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Post by WTF,

4388000460 Piece of S woke me Upwards. . . . . but i did win a cruise LOLA

Post by Duke,

438-800-0460 As with all these phishing scams please contact and report them for the authorities in your Area. Within Canada your proper Put would become RCMP anti fraud at 1 W W OR email W protected

Post by Barb,

4388000460 W W Got a telephone but they did t leave a message. Not the first time I vie seen this number on our display.

Post by Pissed off my self,

438-800-0460 They don t care who you are Merely a cell Telephone out of another country that patched to your acreage line along with automatic Switch ling. somehow got your own Telephone number

Post by RnR,

4388000460 BS calls three times Now no voice send no NOTHING. . except bothering me and my personal Telephone. . . . . . . . BS I have reported the Amount to phone busters as nicely as blocked on my handset when they phone goes directly to express send now. at least i wont be bothered by your ringing of a Telephone for a phone in which I don t need to response if I Needed SPAM I would have not Enrolled on the DC list.

Post by Margaret,

438-800-0460 Discontinue calling us. Simply not alive air on that phone.

Post by Annoyed in vancity,

4388000460 Really. . . Rapidly asleep after doing a graveyard Move and got this far kin telephone. no voice mail ND time within 2 times. Likely Ignorant Rob tel call.

Post by Debbie vassel,

438-800-0460 Simply got a call on my cell out of this number. They phone repeatedly . I m Actually annoyed

Post by Guest,

4388000460 Established spam

Post by Sarah,

438-800-0460 Request to participate within a survey and receive a cruise for that Bahamas

Post by Bren,

4388000460 Simply called my work cell phone but hung up and did not leave message.

Post by m-p{3},

438-800-0460 Got two call within Around 5 minutes but left no voice mails. Added for my private block list.

Post by Andrew,

4388000460 Merely got a phone from W and all it says was thank u. . .

Post by Caz,

438-800-0460 Calls all that time nobody there

Post by Hampton,

4388000460 Someone should build a robot to phone those damn Telemarketers robots

Post by Midtown,

438-800-0460 Am within Toronto. Called Now Saturday at around noon. Never response unknown calls as all are crap or scams. No MSG. left and no Information on phone display. This really is yet another fresh spoofed Amount out of these jerk offs last month they were using W W W and I got at least 5 calls on that number.

Post by Mick,

4388000460 Simply got a call on my cell did not understand the number did not reply it. .

Post by Jay,

438-800-0460 DUMDUM Surveys. . . . F YOU

Post by Duke,

4388000460 As along with all these phishing scams please contact and report them to that Experts in your own region. In Canada the proper Put would become RCMP anti fraud at 1 W W OR email W protected

Post by Annoyed in Toronto,

438-800-0460 got a telephone from this Amount once before. . . . Discontinue calling i don t desire a cruise Mg

Post by Annoyed,

4388000460 I obtained a telephone out of the Amount which I ignored and then within a Second my boyfriend who s correct beside me got a phone in the same Amount. Cray.

Post by deedee,

438-800-0460 Absolutely not cell Telephones ARE covered by your DC list. HTTP Internet. Client. FTC. gov articles W cell . . . t phone registry Despite viral E-mail there is no brand new cell Telephone database. People might place their cell phone number on your National Don't Telephone Registry for Alert marketers that they don t want to get unsolicited telemarketing calls. That truth Around cell phones and your Don't Telephone Registry is The Authorities isn't releasing cell phone Amounts for telemarketers. There is no deadline for registering a cell phone number on your Do not Call Registry. National Communications Commission FCC regulations Stop telemarketers out of using automated dealers for phone cell Telephone Amounts without prior consent. Automated dealers are regular within your industry thus most telemarketers are barred from calling Buyers cell phones without their consent. There's only just one Do not Phone Registry operated by your Federal Trade Commission FTC with data available at dentally. gov. There surely is no Independent registry for cell Telephones. Your Do not Phone Registry accepts registrations from both cell phones and acreage lines. For register by Phone call 1 W W W TY 1 W W W . You must phone in the Telephone number which you want for enroll. For register online dentally. gov you may have for respond to a confirmation email. If you have registered a mobile or other Phone Amount already you personally don t need to re register. Once Enrolled a telephone Amount stays on the Do not Call Registry until that registration is canceled or service for that number is discontinued.

