4433202126 / 443-320-2126

Telephone information: Global Crossing Local Services-md. Baltimore, MD. Baltimore City. United states
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84 complaints
Post by Brandon,

4433202126 I Only obtained your same MSG and I don t even have a credit card.

Post by David,

443-320-2126 I received the same message about Fake withdrawal from my credit card. Would love for report Tennessee em if potential.

Post by Guest,

4433202126 We vie Place Reduction on your own debit card W xx xx xx xx xx due for fraudulent withdrawal. Please contact our member center at 1 W W W

Post by cgm,

443-320-2126 Got your same scam text as GIGO at 4 W PM EST.

Post by KAH,

4433202126 Got the same message W minutes Past. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Due to Fake withdrawal from your account your own Amount card equilibrium feel for W. Please contact people instantaneously at 1 W W W.

Post by Lisa,

443-320-2126 Me too. Number is out of Baltimore Md. Nigerians use false Amounts from there. I can report to Verizon.

Post by Scubadave,

4433202126 Got a text message telling me there s a restriction on my debit card due to Fake withdrawal. I suppose this is some kind of phishing Structure bank s usually call or E-mail if there s a Issue. I Began to call the number but Installed up when I Calculated Perhaps it s many type of W number kind deal where I d get charged.

Post by terry,

443-320-2126 Got it too . . . if that gov is tapping . . . why don t they Set that useful data for great use and Line your Upward by their brief hairs

Post by Lisa,

4433202126 RH that s the same acct Amount in my text. It s bogus but definitely got me check my Reports.

Post by john doe,

443-320-2126 got a Fake call

Post by Lisa McDonald,

4433202126 I Simply gotten that same text. Subsequently I check the site and see my Partner is soliciting male prostitutes in Arkansas. Actual Pleasant Phil. Great Fortune finding someone who loves your own Bizarre shaped body. I was just with you for that money. Consider yourself Divorced. . .

Post by spar,

443-320-2126 I got same message along with MI's spellings.

Post by KA,

4433202126 I got your same exact message along with your same card number as RH. Got somewhat nervous because I had ordered away a Web site I had never ordered out of before so I called my bank I 've a debit credit card along with them and they Guaranteed me nothing Odd was going on. They Additionally took down that Telephone number within your text to report to your fraud Department.

Post by Guest,

443-320-2126 Directed} me a text stating quot Due to fraudulent withdrawal your own number card balance feel for W . Please contact people immediately at 1 W W W quot . Only receiving this text is incorrect and that my balance quot feel quot not quot dropped quot below a specific Amount. And eventually I Do NT 've any cards along with the number.

Post by You Can't Be Serious,

4433202126 same

Post by jap,

443-320-2126 Who would u report this Telephone 2 . Anyone 've a clue. Lets nail them ha

Post by Confidential no need for name,

4433202126 Obtained same call as each one else. A few thing could and should become done about this kind of task. If we'd a Good attorney general we we don't this really is the kind of action that would be reported for his department for get some matter done. Great luck and do not give any just one any data when received within this Way no just one that s legit can every communicate with you the way. Confidential

Post by alvin,

443-320-2126 I got a telephone from this number telling me my credit card has fallen below a xxx Sum. I don't 've any card by this Amount. Will there be any manner that anybody can Monitor this number down .

Post by Moe,

4433202126 Due for fraudulent withdrawal your Amount card balance feel for W . Please contact us instantaneously at 1 W W W spammers. Die within anguish.

Post by J,

443-320-2126 I got your message We vie Set restriction on your own debit card W xx xx xx xx xx due for fraudulent withdrawal. Please contact our member Facility at 1 W W W . I Assessed my debit card Amount to make confident your number did t fit and it did t. My bank placed a temp hold on my account a few weeks Past for what they thought was a fraud even though I vie used my card to pay for that same thing before thus I was a bit extra stressed.

Post by beaker,

4433202126 ibid contact us instantly at 1 W W W W blah blah

Post by David,

443-320-2126 I obtained that same message about fraudulent withdrawal out of my credit card. Would love to report tn em if potential.

Post by Nini,

4433202126 Just got a message reading Due to Fake withdrawal your own number card equilibrium feel to W . Contact people immediately at 1 W W W. I was Additionally questionable because I have no card starting along with that Amount but I Offered it a phone and within the beginning it Additionally says it's all Automobile created along with no live support.

Post by Phil McDonald,

443-320-2126 I 'm Chad s older oddly shaped brother. I overly gotten this phone. At I idea I was being blackmailed out of a man prostitute from Ohio. Turns Outside it was a bogus telephone.

Post by JLC,

4433202126 Last night acquired text message about Fake action on a debit card. . . . message is fraudulent and has nothing to would with me

Post by Kristy,

443-320-2126 Same message about Fake withdrawal. . . ugh. . . how do you personally report them.

