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Telephone information: Embarq Florida DBA Centurylink. Dade City, FL. Pasco. United states
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Post by CJ,

3524584986 Only replied because I 've family within lousy Funds in the are code. They had a recorded message a few seconds after I said Hi. They attempted that fear doubt doubt Procedure with mentioning something about credit card services and stating within a grim shaking a pointing finger at you personally tone this can be your second and final discover but Afterward instantly follow it along with for lower your own credit card debt or Regular Funds or interest rate . . . I don t remember which just. But it was obviously a Key deception Capture for get you for concur for let them Manage your Funds or offer them your card numbers or something. I Put Upwards W or W seconds within thus I don t understand their end Target.

Post by Matthew HB,

352-458-4986 Rang once and hung Upwards.

Post by Laurie,

3524584986 answered phone. no 1 would answer

Post by Bob,

352-458-4986 name here desperate

Post by mm,

3524584986 Only got a telephone out of the number and did t know who it was and called it back and there was someone who Decided Upwards but did not answer.

Post by Betsy,

352-458-4986 Number showed up on missed calls no voice send. W 4 W

Post by Greg,

3524584986 No message picked up no just one there Overly many of these kind calls what good is that don't telephone list. .

Post by Guest,

352-458-4986 Spam. Credit card Joke.

Post by Guest,

3524584986 Since I got your bright phone within April I get many spam calls. Got this one today but did t response. Got one last nighttime from Support Enjoyable MI. Got one W days Past from Tulsa Okay.

Post by mallory,

352-458-4986 they called and i did response no reply ad i called back and no answer

Post by Guest,

3524584986 Spam

Post by Guest,

352-458-4986 quot That is an important call Around your own credit card. . . quot . I don t own just one.

Post by John Z,

3524584986 They're now on my black list. I love my Coma service

Post by VR,

352-458-4986 Obtained a phone out of the Only now but did t response. Never answer calls out of Amounts not recognized. . . Notably if it s out of town.

Post by Guest,

3524584986 Did t reply the phone amp that Amount left no voice send. Says your telephone Arrived from Father City FL.

Post by Guest,

352-458-4986 Sales

Post by Guest,

3524584986 Telemarketer


352-458-4986 Called W W PST. Left a expressionless message No sound whatsoever .

Post by Stephanie,

3524584986 I picked Upward on your third ring on cell phone and no answer no noise disconnected.

Post by Lynnette,

352-458-4986 No voice mail

Post by Barb,

3524584986 got a telephone out of the Amount and they did t leave a vim. Why phone if they are not going for speak and or leave a message. . . . .

Post by Dee Dee,

352-458-4986 I keep becoming these calls on my cell Telephone they dint answer Merely telephone and hang Upward.

Post by Marc Lees,

3524584986 Call unanswered left no message.

Post by Mark G.,

352-458-4986 Sounded like a credit card scam. I replied and it was silent until I said Hi a couple of times. They said they were with Card hold Services and Desired me for offer them my credit card Amounts. I think it s a scam for get you personally for supply them credit card Amounts and they may charge in your credit card.

Post by michael,

3524584986 kinda humorous ta ht my USP within Az was West. the got sold to century link and now i get this scam Telephone telephone from a number whose Service is century link. sounds enjoy BS too me.

Post by Guest,

352-458-4986 Spam

Post by Barb,

3524584986 got a call out of this number and they did t leave a vim. Exactly why phone if they are not going for Chat and or leave a message. . . . .

Post by sdm,

352-458-4986 Yep got a call Additionally left voice send. While the message was a recording it was definitely something for do with credit. Don t understand if it was for a card or Around ref on mortgage. Don t care enough for look for out LOLA

Post by Marc Lees,

3524584986 Unknown. . . called left no voice mail

Post by Guest,

352-458-4986 Credit Card spam

Post by spamvictim,

3524584986 This really is a credit card scam. Somehow my cell number got on a few kind of telemarketing list. I got calls from different Amounts along with that same recording message within minutes out of each other.

Post by Guest,

352-458-4986 Card services

Post by ellen,

3524584986 After becoming a Amount of these calls I played along and talked with several Folks. They claim that name of the Firm is Card Services and they could get your own credit card attention rates reduced. They desire you personally for offer them the credit card number for your card on which you are paying that Best attention rate. I kept refusing to supply them that Amount and asking questions thus they bounced me your person who just gets your info to the Fiscal person and finally to your supervisor who told me he could offer me a new card out of Citibank or GM for W W months along with 0 interest that would pay away the higher speed card and when payments were made on time that 0 would continue indefinitely. Upon more questioning he Accepted that there would of path become a 3 4 transfer Payment and he assured me that I could t Discuss with your credit card Firms myself. When I ongoing to question him I was disconnected . So that's that deal Actual or bogus but definitely unprofessional and absolute best avoided. I m certain these calls come many different Amounts but Likely all in Florida and that message is that they could reduce your own attention rates today but that is your own last opportunity. If you re bored many day when they telephone jack them Approximately for awhile. They can t create any cash off of somebody else when they're wasting their time along with you. Subsequently report them to your state attorney general s office.

Post by Data,

352-458-4986 just got a telephone from the number did t awns er.

Post by Joe,

3524584986 Got a call from your above number did leave a message. It came from your Dad County area in Florida.

Post by JS,

352-458-4986 Only gotten Telephone phone from the number. Not confident who it is.

Post by Guest,

3524584986 Credit card scam.

Post by Bob,

352-458-4986 name here desperate

Post by CD,

3524584986 Yep another number calling and not Making a message. I m glad I eventually Calculated Outside the way to block Person Amounts on my Electronic phone. So Much 6 numbers blocked. Sure has been quiet Now.

