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164 complaints
Post by Charles,

4387935481 Replied that phone and got a few words in French. The Individual Subsequently Installed Upwards.

Post by Dave,

438-793-5481 Telephone out of Montreal. . . . message was in french . . . . strange

Post by Guest,

4387935481 Foreign female spoke loudly Afterward hung up. Annoying.

Post by Kt,

438-793-5481 Anyone gotten to that bottom the. Got your same Telephone phone a few minutes Past. . . .

Post by Jahnna,

4387935481 Owner ID read unknown name . I did t recognize that Amount so did t Select Upwards. Besides what Reliable business would call on Fresh Year s Eve.

Post by saturday...,

438-793-5481 acquired a telephone Today yes they talked within French and hung Upward after I answered. thus this really is now W and they are still about.

Post by Deborah,

4387935481 Received three calls 1 yesterday two today out of this Amount. Caller ID shows Quebec Telephone. Did not response. Must become a scam of many kind or else they think they're calling Canada

Post by kathy,

438-793-5481 Simply received a telephone out of the Caller ID says Montreal QC my replying machine Registered many History Sound but no message. I don't 've anything Recorded on Crags list.

Post by Jan,

4387935481 Got a phone out of this Saturday Sept 6. Mumbled a foreign sentence and Put up. I Normally do not answer calls enjoy the but was active amp expecting a phone. My Amount is on the Do not Phone List. . Dozen t help

Post by gina,

438-793-5481 Got a call from this number. Caller ID reads Quebec. Did not response. No message was left.

Post by ajs,

4387935481 Simply got your same phone at 7 PM in Georgia. Did t reply.

Post by Guest,

438-793-5481 This call came in at 1 W 'm. . . . NOT delighted along with that Whatsoever. . . No just one answered it because we were Sleep. . . . . . . .

Post by CD,

4387935481 Report them for your DC registry. and ask they become fined.

Post by Ann,

438-793-5481 yes. called my home. talked French saying few words i did t catch then N aura is Du Fiat Le Mavis numeric. meaning I must have dialed the incorrect number. Subsequently hung Upwards.

Post by Sammie,

4387935481 Same as your remainder. Also on DC registry.

Post by JMT,

438-793-5481 Called my work on all 4 lines at. . . Idiotic. . . .

Post by Steve,

4387935481 Got your same phone with a a French woman calling. Speaking in French Subsequently just hanging Upward. What that hell are people Mindless.

Post by Barbara,

438-793-5481 Every time you personally reply a phone from an unknown Owner You're telling the scampers you've a good working Amount. . . . . Turn your own answering Products away amp don t reply. They may eventually Go on to someone else who picks Upwards their phone. Become clever. . . . . don t play into their hands. . . .

Post by none of business,

4387935481 Son of telephone don t leave no message want somebody would can something Around it.

Post by bb,

438-793-5481 Revealed call from Quebec we Choose Upward just calls out of family and friends. Calls from any other Amount. . . . leave a message for people.

Post by Francophone,

4387935481 Montreal Quebec. State Bonn hour.

Post by IPFreely,

438-793-5481 Talked Russian and Afterward hung Upwards.

Post by karen,

4387935481 1 W W W Montreal QC scam phone. . .

Post by Central Iowa Business,

438-793-5481 Same scenario Owner id d as W W W at 8 PM usually don't response from Place calls as they're never great but decided I would go for it the time. A few Girl spoke a swift sentence of French among many background noise and then Put up. I will know better next time.

Post by bo,

4387935481 Here we go again.

Post by cynic,

438-793-5481 Because a telemarketing lobbyist took your own congressman to lunch. Only matter I can suggest is locate a lawyer with overly much time on his hands to sue your Phone Business whose exchange is being used for your spoofed calls.

Post by seriously?,

4387935481 This called spoke French as your others here hung up. First call. Wt.

Post by Boo,

438-793-5481 Got your same telephone W minutes ago. Property line. Said Montreal. What's their scam Cope .

Post by jo,

4387935481 no

Post by Guest,

438-793-5481 Called and when I replied a woman spoke in French then hung up. I redialed the Amount and still a Girl spoke within French Subsequently hung up. . I 've now blocked that Amount.

