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Post by AC,

4388000453 I 'm Interested as for what network everyone who gets these calls is on. I used to use Rogers and would infrequently get these calls but I 've since Changed for Wind and it seems like each month I get a fresh phone out of someone trying for promote many variety of scam enjoy the. Anyone else on Wind Freedom or any of another discount Companies.

Post by ajmb2014,

438-800-0453 Merely rec d this telephone a few minutes ago. I did not response and they did not leave a voice send. Added for Avoid BC Rogers network.

Post by Bugged,

4388000453 Simply got the telephone. Generally don t response these unknown Amounts but I 've family away and worry they might become calling. Just Installed up 1 minute ago and they're calling again. Amusing the powers that become can t Quit these losers out of bugging your he from Individuals but it makes 1 question what happened to the Solitude Work}. . . Is this not an invasion of Seclusion. My phone service Provider would not let me Discuss for them about my service because your phone was Recorded Underneath my spouse. Really. Hubby had for phone them and add me to that account before I could deal along with them. However they could t Quit these creeps.

Post by Vancouver2,

438-800-0453 Appears like they're at it again . Another call acquired on my cell phone no message. Overly terrible they are out of Montreal within your country of Quebec.

Post by Mike,

4388000453 Scam message for an all expense paid cruise Put up instead of pressing one

Post by Ricardo,

438-800-0453 But here s the matter they use spoofs on your Web so that USP dozen t know who it's

Post by Not interested,

4388000453 I would highly advocate registering your own phone Amount along with the CR TC s National Do not Phone List. HTTP Web. linnet encl. cg. ca inseam rhenium Eng I registered a few weeks Past and already 've a noticeable reduction along with these Kinds of calls.

Post by rogers toronto,

438-800-0453 got a call did t Choose Upward left voice send. . something Around a cruise and a survey and pressing 1 now. . also asked if you need to become removed in the list press 9 wt would 9 do. .

Post by NL,

4388000453 Called never answered no express send left.

Post by Pissed off,

438-800-0453 Scam scam scam this can be all I get out of my phone Amount Internet and email. I 'm disconnecting everything and can learn Morse code for any further communications. Also reported these holes for that RCMP which appear to be overwhelmed along with the crap. So become it but report anyway at email W protected Perhaps they may be Competent to bust these holes 1 daytime. Within your meantime you are able to reach me at destitute doodad destitute. Great luck.

Post by Gene,

4388000453 Incoming telephone at 9 Am did t bother answering. East Vancouver. Wind network.

Post by call,

438-800-0453 got a phone from W W W telephone and Installed Upward along with in S's

Post by Vancouver BC,

4388000453 They just demand your name credit card expiry date security Amount back of your own card and they may take care of your cruise.

Post by no scam me,

438-800-0453 scampers Included. However your RCMP is overly active fighting legal crime Offshore to fuss protecting local Canadians.

Post by Joe Pesci,

4388000453 I Simply got a phone out of this scam . . . entered in phone now as scummier. .

Post by Stephen Harper,

438-800-0453 Bahamas cruise. Who needs that Or walk virus. Why don t these Men just go to that underground websites and buy credit card Amounts Quite than trying to scam them out of us. Oh. . . . . they sell them for that underground Websites. Do not Telephone list within Activity. . . . and we paid for it.

Post by Shirley,

4388000453 Jew NE Connors personae Ave Ce numb RI ET impossible P} Le tracer

Post by The missus,

438-800-0453 Keep getting calls out of the Amount. Asking for Gifts. 5 W They phone while I m making supper which means I have to get my control out of the dough or put down your Equipment or spoon of Fixings and grab the Telephone because it May}n' be my family calling. I vie already discussed I could t donate I haven t had a Occupation within over two months but they phone anyway. I m so upset.

Post by Guest,

4388000453 Think what I won another cruise.

Post by Steph,

438-800-0453 Same here within Quebec City Almost every daytime They have used other phone Amount formerly W W W W W W W W Filled numerous Criticism for Crustily receiving those telephone from those scumbags

Post by Ruth,

4388000453 They call me every week on my House Telephone and cellular

Post by Jenny Ferguson,

438-800-0453 Please provide your Business name so I could call and Set a Grievance for harassing me

