4342142694 / 434-214-2694

Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Fork Union, VA. Fluvanna. United states
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Post by Momo,

4342142694 They called my daughter s cell phone asserting to become that Iowa Cops Department. saying there was a grizzly bear on the loose in your area. Afterward called back along with that same message and Put up. She called them back and Inquired where in our Place was this grizzly bear and they Put up.

Post by connie s/,

434-214-2694 would love for understand who is calling me my W W W

Post by mr.pine,

4342142694 The Telephone number is a Whole scam and should be reported for the authorities for harassing and fraudulent misbehavior. They contacted my House on numerous Events and attempted to strive and get private info such as my credit card Information under your guise of an IT company that dealt along with anti virus protection for consumers. Bullocks. Rubbish. I reported them for my Telephone company and to Www. dentally. gov

Post by Guest,

434-214-2694 A guy called my cell from the Amount saying he d been watching me and then said some perverted things about what we were going for can. I Put up. . .

Post by Esthelita,

4342142694 I have been getting calls from this Amount W W W. last week one time today 3 times. I pick that phone up and it goes blank. I heard recently about a type of scam where if you telephone back they start Getting W for that first min Thus I decided to do a hunt on the number. and all of this messages came Upward.

Post by Guest,

434-214-2694 Tell s me they're from an Online Firm I used before by the name of Complex Tech Support . they tell me I 've been around charged. The only way for me for get your refund is by going online while they Speak me through it. I have called Innovative Technology Support and talked to there Billing Section. they tell me they have no refund. Now Daniel Jones an Staff Code W of ATS Sophisticated Tech Support tell me your Company altered control. and they owe me a Refund. I have been contacted be them for a several months now.

Post by Guest,

4342142694 The guy responds to the Residence improvement business Advertisement with a text. He Promised he Only bought a house in the Place close north east Florida and needs it painted. He also wanted to pay by credit card. He text out of an Iowa Region code but After called from the Virginia Region code. Around the Telephone he said he was within your hospital with the Sickness within California and could t travel. All the info he gave Outside was inconsistent and shady. We just blew him off. What an idiot.

Post by Anne A,

434-214-2694 Man claiming for be Dave Draper within hospital within states after being Photo. . . previously within Kabul in Military wanting cash for help him get his son home out of Ghana. . called for let me understand he was within states and would be coming to see me.

Post by Guest,

4342142694 Guy called and said that I had won W W from the Mega Million Dollar prize. He was an imposter.

Post by 16743,

434-214-2694 Received a phone today out of this Amount W W W. A message was left on replying machine which Inquired for me by name. Could t quite comprehend that message. The Man had a Actually terrible British Feature. They also Asserted for become British. They had great news and terrible news and wanted me for call back. Researched that number and it led me for here. Owner ID says from Scottsdale Va. I Calculated it to be a few type of scam and did not return telephone.

Post by Gloria Eubanks,

4342142694 I am getting overly many calls that are insurance calls and calls to lower my inst rate. These calls aren't welcome on my cell Telephone. So if you are calling me please Cease cause you will be cussed Outside if you personally do so

Post by SF woman,

434-214-2694 I answered thinking it May}n' become a confirmation of an appointment but the Girl calling demanded my name. My Amount is your own cell if they don t understand whom they are calling it s a incorrect Amount. I told her she had your erroneous Amount she dialed back twice more but I did not Select up.

Post by Guest,

4342142694 They keep calling me but I never pick Upward. I normally answers but when they keep calling I decided for Google it. I find out it was a spam or something.

Post by alert every family member about this,

434-214-2694 called cell Telephones numerous times and Merely did t answer it Decrease that calls as everyone else should

Post by Liz,

4342142694 They called my elderly mother. . . Said they were out of Publisher Clearinghouse and she won W W. Said they would Facsimile her release type for money. . . she went down for Shop to pick Upwards type. . . Said for send them W. W for process release sort. . . She took kind for police and called her bank. ALERT. . . Please don t provide them any Information. and surely no cash.

Post by Guest,

434-214-2694 They phoned my Mom stating she won a Cost from Publisher Cleaning House. . . ALERT this is a Scam. . . Don t present them any Information. .

Post by Guest,

4342142694 Your Amount like these are magic jack Amounts and assigned randomly. Looks enjoy currently it's been Designated to one of my Buddies and maybe later for other Individual so the can possibly be a scam ring. Don t provide any info's for any unknown callers ever

Post by Guest,

434-214-2694 Somebody calls from this Amount and asks for money via Cable transfers. Scampers looking for aged Folks.

Post by Tired of these calls,

4342142694 Told me he was with your Victor Group for Super Millions and he had a check for me for 2. W Million Dollars as nicely as a W Mercedes that Desired for become delivered to me Now. I said that s funny I don t play that Super Millions. I called him a liar. He said what makes me a liar. So I said I Merely told you I don t play your Mega Millions and you said it was from a buy made through Super Millions in your previous thus if I don t play how could I Triumph. Plus I never use my work number for private use thus there s two manners I know your own lying and third you have horrific English speaking abilities. He told me that I was incorrect and Installed Upwards on me. I 've now blocked him from calling me again.

