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Telephone information: . Morin Heights, QC. . United states
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Post by Guest,

4502266109 've called several times. . . constantly your same . . . a recording telling you personally you are able to reduce credit card attention rate. . . . when you press one for Talk to an Representative to politely ask for become removed out of their calling list that agent immediately hangs Upwards. I 've gotten several calls of the nature. . . . not consistently from your same number. They always hang up and continue for phone.

Post by Charlie,

450-226-6109 This telephone Arrived into my number on Saturday day. I never reply phone numbers I cannot identify. There was no message but upon reading your messages out of those Additionally called who wrote to you I would Repeat that these callers demand to become dealt with. Could someone report the number and what is happening here to your Authorities in Quebec Laval etc. The needs for Quit right now. Having a Telephone Now is a risk to all of people and answering it is a dangerous Profession.

Post by Ontario Resident,

4502266109 ND call in 2 times. Saying could lower your own credit card speed to 6. 9 . The time I pressed 1 to hear what they had for say. Person on the line cannot speak very good English and that Telephone line keeps blanking Outside as if calling through VIP headset. Refused to reply me about what Credit card company and what number was he calling out of. I have now reported them to my CC Firms. Please Do not give this guy any Information. .

Post by scarborough area,

450-226-6109 Simply got the call too did not pickup no message left go ogled number linked on here thanks for Information overly 've a Panasonic phone and just blocked your number as nicely thanks

Post by Alicia,

4502266109 They Simply called. My roommate replied and decided to press 1 after the sh rind of that Vehicle express. She got through to your telephone Facility and yup you guessed it west indie Feature Man said she could lower the speed on her credit card. Well sucks for become him because 1 she dozen t own a credit card 2 she already knew Around the kind of scam 3 she was in a poor disposition. Let s just say it was a brief phone Lola

Post by Manitoba resident,

450-226-6109 Got a phone out of this Telephone number I let it go for your answering machine they Put Upward.

Post by PaulH,

4502266109 They called yesterday and did not leave a message.

Post by susansayshi,

450-226-6109 Recorded express telling me they could lower my credit card speed for as low as 6. 9 . Press 1 for speak with a live Representative or press 2 for get no more calls. Of path pressing 2 isn't a valid option.

Post by Canadian in Ontario,

4502266109 I frequently notice calls of questionable Foundation incl. the W Amount on my phone display. The ring Design is Distinct in the standard ring on my property line Telephone so I do not Select Upwards response. Your government s Canadian Anti Fraud Centre s Site for info about a wide variety of scams Additionally Contains a link to the Authorities s Little Black Novel of Scams HTTP Internet. . ca English recognize it. HTML

Post by Frank Yu,

450-226-6109 I got the telephone today. No message was left. I called back and got a Registered express saying after that customer s request the service has been temporally disconnected.

Post by BA,

4502266109 Not just can these scampers phone my home but Additionally they phone my workplace. You personally re correct if you personally don t reply and let it go for the answering machine they NEVER leave a message which is your own first clue that it s a telemarketer.

Post by Guest,

450-226-6109 ND telephone in 2 times. Saying can lower your credit card speed for 6. 9 . The time I pressed 1 for Notice what they had to say. Person on your line cannot speak really great English and the phone line keeps blanking Outside as if calling through VIP headset. Refused for answer me Around what Credit card company and what number was he calling out of. I 've now reported them to my CC companies. Please Do not supply this Man any Information. . Owner No Name giving only for save me 6. 9

Post by Gary,

4502266109 I overly got a telephone Set them on hold no message

Post by Guest,

450-226-6109 I am asking you personally politely to remove the telephone Amount from your own calling list. What ever it's or what each you are looking for or what ever You're selling we 're not interested thus this can be that last time I am asking you. . . It s rude annoying amp don t want you personally calling people anymore. . . or else I can report you for your you personally Supervisor for these annoying Telephone calls. . thank you personally amp good bye

Post by Guest,

4502266109 Registered express telling me they could lower my credit card speed for as low as 6. 9 . Press 1 for speak with a live Representative or press 2 to get no more calls. Of path pressing 2 is not a valid Alternative.

