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Post by XenGab,

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Post by Guest,

416-640-3489 Called people enjoy Five times in that past few days. I never response can it s super annoying.

Post by Jane,

4166403489 The Amount called my private cell Amount at 6 'm the morning AND at 6 Am Saturday morning. There is certainly no reason for a company to be calling someone at these hours. I need for understand what companies use the really unprofessional company for their market research as I can create certain for boycott them in that future. . Additionally how did they get my Amount. .

Post by Guest,

416-640-3489 Calling and asking for personal info.

Post by L,

4166403489 3 missed calls and no message. Bloody rang at W PM 1 PM and 2 PM on Could possibly Th W.

Post by Bisbee,

416-640-3489 Great Occupation Tonya.

Post by daisie,

4166403489 W W W Unknown Amount kept calling without Making a message.

Post by Gideon,

416-640-3489 Despise for tell you personally all but the Owner is Actually an unscrupulous PI who does most of their work for the insurance industry. They're Established in Toronto but work all around Ontario one day here 1 daytime there . I know the Man personally and have dealt with them and their Agency which is run by someone who is a Understood Legal and has within your past lost their PI license should maintain jail but USN t because the industry USN t policed correctly by your government regulator . It's a common ploy for PI s trying to locate something Outside out of you or Striving to take a short cut to save time and their Economical Customers money God knows they simply create billions a year in profits to use the kind of tactic. It is Usually referred for as indirect Questions or more Normally pretexts. There are rules and Rules Around that use of such tactics but each Researcher who does work for insurance companies use the they have for or they won t get your work from the insurance companies.

Post by Jeff,

4166403489 The number is calling me several times each week I am getting exhausted of it. It s time our phone Firms set up a line for people to send these unwanted calls and let them deal along with that problem without our phones always ringing.

Post by Annoyed,

416-640-3489 Why can these Folks telephone you late at night. 8 W and 9 W at nighttime. I don t would surveys and if I need to buy something I ll Google it or read my Flyers for deals. Quit bothering Individuals at Residence . . . . . it s quite annoying.

Post by Fets,

4166403489 Does anyone in the train of thought recognize your purpose of the web site. No one here is calling you so shouting PLEASE Stop CALLING USN t going to accomplish a matter. This site provides a place for Folks to report on unwanted or continual or harassing or scamming phone calls for the benefit of other Casualties of such calls. Read the other posts. . . you personally May}n' learn that these are scampers who will not Discontinue calling you personally even if you tell them to not valid Companies . If you believe Around it how would anyone know who You're anyway. Or your Telephone Amount to Discontinue calling. Consider getting a phone blocker or even simpler Don t reply the Telephone any more when your call is from this Amount.

Post by Matilda,

416-640-3489 They just called and they wanted for can a survey Around Automobiles.

Post by tom,

4166403489 more often than not the Owner id data is Fake. but calling out of a number that appears to be outside your Authority Additionally helps them for avert law enforcement.

Post by Guest,

416-640-3489 repeated nuisance annoyance. Connections up my phone line.

Post by thom,

4166403489 Got a call out of somebody saying they were conduction a survey for Bright work Partners or something to that effect. I quickly ended the call. Welcome for Glowing work Partners LC We are a research Established Consultant focusing on product service and distribution problems in retail and institutional Monetary services. Very best Understood for the work among Advertisement visors we support clients who Spread retail investment and retirement services products through non Private Specialist channels. Your research is Established on work among business owners high internet worth People retail Advertising visors Members and former Contributors within qualified Strategies plan sponsors Advertising visors who sell Pension services and Taps who manage retirement plans. The Customers include most of your leading Common fund Firms insurance Businesses and Dealer Sellers active in these Merchandise Regions. Combining research Visiting and Business backgrounds principals Merle W. Baker and Ronald L. Bush bring unsurpassed experience and skill for milt client research custom research and Visiting assignments. Glowing work Associates LC was founded in W. Your Agency is Established within Stamford Connecticut.

Post by pqowie,

416-640-3489 called today repeatedly around and over and then Installed Upwards. they 've disregard for everyone they phone make particular you block them immediately

Post by Ed,

4166403489 I called this number back and went to express send I Strike British pound and was Inquired for a send box Amount after a few attempts call was transfer and a recording identified this as Octal express information processing did a investigation on this not confident what for make of it but its a bit frightening what your implication could become IE identity theft

Post by Inshik,

416-640-3489 that Assistant tell me which is research Business they request my age by blunder i tell the Only ask your year only no date no month.

Post by Kari,

4166403489 The number has called twice within the previous two hours. A Girl with a European Feature Requires for someone in charge of Human Resources. When asked for leave a message she Merely said she ll phone back another time and calls back an hour later .

Post by Irritated,

416-640-3489 Acquired a phone out of the Amount on my cell yesterday at Approximately PM. Did t response never answer calls from Amounts I don t understand no message left. Out of what I vie read on this Website sounds enjoy a marketplace research Organization of a few sort. I blocked that number appropriate away on my phone so I m not certain if they vie tried calling again since. Very irritating.

Post by Janie Rowell,

4166403489 . . . paying for Phone service that is not Assumed to allow harassing telephone racketeering callers. What in that heck are you personally talking Around. There surely is no Telephone service government Bureau or System anyplace that can prevent unwanted callers. You and John Nearly sound enjoy you personally re stupid Authorities haters.

Post by Marketmunduer,

416-640-3489 Men its a research Business Simply Striving for request you questions if you dint want to can it Simply request them politely for take you personally off that calling list as that CDC Guidelines do not Implement for survey Businesses but just for telemarketing Firms they Keep their own do not phone list . Jeez and it originates in Toronto and they are not out of Asia like most of you personally believe plus their contracts are with many companies its why they phone for many different things

Post by me,

4166403489 Nicely that s great but your own off by one Amount. LOLA shush People cut Frank somewhat slack he she was just trying help. typo idiot

Post by Guest,

416-640-3489 This Amount has called several times. I eventually replied but no response. It comes Upward that it is potential hacker and terrible.

Post by tiredmom,

4166403489 9 PM and these folks called and woke your infant that had Merely fallen sleeping. You personally phone the late at night you personally d better become telling me Around a death or you re bringing me dinner tomorrow. No voice mail.

Post by Mac,

416-640-3489 Oh yea they got me for. Never Decided Upwards cant become bothered. calling here at least twice a day some times more. Guy get a life and leave Folks alone.

Post by Guest,

4166403489 Spam

Post by Kit-Kat,

416-640-3489 I Merely received a telephone out of the Girl my hubbies replied she Inquired for me and said her name was Denise. I attempted calling back as I Put Upward accidentally and all I get is ringing and a full express send box.

Post by Al,

4166403489 Decided Upward and got dead air and a hang Upward not interested within a male Reply ant i guess

Post by Mary Lou VI,

416-640-3489 Feb W W. phone from W W W It was a regular Political telephone how I rated Christie Clark as a premier 1 to W in Distinct portfolios and the Conduit line and LG and her compatibility along with other Premiers within Canada. Also Inquired my politics and Around DP Adrian Dix Scott. Leavenworth John Hogan and Carole James . My view on the Instruction system unions employment situation Our age bracket wage and level of Schooling. She was a courteous French Canadian and said she was phoning outside of B. C. I declined a opportunity for win something which Needed more identity. . I believe this to become a paid for solicited telephone out of either your Liberals or the DP.

Post by We're on the DO-NOT-CALL-LIST,

4166403489 Got a return call for W W W and ended Upward along with a voice mail message the voice send carton going for W W W was not empty and for hang up. Voice mail system did not hang up Quite than hanging Upward that system Shed me into your express mail Direction system. . . There was no way for remove your Amount from their list despite people being on that Canadian Don't Telephone List. Your W W xx xx Telephone exchange belongs to All Supply Inc. So W W W is most likely belongs for an All Supply customer. All Supply s contact Amount is 1 W W W options 1 1 1 . Call them and file a Gripe. Ask All Supply customer service to contact your owner of W W W to remove your number out of their list. As I m typing the up they called again and it was a survey Around health attention dilemmas. Inquired them to Set our number on their don't phone list.

Post by Jane,

416-640-3489 I got a phone Merely now I vie had many calls in the last few weeks out of the Amount call show . Chap said he was John calling in the Logic Group and doing a survey. I Inquired if the was for a specific Canadian Federal Bash he said no but it was for do with your upcoming election. I politely declined contribution and he was Rather Ok along with that so hopefully they ll Fall my number from their call list.

Post by Guest,

4166403489 Said was an opinion research Organization.

Post by Peter Alberti,

416-640-3489 Unknown number

Post by Joseph,

4166403489 Really this USN t Authentic as on your CASK Site it especially says that A Commercial Electronic Message CHEM is a message whose intention is for encourage participation in a commercial activity's doesn't Implement to non commercial activity voice facsimiles or auto recorded express calls Rob calls air messaging including tweets and posts

Post by Guest,

416-640-3489 something should be done about those who telephone like this.

