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2017-08-25 00:57:47
this guy is a SCAM and a LIAR he's contacting people from craigslist and sendind FRAUDULENTS CHECKS BE AWARE
2017-08-25 00:49:48
4387923888 this guy is a SCAM BE AWARE CHECKS FRAUD from Craigslist post
2017-04-01 21:46:05
I Receiver TX from him he try to make me go to classe hôtel . THEY sound crazy and mot professionnel. This Guy His dangerous
2017-02-12 00:44:35
Gangster like guy calling saying that we owe him 150$ !!! this number needs to be blocked and locked fraudulant guy
2016-06-16 11:51:11
multiple calls
2016-06-15 10:04:15
Middle Western Highlight said name James Webb said U. S. Treasury and seeking action against me. Called 5 times within less than one hour. Of path this is fraud Simply wanted OT Place them Outside there for Folks for recognize.
2016-05-28 07:11:21
Got a spam message saying You are qualified for receive W on your bills
2016-05-26 16:25:01
Just had someone telephone me out of this number but when I picked Upward no just one replied. They played that Carly Rae tune quot Phone me maybe. quot Really weird.
2016-05-24 05:21:12
3 6 calls a day starting about W am and that last Approximately 8 PM. That few times I have replied it Simply Installed Upwards. I blocked them on my Telephone and they keep calling.
2016-05-24 00:06:49
Your Representative calling from this Amount lied to me when she said she had never called this Amount before. I know she called a week or two ago. I distinctly remember hearing her Actual same express Specific same tone Specific same Text when she attempted for sales pitch us a service we do not demand or desire. I asked her to remove the name and number from their mailing list. She called again this week.
2016-05-22 04:50:14
Set agency
2016-05-21 15:04:45
I Simply acquired a very similar telephone and I 'm clueless as for what it s about.
2016-05-17 21:10:05
rec d call earlier today out of a guy along with a significant Indian Feature who spoke very Rapidly and was hard to comprehend. I had to listen to your message 3 Distinct times for somewhat understand his message. He was calling from Acre Service Corporation and had a 3 month temp Occupation available in Ann Arbor MI. Sounds enjoy a Employment Agency .
2016-05-16 08:14:18
Went to replying before I could reach it. No message was left.
2016-05-15 18:09:08
Ontario Steamer Grant Decode recalling Phone rang amp rang during that Night could t get them for Discontinue It even got Approximately the go for replying machine after 3 Bands placing They kept calling back over amp around Rude amp Invasive NOW Phone BLOCKED amp he lost 4 votes so far
2016-05-11 21:49:38
I obtained a text from the number quot T C would like for verify your own contact details at HTTP goo. Gil. ecru. Thank you. quot I did not click the link.
2016-05-11 08:42:35
The number keeps calling my work don t know who it's when I telephone it back I get a recording
2016-05-11 01:42:20
Left an automated voice mail selling home based business
2016-05-10 22:56:46
States account is blocked. Click link to unlock
2016-05-10 20:04:09
Two rings Afterward hangup