Post by Ontario resident,

450-226-6109 I Additionally received a telephone from the Amount on Feb W at 7 W pm. Press 1 for have my credit card attention rate lowered to 6. 9 or 2 to be removed from the calling list. I pressed 2 invalid option thus I pressed 1 and waited for a person to response. I will not telephone him a Guy but it was a male voice with busted English. When I repeatedly told him my current interest rate was 2. 9 and unless he could better that for remove me from his calling list. He informed me that his records did not indicate the thus I informed him that his records were wrong. At this point he said you believe you are able to play with me you are able to go f k yourself . Needless for state I laughed Outside loud and Put Upward.

Post by debbie,

4502266109 Merely got phone from 1 W W W went to response it hang Upward on me

Post by Midtown,

450-226-6109 'm in Toronto. Called Now at 7 W pm. Never answer a Amount along with not telephone display Owner Recorded. Bacall disconnected after 3 rings and no message. Your credit card rate scam is back Yet again.

Post by B Aware,

4502266109 These Folks call all your time at any hour. I got an inventory of Place Rules that they use in the different numbers and placed the list above my Telephone. Before replying I check your Rules and if it s among these Subsequently I let it ring. So Much I have recorded 6 Distinct Region Rules W W W W W W. I Picture there will be others. . . . . Absolute best of luck


450-226-6109 Slimy beggars trying for get Mother challenging earned quid. Offers of lower attention rates. Nonchalant observation It's been really quiet on my Telephone for a few times. . . until Now. There 've been 7 calls from scampers today along with 5 different telephone display Amounts.

Post by John,

4502266109 Consider becoming a phone blocking Unit Upwards to W and can do private unknown and Place codes or Telephone Approximately W Amounts . . You can Google them and many are Approximately W. W or thus. If its a cell Telephone many already 've call blocking if not there are free Programs on the web that will work for some. You can Google the. If you have a smart phone there surely is a free app called telephone control. IPhone Look for 've Applications Additionally. Another just one is called Mr. Number.

Post by Lis M in Mississauga,

450-226-6109 Simply got a telephone here let it go for VIM but no message. Thanks for your write up Anne. I agree it's Miserable that there are still people naive enough to provide these scam artists private Bank Information.

Post by Manitoba 1,

4502266109 Cheers for this info. I did t understand that I could block a number but now i have.

Post by John,

450-226-6109 That card service scampers May service your credit cards BUT when they finish servicing them they can have no Accessible credit remaining. Individuals which are fooled into having their cards serviced can become Priced a Minimum of W. W and many times that Total Sum staying on that card. Your card service scampers are a disgusting group of degenerates who victim Predominantly on the low income and that aged but may cheat anyone that they can.

Post by nick,

4502266109 So Bell is within on it.

Post by Guest,

450-226-6109 unwanted telemarketer call at House.

Post by Annoyed,

4502266109 I consistently reply these calls. I keep a log on telemarketers and a whistle beside each of my phones. Patricia called the afternoon. I pressed 1 for continue the telephone. A few guy replied Edward Edward Peculiar . I blew three blasts of my whistle into his ear. Phoning the ENCL never works. It is a government scam Offered for create people victimized by telemarketers feel as if the National Authorities is doing something Around your telemarketers. The government USN t doing a matter. Take Things into your own own hands People and NEVER Speak with them. Given them a whistle blast your sound of a loud siren in that History or a Venezuela. A Venezuela is a horn that the South African Basketball team fans used during the World Cup played within South Africa a few years ago when your home team scored a Target. It s deafening. Fight fire with sound. Sirens are Accessible at Canadian Tire. Whistles at Sport Assess or Diorama. Visuals. I don t know where you are able to get those.