Post by Gordon B.,

4166403489 Over and around again and again. Twice a day at dinner time then later. I vie had the number blocked for months but it is still quite annoying. I d become thus happy if could become blocked at a higher Degree phone provider and never 've your Telephone ring. Even more your Telephone provider should give you an Choice to telephone them with many particular code and after verifying that last number called you could Start a long-lasting block. . . and peace. I Recommend all of you telephone your Service and Recommend this Choice.

Post by WatchingTheDetectives,

416-640-3489 Dear Fellow Casualties I feel that since these Firms feel they could invade our Houses and Solitude then we can perform your same to them along with legally obtainable info in the Web Hello if they want to create their lives People that s their selection . Here s many information about the company that called you personally and the directors of the company. The Firm is called that Citigroup Inc. Their tag line is the GO For Individuals . They're a Business that Holds market research. Appropriate now within Ontario we 're undergoing provincial elections in June W and a number of interested parties are contracting that Citigroup for conduct polling for political Applications. This really is most likely why you might have been called as of late. Note They're EXEMPT From the Don't Telephone LIST . Thus even though you personally may be on the DC list they can still call you for political polling. I Recommend we urge the MIPS Mops and that CR TC to Shift that regulations of your DC list for Contain pollsters. The Issue along with their service is that 1 They don t leave message's They call and call relentlessly until you answer their survey When you personally call the Amount back you are directed to some recording that tells you personally they are a legitimate Business that's not Attempting to sell you personally anything and that they can attempt calling you later. The Trouble along with point 3 is that they should allow you personally to leave a message and ask them for remove your phone number from their calling list. It is because they do not permit with this that I conducted this research. Here is a few data on the company and its company s president the information is exact as at your time of the Publishing Salvatore Mike Lo git Group Inc. RECHERCHE GROUP LO GIT INC. formerly W CANADA INC. Company address W Sundas Road West Room W Toronto ON MB Business Telephone W W W ext. Company general Telephone 1 W W LO GIT or 1 W W W Email E-mail W protected Dwelling address removed Jan s Twitter description Market Analyst politico Hodgkin s Lymphoma survivor. Adore my Leafs Blue Jays Bills amp FTC. . . William Mould is musical Guru. . . Fora People Cadenza W. If you contact Mr. Pusan ask for him by his Official name Salvatore as his nickname Jan seems for tip off people close for him you May}n' be one of his targeted Customers . Additionally his home and office may at first pretend that they don t know who you re asking for and which you have the erroneous Amount. If you press a bit further and are assured or creative you are able to get them for acknowledge that it is indeed Jan s house or work that you have accomplished. You can Additionally try the company s CEO but I think Calling John should suffice as he is more involved with the daytime to day operations of that Business. Here s come information on the Business s CEO Anthony R. Millionaires Lo git Group Inc. RECHERCHE GROUP LO GIT INC. Previously W CANADA INC. Business address W Sundas Street West Suite W Toronto ON MB Company Telephone W W W ext. Business general phone 1 W W LO GIT or 1 W W W E-mail email W protected Residence address removed Feel free to Reproduce the info for other Telephone call Following websites. The data above is Theme for change i. e. they Shift their address phone Amounts etc. . If You're in the United States or another country I 'm not sure why they would phone you personally unless it is for many marketplace research that goes beyond Canada s borders.

Post by Bisbee,

4166403489 Fantastic job Tonya.

Post by More SCAM,

416-640-3489 A Beachhead phoned me and asked who is taking care of you personally Residence. . . shitty. . . when I said how can I help you personally she Only hang Upward your phone. . . WHAT A Bitching. . .

Post by smith,

4166403489 Received a phone from the Amount at 9 W pm on December W. Man voice asked for me by name and Asserted to become doing a survey for TD Canada Trust regarding their services. I told him I was not interested. He Inquired if there was a better time to call and I said no. I go ogled your Amount and arrived here. The definitely helped. Thank you.

Post by macoun,

416-640-3489 called me three times today. left a empty message one time. I attempted calling back and it Simply rang no answer.

Post by Slk,

4166403489 How can you Cope with it in any respect if there s no just one there. 'm barraged along with calls no one there and when I phone back no one picks Upward and your voice send is not empty. There are so many of these my block caller list is full

Post by jason richardson,

416-640-3489 we get phone calls from the number several times a week. there surely is never a reply and the Telephone hangs Upwards.

Post by Annoyed but informed.,

4166403489 Read that Canadian no phone list rules. I does not and won't within any time within your future Employ to Marketplace Research calls or any telemarketing calls from Firms you have been within contact and or business along with within your previous W months.

Post by Roberto,

416-640-3489 've been receiving calls from this Amount for the last few weeks including weekends and at around 9 W PM. Tried for block them through Tel us Display Telephone service W but it says that number cannot become blocked because it outside of that service Region Can Call Tel people to locate out why

Post by MS,

4166403489 How on world would this cause a handicap no way a phone speaker would go loud enough to Truly cause Massive hearing damage you re full of BS

Post by Colleen,

416-640-3489 These People are what I refer to as Pita. . . Pain Within The A . Third day within a Line they have called my B. C Dwelling Telephone at about your Specific same time. Thank goodness for telephone display. I don t reply Afterward I gorge that Telephone Amount and get brought to a site like Th's that confirms it s jut another obey of those Pita calls .

Post by Twinguy,

4166403489 Several calls from the Amount the weekend. No reply and no message left. Owner ID says Toronto. Sure it is a front for something else. How do I get them to quit calling.

Post by shelly brant,

416-640-3489 I Simply got just one now and I get one or 2 a daytime . . I state Hi 2 times and then they hang up . . I don t Notice anything within that back ground . they should not become aloud to can this .

Post by Who are they, really?,

4166403489 I vie answered this Amount many times. Sometimes it s a survey I vie won a trip my computer has a virus collection Bureau or no just one responds. . . . . . I m guessing they re a call center that gets many Distinct Deals.

Post by Karen,

416-640-3489 W W W calls my House on a regular basis despite me being on the No Call list. I don t answer because I don t Comprehend your number and your caller ID says unavailable name. They never leave a message.

Post by esther Reoch,

4166403489 notes isn't Associated along with your own callers we are not calling you personally either. notes is a forum for reporting who calls you personally and any data you could possibly have Around the telephone for share along with other forum users. It's Very doubtful that your own callers are reading here also. We could t Discontinue anyone from calling you either or remove out of a list. Do consider maybe getting a phone blocking device or phone. . You are able to Google them and many are around W. W or so. Report your own callers here CANADA RCMP Telephone busters Phone Cost free 1 W W Mon Fri 8 W 5 W pm Japanese Time E mail email W protected RCMP Web site is at HTTP Www. Telephone busters. com File Grievance online HTTP Www. re col. ca intro. asp. Lang en Enroll with a Code and Afterward can Frequently file Grievances Canada National Do not Call Registry Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission CR TC Phone toll free for File A Complaint 1 W W W to remove a Grievance is W W W CR TC online Criticisms form HTTP Internet. linnet encl. cg. ca poplin coin enact is at Web. CRT. cg. ca Better Company Business Assess Outside a Business find owner contact info file a Complaint HTTP Web. BBB. org Canada

Post by CP,

416-640-3489 I have gotten 3 calls from this Two Recently within your early 'm and pm. I answered your second time. . Said they were doing a survey for Meridian Credit Union. . . Asked if banking or investments done shared or myself just. . . Desired for know year of birth and postal code. . . asked which banks I deal along with and Supplied a list to Pick from. . . Inquired if I could go to my computer . . when I said I had no accessibility to your computer she said she could not continue with survey. . . I contacted Meridian Facility and Part. . . . surprise . No such survey being conducted. . . . Called NPR and can call OPP on Monday. . . . Lady was gentle spoken with East Indian accent. .

Post by molted,

4166403489 Have obtained 4 phone calls since July 2 from this Amount. I live in California and have a Mi cell phone number. I haven t answered any of that calls they don t leave a message. I m happy I never have answered your calls based on what I vie read so Way here.

Post by Renai Curran,

416-640-3489 Cease calling me


4166403489 Discontinue all calls. . . . . . .

Post by Tullula,

416-640-3489 Marketplace research Firms are not part of your do not call list. But if you talk to them you are able to request to be removed.

Post by Harry Kopy,

4166403489 I keep becoming calls from this Amount on my Owner ID but no just one ever leaves a message. I comprehend it's a telemarketer. . . . Please make them Quit calling me. . .

