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Post by From Ottawa,

4388000458 I have Tel us and Sunday morning call was irritating but did not answer as I did not recognize Amount.

Post by Nyny,

438-800-0458 Wow. Looks enjoy there s been a lot of calls and a lot of Folks on this Website reporting. . They called me at W as well.

Post by MT,

4388000458 you personally vie been Chosen to participate within a short survey. At the end of your survey you will become Granted your cruise. FAD

Post by Tammy,

438-800-0458 To file a Grievance Online Ministry of Buyer and Company Services Ontario Canada HTTP Web. Buyer beware. Mg's. gov. on. ca Compensation kind English Gripe. asp Please copy and paste above in other Newsgroups Please and thank you

Post by Guest,

4388000458 Has called repeatedly. It s my cell they're calling. Quite annoying

Post by Da,

438-800-0458 Simply got a telephone on Rogers network at 7 PM No message

Post by Sheila,

4388000458 My cell is Recorded along with the national don't call list but I still get these calls. Reporting them to the CR TC does little. Doing a Change hunt on that Amount won t present you your Firm because they are all unlisted numbers.

Post by absat41,

438-800-0458 Now calling at night.

Post by SB,

4388000458 Simply got a telephone out of this number. Did t Select Upwards.

Post by nightshift quebec,

438-800-0458 Just got a phone out of the Amount and it woke me Upwards. I work night shift and Normally I'm Sleep at the time. I am not happy Around this Cu's now wont become able to autumn asleep again. And apparently for what. . Heard no just one on another end. . . And for this particular my sleep was disturbed. This Merely amp me away. . . Either Speak or dint telephone at all.

Post by Mayday,

4388000458 Simply wonder what is your People in Canada. Is that just less than W people . If there are more than W people how come these People keep calling that same group of people. Even keep changing their phone Amount to telephone it Improve their capital Price because they 've for subscribe to a bulk of phone Amounts. Since all of us that they are harassing Ian t Purchase their story. For what. Do you know they going for gain. It s also unexpected for me that they 've Manage for a few months years now. . . no Sufferers whatsoever maybe their sale Frequency is really poor . How come no Sufferer contact Authorities. and how come no law enforcement are after them. Lately I got numerous phone calls along with Distinct themes air duct cleaning Bahama cruise Eco energy all manage by your same telecommunication Business same as the Owner . Are they all Linked. In my option all these phone calls don t look somewhat bit enjoy telemarketing for me. Only expect someone could provide me a reply.

Post by TheStig,

438-800-0458 Got called twice within the last hrs saying I vie won 2 free cruise tickets. I vie won thus many free cruise tickets Lately that I won t 've your time to use them anymore. Go right to my block list within my iPhone.

Post by Guest,

4388000458 Bahamas Vacation fraud

Post by Linda,

438-800-0458 Got a phone 8 W the morning. Husband ran to get it. . . . . missed it. No message.

Post by Guest,

4388000458 desire you for Whole a survey for win a free cruise

Post by Christiane,

438-800-0458 They called me on your W did not answer i blocked there on m y cell

Post by Igor,

4388000458 Merely got a call from W W W W on an East link cell within Halifax bloody rototillers. Did t reply but glad I looked it Upwards and located this site now won t reply them for sure blocked now.

Post by ad,

438-800-0458 These People are active this morning. Called my Bell cell within AB at 9 W 'm. I did t response. No message.

Post by Wilco,

4388000458 Have been becoming this telephone too. Merely Recall complaining Around it here does not help. You can file Gripes at CR TC as nicely.

Post by DGS,

438-800-0458 Rang 5 times did t answer because I did t Understand your Amount Arrived here to check on History and to post.

Post by Samara Daniels,

4388000458 Did not Response call as it's not in contact list Eventually referred for fraud Canada Afterward blocked They Can run out of s for use as ALL their calls have been forwarded to your Related agencies

Post by Tammy,

438-800-0458 To file a Grievance Online Ministry of Customer and Company Services Ontario Canada HTTP Web. Client beware. Mg's. gov. on. ca comp kind English Grievance. asp Please Reproduce and Substance above within other Newsgroups Please and thank you

Post by Rk,

4388000458 Got a call from this number the morning. Rang once then Put Upwards. Happy I did t rush for answer

Post by B,

438-800-0458 Only got a cal out of them Sunday afternoon 3 PM. Did t pick Upwards and Only added them for my blocked numbers.

