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Telephone information: Pac - West Telecomm. Los Angeles, CA. . United states
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Post by supersoaker512,

4247021455 Thank you for calling U. S. Vehicle Parts. . . . that is the message that I Only received after I Viewed the number Upward. I did that before I called back for see who the might have been. I don t know who this really is but they do 've a do not call telemarketer list and I have been added my Amount to that list Consequently there shouldn't be any calls coming from a Amount like the. . . glad we've a net site enjoy this to Input signal on the.

Post by Guest,

424-702-1455 Called left a very long elevator music message. Called back was Vehicle parts place I had placed a order online.

Post by PMB,

4247021455 We gotten a phone and they Additionally five a Distinct name but the same vehicle and continue to ask how Considerably is that replacement of Front Brake pads for their W Toyota Focus. The last time I previously mentioned you have already called. . . are you going for make an appointment the time for see what she was going for response. . . of coarse she said no. I do not comprehend why would they continue for telephone.

Post by Guest,

424-702-1455 Automobile parts Factory. com customer support. Not a spam call.

Post by rob,

4247021455 several hangup calls from the number but i Have gotten a few of that can you pay for a Pull Vehicle bill and cover Components scam calls as nicely.

Post by Visitor,

424-702-1455 I m with you on that. I Lately won an Market on eBay on W W out of Auto parts. com for a pair of headlights for my Honda Accord. Immediately after I paid they emailed me and said they were out of stock on one of your mirrors and would refund my cash for your Price of that mirror. In your meantime they had already Sent the other headlight via FedEx and given me Following Amount. I emailed them back that I had won a Match of mirrors as Recorded within the eBay thing page NOT a single mirror. I was Subsequently told to reject your Bundle when it came let them know I had done that and they would refund another half of my money. Something is very Bad Around this Business. Overly many many Folks purchasing and paying for matters that Subsequently turn out After to be out of stock. Time to End a credit card. . .

Post by Guest,

4247021455 Harassing prank

Post by CA,

424-702-1455 I just called your phone Amount W etc. It belongs for People Automobile Components from California. I waited about 6 minutes for customer service and no 1 Decided Upward. I called their W number and I talked for someone within your Philippines. And actually it sounded Only enjoy the Put that called me. Asian Female and loud in your background. I asked to Chat to some supervisor and she Needed to know what it was about. I told her Shortly and she Place me on hold. She Arrived back and said that they simply telephone customers if there's a Trouble with their purchase etc. I told her that their California number is being used for scam Folks. I don't think that they knew. I think that it's very coincidental the W Amount belongs to People Automobile Components and your Asian Girls call automotive kind Companies. Check your Sales and see if you personally ever purchased anything out of Us Vehicle Parts from California.

Post by Vic,

4247021455 acquired a telephone a Second a go and decided for Assess your Region code and Afterward kind your Telephone number and i found this web side. . . glad that i did not Choose it Upward. . .

Post by Visitor,

424-702-1455 I m along with you on that. I recently won an auction on eBay on W W from car Components. com for a Set of headlights for my Honda Accord. Instantly after I paid they emailed me and said they were from stock on among the mirrors and would refund my cash for that cost of that mirror. Within your meantime they had already shipped another headlight via FedEx and given me tracking number. I emailed them back that I had won a Match of mirrors as Recorded within the eBay thing page NOT a single mirror. I was Afterward told to reject your package when it came let them understand I had done that and they would refund the other half of my money. Something is quite fishy about this Business. Too many many Folks purchasing and paying for things that Subsequently turn Outside After to be from stock. Time to Stop a credit card. . .

Post by tp,

4247021455 Got it this morning. Aloha for this particular places.

Post by Guest,

424-702-1455 Auto Components warehouse not really spam

Post by Guest,

4247021455 Not spam. Polly calling Around a component you ordered.

Post by Smokey,

424-702-1455 The Amount belongs for Auto parts. com Vehicle warehouse. com and several other web Websites or sub site enjoy KC Whitney and others. I ordered 2 sets 2 Frames of headlights for an excellent price Around W . That problem was they Needed W to boat for Alaska. Your Bundle would have weighed about W pounds. They charge Alaska as an international Transportation Location. It came to W British pound which of course is outrageous. I placed another order on one of that sub sites and they told me it was going for Price W in shipping for W pounds. Evidently this corporation and Subscription sites are overly Dumb to use your USPS which would 've Priced Around W for ship the package. So i suspect they get a kick back out of Advantages FedEx or they lie about that Prices. Either way any Corporation that Boats to Alaska that doesn't include your USPS as a shipping Choice is overly ignorant for me to trust. They're on my blacklist now

Post by streetz,

4247021455 got a telephone on how Substantially it was to Change a Time belt amp water pump on a W Audi. man sounded Arabic told him we don t work on Audi s he hung correct Upward. how do we stop the.