Post by Burning flames (French and English),

4388000453 vows to us See below Google translation by that same correspondent Banjo Ob Aircraft 1 W W Jew NE pix plus til back Ce 1 W W W quid pour vows vend re SA Camelot vows pour suit bisque Danes voter t l phone. Express plus BSA d Atreus numb Rios De t l phone quid correspondent dies apples robot is s nothingness f mi nine race Asiatic vows proposing oi vows avast en languor Angles Que vows parries vows m rioter UN magnifier Cross re. O . Jew l Blow off com pl torment component Celia me met en Rockne. Applier Sir Le 9 pour sortie De lemur Lister d Apple. Jew n AI pas Pu fa ire Le test. Les apples snot unregistered s Friend Mon r Consider patois Dix foils Level hour aloes Que Jew m absentee. ET Si on SE blessed en accordant pour r pond re. Ce la est arr iv ma conjoint quid SE h ta it veers Le t l phone casement Ellie est tomb e P} dos droid Danes la Colon vet brawl Sir Le Money d UN table P} salon. . . Sans Disadvantages quince Moliere's. J AI Depp's Dix joys System 3 plaint es distinct es La luge Region ale dies numb Rios De t l Telephone excl people LINNET . organism Add Au CR TC. Friend SA page net l on Pet y inscribe nitre numb RI P} t l phone en taint Que excl us dies apples De t l marketing's quid NE respected pas Les States Du CR TC Sir Le t l Advertising HTTP Web. linnet encl. cg. ca index Frau J AI d j Get Du suck s Ave ex Danes d Atreus Ca's. Jew vows encourage sans responsibility De voter component formulae UN plaint Crete directest Friend lemur page net APR s Avior insecurity voter numb RI De t l phone lemur r gist re HTTP Www. linnet encl. cg. ca pelt camp Frau Jew n AI pas tent P} returner l Apple Celia me adroit dies frays d interurban De W cents la minute. J AI l impression Que on SE refile Les list es P} numb Rios De t l phone Odds d UN Institution De t l marketing l outre. Tumours Le m me message robot is . Marci. 1 W W W 1 W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W Google translation french English. . . For all of you personally Hello Topic 1 W W I Merely cannot tolerate this 1 W W W which sells you personally its Trash chasing you into your phone. See below for other phone Amounts that correspond for automated calls Asian race female express proposing you or advising you that you could Make a wonderful cruise . Where. I do not understand and I am not interested. Press 9 to exit out of their telephone list. I could not take that Evaluation. Calls are Registered on my replying machine occasionally twice a daytime while I m away. And if you get hurt dashing for respond. This happened to my wife who hurried for your phone and felt right back into that spine on the Place of a coffee table . . . Without unfortunate Outcome. I made two times ago 3 Individual Gripes to the National Category of Telephone numbers ENCL connected for that CR TC. On its net page we can Set your phone Amount as excluded from telemarketing calls that don't satisfy your States of ENCL HTTP Web. linnet encl. cg. ca index Eng vie had success with them in the past. I encourage you personally without responsibility on your own component for create a written Gripe HTTP Www. linnet encl. cg. ca pelt Camping Participated entering your own Telephone Amount to their registry. I haven't tried to return your call long distance phone W cents Second I feel they Change the list of Telephone numbers from just one office for another. Constantly your same automated message. Thank you personally . 1 W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W

Post by Guest,

438-800-0453 Regular calls to tell me I vie won a cruise. Don t know the best way to Quit that calls. Caller I. D. 1 W W W These are unwanted calls. . . Could t someone report these Individuals and create them Quit. Should we all call your Quebec police.

Post by Lee,

4388000453 Don't Response This Telephone. . SCAM

Post by Jay Doran,

438-800-0453 Some automated phone bot trying for sell me a cruise.

Post by David,

4388000453 Take me off you personally Phone telephone list.

Post by Lynda,

438-800-0453 Got a telephone out of the number i did t response no voice message left. .

Post by Guest,


Post by Maria,

438-800-0453 It is for much. . . . I dint desire more calls

Post by Grrrr in Winnipeg,

4388000453 Thus weary of the SCAM Surveys . . . But thank goodness for Sites like the and Phone Blocking.

Post by sherry,

438-800-0453 In Winnipeg Only got this telephone to my cell but it rang like half a ring then hung Upward. I would t of replied anyways. . . another call for go to my cell block list.

Post by +1(1)(438) 800-0453,

4388000453 Did not reply but I see by other places it's Though another scam phone never ending. . . . . . . . . . . . . . W

Post by Guest,

438-800-0453 They keep calling that I 've won a trip

Post by Zar,

4388000453 I 'm in Montreal and i have got a message from W W W W and i was Attempting for answer but no reply from that number. i sent a message back and no reply and your message i 've got back . . . was a land Telephone. . . . . Bela Bela Bela

Post by May,

438-800-0453 consistently call my cell but don t leave a message I don t response to numbers I don t Understand. Do we get rid of these unwanted calls

Post by Ken,

4388000453 Firm keeps calling me

Post by hq019s,

438-800-0453 gt gt gt W W Got a telephone from this Amount minutes Past. Scam. Only rejected.