Post by Bill Reno,

4387935481 Need to get rid of this pest speak GERMAN.

Post by jj,

438-793-5481 recd call from the Amount did t get to phone in time to response but tool on Owner ID. Do not understand why anyone would phone from Canada.

Post by seriously?,

4387935481 This called talked French as your others here Installed Upward. First telephone. Wt.

Post by bo,

438-793-5481 I believe this really is the first time I vie ever seen phrase play coy and Line them along within a FCC document. Definition Biscuit adjective. esp. along with reference to your Girl making a pretense of shyness or modesty that is meant for become Fascinating. she treated him to your coy smile of invitation In the past the FCC has refrained from suggesting victims of number spoofing Test to sexually Attract offenders into making Entrances. That gloves could possibly 've come away at your FCC but personally I m keeping my pants on.

Post by Guest,

4387935481 Quit calling

Post by Lis,

438-793-5481 I received the telephone out of Quebec as soon as I answered they she said something in . french. . . and Put up. . .

Post by Guest,

4387935481 W W W Owner had it listed as quot Quebec quot and when I answered a Girl said something that I did t comprehend then Installed Upwards.

Post by Judy,

438-793-5481 I got a phone from these clowns Additionally. They did t leave a message.

Post by JW,

4387935481 I picked Upwards your Telephone and someone talked within another language very quickly and Installed Upward. No Thought what they said. .

Post by Guest,

438-793-5481 Called me I am in Tn amp Spoke loudly amp then Installed Upwards . has called back 4 times in that last week . I refuse for response anymore when this number shows Upward .

Post by J,

4387935481 Bloody French Ca nook.

Post by Guest,

438-793-5481 missed call did t Understand Region code

Post by Got it too,

4387935481 Same here speaks French and they Put Upwards.

Post by Guest,

438-793-5481 Female speaking in foreign language and hangs Upward.

Post by larry,

4387935481 Made You're feeling great. Did you personally vote for the Man who SAID they voted it into law.

Post by larry,

438-793-5481 Got you feel good. Did you personally vote for your Man who SAID they voted it into law. All u lib's believe all you might have to would is pass a law and poof Difficulty solved

Post by Maritza,

4387935481 This phone says out of Montreal QC at PM last night. Did not reply never response calls from unknown numbers Notably out of other Nations.

Post by Wyatt,

438-793-5481 That sexy sounding female caller talked Proficient French for a couple of seconds and Installed Upwards. I believe she wanted to French kiss or do a Could Could Dance for me. She definitely flashed me over your Telephone. I believe she was an undercover French espionage Criminal.

Post by cme,

4387935481 Frankly I think we all need for bombard your phone Business along with demands for a call blocking service that allows us to block all these calls. Should we've for Purchase a Individual unit to block calls that the phone Firm makes money away of.

Post by kathy,

438-793-5481 Just gotten a telephone out of the Caller ID says Montreal QC my replying machine recorded some background noise but no message. I don't have anything listed on Crags list.

Post by Doris,

4387935481 To start Someone who Addresses FRENCH please phone the number 1 W W W Montreal Canada to let that remainder of us understand what that person says in that Custom . It is in FRENCH. I got a phone from the Amount at 8 W PM on August 4 W. Missed call NO message. As I have a friend from Montreal amp another Buddy from Canada who has many Buddies within Montreal amp he has used my phone many times for call Canada I wondered if it was any of these folks. So I called your number around W W PM CST. It went to Voice Send along with a message within FRENCH. There may have been a small Sum of English at that end but all that I heard was Goodbye . In my expertise with Actual Folks from Montreal is that since French is the primary language for many of your those who live within Montreal that their Introduction Begins with FRENCH Subsequently they Replicate within ENGLISH. I really was shocked to find that this is being listed as phishing . Usually when I get those kind of calls they either request you for Press a Amount to Chat to someone OR they request you for Press a number for become Place on Do not Phone LIST OR if one calls back that Amount it says This is not a working Amount or I get a beep enjoy a Facsimile or it disconnects or it Merely Bands amp Bands. Again My recommendation is SOMEONE WHO Speaks FRENCH Telephone That Amount SEE WHAT Your MESSAGE SAYS amp POST To ALL OF People Who've Obtained A Telephone Out of THAT Number. My question is Since there are thus many different Sites about this Amount Do WE Look for That Answer To WHAT They're SAYING AFTER SOMEONE WHO Addresses FRENCH Locates Out WHAT Your MESSAGE SAYS. Would value any data. . Submitted for WHO CALLED ME amp got the Result Your request has been black holed. What's black holed . . . Malfunction The requested address Phone Amount W W W was not located on this server. I Assessed White Pages. It says that number is from IRIS TEL Inc. Property line Montreal Canada. NAME IS Accessible. . Pay of path. Seems getting Details on that Internet is almost hopeless anymore. Used to be that just one could find most anything. Now the covetous are collecting People Information that SHOULD Be Accessible For ALL OF Us Selling it for Firms THAT CHARGE People FOR WHAT SHOULD Become FREE Data . . .

