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Telephone information: Infotelecom. Corpus Christi, TX. De Witt. United states
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Post by Timmy,

3614003192 Kept them on that phone for Practically W minutes. Kept giving them previous bank aux and credit card numbers. They were upset they couldn't Temperature them for go through.

Post by Really??,

361-400-3192 How are these people becoming Telephone numbers. Why can t your Place become near me thus I can go see these people within Individual. Likely a great matter because I d Likely Finish Upward within jail. A legit Business would leave a VIM.

Post by Guest,

3614003192 Owner id say Mortgage you reply and Afterward it waits a bit bit and hangs up when calling that Amount back it says for press any Number for be removed I vie done this before and it dose not work . I reconditioned them this time I blocked them out of calling

Post by maggie,

361-400-3192 got phone from W W W. . . . . . . . . . . . . I answered said Hi few times and got no response thus I hung up

Post by Jfkg,

3614003192 Beloved JFK. . notes isn't Associated along with your callers we 're not calling you personally either. notes is a Newsgroup for reporting who calls you personally and any data you might 've Around the telephone for share with other forum users. It is Very doubtful that your callers are reading here Additionally. We can t stop anyone from calling you personally either. Would consider maybe getting a telephone blocking Product or phone. . You can Google them and many are Approximately W. W or thus. Report your own callers here HTTP Www. . gov amp Screen HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms type. Amenhotep's complaints. dentally. gov Grievance Gripe Assess. asp. Screen By State DC lists HTTP Web. . com tentacled. HTML

Post by thomas,

361-400-3192 If your own on a cell phone it should block numbers if not appearance for a free Program on your store. If House phone request your own Company how you are able to block calls.

Post by Guest,

3614003192 don't phone me anymore. . .

Post by Guest,

361-400-3192 This Man says that they can lower my credit card rate and they told me that they banks and credit union is a liar and don t tell me that truth and they were a recovering service in case of fraud and my recovering service would not can that or ask that so he went on and I asked him how Considerably I owed and he said W and I told him I don t and he hang Upward they Telephone. So if you get a telephone out of the Firm report to your local bank or credit union .

Post by Alphonse,

3614003192 Scam. Hang up Afterward block them. And stop whining Around the Don't Call list. These Individuals are criminals Managing from Offshore when did you ever Notice of a Legal who Offered a d n Around any Guidelines. Of course they don t obey it. Get a telephone blocking Unit and Subsequently You'll jest each time they phone and it hangs Upwards on them as soon as their line connects for your phone.

Post by thomas,

361-400-3192 If your on a cell Telephone it should block numbers if not look for a free app on that store. If Dwelling phone ask your own provider how you can block calls.

Post by Deborah McPhaul,

3614003192 The Newsgroup could t block any number from calling your own phone you may have to do that yourself. If your phone has a number block feature use that or Determine that number a no ring tone. There are also free apps you are able to download for block calls.

Post by Oakland, CA,

361-400-3192 Obtained a phone from W W W at W PM PDT did not response no express mail left.

Post by Deborah McPhaul,

3614003192 This forum can t block any number from calling your phone You'll have for would that yourself. If your own phone has a number block feature use that or Determine your Amount a no ring tone. There are Additionally free Programs you are able to download to block calls.

Post by Guest,

361-400-3192 Beware. . Says the may take W W hours.

Post by Ann,

3614003192 Would consider Perhaps becoming a telephone blocking Product or phone. . You can Google them and many are Approximately W. W or thus. Report your callers here not Only for that DC alone HTTP Www. . gov amp Screen HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms form. Amenhotep's Criticisms. dentally. gov Criticism complaint check. asp. panel By State DC lists HTTP Web. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Abandoned Calls Grievance kind HTTP Www. FCC. gov CB Buyer Details D R. pitfall email W protected

Post by Greeting Citizens!,

361-400-3192 I 'm surprised they did not attend The festival of your Vestal Virgins . Both of them would adore for meet them. with apologies to Frankie Howe Road

Post by Guest,

3614003192 quot National Don't Telephone Registry quot list is worthless. This website is only good to look for out if that Amount is really spam. Absolute best thing for do is file a formal Criticism online along with the FCC Grievance Site.