Post by Albert,

416-640-3489 Consider getting a phone blocking System or phone. . You are able to Google them and many are Approximately W. W or thus. If its a cell phone a few already have telephone blocking if not there are free Programs on that web that will work for a few. You can Google the. If you've a intelligent Telephone there is a free app called call control. IPhone Look for have Applications also. Another one is called Mr. Amount. For traction amp right Discuss HTTP play. Google. com store Programs details. id . . . . traction amp Hal instep extras. straight talk. com instep Web. you personally send. com Dwelling carriers directly talk block Amenhotep's Www. . com See topic. PP. f W amp t W

Post by Who Cares,

4166403489 I see someone has Chosen that time for provide me a Thumbs Down which could only mean that I 've hit your collar appropriate on the head and they 've been Found at their Tips. . . They are Marketing that details on for Debt Lovers. You can t make Upwards this Items. Really you can t.

Post by Monique,

416-640-3489 We have been being harassed in the own home. 4 phone calls Now alone and it s just PM. It s go thus terrible that we vie had for unplug the Telephone. When are that Cops or that Authorities going for take action against these Individuals. . . It should become illegal for Cool telephone your same Amount more than once a daytime even if it is for market research. It s absolutely disgusting.

Post by Needs to be Stopped, but how?,

4166403489 Phone blocker is your own best Wager and don't Choose Upwards on call numbers you do not Understand.

Post by Paddy,

416-640-3489 This Telephone no. came several times a daytime and repeated many days. When replied no just one was replied. No message was left. Appeared a few Individuals poor People played Tips.

Post by Leslie  Card,

4166403489 They keep calling even though I 've them blocked . I called your Amount and no just one replied They telephone two or three times a daytime .

Post by Cabie,

416-640-3489 the comes Upwards everyday and I m exhausted of it. I m on your no telephone registry but your calls keep coming I think I Simply won t answer. I Destination t answered Though so Perhaps they ll provide Upward.

Post by joe ross,

4166403489 you personally Folks are sick phone rings 2 times and you hang Upward 've the number on no telephone list I am turning you in its going for cost you personally big bucks

Post by Chelle,

416-640-3489 The number has called both my cell phone and my House phone probably W times within that last week. Thankfully I don t reply my phone if I don t recognize the Amount thus I Getaway t had for Speak to these people. But they have left a few messages and like everyone else is saying all you are able to hear is Writing and Sound. Really Strange. I hope the Cops take the seriously and can something about it. .

Post by keri,

4166403489 we've been becoming calls from the Amount all week. It's a Toronto Amount but rings long distance. If I Select it Upwards nobody can there be and if I don t Choose it Upwards it goes for express send but they don t leave a message. It's Actually annoying.

Post by Cathy,

416-640-3489 Telephone blocker is your very best Gamble. Additionally don t Select Upwards on Amounts you personally don t Understand.

Post by sp,

4166403489 they keep calling and when u call them back no answer

Post by Guest,

416-640-3489 spam nuisance call they call Regular and either don t state anything or say something swift and hang up

Post by Elaine,

4166403489 This Amount keeps calling my senior parents. . . . . . . . Could possibly W W W W W W. Leave no messages. I tried calling it back for jeopardize them that they are harassing seniors but got NO answer. My parents let it go for your machine but are drained of that Telephone ringing all that time as that is only one of many that phone in a daytime. When are the powers that become going for Set a Discontinue for this.

Post by Nik,

416-640-3489 Got a telephone out of this Amount. Said they were that Lo git Group and they were Performing a survey on Toronto radio Areas. When Inquired how they got my number I was told the it was from a number generator. Inquired for company name and that I d be calling and speaking to someone in charge because we 're on the do not telephone list.

Post by anthony,

4166403489 Just got a call out of that number. rang twice Installed Upward when i Decided Upwards.

Post by Jwillis,

416-640-3489 Called Jan Th W Am Attempting for state they were doing some survey for the government. When can your CRT create these Folks honour the so called do not call list. Make it also Required to show their not empty Right name and Phone Amount.

Post by JimBob,

4166403489 Has called 1 X per daytime each other daytime or thus for some time now. Not alive atmosphere Stop when we can bother to Select Upward.

Post by cmpettit48,

416-640-3489 I 've acquired several calls from this Business. I Only need it for stop

Post by Pissed off in Manitoba,

4166403489 If your telephone was legit . . . . . leave a message If you personally desire people for take you serious don't use Automobile diversify you need a Occupation to justify you personally life . . . become a physician nurse Instructor . . . Not a phone Facility dingbat.

Post by mike,

416-640-3489 ANTI SPAM LAW. CASK Employs to any commercial electronic message CHEM which is broadly defined as a message including text sound express or Picture Delivered by any means of telecommunication to an electronic address including email Quick messaging account telephone account or other similar account that's as its purpose or one of its Applications to encourage participation in commercial activity

Post by Jack in Vancouver BC,

4166403489 These diffuses have called 4 times today ignored them until i was thus fed Upward I replied but there was no just one at other Finish. Greer. . . .

Post by Apple,

416-640-3489 Called my property line numerous time and did not leave any message on your answering machine.

Post by Mel,

4166403489 Same here. Keeps calling our house but nobody says any hing when i answer.

Post by Ted,

416-640-3489 called then hangup probable predictive dial er

Post by zerron,

4166403489 Odd Website here Trendy idea though helps people all locate Outside what these kinda phone numbers are all about I have simply been called once but i always try and look for Outside who missed i missed a telephone out of.

Post by Anon,

416-640-3489 This number calls me Every day. They just called me two times within a Line. If it s later in your nighttime I sometimes answer. No one there. But not I did t reply both times. Actually annoying.

Post by maddi,

4166403489 They knew I was a kid because they said small girl please offer the phone to your own mommy or daddy and I W thus . . . . Your numb was W

Post by ben (ottawa),

416-640-3489 Called again. No 1 on another end of your Telephone. . . Th

Post by Robyn,

4166403489 Called your home and Installed up.

Post by Arron,

416-640-3489 If you report this for the Authorities and tell them they're harassing you personally in conversations your Authorities have no pick but for Find out your phone Supplier and shut disconnect their Telephone service. I know it sounds a bit extreme but it s that only way to create change.

Post by Peggy Sue,

4166403489 They called Approximately PM on W April and Desired me to Entire a survey. Inquired if I was over W if I got all the financial decisions and my Competition. Subsequently said good bye.

Post by ThunderTrap,

416-640-3489 Called on my cellphone Now. They tried to say they were out of Canadian Tire. I told them to FOE that I had got my payment on Thursday as I had told their preceding caller today was Saturday thus check their GD records and that maybe I will phone Upward their CEO next time on a Sunday at 'm.

Post by angela,

4166403489 3 times in just one day. . . no message. . .

Post by Susan,

416-640-3489 The number calls all the time

Post by pissed off,

4166403489 I Destination t picked up However but we are Upwards for at least W calls. Please Take there plug.

Post by Laura,

416-640-3489 Viewing not alive air calls. . . This quote is in the RCMP Site Your own Telephone could possibly 've a technical problem but you personally could Additionally be receiving calls out of an automatic Switch er that Records that time that Telephone is answered. A telemarketer uses your data to indicate when a Man can become at your number for answer your phone. The link for the RCMP s Telephone Buster Web site is HTTP Www. phone busters. com English index. HTML

Post by Linda Raffle,

4166403489 I have been called 3 times within two times out of someone at this number and they don t leave any message. My cell phone is already registered against Invoice collectors. I notion it was Cease Debt Collector don t understand any more Around it. You are able to reach me at E-mail W protected

Post by Will Never Your Call Answer Again,

416-640-3489 I would think this can be someone who calls Folks for see they ll answer their Telephones hangs up and then adds the names to a list of potential Sufferers of phone scams. I mean why else would there be SEVEN YEARS OF Info collected on this phone number and nothing done to shut it down. This type of shame and waste of time.

Post by len anderson,

4166403489 i said Hi three time when i replied i got no an swear back

Post by caper,

416-640-3489 calls. . . leaves no message. . when i phone back i get recording saying sorry we missed your own call. . . marketplace research company doing survey calls 3 times a daytime. . . consistently at niter. . . strange

Post by troy,

4166403489 Been getting Telephone calls from this number ALL frig gin daytime. Getting sick and drained of it. I call back and it rings and rings. . . and then I called again and its dead air Subsequently your sound of a door starting and Closure.

Post by CM,

416-640-3489 This number has called me six times in the last few times. I never reply and no message was left.

Post by Rachel,

4166403489 They call Regular two or three times a day

Post by Cruel,

416-640-3489 the company has called me twice once Merely for that simple enjoyment for bug me i can get you personally Tremble.

Post by David Morrow,

4166403489 This number calls me at least once but more Regularly twice each daytime.

Post by jacob,

416-640-3489 i got the same matter they would Merely hung up without saying anything

Post by Stef,

4166403489 We 're on the Don't Telephone LIST. . . Caller never leaves a message. Becoming annoying and bothersome to receive unwanted calls. Please stop calling. Thank you.

Post by Jeanette,

416-640-3489 3 calls on a Sunday morning afternoon and nighttime. Really ticking me off.