Post by 1windyday,

438-793-5481 Merely got your same phone call tonight. She talked French and your caller ID showed Montreal QC. I called that number back but got a recording.

Post by Scott,

4387935481 They are collecting Information i. e. who Solutions who doesn't and who uses an answering machine. Your goal of the as However is unknown.

Post by carl,

438-793-5481 Got my quite first phone from Quebec. Did not answer

Post by USA,

4387935481 W W W Received a Amount on my Caller ID. Yes same number You're all talking Around. A few months ago placed my new cable Amount on the Don't Phone List. I 've nicely around W Amounts i do not Comprehend. I Only keep that Phone ringer off. When I can I Peek at that ID periodically for my real Buddies relatives or company People. The works for me. Now for that mentioned Amount. Unlike you I did E-mail a Canadian Magazine and used that online conversion Book. Unlike some of you I was not able to hear the French Individual. I want one of all of people spoke French for see what was previously mentioned. If someone is Striving for Take our IDs lots of Fortune they would not get too Way on mine. If you are that French person reading these comments just know a real American believes in our GOD Metabolism Bill of Rights and Experts. We forgive you. Say Hello for that Excellent W year old Baseball Hall of Popularity Job for people if you are Actually a Canadian. Serenity Be With You personally.

Post by Mimi,

438-793-5481 Just got a call from the Recently. Did t discover it until I was deleting calls out of my log tonight. I called back and left a message. I only previously mentioned my Telephone number. Told them if it was a erroneous Amount no problem but if it was among my Pals or family to call back. I would 've Pals and family within Montreal. Just wish I had checked online before I called back. Yes. I 'm also on your do not telephone list. I have been getting many calls from an W service the connections are very awful and the callers sound like they are out of India or Pakistan they all need info out of me on my vehicle and insurance. They all Begin their Program by saying that Automobile insurance has gone up W . I have told them I 'm on DC listing. No the Telephone rings ID show W service and it hangs up before anyone could Talk. I think they are on an Kid and 've for hang up manually. You personally d think they d just remove that Amount in the file. I would adore for string your Quebec phone along but don't Chat fluent French. I won't be replying calls out of the number anymore. They may be summarily deleted. We Display all your calls.

Post by gw,

4387935481 Your scamming callers don't Keep the Website or the net page. No callers can magically determine which Amounts shouldn't be called based on anonymous Remarks. Criminals who mass dial and violate that Telemarketing Sales Rule don't have any plans to Discontinue calling you personally no subject what you say and regardless of your DC registrations. They demand first to become sued or jailed.

Post by Dennis,

438-793-5481 . . . woman Hung Upward . . .

Post by Judy Gillis,

4387935481 Rec d call at W W A. M. CST. Owner talked within French and disconnected.

Post by gw,

438-793-5481 Your scamming callers don't Keep the Website or this net page. No callers can magically discover which numbers should not be called Established on Unknown Opinions. Criminals who mass Switch and violate your Telemarketing Sales Rule don't have any Strategies for Cease calling you personally no subject what you state and regardless of your DC registrations. They demand first for be sued or jailed.