Post by Susan,

4388000458 Got a call from this no didn't answer

Post by anonymous,

438-800-0458 Registered message. Telemarketing on a Sunday. Merely disrespectful. Rogers network

Post by Crystal,

4388000458 Called my cell about 5 Min's ago didn't Choose Upward Sask tel network.

Post by Me,

438-800-0458 Revived call out of 1 W W W. Flushed it Immediately by Malfunction I called back. Registered message We called you personally for a survey. That survey time is Ended now. For remove press Bela Bela Bela . Coy Coy .

Post by It's a Survey,

4388000458 Two calls this morning to my Tel people cell in the GT. No message. Montreal Place code. I returned phone they said I had been Picked for a survey but that time had Ended. This number is now on my Avoid list. . . . . L

Post by Susan,

438-800-0458 Yep. . . another cruise. Won 4 thus Way the week on my cell and my House Telephone. Guess I m Only Fortunate. . . Lola

Post by Jackie,

4388000458 Simply got So telephone on my Tel us cell. Did t answer within time. . .

Post by Michael Eustace,

438-800-0458 acquired on Residence property line Congratulations. . .

Post by ma,

4388000458 Had two missed calls W W 'm Now. . . did t reply.

Post by Courtney,

438-800-0458 Merely got that phone on my rogers cell. . .

Post by fred,

4388000458 They desire you for call them back. Then they know You're a working number and Maybe dumb enough for autumn for a Message.

Post by another BIG WINNER,

438-800-0458 gt gt gt Bacall congratulations you've been selected to Triumph a free. . . . . . . . . . . Vacation For That MOON Lt Lt Lt I know who called. It was Ralph Camden Travel Services. .

Post by wn,

4388000458 I got the telephone too but I did t answer

Post by bruce,

438-800-0458 Fine I won another Vacation. . .

Post by LC,

4388000458 Got the phone the morning. Tel us mobile did t answer

Post by Wheres Waldo?,

438-800-0458 Called Sunday at 9 W am close Toronto on my bell cell did t answer

Post by Pete,

4388000458 Keep becoming calls from this same Amount on my business office phone. I am becoming one of these calls it Appears each couple of days here and Likely 4 5 times per week.

Post by Pk,

438-800-0458 The number called this morning. I never response calls I don t recognize. Annoying.

Post by YVR,

4388000458 Got a phone Now from the number. Checked the Website and put it into telephone block. I want something could become done about these calls annoying Individuals right across your Nation.

Post by Zafir Zafir Kanaan,

438-800-0458 Must be a very Large Business. Merely wonder exactly why CR TC not doing anything. At least they can forward that case to Certification office. They must have a proper permit for operate both a survey company and a travel Bureau. If they don t 've proper license to operate both company then close it down. Additionally have immigration checking whether they vie hired illegal Employees to call us. If you might have time turn the table Approximately and have enjoyment. These people want your name CC number. Go to this link print out a few fake name and info. Next time they telephone 've fun. HTTP Www. . com Generation arbitrary us people. PP W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W

Post by Brandi,

4388000458 I m tired of Rob calls Specially when I press 1 and tell the Individual on that line for put me on their do not phone list and they continue to telephone multiple times after. I notion that was prohibited. . .

Post by Guest,

438-800-0458 congratulations. . .

Post by sorara,

4388000458 can I Quit these annoying calls

Post by CH,

438-800-0458 Called the morning was still in bed. Did t reply cause I did t recognize your . So irritating. Did t leave a message.

Post by annoyed,

4388000458 April W Got a telephone on my cell 9 W pm out of the number they left no message. Added Amount to telephone block file.

Post by anonymous,

438-800-0458 Called twice half Bands on both Installed Upward before I could reply not that I would have. Tel us network.

Post by Guest,

4388000458 I have won a free cruise.

Post by 1-438-800-0458,

438-800-0458 each daytime called . . .