Post by Guest,

434-214-2694 Calls . . . . try and get bank information

Post by Guest,

4342142694 twit

Post by Guest,

434-214-2694 Donald arrant is Recorded Underneath this numbed i Only located out. . . . i purchased a moped a half year Past and Lorenz watts from Al . com said to send money for Katie wright within buffalo NY a half year ago. Afterward the other daytime he calls and threatens quot we ll keep Viewing since you r having detectives after me quot . if anyone knows anything Around the please email me at devolved gm ail. com. thank you.

Post by Guest,

4342142694 Someone called me from the number at 3 within the morning. . . . I did t response. When I called back I did t get an answer either. . . . undoubtedly someone is bored and needs for locate something constructive to can along with their time.

Post by Guest,

434-214-2694 These idiots called a police station on another side of the Us and now we re going to send your local cops for their Place. . . not overly bright.

Post by Guest,

4342142694 The Amount called me playing on my phone. . a Number of grown men with no lives.

Post by No name,

434-214-2694 They called I Outside it on Stop hear a voice I did t recognized and they Put and attempted calling two more times that I ignored. It s 'm thus it could only have been a scam telephone _

Post by Lindall N,

4342142694 Called with same scam as previously mentioned above told my elderly Mom that she had won Cleaning house offer away and just send W. W for storage Price of funds since your Assess was got out for my not alive grandma. Wish I could get my hands on Kevin Williams as he gave his name to become. I returned call and got Kevin s Mommy she said he was in bathroom and that her son would never can this type of thing. . . . . I Guaranteed her that I had time for wait after I got him back on your phone as I 've been within business for several years and knew this to become a scam I got him for the point of tears describing to him that I i knew he was in your common Riches of Virginia and Guaranteed him that members of the Virginia Section of Commerce and Securities would become paying him a visit. They are several other names who've used this Magic Port number and ran different scams the most affecting being that they were the FBI was actively searching for your Individual whom they were calling and the Man was to become arrested for making prohibited drug purchases through the mail the next day if money was not sent to your account in that Dominican Republic. Many aged Individuals autumn because of this ligament sounding bull . It is a travesty that law enforcement will take no component within tracking these scum bags down. Thus in short after the post I Strategy to 've me a bit pleasure along with Kevin if he or his Mom may reply and turn that Platforms on this small turd.

Post by Guest,

434-214-2694 I have been becoming calls out of this number W W W. last week 1 time Now W W W 3 times. I Select that Telephone up and it goes expressionless. I heard Lately Around a type of scam where if you personally telephone back they start Getting W for the first Minimum Consequently I decided to do a investigation on that number. Many Folks are complaining about the Amount. I feel harassed.

Post by Guest,

4342142694 bullying

Post by Guest,

434-214-2694 Okay weird this can be my magic jack number. I Only got it. I believe magical moves the Amounts Approximately from time for time so it was likely it was someone on a tablet using magic jack who called you personally. NOT ME. Just got the number and Striving for Shift it.

Post by Lester Molton,

4342142694 They State to maintain Nigeria Seeking cash for a fund transfer. I have turned it into the Cops but they can nothing Around it. They telephone my House several times a day. I 've turned it within to that FBI but they won t would anything about these Individuals scamming Folks.

Post by Guest,

434-214-2694 Making harassing messages

Post by Don't Answer.,

4342142694 Don't response calls out of this number. Block them if you are able to and report them for Experts if you personally receive threats. They had better pray that I don't locate Outside who they're nobody threatens my family. . .

Post by Guest,

434-214-2694 Someone called me out of the number saying that there was a Trouble with my computer. They said that they could repair it if I went online and kind a few matters within for them.

Post by Maria,

4342142694 Someone call my Occupation asking for my name and last name from the Amount. Is really scary

Post by angel,

434-214-2694 It says magic Jack but no 1 Solutions when I telephone back or they hang up

Post by Guest,

4342142694 Nuisance. will not Cease calling

Post by Guest,

434-214-2694 Don't Answer This Owner. . . . Merely BLOCK Instantaneously. . . THEY RE Attempting For SCAM Out of People. . . . Dent Consider THEY PLEASE. .

Post by Stop calling me,

4342142694 If they call saying you might have won a Mercedes Benz and W W check and W W within cash hang Upward. They desire you to send them W dollars within order for get your prize. This can be NOT Accurate IT S A SCAM.

Post by why me,

434-214-2694 A guy was calling I could telephone him back been asking for thousands of dollars there have been many reasons even life or death situations it Began Outside as a romantically Condition and has turned I just want truth

Post by Guest,

4342142694 weirdo

Post by Guest,

434-214-2694 Belongs to an Insurance Firm called Blue Cross Blue Guard. Www. CBS. com From their office branch in Virginia. I Assessed that Business Web site and i saw it was Accurate. Thus i understand it's legitimate. But it Appears hackers tend for make this Amount display Upwards in your phone when they are calling thus you think it's that BC BS Company Calling.