Post by Justin,

424-702-1455 I had got a Amount out of eBay on a component i was searching at that Retailer was discount auto Components. Nicely after replying my question i Put Upward. Only a few min. After i got a phone back from a Distinct Amount W W W i didn't know your Amount thus i didn't response nicely they left a express send saying that i was an Opening over and over. I called that number back on the eBay Website 1 W W W Subsequently your same guy replied and kept pouting me on hold for W W Minimum.

Post by Jeepowner,

4247021455 Maybe this number has been reassigned but now it s KC Whitney s Guarantee office

Post by S.M.,

424-702-1455 Got a all from here turned Outside for become a question about a few parts that I ordered from J. C. Whitney. It was all legit and did t request for any credit card numbers or anything like that Merely Making me understand that a component was from stock and I Only went and cancelled that component of my purchase. Was not a U. S. area sounded like overseas somewhere and noisy in the background. NEVER give any private Information to anyone around that Telephone. .

Post by Guest,

4247021455 Automobile Components Factory not a spam

Post by JONNY,

424-702-1455 THEY CALLED ASIAN SOUNDING Women Seeking For Understand HOW Substantially BRAKE Pad Alternative ON A W AUDI FOR HER CUSTOMER. . I TOLD HER 've A Nice DAY

Post by Guest,

4247021455 Did not answer

Post by JJ,

424-702-1455 They called my office direct line within CA 2 W pacific time We are not a auto Components business so not sue why we re on the list. They Only calked and said hello hello and hung Upwards on the express send.

Post by Nitten,

4247021455 Obtained a telephone out of these guys and left a express message wanting for Check my credit card data for a component that I had ordered.

Post by Guest,

424-702-1455 W percent spam

Post by bob,

4247021455 The phone was out of . com A survey whether I would urge them for anyone else. I placed an purchase yesterday It was a 1 question survey and legit

Post by Bambi,

424-702-1455 The makes sense now for me overly. I m also Now dealing along with .

Post by PJ,

4247021455 They claim to be Converting for a Reading impaired Individual. Last year I got an identical call and it turned Outside to become a scam. They were going for send a car to my shop and I was for take payment away of a phoned in credit card and they would send a Auto on a wrecker and I was for supply that wrecker motorist a check for your overage Sum. Your call was later determined to be from Offshore possibly Kenya.

Post by jackie,

424-702-1455 it is T. c. Whitney. i had ordered some Components for my car and this can be that Amount that i called.

Post by a,

4247021455 something Poor going on with this Amount. Asian Female asking me Around an Vehicle part purchase that i had placed. She acted surprised when i said i d already taken attention of it and hung up suddenly.

Post by Bev,

424-702-1455 Three calls less than 5 minutes apart. No message left. I returned that telephone and got a recording for Us Vehicle Components Corp Office. I was on hold for about W minutes and Installed Upward. I never have placed an purchase for Automobile parts.

Post by Xley,

4247021455 Add W W W for this list of scams. That voice send said he was following Upward on a few sort I had filled Outside. Judging between your above responses and my own expertise they are Turning scams through that same and similar number s .

Post by Rolando,

424-702-1455 They Only telephone ask me if we can Mount a side mirror on hes Monte Carlo but sound for me like scam because he request me several questions no Associated whit your Issue then I Google it hes number and Growth a lot of feed back Jogjakarta Subsequently I Simply tell hem what ta heel he calling from and that I know he is a scam thus he toll me he just phone many otter shop to install that mirror

Post by Guest,

4247021455 KC Whitney calling Around my order.

Post by Rob W,

424-702-1455 I gotten a telephone out of the number minutes after Performing a telephone for your W number for . com. I did t answer and they left no messaged.

Post by Indian or south Asian accent or Hispanic,

4247021455 Called Around Vehicle Components purchase from online claim having my number called to follow Upwards. Scam a few BS low life

Post by Guest,

424-702-1455 W percent spam

Post by Hello,

4247021455 They called Around a few Automobile parts I ordered . . . . . . com

Post by Tony,

424-702-1455 Merely had one of these people Assess that Cost on a place of brakes pads for a W Focus.