Post by Guest,

4388000458 blocked

Post by Layla,

438-800-0458 Got a call the morning out of them at 9 W. . . Appears enjoy they re calling everyone at that same time

Post by Disturbed,

4388000458 Merely got a phone on my cell Telephone through Bell. It Appears you have to consistently check to see if you personally Understand a Amount anymore with these leeches always making spam calls. My cell Telephone is to become used just for family and Pal things emergencies. Each time I get among these calls I need for shout because they constantly look for come at absurd times.

Post by Y,

438-800-0458 Quebec City Region along with Bell and Fido. Both Telephones within a minute

Post by franco,

4388000458 no answer when I Decided Upwards.

Post by Captn Squid,

438-800-0458 W W 'm phone on Sunday. It was a telephone wanting to do a survey. I called back and they said they Desired to can a survey but now it had Ended. Laughs. I guess all have to make a residing at our expense somewhat.

Post by J,

4388000458 Called ID location said Quebec . . . Looks like a telemarketer did t pick up

Post by Anonymous,

438-800-0458 Appears like they re hitting the entire State Sask Tel network. Did t reply.

Post by betapug,

4388000458 Unknown caller 5 June W

Post by Geneviève Bergeron,

438-800-0458 Called W W W Approximately H.

Post by AG,

4388000458 Amazing Information I gives it a strive. Cheers.

Post by Big Piglet,

438-800-0458 Who s got time for sit there and enter s into a Reject Call List or an Exception List on your Telephone when for each phone you personally try to block Five more Distinct s Place Upward on your Telephone. I went through the agony of 5 OR calls Regular for your longest time then I Simply let that Telephone ring and never response. Eventually your B. S. has subsided. . . really few calls now. These trolls are Only searching for suckers to pass on their Telephone number to other scampers. I would thank everyone who posts their messages on this board we could all see exactly why it's that these fools keep calling. . . Cheers

Post by [***] from Quebec,

4388000458 A brain would tell you personally that most of these are drop forward calls. Most are scams and that biggest new scams Arrived in the Toronto Region and not Quebec. I overly get these annoying calls promising anything from Florida Holidays cruises and Lately snowmobiling vacations. I 'm on your Tel us network unlike many of you personally but 've been receiving these types of calls for years. None when I was along with Bell. But this was 7 years ago.

Post by Guest,

438-800-0458 Called numerous times to family s Telephones. It s annoying

Post by Chris,

4388000458 Only got it on my Bell cell. Did t response as did t recognize Amount.

Post by BSemple,

438-800-0458 Simply got a phone out of this number rang once and THEY hung Upwards. When oho when can we Truly get some ability for Discontinue the crap. . . . Obviously the pathetic Guidelines that exist appropriate now are of absolutely no use.

Post by Dan,

4388000458 Odd. The number text Edward me Could t Speak correct now. . . I ll phone you personally After.

Post by Linda,

438-800-0458 Acquired a telephone out of the Amount did not answer

Post by Devin,

4388000458 Why can people post Opinions saying they don t understand who it is they did t response your telephone etc. How is that in your least bit helpful for Anyone. That point of these Remarks is for tell Individuals what you Would understand about who your phone is out of what they needs etc. . . It s supremely frustrating having to wade through W Remarks for find 3 that are in any way helpful. . If you don t know who it's if you personally don t understand what they need if you did t reply your telephone Then DON T Comment ON IT. . .

Post by Jeff,

438-800-0458 Scampers. All Canadian providers allow this scam. None may filter it.

Post by JFed,

4388000458 Wow this number is calling everyone this morning eh. . Did t answer either but I got your phone on a Bell cell Telephone.

Post by ontaxca,

438-800-0458 Received a call from W W W at 6 W pm on June 3 W Arrived in as Unknown.

Post by annoyed,

4388000458 just called me on a Sunday morning at 9 Nut within am. . . they should t become allowed for can that

Post by Jeff,

438-800-0458 Scampers.