Post by Guest,

4342142694 He Promised he was with that Winners Group for Mega Millions and which he had a check for me for 2. W Million Dollars as nicely as a W Mercedes that Wanted for be delivered for me Now. I said that s amusing I don t play your Huge Millions. I called him a liar. He said quot what makes me a liar. quot So I said I Only told you I don t play the Mega Millions and you said it was from a buy got through Huge Millions in that past thus if I don t play how could I win. Plus I never use my work Amount for personal use so there s two ways I know you personally re lying and third you've horrific English speaking abilities. quot He told me that I was wrong and hung Upward on me. I have now blocked him from calling me again.

Post by Guest,

434-214-2694 Donald arrant is Recorded Underneath this numbed i Simply found out. . . . i purchased a moped a half year ago and Lorenz T from Al . com said for send cash for Katie wright within buffalo NY a half year Past. Afterward another daytime he calls and threatens quot we ll keep Viewing since you personally r having detectives after me quot . if anyone knows anything about the please E-mail me at devolved gm ail. com. thank you.

Post by stormy22,

4342142694 Got a telephone in Result to your People Advertising I placed for your stray dog I had located. She said yea I have a few of his sh. t. . laughs and hangs up. I do not live anywhere close Va.

Post by Guest,

434-214-2694 They keep calling my handicapped son s phone asking for info

Post by Guest,

4342142694 The girl keeps calling my personal cell phone and being an annoyance for me. I see she s harassing others as well the needs for come to an Finish NOW.

Post by sr,

434-214-2694 Only received a telephone from this number on my cell. Inquired for Partner by name. When asked who was calling said it was Jinx and Installed up

Post by Guest,

4342142694 looser

Post by s drury,

434-214-2694 Called me and offered a allow I do not remember how Substantially. . . I got a phone a daytime before from your same number a day before and I told them the your caller kept INSISTING I tell them. They called a second time from a W Amount and it Began again. I Inquired who they were the persons name etc. and that Man got Actually mad and kept insisting on becoming my Information and I told him if he wants my info he has for help me not vice Line.

Post by JaneJ,

4342142694 I gotten a phone from this number several times but nobody said anything

Post by Bianely Castro,

434-214-2694 I get 3 calls Now I told to that Man he have wrong Amount but he still calling me

Post by Booby Tigidal,

4342142694 It might be someone calling using Magic Port.

Post by Guest,

434-214-2694 Called my acreage line 1 'm on Jan 7. NASA do something useful and Prison these jerks.

Post by snooki dee,

4342142694 They called my phone at W W tonight. . . I m so happy I checked your Amount and did t answer

Post by Guest,

434-214-2694 Called me

Post by Miranda,

4342142694 I gotten two calls from the Amount Today. I did t answer that calls and they did t leave a message.

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4082931922 Complains by Guest,

Keep calling without Making any message. Really annoying

8582084414 Complains by Guest,

AND he called back from a totally Distinct number W W W Mark Johnson. STILL A SCUMMIER States i quot listened quot to some Registered message on how you can make all the cash from your Solitude of my Residence.

8667295682 Complains by Guest,

Striving for get my info

5617665252 Complains by Guest,

Keeps calling and never Discussions. Attempt to call back but never Solutions.

8183385088 Complains by lisa,

Got a phone out of the Amount want for know who it was

8562959535 Complains by Guest,


8133740288 Complains by jk,

SW security is a collections Bureau for Bright house Communities from Debunk Springs FL they are acting like GE Investments for Dwelling systems saying that they will give you personally a free House security systems

5613963997 Complains by Guest,

bye bye

8002585470 Complains by ruth,

I got a phone from that today. I did t reply amp they did t leave a message.

8002147863 Complains by russell lynn boatright,

I have been receiving calls on your company cell phone concerning an overdue credit account. The call is concerning a Mr. James Banks Acct. W I am NOT. . . . . Mr Banks. . When i call that return Ph that Girl speaking is Really RUDE and won't talk for me or present me her Monitor. Since this really is a Firm cell ph. i nee these calls to stop . Thanks Rb.

8002773825 Complains by irongoat,

. .

8002411192 Complains by Guest,

Do not Except

8002147822 Complains by Trishann,

Receive several calls daily out of the number. Your caller Keith is very rude and obnoxious. Doesn't know how you can communicate with Folks. I resent being spoken to any kind of manner and told him thus. Not confident what Firm Keith works with.

8002234520 Complains by Andy,

record playing within the message they left me.

8002739213 Complains by honolulu,

Everything sounds great. 2 W free coupons for food. They must pare approve you. If you personally dint 've a credit or debit card you automatically become disqualified because at that end of that process they request you personally for a Cost. And I idea it was free. How ridiculous.

8002736813 Complains by Guest,

Dubhe sizes. Xcix.

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