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112 complaints
Post by Ligen An,

4387938980 Don t desire call from this Amount .

Post by diane,

438-793-8980 they called 2 x s in a few Min's when I'm on don't call list. . . Greer

Post by Bob,

4387938980 I 'm with Tel us and got that phone yesterday. Had your prefix W within front of the same number

Post by p.c.,

438-793-8980 no person answer

Post by Chris,

4387938980 Acreage line rang once 2 seconds After my cellphone rang once. Creepy.

Post by Anonymous,

438-793-8980 1 2 a ring and Subsequently they hung Upward.

Post by Bob,

4387938980 I am along with Tel people and got that telephone yesterday. Had that prefix W within front of that same number

Post by Marie,

438-793-8980 WOW. . . overly weird. . . the Amount called my work Amount and my cell at the exact same time. I was sitting at my desk my cell was vibrating and Assessed my Table phone same ID. . . Put Upward after 2 rings. . .

Post by mcm,

4387938980 got a call out of W W W. . . I get calls Fairly Often out of this very annoying. . . is there any way to stop it. I am on a don't phone list which evidently is useless.

Post by Mary,

438-793-8980 Got a telephone from 1 W W Did t answer

Post by DP,

4387938980 Did not recognized therefore did not Collection. I wished these Folks would .

Post by Secret,

438-793-8980 Just got one from this number rang once Afterward stopped. I m along with Bell I power saw someone else was too Maybe it's something to can along with that service Supplier.

Post by craig,

4387938980 Simply got a telephone from that number. . it rang twice before i answered it and all i got on another end was a dial tone.

Post by Marcie,

438-793-8980 Received a call a few minutes ago out of W W W. Only one ring and it ended.

Post by ReSa,

4387938980 Add to black list . . Issue solved.

Post by mcm,

438-793-8980 Dumb . . how do you personally understand they're female.

Post by j,

4387938980 Got a telephone. . rang once no messages left.

Post by Erica,

438-793-8980 Simply called rang once. Number displayed.

Post by Regina,

4387938980 Same matter here

Post by David,

438-793-8980 Don t fuss trying for locate Outside. It s a rototiller. That System s Occupation is to validate live Telephone Amounts from an inventory that is downloaded for the computer. Those Amounts that Choose Upward get added to your list that can be Offered. If you personally get a repeated phone that hangs Upwards Subsequently contact your own service Service and get it blocked immediately. Or you are able to mess around and phone back at your Price to attempt to locate that response.

Post by Anonymous,

4387938980 Got a telephone out of the Amount Now. It Quit ringing after 2 rings. I am on your national don't phone list but it dozen t seem for help much.

Post by Sabbath,

438-793-8980 The number Simply called me. Just two Bands.

Post by Jon,

4387938980 exactly that same happened for me how did they get both numbers. .

Post by pete,

438-793-8980 Rob Call er for Assess if that number dialed is valid.

Post by david,

4387938980 got 2 rings and that is it. fishy

Post by Amanda,

438-793-8980 This Amount calls and lets it ring twice Afterward hangs up and when I attempted for phone it back I got a occupied number. I have a blocked number so how they got it I don't have any Thought.

Post by cw,

4387938980 I Simply got a call out of the number as nicely. I phone it back and get active signal. Fishy.

Post by Val,

438-793-8980 And I did call back and got a active Transmission

Post by Guest,

4387938980 When I reply there surely is no just one there when I call the number there surely is a busy signal. . . Quit CALLING ME. . .

Post by NC,

438-793-8980 April Th called both my cell and Ottawa Residence Telephone Amount. Replied but no 1 on your line

Post by Bob,

4387938980 Rang once Put up. Definitely a telemarketer of a few type. I m on the do not phone list Additionally but this dozen t help when that callers are scum scampers. They usually phone back within a short Span of time along with a Registered message or a Actual person for which i am happy to particularly say that I don't ever want for become disturbed by them again and need for be removed out of their list.

Post by J,

438-793-8980 Responded on single ring prompt not alive line.