Post by x,

4388000458 Only called me picked Upwards and no just one was there. .

Post by CW,

438-800-0458 sorry Amount is 1 W W W not W

Post by fed up in calgary,

4388000458 Only got a telephone out of the number that I did t reply on my Tel people Cell.

Post by Jeff,

438-800-0458 Scampers.

Post by Guest,

4388000458 calling my House number. . . don't leave MSG

Post by Guest,

438-800-0458 Telemarketing Garbage

Post by ML,

4388000458 2 calls appropriate in a Line to your tel people cell . Did t answer either

Post by cub4bear79,

438-800-0458 Within Montreal got a telephone out of them Sunday Approximately 5 W you won a free trip you Simply demand to fill out the survey . I got a smart phone back within February W and I 've been becoming these calls ever since. I am confident we all 've a few Program on our Telephones these guys are using for get the Amounts.

Post by 8pages&counting,

4388000458 Eight full pages of Grievances Relationship back a few years and still nothing has been done. Toothless legislation with overly many loopholes and no police Power or talcum provider with the tools or Anchor to go after these Kinds. Sad.

Post by DJ,

438-800-0458 got this morning did t reply it

Post by another BIG WINNER,

4388000458 gt gt gt Bacall congratulations you've been Chosen to Triumph a free. . . . . . . . . . . Vacation For That MOON Lt Lt Lt I know who called. It was Ralph Camden Travel Services. .

Post by JGLAZE,

438-800-0458 Don't answer. . . . Screw them.

Post by sc,

4388000458 I text Edward family in Quebec and in minutes got a call out of this number. Really not just 1 call but 3 calls within minutes of each other.

Post by Marc,

438-800-0458 The place calls my Rogers cellphone out of multiple numbers on a Day-to-day basis Generally when I m Operating House out of work. I don t even hassle answering.

Post by mike,

4388000458 Got a call about an hour and a half ago.

Post by Yukon,

438-800-0458 Called twice at 2 PM Sunday. Just half Bands. Tel people network did t annoyance along with it I don t urge calling it back like somewhere I power saw for this number to hit 9 to remove you personally from their list. As far as I m concerned that will just affirm your own Amount for future bombardment. I added it for my reject list and 'm done with it.

Post by letrucker,

4388000458 No people speaking this Amount is call me every week same no Folks speaking

Post by vm,

438-800-0458 2 calls in 2 minutes out of W W W

Post by Ali,

4388000458 Unknown caller but left no message.

Post by dark,

438-800-0458 calls and no 1 there

Post by anonymous,

4388000458 Land line from Montreal Telephone Service is Iris tel. Zip code HE R

Post by jie,

438-800-0458 Ha. Ignore. You personally wasted time searching it Upward enjoy the remainder of people. Not Actually ignoring. . .

Post by Alain,

4388000458 Called me at 9 W in Calgary. Didn't reply or hear it do not telephone list confident works nicely.

Post by Allie,

438-800-0458 I Simply gotten your telephone out of this number on my Bell cell Telephone I ignored it. What I would when I get a phone out of any unknown number is first Assess the Site. If it s scampers Studies telemarketers etc. here s what I would. I 've a Samsung Galaxy S'S newer models likely work the same . I have a Contact set up named Reject this telephone . I Subsequently go into my phone Logs and choose that number. I chose Update Contact and add it to that Unique Contact. Afterward I View the Contact and from your left touch Menu I select Add for reject list. Little blue prohibition symbol now shows beside the fresh number. Your Telephone itself may reject any telephone out of any number I vie added for that Contact. Not sure how many numbers I could add to some Contact but I believe it s unlimited. Wish the Panasonic system on my land line was the same.

Post by Ticked off,

4388000458 acquired what everyone else does don t response if I don t recognize number or area code. Still annoying

Post by E13,

438-800-0458 Same here thus annoying. They called my Rogers cell a few Min's Past did not answer.

Post by ron,

4388000458 the Amount called a few time Now. decided to appearance on line and see what company it was Related overly. blocking it on my Telephone now. Cheers.

Post by Ra,

438-800-0458 Toronto Region got a phone Now no voice mail.

