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Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Chase City, VA. Mecklenburg. United states
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Post by Victoria,

4345339028 This people have called my House phone and cell phone and they say nothing but hang Upwards. I called them back and Jason replied transfer ed me to some Clayton. . . black man which was really terrible. Inquired me if someone by that name of . was there. I told him no just one lived here by that name. And Only as ugly as could be. He said yeah appropriate she dozen t live there and I said no and he asked nicely when sis she Go out and I told him she never Resided here and that. I told told him no 1 lives here but my Partner and I and the 2 cookers . He Put Upwards on me. Thus I called back and a Sack answered and i told him what happened and he did t for create a notice when anyone calls my number s again I may call that Authorities. He said he would take me away the list. Whatever your hell that is Imagine to mean. This was really scare too me becoming hang up calls daytime and night. I idea someone was Following me.

Post by Kathy,

434-533-9028 I Just talked to among your rudest people on your World. He asked me if your Meagan Dwelt within my House. I told him no and not to telephone again. They telephone three times a day no messages nothing. I threatened to report them if that calls did not Cease.

Post by JAJ,

4345339028 've obtained several calls during the previous week. Never anyone on that line when answered Only the dial tone no messages left.

Post by RPM is a scam,

434-533-9028 Group Bureau known for running scams on quite old Reports. Generally of a couple hundred dollars. They're fake and they appearance for become a pest thus people can send them at least many money. It's a Whole scam

Post by Guest,

4345339028 Telephone all day Afterward had that nerve for not state anything when I did Select up that phone

Post by Guest,

434-533-9028 stop calling 4 times a day. not interested within Purchasing.

Post by Geo,

4345339028 8 W W Third call within the last there hours for my company Telephone. Did not reply first two. Answered third one and a woman identified herself as Jessica and Inquired if Armando Jones was here. I Inquired her what company she was out of and she said something that sounded like RPM. Afterward I asked her what number she was calling and she said within an extremely irritated express This really is the number I 'm calling. Is Armando there. But she did not tell me that Amount she was dialing which would become how I would check for a misdeal. I hung up. Caller I. D. just Offered your phone Amount.

Post by irate,

434-533-9028 called the Amount back after they rang and Installed Upward automatic Call er . Was informed that this is RPM Receivables Performance Management. I Inquired them not for phone and reported the number for FCC. She said she would telephone tomorrow.

Post by ticked,

4345339028 Called while we were Sleep. Left no message.

Post by Tired of the ex,

434-533-9028 Look Upwards Receivables Operation Management and phone their Wash HQ. They're looking for my ex wife and are a collection Bureau. They re rude and fast but if you could possibly get them to remove you from their call list. W W W. I may registrar Grievance if their calls last.

Post by Cathy,

4345339028 I wold enjoy my name taken off their calling list

Post by H,

434-533-9028 a express MSG was left for me I called back and got a Man along with such a heavy Highlight it was almost unintelligible who transferred me to another person. that Individual replied and I think disconnected as they were no More there called three times and same routine. . . . . . .

Post by tom,

4345339028 harassing calls multiple times day and night Stop if replied.

Post by SassyDebs,

434-533-9028 My Girl is getting calls from W W W on her cell phone. We Only shifted it Monday a week Past. Thus we understand they're calling wrong number. They phone while she is in school. I don t need for telephone out of my House because I don t want to be harassed on my House Telephone. We have already called several times and they keep accusing us of being who they are searching for. I 've Registered Criticisms with FCC Don't telephone and your BBB. Thus Much your BBB is the just one that has responded to our E-mail and is now working on it. But your calls still come. We have simply had that number for a week and they call all hours. Appearance Outside you fixing to get canned with a can of WHOOP A from the BBB and myself. . .

Post by Ni Ni,

4345339028 Phone 3 4 times a daytime asking for my son but won't tell me what they need.

Post by Teri,

434-533-9028 I vie been becoming calls from the Amount Beginning Approximately that same time you personally did. . . and they believe my name is Sherry they leave a message almost every time asking when i ll become down and speaking of a Washington trip they just took and mentioned a family members name but Direct ed to them as my dad and that's not my Father. . . very Odd. I've not replied Though.

Post by mrskensington,

4345339028 the last time they called for a relative who dozen t live here i kept stringing them along on that phone had them on that line on speaker for an excellent W minutes telling them i was searching for my credit card number. all that while i Viewed wheel of fortune and Afterward pooped. when i flushed i believe they eventually figured it Outside and Put up. overly poor. next time i m going for see i can keep them on for an hour while i go about my company. i m going for tell them i froze that credit card and see if they won t stay on your line while it melts out. . . .