Post by Guest,

450-226-6109 no Id of who Owner was

Post by Foo,

4502266109 Got a telephone from the W W W let it go to VIM no message left. Amount has called before never leaves MSG. Region code indicates Quebec . Go ogled caller notorious for credit card scam rude behaviour hangs Upwards when they feel threatened adding Amount to block list.

Post by John,

450-226-6109 You are able to purchase a Panasonic wireless phone which has a phone blocking Operate or a Individual call blocking device. The Panasonic Telephone we have can Provide Upwards for W Amounts newer ones or other Suppliers could possibly offer more space . After entering your number a simply Save process when they phone again your phone Bands once and that call is disconnected. Fantastic Characteristic. Great luck.

Post by HBGrn,

4502266109 I got that telephone today. Let it go to VIM. No message was left

Post by Shar,

450-226-6109 Only got a telephone offering lower credit rate. . I Installed Upwards appeared Strange for become becoming a record. . I go ogled that number and came Upwards along with the name zinc or something like that from Quebec. . Absolute scam don t autumn for it people.

Post by nick,

4502266109 Thus Bell is in on it.

Post by Ontario resident,

450-226-6109 I Additionally gotten a telephone out of this Amount on Feb W at 7 W pm. Press 1 for 've my credit card interest rate lowered for 6. 9 or 2 for become removed in the calling list. I pressed 2 invalid option so I pressed 1 and waited for a Man to reply. I won't phone him a gentleman but it was a male voice with busted English. When I repeatedly told him my Present interest speed was 2. 9 and unless he could better that for remove me from his calling list. He informed me that his records did not indicate the thus I informed him that his records were incorrect. At this point he said you think you are able to play along with me you can go f k yourself . Needless for state I laughed Outside loud and hung Upwards.

Post by Jacob Schmidt,

4502266109 For weeks on Finish we have been receiving calls about a credit card account we have never had. We always press 9 for become deleted out of their telephone list and they keep calling. It s disrespectful and we d like it to Discontinue. I talked to your live Man Now and he was rude and loud and refused to listen when I asked him for take people away the list. I told him I would report that nu sense calls and he Only kept correct on talking around my words. I vie asked to 've these two Amounts removed W W W and W W Thus now i m reporting this behavior. Cheers Jacob Schmidt

Post by clemintine,

450-226-6109 The Amount is Striving to scam your own credit cards by saying they will lower your interest rate. It was a man express sounded as he had a bit of Pakistan Foundation. Extremely rude once i called him Outside told me for go my self repeatedly Subsequently said Ok ill take you personally away that list cause i adore you personally and Installed up

Post by Janice H.,

4502266109 Quit Recalls. How you can Take Action Now video out of Customer Report Web site HTTP Internet. YouTube. com watch. v People union. org Finish recalls

Post by yup, just got the call.,

450-226-6109 Got that call on my phone show go ogled Arrived here blocked the Amount on my Panasonic phone permanently. . . . gotta love these phones.

Post by Linda L,

4502266109 Credit Card for lower interest rate. . . . . don t have a Credit Card

Post by John,

450-226-6109 That card service scampers May service your credit cards BUT when they Complete servicing them they can don't have any Accessible credit staying. Folks which are fooled into having their cards serviced will be charged a Minimal of W. W and many times that Overall amount staying on that card. Your card service scampers are a disgusting group of degenerates who victim Predominantly on that low income and your aged but will cheat anyone that they could.

Post by ron,

4502266109 These scampers also use your Amount W W W. That same man can constantly reply with your foreign accent. Yesterday he called and I hit 1 for Speak. . . as shortly as he Arrived online to Discuss I blew a whistle really loudly in his ear and Installed Upwards. I urge everyone for get that loudest whistle and blow it as hard as you can. Perhaps even get one of those atmosphere Drinks they use on Tennis courses. . . that can Damage there ears.

Post by Christine,

450-226-6109 On my telephone show. Missed it thus Only Assessed here first. Clearly a telemarketer of many kind.

