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Post by C3,

4312297123 Middle of the night call here overly.

Post by Laura,

431-229-7123 Yep W PM missed phone. Filing a complaint via your Don't Telephone Registry if you guys are on that DC list I suggest you can the same.

Post by Loopster,

4312297123 Just got your telephone. Said it was your National Bank of Blues burg and my ATM card had been suspended. Said to press 1 to reactivate. I don t have a NB account and did t press 1. Beware. Bet it would 've Closed me Upwards for many service.

Post by Loopster,

431-229-7123 Merely got the phone. Said it was your National Bank of Greens burg and my ATM card had been suspended. Said for press 1 for reactivate. I don t 've a NB account and did t press 1. Beware. Wager it would 've Closed me up for a few service.

Post by Jo,

4312297123 I heard it was a scam this morning on the radio. I Simply got your phone overly and 've been getting e mails Around this. Don t Answer.

Post by LAMET,

431-229-7123 Latest Phishing Scam Relies On Telephone Classical's reaching out and touching their Sufferers April 6 W By now most Net savvy People are shrewd for that spam E-mails that look enjoy they are from a bank or Monetary Organization warning that quick Activity is needed for prevent losing access for an account. Usually that quick Activity is supplying your own date of Delivery Societal security number and all style of personal info that could be used for steal your Id. When we see these emails most of people Only ignore or Remove them. Thus scampers Search for have reverted to an old fashioned way to phish for data. They Choose Upwards your Telephone and phone Sufferers. In Pennsylvania Lawyer General Mary Courbet is warning his state s residents to become on the appearance out for these sorts of phishing calls. These Fake security alerts Generally warn that credit card or bank Records might 've been compromised and ask consumers to respond by supporting or verifying their account Amounts Courbet said. That Exclusive intention of these calls is for convince unwary Casualties to Show their account numbers and Accounts so that thieves can Take cash from their bank accounts or create big purchases along with their credit cards. Courbet said Id thieves are constantly searching for manners for disguise their schemes and reach out for new Possible victims. Within that latest scam they use live operators and automated calls disguised as interaction from banks credit card Firms or other valid businesses. Account security Courbet noted the Lawyer General s Agency of Buyer Protection was receiving an increasing number of Grievances Around unwanted account security calls and messages all across that state. He pointed out that legitimate businesses won't telephone or message consumers asking them for Supply their entire account number Code or Pin Amount thus any request that Amount of in-depth personal information should be a clear warning hint of a scam. While a few Companies could contact Customers for alert them about Possible Difficulties along with their accounts they will not ask People to divulge all of their account info by Telephone or E-mail Courbet said. If you personally would receive a message asking for detailed account data contact your bank or credit card directly using your customer service hot line Published in your card or monthly statement for report your scam Test and Additionally to verify that your account is Safe. Courbet said that any Client who suspects they have accidentally divulged private information in Result to some scam should immediately contact their bank or credit card company to stop any unauthorized withdrawals or Prices to their Reports. Read more HTTP Www. consumer matters. com news's W W . . . l Exercycle

Post by laura,

4312297123 would love to know Additionally. . . had my cell phone

Post by TWTY,

431-229-7123 Same 1 W 'm. .

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8644472132 Complains by Guest,

These people keep calling my phone and shortly as I response the telephone it hangs Upward on me.

8003085099 Complains by ripnsip,

calls Day-to-day and leaves no message

8664335958 Complains by Jumpkick Jones,

Getting repeated calls from this number. If I answer, they instantly hang up. If I don't answer, they never leave a message. If I call it back, I get a busy signal.

9897815977 Complains by Guest,

Called 3 times Now. Said they are with Windows. I told them this was not a company and that they were running a scam. They hung Upwards. When you personally telephone back it won't go through.

3174123421 Complains by Guest,

W W W is not a company number Remove the number out of this business I have had it for 2 years they must become from business

7542452681 Complains by Guest,

Caller called from an unknown number and left message. Called the number back and subject was extremely rude and obnoxious. Would not give me the name of the company but answered the phone as "Claim Office". The name they finally gave me was First GSG. Allegedly a debt collector. I have no debt. She ordered me to give her the last 4 digits of my social and stated that she had my entire social. I told her okay but what was this pertaining to and she stated that she could not and would not disclose any information to me until I gave them my information. I refused and hung up.

9176353422 Complains by kristy,

I acquired a telephone out of this number and when I called back no one answered.

2162454207 Complains by Guest,

2 calls no MSG

9194001033 Complains by Guest,

Reduction answer

9419079850 Complains by k,

Report it to your State Attorney General's office. They usually have a department just to collect data on scams. The only time you need to get the police involved is if the caller threatens you physically or they misuse information you give them ( you shouldn't give them ANY information to begin with)

6783297962 Complains by Guest,

This is s national threat too peoples everywhere their running retail con hames useing other peopled names sfdressed snd addresses telephone numbers credir card info they font even reside at these address their robbing carriers and their goid customers the one that hyst ttxtef me is from darotoga saratoga cd nys 5188795479 therw shouldnot be anyone downloading onto my device but me even upfates rtf here shouldnot be nyone texting me nd im tild tgat number is frewuentlt usef but not by me because my number isnot that number at / all I dont know snyone who lived in saratoga at all snd why would he be useing my cellp ghost one too relay info in ordering tickets snd airlune tickets cruised why im tired of them adfing my number too sex offenders the :) r no different then virginmobile snd im tired of sll t bhai id that I could care less if cellphines all hust went oyr . Of bhai udineds period .

8132255111 Complains by TECO,


9492730169 Complains by Guest,


5612351485 Complains by Guest,

Choosing in my Region message but I did t solicit that info.

9512665665 Complains by Guest,

I want these calls to Quit.

7275154270 Complains by Guest,

credit card offer. they Installed Upward on me wan I asked them to remove my number out of thee list.

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