Post by Linda,

434-533-9028 Rang X Afterward hung Upward enough for see CID. This at 8 W pm on a Sunday night.

Post by alfred haussener,

4345339028 Becoming contours Telephone calls out of the number never leaves any messages. I do not reply Amounts that don't leave a message.

Post by Yiny,

434-533-9028 The number telephone me on July W at 7 W pm July W at 9 W 'm July W at W W pm July W at 6 W pm. That phone rang two times and they hang Upward never leave a message. That is my residential phone. . .

Post by DuttyTool,

4345339028 Extreme Calls beyond realistic hours for business.

Post by sherry leonard,

434-533-9028 That sad component of your own Opinion is that the Identification of your caller is mentioned through out this train of thought. The objective of this Site is for help Individuals identify unknown calls but you personally demand for read through your train of thought to look for information. Predatory debt Set Methods Additionally require calling Related or alternate contact Amounts for alleged debtors their relatives Pals and others. You personally demand to send a stop and desist for Discontinue your calls and Additionally send Gripes to their BBB and all state and National Buyer protection agencies. HTTP Www. BBB. org western Washington bu sines . . . OD Wa W

Post by cookie,

4345339028 Merely got a telephone out of this Amount. Telephone rang a couple of times and Subsequently they Put up.

Post by caller id,

434-533-9028 calls 3 to 5 times a daytime leave no messages. Merely put them on reject calls.

Post by Guest,

4345339028 No issue your chat you have with these Folks they continue to call

Post by Guest,

434-533-9028 Calls multiple times a week music plays when call is answered called won t speak.

Post by Annoyed In Oregon,

4345339028 Fantastic Occupation. A few of the numbers I have seen on my Owner ID

Post by Narko,

434-533-9028 obtained three calls out of this number 2 PM Sat PM Sunshine Am Mon

Post by dolph72,

4345339028 Call several times a week but never leaves a message. I am sure if it were truly important I would 've gotten a message or even something in your send.

Post by Randall,

434-533-9028 I vie acquired numerous calls from the Amount for my cell phone. I eventually answered 1 and the Owner asked for Jo's . I told that Owner he had your wrong number and he said he was sorry and Installed Upward. Let s see if they phone back.

Post by Karen,

4345339028 I have a brand fresh Telephone number very few people 've that number I don t owe any bills so it can t become anything that someone s Attempting for Gather I m confident it s a Rob telephone I don t understand because I never response it. Getaway t any Notion what they need but it consistently identifies it as Receivables I haven t any idea who that's. When I Google that Region code it says your state of Virginia. I don t know anyone in Virginia Or do I owe anything out of state etc. They vie called 4 times in 3 days.

Post by stargirl,

434-533-9028 ugh. . . Mindless callers. . .

Post by Annoyed In Oregon,

4345339028 Amazing job. Some of your Amounts I 've seen on my caller ID

Post by Mark,

434-533-9028 I desire to tell John I got a call girl on another Finish sounded stupid I told her for put a cucumber where she Places her tampons.

Post by sherry leonard,

4345339028 That Gloomy component of your comment is that the identity of that caller is mentioned through out this train of thought. The aim of this Site is to help Individuals identify unknown calls but you demand to read through your thread for find information. Predatory debt Set Methods Additionally require calling associated or Alternative contact numbers for alleged debtors their relatives friends and others. You personally demand to send a quit and desist for Cease that calls and Additionally send Gripes to their BBB and all state and National Client protection agencies. HTTP Www. BBB. org western Washington bu sines . . . OD California W

Post by Guest,

434-533-9028 Calls all day Man Seeking private info really rude. . Don t offer out info for them. Really annoying calls I don t response blocked your they don t leave message. SCAM Call.

Post by Guest,

4345339028 As soon as you ask them your name of that Business they can hang Upward.

Post by Guest,

434-533-9028 After reading that comments I blocked them. . .

Post by Polly,

4345339028 They 've called out of this Amount and another number. . . first time did t leave a message second time said there was a debt I owed and Installed Upward. . . since I didn't have a pencil I could t Compose the Amount down. I don t 've any debts that I know of. . . so it sounds like a scam.

Post by Untouchable,

434-533-9028 You can get a don't telephone notice away that Net and send Mr. Harasser Group Bureau a do not telephone page by certified mail and they 've to Discontinue and be in Misdemeanor of the law. Provide them their own medicine. Telephone them from time to time and tell them for hold for Around 2 hours or more and see they enjoy it.