Post by chris,

361-400-3192 Do not call

Post by kp,

3614003192 Your own bank would be the first offender.

Post by Linda B,

361-400-3192 8 calls Now no messages no Solutions when i Select up. . . .

Post by Guest,

3614003192 Offering insurance discounts

Post by Lea,

361-400-3192 They telephone saying they're from Pharmacy Attention scam. .

Post by Guest,

3614003192 Request what Business he was calling from he said W World Trade Center. I told him that us not Accurate and not appropriate and he started laughing. I said which is not amusing and he said it was. Whoever the Business is disgusting and needs to be shut down.

Post by Jertzie,

361-400-3192 Did t reply and they did t leave a message. Don't have any hint who d be calling me out of Corpus Christie.

Post by sherri,

3614003192 Fascinating that calls from the Amount run your Field of scampers. CID on my telephone Enrolled Mortgage . I m sure in Change for my private identification had I answered I would become rewarded along with a lower attention rate. That is that first and thus far last call out of the Amount gotten 9 W W at W PM. No message was left surprise surprise.

Post by Guest,

361-400-3192 Calls for no reason

Post by tony,

3614003192 calls every W minutes

Post by irritaded#1000,

361-400-3192 I get calls out of W and W W from all over the Con strive. Tex CA Mi Minimum and other states. I ask them not for telephone anymore that I was going for report them and they Normally response I Can Call You personally BACK

Post by Naomi,

3614003192 I obtained a call from the number from someone called Dave posing as my grandson got arrested last nighttime for something he did not would and now in jail. He Inquired me for 3 W. to post Relationship for him. I refused. Nevertheless I did carry on a a conversation presuming it could 've been a practical joke out of my son in law to my sorrow. I am writing in your hope that my reporting along with other reporting May}n' can something to prevent this conduct along with criminal motive.

Post by Guest,

361-400-3192 I did not take that phone and no message was left. Cheers to all users providing information about scam calls.

Post by david k arnold,

3614003192 6 calls today. No reply.

Post by annoyed,

361-400-3192 I get these calls all the time. Legit Folks leave express mail. They never 've.

Post by Guest,

3614003192 credit card telemarketer

Post by Guest,

361-400-3192 Phi Leg scam pretending for be an insurance Firm. Very arrogant when confronted.

Post by Guest,

3614003192 I am on your don't phone list and I do not appreciate telemarketers calling my cell phone or any other phone for that matter. They're a Entire waste of time and vigor.

Post by tyler,

361-400-3192 I think they have Automobile created call center. Considerably enjoy politicians and government Companies use Rob dialing Software. They enroll multiple numbers from multiple states. It does not help to block them. I have blocked Around W numbers and still brand new ones come Upward. On the away chance I get an Real Man when I reply they ask me about Automobile insurance. I work for an Vehicle insurance Firm and they never would cold calling. they simply contact people who request for become contacted. Your insurance companies are also bound by Solitude laws and your own Composed Guidelines from giving out any of your personal info. If you might have never given Outside your number enjoy me Subsequently they 've a Rob dialing Software that randomly dials thousands of Amounts at 1 time and which ever ones connect get then Designated for an True person. Then your first Owner for Choose Upward gets the Congressman. Which is why many Folks Discuss to some Individual and many Folks just get the hang ups. Its enjoy making a three manner call on a larger scale and Subsequently ending all but that one that connects. There is not Considerably any government Bureau can do until they find the Firm in the Us and Establish they're doing something illegal. I will Only keep blocking them and when I would Discuss with someone I can get as Substantially Information as I could.

