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Recent reviews 431 Telephone area codes 2019-12-12T14:28:41+01:00.

2016-05-28 11:00:47
It's a spam number out of Voyager company
2016-04-18 10:06:27
no testing comes through
2016-04-15 18:01:42
Caller hung Upwards without a message.
2016-04-15 11:13:04
Who are you
2016-04-15 08:07:32
2016-04-14 19:42:34
Do not response. . .
2016-04-11 15:25:17
obtained message from Case asking for me for telephone W W W Peter Damian. Don t know a Peter Damian.
2016-04-11 10:01:26
W W W called Oct W W at 8 W pm LATE. . Caller ID LIFE GIVING MO Men. Recognizable Spammer. W W W called Sept W W at 6 PM. Owner ID Spammer BLOCK More of their numbers below for block. From Many Calls using many different numbers BLOCK all. Understood Spammers. W W W called Might W W at 1 W pm. Owner ID . No message. W W W called Mar W W at 8 W am. Owner ID . No message. W W W called Feb W W at 8 W pm. Caller ID LIFE GIVING Brief numbers for block out of same spammers W W W W W W W W W W Caller Mega SPAM
2016-04-11 07:58:06
I keep becoming calls Around a few stock that i have invested within and I ha vent vested within ANY stock. I have Inquired to become removed from the list but they keep calling.
2016-04-08 03:53:09
Left message but was incoherent
2016-04-05 17:33:33
just gotten another telephone from this Simon Scott from W W W saying he had documents and since could not get me would 've for come for my work. I don t understand who he is or where he is from but I am reporting his and Telephone number.
2016-03-28 20:49:19
Block dis number
2016-03-25 03:51:05
This sound like to same company practices used by now calling themselves Blue Sc ape Properties. I worked for this particular Firm for a very short time and was fired once I questioned their business practices. There is thousands of Individuals scam which I refused for take component of. I am compiling names E-mail address and your own story and comparing along with others like yours and take Activity for restitution. This really is how it went down Once you personally the seller and not unwilling to pay that Retailer fees they are Inquired to Approve funds along with a cashier s Assess out of your bank. You are Additionally told that FCC regulations requires that the funds are Monitored Consequently they simply Take funds through either Fed Ex or Advantages. This can be for get that money ASAP. You were Additionally told once you get the cashier Assess and Facsimile it to the local now to La's Nevada. That s how that Representative get paid. Once there is confirmation acquired along with Following Amount and copy of your cashier check. The rep is complex a Percent of Sum collected. You personally were probably Additionally told Allowing for the FCC regulation all trades must be recorded for their protection. Not confident if they did that back then but they're Certainly doing it now to cover their BUTTS. You told that you will receive a welcome document along with all your Closure Files. You probably Inquired to hint and return for what s phone now Blue Sc ape ASAP. That File you acquired were nothing but a Only Uncomplicated one page File requiring hard touch authorizing Blue Sc ape for Promote your property. The game begins that moment the cash is obtained in your office. You probably was Offered a closing Schedules and when that date Arrived and gone you personally either were left hanging or told you agreed to 've AKA Blue Sc ape properties to Promote your own property. Sounds familiar. Perhaps I could help. I can t Guarantee you personally anything because I don t understand your Condition. My only objective is for help you regain your own money without paying a Dime unless you want you . . smiling. Hope I can help. Let me understand if you might have any questions. Maybe you should Follow Course Actions law Collection. Only a thought. My email address is email W protected
2016-03-25 03:51:05
its ova
2016-03-25 03:51:04
Did not leave a message. I did not telephone back.
2016-03-25 03:36:48
I hate u
2016-03-25 03:36:08
threatening phone calls
2016-03-25 03:36:08
One text offering an iPad 3 for Assessment through Apple.
