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Post by Stanford,

4305622225 Lola love your message i got the same harassing phone call

Post by Guest,

430-562-2225 Said I 've been reproved for an online loan and I never hint Upwards for. Went forward an block the Amount. .

Post by Guest,

4305622225 Pare recorded message that calls daytime and nighttime about I Lately been approve for payday loan never Required a payday loan won t Cease calling

Post by Guest,

430-562-2225 Record saying you can get a payday loan. .

Post by Guest,

4305622225 Payday loan scam

Post by Stanford,

430-562-2225 I go get calls from the number said that I Used for a payday loan and was approved for W Yeah correct. . . Only a Lot of scampers. .

Post by Parker,

4305622225 Payday loan scampers. They use numerous numbers constantly that same Registered message stating that have qualified for 1 W loan to go to web Website with particular code number. Usually something enjoy Www. cockcrow. com or holidaying. Have blocked over W numbers along with the same recorded message. I try to report the Web site given along with your phone number. Maybe the FCC can close down or Monitor these scampers through that Web addresses. . . Wish they would would something to Cease these .

Post by Guest,

430-562-2225 prerecorded message for payday loans

Post by Guest,

4305622225 This really is a telemarketer record Striving for get you personally for take a payday loan

Post by C. McDaniel,

430-562-2225 Most likely not. They are difficult attention Indian or Pakistani scampers so that as such beyond the reach of People law. Call bicker Program on your cell phone might be helpful.

Post by Stanford,

4305622225 Lola love your own message i got the same harassing Telephone call

Post by Guest,

430-562-2225 Please somebody make them Cease calling me.

Post by C. McDaniel,

4305622225 Most likely not. They're difficult care Indian or Pakistani scampers so that as such beyond your reach of People law. Call bicker app for your cell Telephone May}n' become Useful.

Post by Guest,

430-562-2225 payday loan

Post by Guest,

4305622225 spam. .

Post by Guest,

430-562-2225 The aggravating Owner is no Person a recording offering a loan. There's no way of speaking to any person and they continually telephone. I have my number Enrolled on the National Don't Call Registry.

Post by Guest,

4305622225 Being pare approved for a online loan I had never Closed Upwards for

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8042051026 Complains by Sugar,

Truly no payday loan Sites are Understood for sell customer data. They are criminals to begin with considering that rates and fees they charge. Also most online Programs are Offered also.

8043966907 Complains by anomonous,

they keep on calling me and saying they need timothy charlatan Actually creepy

8002318150 Complains by D J,

You have just won a free W Walmart Present Card enter W at HTTP prominently. com Walmart

8002279853 Complains by Guest,

It s your Windows scampers. Keep them on the line and screw with them. . . it s fun.

8042651009 Complains by [email protected] /* */,

This numbers calls my cell phone always.

8003376556 Complains by Alfalfa,

National Enterprise Systems Inc. W Solon Rd. Solon OH W Cleveland Phone W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W Fax W W W W W Web Address Web. NE's. com Email email W protected Head Debt Lovers Ernest R. Pollack W CEO Scott Pollock President Christopher M. Pollock W Vice President Bud Says The organization generates a lot of complaints like the typical E-mail I 'm Composing you concerning a company called National Business Systems Inc. They ended Upward calling me Upward at work and harassing me I specifically asked them not for contact me there. Not even two minutes later they called my workplace again and Inquired to Chat to my manager. I contacted the local authorities as they previously mentioned when they called my Home that they were Federal Agents and I was within Huge trouble along with the law . I thought that they were not allowed for telephone your Put of employment if you personally asked them not to. Recently they contacted my Put of employment once again. I 'm fed up along with being harassed. A quick check on Pacer shows W lawsuits naming National Enterprise System Inc. dating to W. That majority of Grievances we get are for harassment Calling family Pals calling employers that normal regular Infraction of slimy Set organizations such as NE'S. Granting for records we found on a search engine NE'S Head Debt Collector Ernest R. Pollack and Partner Ellen reside within Salon OH and are readily accessible for Customers Looking to voice their Gripes on the Clear illegal treatment he is allowing his debt Lovers for practice. I suggest anyone who thinks they have been treated unjustly or in a disgusting style violating your law for contact Ernie your debt collector at National Enterprise Systems Inc. Ernest R. Pollack President Solon Rd Solon OH W Phone W W W still Free W W Fax W W E send email W protected If that fails to resolve your Dilemma whether it be harassing calls to your Manager family etc or his collectors posing as National agents as described above we Recommend you would this 1 Record all calls out of NE'S Lovers. 2 Contact people for referral to your local consumer law professional. 3 Contact us for Affiliate for law enforcement for potential Costs. 4 If that does not work and your harassment continues we could possibly pass along your Dwelling address for Ernie and Ellen within your hopes they may need for discuss your own Condition out of their Residence in the Night. HTTP Web. Buddhas. com NE's. HTML

