 Call blocker Applications don t work. Specially if you've Verizon

Post by Guest,

3523257809 Striving for get Information based on mesh implant.

Post by frustrated,

352-325-7809 They keep calling out of this Amount and a Local number. How could anyone along with a conscience work for a Firm that harasses Folks enjoy this.

Post by Heather Karnes,

3523257809 Keeps harassing me

Post by Kim linderoth,

352-325-7809 Unwanted calls. . . Called 4 times already and it s simply W noon. .

Post by Melinda,

3523257809 Could t understand much but he was asking Around medical Methods I could 've had in that past. Asked for him to repeat multiple times as could not recognize him whatsoever. He Offered me a speedy goodbye speech and Put up on me.

Post by PLW,

352-325-7809 They keep calling and for once I replied and Inquired who your hell are you. A very THICK Indian Feature and he talked so fast I could t recognize 1 2 of what he was saying. What I did get was someone in my own family has had garbled and could t comprehend surgery within your previous W years. . . . I Inquired him what that name of this Business was and he said he said he was calling out of A Medical Welfare Office. I told him to take me away their list. If they phone again I ll report them as they phone enjoy 5 times a frig gin day. .

Post by Guest,

3523257809 Attempting for get medical info

Post by LDH,

352-325-7809 Acquired a phone out of this Amount asking Around if I had a Kidney Throw. That Owner he called himself Jake asked for me by name. How did he get my name and or number. That is really affecting. Had an Indian Highlight. When I Inquired him what Amount he was calling out of he Merely kept repeating which he was calling for me. Told him that my Amount is on your FL Do not Call list and that I was going for report him and make a Criticism. I get scummier Telephone calls Each daytime from at least 3 Distinct Amounts. I vie got 4 Grievances within w that FL Client Section. Individuals demand to Begin reporting and complaining about these calls thus that they may be Perhaps prosecuted and they can be Ceased.

Did you get an unwanted call from 352-325-7809? Is 3523257809 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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4255871005 Complains by Guest,

Called Around a credit card account. I don't have any credit cards. The came from an automated machine.

9564120939 Complains by Guest,

Another auto Call er. Hangs Upwards when you response. Simply 1 from W calls out of this Place code are legit. Frustrating

3186085194 Complains by unknown,

Owner ID says census Business. Asked for phone W W W.

9159969993 Complains by Guest,

Considered to be spam as i dint know anyone within W area code.

8052705403 Complains by Irritated,

I block it on my clever Telephone but it still gets through.

3524582151 Complains by Guest,

This lady is calling my 13 yr old son on a number different than this will not give me her name and has called 3 times I called her from his number and she keeps saying he called but it is incoming calls tohus number

8028612989 Complains by Andrea,

Called my cell Telephone at W W PM. . Did t leave a message.

7148914873 Complains by Guest,

Called again. Used Firearm Let. Telemarketer.

8003629090 Complains by d,

all crooks

6786915110 Complains by Guest,

hangs Upwards when answered

8574445688 Complains by Guest,

selling dental coverage

8177896515 Complains by Guest,

Set agency using illegal tactics

7012040713 Complains by Guest,

R blocked Mug.

7049228308 Complains by Guest,

Erroneous number

8002904311 Complains by BettyC,

they call in the least hours of daytime really annoying and I don't answer any unsolicited Telephone calls. I m Additionally on that national do not call list. Can not comprehend exactly why it comes through. It Simply shows that phone Amount and nothing else. Doesn't display name of person or Business. They could call me many times they need I just do not response period. I m retired with small income so as long as I could afford caller ID I 've that right not to answer the idiots that I did t call myself first.

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3523257817ViewTel: 352-325-7817**** *********** ****** Cedar Key, FL
3523257821ViewTel: 352-325-7821**** *********** ****** Cedar Key, FL
3523257825ViewTel: 352-325-7825**** *********** ****** Cedar Key, FL
3523257829ViewTel: 352-325-7829**** *********** ****** Cedar Key, FL
3523257833ViewTel: 352-325-7833**** *********** ****** Cedar Key, FL
3523257837ViewTel: 352-325-7837**** *********** ****** Cedar Key, FL
3523257841ViewTel: 352-325-7841**** *********** ****** Cedar Key, FL
3523257845ViewTel: 352-325-7845**** *********** ****** Cedar Key, FL
3523257849ViewTel: 352-325-7849**** *********** ****** Cedar Key, FL

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