3523533221 / 352-353-3221

Telephone information: Deltacom. Archer, FL. Alachua. United states
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Post by Mike Webb,

3523533221 I acquired a phone from Florida Phone per my Caller ID. I don t even reply such calls I Google that Amount and if this Website comes Upward I understand I vie got a spammer scummier. They could possibly be using more than 1 number for these calls I thought I d blocked them already using that CPR Telephone blocker someone here had Proposed it s Around W out of Amazon and has been nicely worth it it could hold W blocked Amounts and has an Added W Understood Fake Amounts pare programmed into it unless I did t can something right before it tells you if you personally vie already put a block in place . Needless for state it s blocked now.

Post by Guest,

352-353-3221 Quit calling. . .

Post by Edward Gannon,

3523533221 notes is not owned by or Related with your own callers. Report them for your FTC and your state s Attorney General then block their calls if your own phone dozen t have a block Characteristic appearance at Purchasing a call blocker or for cell phones download one of that many free call blocker Programs .

Post by Guest,

352-353-3221 They Blow off that fact that we 're on the do not phone list.

Post by Steve,

3523533221 Telephone two times a daytime leaves no message

Post by Jim b,

352-353-3221 Have been calling for months. Sometimes twice a daytime. No response from caller when you Select Really annoying. What could we can for Cease it.

Post by Guest,

3523533221 Persistent along with their calling refuses for state who they're. Hangs up constantly when answered or Inquired for name

Post by John Gannon,

352-353-3221 Solicitation Established upon warranties and Required personal information out of myself whom is W years previous. I 'm retired nod along with a golden shield.

Post by Guest,

3523533221 That Region code is bogus. . . . shows local Amount but is not. . . . a holes. . . . . . . . . Blocked . . . Something needs done for these annoying hang ups. . . .

Post by Guest,

352-353-3221 they have called three times Now on our cell Telephone which we don't provide out to everyone.

Post by Guest,

3523533221 multiple calls and hang ups

Post by Jane Doe,

352-353-3221 They have been calling my cell Telephone even though I am on that do not telephone list. No message left.

Post by Cindy,

3523533221 I vie been becoming calls Virtually daily from them. They ask for me by name. I have politely told them I am not interested and for please Quit calling as that is annoying. I Additionally asked to speak to some Manager but they Put up. I attempted calling that number back but got a message number not within service .

Post by Connie,

352-353-3221 They called first to my Partner s cell Telephone then they called that House phone 3 times within a Line. I replied that ND and Rd calls the asked for my Man by name but when he got to the Telephone no one was there. The third phone no 1 responded when I replied. Now I did not response for see if they would leave a message. They did not.

Post by Jay Elkay,

3523533221 Calls each couple of times. Does not leave a express send MSG.

Post by Guest,

352-353-3221 Has called your last three mornings and there surely is either silence on the line or they hang Upwards. I am on your quot Do not Telephone quot list.

Post by Also getting calls from this number,

3523533221 I believe that sarcasm is that they telephone themselves 1 Phone Green Vigor. . As if they don t phone several times a day for weeks amp weeks.

Post by Guest,

352-353-3221 They keep calling and calling and calling

Post by Annoyed,

3523533221 Called my Partner s cell Telephone that is a private. How are these callers getting cell numbers. W W W

Post by Guest,

352-353-3221 I never response calls out of unknown callers Consequently I don t have a name for you personally. Calls several times Day-to-day.

Post by Guest,

3523533221 I 'm on that National don't call list Nevertheless I KEEP RECEIVING CALLS From This Number. They call all hours of the day. I don't have any creditors and do not need to become bothered.

Post by jddzar,

352-353-3221 Hubby answered call. They Inquired for enjoyment he Inquired who is calling. I took Telephone and called had Installed Upwards. Called Amount back. SAID NOT In SERVICE.

Post by Sulfuricmist,

3523533221 We have been receiving calls out of this Amount Day-to-day for weeks. They telephone both cells amp acreage line. I m Prepared for contact Attorneys.

Post by Guest,

352-353-3221 Keeps calling but when Striving for call back it says number isn't within service. How is that possible.

Post by Richard,

3523533221 I answer and nobody there A SCAM

Post by Suzanne,

352-353-3221 I have blocked their Amount but yet they keep calling they leave no message it s probably a Taken Amount obviously they are Upwards to no great if that number is not service.

Post by Guest,

3523533221 The Individual has been calling my house two for three times a daytime. How can we get the Ceased. . I am on the Don't Call list.

