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Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Bristol, RI. Bristol. United states
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Post by sarah,

4016556104 I Virtually answered the since I recognized your Place code because I am from Rhode Island but I m glad I did t after reading these comments. I Destination t filled Outside any surveys but was in your Mid of a Google search for jobs while they called. I wonder if they are getting your Amounts out of Google somehow. . .

Post by Robin Clutts,

401-655-6104 I have no Notion who the Business is but I would like for them not to call me any more.

Post by Lynda,

4016556104 Simply gotten a phone out of this Amount on my cell. Did not answer did not get a message. Going for block it.

Post by Noel,

401-655-6104 I received a phone call today out of W W W at 9 W a. m. on my cell phone which is a work cell Telephone. That man previously mentioned I had recently taken a survey amp expressed curiosity about a Occupation or Vocation Alter etc. When I Inquired what was the name of that company etc. He Put up.

Post by Guest,

4016556104 Did t response.

Post by mike,

401-655-6104 Only received a call too. i did not response.

Post by Maye,

4016556104 I Simply got a call out of this Amount 1 W W RI Us. I called it back and it's a Business called NW Positions. If you personally press 9 and after your beep enter your Telephone Amount it can remove you from the system. It said I had filled out something online Lately saying I was interested in employment opportunities. This Amount keep calling me and I am Collection of it. I trust they Quit calling my number.

Post by Guest,

401-655-6104 Did not answer

Post by Samantha,

4016556104 It s a record. They said I had taken a Doctor survey and that I had inquired Around Occupation Spaces. It s a scam.

Post by hujlnh,

401-655-6104 Got phone from that Amount a couple Minimum Past went for voice mail. No message left.

Post by Guest,

4016556104 Did not leave message

Post by Noel,

401-655-6104 They have been doing this for me since march. I 'm on the don't phone list and I 've never submitted anything online searching for employment. This is harassment and potential even a scam. Please phone that Rhode Island Cops to report W W They state they're NW Experts but I could not even look for a match for this kind of Firm or a Firm website listing their number.

Post by joanne,

4016556104 called at 8 PM did not leave a message

Post by Roger snyder,

401-655-6104 They telephone all that time and either a Registered message or that fact we notified them Around School or a job. No manner did we would the.

Post by Guest,

4016556104 online survey. . . never participated

Post by Kristin,

401-655-6104 I Merely got a telephone from W W W. Your Put up on my voice mail and I don't have any idea what the phone is about and who this phone is out of. I trust they stop harassing me. .

Post by TreeHugger,

4016556104 Called my cell phone did t leave a message

Post by Me,

401-655-6104 Called my cell did t leave a message.

Post by Jack,

4016556104 I Simply received Thai telephone as nicely. Same robot. I Offered a daft reply the robot said goodbye and hung Upwards. Don t Stress about PayPal or any order you personally placed. I m sure the was just a random phone.

Post by RPP,

401-655-6104 Wow . . just used PayPal to purchase something and then I got a phone from the Amount Merely as others have. Did not answer and Go ogled that Amount stumbled upon this. Really creepy.

Post by Guest,

4016556104 No one there

Post by ohio-recipient,

401-655-6104 Unwanted spam phone. Said I had responded to online Occupation survey. I had not.

Post by Prunella,

4016556104 They Merely called my cell also. It did sound enjoy a recording and kept repeating the same thing about your survey and Walmart gift card and job chances. I told him he had your erroneous Amount. I 've a job. And Subsequently I Put Upwards. Don t people 've better things to do Moreover scam other people. Get a life.

Post by Guest,

401-655-6104 Survey

Post by Guest,

4016556104 Spam. . . Mindless surveys

Post by Jack,

401-655-6104 I Merely obtained Thai phone as well. Same robot. I Offered a stupid response that robot said goodbye and Installed Upwards. Don t Stress Around PayPal or any purchase you placed. I m sure this was Simply a haphazard phone.

Post by Karen,

4016556104 i Only got a telephone out of that number and did t response. Subsequently I got a call from another Amount W W W and did t response then I got just one out of 1 W W W. Did t reply that 1 either. All in a question of a couple of minutes. I think they are that same. Has that happened to anyone who was called out of W W W.

Post by Guest,

401-655-6104 I did t reply I figured it was spam.

Post by Guest,

4016556104 scam. . .

Post by RCO,

401-655-6104 Obtained phone 7 8 W. Did not response. Activated voice send but did not leave one.