Post by Guest,

4387935481 Female mumbled something Subsequently hung Upwards.

Post by JMT,

438-793-5481 Telephone was from Montreal. I had to answer each one of them Merely within case 1 was a real company telephone. Also French speaking record on another end of your line.

Post by anon,

4387935481 acquired a telephone from the Amount and my Owner ID said Montreal QB I did not response as I know no 1 there. They left no message. Nuisance call. I am on the Don't Call list.

Post by bo,

438-793-5481 Here we go again.

Post by Guest,

4387935481 Called amp hung Upwards that minute my replying machine came on.

Post by Guest,

438-793-5481 called baffled some foreign language Put Upward.

Post by NH,

4387935481 Here we go. . I got the too W W W I trust it did not can something for your Telephones.

Post by SK,

438-793-5481 Got the phone at 8 W CST tonight. Owner Id has this as W W W out of Montreal QC. Did not response.

Post by annabarb,

4387935481 Caller talked within French for a few seconds and Afterward Put up

Post by DNC,

438-793-5481 i do not ans. this number . please Discontinue calling my home Amount. i do not accept Reviews or telemarketing.

Post by Zane,

4387935481 Listed as Quebec phone. Did t response left no message.

Post by Maggie,

438-793-5481 Don t these calls or callers Hit you personally as somewhat peculiar. Do you know they Actually doing. I don t buy your scummier or sales Fantasy. They're getting info for some motive. What sort Who knows. Any thoughts. Scams are dessert for them.

Post by LauraLe,

4387935481 The Amount Quebec W W W called your home Recently. Our machine picks Upwards after 2 Bands. No message they Put Upward. You personally all talking Around that DC Registry. . . . . I too find it totally useless. And speaking of spammers we have twice in your last month obtained a telephone for the Residence land line where the caller ID was my Man s name first name Afterward last and Your Dwelling acreage line . . . . Freaked me out somewhat your first time it happened but I understand we could t even trust the own Owner ID anymore.

Post by Guest,

438-793-5481 anonymous same matter happened for me . woman mumbled something that I could t recognize Afterward Installed Upwards wonder what's that motive of these calls . I 'm Additionally on that no telephone list.

Post by kathy,

4387935481 Merely obtained a telephone from the Caller ID says Montreal QC my answering machine Registered some background noise but no message. I do not 've anything Recorded on Crags list.

Post by Guest,

438-793-5481 Called and did not leave a message on a Saturday morning at W W. If we don t understand that Amount we don t answer your phone.

Post by Guest,

4387935481 No 1 answered but it sounded enjoy Individuals talking within that History.

Post by Blondie,

438-793-5481 I just received a call kind the Amount overly. I normally would not reply a Amount I did not know but I am waiting on a call from Canada. That Girl talked French and talked quickly. I almost felt it was haphazard and recorded. Just do not response if they call back. . and I would phone back if I spoke French but since I don't there is no point. Happy New Year.

Post by acdja,

4387935481 Same call as everyone else except the last word of your message was Marci. If I remember some of my French I think she was thanking me for something. Perhaps for Selecting Upwards your Telephone phone.

Post by Cj Young,

438-793-5481 W W W the Amount called me at 8 PM CST America Now September Th W. When I replied a women was speaking French and hung Upwards. Thus I called it back twice your message was in French and she spoke to fast on your recording for me for Choose Outside hello and thank you. Odd telephone I live within Tennessee.

Post by ddd,

4387935481 Stop them

Post by Jerry,

438-793-5481 Obtained phone out of the number machine picked Upward nobody said anything. Owner ID said Quebec phone but Viewed Upwards Region code for Quebec in that phone book and no such Region code for Quebec. Can Remove as consistently.

Post by cme,

4387935481 Frankly I think we all need to bombard the Telephone Firm with demands for a call blocking service that Lets us to block all these calls. Why should we've for Purchase a separate unit for block calls the phone company makes money away of.

Post by Got it too,

438-793-5481 Same here Addresses French and they Put Upward.

Post by Boo,

4387935481 Got that same phone W minutes ago. Land line. Said Montreal. What is their scam Cope .

Post by Ditto,

438-793-5481 Same here. French for Around W words then Marci then a hang Upward. Bizarre.