8003374641 Complains by DJBRS,

Since yesterday I vie acquired 4 calls out of the number. I attempted calling back after that Road phone for see if there was a record and there was. It talked about loans late payments if you personally vie already got payment then disregard the telephone etc. . It asked me to provide my party s Amount if I knew it. Seriously Thinking exactly why they're calling me because my mortgage payment is due the first of that month and is Constantly on time. I have no hint what is happening.

8002106202 Complains by angry,

This Gasoline and Electricity keep calling after you tell them to stop this really is such discouragement can there be something that can be done. . . I Inquired for be put on your don't phone list of course they state it can take Upwards for W hours for take an effect well it s been well over W hours please stop the calls . . . . .

8002461474 Complains by Anonymous,

My final post on the Your connection for my desk phone and why Promotion is calling my cell Telephone and my Workplace Telephone within a minute of each other is this My mother have used NE CC to telephone both my cell phone and my Workplace phone in the past. So Fundamentally what I am implying is that NE CC sold Discount conversation my Guardian s NE CC telephone history. Oh the joys of modern life. No Seclusion.

8002665902 Complains by no one can put charges on your bill,

You are able to contact your phone Supplier and tell them for BLOCK Rd Celebration billings to your own phone Statement. IF You personally Don't Can The Important Measure you Danger being Packed Out of Latest Posts on notes W Ways you can become Telephone scammed. Cramming When monthly Prices pop Upward in your Phone Statement for Recommended services which you never Certified such as express mail paging or club membership it s called cramming. You may become Inquired to return a missed telephone because it s Your Fortunate daytime and you personally vie won a trip for La's Vegas. When that telephone is made an automated system is activated and you are unknowingly enrolled within a Team or Software and that charge is placed on your phone Invoice. Your crammer might not even demand for do anything except simply Select your phone Amount out of that blue and Set Costs on your bill through your local Phone Firm maintaining that you agreed to buy some services. Look at your own Invoice closely each month. Charges for Recommended services should become itemized and display the name of that Business providing them and its phone Amount. If you did not Approve that services call that Amount and insist that they become canceled and that charges removed from your own Statement. Additionally consider putting a third Celebration block on your own Telephone service. It s often free and it doesn't let any third party add Prices for your phone Invoice.

8002116980 Complains by bryan tomo,

Rob Call er. . . asking for a name that i cannot create Outside.

8002379494 Complains by Guest,

Ladies beware this man drives a blue Corvette and is know to be abusive, threaten to call the police so he can exploit you for free sex. he is a predator and has done this to 3 different women and he is on probation for stealing money for the plumbers association. http://nlpc.org/stories/2012/06/22/plumbers-official-rhode-island-sentenced-fraud-tax-evasion

8002515820 Complains by Guest,

Lad Bye.

8002356673 Complains by Davis,

Called my cell phone again Now but the time I did not response and let it go to my express mail.

8002611129 Complains by smitty too,

Obvious Feature. Message saying they were Prepared for boat a package for me and Wanted to Chat to me first. I called back. That guy that replied could just Talk English and Desired for sell me prescription drugs.

8002133135 Complains by Guest,

Leave Me Alone Ruhr Blocked Quit Calling

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