Post by Robert,

4388000458 annoyed Man within Toronto If you re using an Android Telephone Simply get a small Program called Telephone Control . . . I vie set mine for only accept calls from my local Region code all the remainder is blocked by your app it hangs Upward on them mechanically after 1 ring . It helps to cut down drastically on these Sorts of calls these crooks are probably located within other countries and are spoofing the Caller ID system.

Post by Jeff,

438-800-0458 Tell your Service you will become signing up with the People Telephone companies unless they filter these calls.

Post by AG,

4388000458 Did not reply that call presumed it was a Waste telephone and was appropriate.

Post by JF,

438-800-0458 These phone started when one of my Kids lost is password and Inquired to get by Telephone automated service

Post by Jeff,

4388000458 Tell your Company You'll be signing Upward along with your People phone Firms unless they filter these calls.

Post by Guy,

438-800-0458 You win a cruise. . . .

Post by Christiane,

4388000458 They called me on the W did not response i blocked there on m y cell

Post by Hana,

438-800-0458 Merely received the phone a minute ago. . . . obviously i did not indication for any Vacation or anything like that. . . . Simply got my Amount for a couple of months and I dint understand whether the person before me Given it or not. . . anyway Only ignore it

Post by Anonymous,

4388000458 Gere. . . Thus annoying. Called once Am. Did not reply. Sask tel network.

Post by Annoyed,

438-800-0458 Annoying calls on cell phone. Drained of them. Sask Tel carrier I 've heard they sell the numbers for whomever. If Authentic USN t that great.

Post by Guest,

4388000458 this can be a scam . Google that number for further Information like I did

Post by christiane blais,

438-800-0458 Did t response. Tool the name unknown on the phone and this number W W W

Post by Daniel,

4388000458 Got that phone Additionally kiddo phone from Melville Ontario

Post by Guest,

438-800-0458 cruise

Post by Guest,

4388000458 ripoff scam artist s Around a cruise

Post by Alex,

438-800-0458 Got that telephone a few minutes Past. Did t pick Upward no message left. Number is now blocked.

Post by John,

4388000458 No haven't signed Upward for anything. Never present out cell numbers except for Folks I personally understand. Rec d telephone on both Fido Amounts within W min of each other. Suspect it has something for would along with Rogers Fido. But of path no longer answer numbers I don't Understand. Really Depressed and pathetic.

Post by Norman Karwandy,

438-800-0458 I understand no just one with the number and have no want for talk for anyone out of the Amount. I notion I had Closed Upwards for no unsolicited calls.

Post by Jacque R,

4388000458 Got a call out of 1 W W W didn't reply but have Monitored for Quebec. Telemarketing. . . .

Post by RM,

438-800-0458 Merely called on my Tel us cell. They Put Upwards before I even Viewed down at my phone.

Post by Julie Thérien,

4388000458 For months I receive calls from the same telemarketer cir. They use no as W W W W W

Post by CD,

438-800-0458 Got a telephone out of W W W Call show show Quebec. I Decided up phone and quickly Put Upwards cutting off telephone.

Post by Adam,

4388000458 Getting annoyed many how all telemarketers are getting through my do not call

Post by Guest,

438-800-0458 Rob telephone free etc.

Post by Jeff,

4388000458 Scampers.

Post by Jeff,

438-800-0458 Scampers.

Post by Jason,

4388000458 Had a missed telephone from this number. Ontario tel us.

Post by Susan,

438-800-0458 Got a telephone from this no didn't answer

Post by Jeff,

4388000458 Scampers. All Canadian Suppliers allow the scam. None may blocker it.

Post by Guest,

438-800-0458 phone out of Montreal.

Post by Pat Jake,

4388000458 Yes all that above 8 pages of Gripes And those are people who complain. . I won t reply out of a Amount I don t Understand. Thus I forfeit my cruise. . . How about Rob Fords Rob calls. Really really seriously annoying as well. Do you know these Individuals doing on the DC list. What a waste of time for people for register and re enroll as it Ends. . . And nothing done. So Merely don t answer

Post by Guest,

438-800-0458 Telemarketer

Post by julia,

4388000458 got a call the afternoon glad i looked up that Amount so i could avoid within future.