Post by Julie,

4387935481 Acquired a telephone from the Amount 9 W W within Illinois. They talked French hung up. I m Thinking if it s a Amount similar to some W call in Canada.

Post by Guest,

438-793-5481 I am in Tennessee but Local of Quebec so Way 2 of my Pals called to tell me this number called their House talk loud and Quickly in what sounds like French then Installed Upward.

Post by Safety First,

4387935481 Replied phone they did t Talk English I Installed Upward.

Post by karen,

438-793-5481 i too got call out of this number replying machine Decided Upward nothing no MSG no sound. as i don't have any Pals or family within Canada the Fairly Unusual. . .

Post by Ginny,

4387935481 QUEBEC IS Shown ON Owner ID With W W W I Don't 've A Clue WHAT SHE SAID AND Installed Up ON ME.

Post by Guest,

438-793-5481 Spam

Post by cynic,

4387935481 Because a telemarketing lobbyist took your congressman for lunch. Only thing I can suggest is find a Attorney along with overly much time on his control to sue the telephone Business whose exchange is being used for that spoofed calls.

Post by Bernie,

438-793-5481 Some ass hat that keeps calling but won t leave a message.

Post by karen,

4387935481 obtained a phone from this Amount really earlier caller id shows Quebec. . . . . replying machine Registered french speaking Man. i don't answer unknown numbers.

Post by Memphis,

438-793-5481 Thank you bloggers at notes for heads up

Post by Guest,

4387935481 They telephone Chat in a foreign language and hang Upwards.

Post by Big H,

438-793-5481 I think this really is your Government Scam people

Post by fa fa phooey,

4387935481 Hey now we all understand that french are douches the simply proves it.

Post by Laurey,

438-793-5481 I acquired a call too. After reading the places within this thread your simply motive I could Picture they phone and hang Upward is to validate a working Telephone Amount. E-mail scams would this by providing an unsubscribe link to your subscription you personally never signed up for in that first place . When you use the Treatment link it tells them they found a live working email. Another similar Approach is to use a junk return address thus when you personally try to answer you personally get an error and they get that Proof they need. What they would with this information I don t know. My absolute best suppose would be they are a middleman and sell Clear Combined sending dialing lists for other Businesses. Merely my 2 cents. I could t come up with any other logical motive. It Actually is too awful we don t 've an simple General manner of Managing these types of idiots. They cost us cash for something we don t even need. My time is value alto. Call blocking Owner ID W. In the least Price people in your Finish we should t 've to be subjected for this. Ah well I m Only glad to know that I am not alone and there are Newsgroups like this that are Accessible for me for vent. Thanks for listening reading. Lola

Post by LP,

4387935481 Got a phone from the number blew whistle in their own ear and Put Upwards. That can Train them.

Post by Steve-O,

438-793-5481 Got a phone out of the number on Fresh Year s Eve somewhat after 8 pm Pacific time. Did not reply I never can. Owner ID said Montreal QC.

Post by Kathy,

4387935481 Nope never called Canada for Economical medicine. LOLA

Post by Guest,

438-793-5481 Called and said they were looking through that windows of my house. Inquired if I was nude.

Post by rose,

4387935481 calls from that Amount several times a daytime for around a week now I don't response and they don't leave any messages caller id says Quebec phone W W W

Post by Annjanette,

438-793-5481 Owner i. d. says Quebec W W W. Bands Around twenty times. Called my Dwelling Recently and again Now. I did NOT reply.

Post by bwilber25,

4387935481 Because it bought them a bunch of votes. Number just one rule for re election You don t actually 've for help your own constituents. You personally Merely have to Look for help them.

Post by Guest,

438-793-5481 Repeated calls

Post by JimBob,

4387935481 Merely got a call from this Amount Owner ID said QUEBEC Phone I said Hi they then talked a few words within french and Installed Upward.

Post by Joe,

438-793-5481 Got this call out of W W W When I said Hi it said Hello. . . when I said who is this it repeated it in my own voice. freaky . . . . . Montreal was your name on phone.