Post by Bob,

3614003192 Automated pare record phone claiming that there was nothing erroneous along with my credit card account but they could lower my interest rate. Press 1 for Discuss for an Indian sounding man from the stupidly Simple sounding Card Services mentioned that since I vie been paying on my credit card account and the interest speed was W. 9 he could lower it. Certain exactly why not. Inquired your Amount of my Charge MasterCard ask him which just one and which bank since they are different card processors. Maintained it was out of a Chase Visa so playing along I Inquired for the last for digits of that card for Proof Applications. He provided your first 4 Note the first four Numbers Specify your card chip see HTTP Internet. cyberspace. com programmers get tin . . . s katydid for reference told him I knew that was Simply a central processing unit prefix I Desired that last 4 Numbers. He Offered me four Numbers and I Inquired for the first name on that account. He Installed up. Envision that. These Individuals are not From Your own BANK. They're scampers. If you personally give them your own credit card number Instantly Phone Your own BANK AND Stop The CARD. Sorry for the all caps but this is really Significant. Nonetheless I do think it s pleasure for play with these people for as long as possible. So if they phone try and keep them talking as long as potential for help prevent someone else from being scammed. While they are talking to you personally they can t scam someone else. Consider it a People service. Stall request different questions Around your own statement etc. Never present them any real info. If they tell you it s a Chase bank or Bank of America Very easy since they're two of the few Important banks Outside there cheers for that Authorities allowing all these mergers Merely concur and play along.

Post by Emmitt,

361-400-3192 Have obtained two calls from the number but did t response either telephone because I knew I did t understand anyone within Yorktown.

Post by Dan Mueller,

3614003192 I am an open homosexual. They called wanting for Associate me up along with someone. . . NOT interested it is harassment

Post by William Do Young,

361-400-3192 I do not need any more calls out of the Business.

Post by Anonymous,

3614003192 Hello I obtained a phone from the Amount today and no just one replied your line. I called your Amount back and a record Inquired if Id enjoy to become placed on the do not phone list. I think they re becoming Better so Sadly this could no longer represent reputable companies anymore. For all I understand there USN t a do not phone list but just the recording stating that i will be added could become enough to put the most gullible person s head at facilitate. So beware Men.

Post by jet,

361-400-3192 CID said mortgage. i don t response any calls from numbers i don t know. DC is about as useful as a hand full of poop.

Post by Jfkg,

3614003192 Cherished JFK. . notes isn't affiliated along with your callers we are not calling you either. notes is a forum for reporting who calls you and any data you personally might 've Around the phone to share along with other Newsgroup users. It's Very doubtful that your own callers are reading here also. We can t Discontinue anyone out of calling you either. Would consider maybe getting a telephone blocking Product or Telephone. . You can Google them and many are Approximately W. W or so. Report your callers here HTTP Www. . gov amp Screen HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms form. Amenhotep's Gripes. dentally. gov complaint Grievance Assess. asp. panel By State DC lists HTTP Web. . com tentacled. HTML

Post by Jasmine,

361-400-3192 Your DC list is used by valid Companies. Whoever is calling out of the Amount b is an prohibited Firm so exactly why would they follower law. Blaming that DC list with this is enjoy blaming your own brother for something your own neighbor did.

Post by *sigh*,

3614003192 They called me did t leave a message. The caller ID name is Mortgage

Post by Acr,

361-400-3192 They phone never leave message Only annoying. blocked their annoying A

Post by jet,

3614003192 CID said mortgage. i don t answer any calls out of numbers i don t know. DC is Around as useful as a hand packed with poop.

Post by AB,

361-400-3192 called left no message

Post by Ro,

3614003192 It s a scam asserting insurance Business Prices and all they demand is your SIS Reproduce of a drivers license and pass book mothers maiden name and your work.

Post by annoyed,

361-400-3192 I get these calls all the time. Legit people leave express send. They never 've.

Post by Fedup to the MAX,

3614003192 Alex you are able to t put them out of business and you personally won t Discontinue more from coming. As long as they could use a spoofing service for hide behind they will keep coming. Your fact the calls Ceased has nothing to would along with reporting it for your State Attorney General. . . . it is manner overly Considerably trouble and takes too Considerably manpower for them for track down which spoofing service was used to get your data as to your date and time that particular number called Your own Amount. Recall spoofing is legal as long as they are not calling for scam you. . . . . yep confident like Fair callers would demand for spoof a number. . . . your tax dollars at work. I try and attempt all that time for get Individuals to write for their local government Associates for get spoofing Restricted but Individuals Simply don t need to take your time and or Place forth the Work thus paying that phone Business to become harassed is Only that way it's going for be as long as that politicians provide that spoofing service Firms permission for create money. We gotta as they state suck it Upward buttercup.

