4242197005 / 424-219-7005

Telephone information: Sprint Spectrum L.p.. Gardena, CA. . United states
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88 complaints
Post by Thomas,

4242197005 They leave a message saying that I vie been precluded to get a few present card. Called back with the same message less than W Min's After.

Post by Brent B,

424-219-7005 I got a call from them and no message was left.

Post by gruffbear,

4242197005 Received a phone Now from the number leaving a callback number of W W W. It's many type of survey Firm who offers a Shell or Target present card of Upward for W for Doing your survey. I told that Girl for remove me which she said was done. According to Gripes Around that second Amount after you personally complete your survey they transport you personally to another agent who needs a credit card for charge W for Transportation and Managing for that gift card. Total scam.

Post by LYNETTE,

424-219-7005 NO MSG Simply CALLING To SILICATE.

Post by sydaustralia,

4242197005 I get harassed by these people 7 W times a day and it s always while I m at work. I signed up 3 years ago for get my name away of the telemarketing list but it just lasts for a year so that s exactly why they could now keep calling me. This can be Absolute . If I get just one more phone call I may contact my legal representation and file a lawsuit without hesitation. That is out of control and beyond infuriating.

Post by Denise,

424-219-7005 They leave a message stating I am Certified to receive W in Objective gift cards.

Post by M,

4242197005 I Only obtained a call from this Amount. No message. Simply says that Amount is from your Gardenia CA Place.

Post by C,

424-219-7005 Pro.

Post by J0828,

4242197005 Did this work.

Post by bap,

424-219-7005 W telephone back from automated message. qualified for Cover and objective present cards. didn't call them back.

Post by Guest,

4242197005 Spam

Post by Guest,

424-219-7005 Automated phone claiming I requested it

Post by Desiree McCain,

4242197005 A few sort of present card scam keeps calling my cell phone. That FTC and U. S. don't call list is worthless. Our National government could t do anything correct. But they need for spend more and more cash.

Post by Carol Watson,

424-219-7005 Call saying I won a Objective Shell gift card. Scam or telemarketer.

Post by Guest,

4242197005 Fake Objective and Gasoline cards

Post by Guest,

424-219-7005 Spam

Post by Kim,

4242197005 No name Arrived Upward and no message left.

Post by AH55,

424-219-7005 Got a phone on my cell phone. I rejected the phone when I power saw that number but somehow it managed for leave your same MSG Around the gift card. Only reported it for your FTC. Really few people 've my cell phone Amount. How did the scummier get it. By subscribing that to Don't Call list given Outside by your FTC that is Guessed for alert these scampers NOT For Phone. I don t understand. If everyone would send their Criticisms to your FTC Maybe they may get that MSG that their system is not working as planned Web. FTC. gov

Post by Pat,

4242197005 No MSG left. No name Displaying on Owner id.

Post by Guest,

424-219-7005 Spam

Post by Guest,

4242197005 Crap

Post by Guest,

424-219-7005 Crap

Post by Guest,

4242197005 Someone about a qualification of fee

Post by Guest,

424-219-7005 Telemarketing tr yin to sell me diabetic supplies

Post by Hanns,

4242197005 They called and said nothing. I 'm on your don't call list

Post by Guest,

424-219-7005 No 1 replied Only silence

Post by J_66,

4242197005 Acquired a phone out of the number I did t answer I did t Understand the Amount.

Post by love it,

424-219-7005 mine goes for time and temp.

Post by B,

4242197005 I vie been called by the Amount several times around the last few days along with that Goal Cover gift card hook.

Post by leilani_in_AZ,

424-219-7005 Lola a suit. Compose back and tell me how that works for you personally. . .

Post by sue bequette,

4242197005 Quit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by bg,

424-219-7005 annoying calls repeatedly come from the Telephone Amount amp they need for Cease. .

Post by Guest,

4242197005 Automated telephone asserting I Required it



Post by Guest,

4242197005 Don t know

Post by tzerrusen,

424-219-7005 Please attempt to can something for them. They're Operating me nuts.

Post by Guest,

4242197005 Automated Success of a gift card

Post by Guest,

424-219-7005 Gift card scam.

