4345094454 / 434-509-4454

Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Lynchburg, VA. Lynchburg City. United states
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Post by Trisha,

4345094454 Owner id says Local Call Place and I 'm no where close your W Place code. They telephone a lot and never leave a message even though the phone Bands enough times for Express send. They phone whatsoever hours daytime and night. A Actual pain for certain.

Post by Guest,

434-509-4454 Vehicle Switch er call

Post by Guest,

4345094454 Spam spam spam. May call a if they know you personally. May phone repeatedly.

Post by Mark H.,

434-509-4454 Called asking for me by first name. Was really blunt and unfriendly. This really is a fundraiser for a children s organization. They do not identify themselves had to call Amount back to get a message that previously mentioned who they were. Don t trust them.

Post by Morris' Mom,

4345094454 We gotten another telephone out of W W W and Now Registered Legal Criticism with HTTP Internet. FCC. gov Grievances If you personally continue for get calls out of unwanted Amounts then please contact this gov. office. We've got to Set these people in Prison. . . hopefully forever. Good Fortune.

Post by Guest,

434-509-4454 Called asked me by name them would t state anything. I don t understand anyone who lives in Lynch burg.

Post by Guest,

4345094454 hang up

Post by Guest,

434-509-4454 Won t stop calling.

Post by Guest,

4345094454 Called me at almost PM on a Sunday night and Inquired for one of my children by name. Installed Upwards fast when I asked who he was.

Post by Guest,

434-509-4454 Scumbag calls every Sunday evening

Post by cupcake,

4345094454 Left a message. Guy talked thus Quickly and rattled away a number so fast i don't have any clue what was said. I listen to it several times.

Post by Elliston Girl,

434-509-4454 If you call back it leaves a message to press 1 if you want a telephone back. I waited pressed 0. Afterward it says if you desire a correspondence press some Amount. . . long wait. . . pressed 0 Afterward it says if you want your own number taken off the list press 3 and Subsequently it request you personally to enter your number but request for a donation. Don't donate for these Folks. Which is ow they get the money for telephone someone at 8 W Am on Saturday. . . . . .

Post by Morris' Mom,

4345094454 We keep becoming calls from this Amount 1 W W W and that caller ID reads Local Call. Really. How Ignorant could one be to list your name as Local Telephone . Nicely we understand this is a probably prohibited fund raiser and calling to line his pockets. We do not response any calls if we don t understand who it's. Thus everyone needs for be aware that there are people calling and claiming for become out of Cops funds Kids organization cancer funds and even calling and claiming to be National agents. Ha. National Agents do not call and tell you in Progress that you are going for become arrested. I am pretty sure we can get your Cops included within the and press Costs for harassment as we keep a listing. And Perhaps even Set these Folks in jail for fraud. This can be so Fully from control.

Post by tom,

434-509-4454 who called

Post by UGH!!!!,

4345094454 Called me at 8 PM the Night. Man said he was out of Fraternal Order of Police in Lynch burg collecting Contributions. I asked him lots of questions Around your organization what would you do what can you personally use your money for etc. . He kept going back for his written Program after replying along with Mindless Unusual Solutions. Hung Upward on him. As I looked back in my own phone log of suspicious numbers yep that is that same number that called me a week Past. Except that time the Individual just Lay} on your line and respired enjoy a stalker. Creepy creepy people within the universe. I want I had some variety of Unit that created a loud sound thus I could Chaos Upward their ability for hear when they telephone me again. Note I am not a violent Man never have been. But I would believe our Metabolism gives me a specific Sum of Seclusion in my own own Dwelling. When I request someone not for phone me again one two and even three times I believe that is enough. These low life cons are Fundamentally allowed for harass me any time of the daytime verbally assault me and attempt for rob me all in the safety of my own home.

Post by joe,

434-509-4454 calls everyday. I don t response calls when I don t know who it's.

Post by Amanda,

4345094454 Owner ID says Lynch burg Va. When I replied there was nobody on another end and your line mechanically hung up.

Post by Guest,

434-509-4454 hang up

Post by Daniel,

4345094454 The Amount telephone me Virtually nightly between 7 PM I never answer it and that answering machine always picks it up you personally Notice a guy that says is my name there. Subsequently he Breaks for a second and says hello. then hangs Upward. I have gotten this Specific telephone Likely W times it's Typically between 7 PM on weeknights and earlier morning on weekends. Next time they call and I am here I am going for answer your Telephone and tell them for Quit expletive calling me.