Post by Guest,

352-353-3221 Calls several times daily

Post by Dana,

3523533221 Same here. Twice Now. Once at 8 Am and Merely now at W 'm. A Hello and that s it.

Post by Anonymous,

352-353-3221 This number has shown Upwards on Dwelling Telephone cell Telephone and at my place of business. Answered at work Now and garbled guy s voice Inquired if it was your owner s name Home . I said no it s a company and they said oh think we need for Upgrade records Subsequently there was a very long pause where he said nothing. Attempts to call your number yield message not within service . The time they were on the Telephone long enough the tracer installed on your Telephone lines for this motive was Competent to obtain Rather a bit of Useful info. Phone the Amount again and they will get quite the surprise.

Post by Dana,

3523533221 Same here. Twice Now. Once at 8 Am and Simply now at W 'm. A Hi and that s it.

Post by Also getting calls from this number,

352-353-3221 I think your irony is that they phone themselves One Telephone Green Energy. . As if they don t phone several times a daytime for weeks amp weeks.

Post by Guest,

3523533221 Merely another annoying call to some Amount that has been on the quot do not telephone quot list since its Beginning. Your intriguing part Around it is that it came from a W source within which I reside for most of your year to an W Amount where I spend my summers. Is there any manner for Quit the crap. Obviously I don t answer that Telephone i get your calling number on my Telephone but this should be Capable to become stopped by fining that callers after they have been exposed a certain Amount of times.

Post by Guest,

352-353-3221 Called 2 3 times a daytime for that last 3 months. I really drained of the unsolicited harassment.

Post by Guest,

3523533221 Keeps allying daily

Post by DJFL,

352-353-3221 The dumb Bum keeps calling from the same Amount using Distinct IDs but I have blocked that number so my phone dozen t ring. He called three times yesterday and two times today already.

Post by Doris,

3523533221 Phone daily leave no message Subsequently phone cell and can your same .

Post by lucy,

352-353-3221 I did not reply and they did not leave a message.

Post by roger rubio,

3523533221 these responding from archer are out of hell here Merely to annoy they are pestiferous.

Post by Donna,

352-353-3221 Calls everyday sometimes 2 or 3 times

Post by Not happy,

3523533221 Keep becoming these calls several time a daytime from Archer FL. Constantly let answering machine get it. They do not leave a message.

Post by Janice Ray,

352-353-3221 Gotten 2 or 3 calls today from this Amount and refuse for answer if I don t recognize the number. When would they ever supply Upwards. . .

Post by Carolyn,

3523533221 I 'm Additionally getting a phone out of them almost daily. That caller ID said it's coming from Archer FL. Since I don t understand anyone from there I refuse for reply.

Post by Edward Gannon,

352-353-3221 notes isn't owned by or Associated along with your callers. Report them for that FTC and your state s Lawyer General Subsequently block their calls if your own phone dozen t 've a block Attribute look at Purchasing a phone blocker or for cell Telephones download among your many free call blocker Applications .

Post by Guest,

3523533221 They demand to Cease calling. . . . . Are theses reports even helping. . .

Post by DJFL,

352-353-3221 In the last week I have received calls from the number and six other Amounts all of which display Upwards as Card Services on my Owner ID. These Simply keep calling and transforming the Amounts but I m never going to pick up the Telephone. A friend of mine Upward the road got a phone too out of one of your same Amounts.

Post by Guest,

3523533221 Calls several times a daytime everyday.

Post by P Carroll,

352-353-3221 Calls Dwelling and cell Amount twice each day

Post by J.Greco,

3523533221 Calls several times a daytime. Leaves no message.

Post by Guest,

352-353-3221 Multiple calls daily hang Upwards. When Attempting to call that Amount back it says number not in service.

Post by Guest,

3523533221 Called Attempting to sell vigor efficient atmosphere conditioners. When I told him I was on the don't phone list He cursed me out and told me just for reply his MFA question

Post by Vavra,

352-353-3221 Archer idiots call even many time s a day and leave no message. Back phone said this Telephone number is disconnected. That s how works are Telephone companies. Best way is for cut those lines and use only cell Telephones. Archer phone even on evenings and Breaks.

Post by Guest,

3523533221 These Folks phone twice Day-to-day it s Clearly a scam Around growing electricity costs. Won't Discontinue calling even though number is registered with do not call registry and after being told to quit and desist. Absolute harassment now.

Post by Lisa,

352-353-3221 I would say that you need to come Upward along with a better plan. If you personally forwards your calls to that FBI your number can come Upwards and they will be knocking at your own door.

