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Recent reviews 432 Telephone area codes 2019-09-17T21:10:45+02:00.

2017-04-24 16:22:23
I bought two iPhones cards and only one of them activated I need some help here
2016-05-01 11:46:56
Did not answer
2016-04-30 14:44:01
2016-04-26 16:56:27
I had a express mail left on my cell phone stating she was in the Irs and I had a warrant if I did t phone her back. I called back and a man answered. In that background it sounded like a service Facility. He just answered along with his name Subsequently Installed Upward on me when I questioned that express send.
2016-04-26 15:19:53
not sure if it is law or not non verified
2016-04-26 01:40:33
Got a text along with the scam offering for pay more if I was not unwilling to send your thing i was Marketing Offshore for Africa.
2016-04-25 14:33:34
Websites like the must be making it difficult for you personally for Key Sufferers from cash on that Telephone. Excellent. Glad to Notice it. Thanks for sharing you better get back to the boiler room now before your crack pipe gets Cool.
2016-04-25 09:03:36
Teach yourself your own family particularly seniors and others about spam scam phishing Telephone calls and e mails. Start here at note under Latest Posts W Ways You are able to Be Telephone Scammed . Senior People are Primary Objectives of spam scam phishing phone calls. These calls are Beginning to Select Upwards on Infant Boomers as nicely as People who went through your Melancholy and World War II. Exactly why. Because it is assumed that older Individuals are more Uncomplicated minded about trusting Telephone calls got especially for them. How do these scampers zero in on that phone Amounts of seniors. That's your scariest part of all.
2016-04-24 03:17:06
2016-04-22 06:44:41
Kid molester
2016-04-22 06:31:52
Don t understand you
2016-04-22 06:31:52
When I Face this number many man reply that Telephone and said Steven The Miss Jenna Bridle claims she lives alone I wonder if was her boyfriend or her Man response that phone or this man name Steven pretends for be a female name Jenna Bridle unless I Skip Switch the Telephone. Could you see who s living there
2016-04-22 06:26:33
Your same description of a person called me from this Amount today that said he was from Walmart and Desired for give me a W present card for customer appreciation. He was going for transfer me to your verification department after your phone. After I verified my Transportation address they wanted my credit card information for charge me a Transportation Cost of 5 I hung Upward on them. I Afterward got a call back right after from your same Man but it was out of W W W. I m sorry if this really is a gift out of Walmart they should at least cough up the dough and ship it for free.
2016-04-20 10:45:01
never pick up
2016-04-19 18:14:33
Attorney trying to sell AP Express software
2016-04-19 08:06:07
They telephone and want say anything
2016-04-18 17:12:36
2016-04-18 16:38:43
Simply got a missed telephone no VIM and I m not calling back. Looks to become a cell .
2016-04-18 12:09:36
Request for another name.
2016-04-18 01:32:40
Delivered me text saying I could make W a week from my phone and Offered a website Spam. . .

Phone list in area 432

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
4322126915no more calls please. W. never leave a messageGuest72015-12-08 15:35:18
4325532259nopeGuest12015-11-04 17:23:44
4322607510This number wont Quit testing naked graphics and sexual videos after asking multiple times for them for stop. I never opened one but its Likely virus containing. Guest82015-11-04 17:29:44
4322227021The Amount you personally Face is wrong disconnected or no More within serviceGuest22015-11-04 18:24:44
4322728003Do not call or text. Guest72016-03-15 10:11:55
4326612589Kevin what could i do for you . kike72015-12-14 09:03:28
4322034101SpamGuest582015-11-04 18:40:44
4328971043g xxx co defGuest52015-12-09 13:04:30
4329784515You might have dialed the other sister you don t want anything to would with so phone ConnieGuest22015-11-04 19:34:44
4322094010 Tue EU Jew YT Ty EU eGuest12015-11-04 15:49:21
4328164386NaGuest12015-11-04 16:11:44
4322761111 Kusch Allows on caller ID. James82015-12-19 10:23:32
4328476632Stalker dumb assGuest12015-11-04 17:44:44
4322014361Calls all your time. Never leaves VIM. Guest62015-11-04 17:45:44
4322606313fake number. scamGuest12015-11-04 17:51:44
4325284891dint answerGuest12015-11-04 18:03:44
4322151924Keeps telling me a deposit was made for my debit account and I demand to call for verifyGuest72016-04-15 17:01:56
4322492025POLICEGuest42016-04-16 04:34:42
4323323255dint see. . running a scamGuest62015-12-16 13:21:52
4322573724TelemarketingGuest42015-11-04 20:12:44
4322678216Excellent Gal. Excellent Character a real go gutterGuest72015-12-16 08:21:28
4327560187Nuisance call. . . no one there when I answer. . . never leaves message. . . has Began calling multiple times dailyGuest182015-11-04 22:22:44
4322710127WeGuest82015-12-09 14:39:09
4322187926do not Choose up or unblock HonGuest82015-12-14 13:04:15
4322696562Prank call pretending to become a radio station. Being loud and Ignorant. Guest62015-12-18 16:59:04
4329343000Please tell Me Who you are. Thank You. [email protected] /* */52015-12-09 22:09:52
4329554875Gather telephone. Guest72016-04-13 01:23:37
4322698896Spam. Asking for State giftGuest42015-12-16 13:14:15
4327560218Asserted my number had been a Picked winner for a security system. She refused for listen when I asked to Cease calling and kept on with her sales pitch. Guest102015-11-04 23:21:44
4327589596TelemarketerGuest82015-12-14 09:43:36
4324482237Problem and dudeGuest12015-11-04 23:44:44
4325173093've missed calls from this number when I telephone back it it rings then goes for busy dial tone each time. Dubious. Guest42015-11-04 23:45:44
4329786943your text message is too inappropriate for me for share. Only downloaded an Program that blocks these type of messages. Guest62015-11-04 23:53:44
4323490810Dozen t get a hintGuest72015-12-19 14:57:13
4322029613always callsOscar52015-12-14 09:15:41
4322698395Several callsJohn52015-12-16 10:48:43
4323497771Unsolicited Rob callGuest62016-04-15 00:35:52
4329783609LoserGuest42015-12-16 14:06:55
4322571990st ockerGuest22015-11-05 00:52:21
4322227489Some debt Group did t leave a messageGuest62015-12-16 16:24:58
4322089540she no goodGuest72015-12-16 17:12:13
4324002638Gotten telephone 8 W rang 3 timesGuest12015-11-05 01:19:21
4325576770AGuest32015-11-05 01:42:21
4324562163Alice Patton Roberson she is wonderful weak all timeGuest12015-11-05 03:05:21
4326318195Unknown Telephone calling out of W W W. Albert Sakaj52015-12-21 23:01:36
4328138550Sorry can t come to the phone correct i m busyGuest62015-11-05 03:39:44
4322126932Machine told me to hold. . . . . Lola I consistently hang Upward on themTiffany72016-04-11 21:13:54
4323329713Something Around signing Upwards for something i don t wantGuest32016-04-12 07:25:24
4322573730Fake text MSG Snow debit cardGuest32015-11-05 04:52:21
4329349951suggesting he send me pornographic materials . said he had talked to me on Net . I don't often use computer. Actual Ill male. said his name was Greg bod inGuest12015-11-05 05:04:44

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