Post by Tiredof It Ottawa,

4388000460 I am thus Ill of receiving calls out of these telemarketers Notably on my cell Telephone. I never Choose up unless I 'm not paying attention. Either that or I have won a free Vacation and all I need for do is send W. Quit calling.

Post by Guest,

438-800-0460 pub licit

Post by Guest,

4388000460 Cruise survey spam. . .

Post by Guest,

438-800-0460 telemarketer. you personally won a cruise

Post by Schnoug,

4388000460 Hi Hello Everyone i Merely got another phone phone out of this number W W W for tell me that I 'm the lucky winner of . . . a cruise. Go online at HTTP Www. linnet encl. cg. ca index Eng. this can be your Canadian do not telephone registry within which you should all enter your phone Amounts so telemarketers can t contact you and if they would they may become fined. I also Finished a Grievance and it took me 4 minutes on the same net Website . I think it is value chasing them down. . . .

Post by matell,

438-800-0460 amp telemarketers becoming sick and tired of these phone from them. I notion there were laws now against unsolicited Telephone calls from these idiots.

Post by VICTIM,

4388000460 Me overly enjoy minutes ago. . did not leave message as well.

Post by Jenna Micheals,

438-800-0460 These Folks called me Now at 3 in your morning and then again at Am and at 'm. . . . . i am Ill and weary of them calling me. . . . the can this each Monday

Post by bryan,

4388000460 telemarketer no doubt . . . i notion these ass hats were blocked.

Post by C,

438-800-0460 had this telephone come in while at work on cell. no MSG no nothing. I refuse for response unknown callers.

Post by roger,

4388000460 rogers add a blocker. who can you believe Offers your Amount to the telemarketers

Post by Left a voicemail - not by their choosing,

438-800-0460 Simply called my work cell. Cheers to voice send it Truly Registered a bit of their record. It was for a survey and at your end of your survey you can claim your free cruise tickets. Yep pee. I bet travelling to that cruise Prices more compared to the Worth of that free tickets.

Post by Peeved lady,

4388000460 Merely received a phone out of the Amount but did t Choose Upwards. . . they left no message. Getting tired of these telemarketers. .

Post by Guest,

438-800-0460 Likely spam.

Post by John,

4388000460 Those fooled by the free cruise scampers will become left waiting at that dock for a boat that never comes while the scampers sail away along with their credit card info.

Post by Nick,

438-800-0460 These Men telephone and Merely ring once. In fact there are lots of phone doing that type of matter. DON T try to telephone the Amount back because you might end Upward becoming charged for your call. That s how they create money. Simply block that Amount or forwards it to your express send which should Choose Upward right away to get them to pay .

Post by Claudia,

4388000460 Unwanted calls no 1 at another end.

Post by John,

438-800-0460 Those fooled by the free cruise scampers may be left waiting at that Pier for a boat that never comes while your scampers Travel away with their credit card information.

Post by Student Interupted,

4388000460 Got two calls within a minute out of the number. The only people within Montreal that I know are that People that emptied my bank account just one day. Debit fraud Chances are I m not answering that phone thus that they can take more. No messages left. Luckily I had my phone on hushed so nobody else was disturbed.

Post by deedee,

438-800-0460 Absolutely not cell phones ARE covered by that DC list. HTTP Internet. Customer. FTC. gov articles W cell . . . t phone registry Despite viral email there surely is no fresh cell phone database. Buyers may place their cell Telephone number on that National Don't Call Registry to notify marketers that they don t desire for get unsolicited telemarketing calls. The truth about cell phones and the Don't Call Registry is That government isn't releasing cell Telephone Amounts to telemarketers. There is no deadline for registering a cell Telephone Amount on that Don't Call Registry. National Communications Commission FCC regulations prohibit telemarketers out of using automated dealers for phone cell Telephone Amounts without earlier consent. Automated Sellers are typical in your industry so most telemarketers are barred out of calling Customers cell Telephones without their Agreement. There surely is simply 1 Do not Call Registry Managed by your National Commerce Commission FTC with information available at dentally. gov. There is no separate registry for cell phones. Your Don't Phone Registry accepts registrations out of both cell phones and property lines. For register by Phone telephone 1 W W W TY 1 W W W . You must phone in the Telephone number that you need to enroll. For register online dentally. gov you will 've for respond to your confirmation email. If you might have registered a cellular telephone or other Phone Amount already you don t need to re enroll. Once registered a telephone Amount stays on your Don't Call Registry until the registration is canceled or service for that number is Ended.