Post by John,

4502266109 Consider getting a telephone blocking device up to W and can perform private unknown and area codes or phone around W numbers . . You are able to Google them and many are around W. W or so. If its a cell phone some already have phone blocking if not there are free Applications on the web that can work for a few. You can Google the. If you have a clever phone there's a free Program called phone control. IPhone Search for 've apps Additionally. Another 1 is called Mr. Number.

Post by Ed,

450-226-6109 It's pressing that you call people instantaneously for lower your own attention speed . . . press X now to speak to some live User . Live Agent. Ok so what button would I press for Talk for the . . . uh . . . other sort of Agent.

Post by Guest,

4502266109 The Amount called me offered lower attention rates on my credit card. . . seemed Odd. . I Installed Upwards.

Post by Big Bear,

450-226-6109 Got a call out of this Amount this p. m. When I told him my card was paid off he was very rude. Many Opening who could t speak the King s English. Put Upwards Actual quick. Bell and any other Company should cut their Telephone service. These are real scam artists Merely after your card ID. They should become reported for that Cops.

Post by Ontario Resident,

4502266109 I Additionally acquired a telephone out of this Amount on Feb W at 7 W pm. Press 1 for 've my credit card attention speed lowered to 6. 9 or 2 to become removed from your calling list. I pressed 2 invalid Choice so I pressed 1 and waited for a Man for reply. I won't call him a gentleman but it was a male voice along with busted English. When I repeatedly told him my current attention rate was 2. 9 and unless he could better that for remove me from his calling list. He informed me that his records did not Show the thus I informed him that his records were wrong. At this point he said you personally believe you are able to play with me you are able to go f k yourself . Needless to say I laughed Outside loud and hung Upwards.

Post by Guest,

450-226-6109 I live within Nova Scotch we acquired a telephone from W W W. I replied waited a few seconds and whoever called never said a word and hung Upward.

Post by Guest,

4502266109 Phone every daytime offering credit services

Post by Ontario Resident 2,

450-226-6109 We don t response numbers unknown for people. No message left.

Post by Csg,

4502266109 Cheers to these posts I m happy I did t reply that telephone I Only gotten out of this number.

Post by Mike,

450-226-6109 Credit card scampers. Reduce your rate by paying them. . . for nothing but your Identification Taken as they make bogus Costs with your credit card number. Don t fall with this but Sadly even if Simply 2 fall for it your crooks makes a killing.

Post by Guest,

4502266109 have asked for stop calling keeps calling re credit see and Additionally lurid Remarks.

Post by D. Brown,

450-226-6109 Ar en t the Panasonic Telephones with Owner block Excellent. . . . I adore mine. Because I have a business Amount Mother Bell won t offer me their call block thus I got that Panasonic Telephone.

Post by D. Brown,

4502266109 Ar en t your Panasonic phones with Owner block Fantastic. . . . I love mine. Because I 've a business number Ma Bell won t offer me their telephone block thus I got your Panasonic Telephone.

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8002329804 Complains by b,

me overly. . . it was Kirby

8002667557 Complains by Guest,

This number is a scam. I recieved a text from them, when I called back from another number they tried to get my personal information. Be aware of text and phone calls from this number. They could not give me a business name after they clamied to be starting a business.

8002567137 Complains by Jordan,

It s a Amount out of a Gal Flag Toyota auto Vendor in CA. Either North Hills or Van Nus I consider. . .

8002145316 Complains by Liang,

Calls our business repeatedly demanding payment on a Electricity Invoice. Threatened for Close off the gas after we told her no 3 Telephone calls After. Demanded sensitive company data from the employees. Absolute scam all of the accounts are Present and in great standing.

8002460709 Complains by Guest,

Leave a comment about that caller here

8001381417 Complains by proactive,

This is probably Nationwide Credit, a debt collection company. They are known to collect for Chase and American Express.  DID numbers come in blocks that are multiples of 20 sequencial phone numbers.  This number falls within a 20-number range of known Nationwide phone numbers.