Post by Guest,

438-800-0458 Bahamas crosier

Post by Todd,

4388000458 I won Another cruise. Rob call

Post by ajeet,

438-800-0458 A few just one called. I waited for a few seconds and Installed up your phone when no one talked.

Post by Mark B,

4388000458 Sunday nighttime call on my Bell cell phone. Did t reply.

Post by AG,

438-800-0458 Excellent Information I gives it a try. Cheers.

Post by Vita,

4388000458 Calls from the each daytime no messages

Post by Giselle,

438-800-0458 I missed that call and i demand to know who is calling for me your Amount is 1 W W W. Thank you.

Post by Christiane,

4388000458 They called me on the W did not reply i blocked there on m y cell

Post by John,

438-800-0458 No have not Closed Upwards for anything. Never offer out cell Amounts except for Individuals I personally understand. Rec d call on both Fido numbers in W min of each other. Suspect it's something for would along with Rogers Fido. But of path no longer reply Amounts I don't Understand. Quite Depressed and pitiful.

Post by fred,

4388000458 They desire you to telephone them back. Afterward they understand you are a working number and Perhaps dumb enough for autumn for a pitch.

Post by Robert,

438-800-0458 annoyed person in Toronto If you personally re using an Android phone Simply get a little Program called Call Control . . . I vie set mine to just accept calls from my local Place code all that rest is blocked by the app it hangs Upwards on them automatically after 1 ring . It helps for cut down dramatically on these Sorts of calls these crooks are probably located in other Nations and are spoofing that Owner ID system.

Post by Abee,

4388000458 Got the phone from 1 W W W on my Tel us Cell . Of path i ignored it. . If it is legit they may leave a message appropriate. . but it seems they re back to Activity. . . since W no just one reported them here on the site. . .

Post by Rob,

438-800-0458 Obtained a phone from this number the morning. Yeah I won a cruise all I had to do was response a short survey. There's of path a catch Someplace. The entire Thought is for get your Information for a challenging sell or fraud purposes. Using your survey Strategy that scummier or telemarketer can Dress the Do not Phone List ENCL regulations. Been becoming these free cruise kind calls out of various Amounts of late. It s winter Thus your scampers use this Key at this time of year. Enough already please. Annoying and unsolicited telephone calls are getting out of control and most of these are fraud Associated. Phone soliciting of any type should be prohibited period. Then if someone calls to sell you something then they're knowingly breaking your law.

Post by Anon Nymous,

4388000458 Acquired telephone from the Amount a few minutes ago picked it Upwards but no just one on the other Finish. . . Figure I can t 've the cruise

Post by No spam please,

438-800-0458 This number Merely called Alberta no voice mail.

Post by Jeff,

4388000458 I ll become happy when your People phone Firms could compete. There may become actual competition. Correct now no Liability.

Post by fred,

438-800-0458 They need you personally for call them back. Afterward they understand you are a working number and Perhaps dumb enough to autumn for a pitch.

Post by thomas beyene,

4388000458 I do not need for get any more calls from the number W W W

Post by Guest,

438-800-0458 telemarketing. dint answer

Post by Zafir Zafir Kanaan,

4388000458 Must become an extremely Huge operation. Only wonder why CR TC not doing anything. At least they could forwards your case for Accreditation office. They must 've a proper permit to Manage both a survey Firm and a travel Bureau. If they don t have proper permit to operate both business then close it down. Also have immigration checking account whether they vie Used prohibited workers to telephone people. If you've time turn the table Approximately and have fun. These Individuals desire your name CC number. Go for this link print Outside a few fake name and Information. Next time they telephone 've enjoyment. HTTP Www. . com Generation random us people. PP W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W

Post by Guest,

438-800-0458 Vacation for Bahamas

Post by O.Y.,

4388000458 Got the same

Post by Katy,

438-800-0458 Called twice today did not Select Upward no message. Consistently happy for be reassured on here that I did t Skip something important.

Post by Heady,

4388000458 Apparently I could have won a Vacation to your Bahamas. This is the first time they vie gotten me on my cell Telephone. So Substantially for the registering for don't phone .