2016-03-25 03:32:29
AK main tummy telephone NH Karo Gi tum thus Jana
2016-03-25 03:32:28
Invoice Collector

Phone list in area 431

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
4316692762threatening Telephone callsCandace J Cotten62016-03-25 03:36:08
4316692765Obtained a text message out of the number. Someone asserting to be Stephan Rich. Schmuk62016-03-25 03:32:04
4313423701Left message but was incoherentGuest42016-04-08 03:53:09
4316644837NoGuest12015-11-06 23:01:44
4318965290Did you Employ for a car loan. I gotten the same Telephone telephone. Guest132015-11-07 09:54:44
4316629385They are just constantly calling meGuest42015-11-07 14:20:44
4317396011fake textmsg from hsbcGuest72016-03-22 09:05:20
4312230123Automated message on starting a home businessGuest72015-12-18 12:22:14
4312743286calls from split lake Canada. says the name is DarlaGuest12015-11-09 02:38:20
4310101222out my life forevrGuest82015-12-14 13:19:24
4318942194Cash advance and said get money now. Spam spam spamGuest62015-11-09 07:39:44
4316692763pain in the buttGuest52016-03-25 03:32:04
4316923438No answer when I pick up. I believe it's spam calling from multiple numbers. I block ten numbers and ten new ones call my phone with no answer or loan scams.Guest12015-11-09 15:43:44
4312382536asks if you want a pay day loan.Guest22015-11-09 19:06:20
4319627268I recieved two calls, back to back, at 4:13 AM and 4:15 AM. Voicemail both times. Unknown language.Guest42015-11-09 23:21:20
4316075878Ask if you need to refill pain medsGuest12015-11-10 00:28:20
4317396012Scam...leaving messagesJSmith42016-03-23 12:51:10
4317396014StalkingGuest62016-03-23 00:09:31
4316775838scammersGuest12015-11-11 11:17:44
4313423697received message from BG asking for me to call 312-859-1901 Peter Damian.  Don't know a Peter Damian.Stephanie42016-04-11 15:25:17
4313423700Who are youAllen42016-04-15 11:13:04
4317396015he has been trying to do meGuest52016-03-22 20:51:29
4315550000Keep saying my windows software was not accepting updates. Wanted me to follow instructions they wanted to give me so updates would be accepted. My system IS NOT set for remote access! Very pushy!Guest22015-11-13 01:26:44
4316575826its ovaGuest32016-03-25 03:51:05
4316692766Did not leave a message. I did not call back.anthony42016-03-25 03:51:04
4315551335I hate uGuest72016-03-25 03:36:48
4318002005They call 34 times a person speaks.Dixie72015-12-18 15:52:39
4316692764One text offering an ipad 3 for testing through Apple.Guest52016-03-25 03:36:08
4316675858Someone from another country scam online dating site.Deborah72015-12-13 22:44:06
4316575868Unrecognized number. Blocked for the future.Harold62015-12-16 13:00:04
4313423702TargetGuest52016-04-15 08:07:32
4310303012shows as unknown caller, tried to call back to see who it was.. call didn't go throughF French12015-11-16 05:51:14
4316175618Just got an unknown call from 431-617-5618, and my husband answered it by mistake, as it came to my cell phone number.  It was a guy from India, who was very hard to understand.  He said something was wrong with my computer, that needed to be fixed.  I told him this was a spam call, and take my number off his list.  It wasn't long before he hung up on me.  I don't normally answer these calls, since I can see who calling, as they make me so very angry.  MW12015-11-16 06:02:48
4318772398never answerGuest42015-12-16 05:01:54
4317462382they call and dont talk can only here background activitiebob12015-11-16 06:46:09
4316370888SpamGuest72015-12-16 07:52:19
4318527465I missed the call and wouldn't let me call back. It kept saying see if  number is correct.Erica62015-11-16 07:56:06
4316075848text message from this number when ask who is this they said sorry lost my signal.vick72015-12-16 17:48:49
4313423693dont answerGuest52015-12-18 23:53:03
4315551325We got a call from them last night. They did answer and was asking for my age. We gave them a range for age but kept asking for a specific age. Maybe it's some kind of survery. Needless to say we did hang up as it was hard to hear them through all the static.Lyndsey62015-11-16 10:58:23
4314892580This person has been repeatedly sending me annoying texts- and then wont respond when I ask them who it is.Jenn12015-11-16 11:36:42
4318000583not no moreGuest42015-12-10 00:06:19
4313649338it happend to me as well today Nov. 18 15:42ralfi52015-11-16 12:44:00