Post by Guest,

4388000453 spam

Post by Chinita,

438-800-0453 I 've a lots of calls from the number but I never response to a Amount I cannot identify and understand.

Post by Ricardo,

4388000453 But here s your thing they use spoofs on the internet thus that USP dozen t know who it is

Post by anon,

438-800-0453 Got two calls out of this Amount this morning at Am CST. Telephone rang once they Installed up and then rang again and they Installed Upwards. I never replied.

Post by OZ,

4388000453 Annoying Replicate calls

Post by May,

438-800-0453 constantly call my cell but don t leave a message I don t response for numbers I don t Understand. How do we get rid of these unwanted calls

Post by Malakas,

4388000453 Acquired a call on my IPhone no voice message. Area code W out of Quebec. Don t know anyone there. Out of previous memos above this is a Scam phone. Na pane Na gamine .

Post by Guest,

438-800-0453 Spam prize thingy. . .

Post by WileyD,

4388000453 I have your telephone Business beep message for Amount not in service at the beginning of my voice message thus that it gets Lost out of toddler s Sources. No message left from this Owner did not reply.

Post by Julie,

438-800-0453 We 're at two calls a day 1 around W 'm one during dinner. All from 1 W W W. Very annoying. All free Visits to your Bahamas. USN t there something that can become done. I m on your don't call list but apparently they Getaway t seen that list.

Post by D,

4388000453 Receive a telephone but I did t response and they did t leave me a message.



Post by gasavage,

4388000453 The telephone within earlier morning and again no message. Would love to would your same for the Large boss of this Dumb marketing

Post by aa,

438-800-0453 got a phone no answer

Post by Josh,

4388000453 These scum are selling timeshares on board a fake cruise around Florida seaport which You'll have paid Interface fees etc. for the Opportunity of being scammed aboard not for mention the cost of flying to Florida. So if You're on the DECRY you might have been violated illegally phony poll or not. Canadians could file complaints Around these calls on that CR TC s Do No Call Registry and email for RCMP s Telephone Busters at email W protected Nevertheless the phone Amount is likely spoofed out of Florida by VIP and so they will would nothing by a Pure number so you also demand to know Your owner of the scam line are The Berkeley Group. They Regularly pose as The In dependant Survey Group AKA Political Opinions of America a thinly veiled polling Website that needs your credit card for a free cruise Additionally a partner within scam is Caribbean Cruise Lines NOT to become confused along with Royal. C. C. L

Post by Lucie,

438-800-0453 Congratulations. You've wan. . . can someone remove that out of my Telephone Amount please. . . .

Post by James,

4388000453 Called. I did t answer. They left you personally vie won a cruise blah blah blah on my voice mail

Post by Sudbury,

438-800-0453 Just acquired another phone out of these idiots on my cell phone. . . did t reply no express mail.

Post by josé,

4388000453 en Angela's Tojo c raiment fumigant

Post by Pen,

438-800-0453 add these numbers to that list W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W

Post by Denis Fiset,

4388000453 I 've enough of you phone telling me i have won a crosier Merely get of my and dint telephone me AFN

Post by mine,

438-800-0453 if you personally call back it gives you personally that reason for calling survey Profits they allow you personally to be away their phone list by pressing 9 you personally must telephone back tho. . and the offer must 've expired

Post by Carrie,

4388000453 Just got a telephone out of this Amount didn't response and they didn't leave a MSG.

Post by Dave,

438-800-0453 Got a call from 1 W W W no express send must 've been another Amount from the cruise line Folks. AC.

Post by Guest,

4388000453 You are able to call your own phone Supplier and let them know Around these calls and request for you for be Chosen off the list which could take up to a month I think you should be Capable to call that non crisis line and let them understand which you are getting these automated calls and that they are attempting for scam you.

Post by Sylvie Saint Arneault,

438-800-0453 Apples multiples P} Ce numb RI. Pas De message. Frenchmen SP plaint P} ARC lament . . .

Post by Guest,

4388000453 Viewed enjoy a spam to me

Post by Artem D,

438-800-0453 Cruise spam. they telephone every week.