Post by Jeff,

4433202126 Thank you People for posting your own interactions with getting a text from this Amount. Its definitely a scam.

Post by Guest,

443-320-2126 Said my credit was comprised to telephone that number

Post by Allison Miele,

4433202126 This number has now text ed me three times maintaining a Fake account. When I try calling back nothing happens or it's a disconnected number. The has happened to two other Folks in my family as nicely.

Post by sylvia,

443-320-2126 I Merely received a text message seeing Fake withdrawal this was bogus. who could I contact for whine.

Post by jap,

4433202126 Who would u telephone 2 report the Telephone . Anyone have a hint . Thanks

Post by sm,

443-320-2126 Spam

Post by pad,

4433202126 Got your same telephone just now but the same one Additionally too on July out of W. Same Fake acct Amount.

Post by John,

443-320-2126 Got that same 1 but with a card number which was t mine called and there was no live support total scam

Post by Robert,

4433202126 Simply got the same text on fraudulent withdrawal using that same prefix Amounts for that CC as another reference above. Clear scam. .

Post by LMS,

443-320-2126 Obtained a text message We put Reduction in your debit card W xx xx xx xx xx due to fraudulent withdrawal. Please contact your member Centre at 1 W W W. Thus I called full well Understanding this was a phishing scam but Desired to know who and what before I made a Grievance for your FCC or whatever . Intercepted message was that the telephone could not be Finished as dialed please Assess that number and call again . Yep Right. . . . . .

Post by lisa baby,

4433202126 where are you out of guys from . lets see if they send that spam to a Specification Place.

Post by jim,

443-320-2126 Bog as text.

Post by jim,

4433202126 same here. . same as everybody else. dumb Buttocks scampers.

Post by ASTEF,

443-320-2126 yes i just got that same text message with that same card . . .

Post by Rosalie,

4433202126 Got that same text message with misspellings. Inquired for credit card number to activate.

Post by Ashley,

443-320-2126 Did anyone Lately take money out though. I Only took W out a few hours Past thus nervous they have my card number now

Post by Ghazala,

4433202126 I got a text out of this number too about fraudulent withdrawals on among my cards. It was Fake and probably a scam. Don t give them your information

Post by Bob McDonald,

443-320-2126 I idea i was robbed I live within a very high class Town and Individuals are constantly out to get me. My brother is a bit oddly shaped but has a lot of cash. turns Outside it was Fake. thank god. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Robert again,

4433202126 I meant TEXT not call.

Post by Deb,

443-320-2126 Reactive a call state fraudulent withdrawal

Post by Guest,

4433202126 I acquired a text message from the Amount stating that there had been an unauthorized withdrawal from my debit card number XXXIX we have no such card . and for call the number immediately

Post by Robert again,

443-320-2126 I meant TEXT not phone.

Post by jim,

4433202126 Ditto. Specific message . . . .

Post by Guest,

443-320-2126 Text used improper English do not phone them. quot Dir for fraudulent withdrawal your own Amount card balance feel to W . Please contact us instantaneously at 1 W W W quot

Post by lulu,

4433202126 I Simply gotten a second text message viewing Fake withdrawal. Banks do not contact the way. The was bogus. Who can I contact to complain.

Post by BB Jones,

443-320-2126 I got your text an hour and a half ago. Merely got for see it now. I told them for go F Away.

Post by aly,

4433202126 got the same message as everyone else. complete scam. absolute douche.

Post by Caren,

443-320-2126 I'm battling a fraudulent ring that we Trailed for Malaysia. This can be a part of their efforts. Be careful. . Do not interact along with them. . . . You'll then get more calls and text.

Post by ASTEF,

4433202126 yes i Only got the same text message along with that same card . . .

Post by Lisa,

443-320-2126 RH that s that same acct Amount within my text. It s bogus but definitely got me check my accounts.

Post by AC,

4433202126 Got your same message Around Fake task with misspellings in that text. I did read that a few banks are Truly notifying customers of fraudulent action by text but the one is a scam.

Post by jap,

443-320-2126 Who would u report this Telephone 2 . Anyone have a clue. Lets collar them ha

Post by TIM JONES,

4433202126 I Merely got a text from the Amount total fraud. Become careful and present no info.

Post by Sean,

443-320-2126 Got the same asserting a fraudulent charge. I located it quite awkward because I actually Merely place Upwards a payment for among my cards.

Post by Guest,

4433202126 Bank Card Theft

Post by John,

443-320-2126 Acquired that same scam text message stating fraud on my account Remove and disregard W

Post by Anthony,

4433202126 Scam message Merely delete anything you are unfamiliar with and Go on.

Post by BStarr,

443-320-2126 Same text and same card s as another user above but my card balance given as W. Not a card of mine Or are any card Reports Linked with the cellular telephone number thus I understand it s a scam.