Post by Guest,

4016556104 I gotten two calls out of them today but did t response your phone. I don t have express send place Upwards thus they could t leave a message. I won t response my Telephone if I don t Comprehend that number.

Post by Guest,

401-655-6104 calling to would an online survey Take I never participated within any survey

Post by Joyce Hubbard,

4016556104 The Amount called my cell no answer when I picked Upwards. Seconds later same Amount called my land line no one there either.

Post by Hsien,

401-655-6104 I Merely obtained the phone out of W W W. That express asserting to be Frederick sounded very natural and Actual but it was undoubtedly pare recorded since it could t Cope along with my unanticipated questions. The express said he was calling about an online survey I took. He said that I had indicated that I was interested in job chances. None of this is true. I Installed Upward.

Post by Not Happy,

4016556104 I Merely received a phone from Simone out of the W W. He sounded like a robot. I had for request if he was a real Man and he laughed and said yes. He said i was online searching for a Occupation. I told him why would i would that. I vie been at my job for W years and happy. Then he Inquired if i Desired to go for school and i said NO and he Installed Upward on me. I going for keep calling them just like they keep calling people and see how they like it. Exactly why dozen t Authorities or someone would something along with these types of calls. There is no demand. If we wanted to go for school we would. We don t nee you for convince us.

Post by Mar,

401-655-6104 Just got the phone. . . did t reply but no message

Post by Jess,

4016556104 That s creepy.

Post by jtrt,

401-655-6104 Got a haphazard call out of the Amount today Man said his name was John and which he was out of Pound Opportunities . He said he was calling Around an online survey I had filled out and I have done nothing of your variety and have heard Around this sort of scam before. Put Upward.

Post by Fletcher,

4016556104 Only got a telephone out of the number. Same Storyline. Asserted I filled Outside a survey and that I was looking for a job. I told him that I did t 've a clue what he was talking Around and that I definitely wan t going to present him any info.

Post by Jim,

401-655-6104 Got a phone they stayed on long enough to activate the voice mail but there was no Real message.

Post by Ramona,

4016556104 They call me overly few minutes ago with the same story Around filling out employment online which I Really did and Subsequently the creepy Man asked me if I had a high school diploma or GED in the Us I said NO and them he said thank you and Put Upward. If I get the telephone next time I m going to tell them for take a trek Lola

Post by CJ,

401-655-6104 Received a call from this Amount at PM west coast time . I replied and said Hi twice. . Nothing was said and they hung up. I blocked my number and tried it and got a active indication. Added to my block list.

Post by ERB,

4016556104 Simply called and was said they were calling about a survey I Lately filled out. I Put Upwards.

Post by 123,

401-655-6104 Same experience as others if they keep calling me I m going for block them

Post by Bill,

4016556104 Obtained phone no voice send Advertisement I vie Though to set it Upward on my new Telephone. I wonder if it calls simply clever phones. Most Applications record your own number for demographic reasons I suppose.

Post by Noel,

401-655-6104 They have been doing the to me since march It is consistently the same voice. I 'm on that do not phone list and I have never Published anything online searching for employment. This is harassment and possible even a scam. Please call your Rhode Isle Cops for report W W They say they're NW Experts but I can not even look for a match for such a Business or a company website listing their Amount. That phone number is a RI Place code.

Post by Brian,

4016556104 I Merely received a phone on my cell at Approximately 6 W p. m. Since I use this phone for work I answered. There was an odd click before the Man would Chat similar to when you've a lousy cell Transmission and you personally lose Sound temporarily. I could become incorrect but that guy I was speaking with sounded Actual not Registered. About three times I told him I did not fill Outside a survey and each response he seemed for Expand more impatient. When he finally got to that point of telling me he was going to ask questions to see if I qualify for positions they 've I simply Inquired him what name he had Recorded with this Amount and he Put Upward on me. I suppose he they are either randomly Building numbers to phone or bought a list of Amounts. He never called me by name and could t tell me who he was Guessed to be speaking for. If he calls again maybe I will Simply provide that phone for my three year previous. If they're going for waste time spamming us Subsequently my kid might well waste their time overly.

Post by Guest,

401-655-6104 they said I called them and I never did.

Post by Guest,

4016556104 I Ian t gone lie they got my Arizona Lola. I knew I was Speak to a recording but I ongoing speaking biz it said it was for a job. I should vie Understood wen dewy said Quantity Attack a survey I never participated within. That's really harassment and I am pissed. Block list they go. . .