Post by Val,

4387938980 And I did call back and got a active Transmission

Post by Rosalind,

438-793-8980 Numerous calls from this Amount. . . . . never reply. .

Post by Buddy,

4387938980 Merely called both my cell Telephones within a minute of each other 1 ring and hen Put up. Will there be any manner we could locate Outside who s Amount this is thus we could kill them with fire. . .

Post by Fred,

438-793-8980 Your same number called my Dwelling an cell in a few seconds. 1 ring and hung up.

Post by Joe,

4387938980 Answered but the Owner hanged up

Post by Pop,

438-793-8980 Same exp as you personally Men no just one talked just list end

Post by Mika,

4387938980 Did not Select the phone caller did not leave any massage. Attempted for trace Amount dozen t exist.

Post by FRank,

438-793-8980 This really is Just an toddler that records if you personally picked Upward the Telephone or not and Offers your info for others so they know when is an excellent time to call you

Post by jass,

4387938980 Merely gotten call out of this W Actual same time on my wife's Amount as well

Post by Charles,

438-793-8980 Rang once and hung Upward did t 've time for reply it even along with my phone in front of me. What s the point. Caller ID was a bit messed Upwards this usually indicates a buckler or VIP telemarketer.

Post by Gary,

4387938980 Received a telephone Now April W W out of this Amount W W W unknown name. I did not reply however I tried calling back many times and it is always active Maybe it's a telemarketer scam out of QC.

Post by Jon,

438-793-8980 just the same happened to me how did they get both numbers. .

Post by Benny,

4387938980 I just got a call from the number as well

Post by Guest,

438-793-8980 Merely rang and when picked Upwards that call all I got was Call tone

Post by Guest,

4387938980 Rang on my cell once then disconnected before I could answer

Post by Lorne M,

438-793-8980 I Simply got a telephone from the Amount on my cell. . . wan t even a not empty ring but showed Upwards on my Missed Calls list. Based on everyone s Remarks I would state this is that telephone identical to network port scanning. An automated system that dials a Number of numbers for see which ones ring and which numbers don t Link. Out of that it Provides a list of viable numbers that telemarketers could later telephone.

Post by Guest,

4387938980 Simply rang and when Decided Upwards your telephone all I got was Switch tone

Post by Ashley,

438-793-8980 Got a call on my cell Telephone rang 2 times Afterward called my house Telephone immediately after rang twice.

Post by Guest,

4387938980 Called at W W and Put up after two rings.

Post by Regina,

438-793-8980 Same matter here

Post by Gilles,

4387938980 Simply got a telephone at my office and cell Telephone Around W minutes apart.

Post by Bob,

438-793-8980 Same routine no express on the other Finish. They called both my House and cell Amounts. Would love to meet them within person. .

Post by Guest,

4387938980 did t leave message

Post by Guest,

438-793-8980 Missed the telephone never left a message.

Post by Guest,

4387938980 Called at W W p. m. No name displayed and hung Upward after two rings.

Post by Mike Tansey,

438-793-8980 Cell Telephone rang a half ring. Did not response it. . . .

Post by Dd,

4387938980 Same

Post by alisonhalifax,

438-793-8980 I Only had just the same expertise.

Post by anon,

4387938980 W is a Montreal Region code Merely FYI

Post by anon,

438-793-8980 W is a Montreal area code Simply FYI

Post by Maya,

4387938980 Got a phone from the Amount today. It Discontinued ringing after 2 Bands. I am on the national don't telephone list thus maybe that's exactly why is shut away after 2 Bands.

Post by Janet,

438-793-8980 Same matter house phone rang and instantly my cell phone range 2 Bands Subsequently nothing. may add for block caller list.

Post by annoyed,

4387938980 Got a telephone from this Amount on my cell phone that is on the national do not telephone list on October W W at W W 'm. No message left I did not response .

Post by ZH,

438-793-8980 Merely got a telephone out of this number W Min's Past. . first time the Amount appeared on my cell phone. Only 1 ring and hang Upward.

