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Post by Nemanja,

4411223344 Hello. I am from Serbia female express request me for many sound test. . . .

Post by k,

441-122-3344 I'm out of Japan. I also got a telephone from this number. I Inquired him how did he know my Amount but he didn't answered me.

Post by Guest,

4411223344 I obtained phone telephone this morning and it is your same as you Men described. . Can someone tell people what's the. . . . I feel odd because they called ME . . why me. . P

Post by Waleed Hassanien,

441-122-3344 WT. I obtained the same call within Egypt too. . . . Anyone knows WT is that. .

Post by Guest,

4411223344 That same as everyone describes. . Female ask es Around quality of telephone. . sort quot Spain quot . . phone la steed W sec.

Post by djalal,

441-122-3344 me overly I had that same call today . . I'm out of Algeria

Post by Guest,

4411223344 I Merely got the phone asking if I Chat English and if her voice was clear she said did you see my number W I said quot yes quot and she said Ok thank you personally bye bey what is the . .

Post by Guest,

441-122-3344 I get Telephone call out of W Afterward women asked she said did you see my Amount W I said quot yes quot and she said Okay thank you personally and hang Upward rang twice sound become crazy when rang me twice . Lover people round world

Post by Azizi kivurande,

4411223344 i also get a phone. from the. number sound unexpected W

Post by davor,

441-122-3344 Hello I 'm from Serbia. Few Mine ago i Haber acquired telephone from Am tel no. peculiar. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Goran Dimick,

4411223344 I m from France. Additionally a Owner from Italy female voice identifying herself as a Russian Telephone Firm calling to Assess the signal quality echo and resonance. lasted W seconds. What is going on. If someone has info please share thank you. from Alex Your phone comes out of Paris quality Assess of voice connection.

Post by Guest,

441-122-3344 i demand to understand who called me

Post by Guest,

4411223344 i GET A Call From This Amount AND THEY SAID THAT They are Out of Russia AND The Reason From This Phone IS Only For Test That QUALITY OF CALLING. what is This ABOUT

Post by hanna,

441-122-3344 I had your same call yesterday. And she said that same it s a talcum Business within Russia and called Simply to Evaluation the quality Transmission thus odd. . .

Post by Guest,

4411223344 i got that same call and it was quite similar for your requirements heard. the Amount called me m more than twice but i jut hung your first telephone. I'm from Indonesia and did understand what she mean.

Post by Sanaullah Panezai,

441-122-3344 I also got a phone calling from this Amount asking for your quality Assess.

Post by Dan,

4411223344 These calls Arrived from Italy for confident. Telephone company Methods the quality of Phone service in different Nations to provide Phone Link itself. Your own numbers are logged within their system as your cellular telephone Driver uses it s service. Assess what VIP is it s cheep er for phone Italy around Internet fir ts than for telephone your own Friend directly

Post by Guest,

441-122-3344 i Only got a telephone out of the number from the Man WT someone tell me. . .

Post by Anan,

4411223344 Perhaps it s Lank Telecommutes en. Wikipedia. org wiki Landlocked

Post by Guest,

441-122-3344 . . and if I could see your number they were calling out of.

Post by Adam,

4411223344 I got a telephone out of this number W too. The guy was very poor at English I only Comprehended part of it but it was about a few international test and he s calling from Russia. Afterward I instantaneously hang Upward because it s quite common now times for charge you personally along with a lot of cash along with these calls. Another 1 for that block list D

Post by Besfort,

441-122-3344 Now i feel better. I m from Kissoff and I had your same phone Now within the morning. Same as most of you they said that it s a talcum Business in Paris and they called just to Evaluation the quality signal It was really peculiar and I Inquired her how did she get my Amount she replied I just dialed randomly that was again unusual. . .

Post by lu,

4411223344 yes i also got call from W just hanging

Post by mariarosaria,

441-122-3344 vireo Cover ire chi mi ha Chianti

Post by arif ami,

4411223344 Che Si nosecone Nutritional ques for numeric Che ha ditto Che Chimu Darla Italy era Ina Donna

Post by ANNA,

441-122-3344 chi ha Chianti numeric W. . . . . CHI SE. . . . .

Post by Guest,

4411223344 I 'm working on Production magnetic free energy Creator in Egypt and sent your schematics to your Man within Russia. . WT. .

Post by Anan,

441-122-3344 Today they are called. I Inquired Around the Firm name and caller said Long Talcum or something because his English is somewhat bit weird . But I cannot look for info Around Long Talcum or any similar Russian telecommunication Firm.