Post by Guest,

4242197005 They keep calling.

Post by dee,

424-219-7005 called Approximately W W am Now. . . no message

Post by LLT,

4242197005 Why are they allowed for telephone. I m on a Do not Phone List. They were nice and agreed to remove my Telephone number but they should t 've been Competent to telephone in the first place.

Post by N,

424-219-7005 I acquired a telephone out of this number Now but i did t Choose Upward. They haven t called me back or left a voice mail However.

Post by Kate,

4242197005 Calls a few times a daytime and does not leave message.

Post by Guest,

424-219-7005 Goal present card

Post by Guest,

4242197005 I was eligible to win something.

Post by Guest,

424-219-7005 U can Triumph up to W in free present cards to target press 1 for more data or press 9 to become removed from your list

Post by Kris,

4242197005 We received your request. You have been precluded to receive Upward for W in Objective Cover present cards. Call W W W for discover more.

Post by Guest,

424-219-7005 Do you need a goal present card of a W dollars

Post by Tommy,

4242197005 Called 4 times back for back did t let your Telephone ring more than once. no voice mail or anything

Post by bigDIck,

424-219-7005 you probably Simply further implemented your own number into their system to just be called by other Amounts they have place up. . . .

Post by C,

4242197005 Pro.

Post by c,

424-219-7005 They called me and left no message. I called back for Select out of future calls. We will see the works.

Post by love it,

4242197005 i answered your telephone and they could reduce my credit card debt if i owe more than W. W. I don't have any credit card debt and told them that and that i am on that no call list. he Installed Upward on me before i got the Business name for file a Criticism with that Lawyer generals office.

Post by glenn,

424-219-7005 W W W

Post by Kate C,

4242197005 I got two calls from the in W minutes along with that credit card debt message. I got an extremely similar phone out of W W W two times earlier

Post by Pat,

424-219-7005 They called my cell Telephone Now. Did not leave a message. I don't want for receive any solicited calls. I don't need them to phone me back. I don't have time to waste on them. If I need a credit card I can create that call.

Post by Texas Guy,

4242197005 For file a complaint along with the FTC EVERYBODY PLEASE go here . . . HTTP complaints. dentally. gov complaint complaint Assess. asp. Cell 2

Post by nate,

424-219-7005 do you believe these companies get our Amount out of Pol Attempting for steal our Id and sign people Upward for .

Post by Texas Guy,

4242197005 They get around the FTC don't telephone rules by calling it a survey . . . Exceptions to your Telemarketing Sales Rule Placing your number on the National Do not Phone Registry can stop most telemarketing calls but not all. Once your number was on the registry for W days you still could get Calls from or on Part of political organizations charities polls and Reviews Calls out of Businesses with whom you've an existing company relationship W months after you personally create a purchase or three months after you personally submit an question or application Calls from Firms you personally vie given permission for call

Post by Guest,

424-219-7005 Sales rep

Post by Guest,

4242197005 Another Telephone scam. Complained for Dentally. gov service but nothing is being done. Another waste of your own Tax dollars. Thank you G men to your Problem. . . . .

Post by C,

424-219-7005 Master.

Post by Guest,

4242197005 Really calling at 'm. . . awesome

Post by disenchanted1,

424-219-7005 SPAM record gotten on my cell phone. I Installed Upwards as shortly as I Recognized it was a record. Quite aggravating. I can file a Gripe with Don't Telephone. My Amount has been Enrolled with Don't Phone for several years.

Post by C,

4242197005 I obtained just one call out of them 7 W W same thing . . . you re precluded for a Goal Cover present card. I replied your call and asked to be removed out of their list and I haven t gotten another phone. I 've to say I m shocked.

Post by s conoway,

424-219-7005 do not telephone me again

Post by Guest,

4242197005 I din not response it but it keeps calling me

Post by Guest,

424-219-7005 Virus

Post by Guest,

4242197005 Goff

Post by tzerrusen,

424-219-7005 Please try and do something to them. They're driving me nuts.

Post by D,

4242197005 Only acquired a telephone out of the Amount. No message. Merely says your number is in the Laos Angel es Place.