Post by Guest,

4387935481 When I response they say something in a foreign language and hang Upwards. Calls whatsoever hours 2 W Am 9 'm 7 W PM etc. They vie called for a week now.

Post by Guest,

438-793-5481 She like that phone does she. Nicely I can post a Number of free Things all over grisliest and leave her Telephone number to telephone. I wonder how she may like for play on that Telephone Subsequently.

Post by imnobody,

4387935481 Got this telephone Now at 2 W pm in NH. Caller ID says Montreal. I answered along with hello and a female express responded along with a dozen or so French words and hung Upward. I don t Chat French so I did t understand her. I notion Perhaps she was apologizing for calling a erroneous Amount. . Subsequently I looked the Amount Upward and located this eyesight. . . Really Odd.

Post by Royce,

438-793-5481 Got a call they talked something within French and they Put up.

Post by Doctor Who,

4387935481 Same as all your remainder. Said Montreal QC on my Owner id. Decided for response even though I Typically don t and Put up the second I picked Upwards.

Post by Bill,

438-793-5481 Called 9 7 W at W W 'm I answered and female said something within French Afterward Put up . Who knows . .

Post by Dennis,

4387935481 . . . Girl Installed Upward . . .

Post by AMP,

438-793-5481 Received this telephone minutes ago. Owner said something within French and hang up 2 second later. I called back appropriate away and got a voice message in French.

Post by mimi,

4387935481 What. . . . Canada now. . . No message called it back talked French went into an replying system. This is being reported for your FTC

Post by Cee,

438-793-5481 same as mentioned before. . . . phone talked within French and hung up

Post by Guest,

4387935481 Within Tn. Nuisance talk Afterward hang up

Post by Bubba,

438-793-5481 My blocked caller ID log indicates Montreal PDQ. What does PDQ stand for. Pretty swift or Very . LOLA. What a Lot of losers. Seriously this spoof call is most likely in the Chicago Place or perhaps Akron Kansas that uses this obscure Place code. My best think is that the phone comes from your back room or a Specialist of the debt collector from the W or W Place code used by your Firm for harass those they cannot contact. Since I don't have any debt I enjoy for play games along with them. Your Lexus Nexus company that snoops on Folks occasionally Offers them wrong information. If you personally desire for contact me come to my front door or send me a postal notice. Once I could verify your own ID we could have a very productive talk.

Post by nana,

4387935481 Puzzled by this telephone

Post by Krtyr,

438-793-5481 Obtained telephone on my land line. Owner Maybe recording talked very fast probably French. . . definitely NOT English and Put Upward. I called number back and got French W certain it was French recording. I m within Texas and that telephone came within on my residential land line. Weird. . . .

Post by Guest,

4387935481 Same expertise. Woman mumbled something that sound Edward French then Put up.

Post by Guest,

438-793-5481 Harassment

Post by 1windyday,

4387935481 Only got that same phone telephone Today. She talked French and that caller ID revealed Montreal QC. I called the Amount back but got a record.

Post by Guest,

438-793-5481 I don t understand what this Firm is or their intention for calling my House. I would think that being on the no phone list would prevent these type nuisances. I can simply hope that along with all of these current Grievances this operation would become shut down.

Post by Chicago's Western Suburbs,

4387935481 Owner Id says Montreal Canada. . . I Simply blocked their Amount. Another scam.

Post by Ken,

438-793-5481 I gotten that call Additionally. Insane kinda freaked me out for a minute.

Post by OBXer,

4387935481 Got a call at 2 PM on 9 7 W. A woman speaking french said a few words Subsequently Put Upward. Since I don t speak french don't have any idea what she said. Notion Perhaps it was a wrong Amount til I looked it up. This was going on for a little while all over that People. Wonder what your intent of the phone was.

Post by WIMPY,

438-793-5481 My service has a select call forwarding. I Choose out among the scam Amounts and 've another scam calls sent to your target scummier. Might not work but don t get calls in the forwarded Amount don t know if the telephone goes through.

Post by Guest,

4387935481 On that Do not Call List. Exactly why are these calls coming in. . .

Post by Guest,

438-793-5481 Called me Sunday Night at 7 W pm. I let the telephone go to my answering machine they Put up.