Post by Glen,

4345339028 The caller has got 5 calls to my cell Telephone and never leaves a message calls at very earlier hours and is bothersome. I do not know that Amount or anyone in your Region where the caller is calling from. I assume it is a Joke caller

Post by Guest,

434-533-9028 Calls X a day and refuses for identify more than their first name quot john quot

Post by Guest,

4345339028 Woman got terrible along with me wouldn't tell me anything unless i gave SS numb

Post by jim guignard,

434-533-9028 I find calls from this number on my replying machine each day when I get home from work. They never leave any sort of message.

Post by Teri,

4345339028 Calls are all Registered messages or hang up calls

Post by Guest,

434-533-9028 Statement collector s

Post by Ian,

4345339028 Keep asking for money for a fake water Statement. I called water Firm and they understand nothing Around a previous due. . .

Post by Guest,

434-533-9028 Calls everyday won t say anything. Nothing but music or silence

Post by joanie,

4345339028 they r a Number of leaches.

Post by Jill Bailey,

434-533-9028 I keep getting a robot telephone from W W W several times a daytime. I need it Ceased. . . thank you.

Post by very annoyed,

4345339028 I have been becoming calls from this Business for months everybody needs to start playing them at their own Match calling back and hanging Upward. I m tired of the harassment for them they asked for somebody I told them they had a erroneous Amount and threatened for file a report they stopped for some time and then started again asking for someone else.

Post by SHER,

434-533-9028 Calls but no 1 on that line when answered.

Post by biddibug,

4345339028 I was called by a person from this Amount who refused to tell me who he was or what Business he worked for when I Inquired for your info. When I told him Do not phone the number he screamed back I m putting you on your five times a daytime list Female. After that I had five hang Advantages from a Distinct Amount W W W.

Post by oc girl,

434-533-9028 called me 4 times on July W 7 W 7 W 7 W amp 8 W. They did not leave a message.

Post by va grandma,

4345339028 I vie been becoming these calls from W W W for Fairly some time. Nothing seems to Cease them. They Generally Face and don't leave a message but the few times they did leave messages they request for someone called Maria Leon or Maria Deleon or something enjoy that. I vie called back a few times and told them that Perhaps this Individual had my cell number within a preceding lifetime but I vie had the Amount for several years and I Do not Know The Person. The calls don't Quit . . . thus out of now on I m Merely going to Discount them because I 'm not transforming my cell number. Screw them.

Post by Guest,

434-533-9028 Telephone all daytime long and hang up

Post by untouchable,

4345339028 These Folks keep calling daytime after daytime believe I care no. The caller ID is a blessed thing. They could telephone until their phone Invoice is a million dollars and it will not move me to answer their calls it s Simply a machine calling. If they call me when I desire for make a call I just hang disconnect their phone and make me telephone. We could need that they Cease the harassing Telephone calls by certified page by law they 've to Cease.

Post by frustrated with calls,

434-533-9028 if replying a phone out of the Amount there is music and no Person being. they telephone always and there was just one time that i Decided up and there were 2 male voices talking and when i shouted Hello after they were talking to each other and not the Individual they called THEY Put up and disconnected. it's frustrating when you personally get these calls all times of that daytime or night.

Post by Guest,

4345339028 CALLS ALL HOURS OF Your Day AND Night. . . I Replied ONCE AND The Woman ON The other End Wanted MY Partner. . SAID THEY WERE From FINGER HUT. . . . ONCE I Hung Upward. . HIS Phone RANG. . HE DID T Response IT. . CALLS 've Ceased SINCE I YELLED INTO The Telephone To Cease CALLING OR I WAS REPORTING THEM.

Post by nina,

434-533-9028 Did not Comprehend number so I let it ring to voice mail. No message left.

Post by sonig,

4345339028 This number called my House W times in that previous week. I waited for your representative for come on the line so I could tell them to take my number off their list. That woman asked for someone I have never heard of. I attempted to explain that they have called my Dwelling W times and she got an extreme Outlook along with me. I told her that I have had this number for 4 years and I believe I understand who lives within my home she actually yelled at me. So I called her a not thus Fine name and Installed up. If they phone my House again I may be asking for a Manager.

Post by Blonde7,

434-533-9028 rude and ignorant representatives calling a classic Friend of mine 4 times a daytime. I Destination t Dwelt there within over 2 years. They called my cell Now 9 2 W 4 times and Installed Upward when I asked who was calling. Something needs to become done Around the Fake company.

Post by Leslie,

4345339028 called at 8 PM informed me they were tr yin to Amass a debt i owed. After as kin personal questions the guy said he would repeatedly telephone my house at that point I told him he was to no More telephone and must contact me Thur writing. He said he would anytime he Desired and harass me and my family.

Post by ADS,

434-533-9028 I get calls on my cell Telephone Around 6 or more times a day Registered along with the National Don't Phone Registry HTTP Web. dentally. gov hope it works but don t believe it can.