Post by bbobb,

401-655-6104 called my cell. . . because of your W W scam calls we get on business home and cell phones each day we don t answer unrecognized Amounts. . . probably Free a lot of business. . . these phones are becoming useless due to this constant harassment. . . have to turn them away at night to get rest. . . . hopefully no emergency calls at night

Post by S. Fisher,

4016556104 Called my cell the a. m. Did t answer. . . . . . Jerks.

Post by bobby,

401-655-6104 Got a telephone did t Choose Upwards. No message was left.

Post by SuziQ,

4016556104 Did t recognize Amount thus did t response call.

Post by Maria,

401-655-6104 The Amount called my cell Telephone while at work and did not leave a message. I called it back a couple of minutes Past and the message said it's NW Positions and that while online you personally had indicated that you are interested in employment opportunities. We are a world Head within Related you personally with Opportunities. It did give an Choice for either Chat for someone or for Select out.

Post by Guest,

4016556104 No 1 there

Post by Guest,

401-655-6104 Not Needed call

Post by Guest,

4016556104 calling because I did a survey online about getting a brand new job. I never did. They won t Quit calling.

Post by Karen,

401-655-6104 i just got a call from that Amount and did t response. Afterward I got a phone out of another number W W W and did t answer then I got 1 out of 1 W W W. Did t answer that just one either. All within a subject of a couple of minutes. I believe they are your same. Has that happened for anyone who was called out of W W W.

Post by Christy,

4016556104 I got a phone from the number last night. I did not answer and no message was left. Reading all of these notes I m so happy I did not reply. I 'm within Iowa and don't have any Thought how they got my phone number.

Post by Hsien,

401-655-6104 I just obtained this phone out of W W W. That voice claiming for become Frederick sounded really natural and Actual but it was undoubtedly pare Registered since it could t Cope with my unanticipated questions. That voice said he was calling Around an online survey I took. He said that I had indicated that I was interested within Occupation opportunities. None of this is Accurate. I hung Upward.

Post by Jacob,

4016556104 A man called today and said that I had Chosen a survey and Needed to get a job a Walmart. He kept having a delay within his voice. My Telephone said it was a Rhode Isle phone number. I told him for go Sucre off. And he was a scam.

Post by annonymous,

401-655-6104 This a scam don't supply out info. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by heather,

4016556104 I read these messages and called the Amount back. It was definitely a recorded express. First express said I had been online flaking Outside job applications and thus they had opportunities for me. Though I had never contacted the group. Second recording said I filled out a survey and when I didn't give a yes or no answer your express ended the call. Thus I would guess they got my Amount from me filling out applications online with valid Businesses. That's Somewhat unnerving.

Post by nick,

401-655-6104 This Amount called my cell a few Min's Past but didn't answer

Post by chris,

4016556104 I gotten a text from this Amount at 4 this morning and it said for john for take care of your kids and that life was overly challenging thus I contacted that Cops and they said its a scam they recognized that number immediately

Post by Kim,

401-655-6104 W W W Owner called at 6 W am. Called did not leave a message.

Post by rochelle,

4016556104 i keep becoming calls out of that Amount but i dint answer i have 2 cellphones and both get calls out of that number.

Post by James hh,

401-655-6104 This happened for me and my mother not even half an hour after filling Outside a credit Program at aspen dental I Powerfully consider this might 've something for do with it.

Post by abraham PM,

4016556104 I got a call Approximately 1. W pm Japanese time when I Choose your phone no response on the other side.

Post by Sean,

401-655-6104 Called with that same strange Wait saying i filled Outside a job survey I never 've.

Post by Joe,

4016556104 Same matter here Got a call did t Select Upward. No message was left.

Post by Guest,

401-655-6104 Telemarketer

Post by phil,

4016556104 it s spam

Post by laurel,

401-655-6104 Got phone did not answer

Post by received a call,

4016556104 I acquired a telephone. no voice mail.

Post by Louanne,

401-655-6104 received a missed telephone out of this number no MSG Left. I do not reply calls I don't Comprehend.

Post by jenohio,

4016556104 Called me twice back for back on my company cell line. I always reply this Telephone regardless of your Amount because i 'm on call W 7. . . when i replied your calls there was no response simply silence. Irritating for have these jerks wasting my time and interrupting my workday. . .