Post by Guest,

4388000453 Free cruise

Post by Lucas,

438-800-0453 Me and your remainder of my family and even some Pals get calls from this Amount. Very annoying and disturbing.

Post by Jack,

4388000453 Did not reply this call

Post by N/A,

438-800-0453 Rang once. No express send.

Post by judy mcgrath,

4388000453 Message left that I have won a cruise for that Bahamas. Quit calling the number

Post by lili,

438-800-0453 y en n a UN merchant gang com me moi debars. W telephone en 3 joys. on defrays SE cooties engage UN mercenary ET lemur fa ire Gasser Les Numbers pour Pu quid Apple. . .

Post by Martin,

4388000453 Who never heard Around this type of scam. How can they even catch one single Individual a daytime. I can t believe anybody can become retarded enough for get Found and believe they really won a trip.

Post by Bet,

438-800-0453 Called at Am who within your hell calls at 'm . . . . . . . . . .

Post by mike,

4388000453 I hate telemarketers calling my cell account. They waste my time and money. I obtained telephone the afternoon within Calgary Alberta. I am becoming a feeling that Applications on my android Telephone are delivering my number to these evil Things. I am with Virgin Bell

Post by Pen,

438-800-0453 add these Amounts for the list W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W

Post by Pen,

4388000453 add these numbers to that list W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W

Post by Guest,

438-800-0453 these computer voice calls tell me I 've won a trip they phone daily and it's MOST ANNOYING.

Post by Sandy D.,

4388000453 Actually. Stop calling me. . . . I added a brand new Avoid message on my Samsung that I don t reply messages out of unknown numbers that next message won t become as Fine.

Post by Guest,

438-800-0453 free cruise Lola

Post by BC,

4388000453 Called my cell Now I did t response and no message left. . .

Post by Not interested,

438-800-0453 Scampers suck.

Post by morl,

4388000453 Hello Girls amp Lads nicely your liking here because you personally got a telephone out of these scum Case low life s they called me Simply now at an OTTAWA Ontario Amount. I did t response that call as others 've said because I did t Comprehend the Amount.

Post by François,

438-800-0453 Got a call out of that number. No message left.

Post by Xavier,

4388000453 It s a SCAM they re Striving for Get your own credit card data.

Post by JH,

438-800-0453 Did t reply no voice send.

Post by Guest,

4388000453 looks enjoy a hook

Post by Annoyed,

438-800-0453 Called twice. No message left.

Post by tiny phone call make hulk angry,

4388000453 Yes the W W W. Missed a call heard second Afterward not alive atmosphere and vague electronics. . . enjoy a sound of an auto Face. . . Tabernacle. . . zit Alonzo

Post by Terry,

438-800-0453 I Set all of our cell and land line Amounts on the don't phone list and I 'm still flooded with calls everyday from your scam artists.

Post by lh,

4388000453 They left a express mail Nassau Bahama Cruise. Answer your survey and get a cruise. Press this press that of cause I was Capable for thus they repeated it and Installed up. There is a way for Monitor these Folks.

Post by vancouver,

438-800-0453 Simply got your same. . . they left message on my Telephone and it was a survey for a cruise.

Post by Marie-christine,

4388000453 2 Oranges Danes la meme minute. pas repined pas P} message. Uncanny. Encore P} l unique

Post by Vancouver,

438-800-0453 Angry at this company who phone cell Amounts for Message their scam. Furious that it is still legal for scams to phone any Amount. I wish I could phone back for fuss them.

Post by Pen,

4388000453 add these numbers for that list W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W

Post by D,

438-800-0453 Telephone a few minutes ago. I don t response unknown telephone and block them all. Tired of these calls.

Post by Guest,

4388000453 stupid survey

Post by m,

438-800-0453 It s a Sample of calls that I acquired. Each few months it start with a number of survey calls out of different companies sometime I got 4 for 5 Distinct survey Firm in a single day I bought lotto each week for more than W years and never Triumph anything not even a free Solution. I doubt about my luck with all these survey companies. After a week or two from all theses survey calls then the next wave will be atmosphere duct Solution House dismay system cruise Holiday windows amp doors or lower credit card attention. Final stage can be a Set Bureau s Telephone call. . . . asking someone that I don t even understand or met. I live all by myself along with no debt no late payment. I just don t know why I become a popular Individual or Telephone number for these agency to phone me and harass me. Don t know why my Amount link with all these those who run away from their debt. If that agent use their Head for believe. . . for someone run away form their debt can they tell anyone Particularly to a total stranger where they are going for hide. . I think all these air duct House dismay cruise Holiday windows amp Opportunities or cc reduction are that foot Gift working for a Group agency. First who would spoof a Amount Merely for telephone a small Amount of Individuals not even more than a smattering of Criticisms a day. Second callers always quite rude. Third your time Sector. Last when you file Gripe for CR TC not much help. don t tell me CR TC cannot track these people down. ever heard of Automatic Amount Id . I believe that s a offer away. nicely I already got a few survey companies called me. . . I request who is Financing for those survey. . . no one could reply me. Now this. . . . thus I believe that agency will call shortly. . . by then I can Upgrade everyone here who is behind all this calls and who they're looking for.