Post by Brad,

4166403489 Your own numbers are erroneous.

Post by Amanda,

416-640-3489 My calls from W W W came Saturday at W W Am Sunday at 2 W PM and 2 W PM. Love this Website. Now i understand well sort of understand what s on the other Finish.

Post by robyn,

4166403489 I have been receiving calls from the number for the previous few times. I go ogled your Amount because I can have family within Toronto but did not Understand this number. The Amount is in Canada thus that will be why the Don't Phone registry can t take the Grievances. I don t understand if there is a relevant organization in Canada for telephone for whine about these calls.

Post by Pissed off,

416-640-3489 Ass Subjects. Ill harass them appropriate back. Match ON.

Post by Kathryn Lunn,

4166403489 Get me off this telephone list now.

Post by Alliston number,

416-640-3489 Has called more than a dozen times over that last 2 weeks. Have replied on occasion just to don't have any 1 on the other Finish. Called the morning doing research and when informed I was on a no phone list your hurriedly hung Upward. Scam.

Post by Joanne,

4166403489 It s a Rob dialed as shortly as you reply they understand it s a live line and they will continue to phone. I get numerous calls for about 2 days within a Line never answer them and Subsequently that calls Cease for a couple of weeks and then the process begins around along with a Distinct Amount. Again I don t reply and again the calls stop. If you personally don t Comprehend the Amount then don t reply then they Go on for the next Amount. It Actually is Fairly Straightforward.

Post by Leslie,

416-640-3489 The number calls me Often. I don t response calls out of Amounts I don t understand. Nonetheless next time I shall response Set down that phone and walk away. I wonder Subsequently if they ll Cease calling. But what if it was that Conservatives calling and I lost a chance at telling them to tell Harper to British pound salt. This type of dilemma what to would what to do.

Post by Rooster,

4166403489 Got a telephone Now because of this Amount. It started Outside as a survey regarding your Toronto Automobile Display and morphed into a Chevrolet Survey.

Post by Carlos,

416-640-3489 These MFA s just called me and when I said yes they hung up

Post by Fafa,

4166403489 Re Josh here within Canada if you personally were to supply your legal name either date of birth or SIN the Celebration can accessibility your credit . . . Pl don't reveal such personal Information under any situation it s your own appropriate . Should there become a situation which you demand to Supply such private info please need for know not empty reasoning official body info security etc.

Post by jacob,

416-640-3489 i got the same thing they would Only hung up without saying anything

Post by Russ Bergen,

4166403489 unwanted caller

Post by Gina,

416-640-3489 Called at 9 PM Inappropriate since we were within bed.

Post by the fixer,

4166403489 I Merely tell them. I know who you are and I will look for you

Post by Jen,

416-640-3489 Political survey related to my area of Vancouver which they knew . Wanted opinions on National leaders and local MP etc.

Post by Phone Man,

4166403489 It s really simple to fake the Owner ID these days using VIP systems. They are most likely not even in Canada or your People. . . but overseas.

Post by Alain Longpré,

416-640-3489 Not ting rein Nadia.

Post by pgy,

4166403489 By the way when the caller ask if they could count on my support I said no. Subsequently he ask for my name so that his supervisor could Check that he had phone. Early within that chat he request if anyone was a civil servant. . . quite creepy

Post by Errrr they are at it again,

416-640-3489 Calling each daytime . . . . thank goodness foe call block.

Post by Laura,

4166403489 Someone called me out of this number asked if they could speak along with someone in the House over the age of W and has most Lately celebrated a birthday. I said you are able to Discuss to me but I Destination t celebrated my B daytime recently and her Result was Thank you were Only completed your quota with this section and I said What section and that Telephone went dead. . When I called back the send carton was not empty Greer.

Post by Sik N. Tired,

416-640-3489 Keep becoming calls from 1 W W W in Ontario. I 'm on your don't call list but a lot of great that does. I picked Upward. . . . nothing heard. then a hang Upwards. Keeps calling again.

Post by slim,

4166403489 said she was doing a survey for would tors i arsed who it was and she said her name was Nikita told her didn't have a do tor thus she Put Upwards. they called a few times so i eventually answered

Post by Beth,

416-640-3489 I live within Maine and got a call from the W W W number Simply last nighttime ONTARIO . I don t understand anyone within ONTARIO. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Odd. .

Post by K.K,

4166403489 Thus Mindless people. . . Exactly why the type of calls they doing. Where's that security system in the Canadian Telecommunications. .

Post by mm298,

416-640-3489 I vie reported the Amount mos ago Now someone called me again asked if I 'm Competent to do a survey on rogers. . occasionally this number switch's to your W. . number. . . ROGERS ROGERS ROGERS. . . if this is among Roger s agency Rogers suck. . .

Post by Anastasia,

4166403489 This Amount W W W keeps calling my cell Amount. When I response it automatically hangs Upward.

Post by Pizzed-Off,

416-640-3489 The Amount Simply called. I replied Simply to see who keeps calling and why. Telemarketer Hello I 'm calling for ask you personally if you would reply many questions. Me I 'm having supper True Teem Can I call you back. Not Pygmalion likely Me What s this Around. A marketing survey. A political poll. What. Teem I could t tell you. Me Why not. Tel em It s confidential Great one that. He left me an starting. Me For whom. For you personally or for me. Coup De elegance That line went not alive.

Post by jessie,

4166403489 I don t understand who the. They won t even leave a Oral.

Post by irritated,

416-640-3489 THREE times Now they have called and it s simply 3 PM. . . . jerks

Post by Erin,

4166403489 I live in Ma and acquired 3 Telephone calls today out of the number. I replied twice since I was House but due to your Wait like a telemarketer I Installed Upwards. They Additionally called on Oct. Road no one was Dwelling . If they phone again I ll wait for someone to say something or hang Upwards on me. . . .

Post by Petersen Household,

416-640-3489 I Only traced this Amount for All stream in Toronto. I called your Specialized Services Section and described my Issue and they suggested me to telephone that Authorities. . I called that Cops and they told me that what I need to would is your next time this number calls instantaneously afterwards dial W which traces that phone and create a notice of your date and time. Once I 've done this 4 times I should call the police back and they will begin Cases. Great Fortune.

Post by gordy,

4166403489 Only got a call from this Amount W W W. A spoken Woman said she was doing a food survey called me by my last name. Inquired for my postal code Afterward askew if i did your cooking in my own House. I said it's my Partner that cooks Afterward i got her and they Put up. Unusual. . Some sort of fishing scam i am sure. If they call back and i 'm sure they will i won't response ever again. I am going for phone my local Authorities and the OPP Perhaps too the RCMP.

Post by Angel,

416-640-3489 Fri. Jul. 2 W 5 W pm. Pacific Time unknown phone rang through for an unlisted Vancouver number . . . no message.

Post by Melanie M,

4166403489 Three calls in just one daytime Actually.

Post by Anonymous,

416-640-3489 Got that phone tonight and at 9 W pm . . . WT USN t 8 pm your cut off time for solicitors. Amount belongs to All stream Corp. All stream Corp. engages in telecommunications and information Engineering services. The Business was formerly Understood as AT amp T Canada Corp. and changed its name to All stream Corp. in W. All stream Corp. was founded in W and is Established within Toronto Canada. As of June 1 W All Supply Corp. Works as a Part of MT'S All Supply Inc. so how about spamming the President of MT'S All Supply . . . Dean Provost HTTP ca. Joined within. com Club dean provost 4 A W email W protected

Post by Tammy,

4166403489 Every time I reply they hang up. I am becoming irked for state the least.

Post by dirgni,

416-640-3489 I receive at least 3 calls daily from this Telephone number since that last W times.

Post by jean bernard,

4166403489 Quit CALLING ME

Post by Midtown,

416-640-3489 Am in Toronto. They called the evening around 9 W within that evening . Was within that shower so let it go to voice send. NO MSG. left . After reading that places happy I did not hassle.

Post by unknown3489,

4166403489 Hi Joyful Pet They may use different Ways. Perhaps Distinct numbers. Either way they may sell your Amount. They will lie for your buyer about the Numbers. It is Reasonably simple to change Info in Large. They have no Waste and can can whatever it takes. I would not even Place it on as a blocked Owner. I would Fairly let them waste their time with that four rings than ensure it is easier by having your phone ended at 1 ring. It is a sickening business they can. Let s not let them win.

Post by niagarajim,

416-640-3489 My call Simply said . . . . . . . . . 7 days. . . . . . then nothing.