Post by Guest,

401-655-6104 Peculiar. Has automated reactions after you Talk. Called stating that I took a current survey and I indicated that I m interested a job. I did t take a survey. Once I Understood I wan t talking to your Actual Individual I Quit talking and your telephone ended.

Post by SuziQ,

4016556104 Received call out of number did t answer as I did t Comprehend number and I am on that Don't Call List. Go figure.

Post by kid08,

401-655-6104 Obtained a telephone from the number there was a Wait before what sounded like a robot started talking when i told them for Discontinue calling me he it repeated them selves

Post by Jess,

4016556104 That s creepy.

Post by Anthony,

401-655-6104 I did as well.

Post by Noel,

4016556104 I gotten a Telephone phone Now out of W W W at 9 W a. m. on my cell phone which is a work cell Telephone. Your guy mentioned I had Lately taken a survey amp expressed interest in a Occupation or Profession Shift etc. When I asked what was that name of that company etc. He hung up.

Post by Brittany,

401-655-6104 This number called at 6 PM EST Now. My phone said it was a Rhode Isle phone. I don t understand Everyone within RI and I don t do business along with anybody within RI thus I let it go to voice send. Nobody left a message. I Subsequently blocked the Amount in Mr. Number on my android phone. If they calla gain they may get Installed up on IF the Program Really works properly. I don t know how they got my number but it's a prepaid Telephone and Amount thus anything is potential I think.

Post by Noel,

4016556104 They have been doing this to me since march It's always your same voice. I am on your do not telephone list and I 've never submitted anything online searching for employment. This can be harassment and possible even a scam. Please telephone your Rhode Isle Cops to report W W They state they're NW Professionals but I can not even locate a fit for this type of Business or a Firm website listing their Amount. The Telephone number is a RI Place code.

Post by Guest,

401-655-6104 Scam recording

Post by Shine,

4016556104 Only obtained the call. Did not reply. Am grateful for this particular the site and the Information provided. Thank you personally all. .

Post by Roth,

401-655-6104 I was called by this Amount awhile ago Around a Occupation survey that I had Chosen I Haydn t taken a survey . Afterward Only a couple of minutes Past they called again. I replied no 1 was on your line Afterward Bed of Roses by Creations started playing. . .

Post by Guest,

4016556104 Dumb call

Post by Jeff,

401-655-6104 Got a telephone a few minutes Past did t reply no MSG.

Post by Terrified!,

4016556104 I Began becoming calls appropriate after I used my PayPal. There s some weird shenanigans going on here.

Post by Beth,

401-655-6104 The was happening to me for about Months or more so Ill of getting calls from them.

Post by katrina,

4016556104 I received 4 missed calls from W W W. No messages.

Post by missedbythatmuch,

401-655-6104 I Merely got a fresh Telephone and Telephone number and simply two people knew I had that phone. Since I did t recognize the number I did t Select it Upward. I m glad I did t.

Post by Karen,

4016556104 i just got a phone from that Amount and did t response. Subsequently I got a phone out of another Amount W W W and did t response Subsequently I got one out of 1 W W W. Did t reply that 1 either. All within a question of a couple of minutes. I believe they're that same. Has that happened to anyone who was called from W W W.

Post by Miss G.,

401-655-6104 I acquired a phone today from the phone number at 7 W pm Asian Time. I did not pick Upward but they did not leave a message

Post by Terry,

4016556104 called my pay as you go number that my wife and 1 other person has twice last month and this month. I don t response calls I don t Understand.

Post by Jess,

401-655-6104 Got a call out of W W W 1 PM. . . it was a delayed man express although his voice sounded natural that manner he phrased matters did not definitely NOT a real Person being. . I am looking for employment so I took that survey. Seemingly I Certified for their free service to fit me with open Occupation Opportunities in my own Place but something did t look correct. I Inquired him again for the name of his Firm. He mentioned JV Opportunities. . . in the mean time I was looking them Upwards online. Sadly I Offered him my name email and address but when he Inquired for my Date of Start I had Simply seen all the phone calls that Folks complained about online. Thus I asked Is that Actually Required. I d Fairly not provide it to you. He said yes. Which was my Stick for Fall and hang up.

Post by p,

4016556104 Leading Phone PHISHING Call W W W.

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6174499616 Complains by Guest,

No message

2095966140 Complains by Guest,

rude talks like a creep

2603378366 Complains by JC,

Got text for strive Well-being Product for free.