4317396005random callerjohn12015-11-16 13:36:01
4318784378This Indian Lady called my mobile.  I see that it is an overseas call so I ignored.Immediately the call came through to my Company's Direct line.  I spoke to her.  She told me she is from a head hunter company and has a job opportunity with a number 1 oil company for me.  Said she will tell me more regarding this job offer via my mobile phone instead of sharing the information via the land line as it is their company's policy not to disclosed via this channel.I told her not to call my mobile because I am sceptical of having such policy. 10 mins later, she called again my mobile which I ignored again.So I think this is a scam.LN82015-11-16 14:29:32
4318665255This number calls, then it rings (as if you called them), a guy with an Indian accent answers, then doesn't say anything else when you scream at him to stop calling. Two other numbers have done the exact same thing. When I tried to call the numbers back, it says the calls are not real phone numbers...Hannah12015-11-16 14:49:15
4316875898Do you need extra holiday cash today? You qualify for a payday loan up to $900, Receive loan within 1 hour. Reply "Payday" for more information. Fast and easy!!Guest52015-12-09 14:50:06
4312297123Latest Phishing Scam Relies On Telephone CallsScammers 'reaching out and touching' their victimsApril 6, 2010 By now, most Internet-savvy consumers are wise to the spam emails that look like they are from a bank or financial institution, warning that prompt action is needed to avoid losing access to an account. Usually that "prompt action" is supplying your date of birth, social security number, and all manner of personal information that could be used to steal your identity. When we see these emails, most of us simply ignore or delete them. So scammers appear to have reverted to an old fashioned way to phish for information. They pick up the phone and call victims. In Pennsylvania, Attorney General Tom Corbett is warning his state's residents to be on the look out for these kinds of phishing calls. "These bogus 'security alerts' typically warn that credit card or bank accounts may have been compromised and ask consumers to respond by 'confirming' or 'verifying' their account numbers," Corbett said. "The sole purpose of these calls is to convince unwary victims to reveal their account numbers and passwords so that thieves can steal money from their bank accounts or make large purchases with their credit cards." Corbett said identity thieves are always looking for ways to disguise their schemes and reach out to new potential victims. In the latest scam, they use live operators and automated calls disguised as communication from banks, credit card companies or other legitimate businesses. 'Account security'Corbett noted that the Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection has been receiving an increasing number of complaints about unwanted "account security" calls and messages all across the state. He pointed out that legitimate businesses will not call or message consumers asking them to provide their entire account number, password or PIN number -- so any request for that level of detailed personal information should be a clear warning sign of a scam. "While some businesses may contact consumers to alert them about potential problems with their accounts, they will not ask individuals to divulge all of their account information by phone or email," Corbett said. "If you do receive a message asking for detailed account information, contact your bank or credit card directly -- using the customer service hotline printed on your card or monthly statement -- to report the scam attempt and also to verify that your account is secure." Corbett said that any consumer who suspects they have accidentally divulged personal information in response to a scam should immediately contact their bank or credit card company to stop any unauthorized withdrawals or charges to their accounts. Read more: ... l#ixzz0kR5Yl6YqLAMET82015-11-16 15:30:38
4315373539No message left. Tried to call and got dial tone. Actual number is 43153735394.4315373539412015-11-16 16:15:50
4311431143Just a random number I put in! Dont know if its real or not...cASesEnSitiVE12015-11-16 17:01:48

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