Post by Countrygal,

438-800-0458 Did t like my answering machine and Installed up before my statement was complete. Had they listened all that manner they would locate themselves invited to remove me from their list. Number Viewed suspicious. . . nobody I knew so did t take the phone.

Post by Guest,

4388000458 spam record call

Post by DC,

438-800-0458 Another trip that i could t make did t answer that survey. Sick of those call.

Post by Kw,

4388000458 Simply got the phone on Rogers cell. No response when I picked Upward.

Post by anon,

438-800-0458 got a telephone out of them luckily Io's Lets you personally to block numbers

Post by Cora,

4388000458 Around the past W days I have received NUMEROUS calls out of W W W at most inappropriate times of the daytime evening. Telemarketers harassing although I put my phone on the DC List. Now they are Making messages if I do not response their telephone.

Post by Guest,

438-800-0458 spam me for Around month

Post by Suspicious Mind,

4388000458 Received telephone.

Post by [***] from Quebec,

438-800-0458 A Head would tell you personally that most of these are Fall forwards calls. Most are scams and that biggest recent scams came from your Toronto area and not Quebec. I too get these annoying calls promising anything from Florida vacations cruises and recently snowmobiling vacations. I am on your Tel people network unlike many of you but have been receiving these Kinds of calls for years. None when I was with Bell. But the was 7 years Past.

Post by James,

4388000458 Free cruise credit card phishing scam using that guise of a survey to get around ENCL rules.

Post by Rodney Cohen,

438-800-0458 Discontinue calling me. . The number never stops

Post by Elaine,

4388000458 How do you personally stop these unwanted calls. I 've won a trip for the Bahamas. .

Post by Noname,

438-800-0458 I also received a telephone from this Amount while I was at that gymnasium but I never answered

Post by Guest,

4388000458 Cold calling

Post by Guest,

438-800-0458 Scam

Post by Quinlan,

4388000458 got a missed phone out of the number. I don t expect it was going to be useful.

Post by Christiane,

438-800-0458 They called me on that W did not response i blocked there on m y cell

Post by Ole,

4388000458 Rang Simply long enough to annoy me.

Post by CW,

438-800-0458 Got the call at 4 W within Ontario . . . . did t reply since did t Understand left no message Afterward Viewed Upwards Amount. . . Rogers

Post by CW,

4388000458 sorry number is 1 W W W not W

Post by Linda,

438-800-0458 Did t response no message left. I called back it says survey time has lapsed. Thank you personally. For become removed from the list press 9 and it quickly disconnected. No time to press 9. Enrolled on your NO Phone LIST. Your LIST is useless.

Post by Guest,

4388000458 spam


438-800-0458 got it overly. . they phone cell phones and try and get personal info out of you. you personally either won a cruise or many other

Post by Guest,

4388000458 the Telephone number keeps phoning me over and over again i Actually Quite like them to Quit its my cell phone they are calling and its driving me nuts

Post by lk,

438-800-0458 Rang a couple times and hung up. Did t get to answer. Ugh.

Post by r e,

4388000458 called twice on Sunday at H's pm

Post by jie,

438-800-0458 Ha. Ignore. You personally wasted time searching it up like that rest of us. Not really ignoring. . .

Post by kirk,

4388000458 scam artist looking for steal credit card data Their other Telephone Amount is W W W

Post by Anti-spam,

438-800-0458 Two calls 1. W amp 1. W pm Now. Did t Comprehend your Place code amp no. Ignored both calls.

Post by Jay,

4388000458 Simply got that that for notes. com again did t pick up.

Post by Big Piglet,

438-800-0458 Who s got time to Stay there and enter s into a Reject Phone List or an Exception List on your phone when for each phone you personally attempt to block ten more Distinct s pop Upward on your own Telephone. I went through that torture of 5 OR calls everyday for the Best time Afterward I just let the phone ring and never response. Eventually the B. S. has subsided. . . quite few calls now. These trolls are Only searching for suckers to pass on their phone Amount for other scampers. I do thank everyone who places their messages on this board we could all see why it's that these fools keep calling. . . Cheers

Post by Chancho,

4388000458 They phone frequently. Holiday matter. Blow off.

Post by CW,

438-800-0458 sorry Amount is 1 W W W not W

Post by Vanessa Lee,

4388000458 an unwanted Telephone telephone from 1 W W W. No Notion who it is but Think it is an unsolicited telephone and I should be off the list.