Post by barb,

4387935481 Acquired phone from this number. She spoke within a foreign language. I regretted having answered your phone. Would adore for understand if anyone knows what she is saying. .

Post by Kathy,

438-793-5481 Nope never called Canada for Inexpensive medicine. LOLA

Post by Laura,

4387935481 Same matter. Spoke a line of French and hung up. Says Montreal PDQ on caller ID.

Post by HadEnoughNonsense,

438-793-5481 Merely got a telephone. Let it ring did not reply. Owner ID says Montreal QB. Has to become a scam of a few form. I m so exhausted of these type calls. From now on I m not answering when it only Offers Cost free phone or a state or city on your caller ID. If it s really Significant they ll leave a message.

Post by Jenna,

4387935481 I see a few places out of W. Here it's Nearly W and the scumbags are still calling. I did not answer. Left no message. I believe it is shameful that no just one could Cease these calls.

Post by Mimi,

438-793-5481 Called on property line at 4 W PM. Left no message.

Post by Karen,

4387935481 Quebec phone dead atmosphere and Afterward many Registered message within French then hung Upward.

Post by Renee,

438-793-5481 They called me overly. I didn't response and no message left.

Post by Guest,

4387935481 Would not call

Post by Why me?,

438-793-5481 Received call. Did t answer. They did t leave a message. Owner ID says Montreal

Post by jo,

4387935481 no

Post by Warren Kerr,

438-793-5481 I 've gotten several calls from this Amount. It rings 3 4 times and stops. It shows on my caller ID. I called the number back today and got a record which was some other language Maybe French.

Post by inger,

4387935481 got a phone to daytime did not response it and they did not leave a message.

Post by Tim,

438-793-5481 Called from Quebec spoke french hung Upwards.

Post by Guest,

4387935481 First of the call is coming from Canada I will will not phone it back. Female mumbled something than Installed Upwards. I block these calls thus I don t 've to be bothered.

Post by bwilber25,

438-793-5481 Once more for everyone who missed that DC Does not Work thread . . . . Your People DECRY is funded by access fees paid by Certified telemarketers not appropriations. Hit your tired waste of tax cash lament. Your Lack of Telemarketing Sales Rule Administration is a popular myth. Masses of Gripes 've helped your FTC choke away whole gangs of scampers within that past several years. Some 've seen assets frozen and a few 've been sent for Penitentiary. When you re Prepared to quit griping and become part of that Option file Criticisms with the FTC and Solicitors general. Individual action through a TC Pennsylvania litigation which can result in damages of at least W per Misdemeanor is another fine option if that callers are national. As mentioned a listing of phone Amounts is a passive tool for controlling prohibited sales calls. Within its first five years that DECRY did wonders for anyone who remembers what the phones sounded like before that fresh century. But merely creating a service and passing Guidelines for Combat frauds and schemers doesn't create those crooks offer up and find real jobs. They can Modify and continue scamming and they did once Affordable VIP and Owner ID spoofing came of age circa W and helped them to Cover from law enforcement and that courts. We saw your same drama play Outside within email spam a decade earlier. We shouldn't have been surprised by a repeat performance when the Phone and the computer network totally merged.

Post by maddernhell,

4387935481 People this Amount called just seconds Past. I 've just finished commenting on another scam number. That is definitely some adolescent playing games for his her amusement. They get their jollies monitoring these Remarks Only for read your messages of outrage at these antics. Thus to that little bright punk Go to hell jerk.

Post by PB,

438-793-5481 Same as most a swift blab of french and Subsequently a disconnect. . . barely worth this effort but still annoying

Post by Geoff,

4387935481 There ya go Toby. Since most of the unwanted callers are scampers thieves liars scofflaws of Kinds it dozen t do any great to depend upon your DC since it is not that DECs Work. It is Simply a list. It cannot Block calls or expect who is getting ready to Call our numbers the pounce and block them and it could t Monitor down scampers within Foreign countries. It does for the most component keep that Fair Businesses. . . . honest. . . . What you are doing is that very best manner by setting Upwards your own own system of dealing along with them. I purchased a Phone blocker which helps me a whole Lot. As everyone knows your government is only going to can what they must can in purchase for get that votes. A Time of love they're. .