Post by Agent Smart,

4166403489 W W W Is an Ontario survey company that hires incompetents using Rob callers which if I 'm not mistaken is illegal for use Underneath Do not Phone Legislation. Thus if You're getting no reply it is a Rob telephone. complain. NEVER Give Outside Private Info Around YOURSELF For ANYONE. IF THEY Know Your NAME TELL THEM To TAKE IT Off THEIR LIST AND HANG Upwards. Ask THEM WHO Hired THEM. IF THEY REFUSE To TELL You personally REFUSE For Response THEIR SURVEY. NEVER TELL ANYONE WHO You are VOTING FOR. IF THEY Request On your NAME AND Phone Number AND INCOME Level NEVER Give IT Outside. Your lo git model was Released by Frederick Berk son within W who coined that duration. If p is a probability Afterward p 1 p is that corresponding Likelihood the lo git of your Likelihood is that logarithm of that odds. Your Lo git . Com Sundas Road West Toronto ON MB Phone W W Facsimile W W W also St Alexander Package Montreal QC HA Telephone 1 W W W Facsimile W W Anthony Molina E-mail W protected W W W presidents Pusan E-mail W protected W W W X's

Post by Mandy,

416-640-3489 I got phone by 1 W W W and there was no response thus I desire them to stop me and my boyfriend both said Hi and no answer they Simply Installed up

Post by EFA,

4166403489 Way overly many calls from this Amount. Who your hell are they.

Post by albert,

416-640-3489 People. . . this sons on a Shore. . . called us while the baby was Sleep.

Post by Lynn,

4166403489 I 've lost count if your times they call.

Post by SLC,

416-640-3489 called I answered I could tell someone was there i. e. that it was that automated telemarketer Wait . I said Hi several times and Subsequently they Put up. I go ogled it and came across this site.

Post by Kerry,

4166403489 Number is owned by Lo git Group Oatcake ON. John Wolff is VP Sales and Promotion His E-mail is E-mail W protected his Telephone Amount is W W W. Anthony Molina is CEO his E-mail is E-mail W protected Sam Pusan is President his email is E-mail W protected Call or email these guys and tell them what you believe of their kind of calls to your own Houses.

Post by Guest,

416-640-3489 Phone number keeps calling but dozen t leave a message Think telemarketer.

Post by grammar police,

4166403489 THESE Folks ARE Striving To Obtain Your personal Data To Take Your Identification. Do not Answer their QUESTIONS OR Fall FOR their Nonsense ON A TELEMARKETING RESEARCH STUDY. They're LYING OTHERWISE THEY WOULD NOT HANG Upwards WHEN ASKING FOR their Phone Amount. BEWARE. .

Post by meow-ta,

416-640-3489 Called Now 7 PM. Did not leave message. Believe this board is a great Notion.

Post by Bothered,

4166403489 They called me overly I don't reply most of the calls because of these invaders. Appears enjoy our Canadian don't call list isn't Useful or they must become prosecuted to waste our precious time.

Post by anon,

416-640-3489 we obtained several calls but no reply on other end of line

Post by Chris,

4166403489 I receive multiple calls out of the number. Even on Sunday Morning. It must become someone trying for Accumulate data. The telephone comes through as UNKNOWN

Post by Will,

416-640-3489 Your losers keep calling for the past month. My mother picked Upward said Scotch Bank Survey. Hardly she gave obscure answers to a couple of questions and Quit there. This has for become a scam to Get private information for nefarious criminal reasons IMO. I wish Legal losers enjoy this would Only die. They are just thus annoying buggers.

Post by cfowler,

4166403489 Owner Installed Upward when I replied. I think it s an automated probe. Should become receiving a telephone out of a live Agent Soon I would Picture. I called that Amount back and got a message You might have accomplished that customer survey line in a male voice. A female voice promptly kicks within and says Exiting that system. Goodbye .

Post by m in east york,

416-640-3489 I replied that Telephone and was asked if I would can a W min survey on Food store shopping Practices. I asked what Firm she worked for and she said the grocery Shop contracts them her for can the survey. I said Ok but what Firm do you work for significance what marketplace research Business and she Simply got quite Elusive. Thus I Put Upwards. Looked very Bizarre. If they were a valid research Promotion Firm you d think she d at least provide me their name. . . . But this can be likely the Th phone out of them in your last 2 weeks.

Post by Jewel,

4166403489 Acquired calls from the Amount Ontario Canada a few times that last couple of times. I did t answer and they did t leave a message. When I eventually called back they did t response. Annoying. Maybe a computer checking account to see when You're available for reply your own phone so marketers could telephone you back in the future at that same time.

Post by Guest,

416-640-3489 Man continues for phone even when told company is not interested.

Post by Called in BC,

4166403489 After several days of receiving calls which were disconnected on reply and reporting such since there was no data for Recommend these were legitimate calls I finally replied to a live body Now. It was a survey on Account of CBC though I Envision this phone Centre does many things. No idea exactly why their system kept dropping calls until today.

Post by fay,

416-640-3489 I 've this number Displaying Upward Rather a few times I don t Answer My phone unless. I understand who is calling me. I have no time for dishonest people

Post by pissed off,

4166403489 Cease calling me i did t sign up on your illegal bull

Post by Annoyed,

416-640-3489 I Began getting these calls yesterday. W calls. Since. Yesterday. No voice send is being left. Today I eventually answered. An extremely scattered woman replied Oh hello. pause I m Mom. . pause I m um I m calling you Now pause longer pause I m calling you Now out of. . . . pause Mom. . I'm going to have for phone you personally back. and she Installed up. Thus. Unusual.

Post by OorWully,

4166403489 Same as that rest of you personally though I was becoming calls out of W W W before the 1 revealed Upward. Amazing Website by the manner.

Post by Ray,

416-640-3489 What s your point in calling replying then hanging Upwards. If there s a connection Difficulty resolution it. How morally bankrupt of a Individual being are you personally.

Post by Bag sack,

4166403489 Once they located out I work for provincial Authorities they said they had no more questions and thank you personally for my time and Put Upward.

Post by Irene,

416-640-3489 obtained it on my cell don t understand who it is don t want them calling me

Post by Geeb,

4166403489 The number continuously calls when I answer they hang up. About 4 or 5 times per daytime.

Post by Bev,

416-640-3489 Simply gotten a telephone in the same Amount and the lady identified herself as someone out of Logic Group. Not sure who they're and that Epson they Needed no longer lives here so she did not need for Speak to me.

Post by Tina,

4166403489 this Amount called last nighttime Approximately 9 pm Somewhat late to become calling for a survey IMO . I gather from previous posts here that I can appearance forwards for more annoying leave no MSG calls out of this Amount. can we Quit them.

Post by JLT,

416-640-3489 endless calls from this . Not alive atmosphere when I response. Super annoying. They call at all hours and all days.

Post by doggy,

4166403489 Got a phone out of the number we don t have caller id so I W d it and it was W W W I was curious thus I went online to see if it was Recorded I Subsequently called it back and got a recording sorry you personally missed the telephone we were Seeking to contact your own regarding market research Yep Correct. . . . Afterward why when I said Hi 6 times nobody answered me. . . . plus your number is unlisted so I don t know how they would get it within the first Set Clearly someone we have Given with and given your Amount for has Offered their phone list for someone else. .

Post by Sal,

416-640-3489 Specific same matter happened for me too. Envision my amazement confusion for see MY number calling me on MY phone on same number phone . The should be illegal as I did NOT provide my permission for them to use MY Telephone number. I 'm that one that owns it amp pays for it. . These Individuals are criminals. . . . .

Post by VanVoter,

4166403489 Got a telephone from the Amount about who I voting for within that Vancouver municipal election.

Post by concern,

416-640-3489 Harassing call

Post by Marlene,

4166403489 Merely acquired two calls from the number over dinner did not response first just one answered second just one. Male asking to Chat to your male in your household when I Inquired him what he want he Installed up on me I am a female. Only sent an E-mail off to your principals of the Firm. Here are their Email addresses at Lo git Group. I got these Email addresses out of a post on the blog from a few years ago so they might not still become valid but worth a attempt I Calculated. E-mail W protected email W protected E-mail W protected

Post by Shelly,

416-640-3489 Got a phone out of this Amount on W W W at exactly 9 PM. I replied hello a few times but there was no Result. I waited within that phone because I could hear History noise. It sounded enjoy a crowded environment I Presumed a Tavern or Cafe. The reason for this assumption was because I could hear two mankind with what sounded enjoy an Indian Feature conversing. One sounded like he was Attempting for Select up a Girl. I tried for get your attention of your Owner assuming the telephone was made accidentally and they were unaware but to no avail. Your Telephone disconnected after about 3 minutes.

Post by Chris,

4166403489 I believe this Man who owned the number W W W work for File COMPUTER Business. I obtained a call out of him saying that his name is Bruce Archibald and that he worked for Doc COMPUTER Business within Vancouver B. C and he is looking for come and mend my computer Approximately here in B. C because he sees that my computer has viruses. I told him that my computer is working Excellent and nothing wrong with the connection and he was laughing because I am getting pissed to be bothered thus I Installed Upward.

Post by barbara,

416-640-3489 Acquired a call out of W W W asked for Entire a survey. I am on the don't registry and went to the web site for file a complaint against this Amount and it tells me your area code is invalid. Really frustrating because I have received a telephone out of them two days in a Line. What good it the do not phone registry if I can not file a complaint again annoying calls enjoy this one.