Post by Guest,

424-219-7005 First telephone today. Said for phone back at W W W. Girl said I was pare qualified for a survey to Triumph Upward for W within Goal or Cover gift cards. Read elsewhere that they require a credit card to charge W Transportation and handling if you End that survey.

Post by Guest,

4242197005 Something Around qualifying for a present card

Post by David,

424-219-7005 Acquired a call fro them Now and took a survey. It was more Around selling you personally services IE satellite Television etc. So when for the gift card it was W Target and W Shell. Nine doll er Transportation Price they Needed my debit card number and i refused i be live the to be a scam.

Post by Guest,

4242197005 Telemarketing

Post by C,

424-219-7005 The Amount called my cell today. I did t response as I did t Comprehend that number. Someone needs for Set a Quit for this Owner bugging people.

Post by Guest,

4242197005 Auto recording

Post by glenn nelson,

424-219-7005 W W W

Post by Guest,

4242197005 Actually calling at 'm. . . awesome

Post by C,

424-219-7005 I acquired one call from them 7 W W same thing . . . you re precluded for a Objective Cover gift card. I replied the phone and Inquired to be removed from their list and I haven t acquired another call. I 've to say I m shocked.

Post by Bishoff,

4242197005 I Installed Upwards the first time and Getaway t answered any subsequent call efforts by these Hey yo s.

Post by J0828,

424-219-7005 Did the work.

Post by aylaeh,

4242197005 i Simply got a telephone from the Amount. i live on that east shore. what's ironic is that i had just Delivered a text to a Buddy of mine within that LA Region when i got that telephone. i thought that it May}n' become her calling. Yet i believe that if i get another telephone from this Amount i ll Only Place that number within my block list.

Post by Angel,

424-219-7005 How do you personally do that will there be an Program.

Post by Nick,

4242197005 Called me X today. I file whine on Don't Call List. Not sure if it can work As GOV. A H just take your tax money and never offer you any quality work another legalized scam.

Post by Shawn-Joy,

424-219-7005 Got a call from the number Around an hour Past but they left no message. Just called back now and left a express mail. . . Target Shell gift card.

Post by bigDIck,

4242197005 you probably just more implemented your Amount into their system to simply be called by other Amounts they have set up. . . .

Post by C,

424-219-7005 I obtained 1 telephone from them 7 W W same matter . . . you personally re precluded for a Goal Cover present card. I replied the phone and Inquired to be removed out of their list and I haven t acquired another phone. I 've to say I m shocked.

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5122120809 Complains by Guest,

this Amount is from service for you

8089489575 Complains by Pain in the [***],

Pain in the

8051166363 Complains by Guest,

Every time I answer they Merely hang up.

8475928825 Complains by Guest,

Automobile spam

9702654708 Complains by Guest,

I m getting exhausted of them calling me.

2813913037 Complains by Guest,

Accumulate agency

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black. pimp

8003342030 Complains by ROBERT MEIER,

Well Ella I 'm sorry I was not an ideal W. Oh my god I Simply Understood I Place my Actual name. Oh hmm okay uh wait 1 Second let me would a couple of Pictures. . Yea okay I am back my name is John Brady and I am here to tell you that we 're a Entire joke. Okay I said it wow I like the fact that I could be real and Fair when I drink. I need for do another Photo. Ella You're on top of the mountain searching down. Wait I 'm Ella. No Close Upward I am John Brady . Robert Meier is my Actual name and Jason Burns is a liar he got me can it. He got me do it. God I 'm so Dumb. I need for see a therapist. Okay never thoughts I am So drunk. Where's my pudding. Call me W W W. What was my first dog s name. I gotta go. Oh Yes we send you personally nothing. . . . . . . . . . . . . I drink and I despise Jason Burns. . . . . . . . . . He ruined my life.

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9522381100 Complains by Guest,

Keep calling for Distinct people.

9722949108 Complains by Guest,

A Woman asking for Robin

9033747093 Complains by Guest,

Calls around and around. Never leaves message.

6313806734 Complains by Guest,


8664924704 Complains by Guest,

Century Wellness. Persistent. X Each daytime.

6097360379 Complains by Blue,

My phone blocks sales and harassment calls. But as I'm expecting some quotes from unknown numbers, I appreciate being able to find out who these people (?) are.

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