Post by LD,

4433202126 My mother and I got that same Specific message as that remainder of you. We were worried because we went for the bank Now for deposit checks. But After we called the cell Telephone Company and got them for block that phone Amount for sending more its Only spam.

Post by Guest,

443-320-2126 Only acquired the text Due to Fake withdrawal your own Amount card equilibrium feel for W . Please contact people instantly at 1 W W W

Post by cgm,

4433202126 Got that same scam text as GIGO at 4 W PM EST.

Post by Chris,

443-320-2126 Got Actual same message. SCAM

Post by Bill,

4433202126 Is the second time I acquired text message Around Fake action on my card. Should that Authorities get more control about that.

Post by Guest,

443-320-2126 I got your same exact telephone verbatim misspelling and all.

Post by Tonya,

4433202126 My Man acquired it twice. . . . . . . when I go ogled the it mentioned it was a property line within Ohio.

Post by kn,

443-320-2126 same as that rest saying i have a fragrant withdrawal on a card. . . i don t 've credit Autos.

Post by Guest,

4433202126 I overly Simply obtained the text with misspelled words and quite poor grammar except my balance dropped below W . Does anyone take these a Opening scampers seriously.

Post by You Can't Be Serious,

443-320-2126 same

Post by Krista,

4433202126 I Only got that same text as everyone is stating. Will there be ANY manner for report the Amount. . .

Post by Guest,

443-320-2126 I got the Exact same text. . . .

Post by Guest,

4433202126 I obtained a text saying quot We vie put Reduction on your debit card W xx xx xx xx xx due to Fake withdrawal. Please follow these steps to resolve 1 W W W. quot When I attempted for Call your Amount from a acreage line all I gotten was a active Transmission.

Post by ABM,

443-320-2126 Got that same message about 3 hrs ago. With all that Engineering today are you telling me these idiots can t become Found.

Post by nikki,

4433202126 just got a text out of this number it contained Bad grammar and spelling garbage.

Post by Tim M,

443-320-2126 Same as above Reduction on your debit card evil

Post by Linda,

4433202126 I called the number back. . . it's not a good number. . . reported to scam units

Post by Joe Cappiello,

443-320-2126 Got that same text as everyone else above. Probably many Nigerians trying to Split Folks away. Why could t the Phone Firm Monitor these and make them pay.

Post by Guest,

4433202126 Only go it too. Specific same text same quot card Amount quot . must become a scam

Post by Chris,

443-320-2126 Got Actual same message. SCAM

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2153681804 Complains by alyssa,

so you personally re saying that this law office firm is Fake and not for offer them any cash.

6156935953 Complains by Guest,


5619722494 Complains by Guest,

Calls Regular multiple times.

6467688070 Complains by Guest,

Calling all hours of the day along with quot no just one there quot and hanging Upward.

2054403733 Complains by Guest,

Called Around a drug alcohol program

8882839021 Complains by Guest,

Debt Group for Clint

7174477736 Complains by Guest,

W W W this Individual with emphases calling that hes from American Law Enforcement scam calling my Occupation and my Dwelling yelling at my family watch Outside for this particular person

8033352859 Complains by John,

The card service scampers Will service your credit cards BUT when they End servicing them they can don't have any Accessible credit remaining. People which are fooled into having their cards serviced can be charged a Minimum of W. W and many times the Whole amount remaining on your card. That card service scampers are a disgusting group of degenerates who victim mainly on that low income and that elderly but can cheat anyone that they can.

8002800555 Complains by Leon,

That s your phone number for Hartford insurance.

8002725543 Complains by NJ,

A message was left from this number and it is Sallie Mae.

8002676101 Complains by Guest,


8002757014 Complains by Ivi,

Was it MS MC.

8002381326 Complains by Phyllis Day,

The Amount has called that last two times. Yesterday my husband answered your call and no just one would answer back. He Afterward Installed Upwards your Telephone . Later in your daytime they telephone back and I answered and kept saying Hi and got no response back. Now they called again and I replied it and a Female Inquired if the was Phyllis and I said yes. They then kept saying Hi Hi and your good bye and Put up. Something is not appropriate Around someone calling like that and request if this a certain person and Installed Upwards. What s Upwards with the.

8002595548 Complains by Sharon Caminiti,

Someone keeps coming on my account and it does matters when I 'm typing and drops pages Includes over what I looking at. I have been to Run and they seen many type of Making many type of programs that she feels which are causing these type of things. I 've altered three Telephones and two tablet and I cannot keep doing his. I 've a Experience it s my soon for become ex husband and I 'm Fearful of what he s up overly. Sharon Community

8000561515 Complains by mike,

WHO's is this

8002472262 Complains by Brian Sharpe,

Repeated requests to stop giving Trash faxes have gone unheeded time for some vigilante . . . . . .

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