4042549167 Complains by silvia,

my google search returned this:Cardiology Consultants of Texas(214) 826-5000621 N Hall St Ste 400Dallas, TX 75226

8156878515 Complains by Guest,

Calls each day. Yesterday called 3 times within your morning once in afternoon. Today already called 4 times. Caller ID says quot RFC Call quot . I don't Choose Upward. Irritating.

5045355869 Complains by Guest,

calls with a threat he was retained for prosecute within your own House or at work on a complaint. He uses some one else s name so you call back

7543220000 Complains by Guest,


6192704597 Complains by Guest,

I have acquired a telephone from W W W every daytime for the last week. I reply the Telephone but no 1 says anything and then I hang Upward. Pretty disturbing.

8002256593 Complains by Guest,

Haggai asshole

8003404166 Complains by LMJM,

Additionally got calls from this stating it was Huntington bank. this did not fit your on paperwork Delivered out of bank. we will call on correspondence. Has to would with that patriot act. No other bank has Began doing this.

8003540034 Complains by Ez,

That is correct. They are legit. Called me because I purchased something from Offshore just W minutes before.

8042051181 Complains by jay24,

Hello i got that same call. My question is did you personally Truly 've Outstanding payday loans.

8003499418 Complains by Annette Delinqua,

Yep I got a call out of the friends at ICC aka one click cash aka not becoming your own cash back sucks. . . 1 click cash was Chosen to Process by several states one of them being Cali thus they could no More go within to your own account via ache Exchange. Their just recourse is to request you personally for send them a check or money purchase etc. . . for pay the Excellent equilibrium. They can t even Set it on your credit report. Not you 've great credit anyway or you probably would t have gotten mixed up along with the shady loan shark that now calls themselves ICC. Don t pay them they could t do anything they can t even break your legs. Thus glad to be free of these sharks. My Wellness problems led me to them and then the Pressure of paying them such high premiums added for my poor Wellness. I hope a few of us never 've for can this again I know I won t I learned my lesson Around dancing along with that devil.

8102352312 Complains by Jim S.,

Hi People don t answer any telephone you do not know. Period. If that call is on your Upwards and up they will leave a message and if it makes sense then phone back. Overly many scam artists Outside there. Report all numbers for your FTC FBI or anyone else Choosing a listing of these idiots. I hope that Feds are taking note of these Gripes on the Website. Time for shut them down and send Individuals for jail.

8002223334 Complains by Guest,

hi if you're calling about the RCS go to the address I'm pretty sure you already have it ,either way there's still a few of them no I'm sorry but they going pretty quick especially for that price I'm talking about 600 cars for$ 75 100 come on buddy from 30 RCS I think we're down to half of that better hurry

8045549534 Complains by Mitchell,

The Drug Administration Management is warning your People about criminals posing as DEA special agents or other law enforcement Employees as component of an international extortion System. Your criminals call the Sufferers who within most cases previously purchased drugs over that Web or by Phone and identify themselves as DEA agents or law enforcement officials from other Companies. Your impersonators advise their victims that Buying drugs around your Net or by Phone is prohibited and that Administration action can be taken against them unless they pay a great. Within most cases the impersonators instruct their Sufferers to pay your Excellent via Cable transport to some Given location Typically Offshore. If Sufferers refuse for send cash that impersonators Regularly endanger to Charge them or investigation their property. Many Casualties who purchased their drugs using a credit card Additionally reported Fake use of their credit cards. Impersonating a National Representative is a violation of National law. The public should be aware that no DEA Representative will ever contact members of your public by telephone for demand cash or any other type of payment. The DEA reminds that public for use Warning when Buying controlled substance Drugs by Phone or through the Web. It is prohibited to buy controlled substance Drugs online or by Phone unless really stringent Conditions are met. And all pharmacies that dispense controlled Material Drugs by means of your internet must be registered along with DEA. By ordering any pharmaceutical Drugs online or by telephone from unknown entities members of that public Hazard receiving unsafe counterfeit and or ineffective drugs out of criminals who Manage outside your law. Within addition personal and Fiscal info could become compromised. Anyone receiving a Phone call from a Individual purporting to be a DEA unique agent or other law enforcement official seeking cash should refuse that demand and report that Risk using your online kind below. Please include all Areas including most importantly a phone back Amount thus that a DEA investigator can contact you for Added info. Online reporting may Significantly assist DEA in investigating and Ending this Legal action. HTTP Internet. diversion. USDA. gov Bars press releases extortion's. HTML

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