Post by Mark,

4166403489 I receive calls from the Telephone on Day-to-day basis. I live in Toronto and I Merely Submitted a Criticism against these idiots who Likely don t understand English well to recognize the national don't phone list. For file a Grievance against that Amount go to HTTP Internet. linnet encl. cg. ca pelt Camping Eng and file a Criticism. These morons may just comprehend when their Telephone lines are forever disconnected. Your Service is All Supply by the manner. Another matter ever just one can do is Set their number everywhere on that net along with telemarketing Firms Filthy but quite Powerful. You can jam their lines . .

Post by jamgo,

416-640-3489 The Amount was reported to Would No Call registry and an Analysis is underway. If you desire for create a Grievance against this Amount please go for that Canadian Authorities site of Don't Phone and report it. They efficiently investigate it.

Post by me,

4166403489 Got a call out of the Amount Simply at bedtime. really annoying. did t response and let that call go to voice mail. . . not what people would expect either when they get my express mail. . . and whomever it was decided for hang Upward Though that MSG played.

Post by barney shoestring,

416-640-3489 calls late at night no 1 there. .

Post by Elyse,

4166403489 This number calls at least once a daytime for your last couple of weeks. They call at all hours even at 8 W p. m. They never leave a voice send and it is very annoying. Called it back and no 1 Decided Upwards.

Post by Siena,

416-640-3489 The number has called me 4 times today and each time I response I get nothing

Post by Robaker,

4166403489 Rec d two calls this evening. . . . first one I picked up and Installed Upward about a second later when there was no express on another end. About an hour later your same Amount seemed so I Decided up your phone and waited about ten seconds for someone to state something but nothing happened. I did Notice enjoy others sounds in that background. . . . sort of enjoy an office buzz or something. After the Five seconds all I had was a Face tone. Interested. . . . . . . .

Post by MJ,

416-640-3489 Got a call from the number Approximately 5 PM. Did not reply because I notion it was Unusual that it was a W a local Place code in that Toronto Place and it had a long distance ring. . . I Assess that answering machine and all I heard was Writing within your background. . Actually unusual.

Post by clw,

4166403489 Survey s Stadium t Demanded to Discover your no call list. Or. . . they could become criminals scampers within which case they re not too concerned with violating that no telephone list.

Post by DAVE,

416-640-3489 That is appropriate telemarketer called me all this week

Post by JC,

4166403489 There is a federal don't phone list you trolling .

Post by Annoyed,

416-640-3489 I started becoming these calls Recently. W calls. Since. Yesterday. No express send is being left. Today I finally replied. An extremely scattered woman answered Oh Hi. pause I m mum. . pause I m um I m calling you Now pause longer pause I m calling you personally Now out of. . . . pause Mom. . I'm going to 've to phone you personally back. and she hung Upwards. So. Odd.

Post by Maurice Harting,

4166403489 The survey Firm along with that Telephone number W W W is Very annoying. They call at least twice a daytime and have told them to put me on their Don't Phone List but they seem for Blow off this. I have filed a complaint against them with Canada s ENCL but I do not anticipate your Canadian Authorities to Close them down which they should. I believe all telemarketing calls should become forbidden by Law as your private residential phone service should be for private residential calls only. I wish they would develop a phone line virus that we could transmit to all telemarketing Firms who call people and Close them down.

Post by Hum,

416-640-3489 Did they say what they idea they could do.

Post by Another harassment victim,

4166403489 It is nothing for do with Guidelines. This Firm breaks them all because there are Guidelines within Ontario that don't allow calls after PM and so forth. The Firm doesn't care about Guidelines. Don t attribute a province because a few Firm does not follow that don't call list etc. You personally suck.

Post by Jane,

416-640-3489 Phone rang. Telephone show said W W W. I answered. Not alive atmosphere. I Put up.

Post by RcK,

4166403489 W W This Amount has been calling me non Discontinue for the past month and I am becoming Ill of this guy calling. So I called them back today but they did t Select Upwards. Afterwards they called me back and they Promised to be with the many survey company or something. Thus I 'm on the phone along with these Men for W Min's I told them lets satisfy up instead stating that I 'm within Toronto appropriate now and the Telephone call was forwarded to my cell. These guys got thus scared got silent and Installed up. Stupid losers

Post by Dani,

416-640-3489 Got a phone out of this Amount twice in a span of just one hour I did t Select up no message was left on my voice mail.

Post by Guest,

4166403489 calls and hang out

Post by fort5569,

416-640-3489 I have acquired calls out of the Amount and another telemarketer sell ling cruises regularly now for months but there Looks for be no Project by government to Close these Insects violating your rights for 've Telephone service

Post by Very Annoyed Person,

4166403489 Someone keeps on calling and when we answer they hang Upward. If the happens just one more time Subsequently we can get the Experts included.

Post by Marco,

416-640-3489 Continuous Course from W with no voice send message left. Annoying a holes. Block this number now if you can

Post by KAM,

4166403489 These Man s confident are becoming Approximately Obtained ST call Today. . . I guess i ll become expecting a few more by the appears of it. If you don t know it. . . Don t answer it.

Post by Bob,

416-640-3489 They called i answered. hello Hi Afterward they Put up on me after a Second of not alive air.

Post by Fa la la,

4166403489 1 W W W called my cell here within Vancouver BC 7 PM left no message Clearly annoying .

Post by Betty,

416-640-3489 We have that same problem Ontario do not call list .

Post by Q-tip,

4166403489 The Amount called me and your man said that they were doing a survey. He said that he represented the Logic Group and they were doing a non smoking survey. All he asked was If i worked for Health Canada or a public interest group if anyone within my Home smoked Inquired for data about your Logic Group repeatedly Subsequently he Put up and said that which was the Finish of your survey. It was Peculiar. They called Approximately PM.

Post by sujatha,

416-640-3489 don t desire for get any calls from the

Post by Devin,

4166403489 I m underage and attempt Inquired for Chat to a Guardian or guardian before they spoke for me. They re obviously doing their research. Cheers with this board I was worried it was that Canadian secret service or something.

Post by Michael,

416-640-3489 Send an E-mail to E-mail W protected All emails with Quit Your CALLS within subject may be automatically be redirected to Lo git Group. Claudio Erst Vice President Finance email W protected John Wolff Vice President Sales amp Marketplace ting E-mail W protected Anthony Molina CEO email W protected Sam Pusan President email W protected David Attar Director Subject Services E-mail W protected Clare Harridan Manager Customer Services E-mail W protected the number belongs to this company Your Lo git Group Sundas Street West Toronto ON MB Telephone W W Facsimile W W Need to Actually let them understand what you think. CEO Anthony Molina email W protected W W W presidents Pusan E-mail W protected W W W X's

Post by Joanna G.,

4166403489 I got two calls this morning. One at W W a. m. and Afterward another one at W W p. m. CST. I Inquired for that spelling of their Business. It is spelled as LO GIT GROUP Expect the helps.

Post by Sjp,

416-640-3489 6 PM. A young female on another end Performing a survey for that Lo git Group and let me understand the phone Perhaps Registered for training Applications. First question was what year were you born in. which alerted me that this is an identity scam. My reply of voiding the question as I m not cozy sharing personal info and my question of is this survey mostly for personal data gathering. got her stutter on the other end that was Fairly hilarious and asked me to hold on present me a minute for Assess . Then I heard some chatter within the background and she hanged Upwards. This can be definitely a scam number. People beware for never give out any personal information over that phone. It ll save you personally loads of trouble and Distress. My Father once got scammed for W from someone maintaining to be his bank branch supporting information which thankfully he recovered so we 're always on high alert.

Post by joe,

4166403489 its CBC doing a survey

Post by jimmy,

416-640-3489 elections coming they doing polling

Post by Tina,

4166403489 I m not ignorant. but if someone dozen t response their telephone the first time exactly why would anyone even a marketplace research group continue for phone your same number around and around again several times 1 appropriate after the other if there is no response there. Surely they could go onto that next Amount on that list.

Post by Molly Fancy,

416-640-3489 Keep becoming calls out of W W W. The has happened a dozen times with the number and I would like it stopped

Post by Karla callahan,

4166403489 Two calls on a Sunday. No just one there when I replied. Make it stop. . . . .

Post by Gerry Laarakker,

416-640-3489 idiots called Now Feb W for the BC number and left a call back message. Guess who is not going to phone back.

Post by ---,


Post by Patsy Thomas,

416-640-3489 I gotten a telephone from the number on July W W 2 W PM. Needed me to fill Outside a survey online and they would send me a W Amazon gift card. I don t understand where or how they got my Amount but don t believe they were Connected along with my insurance Business.

