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Post by Vera,

4387938465 Got a call from W W W. I don't response numbers that I don t know. If they need me they could leave a express message. No express message so this really is most likely a telemarketer. And I heard when you personally telephone back unknown Amounts they can bill your own Telephone carrier and you can t can a thing about it. Thus create sure you understand who your number is and do not telephone any back. If it is important your Owner can leave a message stating where they're out of and what they want. Individuals Become Conscious OF SCAMPERS. W

Post by Teresa,

438-793-8465 Receiving calls out of this Amount on my cell

Post by Trixyt,

4387938465 Only called me. I called back. Was active.

Post by B,

438-793-8465 Only got a call from W W W at W W am PST. No just one there. Hit my recall button but that line was busy. Apparently W is in Quebec.

Post by Seritoga,

4387938465 Mine is that same rang twice replied and noting but a Face tone.

Post by Abby Ron,

438-793-8465 Merely got a phone out of W W W but no one spoke and Subsequently Put up I am in B. C.

Post by Woodsie,

4387938465 This appears to come out of Montreal QC on a property line registered for Iris tel Inc. 2 Bands then hangup. Usually around 4 pm PST.

Post by justin,

438-793-8465 Same matter within Alberta called back just one ring Subsequently busy

Post by Rahul Kapoor,

4387938465 Got missed telephone from the Amount. It rang once. I called back and it was occupied line. I understand its a scam and I think they're confirming that contact Amounts and Subsequently they might sell your contact Amounts to some Telephone Promotion Business. Wanna report the Amount.

Post by M,

438-793-8465 Calls home office and cell number Day-to-day. Occupied Sign when I telephone back. Definitely some form of scam

Post by Russ Howard,

4387938465 Received call out of W W W. Tried to call number back and it would ring once then go occupied. Suspect it's a few kind of telemarketer.

Post by Abdel,

438-793-8465 Same matter happened to me today. Merely W min. Past. When I called back no just one picked that line Upwards.

Post by Krass,

4387938465 No one talking. Put up. Long space phone here Montreal

Post by K,

438-793-8465 I Merely got a call from the Amount 1 W W W tried to call back and has been busy ever since. . .

Post by Guest,

4387938465 called my house and cell Amount 4 times

Post by Raven,

438-793-8465 My cell phone just rang once their number popped Upwards Subsequently the Owner decided to hang Upward. Go ogled your number and the train of thought came Upward. Judging by everyone s comments it s simple for see its certainly nothing worth calling the Amount back for.

Post by RAY,

4387938465 I gotten a telephone out of the number this morning at W W. When I picked Upwards it no body speaking. Then it's disconnected.

Post by Viera,

438-793-8465 ring once and hanged up

Post by Sarah,

4387938465 I got a phone on my cell and now my Dwelling Telephone in the same Amount. . . W W W

Post by Jt,

438-793-8465 Called me for but nothing or nobody thee when I tried for call it back I 'm in Alberta

Post by Jay,

4387938465 Same as below called my cell Subsequently my House Telephone Bizarre. . . My colleague got called on his mobile from W W W and about five minutes After I acquired a phone out of W W W. Neither of people answered the phones.

Post by Guest,

438-793-8465 Random Amount called and Installed up. Very best to Discount and block number

Post by Guest,

4387938465 Repeated calls to my cell phone. just 1 ring than hangs up.

Post by Fred,

438-793-8465 Scam

Post by Truluck,

4387938465 Called me Now. Not Bell I m a Rogers Client. Will not telephone them back. Simply annoying.

Post by Lee,

438-793-8465 Calls last few times to cell phone and also house phone no response when answered and busy when called back. Most annoying.

Post by Talisker,

4387938465 Simply rang once on my mobile Amount its a Montreal Region code. Adding this for my Dumb Advertising Telephone list

Post by D,

438-793-8465 Called my cell ring once and Subsequently my Residence Telephone once. .

Post by Guest,

4387938465 called and Installed up

Post by Lorrie,

438-793-8465 I acquired two calls from this number this morning one appropriate after the other. I don t answer if I don t Comprehend that number. If its someone I can know they will contact me eventually. Another Amount that Telephones me Additionally is 1 W W W. Don t reply this just one either.