Post by gk,

4247021455 2 calls W minutes apart out of Fine sounding oriental ladies. both asked if we allow for customer installed Components. It sounded somewhat Bad thus I said no. They continuing asking other questions enjoy what we charge per hour etc. That ST one said she was calling for someone else amp she would have another person telephone even though I indicted we would not Mount her parts. That second Female called acting as if she was a customer basically asking the same type of questions. I Inquired her if she was that same Girl that Simply called amp she said no amp she sounded as if she thought it was Peculiar that I had Only gotten an identical call. She persisted Yet amp after telling her we would not install her Components she still wanted for set up an appointment for Fri. I finally Merely told her I did not think this was going to work out for which she sadly replied Ok I suppose I ll Merely 've for locate another store . My suppose can there be looking for determined Stores by asking if You'll let them bring there own Components amp Afterward set Upwards appointment body a manner to get your info for them to make a payment for your account more likely to take a payment once they 've your Information they demand or work Outside an arrangement described by PK.

Post by RS,

424-702-1455 I did t Comprehend the Amount did t Choose Upward happy I located this site

Post by maria spencer,

4247021455 phone me and ask for my credit card Amounts. . . . . .

Post by Connie,

424-702-1455 I got a telephone out of W W W within minutes of another call from W W W which my caller ID identified as a phone from the Bahamas. I did not Choose up either phone. Both of these calls occurred in W minutes of my sending my email and phone number to a Site online to obtain a estimate for a cruise. Could be coincidental Time but I m funny that Telephone calls are somehow connected for that website. . . Maybe hackers are into that Website and grab Telephone Amounts off it or Maybe your Site itself is a scam I don't understand. All I know is I won t be going for that website again. NOW another W minutes After I see that I gotten an email from a user underparts. com wanting to confirm that I m returning an Vehicle part asking for my return Following Amount so they could refund my credit card. That company I Delivered your Automobile component for Offered me your return tracking Amount thus exactly why would t they already have it. And your part was already delivered for them and my card was already credited. Sounds like these scampers 've hacked into your auto Components Site for obtain phone numbers and Email addresses and I m still thinking that trip in my own case could somehow become related for that cruise Site.

Post by CA,

4247021455 I am a body shop. An oriental Girl calls my store and tells me that she has a friend in the town where my shop is who is deaf and has a Honda Accord that needs a bumper replaced. I knew this was a scam b c I had several of these calls around the summertime but along with a TL operator. I did not provide her my Actual name. Subsequently she wants to understand my hourly rate and I Merely told her that he would 've to bring within your Auto to get an estimate. She said that she does not 've a Auto and uses a taxi so she did not understand how this works. She Needed my hours and if we have been here on Saturdays. And she also Needed for know if we have a web site b c that Pal has a challenging time communicating and relays on that internet. I told her we don't 've a net Website. She called back a few minutes later and asked me if we were still at your address. She did have our correct address. Frightening I told my Buddy about the who is a deputy sheriff within our county. He said that it's a scam with Taken credit cards stolen identities and somehow after they present you that credit card number they Stop your Purchase and get the cash. Usu sally for drugs. And he said that these Kinds of matters are taking place Offshore Turkey and African States. They get your own credit card Amount when you personally buy something around the Net or through a Us Firm who has offices overseas. Many overseas countries don't have any kinds of law against credit card fraud stealing or ID Thieving thus they can do what ever they want. Thus. . beware.

Post by jason,

424-702-1455 This really is a serious scam and it Appears nobody is wise for it. I 've been following these scampers and others for Fairly some time. They take your money along with no Goal of selling you a component Subsequently they hold your money for as long as they could BS you personally 2 weeks to your month. I think they have Calculated a way to bring short duration attention away it. It makes sense if you personally can it continuously on a big Level like W to W thousand sales a month. If you personally added Enormous Amounts enjoy this up and attracted attention or a few used those numbers on paper I bet it would become alto of money. I reported these and others to eBay but eBay has their own agenda money.

Post by Alee,

4247021455 I don t take calls out of NBS I don t Comprehend. The was just one. I looked it Upward here. . . I ordered Automobile parts Recently out of Auto Items. com and got several E-mails from them along with Value for my order verification Transport etc. I dint think they demand to call me. . . Will report Perhaps scampers using their order info out of Offshore. . . sounds enjoy several parts Firms use same overseas call center. . .

Post by streetz,

424-702-1455 got a telephone on how Considerably it was for replace a timing belt amp water pump on a W Audi. man sounded Arabic told him we don t work on Audi s he hung appropriate Upward.

Post by Mythy,

4247021455 J C Whitney auto parts calling for tell me a part a ordered is out of stock and I won t become Priced.

Post by tp,

424-702-1455 Got it the morning. Aloha for this particular places.