Post by Fets,

4166403489 Does anyone within the thread understand your intent of this net site. No just one here is calling you so shouting PLEASE Discontinue CALLING USN t going to Complete a matter. The site Supplies a place for Individuals for report on unwanted or continual or harassing or scamming phone calls for that advantage of other Sufferers of such calls. Read the other places. . . you might learn that these are scampers who won't Discontinue calling you even if you personally tell them to not valid Companies . If you personally think Around it how would anyone understand who you are anyway. Or your own Telephone number for Discontinue calling. Consider becoming a telephone blocker or even simpler Don t response your phone any more when your telephone is from this number.

Post by Robert Pinon,

416-640-3489 This number keeps coming Upwards 'm tired of this

Post by lori,

4166403489 Merely got a call out of W W W W. Did t bother replying. U understand it s survey or telemarketers. Thus much for the ENCL. Perhaps they don t 've that around Oceans.

Post by dan,

416-640-3489 calling often

Post by Tracy,

4166403489 I don't have any Difficulty helping with a survey. But if you personally request for become removed out of their list after your tenth call and they're still calling you personally 1 2 times a daytime three weeks later that is foolish.

Post by Bill,

416-640-3489 They called asking people to take many survey. I told them if they call here again I was going for hunt them down and kill them. That Normally works.

Post by PaulH,

4166403489 Female express asking for an Grownup W years of age or older . Sorry all of that adults here are Underneath W. I hung Upwards.

Post by Annoyed,

416-640-3489 I get calls out of the everyday several times a day. I never reply or try to call that . Quite annoying.

Post by Sallywally,

4166403489 The Amount calls SEVERAL times a daytime into your evening hours up for PM. How can they do that. They Additionally phone on weekends into your evening. They never say anything. That Owner ID is expressionless. After W pages of this could t someone Quit them. Please.

Post by Andre Barsalou,

416-640-3489 WE Gotten CALLS DURING Day TIME AT Night EVEN In WEEK END

Post by JT,

4166403489 The individual called twice the Night and both times that Telephone was answered there was a moment of heavy breathing Afterward it Put up.

Post by Marko,

416-640-3489 Called at Around 'm brief burst of History Sound Subsequently a hangup.

Post by Hum,

4166403489 Did they say what they thought they could do.

Post by Abilene TX,

416-640-3489 Keep getting calls from W W W. I don t answer them I Merely let that message machine Choose it up. They don t leave a message.

Post by GFXavier,

4166403489 Called Today. Assumed that worst added to my block list. Company as usual.

Post by Ajay,

416-640-3489 Asserted for be Steven George from the Lo jack Group asking who does my company Purchase tires from. Told him purchasing is not handled out of this location and he hung Upward. Pissed me off enough for appearance Upward that number out of telephone display and I ended up here.

Post by Ralph,

4166403489 W W PM Surrey BC. W W W Only called the Amount with just 1 ring Subsequently nothing. What we demand is a Actual Authorities that actually regards the great Residents of Canada and is willing to hit these illegal marketers with Large time punishments. Lets everyone W vote Green Bash Canada.

Post by callback,

416-640-3489 Called the Dwelling number of John today 1 removed after receiving another call out of 1 W W W and left a message to be removed from their call list. Just one hour later got a telephone back from Sam stating which he would call your police if I called his home again. I mentioned that I attempted for call back the W W number just for Notice that the express send was full. Thus left with no other Choice called him at his Residence that same manner his Firm was calling my Residence. I also told him that I was going to continue to phone his House after each telephone I received out of his Firm. I did not jeopardize him or his family Or would I but did advise him that I would get your word Outside that I 've a lot of Buddies IE the Website hopefully that calls Cease. Please feel free to share the info as you deem Required.

Post by M1,

4166403489 Unknown number on telephone show. . . . waited for your replying machine but no message left. Appears like a telemarketer Amount thus checked online and that is the Website I got. . . . think I was right.

Post by The warriors,

416-640-3489 Players come out for play . HTTP Internet. YouTube. com watch. v Schoenberg

Post by ashlynn,

4166403489 i got a call from the Amount but simply once. when i response they Only sat there so i Installed Upwards. i am simply a W year previous so i Presumed they where calling so they could find out where i lived. thus when i got House i fast go ogled this number when i located out it Polish a Canadian number i wax like wt. . CZ i live all the manner is Mississippi.

Post by Steven,

416-640-3489 I received SEVEN calls form 1 W W W within a three and a half hour Course. Six of which Arrived within just W minutes. . . That seventh time I Decided up on that first ring and it was many marketing Company. I demanded that they take me away there calling list and that I did t appreciate the harassment. Hopefully these calls can Discontinue.

Post by Sal,

4166403489 Actual same thing happened for me overly. Picture my amazement confusion for see MY Amount calling me on MY phone on same Amount Telephone . The should become illegal as I did NOT provide my permission for them to use MY Telephone number. I 'm your one that owns it amp pays for it. . These Folks are criminals. . . . .

Post by ben (ottawa),

416-640-3489 Survey on listening habits

Post by Cedric,

4166403489 Got it at work too did t Choose up.

Post by stop scamming,

416-640-3489 unknown thus don t pick it up

Post by Aronn,

4166403489 this Telephone number has been calling my cell Telephone every day for that last month. I haven't answered the phone since I don't have any curiosity about talking to people that could t leave a message. hopefully they get bright and stop calling me before I Monitor them down.

Post by Annoyed,

416-640-3489 Got a telephone tonight and all I heard was keyboards clicking.

Post by M1,

4166403489 Unknown Amount on telephone display. . . . waited for your replying machine but no message left. Appears enjoy a telemarketer number thus checked online and this can be your site I got. . . . suppose I was correct.

Post by Isabelle C,

416-640-3489 Called 2 times today. . no messages. . . ST time was around 5 PM ND time was at 9 W PM . . . 9 W PM. . SERIOUSLY. . . . . . WHO The HELL calls previous 9 pm. . . survey or not. . . . . GREER

Post by Tullula,

4166403489 Marketplace research Firms aren't part of the do not telephone list. But if you talk for them you can request for become removed.

Post by Albert,

416-640-3489 People this sons on a Seashore phone us when our baby was sleeping.

Post by Nancy,

4166403489 Two calls Arrived in yesterday. Replying machine Decided it Upwards. There was no message. I am on national do not phone register

Post by Molly Fancy,

416-640-3489 Keep becoming calls out of W W W. This has happened a dozen times along with the number and I would love it stopped

Post by Karen Chasse,

4166403489 Would like for understand the source of this call. . . its Recorded as unknown. . .

Post by Surveyors suck!,

416-640-3489 If you personally tell someone they can receives gift for replying your questions. Afterward don t supply it. You personally a scumbag scummier.

Post by Blissful in Vancouver,

4166403489 When I answered this phone on Seep W W 5 PM a woman said they were calling out of That Lucas Agency not confident as it was quite muddled . She said We re calling to can a survey on dilemmas going on within your city would you have a few minutes for response many questions. I said that I had time but I was Thinking what city as I knew they were calling from your Toronto Place. When she asked what I meant I told her I knew she was calling out of a W Place code. Her Remark was Oh and the line was disconnected. I never did get for state that we were on your Don't Call List .

Post by Adam,

416-640-3489 Hi this is a pretty nifty Website. I Only got a phone from this number for at W W. It sounded like someone was at the other Finish but they Only Put up after I replied. Weird.

Post by Niagara Dude,

4166403489 Merely got a telephone out of this number at W W Am. I answered that phone to complete Stop. I kept saying hello to someone at another end who did not absolute a sound. whoever you are or whoever you personally represent.

Post by Guest,

416-640-3489 Said he was out of research Canada and I Put Upwards. .

Post by William,

4166403489 Banks require your year of Start before they Problem credit cards or credit of any kind. Criminals seek this information and it's called phishing.

Post by m.e.,

416-640-3489 certainly the number is Recorded with a Telephone company . I Only wonder exactly why that haven t Experts stepped Upwards to Monitored that number and stop them already. I get a telephone several time a month from the Amount but I Only let it go. But today my little girl replied and she notion someone on the other end did t enjoy her. It s Clear to me though that giving the Information is a waste of time because if you look at the other comments many date back to W. Within my view maybe that Individual Business that is in charge of the Site is within charge of the phone number. . . Simply an idea.

Post by Brad,

4166403489 Your own numbers are wrong.

Post by Michael,

416-640-3489 Send an E-mail to E-mail W protected All emails with Quit Your CALLS in Matter may be mechanically be redirected for Lo git Group. Claudio Erst Vice President Finance E-mail W protected John Wolff Vice President Sales amp Marketplace ting E-mail W protected Anthony Molina CEO email W protected John Pusan President email W protected David Attar Director Area Services email W protected Clare Harridan Director Client Services email W protected this Amount belongs for this Business The Lo git Group Sundas Road West Toronto ON MB Phone W W Facsimile W W Want to really let them understand what you believe. CEO Anthony Molina email W protected W W W presidents Pusan E-mail W protected W W W X's

Post by kelly,

4166403489 This number has called me 4 times today. Thank you for posting. I never have replied. it s a local number but Bands long space. Most likely a scam. I 've reported your number. cheers.