Did you get an unwanted call from 438-800-0458? Is 4388000458 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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7873492306 Complains by Guest,

When I called it back this was within Spanish out of Pert Rico and Inquired for press a button for various things too fast for me for body Outside. Many sort of sales phone.

5624201444 Complains by Guest,

W Hour Fitness Bell Rose Blvd. Long Seashore CA

8005213236 Complains by Guest,

Called but did not leave message.

7787074177 Complains by Guest,

Statement Mar riot Resorts. . .

4105019852 Complains by Guest,

Violent and vulgar. Don t see.

7078369630 Complains by Guest,

Stop calling me

2098130138 Complains by Guest,

Same here said I was being sued by Government and the was final phone phone. Said for phone W W W immediately. Huh. Sounds enjoy a scam to me.

8003985538 Complains by pissed_in_toronto,

Direct Vigor telemarketing scumbags phone and hang up probably a bot trolling for Individuals . Do everyone a Party favor and boycott Firms who employ these weaselly Advertising tactics Rogers Direct Vigor etc.

8002030433 Complains by Former Insurance Agent,

Rob phone Striving to sell insurance.

8002254333 Complains by Bill,

Acquired telephone Now 3 W pm. Did not recognize that number and thus did not answer. No message left. More than likely another scummier. Number now blocked. Bye scummier.

8001235678 Complains by ms.jackson,

Informative post You could have been exposed for scam 3 as described here HTTP phone help. Truth. com factored. for return here for notes. com after you personally appearance at any of your info at that site.

8002256074 Complains by steve,

what kind of alarm could it be i 've the same number on my remote.

8002202800 Complains by FDCPAinformed,

Actually they're real Set agency. They are among that largest receivables Direction companies within that universe. They 've offices all around that world. They belong now to a Guardian Firm which does customer service and phone Facility. Nonetheless they like a lot of agencies can purchase third party or previous debt which is bought in Enormous portfolios for pennies on that Money. They could t really force you for pay in a lot of those Instances because that debt is outside of your statute but if they can get you to send in a payment of even 2 it reactivates that debt. Also as with any agency it's always possible that they 've many collectors who are doing Things they should t can and would get fired for if their managers located out they were enjoy harassment threats etc. BTW they are allowed for phone a specific of times per daytime as long as they don t leave a message. Thus really if you response first matter in your morning when they telephone tell them No s he s not here could I take a message and they actually Provide you a message they're not allowed for phone back that daytime. AND if you personally Actually do not have any debts current or really previous have that Representative send you a Entire RECORD of the account itemized not Merely their basic Choices notice. If they cannot Supply this which happens a lot with third Bash portfolio debt you can send them a cease amp desist see stating that since they were not Capable or not unwilling for provide proof of that debt they could no More create any contact with you Around it. Send it registered receipt requested thus you have evidence they obtained it. Create confident you keep a Duplicate on file along with your own Reproduce of your own mailing receipt Only within case. LASTLY you can look online for your state s Special FD CPA laws and if You're feeling enjoy any collector is violating and you are able to t get a human for Talk for your requirements to resoluteness it at the Bureau it should tell you personally who to contact to report it such as that Lawyer General within your own state . Hope the helps everyone. OH also even if you have a Present active debt they cannot phone you personally at work if you personally tell them not for if not federally than at least in most states Specially if you personally work somewhere you Stadium t supposed for 've private calls and Particularly if there USN t anywhere private you can take your own telephone. They are not allowed for share ANY information Around your debt etc along with anyone other than you personally.

8002176708 Complains by Samuel,

Phoned and left no message.

8002221111 Complains by MS,

Okay. . . not even less than 5 minutes later they called again this time it was A job option record. . . this really is foolish. . . seriously.

8002190771 Complains by aslk,

Another he s calling out of W W W but call him back W W W x W. When I called your After it belonged to a female. He Really got a blunder when Making that message. He said he was calling out of my office.

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