Post by jeanette,

4345339028 This company calls my number about W Ines a day since June. They Begin at 7 'm and stop at midnight. I keep telling them for Discontinue calling the number because I belongs for my W year previous Girl. And yet they still keep calling. They Merely don t know when to Leave.

Post by SS,

434-533-9028 Guy along with significant Feature called asked for a name. When I asked what's was in reference to he mentioned it was a personal issue. Attempted to confirm an address. I Installed Upward. Don't answer.

Post by gina,

4345339028 I have been becoming these calls overly. Because of this they have accessibility for your information. I got Identification Thieving protection. If you don t have none you better get a few. Ailing offer u guys your number for Id Thieving within W hours. U see I m not worried I m going for harass them just enjoy their doing it for us and see how they like it. . . . the Amount I can t hint at all to see actually where. Its coming out of. I believe they are using a computer to make these calls like magic Port so file Ur Grievances I m going to do that tomorrow also . But I m going to harass the out of them. . Sick keep u updated. .

Post by Telco Info,

434-533-9028 Number W. W. Calling Business s Name Chase City Virginia Local Service Company Nations line Decal originates from phone Centre NECKLINE Chase City Va It is that Obligation of your local service Supplier for deny service for anyone that abuses or misuses that service or that services they provide to their subscribers. ONCE They're INFORMED AND GIVEN Proper Data To SUBSTANTIATE Criticisms OF Abuse OR HARASSING Phone CALLS If intervention by your local service Service is not undertaken Subsequently a formal Criticism with ALL Certification pertaining for your Criticism should be Posted for your local Power commission regulating that carrier. Notifying your FCC won t Damage either. Record your contacts. Hope this helps

Post by Mike,

4345339028 Calls two or three times a day no message no nothing. I telephone back and get recording. I vie gotten lots of calls out of Invoice Lovers searching for someone who had this cell Amount before me. I ts probably an Child. Ian t ST century Engineering Fantastic.

Post by DRMWVR,

434-533-9028 I get a call form the number each day. I do not answer it but 've been told that it is out of Com throw. But they do call every day of that week at 'm no question what. They don't leave a message or any info.

Post by Ann,

4345339028 Don't telephone.

Post by Alanna,

434-533-9028 Quit calling me

Post by Kimberly,

4345339028 they telephone repeated and that v m messages are hang Advantages.

Post by Pais,

434-533-9028 I receive Around 7 8 calls a day from this number. Answered once no 1 there. Never have replied since. What is your intent of these calls. Can someone tell me. ANNOYING.

Post by Guest,

4345339028 I 've gotten multiple Day-to-day calls out of the number. I don't reply the telephone and they don't leave a message. Any coincidence that I Registered my Fees online the night before that Telephone calls Began.

Post by reggie minnesota,

434-533-9028 person keeps calling 5 6 times within just one hour. Actually getting annoying. never any messages so I just started answering put my phone Upwards to my system and Blair my stereo as loud as I could.

Post by Colin,

4345339028 This number Frequently calls that next time I 'm going OS sue them.

Post by Spell Check ;),

434-533-9028 You spelled Loss wrong

Post by irritated,

4345339028 Received my first call Today. I rejected your call

Post by Blonde7,

434-533-9028 Once again this Fake company has now called another Friend of mine after he told them not to phone his number they called 3 times 9 3 W and again this morning at 8 Am. I am now filing a formal Criticism with that FTC and both of these neighbors are filing harassment charges against this company. Someone needs for Quit the continuous harassment. As you are able to see I m not the just person along with terrible Activities with this trashy company. I am an unemployed single mother paying the bill is the least of my concerns. I did speak with them and told them I would be Processing Insolvency at that end of the month but that harassing phone calls continue.

Post by Guest,

4345339028 Phone numerous times a daytime and never leave a message.

Post by annoyed,

434-533-9028 The company calls at Distinct times every daytime for about 3 4 weeks. I reported them to National Do not Telephone after I requested that they Quit calling. . . . amp they did not Cease. .

Post by Guest,

4345339028 Won t leave a message. . . numerous calls. . . annoying. . . please Discontinue. . . . . .

Post by Astro,

434-533-9028 They vie been calling my cell phone for around 2 months. I don t answer unknown Telephone calls unless I get a express mail. . . they call every single day at Approximately Am Subsequently again Approximately PM. They telephone 7 times a week. I looked it up a few minutes ago Saturday 3 PM and located this site. I called them back and asked who s the they say RPM I say is there a no telephone list because I m Ill of becoming phone calls they put me on hold another woman picks Upward your Telephone and asks what my name is. I tell it s unimportant and that I don t want phone calls anymore. She says I won t receive anymore after W hours. . . we ll see I figure.