Phone list in area 438

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
4387637942Harassing calls from this number. Guest62016-04-27 07:39:43
4383454338The Phone Amount 1 W W W was used as part of a scam to receive a substantial amount of money from an individual within your United States. Your caller States for become a General who is in trouble and is akin for money for be Competent for settle a court case. Do not Believe THEM. . . Guest12015-11-04 17:06:47
4383498404guy Steals uGuest52015-12-16 11:50:43
4387938465Don't phone meGuest762015-11-04 18:34:47
4388000460scummier try to rubbing you bank account. . . . . . . . Guest1152015-11-04 18:36:48
4389923382This most definitely is a scam and many how they are contacting aged family members that would be upset and more than Prepared to help grandchildren in trouble. My case is exactly like your post of 9 W W. They requested 4 W in present cards and told that family member not for contact anyone. They would call him later to let him know where for send your cards. I happened to become talking to the Individual they said was in Prison at your Actual time that they called my family member. We did t take the bait. Guest32015-11-04 19:01:48
4389363685BitchGuest52015-12-13 12:41:53
4384027847Dint telephone againGuest72015-12-16 11:41:32
4387938057stalker fr frGuest72016-04-15 13:38:07
4388697986Aim listening to Mario break up right nowGuest82015-12-16 11:48:19
4388968236Fraud and scummier scum. Preys on widows and less fortunate Casualties. States needs money for get out of hospital within Nigeria or for Flight tickets back House to America or whatever lies that get into your own head. Posts fake profile on match. com. Lives in Montreal Quebec. Money eventually goes to Nigeria. Guest42015-11-04 21:16:48
4388000480spamGuest1032015-11-04 21:32:48
4389856777Installed Upward on my machine Additionally. . listed in Compton Ca draw your own own conclusions. ez52015-12-19 01:29:39
4389855930scam calls stating family member within jail wire money to Specified location for releaseGuest32015-11-04 23:25:48
4388000478fake boat cruise contestGuest1342015-11-04 23:42:48
4388978215Someone has been prank calling for a several days out of the numberGuest12015-11-05 00:27:31
4388073151Dumb phone phone seriously people have for Substantially free time. Guest142015-11-05 01:09:48
4387938980Called Property Line and Cell. No one on the line. Guest1122015-11-05 01:40:47
4388785169I obtained a Facsimile from Amanda Hilton. I 'm unable to find her Bureau Recorded online. Smith32016-04-21 00:32:14
4388000458Rob phone free etc. Guest1952015-11-05 02:38:48
43876452084 unexpected calls nothing Simply breathGuest72015-12-09 11:18:58
4382757452In the last 2 weeks we've acquired W calls out of the phone Amount which we do not recognize even though we 're on your Don't Phone list. Owner IDs 've been either LAOS ANGEL ES CA or W which suggests the caller is a telemarketer. All of these calls were blocked by the call blocking device thus your phone never rang. B & J52015-12-16 11:29:02
4385804001Guest92015-11-05 03:12:47
4388890413Obtained a Telephone telephone from the Amount. It said something about reducing your interest rates Press 9. I hung Upwards called back out of my caller i. d. and a live Man replied saying I had your incorrect Amount. Kory92015-12-14 01:25:06
4383458445It called at 3 Am and left no message. Skip72016-05-05 08:48:42
4389895521Delivered a prank voice mail notion it would become funny. Guest82015-12-18 19:21:04
4388796444YupGuest62015-12-18 18:28:17
4389293213This Amount scammed me from 2 W. W dollars Friday May W WGuest22015-11-05 04:41:48
4388000481free cruiseGuest852015-11-05 04:42:48
4388223521i desire for know his addresseeGuest52015-12-15 02:05:33
4388386629your own being Delivered to voice mailGuest72015-12-16 17:59:56
4383457482No you did t. You re Simply a front man for your scampers. Joshua42015-12-16 13:02:15
4382450135They called my best Buddy saying they knew her and had info on her family. If whoever it's doesn't Quit I will get your cops on them. Guest52015-12-14 11:13:06
4384486879scam unexpected talked french hangupGuest302015-11-05 08:02:30
4383210442Jerry Ross en Asserted he was a lawyer and told us that our grandson had been arrested for DUI and Needed W. W to get him out of jail. It was a scam your grandson was not arrested and was within fact at work. Guest22015-11-05 08:29:47
4383450035Anyone having Telephone calls from this Amount. They won t leave a message. Barb42015-12-18 03:10:44
4388697120The same Level Beat Burns scam ed K from a family member. Tell your Man for go hell. . Guest52015-11-05 12:18:48
4383801469Please do not phone this Amount again. Guest12015-11-05 12:49:30
4383904735total scamGuest42015-11-05 14:46:47
4388000437Triumph a cruise. . . . blah blahGuest1102015-11-05 15:30:47
4388093399SCUMMIER HANGS Up The Instant You Response. Guest62015-12-09 23:05:46
4383458442Video storeGuest62016-05-10 05:19:25
4389923398re Pool pasGuest12015-11-05 16:45:48
4388966064I Merely gotten an extremely similar telephone and I 'm clueless as for what it s about. LL52016-05-21 15:04:45
4388000456free cruiseGuest1522015-11-05 17:39:47
4388700374SpamGuest62015-12-20 14:33:28
4389927662Fraudulent Larceny scamsGuest22015-11-05 19:14:31
4383426051Amass an IOUNick Harvey82015-12-18 06:32:03
4388000453looked like a spam to meGuest1102015-11-05 22:38:47
4387935481When I answer they say something within a foreign language and hang Upward. Calls whatsoever hours 2 W Am 9 Am 7 W PM etc. They vie called for a week now. Guest1642015-11-05 22:43:30

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