Post by Soulitary,

4388000453 I got a call out of the number I did not reply as I 've a feeling that they're telemarketers. I went here to see and I was right. I blocked that number immediately.

Post by Richard,

438-800-0453 Keep getting the telephone for free Cruise SCAM Bahamas Cruise 1 W W W

Post by Michel,

4388000453 Dint phone again 've ID caller and we won't answer

Post by Kevin,

438-800-0453 Just got this Quebec number on my cell. . . I did t response of course and your express mail was a Registered message you personally vie won a cruise. all you need for do is answer a brief survey. . . F you personally scummier telemarketers

Post by Michael Too,

4388000453 Just another Michael who got a telephone from the same number also within Calgary also W minutes Past. Weird.

Post by Krow,

438-800-0453 Got a call I did t reply no voice mail left.

Post by Marcel,

4388000453 Within your last week they have Bill calling Practically every daytime. I Put Upwards or dint response. Can there be a way to Cease that scam .

Post by Gibbrn,

438-800-0453 Just got a telephone on my cell phone. Did t reply. Message left. . . All expense paid . If I participate in a brief survey. I deleted that remainder of that message at that point. Idiots. .

Post by Isabelle Barbeau,

4388000453 None

Post by am,

438-800-0453 missed it they left no message but when I see W W I would t reply anyway

Post by Michael Too,

4388000453 Merely another Michael who got a telephone from your same number Additionally in Calgary also W minutes Past. Peculiar.

Post by Call,

438-800-0453 Got a phone out of 1 W W W and did t response. No voice mail.

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7873492306 Complains by Guest,

When I called it back this was within Spanish out of Pert Rico and Inquired for press a button for various things too fast for me for body Outside. Many sort of sales phone.

5624201444 Complains by Guest,

W Hour Fitness Bell Rose Blvd. Long Seashore CA

8005213236 Complains by Guest,

Called but did not leave message.

7787074177 Complains by Guest,

Statement Mar riot Resorts. . .

4105019852 Complains by Guest,

Violent and vulgar. Don t see.

7078369630 Complains by Guest,

Stop calling me

2098130138 Complains by Guest,

Same here said I was being sued by Government and the was final phone phone. Said for phone W W W immediately. Huh. Sounds enjoy a scam to me.

8003985538 Complains by pissed_in_toronto,

Direct Vigor telemarketing scumbags phone and hang up probably a bot trolling for Individuals . Do everyone a Party favor and boycott Firms who employ these weaselly Advertising tactics Rogers Direct Vigor etc.

8001702276 Complains by Guest,

Same message Around calling your Government. hard to understand will telephone FTC

8002153521 Complains by bearcat,

Your Amount in question W W W is CUSTOMER LINKS a telemarketing Organization that's used by many Businesses and solicitors. I vie filled a complaint since I am Enrolled with Do not Phone and I 'm still becoming calls from your above number. I would recommend you can that same.

8002219884 Complains by edmund garey,

the Business has used phone number W as white hills cash W isle cash they called me twice a daytime i am reporting them to that FTC FBI and Cops Department in there city of white hills Arizona Additionally Felix cellos number W and Amount W maintaining they are the state Solicitors office dint offer them any Information that is a scam company

8002142098 Complains by dave,

I called the Amount back and someone eventually answered. Admitted they were from the collection Bureau and said my number was removed from Information base. Don t consider them because they vie said the before. Published a Criticism for that National Commerce Commission.

8001873722 Complains by Guest,


8002030433 Complains by Former Insurance Agent,

Rob phone Striving to sell insurance.

8002254333 Complains by Bill,

Acquired telephone Now 3 W pm. Did not recognize that number and thus did not answer. No message left. More than likely another scummier. Number now blocked. Bye scummier.

8001235678 Complains by ms.jackson,

Informative post You could have been exposed for scam 3 as described here HTTP phone help. Truth. com factored. for return here for notes. com after you personally appearance at any of your info at that site.

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