Post by Linda Hawes,

4387938465 Same deal as everyone else. W W W called and left no message. telephone and is active immediately. I 'm in Saskatchewan and neither a bell or rogers customer.

Post by Seritoga,

438-793-8465 Mine is that same rang twice replied and noting but a dial tone.

Post by Guest,

4387938465 Missed call did t Understand the number called back and was unable to get through. . . who is the.

Post by Guest,

438-793-8465 Called my cell Installed as soon as I answered

Post by Guest,

4387938465 Just called me and Installed Upwards. I blocked him

Post by Ash,

438-793-8465 They called and then Put up. I called back and I get the busy signal

Post by Guest,

4387938465 Don't call me

Post by Brian,

438-793-8465 Everyone have Echelon Insurance. That s that just contact I have within Montreal.

Post by rextyphoon,

4387938465 called me at 2. PM today. just one ring and stopped. Soft fool

Post by Joel,

438-793-8465 It is definitely not Bell. I m not and ever a Customer of Bell

Post by mike,

4387938465 The called both me and my at Approximately your same time. It rang once and when I called back it was active. . .

Post by Katie,

438-793-8465 Called my cell and I missed it. Then called my office appropriate after and Installed Upwards after 1 ring before I could answer. Tried calling it back and got a occupied signal.

Post by Susan,

4387938465 Got two calls back to back on cell followed by Residence number. 1 ring and Afterward hang up on both. I did t attempt to call back. Somebody has gotten a contact list out of a company I Cope along with to become phoning both these Amounts 1 immediately after another and not than many Firms have my cell . Both numbers are in the same area code but not the same town so no Automobile Switch er cycling through all Amounts would get those two that close Jointly.

Post by RAY,

438-793-8465 I received a telephone out of the Amount this morning at W W. When I Decided Upward it no body speaking. Afterward it is disconnected.

Post by @,

4387938465 I got called at 7 W pm and the other cell yesterday

Post by Guest,

438-793-8465 calls me every month rang Upward. never response when I phone it back

Post by George,

4387938465 We vie had phantom calls out of the number before. It Bands twice whether we answer or not and there s nobody there. Evident scam but what s your scam.

Post by Guest,

438-793-8465 Caller ID on my Telephone no message Think spam caller telemarketer.

Post by Joel,

4387938465 It is definitely not Bell. I m not and ever a client of Bell

Post by Jenni,

438-793-8465 Yes a telephone on my cell i Viewed it Upward and here I 'm. I 'm in Ontario. Telemarketer I assume.

Post by amin,

4387938465 been receiving annoying calls out of the number

Post by beipoo,

438-793-8465 The Amount rang my cell but I did t answer. Now may become blacklisted on my cell.

Post by John,

4387938465 Same as your others. This number called my cell number and Subsequently my Dwelling number but left no messages. When I called back I Simply got a occupied Sign.

Post by JEC,

438-793-8465 Got a telephone out of the Amount on my cellphone. It just rang once no just one on line when I answered

Post by LPK,

4387938465 Also was called by the number. I did not Choose Upwards. Really annoying along with these unwanted nuisance calls.

Post by Daren,

438-793-8465 Yes definitely an automated phone. did not Select Upwards.

Post by Gerry,

4387938465 I Got a telephone out of the number rang once Subsequently active. I called it back same thing 1 ring Subsequently busy. no message nothing. your area code Implies it comes from the Montreal Quebec area.

Post by Guest,

438-793-8465 Do not want telemarketer calls on my cell phone

Post by Metro Vancouver B.C.,

4387938465 At W W today Monday Nov. W W 1 W W W rang to my smart Telephone missed phone.

Post by miggles,

438-793-8465 called my cellular telephone Unit I did t reply though.

Post by Mark,

4387938465 Called me today call back and active desire for Strike them on your head along with phone among those previous fashioned People enjoy within good fellas and say who s amusing now

Post by F,

438-793-8465 My home Telephone rang once and the number W W W was displayed on my phone screen. I called back and got a Call tone. I 'm within Quebec.

Post by Jay,

4387938465 Same as below called my cell Afterward my Dwelling phone weird. . . My Associate got called on his cellular telephone out of W W W and Around five minutes later I obtained a call out of W W W. Neither of us answered our Telephones.

Post by Valcoor,

438-793-8465 I Typical about 3 calls per week from this number. Simply a click and Switch tone when I answer. Active Sign when I call back.