Post by pittsburgh,

4345339028 calls around Am. I Choose Upwards and there's never any answer or response. I called W W W and the guy answered and I Inquired what company the was. He said RPM. I do not understand where he got the number my company grisliest my Web site. . Anyone else along with similar Phone listings I suspect grisliest do not understand for confident but it happened shortly Then.

Post by kay surrell,

434-533-9028 Cease this calling.

Post by stargirl,

4345339028 ugh. . . stupid callers. . .

Post by Juicy,

434-533-9028 This Amount calls my Telephone at least W times a daytime asking for Matthew

Post by apple girl,

4345339028 If You're receiving calls they're liars and corrupt. Your own number is associated or an Alternative contact Amount for some alleged Person as a motive for your calls. The calls can become got to relatives Pals and others. It s a predatory and cowardly debt Group strategy to mistake and deceive alleged debtors. You demand for send them a stop and desist for get that calls for stop. Begin along with a Grievance to their BBB and Afterward follow Upwards to state and National consumer protection Companies. HTTP Internet. BBB. org western Washington bu sines . . . OD Oregon W

Post by Untouchable,

434-533-9028 You are able to get a do not phone notification away the Net and send Mr. Harasser Set agency a do not phone letter by certified send and they 've for Discontinue and maintain Infraction of that law. Offer them their own medicine. Telephone them from time to time and tell them for hold for about 2 hours or more and see if they like it.

Post by Jason Plottner,

4345339028 They phone all the time.

Post by Mouse,

434-533-9028 This Amount keeps calling over and over during the past 2 weeks. No 1 on the other Finish. My Telephone number is on your Don't Call list along with Internet. dentally. gov

Post by Pittsburgh,

4345339028 Places Line inc. W W W and Amount 3 Communications LC Virginia 1 W W W both deny having W as their customer. Telephone your FTC and enroll a consumer Grievance against this fraudulent RPM Firm at 1 W W W. Let s prosecute this disturbed person and get them away our and others Telephones for good. Take your time for phone and get payback for that harassment this scummier gives us. Get them in problem along with your Authorities then they may listen to people and leave people alone.

Post by lena,

434-533-9028 Thus tired of them calling just one day it was 3 times within three minutes. back for back. . . They just called that is when i seen the forum on them. i feel somewhat better I am not your just one. . By that manner this out of La's Vegas NV.

Post by Guest,

4345339028 Calls then Merely hangs Upwards like W times a day

Post by John,

434-533-9028 Calls my number three or four times a day never leaves a message. When I would answer they say they are Attempting for reach a particular Individual registered to this number. I recognize that name as a friend who once borrowed my Telephone while visiting me and returned a telephone they got to his cell phone but I tell them that person isn't your owner of the number doesn't live here that I 'm on the Do not Call LIST and that I do not want them for Phone me again. All this falls on deaf ears and they keep calling back and insist this can be his telephone number.

Post by Guest,

4345339028 calls Eva Everyday. . i dint supply them a opportunity to Talk. . music plays or they wont State anything

Post by Guest,

434-533-9028 Calls all daytime. .

Post by Guest,

4345339028 They call me at least W times a daytime and if I reply they say nothing really annoying if you request me

Post by callah,

434-533-9028 Scam. Calls enjoy this happening a lot after traction site visited.

Post by bingo little,

4345339028 after months of calls from W W W i overly finally answered this from curiosity and was Inquired for hold as all reps were active Subsequently that system hung Upward on me. i continue to get calls out of the number although i know i have nothing within Debts.

Post by david h,

434-533-9028 I 've been receiving unwanted phone calls. I answer your Telephone but no 1 says anything. Font these Individuals know how to Discuss. It s really annoying when they state nothing. I thought it was illegal for debt collectors to harass anyone. They still do it.

Post by mofacs,

4345339028 calls everyday

Post by Big O,

434-533-9028 Don t phone them back whatever you personally can Merely Discount them if you phone them back they try and stretch that law by saying your own call back was a few sort of attempt to make great on many BS previous debt from who knows where 've heard debts are from W I was W within W. Don t supply in and call them.

Post by Mair,

4345339028 I am reg. along with your don't call reg. but get all kids of calls from this and MANY other fake companies like Dakar group I actually have a list within my Telephone with that name scam and it now has over W Distinct numbers oh BTW got this Amount 6 mo Past and no just one has it but friends and celebrity.

Post by Guest,

434-533-9028 Attempted to look for Outside who they were and they would t tell me unless i 've them my address. When they leave a express send all that is recorded is music.

