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2016-06-15 22:04:45
Recorded message saying an Account they tried to send me was Delivered back to them Qt bills. Your message goes on to state that I demand for call them back at this Amount W. Thus when I did another recorded message instructs me to leave a message with my new address. Of co use I Put up and did many research. This appears like scam. That Web site qt bills. com is useless and there is no manner to reach a live Man. These calls come 2 3 times daytime and from reading Criticisms on your net they can phone every hour. I never 've done business with the company. I 've never heard of them until now. I am Processing a Gripe along with NM Lawyer Generals office
2016-06-01 16:26:30
2016-06-01 08:56:09
2016-06-01 02:26:43
this Man constantly calls and trays for get me to concur to that data they 've on me. all i can find out about the number is that the Telephone being used is from an Web Link out of a computer
2016-06-01 01:40:24
Pay Companion protects you personally thus it s harder to charge you because you can Quit it before it goes through your own bank. I on the other hand didn't used PayPal. lame.
2016-05-31 20:33:28
I blocked the number still got text and calls didn't work in the least
2016-05-31 06:41:29
Alert. . . This is a scam. They call as Irs agents and ask all sorta Information. Please do not give any Information. They get really offensive. Please do not pay them. . . . .
2016-05-16 23:01:05
Calls several times
2016-05-16 21:55:10
obtained phone but it was a record this can be on my cell phone on your do not phone list
2016-05-14 19:28:20
I Simply got a telephone from that Amount. Your name on your caller ID was S Clayton.
2016-05-14 01:02:01
Acquired a voice send thus I returned telephone. When I Inquired how she got my number she hung Upward phone has my information without authorization. Don't telephone me again. . . .
2016-05-11 13:24:32
repeated calls out of this number never any message left who are these and how do we get them for Quit calling
2016-05-11 07:03:45
the Amount calls X a month never leaves message. . . annoying
2016-05-07 15:32:06
2016-05-06 03:12:58
2016-05-04 18:26:06
Phone received 7 W W 6 W p. m. Did not leave a message
2016-05-04 18:09:24
I keep telling them to stop calling because they 've the wrong number but they just keep on calling
2016-05-03 23:29:32
2016-05-02 23:23:00
Just one text W 4 W W W PM EST quot Hello name not certain if you personally or anyone you understand still smokes. But Internet. smoke. com is giving away free e cog trials. John quot
2016-05-02 13:01:21
recruiter head hunter

Phone list in area 418

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
4185197344dint ever contact me againGuest92015-12-16 20:13:04
4186941491endGuest52016-04-15 19:52:02
4188401302telephone you personally back for maGuest82015-12-14 11:28:36
4186941497They said muffinGuest72016-04-17 15:55:55
4185726632follGuest12015-11-04 23:25:57
4188755705a few type of spam Amy was the caller and Put upGuest42015-12-11 03:15:41
4182663133A few SpamGuest152015-11-05 01:32:09
4186461059scamGuest92015-12-09 03:18:34
4186342907Who is callingMary Buerger52016-04-13 01:45:15
4189224116Spam text ed to phone saying I was Labeled within a Graphic. Did not click the link as it was surely spam virus. Guest62015-12-19 06:03:03
4189488108Th Seep. W Caller s name James Watson Location Montreal service Service Video tron land line Feature substantial gt Said he is from CARA and may transfer me to that RCMP gt he put me on hold and Subsequently Select Upward again gt same Man Lola gt told him that we are aware of this scam gt and if he calls back I may sue gt never again gt flagman. Walk MWGuest292015-11-05 08:42:02
4182640105SSTGuest62015-12-20 01:52:30
4188000728Dint know who is callingSharon62015-12-11 18:46:47
4189318872Phones AND TEX TING I Need ITGuest92015-11-05 10:49:09
4189979693Have called my cell my work and my House NO Thought who it is and leaves no message. Guest42015-12-21 00:10:29
4185987467Become debt free. . . . . Guest72015-11-05 12:12:09
4189778704ARC lamentGuest22015-11-05 13:48:02
4188772295Auto salesGuest62015-12-09 01:27:08
4189997400Attempting for sell somethingGuest72015-12-14 15:21:04
4186342910got text out of W W W. . no answer just asked my first namecarmen32016-04-15 16:22:28
4186230243out of where's this callGuest32015-11-06 01:46:09
4185271841Apparently being Enrolled on the No Telephone List makes no difference. Guest52015-11-06 03:33:09
4188420341Really Pleasant Website. Inexpensive Items HTTP oxide. com Oxford 4. HTMLGuest202015-11-06 03:52:09
4182623971want to sell tickets for showsGuest42015-11-06 05:35:09
4188495482They have called 5 times in your last W minutes and all I get is a Group of beepsGuest82015-12-09 19:50:22
4188034666 W W W is the Santa Fe Luxury Lease in Santa Fe NM. Jull52015-12-18 20:47:38
4185550128Called said my name Afterward Installed upGuest62015-11-06 07:44:09
4187209154Calming for be a loan officer along with g e capital bank. . . mike Andersonjohn72015-12-11 00:47:14
4186560635Stand Mil liken Statement Group companyGuest62015-12-20 22:31:14
4188007837I need for understand who the Man isRon Collins92015-12-09 08:57:19
4185619833that is an Significant announcement out of Hilton hotels. . . . . . . . Guest12015-11-06 17:40:02
4188369706In quiet P} ta Santa Guest12015-11-06 18:45:57
4186215461got an E-mail saying to open as there is an e fax. did not as this is a virus per the IT People. Guest92015-11-06 23:31:09
4187707561text messagesGuest12015-11-07 01:04:57
4184248392Lasses nous tranquilly on est to people rend us a Session De vows apples Angela's dint nouns companions abasement rein. Ceases De laser dies messages Friend nos ponders Aerates d applier 2 a 3 foils Level seaming oi Level hour. Nous Somme's Bugs Sir la Lister d exclusion quid amble Intel. Guest72015-11-07 01:51:09
4182088384they said it was your police departmente42015-12-09 22:13:40
4189527143GOT A CALL FROM THIS NUMBERBUDDY62016-02-16 03:41:40
4182645266this Amount keeps calling me. linda Welcome52015-12-20 04:14:37
4186613144Caller was man along with accent quite aggressive. Needed me to turn on computer to present him serial Amount thus he could fix virus that would cause my computer to crash. Said he works for Microsoft. I had at hand Upwards to get rid of him. Guest652015-11-07 06:17:09
4183921643habilimentGuest12015-11-07 09:13:57
4184090150The caller has called a few times now and consistently hangs upGuest62015-12-21 02:12:09
4184780897Same as all the other commentsGuest42016-05-02 09:05:51
4182629359Stop calling pleaseGuest72015-12-11 03:15:22
4187634637harassmentGuest52015-12-09 12:54:21
41893052901 callGuest42015-12-14 04:36:51
4184781751Yep! They called again last night and when I said "Hello" you guessed it. They hung up again. Four times in the last four days. Is there a way to stop this? I would appreciate knowing if there is. Thank you.Guest132015-11-07 13:03:09
4184314883not allowedGuest72015-12-09 12:54:54
4182667935He called twice saying est sh.. And the other Time nothing! I felt bad with these weird callGuest12015-11-07 14:30:02
4186908359unknown callerme52016-04-16 15:29:48
4189481176area codejon62016-02-15 21:38:33

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