Post by James,

4387938980 WE would Discontinue calling immediately IF WE knew WHO not to telephone.

Post by Gator,

438-793-8980 Funny got a call out of the Amount on my property line Subsequently less than a minute After on my cell. Hmm just 3 Individuals 've my cell number for emergencies amp I never supply it out.

Post by Miriam,

4387938980 Same. . rang but nothing

Post by Jayme,

438-793-8980 At 2 PM Feb W I got this phone on my cellular telephone but Telephone Amount came up at W W W

Post by Patrick,

4387938980 Same here.

Post by MillyL,

438-793-8980 I Merely got a phone out of this number rang once and that was it. Did not even 've time for Select Upwards your Telephone. I 'm NOT on the do not telephone list. I do not know the number I may block the number out of calling again. I was not Dwelling for see it had called there first. Can check when I get House.

Post by MARCY,

4387938980 I called it back and I got some form of JAMAICAN RADIO statement. . . . I get the Ignorant call alto. it s aggravating.

Post by Guest,

438-793-8980 said nothing but called my cell and house phone at that same time

Post by Loulou,

4387938980 Acquired a telephone a few minutes ago from W W W. Merely just one ring and it ended

Post by Guest,

438-793-8980 W W W called both my land line and cell. I did not answer.

Post by Sb,

4387938980 1 Time Past but did t response.

Post by Guest,

438-793-8980 Stop calling me. .

Post by Guest,

4387938980 the caller calls around W. W p. m. most of the time and hang Upwards no name displayed.

Post by James,

438-793-8980 WE would Quit calling immediately IF WE knew WHO not to telephone.

Post by Guest,

4387938980 Calls and when I response there surely is no 1 there. Stop CALLING People. . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

438-793-8980 Replied phone then they Put Upward.

Post by Guest,

4387938980 Keep calling along with spam

Post by Val,

438-793-8980 And I did call back and got a active signal

Post by mcm,

4387938980 Ignorant . . how do you know they are female.

Post by ABC,

438-793-8980 Called

Post by ken,

4387938980 Rang once then Installed Upwards. Another number added to my blacklist I won t become fuss along with the Amount again.

Post by Steve,

438-793-8980 Got a call this Night. Did not Notice it ring but it was displayed. Called back and message said telephone cannot become completed as dialed

Post by Guest,

4387938980 I m assuming a telemarketer Only called and Installed Upwards more than once

Post by E E E,

438-793-8980 Called rang once Installed Upward. I live within BC don t owe cash or understand anyone out east.

Post by Guest,

4387938980 Simply rang three times and they Installed up before I could answer

Post by NC,

438-793-8980 April Th called both my cell and Ottawa House phone number. Answered but no just one on that line

Post by KR,

4387938980 I get a phone out of W W W about once a month. Each time your Telephone Bands 1 or 2 times and Afterward the phone is ended I telephone back and get active Transmission. Want they d Discontinue bugging me.

Post by Linda,

438-793-8980 This Merely happened for me as nicely.

Post by jennifer,

4387938980 same matter to me this evening

Post by MARCY,

438-793-8980 I called it back and I got many kind of JAMAICAN RADIO statement. . . . I get the Ignorant call alto. it s aggravating.

Post by Linda,

4387938980 This Simply happened to me as nicely.

Post by Terry Abadiano,

438-793-8980 My telephone is registered in your Don't Telephone Registry . I don t desire for be contacted by the Owner.

Post by ontario canada,

4387938980 got a telephone too did t response

Post by sclemm,

438-793-8980 The number W W W called me when I was out but left no message. When I called it back that line was active. My number was unlisted for fifteen years and never been on don't call list because I felt that it could be compromised or Offered by the erroneous Man. The just people that telephone me are family banks govt. and phone Business. I agree with other messages its a Rob Switch er.

Post by Guest,

4387938980 They called At's W 'm my time SK rang twice. Replied and heard occupied tone.

Post by cw,

438-793-8980 I Simply got a call from this number as nicely. I phone it back and get active Sign. Poor.