Post by Latrisha Cogburn,

4345339028 We have been receiving Upward for 5 calls out of this Virtually Regular. Have called it back. It's a Rob telephone out of a debt collector whom We have Simply place Upward arrangements along with. All for less than W . Breaks don't Quit them either Beginning at 8 a. m. . Fantastic.

Post by Guest,

434-533-9028 unknown

Post by Beth,

4345339028 I m being harassed at least 3 4 times a daytime out of this number saying A civil Criticism has been Submitted against my Man. I know it s a scam. I need this harassment for Quit PLEASE.

Post by christopher smith,

434-533-9028 I keep getting call Freon W W W and it s becoming a nuisance.

Post by Guest,

4345339028 Calls all day. .

Post by Jellotube,

434-533-9028 they called and asked what color my skin was.

Post by username,

4345339028 that Amount is W W W Forgot for add that

Post by fedupandtired,

434-533-9028 so they have been calling for about 2 weeks now and I am Ill and exhausted of it. . . the calls range from anywhere from 'm for PM Pile time. . . they usually call 4 or 5 times a day and i Calculated if someone was the set on getting ah old of me they would leave a message but they haven't ever left just one. . . next time they call i 'm Choosing Upwards and i may let you guys know how it goes. . .

Post by receivablesperf,

4345339028 Don't understand the number amp no 1 would answer telephone back

Post by Mrs.T,

434-533-9028 W W W Calls my phone Regular at Distinct times Am 8 PM. I replied your first time they called and they Needed me to pay money for an old cell Telephone Invoice that I had W years ago. They keep calling and calling and calling. I do not response that Telephone anymore. They don't leave a message.

Post by Pittsburgh,

4345339028 I called Amount 3 Communications LC Va They said for telephone W W W and be certain to E-mail a report for email W protected I did that and 'm awaiting their Result. Good Luck.

Post by J.Wil,

434-533-9028 Yes i answered and they said it was for something Personal

Post by Going Postal,

4345339028 Watch your own back RPM. Somebody can get you personally.

Post by JaeBeeTee,

434-533-9028 These Folks 've been calling my husband and I for a little while. When I ask who they're they Discount me. Just one Female went OH MY GOD. just one day when I asked her to clarify what company she worked for. My Man started replying and telling them he was me. They d Simply keep transferring him and your yd eventually request for my overall Societal. He d Merely make Upward numbers and they d say THANK You. and say we owed W to many unnamed Firm. Whole scam.

Post by phreak,

4345339028 They call out of 1 W W W overly. I called back and your guy replied RPM. I told him he had your wrong number Subsequently he tried to request me private questions. I refused to response Afterward Put Upward. It dozen t subject how many times you personally tell these f tads that they 've that erroneous number they still telephone. Added for your Do not Response list.

Post by DRMWVR,

434-533-9028 I get a call type this number each daytime. I do not answer it but 've been told that it is from Com project. But they due call every day of that week at 'm no issue what. They do not leave a message or any data.

Post by Scott,

4345339028 I vie gotten At least W phone s just the week from W W they call all different times of that day and night . they never leave a message and hang Upwards after a few ring s. There . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Zombie,

434-533-9028 Three different calls thus Much. 7 W PM 9 W 'm 8 PM All Western time. never leave a message I never Choose Upward. All calls to my cell Telephone within Philadelphia.

Post by Annoyed In Oregon,

4345339028 Did it work.

Post by Guest,

434-533-9028 The Waste Put called me and demanded for know WHO I 'm. I asked who they were and the obnoxious guy told me he would t tell me unless I Tested MY identity. I m Confident they were Attempting to get private information out of me. I NEVER supply any personal Information for ANYONE Interval. I trust you personally Nail the Set and ALL the jerks there. . . . . I read that comments here and this crappy place is saying that people owe money to AT amp T. . . . I Do not have an account there. They are obviously trying for steal in the public. . . . Gaining ANY info they can drain your own bank account. . . .

Post by h8solicitors,

4345339028 called me at 9 W the am. did not leave a message. I accidentally left my cell at home or would 've answered it.