Post by Guest,

4388000460 spam

Post by Annoyed in Edmonton,

438-800-0460 Additionally got 3 calls within a row from the Amount did t answer no message

Post by kjio12l,

4388000460 1 W W Got a phone out of the scummier a minute ago. Not even pick it Upward. Assess it around here and locate it s you Triumph a cruise phone. . .

Post by John,

438-800-0460 Those fooled by that free cruise scampers may be left waiting at the Pier for a boat that never comes while the scampers Holiday away with their credit card data.

Post by Joy,

4388000460 This really is a cell number and they telephone Regular. . .

Post by Student Interrupted,

438-800-0460 Calling them back Simply confirms that number and they ll telephone you more. Same along with e mails when you personally ask for become unsubscribed. Discount or delete. Best you are able to do.

Post by roger,

4388000460 rogers add a blocker. who can you personally believe sells your own Amount for that telemarketers

Post by lyonel,

438-800-0460 Frig gin called my Amount not once but twice in a Line the morning i was still Sleep. . . . long niter did not leave a Bloody message. . . . gonna 've for download a phone blocker soon.

Post by Lhasae,

4388000460 Jew veins P} Tank UN Apple De Ce numb RI ET Jew n AI pas r Lake. Level opportunity Jew veins De lire Que Ce's gens ten tent P} me fa ire corrie Que T AI gang UN voyage Mai's Si N accept ills entrant P} me vend re press ion UN House Right t Level Label e timeshare . Il likeness Que Le voyage quid amble gratuity NE l est pas Du tout ET Que Core quid en profiteering prevent s en trier Ave UN d pencils De claques millers De Automobile tout est en option. Fates gaffe ET laser sinner c est la Moliere Remedy bi en Que Celia d range.

Post by Darrin,

438-800-0460 Arbitrary phone. . Ignored

Post by Smurf,

4388000460 don t like boats don t demand a cruise. . Cease harassing me three times a week for two months now should never replied it the first time.

Post by Radio Rado,

438-800-0460 I Only don't reply.

Post by Guy Asselin,

4388000460 Discontinue calling me .

Post by Student Interrupted,

438-800-0460 Calling them back Simply confirms that Amount and they ll call you more. Same along with e mails when you ask for become unsubscribed. Ignore or delete. Very best you are able to can.

Post by anony,

4388000460 ITS Regular FOR A Caller NOT For LEAVE A MESSAGE. . UNLESS THEY Desire You personally To GET BACK For THEM. . BUT NOT Replying OR SAYING Hi IS ANOTHER THING

Post by ahgfsg,

438-800-0460 Got two calls today Approximately 4 W. Did t pick Upward they did t leave a MSG.

Post by Guest,

4388000460 Cruise

Post by Guest,

438-800-0460 cruise for the Bahamas

Post by Marilyn,

4388000460 unknown caller

Post by I HATE Telemarketers,

438-800-0460 in china Telemarketers are Likely Picture in that head. . .

Post by Nat,

4388000460 Merely got one on my business cell Telephone. Ignored.

Post by Guest,

438-800-0460 W spam

Post by JAQUE,

4388000460 Got called from the Amount minutes ago.

Post by Friend,

438-800-0460 Only gotten out of W W W. Did t reply no message. Another telemarketer I m sure

Post by cape breton,

4388000460 The Amount Merely keeps calling and calling W W W Typically within that early miring hours people there are hard working folks that work niter shifts and enjoy their morning Sleep within Stop CALLING .

Post by lola,

438-800-0460 Merely called my cell did not reply. now blocked number cheers to apple Applications.

Post by Notelemktg,

4388000460 Called my cell phone and never left a MSG.

Post by Gary Smith,

438-800-0460 This is happening all too often

Post by E,

4388000460 Gotten 2 calls a Second apart. Did t leave message

Post by mike blanke,

438-800-0460 I keep getting calls out of this number they Normally call twice within a issue of about W W seconds i do not response and no message is left by that caller.

Post by still sleeping!,

4388000460 Yep they called me too while I was still asleep. . . recovering out of vacation shindigs Lola. Never left a message. . . stop calling me bast D's.

Post by Sylvia,

438-800-0460 Phone rang and knew by Amount on display it was a phone center also had unknown on show. Decided Upward receiver and hit 7 button several times in hopes of knocking our number from their system.

Post by John,

4388000460 Those fooled by the free cruise scampers will become left waiting at your Pier for a boat that never comes while your scampers sail away with their credit card data.