Post by Guest,

361-400-3192 Phi Leg scam pretending for be an insurance Business. Very haughty when confronted.

Post by Tracy,

3614003192 I Simply got a telephone from someone from W W W

Post by pgulrich,

361-400-3192 Useless telescopes using a phony Amount. CID says Mortgage but it could become anything from solar for debt consolidation to car insurance. But its all a fraud for get your personal Information. Block the number its all you can can.

Post by Jimmy,

3614003192 SCAM

Post by Ro,

361-400-3192 Other sites have reported this is many kind of generalized scam Amount for offers for solar Systems auto insurance and the enjoy. Same previous Regular scam my merchandises and services. I d block it myself.

Post by Guest,

3614003192 l

Post by Guest,

361-400-3192 spammer.

Post by Anonymous,

3614003192 Hi I received a call from the number Now and no one answered the line. I called the number back and a recording asked if Id like to become placed on that don't telephone list. I think they re getting smarter so Sadly this could no More represent reputable Firms anymore. For all I know there USN t a do not telephone list but Only your recording stating that i will be added could be enough to put the most gullible person s mind at facilitate. Thus beware People.

Post by Ann,

361-400-3192 Do consider maybe becoming a telephone blocking Unit or Telephone. . You are able to Google them and many are around W. W or thus. Report your callers here not just to the DC alone HTTP Www. . gov amp Cell HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms form. Amenhotep's Grievances. dentally. gov Criticism Gripe check. asp. panel By State DC lists HTTP Web. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Abandoned Calls Criticism sort HTTP Www. FCC. gov CB Client facts D R. pitfall E-mail W protected

Post by Guest,

3614003192 As along with all my spam calls they hang Upwards after 3 rings as don t need ans. machine for pick Upwards.

Post by Ro,

361-400-3192 It s a scam claiming insurance Business Prices and all they need is your SIS Replicate of a drivers permit and pass novel Parents maiden name and your work.

Post by Guest,

3614003192 scampers

Post by Guest,

361-400-3192 Phi shin scam pretending for be a insurance company which you contacted then becoming very rude when calling their bluff. Blocked amp reported.

Post by Guest,

3614003192 Card services

Post by kp,

361-400-3192 Your own bank would become that first Prison.

Post by Carolanne,

3614003192 I Merely gotten a phone call out of this number. He said I had contacted them Around Dwelling improvements. He was interested within knowing what home improvement I was interested within. I remembered Viewing a current Software on Tv Around their calls being illegal since I am on a NO Phone LIST. I located out his name is Bob Anderson . When I asked him what company he was working for his response was I was asking him questions he was Guessed for be asking me. I told him what he was doing was Fully illegal. I was on a NO Telephone LIST. I have the appropriate to sue you and your Business. So before I could ask him again what Business he was working for he Put up. Before he Installed Upwards he said I would never receive another phone call out of his Firm. I 'm going to record any further Telephone calls so if that can tell me your company they are working for I can Additionally 've that phone Amount too.

Post by Anonymous,

361-400-3192 Hi I received a phone out of the Amount today and no just one replied that line. I called your number back and a recording Inquired if Id like to be placed on your do not telephone list. I think they re becoming Better thus unfortunately the can no More represent Reliable companies anymore. For all I understand there USN t a don't phone list but Simply the recording stating that i may be added could become enough to put the gullible Man s thoughts at ease. Thus beware People.

Post by sherri,

3614003192 Dint know who is calling dint desire for be called i am on a no call list

Post by Greeting Citizens!,

361-400-3192 I am surprised they did not attend That holiday of your Vestal Virgins . Both of them would adore for satisfy them. with apologies to Frankie Howe rd

Post by Guest,

3614003192 Keep getting calls from this number . . . along with no Result . . . . too Substantially. . . . is the a proposed virus.

Post by Greg,

361-400-3192 That is one of many scampers fishing for info. Contact the Us Trade Commission. Calls are typically created out of overseas. Become cautious.

Post by annoyed,

3614003192 I get these calls all the time. Legit Folks leave voice mail. They never 've.

Post by Bre,

361-400-3192 Got a telephone today amp no message left so I called the amp a very Fine lady answered telling me the Authorities is working to save me cash with lowering interest rates. I told her I have non since I was W since I pay my credit cards in not empty every month. Thus 0 cannot become lowered. She told me thank you personally amp Put Upward.