Post by Guest,

434-509-4454 spam Owner needs for Cease are become caught

Post by John Q Public,

4345094454 Message on my machine that Merely said Hi is my first name there. Afterward Stop. As someone else said Owner I. D. showed local call but W isn't a local area code. Looks sketchy to me.

Post by Guest,

434-509-4454 solicitor

Post by Guest,

4345094454 fund raisers for profit

Post by Bob Johnson,

434-509-4454 Harassing collector someone should sue the Man wrecking lives I don t 've that time but if u get called he may destroy your life Cease him now.

Post by Bill,

4345094454 This is a call center. They 've a group of W to W Folks on the phones in any respect times between that hours of 8 am and 9 pm. That is how they get around on your law. They're a non profit for profit organization that works a region. It could become a component of a county just one time or component of a state another they are place Upwards all around that United States. Just one week it may be the fraternal order of the Virginia State Cops that next week your fraternal order of your Richmond fire Department on and on it goes until they run from numbers to call within a region. They also remember the names that have given for them in your past. Elderly fall for this all the time. My measure dad has he finally listened to me and stopped giving to them. Everyone which is on your Telephones get a commission. The Direction gets a Pay plus a Percent of what comes within Top Direction gets your Enormous cash. Only Around W percent of the cash they bring in they Contribute for that organization they Set there name in front of. I worked on that computers at one of their locations this really is how I know. They also move Approximately after their lease is done. That's for be a motive or Storyline there on that overly.

Post by Guest,

434-509-4454 Drained of this scum calling and asking for Individuals by their first names as if they understand them drop dead a Opening.

Post by Pamela,

4345094454 Calls at all hours and dozen t leave a message. Please Quit calling.

Post by Jim M.,

434-509-4454 Has called several times. Owner ID says local call. I am not in W code. I do not response Amounts I don't recognize.

Post by Guest,

4345094454 Late nighttime or earlier morning calls demanding cash in quite aggressive tone. the Man is bad news. submit Gripes here HTTP Grievances. dentally. gov Grievance complaint check. asp

Post by Joe,

434-509-4454 Do not response your phone they need money many Individuals 've a lot of time on their control. There s a lot of insane people within this universe.

Post by rich,

4345094454 Guy called from that Amount i Inquired who could it be he said Dave Moore and hung up.

Post by Guest,

434-509-4454 pest

Post by Guest,

4345094454 won't leave a express mail consistently says quot is x there. quot where x my first name

Post by Guest,

434-509-4454 Jerk

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8182808155 Complains by Guest,

Female, sounded young, asked why someone from this number keeps calling her. I informed caller this phone has not been used all afternoon.

9146481572 Complains by Guest,

Puzzle shoppers wanted

9143395654 Complains by Guest,

Don t know number

4124300225 Complains by Guest,

Telemarketer for Gasoline amp Electronic Attempting to bully me into switching Electricity company. Told her twice for remove me out of their phone list. ID Arrived Upwards PP USA

4255623215 Complains by Guest,

Don t know

5715551818 Complains by Guest,

obtained 5 calls from this number on my cell Telephone while it was off for two times. No messages ever left. i located out this really is not a valid Telephone Amount Striving for telephone them back

8182938436 Complains by Robert,

This Man is a Grisliest scummier along with Google Amounts he is using fake name enjoy Kevin Aaron etc. . W W W W W This his some of your fake Amounts he use for scam

8453740075 Complains by Guest,


8002978809 Complains by Mike,

Nothing is free. . .

8042706601 Complains by Irritated,

I gotten a call from Lisa she left a express mail stating that she acquired my resume from among their Net job Websites and Needed to speak along with me Around an Meeting. . . gave the Amount for their Richmond Local Office but left no business name or details Around the position. . . . I didn't call back because I knew I removed my out of my resume over a month Past due to that annoying calls like this. . . . . Reading these places simply Guaranteed my suspicions. . . .

8003055112 Complains by Jolly,

I could top that they 've called me 3 time a day for your previous month. I Blow off it. I won t waste my minutes or my time on any Telephone number that I don t know.

8042349105 Complains by kate,

I did t reply. Your voice mail that Girl left sounded enjoy that Trail Finish of spiel Around a free cruise.

8042349022 Complains by lisa,

Someone named Kiwi. Actually. . .

8003263734 Complains by funny,


8002888989 Complains by Hema David,

Do not call

8003273893 Complains by Irritated Angel,

W W They phone my work number every daytime and it s a few computerized matter. I vie Chosen for Merely transferring it for the Facsimile line. With any luck many picks it Upwards and is deafened by that receiving Facsimile noise.

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