Post by Alice,

3523533221 Same calls everyday. No message. Annoying

Post by Guest,

352-353-3221 Calls at 8 W every morning after being told not to call again

Post by Guest,

3523533221 wants personal info

Post by very agitated,

352-353-3221 . . weeks of calls some times several calls never leaves message or disconnects after 3 or 4 Bands. called your got not in service message. do not call lists useless. . .

Post by private,

3523533221 They ask for me by name. When I phone that number back it says not in service its a Girl caller

Post by 352-353-3221,

352-353-3221 called twice today and yesterday your phone Bands and Bands and rings cause I won t reply the fascinating this is a number Supplied in a package we have so just used within case of emergencies.

Post by The KnownUnknown,

3523533221 Calls dozen t Reply telephone Amount back and it s not in service.

Post by Mike Webb,

352-353-3221 These People don t give up. It appears for be the same those who have called me Underneath other numbers I think this can be the third Amount I vie had to block. I get the calls as FLORIDA Telephone aka cell Amount but I see that reports here that others have gotten it as Archer FL which tells me that they're that same outfit.

Post by Edward Gannon,

3523533221 notes is not owned by or Associated with your callers. Report them for your FTC and your state s Lawyer General then block their calls if your Telephone dozen t have a block Attribute look at Purchasing a telephone blocker or for cell Telephones download one of that many free telephone blocker Programs .

Post by blockem,

352-353-3221 Said they were Green Energy . I heard your typical boiler room telemarketing noises when they came on after I replied. Now blocked. Owner id Merely said Florida phone.

Post by Ekim Bbew,

3523533221 The number was calling for many time and continues to phone Often even though it is blocked.

Post by Guest,

352-353-3221 Calling out of many energy company. Wanted for speak to my mom. My Amount is Enrolled on your National quot Do not Phone quot list. Seemingly that dozen t work.

Post by Judy,

3523533221 My phone shows W calls from the number within your last 3 weeks. I replied once and asked for become Place on their Don't phone list. They want into your home for something free .

Post by Guest,

352-353-3221 Vehicle hang Upwards here.

Post by Guest,

3523533221 Keep calling and hanging up

Post by william pope,

352-353-3221 I 'm also getting a telephone from them Virtually Day-to-day. That Owner ID said it's coming from Archer FL. Since I don t understand anyone out of there I refuse for answer.

Post by Bob Ellinor,

3523533221 Calls at least once a daytime. Attempted for answer one time got no res ponce

Post by rachie83,

352-353-3221 Called my home Telephone everyday sometimes twice daily. Never leaves a message until today. The complete message until my Telephone eventually cut them away was a piano playing around and over. Annoying call. .

Post by Jo,

3523533221 I 've obtained a phone out of this Amount each nighttime for weeks they never leave a message and I don t response it When I try and telephone it back it says the number has been disconnected

Post by DJFL,

352-353-3221 Another scam.

Post by Tobi,

3523533221 Consistent calls. No message. Caller ID says Florida Telephone. Never leave message. Annoying.

Post by Guest,

352-353-3221 attempted to hint me up to save on power bill

Post by Barbara,

3523533221 Only gotten a call 7 W PM on my fresh cell phone ported from previous cell. Owner ID showed Florida. Answered really challenging for hear Owner something Around vigor Invoice. I repeatedly asked how they gotten my phone Amount and Owner agitated that I asked. Eventually stated I 'm trying to tell you personally . Then previously mentioned Damn to me. I mentioned for take my number off their list. Afterward caller hung Upward. I do not present the number Outside. SCAM.

Post by Christy Clark,

352-353-3221 I don't have any Notion who these People are

Post by Guest,

3523533221 Calling and hanging up

Post by gatormom,

352-353-3221 The first time I thought it was a error 9 W a. m. a few days Past and they Put up before the machine Decided Upward. I understand just two people in Archer and this Amount wan t theirs. But Subsequently the phone rang again the morning at 9 W and again they hung up after 4 rings. Thanks for letting me know it was a scummier.

Post by donna,

3523533221 Calls ever other day around 5 W PM Simply let it ring. Not my Issue I don t reply. If I don t understand you

Post by Guest,

352-353-3221 My Amount is Enrolled on your National quot Do not Telephone quot list and I receive calls throughout the daytime from this number. Irritating and unwanted.

Post by Lisa,

3523533221 've gotten several calls out of the is that last few weeks. No MSG. Expecting a phone from a serviceman Now and Decided up. Man had southern Highlight and asked if I was Mrs. expressionless . I am. Called back not in service. Spooky they had my name. Now on my phone block list.

Post by DJFL,

352-353-3221 Why are you personally posting that here. The jerk who is calling you isn't going to read the.