Post by Guest,

3614003192 Called at 6 W this morning. Solicitation for attention lowering of credit cards and I m on that quot Don't Phone List quot .

Post by Guest,

361-400-3192 OK

Post by tired of spam calls,

3614003192 they phone me all your time i even reply and they didn't recording say great bye. . . . gonna block them.

Post by ejlt,

361-400-3192 W Calls Day-to-day to sell Automobile stuff. Only told that Woman this can be a DC listed and she told me to shut Upward and Subsequently Installed up. Yes I Actually don t believe You're a Actual Firm after that Telephone telephone.

Post by Guest,

3614003192 something Around home Changes. . . they keep calling my Telephone even when I don t response. do you Cease them.

Post by Have Gun Will Travel,

361-400-3192 That motive we get these calls is cause they making Huge time cash off Ignorant Folks that provide them there data. If that idiots would Discontinue doing company with the scam BS lowlifes Subsequently the calls would Cease. If you have your time get among them football horns you personally strike at games and answer click that 1 for Actual life lowlife Man to come on and hit that horn a few times and hang up. In a few weeks the calls can Quit.

Post by Guest,

3614003192 Foreign speaking Man claiming a House development company seeking company. Very suspect.

Post by MrB,

361-400-3192 Two calls out of the number within that previous week. Caller ID name displays Mortgage . The foreign speaking Man Promised they do Residence improvements. I seriously doubt their baloney and suspect they are phishing for Information. Sounds scam my for me and they seem for become targeting older people.

Post by Lesli Rodrigue,

3614003192 unsolicited Telephone calls out of this number. I blocked them but I don t desire them calling me. These are that trolls of that world. . .

Post by Jasmine,

361-400-3192 That DC list is used by legitimate businesses. Whoever is calling out of the Amount b is an illegal Business so why would they follower law. Blaming that DC list with this is enjoy blaming your own brother for something your own neighbor did.

Post by J-Man,

3614003192 Called at 8 W 'm. I did t reply they did t leave a message. Blocked.

Post by Mr Cardinal,

361-400-3192 They have my number but they could be blocked or ignored.

Post by adm,

3614003192 LOLA. Good Thought.

Post by Leslie Reichenbach,

361-400-3192 W W W called me today and also in your previous. Caller Asserted that I personally had around 4 thousand dollars within credit card debit and he wanted to help me with my interest speed. Told him my credit card debt was less than W. W. He then Began for request me about other debt and I refused for present out any personal info. In Closure I Inquired which he mail me data thus that I could appearance it over and decide for myself. He did not request for my sending address and promptly Put Upward on me after I told him for send me his data. Something I knew that if this company guy whatever was legit would have Inquired for my sending address and he would have been more than joyful to send me a letter in that physical mail. Significant Indian accent so I understand he was a foreigner not in the Usa calling within from a call Centre. Not that NOT being from the Usa is a lousy matter. . . Simply that I knew appropriate away this is a scam to Get private data. I have a dumb phone it is a cell phone but I could t install apps on my cell to block such calls. I get all sorts of calls Very Substantially daily for refinancing reducing credit card debt you personally name it. ALL of these calls are Fake. . . Bogus is that just common thread with these thus phone callers along with their Google numbers. Feeling really badly for anyone who is being hacked by one of these callers too. I response and supply them the Road level each time they telephone me. It s becoming a strange and Dumb game.

Post by Guest,

3614003192 Did t Comprehend that Amount and I did t Select Upward your phone.

Post by D.Monroe,

361-400-3192 Another unknown number I refuse for response.

Post by Guest,

3614003192 ID who that is I Sent 2 to become removed from your list it took me to a representative when I said remove me from this list his replied from I could Get through his quickly mart accent was why should I. . . spam enjoy mad don t reply all. it s Likely ISIS.

Post by Schrade,

361-400-3192 The no calls each day and it has nothing to can along with Mortgage as it says. When they actually Discuss it's within an accent that could be difficult to understand and is Typically remodeling. 've told that numerous times not to call and that not simply does our house not need remodeling but we don t can company with Folks that phone solicitously.