Post by RS,

4247021455 I did t recognize that Amount did t Select Upward glad I found the site

Post by fedup,

424-702-1455 Woman ca led and asked if the was an Vehicle repair shop. responded that it used for become and that owners have retired. she Put up immediately.

Post by anger management,

4247021455 Inquired what my hourly speed was I responded 1 she said thanks and Put up

Post by sam,

424-702-1455 Received a Telephone phone this morning from a Girl. Really difficult for hear her alto of background Sound. Asked what your hourly speed was for your shop. I questioned who she was. She said her name and that she was along with Vehicle Envy stating that they provide Information via that net for Possible customers. Told her we were not interested and Put Upwards. Than Viewed Upwards Telephone number and power saw all the Criticisms. From all that info posted doesn't sound legit.

Post by svcadv,

4247021455 I acquired a phone call from this number. That Woman sounded Indian or Persian. She Needed to understand what the hourly speed was at the shop. I asked her what type of repair because we do have Numerous rates depending on the repair. She said she was working for a local shop and was calling for a customer and it was a W Honda Civic and has a water pump issue. I Inquired her to set Upwards an appointment so we could diagnose that issue and she demanded an hourly speed. I could Notice her Writing within the History. I asked her if she was just researching rates and she would t Answer. I told her the speed is W. W per hour. . . . period. She asked if her customer Added their own water pump if we would install it. I told her we may install aftermarket parts and your customer would get no Guarantee on the Components and Work. She asked why and I had cut her off. I told her I would not quote anything around that Telephone and if this really is an actual shop calling on Account of their customer they would know there is no manner to estimate an exact estimate without looking at that vehicle. She Inquired for my name and said she would send that customer for ask for me. She Tested your address and Inquired our hours of Business. I go ogled that Amount and was amazed that this Website has a lot of the same scenarios. Quite intriguing.

Post by Guest,

424-702-1455 Doing a survey after I placed an order. Not Spam

Post by Jon,

4247021455 Call out of Part striving. com viewing an purchase I d placed.

Post by Laertes,

424-702-1455 Place on on Scam Tv.

Post by Bambi,

4247021455 This makes sense now for me overly. I m Additionally Now dealing with .

Post by Guest,

424-702-1455 I work for an automotive Business. . Had a caller pretending for be a customer to get data about my Business. She is wanting to know pricing business name address if you take specific credit cards. Your conversion Began enjoy an True Possible customer Seeking for know prices but got questionable. When you personally see this number or Broad Primary Drink a don t reply. . There customer service doesn't reply your own on hold your whole time. .

Post by Guest,

4247021455 its T c Whitney after marketplace auto Components its a survey that you agree for be component of not Only arbitrary phone its legit not spam

Post by lastnight,

424-702-1455 They called me twice within 5 minutes Now. Asian female voice with a lot of noise and static within the background. I did t response because I did not recognize the Telephone number. They left a voice send stating they needed to verify info about my purchase . I placed an online order with Car stuff. com yesterday. I m sure they vie hacked into their system and are using your Telephone Amounts to strive and scam Folks. I was born at nighttime but it wan t LAST night.

Post by Russ,

4247021455 Merely had a telephone from them. Same Storyline Asian Highlight Looking to know our Constant speed. Did some looking into the Wide core Glass. It's basically and Interior Telephone system for milt location businesses which means within order for them for phone using People Auto parts or . com phone Amount they are component of your Us Vehicle parts or . com Firm. I would become quite cautious Around using them to Purchase Vehicle Components out of.

Post by Guest,

424-702-1455 Automobile Components Factory not Actually spam

Post by K.C.,

4247021455 Obtained a telephone from these People after I left them negative feedback on eBay. At least among their eBay I. D. s is

Post by Wil,

424-702-1455 Just rec d a call from your same W area Amount and it was KC Whitney calling Around Issues with the order. I can t figure out exactly why thus many Distinct Firms all have the same Owner ID Telephone Amount.

Post by Joe,

4247021455 Nicely they called me but its your number for an Automobile parts Site I ordered a part and they Only called and left a voice mail for tell me the part I ordered is no longer available and i will become credited back my cash but I didn't have to phone back to present credit card Information or nothing. . maybe that number was Chosen by someone else but I'm W certain the was legit now. . .

Post by M.R.,

424-702-1455 WOW. . . . this really is Magnificent. You personally actually got called back. . . after my component was not Accessible. . . they did t bother calling me back. ever. I had for call them Regular for the past 3 times and keep hounding them for my money. Expect I see it tonight back within my account. Or I might Simply drive Upward to Carson and Begin knocking on many doors. We 're talking around W here.