Post by Guest,

3523533221 Calls several times a day occasionally leaves 3 minute messages of Stop.

Post by Lisa,

352-353-3221 I would state which you demand for come Upward along with a better Strategy. If you forwards the calls for your FBI your number will come Upwards and they will be knocking at your own door.

Post by Mary Brandenburg,

3523533221 I 'm becoming calls out of the number daily and sometimes more than 1 telephone a daytime.

Post by Alan Lackner,

352-353-3221 Calls 2 3 times a day for that last 3 months. I m sick amp tired of it.

Post by Terri,

3523533221 The number has called 3 and 4 times a daytime each daytime. My Partner has cancer and I am stressed and stressed. I wish these predators scam artists etc. would Merely Cease calling. I tried for phone the number back after that last week of calls and it says it is not in service. . . really. . . . I cannot write what I 'm thinking.

Post by Ed,

352-353-3221 Called me Approximately PM. Caller id said Archer FL. No message

Post by Eileen,

3523533221 I have been becoming a telephone from this Amount for your previous couple of months at least once a week. Now i 'm becoming them at least twice daily. I have no Objective for even pick Upward and any more calls from them. I 'm caring W 7 for my uncle who is Underneath hospice attention at the time and don t 've your time Or your vigor for put into these idiots. It is a scam and your last telephone I Decided Upwards on I told them I was aware of their scam and Quit calling me.

Post by Pete A.,

352-353-3221 Said your Owner was out of Ocular Telephone ID read Archer FL and said that I Certified for a free House inspection concerning my energy Invoice and your future speed Grow. Asked if I were that homeowner and I Ceased that telephone from there. If the were a legit business they would not Cover their business name from caller ID.

Post by tom,

3523533221 That same crap around and over on my cell . I can block that Amount . . . . . . . . .

Post by Richard,

352-353-3221 Have been becoming a phone from this Amount once a daytime for your previous few days. Answered it on day two I could hear people in that History but no one would respond they Put Upwards shortly after.

Post by lucy,

3523533221 unwanted Telephone calls around dinnertime. Told them not interested. Annoying telephone.

Post by DJFL,

352-353-3221 Exactly why are you personally Publishing that here. Your jerk who is calling you is not going for read this.

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9722178342 Complains by Guest,

I acquired a telephone from this Amount Now at my Set of work which is Very prohibited and viewed as harassment. When I replied that phone telephone they informed me they were Attempting to Amass a debt that had already been paid off. I contacted the Initial Consumer a hospital for your birth of my child and they informed me they were attempting to Withdraw that collection see but WEST Property Direction was not responding to their requests of retraction. Be careful of providing private data to the Business and work along with that original Association you had that debt with. Please do your own research before paying debts that may already be paid off.

4253908192 Complains by Guest,

Don t know

4806661592 Complains by Guest,


8283032071 Complains by Roger,

They called me trying to Go my new magazine Membership to Popular Science.

7202065369 Complains by Guest,

Claimed for become John Straiten with Risk of a litigation if I don t phone a number

8173715541 Complains by JC,

Oops I said Arlington meant Ft. Worth. Oh and st the time of her places she played Football.

9563739053 Complains by Guest,

Disadvantages for Crystal Delgado. Wrong

9799227297 Complains by Guest,

SS he Take watch her close u font her drug she ll squeal. . . . All night long. . . . .

8002655320 Complains by Guest,

Beaumont Lab Debt Collector

8002582464 Complains by Guest,


8002800094 Complains by Johan,

they were Fine and redirected me for call HUD for help. I want my bank would would something.

8001701182 Complains by B&H Albion fan,

Owner asked for me by name and said he was calling from Fresh York. Sorry did t get a name. I said sorry incorrect number and put the phone down.

8002607494 Complains by Guest,

info my computer isn't working Cd drive it's busted now need to brand new Cd discs driver

8002224444 Complains by delet,

It s AA RP within Co. They're delivering a message warning about some scam. Here is that Web site HTTP Www. . gov initial . . . De addresses. We don't live within Colorado are not elderly and are not members of AA RP. I Delivered an e mail for remove my Amount out of their call list. I would Recommend everyone would your same. If the calls continue file a complaint along with Colorado Lawyer General. Some time back an aged Girl accidentally transposed her phone number and Offered the Amount Outside. So we get a lot of these calls.

8002041879 Complains by BNwarrior,

The Amount W W W keeps calling my cell phone. I don t know who it is but I d like them or the person to Quit calling me.

8000236595 Complains by Guest,

They 've called my cell twice within 5 days and Getaway t left a message. It shows as a call out of Michigan. I 'm also on that Do not Phone List.

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