Post by Alfalfa,

434-533-9028 Under the TC Missouri} a Client has a appropriate to file a lawsuit and recover W for each phone that violates that TC Pennsylvania. The TC Pennsylvania could Additionally be used within conjunction with the Good Debt Collection Practices Act within many situations. Generally the TC Philadelphia does not Use for debt collectors making collection calls for debtors. Yet if you are subjected for calls out of a debt collector and You're not the Person you may file a suit against that debt collector Underneath that Good Debt Group Practices Work} FD CPA and the TC Philadelphia. The correct was recently recognized by Judge Legroom D. Davis in a case called Watson v. NCO Group Inc. NCO Group is a debt collector that uses automated prerecorded Set calls. Within the case Mr. Watson alleged he was becoming hundreds of calls out of NCO Group after he got a brand new phone Amount. Mr. Watson claimed he owed no debt for NCO Group Inc. Mr. Watson Submitted suit under both your FD CPA and TC Missouri}. David Israel Protection Attorney for NCO argued the TC Missouri} shouldn't Implement for debt collectors. Judge Davis rejected that Discussion made by David Israel. That judge ruled that Mr. Watson had a correct to sue NCO Group Inc Underneath your TC Missouri} for W for each phone. Judge Davis wrote Your Court is Sure that a non debtor s rights are in fact violated when he is subjected to repeated annoying and abusive debt Set calls he remains powerless to Discontinue. Judge Davis opinion was based upon his interpretation that collection calls for non debtors Break the Solitude rights Supplied by your TC Pennsylvania. Thus what can you do if you personally receive wrong Amount calls from debt collectors. 1. Sign up for your Do not Call registry. 2. Save the calls captured by your own voice send or replying machine. 3. Contact a Buyer Attorney. HTTP consumer lawyer. type pad. com Site W W your don't telephone. HTML

Post by Guest,

4345339028 They call several times a daytime. They have even called past PM est.

Post by michelle,

434-533-9028 ID says calls 1 2 times per daytime Beginning last week august W I eventually replied Message says please hold all representatives are active Eventually many guy says I m calling for Adam I Inquired what company he was working with and for take me away of whatever list I was on. He repeatedly Inquired for Adam. When I Inquired who he was he said This is Cain. Could I Simply Speak to Adam. There surely is no Adam here Nicely if you personally had Simply said that it would 've saved me a lot of time I know I ll keep getting calls.

Post by butterfly,

4345339028 they telephone me as well I'm becoming quite exhausted of the ignoring calls. . . . W W W the has for Discontinue is there anyone out there that could help. . . . please. . . . they phone and keep asking for a guy name Reginald. . . no one lives here by that name

Post by Allie,

434-533-9028 I get about 5 6 calls out of the number on my cell Telephone each daytime. When I call back they say ask me for hold and then a record comes on. Is the a solicitation phone.

Post by Ashley,

4345339028 I 've gotten multiple calls throughout the daytime from the Amount and the calls come within on my company line. They called at 8 W last nighttime and Subsequently 9 W the morning. But they 've been calling for weeks now every couple of hours. When I answer as I have to because it is my company line they wait and then hang Upward. I called back the morning and it rang twice then went hushed. I Merely need them to Discontinue calling. It makes it challenging for my business because we never understand whether we should reply or not.

Post by J.Wil,

434-533-9028 yeah i replied and they said it was for something Private

Post by username,

4345339028 that number is W W W Forgot for add that

Post by Gary T.,

434-533-9028 Got a call from the Amount for that first time today 7 W W at around PM. Telephone rang only three times. Out of what you personally Men state this can be RPM collections again that s using a different Amount. As I said before I believe that is a scam or a Nuisance from a cloned Amount. I use an app named Telephone Control to block such Amounts. I have it place to create that phone go to voice mail on that first ring. This Program works really well. Check it out and try it. These guys never leave a voice mail.

Post by Annoyed In Oregon,

4345339028 Did it work.

Post by Guest,

434-533-9028 Calls all day. When I response their is no response or they hang Upward. Really annoying. For some motive Mr. Amounts application USN t totally blocking this Amount. My phone still Bands a not empty X before their are blocked.

Post by JVG,

4345339028 They telephone late at nighttime they call early within the morning they phone 5 times a day. It s got for be an Vehicle Face er because if that machine picks Upwards they hang Upwards and if you personally reply their system tries to transfer you personally to some live agent. I m Very sure they're breaking all types of laws calling before 8 within that morning and after W at night.

Post by nallah,

434-533-9028 Scam artist. Calls leaves no message. Duplicate offender


4345339028 Automated at telling me to hold for a Representative. Man Arrived on demanding the daughter s Telephone . I told him I was not giving Outside her personal info for someone I did t understand. And he previously mentioned they would keep calling people until they got it. I told him I did t know her and he said you mean you don t 've your Child s phone what if there was a family crisis. I finally told him I was not giving out any info and I hung Upward on him. He was becoming loud and angrier towards the end of the conversation.

Post by Anita Flowers,

434-533-9028 Called my cell.