Post by manny,

438-800-0460 wipes Cease calling

Post by Adrian,

4388000460 You vie won a cruise. . .

Post by Guest,

438-800-0460 free cruise

Post by Pissed off my self,

4388000460 They don t care who You're Only a cell phone out of another State that patched to some property line along with automatic dial ling. somehow got your phone number

Post by PBS,

438-800-0460 Annoying calls. . .

Post by BLC  ,

4388000460 Called twice within a Line and left no message Stop CALLING NOT INTERESTED. . . . .

Post by Sylvain,

438-800-0460 Quit calling me

Post by lorac,

4388000460 have P} same call

Post by Mawizz,

438-800-0460 Got a phone out of that number. . . Did t 've time to answer.

Post by F***OFF SURVEY BS,

4388000460 i Simply got called they even left a express mail on my Shell QC cell Telephone. . .

Post by john,

438-800-0460 Did t response this call because I pay by your Second. It annoys me when telemarketers call cell phones for useless reasons

Post by David B Ramey CD,

4388000460 Unknown and unwanted Owner. Telemarketers telephone without any Attention and interrupt rest Times for handicapped and senior People like me.

Post by Guest,

438-800-0460 scummier attempt to rubbing you bank account. . . . . . . .

Post by Therese,

4388000460 remove my Telephone Amount from your list

Post by Pam,

438-800-0460 Forgot to add I m within Edmonton. And a Huge Tremendous thank you to sites enjoy this 1 thus we can help each other in the war against these a holes. And cheers for all who take that time for leave their calls Activities for help others. I know I appreciate all of you personally. Hoping your daytime is Fantastic amp the telemarketers 've a real s atty one. Lola THANK You W NOTES. Fantastic site.

Post by Child labour?,

4388000460 This number Only called me and left a voice send of a bit kid Baby babbling something. Lola

Post by Adam,

438-800-0460 They Strike me Upward around 9 this morning. My cell s with Bell. Telemarketers could have a terrible daytime in my own view.

Post by Mikasa Ackerman,

4388000460 yep cruise scam also W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W.

Post by Alex,

438-800-0460 got a phone out of this Amount on my cell phone but no message left. December W W W W 'm PST

Post by Pam,

4388000460 Forgot to add I m within Edmonton. And a Huge Huge thank you for sites enjoy this just one so we could help each other within that war against these a holes. And cheers to all who take your time to leave their calls Activities to help others. I know I value all of you personally. Expecting your daytime is Amazing amp the telemarketers 've a Actual s atty one. Lola THANK You W NOTES. Fantastic Website.

Post by Radio Rado,

438-800-0460 I simply don't reply.

Post by Katie,

4388000460 Oh boy. I vie won a cruise. . . . annoyed Ontario Person coming off of work from five midnight shifts in a row and eventually falls asleep when. . . rioting

Post by James,

438-800-0460 Free cruise credit card phishing scam

Post by Jen,

4388000460 Free cruise scam. Bogus survey. There is no cruise. Need to get your own credit card Information etc.

Post by lh,

438-800-0460 Nassau Bahamas Cruse again Now. Vancouver Area Fido. Did t Select Upward these people leave message overly.

Post by AWA,

4388000460 Same call same number twice annoying . . .

Post by mlp,

438-800-0460 Did t pick Upwards as I did t recognize that number. If your telemarketer of some description Subsequently I m Gloomy because among your reasons I got a cellular telephone phone was for have a telemarketer free line in my life. Thus Substantially for that.

Post by Traci,

4388000460 Simply had a call out of this random number

Post by Guest,

438-800-0460 spam

Post by Guest,

4388000460 Called your Amount and got an automated voice telling it was for a survey

Post by VICTIM,

438-800-0460 Me overly like minutes ago. . did not leave message as well.

Post by Joseph_arthur,

4388000460 Encore UN crosier a Garner . W W W

Post by JG,

438-800-0460 Pain within the Bottom marketer Strike my cell no message left. Can Place on the Block Owner list.

Post by Me,

4388000460 Annoying calls no messages. I consider this is a Magic Port Telephone Amount. Meaning it s among those VIP gadgets that are Affordable to Purchase and they can phone free long space within Canada and Usa. Most likely used by a person not a company. SCAM FOR Confident.

Post by Annoyed,

438-800-0460 Merely thus you know. I worked along with a girl who worked at a call Facility and when you personally Place your name on a don't telephone list they provide those lists for phone centers. Simply ignore your calls and block your Amount if you are able to.