8001993261 Complains by Tyiesha,

Your same thing happen to me

8002000200 Complains by reba,

this really is on line America group. they originally started that hint within Operations with me but after many Family crises and not enough info for me to base my Trust within the scam. I Inquired for a refund to my credit card and they told me Fundamentally that's how they create how their cash is made and Installed up on me. tell them no from your Begin.

8102352312 Complains by Jim S.,

Hi People don t answer any telephone you do not know. Period. If that call is on your Upwards and up they will leave a message and if it makes sense then phone back. Overly many scam artists Outside there. Report all numbers for your FTC FBI or anyone else Choosing a listing of these idiots. I hope that Feds are taking note of these Gripes on the Website. Time for shut them down and send Individuals for jail.

8002223334 Complains by Guest,

hi if you're calling about the RCS go to the address I'm pretty sure you already have it ,either way there's still a few of them no I'm sorry but they going pretty quick especially for that price I'm talking about 600 cars for$ 75 100 come on buddy from 30 RCS I think we're down to half of that better hurry

8045549534 Complains by Mitchell,

The Drug Administration Management is warning your People about criminals posing as DEA special agents or other law enforcement Employees as component of an international extortion System. Your criminals call the Sufferers who within most cases previously purchased drugs over that Web or by Phone and identify themselves as DEA agents or law enforcement officials from other Companies. Your impersonators advise their victims that Buying drugs around your Net or by Phone is prohibited and that Administration action can be taken against them unless they pay a great. Within most cases the impersonators instruct their Sufferers to pay your Excellent via Cable transport to some Given location Typically Offshore. If Sufferers refuse for send cash that impersonators Regularly endanger to Charge them or investigation their property. Many Casualties who purchased their drugs using a credit card Additionally reported Fake use of their credit cards. Impersonating a National Representative is a violation of National law. The public should be aware that no DEA Representative will ever contact members of your public by telephone for demand cash or any other type of payment. The DEA reminds that public for use Warning when Buying controlled substance Drugs by Phone or through the Web. It is prohibited to buy controlled substance Drugs online or by Phone unless really stringent Conditions are met. And all pharmacies that dispense controlled Material Drugs by means of your internet must be registered along with DEA. By ordering any pharmaceutical Drugs online or by telephone from unknown entities members of that public Hazard receiving unsafe counterfeit and or ineffective drugs out of criminals who Manage outside your law. Within addition personal and Fiscal info could become compromised. Anyone receiving a Phone call from a Individual purporting to be a DEA unique agent or other law enforcement official seeking cash should refuse that demand and report that Risk using your online kind below. Please include all Areas including most importantly a phone back Amount thus that a DEA investigator can contact you for Added info. Online reporting may Significantly assist DEA in investigating and Ending this Legal action. HTTP Internet. diversion. USDA. gov Bars press releases extortion's. HTML

8042469223 Complains by Guest,

Mom within law Chandon

8044781129 Complains by staff,

got the call around W am. Message was playing Around loan Upward to W thousand dollars. press 1 if want for Employ for that loan press 2 if no More interested. . . and needs for be removed. . . pressed 2 since I am not interested about any loan and I don t need for be bothered at work neither at my Residence. let s see what happens. . . . . . . . if they leave me alone or not.

8048436509 Complains by Jim,

Local Telephone Firm said that's a Fake message. . If your number was disconnected it would never ring you would Immediately get a message and their message always begins along with WE RE SORRY and continuously repeats itself. .

8102230131 Complains by PJ,

Definitely keep becoming calls from your same Amount. I m gonna response your next one and Merely Chaos along with them. They are spoofing their phone number for look like the Amount of a Set Bureau. They're Truly thieves who've either dug Upwards credit reports or located bills along with names on them and are going for try and can a few identify theft using those names. If you personally support your name and address they have all your Information they need.

8047817998 Complains by Billy,

I returned that telephone and it said. . . please enter that magic number You're trying to reach. . . .

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