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2016-04-20 08:16:29
2016-04-17 13:27:24
I got a text and Subsequently told me for go for yahoo messenger and Offered me externalizing. They would not present me there name and I did t understand anyone in Florida. Told them that I was going for report this. Not happy they got my Telephone number
2016-04-17 07:22:10
The brand new Amount is W W W and the new Name is Brandon Woods. He is Operating a stolen Range Rover. He is on POOF. You cant Take up the fake names online you have to request him for Added data for pull him Upward. Someone needs for place up Pages with his mugshot on the Relationship sites thus that girls will not be victims to this macadamia nut.
2016-04-15 02:25:51
possible scummier from out of the country
2016-04-15 01:09:46
2016-04-14 17:35:28
Assessment me
2016-04-13 23:39:47
We got these calls all daytime long and yes we simply buy from Allergen. . Attempting for find the for phone the Business but could t locate it anywhere
2016-04-13 23:07:52
NO 1 THERE. Expressionless Phone. PAIN Within The .
2016-04-10 19:45:56
The nut keeps delivering me texts and calling me. I don t understand him and he refuses to consider that he has your erroneous number. my service Supplier is Internet W and I don't have that call block Characteristic on my smart phone. My Pal downloaded an app called Authentic caller and that is how I found his Actual name . He calls himself quot Rich Homo Kw 'm quot that hint to his Amount says Nix son Desert
2016-04-07 00:25:53
I get these calls out of various Amounts on occasion. I missed your call today and called back. A guy replied with GE Capital. I said I had a missed telephone and he said yes you have been Accepted for your loan how much did you desire. I told him I did t Employ for any loan and he said Ok bye and hung Upwards. No credit company Solutions calls without a Chain of Alternatives to Option your telephone and the man had no way to know who I was when I called back but he knew quot I quot was Accepted. Discontinue wasting my time.
2016-03-25 03:32:01
Definitely a Grisliest scummier.
2016-03-25 03:32:01
2016-03-07 14:35:22
they call Looking overly much info
2016-03-06 01:15:07
I Additionally acquired a call out of a Man with a foreign Highlight from this Amount W W W telling me that they were delivering me my new medical card. I asked what medical card and they repeated medical card . I told them I did t need a brand new medical card and Installed Upward.
2016-02-23 01:19:42
Invoice collector
2016-02-16 09:47:49
These Folks keep calling looking for someone. I 've repeatedly told them that they have that erroneous number but they keep calling.
2016-02-16 09:47:46
Client portfolio
2016-02-16 09:38:34
for two times along with countless text messages Owner from the Amount proceeded to create threats. . . and then notify me his aunt was a state trooper and his uncle a spokesman for your state Cops. . I am still Attempting to look for your name of the Person. . . I 've at least 4 hours of text messages saved . . . .
2016-02-16 09:00:59
This guy was Attempting for scam me and get my personal info.
2016-02-16 06:23:23
you are right bob