Post by kit,

3614003192 also calls out of W W W and W W W. they called me W times yesterday. so annoying. i m transforming my soon. no VIM

Post by Guest,

361-400-3192 Scummier ALERT. . same Il tune and dance as every ones storeys. .

Post by Mathew,

3614003192 Called saying i had credit card debt as i 've a recycled phone number notion it might be due to the preceding owner but they could t tell me your name on your account and then Promised it was my Partner. When i Proposed they were being slightly rude they hung Upward.

Post by Kim,

361-400-3192 I acquired a call Now and it was your debit Comfort thus they said I pressed 1 just for ask a question that was for ask them how they obtained my Amount because it s my cell we don t 've a land line and I m Additionally on your no telephone list when I asked that question how they obtained my number the man on the other end said he received my Amount from my boyfriend I said boyfriend I don t 've just one I 've been wedded for W years he so oh sorry and Installed up I attempted for return the Telephone call just for not become Capable to Talk to anyone just a record saying it would take W W hours for my Amount to be removed

Post by Lisa,

3614003192 Cid showed Mortgage. Sounded enjoy a telephone center History. He Began to request me about Home Improvements but I Installed up on him. I was Only uneasy with the Telephone no.

Post by Joan,

361-400-3192 They keep calling and leave no message. I don t recognize exactly why there is a don't call list because I still get UN Desired phone calls out of solicitors. .

Post by Angree in Arkansas,

3614003192 A few are wondering how they got your number. They 've automatic Merchants Begin with W W go for W W W W and so on.

Post by Guest,

361-400-3192 Total spam.

Post by Guest,

3614003192 I Simply constantly block that numbers and let them waste their time.

Post by adm,

361-400-3192 LOLA. Good idea.

Post by tntrvlngrl2,

3614003192 Needed to Check my card . I said I don t think thus they hung Upwards.

Post by Guest,

361-400-3192 scummier

Post by Susan,

3614003192 Scampers block them and report them

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6069309095 Complains by Guest,

I just got my new phone Amount and with within times I am getting these calls from unknown numbers. I have had W missed calls. They ring until the express mail picks up and they don t leave a message.

8029335863 Complains by Steven,

Caller ID says Out of Region . Called at 7 W 'm. Began with a String of computer beeps not fax noises Afterward rolled into a Facsimile Trash fax for light bulbs

8005840663 Complains by Guest,

Regular. . . Mg

2394002949 Complains by Guest,

Keeps call within ask for me Afterward hangs up

4782792652 Complains by Diane,

Does not leave a message

5406926957 Complains by Guest,

this really is a scam

9022470453 Complains by Guest,


4104443278 Complains by Guest,

Answered. could Notice group of Individuals talking in History enjoy a Telephone bank sweatshop nobody replied so I Installed Upward. They did not telephone back.

8002147829 Complains by Adelmont,

Calling my Buddies Around a Invoice I do not owe.

8001077473 Complains by Becksy,

Same here. Like which Firm could it be.

8002752762 Complains by Guest,

Elisha heart man

8002415642 Complains by Roger Matlik,

received a call from W W W Girl identified herself as Jan First of a Firm called Internet share Inc. She wanted the Company to get a membership with Internet share and Thus improve the kind of Individuals we could hire. Thus every time we Desired to look for a brand new standing they would help us Outside. Basically a headhunter agency was my take but she insisted that they were not a head hunter but Fairly a service that could improve our hiring success rate.

8002394306 Complains by brenda,

It s directly talk

8002679515 Complains by Guest,

I've recieved calls from this number too! Volunteers were professional and well mannered.They explained who they were and what they were doing and asked if they could send information to our mailing address about who they were and what they were doing.Turns out they are a pretty good grass roots charitable org. that helps veterans.They have a donor privacy policy and buy,sell or trade NO information about their donors.

8002570770 Complains by RC,

Called and left no message.

8002235322 Complains by swampsnake,

Merely got a text from W W W stating movie extras actors and models wanted. no expertise required to enroll. phone W W W. I vie looked up both numbers but Getaway t found anything. Definitely NOT calling the numbers. . . not that curious. . . and don t want for validate my Amount to whoever is Setting the calls

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