Post by Dean,

4387938980 Owner hangs Upwards after two Bands.

Post by Shonna,

438-793-8980 Within BC. Lower Mainland. Called cell rang once. W seconds later called House Amount rang once. NOT Trendy.

Post by Lynn,

4387938980 Simply two rings then Installed Upwards. Really annoying. . . .

Post by Chris,

438-793-8980 Simply a half ring once. . . had my cellular telephone within my hand and still did t have time to response it. Attempted the number back but the line was active. Does anyone understand who the number belongs for. Cheers.

Post by Guy,

4387938980 Just rang twice I attempted to pick it Upwards. . . but I was too late. I was so Moved I mean no one ever calls me. I idea finally someone who was going for become my Pal. As normal I suck it and missed the telephone. Gee. Regrettably Man.

Post by Buddy,

438-793-8980 Only called both my cell phones within a Second of each other 1 ring and hen Installed up. Is there any way we can look for Outside who s Amount this can be so we can kill them along with fire. . .

Post by Guest,

4387938980 Called Acreage Line and Cell. No just one on that line.

Post by alisonhalifax,

438-793-8980 I Merely had just that same expertise.

Post by Brandon,

4387938980 This number was a missed telephone on my phone today when I got away work. Heard was a scam Amount any word on who Lola

Post by Guest,

438-793-8980 SIMS spam.

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Recent comment

2677558024 Complains by IMJ,

SHE GOT Your Number Away Your WALL

8082216159 Complains by Guest,

Got that same message quot You've been Chosen for a FREE W Best Purchase Gift card. Enter Code quot FREE quot at Www. best Purchase. com. biz. biz for get yours now. Just W left. TEXT out to Cease. quot

8185395763 Complains by Also Mary,

Exactly why on world would a legitimate loan company need to post on this web Website. This is a place for people to locate Outside Around phone calls. Definitely you've a preemptive Hit agenda. Hopefully no just one can be fooled by your own junk.

5412571308 Complains by Guest,

Goggle Looking for Upgrade my listing.

8003961233 Complains by RDJ,

My husband answered the call so I m not confident what they said but Inquired for his Start date. I called them back on my cell amp they answered Craft Ingredients. I Inquired why they were calling amp he said it could be several reasons. When I pressed him Around what type of reasons he said he needed the Telephone Amount they called on. When I Offered it he said that Amount is not within his database. I told him that was crap since they had Merely called. I also told him for NEVER phone that Amount again. He said he d Set my Remarks within that database kinda threatening.

9077176668 Complains by Guest,

I got a text sing Justin. That is my name and I don't have any idea who s Amount it's. . . I vie tried testing back no answer

3602157413 Complains by Guest,

calls and hang Upwards on reply someone needs for find these bastards and cut their arms away thus they can t phone National do not telephone registry is a joke you can report these type calls until you personally drop dead and nothing is ever done

8595474475 Complains by Guest,

Rang three times Afterward Installed up.

7037860298 Complains by Guest,

Got an early call at 920 asking for my husband . I said he was not there and if this was for sale or charity to not call back. I then proceeded to look up the number which I was on your span list

8003663003 Complains by kimberly,

We got so weary of dealing along with mortgage I vie threatened for post your recordings of our calls with them on YouTube did you understand which you are allowed to record the telephone overly. that we Offered our house back to them. Life is too short for Set of with such absurdity.

4694581219 Complains by Guest,


7029448112 Complains by Guest,

Absolute merchant services. . . telemarketer.

7734757703 Complains by Guest,


8559746107 Complains by Guest,

No answers

8667111164 Complains by Guest99,

MD delivery service.

8667140508 Complains by Guest,

Got a phone out of this Amount answered it and they Desired my name. Refused to provide them my name until they told me who it was. They said they could tell me that until I Offered them my name. I told them I don t hand Outside info for person I don t understand. Subsequently Needed my address. I told them your same thing. And told them goodbye. I think they said okay bye as I was hanging up Additionally Called the number back and they said. Thank Hey for calling your business office if you personally called for pay a Invoice to please remain on that line. Otherwise press something. I Merely hung Upward.

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