Post by Lin,

4411223344 I got Additionally too they said test phone and check clear quality out of Italy.

Post by Guest,

441-122-3344 I received a phone from this number on my cell Telephone. I did not reply calls were Only ignored. I 'm out of Ukraine

Post by Guest,

4411223344 I get phone telephone out of W Afterward girls asked if I Talk English and if her voice was clear she said did you see my number W I said quot yes quot and she said Okay thank you and hang up

Post by becks,

441-122-3344 Hello i am from your Philippines and i got a telephone out of the number overly. SHE said she s out of Paris and asked if i Talk English. Afterward hung Upward that Excellent. strange Hohokam. .

Post by alex,

4411223344 .

Post by Guest,

441-122-3344 I get your same call from the Amount and they said P} same matter i Released something that sound enjoy information for wiki leaks so the could be a king of joke or a intimidating phone your universe is nut mankind i think there surely is people paranoiac working for social Communities. . . .

Post by iolanda,

4411223344 I 'm out of Nation Ga i got telephone out of the Amount too. unusual i do not telephone for Paris and how they got my phone number. to strange

Post by Guest,

441-122-3344 I got a phone out of this Amount and your Girl asked me if I can Talk English. and if I could hear her clearly. and if I could see their Amount on my Display. I 'm in Malaysia

Post by ayala,

4411223344 i got receive col out of the number W this can be a cellular telephone Amount.

Post by Guest,

441-122-3344 European Feature. Wanted to understand if I talked English.

Post by Guest,

4411223344 SAME To ME I GET A Call Out of The Number AND THEY SAID THAT They are From Spain AND That Motive Out of The Phone IS Merely For Evaluation The QUALITY OF CALLING. What is The ABOUT

Post by Guest,

441-122-3344 I vie Merely get a call out of this number as you know they said that they re from Paris and it s Simply a Evaluation call. I m Vietnamese and residing within Hanoi.

Post by Chyanne Sanchez,

4411223344 I got a phone on this Amount W. They said its a test out of Russia. Sounds unusual.

Post by Myo,

441-122-3344 I m from Myanmar Asian Country . I obtained now from the Amount and so unexpected.

Post by Shaz,

4411223344 I got a phone too. Could some just one please let us understand who the Amount is. They said is a test call out of Russia for quality check.

Post by Myo,

441-122-3344 I m from Myanmar Asian State . I gotten now out of this Amount and so unexpected.

Post by ayala,

4411223344 this really is a mobile Amount W.

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6616079852 Complains by Guest,

dint telephone me

8002095898 Complains by Guest,


9095482117 Complains by Guest,

scam for lower attention rates

8003350159 Complains by Sherrel,

We were contacted several times and after being threatened by a suit we ended Upward paying them W. W by credit card. Several days After someone called and said they had Lay} in on their training and that it was all a scam. I contacted your local Cops and they verified that it was a scam and when we contacted your credit card Firm they said they would Assess into it. Now the credit card Firm said they Assessed it Outside and we owe your cash. They called your Amount and talked for someone asserting to become along with yellow pages online and they said they were a legate company. I do not telephone that checking account into it being a scam. If anyone is becoming a class action fit Collectively please contact us at email W protected and let's know what we have for would to get inside.

8552516636 Complains by Guest,

Called and left no message

6622281351 Complains by Andria,

ALL LIES......they still haven't refunded my money and it's been over the 30 days they promised. I contacted the FTC..BBB and ripoff report. I may even file a class action lawsuit if I can.

8049915629 Complains by Momma C,

Getting calls out of here also no message. NOT calling back.

7084849148 Complains by herpdederp,

Is this a nuisance caller or scummier.

8002306121 Complains by Guest,

WAC health insurance.

8002177649 Complains by Guest,

Playing phone

8002865805 Complains by Vickie,

I also received a text MSG from W last night along with the following Official Prize Notice Call W W W Now for Significant Claim Information. Keep R amp R text act active. text stop 2 Enid Additionally called your Amount out of a land line after a few seconds automated system said I d won W tunes and transferring me for what sounded enjoy Sunlight Property but I could t recognize the Female that answered really nicely. She Desired for get my Charge and charge W for it. I politely told her they won t become delivering anymore messages because I 'm reporting them which I did.

8002572582 Complains by Julia,

Unknown number.

8002182653 Complains by Guest,

Nu chi

8002274180 Complains by Guest,

she is a Turn smoked out who re

8002812203 Complains by T,

A Man named James Patrick who asked for someone I do not understand for phone him back at W W W ext W. He did not state what Business he worked for.

8002568553 Complains by cmc,

asked for my boss placed on hold Upwards Installed in 1 minute.

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