Phone list in area 442

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
4427975194fagGuest22015-11-04 17:15:40
4426002655Block themGuest562015-11-04 16:39:51
4427775339noGuest52016-04-20 08:16:29
4427770014telemarketingGuest512015-11-04 17:59:51
4423333154Called and Hahn Upward 5 within 1 dayGuest52015-12-15 07:07:15
4422451357TwitGuest72015-12-14 23:01:34
4424442556This is what I get on my E-mail after I text to that number Attempting to sell a W VOW Pas Lay} become cautious along with the scam Hello First of all I desire to thank you to your curiosity about my W Volkswagen Pas Lay} GALS V. That Auto has been excessively well maintained along with a not empty service history it only has W W. I am that First owner. Your vehicle has all of its First floor Rugs all Novels Entire set of tools and Tips. Everything works within that car Lamps gauges radio windows locks a c blows Snow Cool etc. It has no leaks or drips and doesn't smoke at all slightly used within W working and searching States along with a clear title free of liens. The Sign is automatic. I m currently serving on active duty in that U. S. Marine Corps and I m stationed on a military training Service MACS Cherry Point in Have lock NC. Your car will become delivered from here it's stored within a military compound. I have Lost my Cost for 1 W purchase Cost including delivery and Managing to your own address since that is an urgent sale it can become delivered free of charge through a military transportation service to some designated location of your selection Typical delivery time is 2 3 company times depending on destination. It's been reduced because I demand to find a buyer before my upcoming Implementation take Set and I don t desire for waste more time negotiating. If you personally re interested to End this purchase in a Appropriate style please E-mail me your full name Transportation address and phone Amount for open a case along with eBay. They will contact you for describe the total Method. The Monetary component will become managed by them which means you will 've a W days inspection period before committing to Purchase that Automobile. Thus that is not a blind Exchange you can see that car before committing to buy. Using eBay service we 're both W covered during your measures of this transaction. To support my Discussion regarding your State of that Automobile please visit this Picture album HTTP Picture. com a Gandhian 0 Searching forward to hearing from you Sgt. Karen Ste gall USMC NAG W Am XSGuest32015-11-04 20:56:40
4422006213They keep calling My Cell Number I ask them to REMOVE MY Amount. MY NEXT Measure IS FILLING LEGAL Fees FOR HARASSMENT. THEY Could PAY ME. . . Guest642015-11-04 21:07:51
4422242008Drug Vendor and gamblerGuest12015-11-04 21:32:40
4429990317loserGuest12015-11-04 22:52:51
4425009440Wants money to Amass on said debt Afterward hangs upGuest12015-11-05 04:19:40
4429001002Loan Shark GarbageGuest142015-11-05 06:26:51
4422242347Replied call asked for my Man said he was at work then they hung Upward. M42015-12-09 14:58:59
4422327581called said they were dis batch from your Cops Section they called people away private said there was a Strike and run they were investigating and idea it was coming to the store for get its work done said Desired names and numbers of that those who have brought in Automobiles within last couple times so we did nicely Subsequently they called your customers off the W Amount and asked for there credit card Amount saying they Desired to Set a down payment of a W. W for order Components and thankfully the customers Installed up and called the shop Amount back and Inquired what was going on and just one guy called back with his credit card Amount Prepared Be CAREFULGuest32015-11-05 08:40:51
4426009068Leave me aloneGuest22015-11-05 09:22:40
4429001288blockGuest82015-12-18 21:10:10
4421007910Stander targetsGuest52015-11-05 09:51:51
4422430941P} dined es Ester numeric. . carlos82015-12-16 16:46:16
4421845488This Amount is calling my cell OR times a daytime. Guest12015-11-05 11:21:40
4423400510NoGuest42015-12-19 05:52:24
4429992970Supposedly Authorities fundraiser. Guest112015-11-05 17:26:51
4423338887terrifying personGuest12015-11-05 19:08:51
4424442633Don t desire them for callGuest62015-12-16 12:57:37
4422329773iGuest52015-12-18 20:35:51
4424008167Keeps calling. StalkerGuest72015-12-20 16:44:16
4423333283ST call. . . no person on the other Finish. . no talking whatsoever. . . unknown callerjack72015-12-16 13:56:03
4422006212I really value everybody s comment s when I don t reply a telephone out of a Amount that I don t know. I leave Remarks when I can get your quot Bizarre quot number. thank you personally Mr NumberGuest122015-11-06 00:25:51
4424719370Telemarketer Satellite Television violates DC and TC PAGuido42015-12-20 07:56:46
4422003089stalking meGuest62015-12-19 13:40:31
4423333159No. The Amount is now blocked. Guest12015-11-06 03:14:40
4422226097Told me he s out of Arkansas Mr. Amount Owner ID shows is out of California. Wont tell me his name or company. Guest82015-11-06 04:10:51
4426005505acquired a call stating they were from Microsoft and windows has a virus need my info haTJ72015-12-19 02:36:08
4421533900Cell phone out of a Set Bureau worker they're attempt to contact someone along with tricksGuest12015-11-06 05:19:40
4420302606Acquired just one call. I answered and heard someone state my name then it went scratchy and cut Outside. Next I Notice that occupied Transmission and try and phone it back but that is incorrectGuest242015-11-06 05:34:51
4428885761missed phone what Firm is thisGuest82015-12-14 15:16:26
4422423883Paul N. Paul Nowling62015-12-19 03:47:06
4422427846iGuest52015-12-09 19:23:41
4422830918its a hart Advertising pain she s a ex that I attention thus Considerably about I could t talk to hereGuest72015-12-20 18:49:38
4427770856wonderingsprk72015-12-09 14:29:00
4423333177I got a text out of the Amount and all it said was Hi . I don t recognize this and I don't value the caller. Fergy72015-12-18 15:49:01
4420808100Merely SILENCEGuest32015-11-06 17:30:51
4422006223scamGuest372015-11-06 21:20:51
4422322854Multiple callsGuest72015-11-06 22:58:40
4422353769Free Holidays offerGuest72015-12-09 21:15:22
4429992258Stop fucking calling peopleGuest12015-11-07 00:15:40
4422228721Coleman Herman. That Baseball Machine. Jimbo52015-12-16 02:26:19
4422273016is this measure 1 of ID Larceny collectors. Guest102015-11-07 05:31:51
4422248321Do a background Assess first we did and saved people a lot of trouble. Karl Rove72015-12-18 15:49:44
4422444874credit card processingGuest32015-11-07 06:55:40
4422425112It s out of . comLinda72015-12-14 09:01:44

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