Post by AntiScammer,

4345339028 A Bacall is a call that is answered by a computer in place of a Man when you Select up the receiver. . . these are prohibited except for that Authorities. What could I can if I get a Bacall that I think is illegal. 1 Call your local telephone Business for file a Gripe. You must present them that name of who called and if possible that telephone number of your buckler it might become provided in the message. 2 Your own Phone Business can Subsequently tell the business that it is not following your Lawanda may offer it a few time to right the Difficulty. 3 If your business does not right that use of that buckler by the time given by your Phone company the Phone Business can disconnect your Telephone line. 4 If You're not satisfied along with the telephone company s response to your own you may contact your CPU s Customer Matters Branch by filing Gripe online at HTTP Internet. CPU. ca. gov PUCK forms Criticisms or by Phone at 1 W W W or in writing for California People Utilities Commission Consumer Matters Part Van Bess Opportunity San Francisco CA W W

Post by apple girl,

434-533-9028 If you are receiving calls they're liars and corrupt. Your own number is Related or an Alternative contact number for a few alleged Consumer as a reason for your calls. The calls can become got to relatives friends and others. It s a Aggressive and cowardly debt Group strategy for confuse and deceive alleged debtors. You need to send them a cease and desist to get that calls to Discontinue. Start along with a Grievance for their BBB and Afterward follow Upwards to state and National Buyer protection Companies. HTTP Www. BBB. org western Washington bu sines . . . OD California W

Post by Joshua Sparks,

4345339028 They keep calling me Merely like that W number out of DC I Hate IT.

Post by joanie,

434-533-9028 they r a Group of leaches.

Post by Pais,

4345339028 I receive Around 7 8 calls a day out of this Amount. Answered once no one there. Never have replied since. What is that intention of these calls. Can someone tell me. ANNOYING.

Post by Guest,

434-533-9028 Just music

Post by Teri,

4345339028 I vie been becoming calls out of this Amount Beginning around your same time you personally did. . . and they believe my name is Sherry they leave a message Nearly every time asking when i ll become down and speaking of a Washington Vacation they just took and mentioned a family members name but Send Edward to them as my father and that's not my Father. . . really Peculiar. I have not answered However.

Post by Jer,

434-533-9028 Its RPM and their annoying

Post by sassy,

4345339028 keeps calling wont state who they represent. calls several times a daytime all different hours. i telephone the harassment.

Post by tabbi,

434-533-9028 I keep becoming a Telephone telephone from the W W W. I don't know anyone out of Virginia. I will not accept that calls they call 3 5 times a daytime.

Post by sam,

4345339028 repeated hang up calls

Post by Guest,

434-533-9028 they keep calling me won t leave me alone

Post by cool momma,

4345339028 Gotten several calls. Finally someone responded when I answered. I called the W Amount from the post to get Customer Service amp they said they d remove it. They were asking for someone with my last name but a different first name. . . they're a collection Bureau of a few sort. They said it would be removed from their list. Time may tell. . . . . .

Post by Guest,

434-533-9028 Call all daytime everyday. Never leave a message and when I can answer they state nothing and hang up

Post by Spell Check ;),

4345339028 You spelled Loss wrong

Post by Guest,

434-533-9028 Calls Regular over and over


4345339028 Caller I. D. says RECEIVABLES.

Post by CLR,

434-533-9028 this number Arrived Upward on Owner id at my office every day for 2 weeks when I replied no one there Simply a hang up Today I am working on Saturday and it Arrived within again and Now someone finally Inquired for a Man that Man has never worked here they said they would remove the Amount out of their database we will see

Did you get an unwanted call from 434-533-9028? Is 4345339028 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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8033822300 Complains by ticked,

Facsimile spam.

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done full

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6128391381 Complains by Frank,

What the [***] does that mean? System Take Over Scam. I have Googled that and come up with nothing. As far as I can tell it is ONLY debt collection. As soon as they call when I am not busy an can answer the call I am going to. And I am going to ask that they stop calling that I feel harassed and that the next call from their company will result in legal litigation from me. They will then stop calling.

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a telephone and a text

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I don t know this number

4405490452 Complains by Guest,

You personally vie been chosen You won a free iPhone. Please Go To HTTP Triumph. catnapping. info W

5105939201 Complains by Guest,

This Amount 've been disconnected. . . . Please attempt your own call again

8025494148 Complains by sbbaw,

called and Inquired for my husband said he was not here and they said they hate me and Put up

8028612988 Complains by Fairfield, CT Resident,

Got that same phone 3 times already. They left a message two of that times. They had 2 callback s. W W W and W W W. Found that actual Program they work out of at a legit CT State Site. Www. ct. gov ph lib ph hist PD brisket W. PD

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1 W W W

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This woman has been sending threatening texts and harassing along with steady texts

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Did t hear phone ring wound up extending your map through your white pages Program. Turns Outside to be a proactive kiosk. . . . From Virginia

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Vehicle dealership

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