Post by Guest,

4387938465 one ring on cell instantaneously Used by just one ring on acreage line

Post by Guest,

438-793-8465 phone call . . . did not say anything

Post by Dave,

4387938465 Yesterday evening 7 PM. My cellphone rang but I did t response it causes I was occupied doing something at that time. When I did check for see who called it showed unknown caller 1 W W W. There wan t any express mail from that number. I suppose they did t think their calling my cellphone Amount was Significant enough to leave me a in-depth voice mail thus I could Reply back for them within a timely style. I am within southern Ontario.

Post by Seritoga,

438-793-8465 The W Place code is a brand new area code for Montreal PDQ

Post by glen vivaraies,

4387938465 this Amount just telephone me and when i called back it Merely Offers a occupied signal

Post by Fred,

438-793-8465 Scam

Post by Guest,

4387938465 Wasting my cell time they called my acreage line Afterward Installed Upward when I replied Subsequently they called my cell phone and Installed Upward don t phone me anymore

Post by YVR,

438-793-8465 Got a call out of the number on my cellular telephone and at my Residence phone appropriate after. Did t answer either and no MSG left. Not many Firms I Cope with have both so it would great for know who is giving Outside my info. Blocked now on both Telephones.

Post by John,

4387938465 I Decided Upwards the call but all I got was a Call tone.

Post by Ashley,

438-793-8465 Same thing. . . Got a phone out of this number Telephone stated it was out of Quebec did t response in hopes that a message would become left if it was Significant. . . No express send. Called back but it was active.

Post by fred,

4387938465 I recently Closed up along with Bell I wonder if its them. I am within Alberta as well

Post by David,

438-793-8465 Got a phone on my House Telephone at 3 PM and Subsequently one on my cell phone at 3 PM. both active when I called back. I wonder if it's a Business I Cope with since they had both my home and cell Amount. Not much Value if they do not reply. Could be one of those SPOOFING numbers where it fakes a real number for make you personally think it is a legit phone when if fact it may become a company called DUCT CLEANING or many form of scam.

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2677558024 Complains by IMJ,

SHE GOT Your Number Away Your WALL

8082216159 Complains by Guest,

Got that same message quot You've been Chosen for a FREE W Best Purchase Gift card. Enter Code quot FREE quot at Www. best Purchase. com. biz. biz for get yours now. Just W left. TEXT out to Cease. quot

8185395763 Complains by Also Mary,

Exactly why on world would a legitimate loan company need to post on this web Website. This is a place for people to locate Outside Around phone calls. Definitely you've a preemptive Hit agenda. Hopefully no just one can be fooled by your own junk.

5412571308 Complains by Guest,

Goggle Looking for Upgrade my listing.

8003961233 Complains by RDJ,

My husband answered the call so I m not confident what they said but Inquired for his Start date. I called them back on my cell amp they answered Craft Ingredients. I Inquired why they were calling amp he said it could be several reasons. When I pressed him Around what type of reasons he said he needed the Telephone Amount they called on. When I Offered it he said that Amount is not within his database. I told him that was crap since they had Merely called. I also told him for NEVER phone that Amount again. He said he d Set my Remarks within that database kinda threatening.

9077176668 Complains by Guest,

I got a text sing Justin. That is my name and I don't have any idea who s Amount it's. . . I vie tried testing back no answer

3602157413 Complains by Guest,

calls and hang Upwards on reply someone needs for find these bastards and cut their arms away thus they can t phone National do not telephone registry is a joke you can report these type calls until you personally drop dead and nothing is ever done

8595474475 Complains by Guest,

Rang three times Afterward Installed up.

4023329036 Complains by Guest,

Sorry I m occupied please telephone back later

9494636436 Complains by Guest,

Cash loan

6264560477 Complains by x,


7709106845 Complains by Guest,

terrible BB

8152619355 Complains by Guest,


7275993193 Complains by Guest,

He calls and texts drunk W times a day

7862044358 Complains by Dr combobulus,

They said they were With department of UN sanitary Bowl control and asked me to wrap phone in aluminum foil and hold it over toilet so they could inspect conditions. We failed, so they asked us to wire 8000 Nuevo peso so as to avoid potential fines. I haven't heard back. Pray we don't get deported!

9013319117 Complains by Guest,

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