Post by Wil,

4247021455 Only rec d a call from the same W area Amount and it was KC Whitney calling Around Issues using an order. I could t body out why so many Distinct companies all have the same Owner ID phone number.

Post by john dunkle,

424-702-1455 I obtained the telephone last night and I did NT reply it. Then I saw that Remarks on this site. I did NT understand if it was legit or not so I called them. It's an excellent Amount and all they Desired to know was the address I had given on a credit card purchase was right. I had placed an purchase that morning that was being Sent to a Distinct address. They Simply wanted to Confirm for be certain it was right. It is a good Telephone Amount out of a great Automobile Components distributor who works along with in my case J. C Whitney. so can trust them they re Ok.

Post by John,

4247021455 That is your Net Automobile parts Merchant Parts Train. I returned a component and they were verifying my order.

Post by jason,

424-702-1455 This really is a serious scam and it seems nobody is wise to it. I 've been following these scampers and others for Rather many time. They take your own money with no Purpose of Marketing you a part Afterward they hold your money for as long as they can BS you 2 weeks to some month. I think they have figured a manner to draw short duration interest away it. It makes sense if you do it continuously on a big Level like W for W thousand sales a month. If you added Tremendous Amounts like this Upwards and attracted interest or many used those Amounts on paper I Gamble it would become alto of cash. I reported these and others to eBay but eBay has their own Plan money.

Post by Elana,

4247021455 Your number belongs to People Auto Parts

Post by Pre-owned Dealer,

424-702-1455 Called and Desired for confirm the address we Lately changed our name and Afterward Inquired for my name. I asked who he was calling along with and he replied he was searching for a shop for take his Automobile. When I Inquired him if he would love for become transferred for your service department to make an appointment he said no and hung Upwards.

Post by Joe,

4247021455 There s a entire Group of these Automobile People which are Actually your same company. . . Auto Components Warehouse Reduction Vehicle Components Us Automobile Components Internal Automobile Parts Practice. . . they may just be following Upwards on an order. . . I know I vie ordered something and Subsequently they come back with a few absurd Transportation Upward charge so I Stop. . . then they say that order is not in stock. . . LOLA. . . I would t Purchase out of any of them

Post by linda,

424-702-1455 i got a telephone just a little while Past. the Woman asked what my Constant rate was. i told her Afterward she Inquired if would install customers parts and i told her we prefer not to. Afterward Inquired my name and asked if that road address Amount was right. when i said it was she said she would see me After. i never said i Desired for see anyone. if someone shows Upward they will get that Start.

Post by derneuegott,

4247021455 This can be . com. Valid call. . . I accidentally Offered that incorrect zip code for my billing address.

Post by joe,

424-702-1455 2 calls Around auto fix Inquired my Work rate. told her to come in and see me. no res ponce

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5015199505 Complains by bobby,

12/28/12.  Said she was Jenni and to hit her up on yahoo messenger. Sheidabigail is the messenger ID she gave me.

6267662244 Complains by Guest,

Who is this

6513679460 Complains by Guest,

Calling me and not saying anything

9375867127 Complains by jim bo,

Delivered Adult text message to my

9734532046 Complains by Guest,

Calls frequently

2132610315 Complains by Guest,

VIM Subsequently they hung up

8053140858 Complains by Guest,

The number keeps calling my phone I don t understand who it is and I want them for Cease calling me for real

8885364802 Complains by Guest,


8002170572 Complains by Guest,

southwest credit systems

8002685637 Complains by Rodcalcufont,

got a few calls out of the Amount no MSG was left

8002510517 Complains by eastguy,

Same thing for me. What did they ask.

8002583488 Complains by Sean,

Legit company handling mortgage Information.

8002686870 Complains by MACLURE,

Really unprofessional and a scam. That idiot who calls even forgets who hes calling and is like um and misspells your own Business name. You personally re paying them to phone late hours every so Regularly cause it makes them legit. Meanwhile they 've your Business or Residence info cause we trust. This can be Canada correct. Anyone who has dropped for this disgrace like myself. we all 've paper Walk through our payments and save your callers list that phone is how

8002003000 Complains by Bothered,

Acquired telephone out of this number. Typically I don t response Amounts I don t Comprehend but I was waiting for an important delivery telephone. When I replied no one there. Did not indication Upward for any study.

8002532743 Complains by D. Pullease,

called three time with a question. . . . . . . .

8002597137 Complains by SAME AS 259 7187,

This really is Your SAME AS W W W W KEDGEREE. Net The NUMEROUS CALLS To THEIR RENTER HAS Got THEM Change Numbers PLEASE CONTINUE For Bug THEM AT The Information Provided WHEN You personally Search W

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