Post by Julie,

438-793-5481 Said phone was out of Quebec I will Place on my phone blocking list. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . must become a scam.

Post by Guest,

4387935481 Called and said to appearance in mailbox.

Post by Fayetteville nc,

438-793-5481 Same thing spoke a Girl few words of French and Installed up

Post by Manager,

4387935481 Got a telephone on among your acreage lines and a female express with a Hispanic Highlight talked really Rapidly and mumbled. Could t tell what she was saying but the last word sounded enjoy mailbox. Subsequently she suddenly Installed Upward. That caller ID said W W W which is allegedly out of Quebec Land. It was not a friendly voice whatsoever it sounded Fairly furtive. It was enjoy she was cupping her hand Approximately the mouthpiece to keep out of being overheard. A few people are reporting French callers out of this Amount but it did t sound like a French accent to me.

Post by Laura,

438-793-5481 Same matter. Spoke a line of French and hung up. Says Montreal PDQ on caller ID.

Post by dj,

4387935481 Simply received a phone from this Amount. Caller ID shows Quebec . Did t response and no message was left

Post by Sita,

438-793-5481 Called me at home

Post by me,

4387935481 Got a telephone. ID says many Quebec. Did t answer no message left

Post by bo,

438-793-5481 I believe this can be the first time I vie ever seen phrase play coy and string them along within a FCC document. Classification Cookie adjective. esp. along with reference to your woman making a pretense of shyness or modesty which is intended to be alluring. she treated him to some coy grin of Request Within the past that FCC has refrained out of suggesting Sufferers of Amount spoofing Test for sexually seduce offenders into making admissions. That gloves might have come away at your FCC but personally I m keeping my pants on.

Post by cme,

4387935481 Honestly I believe we all demand for bombard the phone Business with demands for a telephone blocking service that Permits people for block all these calls. Should we've to Purchase a Individual unit to block calls the Telephone Business makes money away of.

Post by db,

438-793-5481 Have had this Amount call a few times. Simply says QUEBEC in caller ID. I eventually replied the morning and enjoy others have said she spoke a fees words within French Afterward Put Upward.

Did you get an unwanted call from 438-793-5481? Is 4387935481 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Recent comment

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Play on my phone

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Exactly why on world would a legitimate loan company need to post on this web Website. This is a place for people to locate Outside Around phone calls. Definitely you've a preemptive Hit agenda. Hopefully no just one can be fooled by your own junk.

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Goggle Looking for Upgrade my listing.

8003961233 Complains by RDJ,

My husband answered the call so I m not confident what they said but Inquired for his Start date. I called them back on my cell amp they answered Craft Ingredients. I Inquired why they were calling amp he said it could be several reasons. When I pressed him Around what type of reasons he said he needed the Telephone Amount they called on. When I Offered it he said that Amount is not within his database. I told him that was crap since they had Merely called. I also told him for NEVER phone that Amount again. He said he d Set my Remarks within that database kinda threatening.

8002820691 Complains by Bill henderson,

Actually its not a BOGUS company! They create recognition plaques for Numerous awards!

8022650095 Complains by wsr,

yes my record was regarding if you have taken a form of Delivery control. . . .

8003040566 Complains by Jessie,

Overbite Coatings. Web. overprotecting. com

8003299791 Complains by Guest,

just calls when he needs something

8045249888 Complains by Pat Vas.,

I 've had many many calls out of W Amounts and W numbers and W Amounts. . No 1 Solutions when I Choose Upwards. No message is left Somewhat eerie. If I notion they were political calls I WOULD NOT VOTE FOR THEIR NOMINEE under any situation.

8002552881 Complains by Guest,

He is an excellent plumber and Outstanding service.

8044961083 Complains by Nilli,

acquired same from Allen Smith Now 3 W W. this type of scam.

8045549831 Complains by Brittney Braxton,

The keep saying I demand to seen them cash for as pay daytime loan. Say he was the Fed s. And and he would drag my black a Outside my house

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