Post by Dominique Loyer,

4388000460 I don't need for be phone by the Amount or any other Amounts for surveys nor Advertising. I desire for be removed of your list for W W Dominique Lo yer


438-800-0460 Called me on my Toronto cell in my pocket while I m in Barcelona Spain. Happy I didn't Select up

Post by Ringo,

4388000460 Don t call me any more. I mean it.

Post by redriverbluesman,

438-800-0460 Damn waste of my time.

Post by funk,

4388000460 waste of my atmosphere time Quit calling.

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7873492306 Complains by Guest,

When I called it back this was within Spanish out of Pert Rico and Inquired for press a button for various things too fast for me for body Outside. Many sort of sales phone.

5624201444 Complains by Guest,

W Hour Fitness Bell Rose Blvd. Long Seashore CA

8005213236 Complains by Guest,

Called but did not leave message.

7787074177 Complains by Guest,

Statement Mar riot Resorts. . .

4105019852 Complains by Guest,

Violent and vulgar. Don t see.

7078369630 Complains by Guest,

Stop calling me

2098130138 Complains by Guest,

Same here said I was being sued by Government and the was final phone phone. Said for phone W W W immediately. Huh. Sounds enjoy a scam to me.

8003985538 Complains by pissed_in_toronto,

Direct Vigor telemarketing scumbags phone and hang up probably a bot trolling for Individuals . Do everyone a Party favor and boycott Firms who employ these weaselly Advertising tactics Rogers Direct Vigor etc.

8001235678 Complains by ms.jackson,

Informative post You could have been exposed for scam 3 as described here HTTP phone help. Truth. com factored. for return here for notes. com after you personally appearance at any of your info at that site.

8002256074 Complains by steve,

what kind of alarm could it be i 've the same number on my remote.

8002202800 Complains by FDCPAinformed,

Actually they're real Set agency. They are among that largest receivables Direction companies within that universe. They 've offices all around that world. They belong now to a Guardian Firm which does customer service and phone Facility. Nonetheless they like a lot of agencies can purchase third party or previous debt which is bought in Enormous portfolios for pennies on that Money. They could t really force you for pay in a lot of those Instances because that debt is outside of your statute but if they can get you to send in a payment of even 2 it reactivates that debt. Also as with any agency it's always possible that they 've many collectors who are doing Things they should t can and would get fired for if their managers located out they were enjoy harassment threats etc. BTW they are allowed for phone a specific of times per daytime as long as they don t leave a message. Thus really if you response first matter in your morning when they telephone tell them No s he s not here could I take a message and they actually Provide you a message they're not allowed for phone back that daytime. AND if you personally Actually do not have any debts current or really previous have that Representative send you a Entire RECORD of the account itemized not Merely their basic Choices notice. If they cannot Supply this which happens a lot with third Bash portfolio debt you can send them a cease amp desist see stating that since they were not Capable or not unwilling for provide proof of that debt they could no More create any contact with you Around it. Send it registered receipt requested thus you have evidence they obtained it. Create confident you keep a Duplicate on file along with your own Reproduce of your own mailing receipt Only within case. LASTLY you can look online for your state s Special FD CPA laws and if You're feeling enjoy any collector is violating and you are able to t get a human for Talk for your requirements to resoluteness it at the Bureau it should tell you personally who to contact to report it such as that Lawyer General within your own state . Hope the helps everyone. OH also even if you have a Present active debt they cannot phone you personally at work if you personally tell them not for if not federally than at least in most states Specially if you personally work somewhere you Stadium t supposed for 've private calls and Particularly if there USN t anywhere private you can take your own telephone. They are not allowed for share ANY information Around your debt etc along with anyone other than you personally.

8002176708 Complains by Samuel,

Phoned and left no message.

8002221111 Complains by MS,

Okay. . . not even less than 5 minutes later they called again this time it was A job option record. . . this really is foolish. . . seriously.

8002190771 Complains by aslk,

Another he s calling out of W W W but call him back W W W x W. When I called your After it belonged to a female. He Really got a blunder when Making that message. He said he was calling out of my office.

8002170776 Complains by marvin,

called saying your own pare paid debit card has a hold on it because of traveling if you need to activate your card press 1 for activate card. I pressed 1 and they wanted a W did get card number which I did not have I Merely held the line for see if someone would come on thus I could get more info but after asking for your card number 3 times it disconnected me.

8002098124 Complains by DG,

called and text ed

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