Post by SLC,

352-458-4986 Got a phone did t Comprehend that zip code. Rejected your telephone. I get lot s of these from all sorts of numbers

Post by lb,

3524584986 called me too did t leave a vim. my research revealed it is a phone from Dad City FL

Post by Guest,

352-458-4986 Credit card scam

Post by Guest,

3524584986 Spam

Post by Guest,

352-458-4986 Credit card

Post by Guest,

3524584986 Called left no message but Arrived from Dale City FL I understand no one from there

Post by Guest,

352-458-4986 Something concerning credit card

Post by PB,

3524584986 I got a phone out of W W W at W W 'm 9. W. I don't have any idea who this really is but they call Occasionally. I want they were made for Quit.

Post by Guest,

352-458-4986 Credit card scam

Post by Guest,

3524584986 Telemarketing left voice send Around lowering my credit card interest. I don t even have any open credit cards.

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8133792049 Complains by Guest,

Calls multiple times asking for various Individuals dozen t leave VIM MSG's.

8504453019 Complains by Guest,

This Owner is a burglar . . . . . . . do not Purchase or sale

8457509465 Complains by annoyance,

this Individual keeps on calling hanged up

3343101368 Complains by Guest,

Rang once then Installed Upwards.

9099075356 Complains by Guest,

tenant called Am another lousy v back yd W

9164598337 Complains by Beth Lillie,

Just received a text message from this number. Tried to call it and the individual wouldn't answer instead text me back saying to direct all calls to the main office and gave me a 631 number. Text the number back and said if they contacted me again I would file harassment charges

6172063208 Complains by Guest,

Said she was with Kelly Services. Lots of History Sound humorous accent.

6198870957 Complains by Nameless,

Could anyone of you tell me who this can be.

8003281050 Complains by Mdina,

gt gt Do not call doesn't work you get more phone calls. I think they sell your . no. Lt Lt This is a rather long answer to a few Prints who appear for believe that scampers use that DC list for Get numbers to phone or who believe the DC list doesn't work. If You're not among those Individuals consider exiting the informative lesson now. Since You're still here you need some help. Allow me for current it in an extremely Uncomplicated trend . . . not for insult your own wisdom but to attempt to get your idea across for even people who have trouble Knowledge more complicated answers. Rototillers for Dummies Can you count. If you personally answered yes which is an excellent start. Attempt Rising out of 1 to W now. I will wait. . . . . . . . . . . Finished. Good. I want you personally for believe 0 instead of W . Got it. Now get a piece of paper and a pencil or pencil and write down those W Amounts. Here I can help you personally within case your forgot 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 NOW get Prepared to Compose down a few more Amounts. I want you personally to Compose them down in this format ABC DEF Kikes I know those are Words but I desire you personally for use numbers instead. Believe of a number between 0 and 9 . . . Select one from the list I Offered above if you wish. Compose it down in place of the A above Would that nine more times Composing it down rather than the other letters. Now appearance at the result. Does it ring a bell. It should because you personally just wrote down a phone Amount. Mr Computer is really good at making numbers. Mr Computer can perform what you personally Only did within a fraction of a second. In other words Mr Computer can make and Switch phone Amounts Quite fast. Spammers and scampers who understand Around Mr Computer don't need for enroll and buy that DC list. Spammers and scampers who know about Mr Computer can even Call unlisted Amounts or private Amounts or brand fresh Amounts you Simply got . The DC list is not a magic switch that blocks these calls from reaching your own Telephone. It's merely an inventory. There now you personally understand all about how spammers could dial Your Telephone Amount even if it is unlisted and even if just relatives understand it and even if it is on or away the DC list. I expect that helps prove the DC list DOES work. It helps prevent calls from Enrolled valid telemarketers but it's not Capable for Discontinue calls out of spammers. It is Additionally NOT designed for Discontinue political callers who Normally get your Amounts from voter registration lists calls out of charities or some other companies such as debt collectors. Again I expect I did not insult your intelligence . . . if you personally had any for insult.

8044202855 Complains by ronald,


8043686632 Complains by Cathi,

Happy to see People reporting these clowns. I loved the notice above Around that caller working for Obama . They are certainly not quite bright. That blessed daytime company is a dead giveaway. That entire thing would become humorous if it Warren t for your fact that there are Likely a few poor Individuals out there who would fall with this no issue how obviously phone it is. I hope the Irs catches them maybe if enough of people whine they will.

8003294851 Complains by waryone,

just got this Facsimile decided to Assess it out on that Web. . . . if it s too good to be Authentic it's.

8002922446 Complains by david,

I got the Amount away a Tv add for aid along with prescriptions and or dental care

8003046979 Complains by Nina Andriy,

How is MRS a scam Firm. What has been your own experience. My email is email W protected I 'm writing you personally on Friday W W W at 5 W am. Nina Andrei

8003361962 Complains by Guest,

Makes crude sexual remarks around phone and does the for young girls too

8003231436 Complains by David Workman,

My Partner my Hey daughter and myself 've been harassed by these people Often. Calls 've come each daytime of your week and at times ranging from Am for after PM. We owe them nothing and have no dealings along with any of that Businesses they signify. I filed a Gripe with that Iowa Attorney General in April. After a sickeningly pleasant correspondence in the bank your calls stopped for about 2 month simply to resume recently. I 've reactivated my complaint with that State of Iowa AG and encourage anyone else being harassed by World Financial or their owner Allied Info Systems to contact them along with your Problems at Ag. state. oh. us

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