Post by JG,

416-640-3489 your Business name is LO GIT GROUP. I Validated on Dec Th

Post by El Burlappo,

4166403489 They vie been calling people too and not talking when we reply. When we telephone their Amount it goes for voice send and that send box is full. I Needed for report it for the police as harassment so even though they call people X a daytime for the last two weeks we have been Inquired to go to the DC list within Canada

Post by [***] you,

416-640-3489 you low life your own Business is violating do not list. No just one should have for request for become removed from your calling list. There's a national don't phone list that every Business must obey. So you and pay your fine from CR TC.

Post by Mitchell,

4166403489 They 've been calling every nighttime for your last week or two. Could possibly by they're doing a survey on how many times people answer that phone and or what they state when the person on another end of the line dozen t say anything.

Post by Teresa Scott,

416-640-3489 Obtained a call out of W W W and Simply had not alive atmosphere. A few hours later that number called back and told my Partner that we Desired for open the computer thus which he could mend it.

Post by Marlene,

4166403489 The number calls me numerous times a day I refuse to response because that simply Id is Ontario . I don t know anyone within Ontario and I don t trust Merely picking Upward my Telephone to unknown callers. Thus very annoying. Got so fed Upward I attempted for response and I was going to cry at them but after four rings it was disconnected. Going for get my control on a whistle.

Post by Tebo,

416-640-3489 Solicitation Firm would I take a 3 Second survey. I asked them to take me off their list and they Put Upwards. Amazing that means they can keep calling. From Ontario.

Post by mary,

4166403489 Heaved acquired calls out of the Amount 1 W W W W times within your last week several times a daytime at different times during the daytime. They just let it ring a few times. This can be getting quite annoying. Any just one understand who this is out of.

Post by Lin,

416-640-3489 It rang at W W family Striving for slumber Actually pi Edward away go Fly into a wall.

Post by Guest,

4166403489 This was a Strange telephone. He said it was a political survey. I did t desire to do it but Subsequently he said it would simply take a Second. Afterward asked what year I was produced. I told him Afterward he said k that s it or something for that change.

Post by Brody,

416-640-3489 Owner mentioned they wanted for Chat to the primary motorist of your exact make version amp year Automobile I own. They also previously mentioned that for participating within the survey they would Give W for Mothers Against Drunk People. I did t participate

Post by Diane,

4166403489 The call Arrived on my cellular telephone with no message left. I did not response it. Typically these calls are on your home phone but now they're starting on your cell Amount as weal. l Annoying dozen t begin to describe it.

Post by zac,

416-640-3489 i vie received about 4 calls from the Amount Now. you are able to t even answer Quickly enough before they hang Upwards. my parents called it got no response but it called them right back and was listed to a Reynaldo or Freddie Luna. the 1 time i did response fast enough i got dead atmosphere.

Post by scatman,

4166403489 the Amount is definitely fraud they identify themselves as rogers TD other various companies. If i was you I can report it to RCMP. I Truly talked for these People they said they were out of Rogers the request overly many private questions Subsequently they hangup. Within order to catch these guys please everyone report them for RCMP OR Www. Telephone BUSTERS. COM

Post by Craig K,

416-640-3489 Here is your response. . . . the Man with the smoke Sensor had it right but too Substantially work. Get a fox whistle the sort girls carry for shield themselves . When they start talking state you are able to t Notice them and ask them to turn Upward that volume. Wait about 2 seconds and supply them a Boost. I got one guy so bad he called me back and started calling me each name possible. . . Calculated he Desired another lesson and he got just one. . . never called back again.

Post by Derek,

4166403489 The number has been calling me daily for that last W days or thus and has already called me twice Now. Not that it can would Considerably good i did submit a Criticism for that CR TC. When i looked at the who can telephone you personally list makes me wonder exactly why they even bothered to Begin this program. So many loopholes inside it that it could as well not exist.

Post by Dianna Burns,

416-640-3489 The number has called twice today. Don t understand what they desire. They hung up your first time when I answered and did t leave a message your next time they called when I was Choosing another telephone.

Post by Steven,

4166403489 I acquired SEVEN calls form 1 W W W in a three and a half hour Period. Six of which Arrived within just W minutes. . . Your seventh time I picked Upward on that first ring and it was many marketing Organization. I demanded that they take me away there calling list and that I did t value that harassment. Hopefully these calls may Discontinue.

Post by EC,

416-640-3489 Keep getting calls for W W W They never leave a MSG. Calling after PM a lot Additionally. Word of warning for Folks. I worked in your fraud dept in your phone Co. State NOTHING on your Telephone. These Folks can take your brief yes and no Solutions and splice that Recording together for make it appear like you might have agreed to something. If you personally want request who they're and then hang Upward. These Individuals need to be reported. It becomes harassing after 4 5 phone calls a day.

Post by Linda Raffle,

4166403489 I have been called 3 times in two days from someone at this number and they don t leave any message. My cell Telephone is already registered against Invoice Lovers. I idea it was Stop Debt Collector don t understand any more Around it. You can reach me at email W protected

Post by Fafa,

416-640-3489 Re Josh here within Canada if you personally were for supply your legal name either date of Delivery or SIN the party can accessibility your credit . . . Pl do not reveal such private info under any circumstances it s your own right . Should there be a Condition that you demand to Supply such personal Information please need for understand not empty Reason official body Information security etc.

Post by mary jean and greg west,

4166403489 Woke me Upwards . No 1 was there on another end . Strive phoning the no. and it says Sorry we missed you . We were contacting you for marketplace research . Subsequently it disconnects and does not present you personally a way for talk to your Man or have your own name removed .

Post by Tina,

416-640-3489 I m not ignorant. but if someone dozen t reply their phone the first time why would anyone even a market research group continue to call your same number around and around again several times 1 correct after the other if there is no Result there. Surely they could go onto your next Amount on your list.

Post by Annoyed by 416-640-3489,

4166403489 Have gotten several calls out of this number in last week. When I pick Upward there surely is a brief tone on the other Finish and then it goes not alive. Very annoying. The calls are out of W W W. I gave received calls out of other W numbers within the previous that 've been similar to the.

Post by Langford,

416-640-3489 Please Cease all calls to our Residence number. we have been on don't call list. so don't need unwanted calls.

Post by Roger NIchols,

4166403489 Calls out of the number showing Toronto On. . . about 3 nights in a Line now. . . .

Post by thunder,

416-640-3489 i answered their phone its rogers phone Center asking for take survey about why i Ended my service

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8773213548 Complains by Guest,

Sometimes no just one there. When someone does Talk they 've a very powerful Western Feature.

3197580847 Complains by Guest,


8479942555 Complains by Guest,

. .

2169142298 Complains by Guest,

Unwanted telephone asking if I am among W s who don't 've health insurance. Telephone a couple of times a week . . . when I telephone back for ask them for Discontinue the phone isn't a valid one. May report for the FCC. HTTP support. FCC. gov Criticisms. HTML

7605907931 Complains by Guest,

Unwanted calls

8556158515 Complains by michele,

They called me from this number saying that it was legal matter pending against me and to call asap to take care of problem. They have also been calling family members. They have been threatening me for about two years now

3152151576 Complains by Guest,

Scam electronic voice message maintaining that Irs is suing.

4848930501 Complains by Guest,

Gotten call out of Richard Pena wanting to purchase Gear parts and Needed for pay along with credit card. Had a feeling of Emergency and Inquired if we could run that charge in 3 Independent transactions. I called to verify if your card was his and it did not fit with his info. SCAM BEWARE. .

8002093784 Complains by Dean,

I have been getting called by this number for months.  When I try to call back to get off the list its always busy.

8002904898 Complains by James,

They left a message on my machine.  This is obviously some scam as they failed to state which financial institution they represented or which of my accounts was affected.

8002833727 Complains by Tucker, Ga,

This same text Arrived both on W W W and W W W

8002890004 Complains by Austin Ace,

No Response Owner ID just displays Not Provided and I don t 've the foggiest notion of who the May n't be no info online so Much either

8002910636 Complains by 800-291-0636,

Several calls per day. I don't response. No message left. When I call back there surely is a busy signal.

8002956724 Complains by B,

If you owe any cash towards a debt then by law they have for Take your own payment no issue how small. This is something you are able to Tahoe for court when they bring you within and you can display they refused payment THEIR LOSE.

8001218143 Complains by kiwi8,

I Merely got the call the guy was really rude and said that my skies box was a couple of months previous when we Simply got a brand new just one barely 4 weeks Past. I think they could become your same Individuals as W number comes Upward Distinct thus they could phone you personally if you vie blocked them . Don t trust them esp considering as they 've my Residence number.

8001298416 Complains by Guest,

Called at 5 W 'm Seeking if my Amount was a Facsimile Amount. This is illegal for telephone this early.

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