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4503690477 Policeman. no reference

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450-369-0477 Unknown

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4503690477 I have obtained at least W calls from this number saying they Accepted a loan for me. I complied along with everything he said and they took money from me saying they Desired that first payment on that loan and Afterward I would get a direct deposit of your funds and it never happened. I spoke with a man named Candid and this can be a Tremendous scam. I understand I was Dumb and 'm Outside all my cash but I want for prevent the from happening to anyone else. I 'm in a situation where I needed that loan to pay your Book. They have a legit Web site and I notion it would become Ok.

Post by Jason,

450-369-0477 It s a school within Keller asking for money to Place your own logo or company name on their t shirts towels Ads etc.

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4503690477 Spam caller.

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450-369-0477 This Telephone Amount is Joined to a Fraudulent LOTTERY SCAM . . . Don't present them any of your own personal info and Don't deposit any checks they send you personally. . . that checks are NO Good. Your absolute best thing to do if you receive something with the Telephone number on it's for bring it to your own local police station to report the Fake Lottery Scam.

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8002850318 Complains by DJ,

I 've a charge of W. W on my credit card statement

8002545289 Complains by tresadavid,

poor habit . he has spoiled his life. he was doing BM in Bangalore . but because of his awful Behavior he was throw ft he School. now Additionally he is not Understood Around his life . brother please pray for my son AN AND DAVID WHO is now Huge. he not listening . he is great within Examined but have all Sorts of terrible custom . he has spoiled his life. he was doing BM within Bangalore . but because of his awful behaviour he was throw in the School. now Additionally he isn't Recognized about his life . brother i am a single Guardian my Partner has left me and got wedded for another christian Woman. i have 1 Girl who is doing W. i am working within a christian school within fresh Delhi . thus please pray for my son and tell me when god is going for touch him and would the Magic.

8002842324 Complains by chris,

the same Amount has called me. first it may show up as unavailable or Confined on my cell Telephone Owner id and then they can telephone appropriate back along with this number

8003001054 Complains by Edwin,

Adore IT. . . . . Green Tree are idiots and we nailed them for calling people on a Sunday. Excellent just one ANON

8002823958 Complains by Dissapointed,

Ditto and I was looking forwards for a free Vacation overly. . oh well

8002865500 Complains by Guest,

This may prays on kids

8002146094 Complains by Guest,

His name is Darwin smith he claims he knows me but I never met him before he States he knows my ex but he refuses to give me his real name or my thus called ex.

8002119878 Complains by Guest,

Do not know

8002068335 Complains by eracer,

screw these Pol

8002102580 Complains by Phillip,

Got a call from this number on my cell phone. Sounded like a recording in some foreign language. Very noisy also.

8002267413 Complains by LAMET,

HTTP Www. Buddhas. com collector pages . HTML Complex Credit Choices Aka Kingdom Retrieval Group Aka North American Tool Retrieval Aka Attorney Jason J. Forelock Attorney Rodney A. Offer Fresh York Corporations Supply Exposed HTTP Www. Buddhas. com offer W Hyde Park Blvd. Niagara Falls NY Phone W W W W W Fax W W W Might Be BANKRUPT Warning. Caution. Before you pay them any cash read this Head Debt Lovers Vincent C. Bianca Debt Collector Anthony Gambian Debt Collector Rodney A. Provide Attorney NYSE Pub Jason N. Farrell Lawyer NYSE Tavern W The guy is a NY politician see Give Exposed Component of the consortium of America s Worst Collectors. That names Shift within Buffalo each time it snows or a new judgment hits that courts thus it s easiest to Monitor them by your Present rent a Attorney. See Provide Exposed for your latest. Lawyer S Offer AND CARA FELLA SUED BY NY AG FOR USING Sewer SERVICE For Guarantee Standard JUDGMENTS. NY AG Includes Outside W W Default Judgments Against Consumers. on July W W W W W 'm Attorney GENERAL COMO SUES For THROW Out Around W W Defective JUDGMENTS Entered AGAINST Fresh YORK People In NEXT Phase OF DEBT Set Internet. Ag. state. NY. us dissenter W July Pd's W Suit. Pd's Law Companies and Collectors Named in Lawsuit for Failing for Correctly Notify New Yokes Being Sued for Owing Debtor Seeks for Vacate Over W W Faulty Judgments Statewide and Provide Restitution to Victims Fresh York NY July W W Lawyer General Andrew M. Como today Released his office has sued W law Organizations and two debt Lovers within New York State in purchase for throw Outside an estimated W W default judgments improperly obtained against Brand new York consumers. That is the latest Activity within Como s On-going Analysis into Illegal debt Group Methods. Allowing to that lawsuit filed Recently within Brand new York State Great Court Erie County the Businesses relied on a long Isle Business American Legal Procedure ALP to Alert New York consumers that they faced debt Linked lawsuits. ALP however failed to properly Offer consumers across your state with legal Forms causing thousands to unknowingly Standard and have costly judgments Joined against them without that opportunity to respond or Protect themselves. Within April of this year Como s Office announced criminal and civil cases against ALP and its owner William Single with this fraudulent business scheme. Today s suit is an Energy to Supply relief for that thousands of Customers facing costly Standard judgments as a result of ALP s unlawful Methods. That fit asks the court to vacate all Standard judgments secured against Fresh York consumers in Instances in which that Businesses 1 used ALP for Provide legal process within commencing a lawsuit and 2 that Companies are unable to Supply the court along with any Signs other than ALP s affidavit that proper legal service was made. Our legal system is defined by due process and your ensure that every Brand new York er will get your chance for defend his or herself in court said Attorney General Como. ALP s Plan undermined your foundation of this system and Refused thousands of People their daytime within court. Now s lawsuit is a key step in your efforts to uproot Illegal debt Group practices and undo your considerable Injury they inflict on Brand new York Buyers. ALP as a legal procedure server was Used by high volume debt Set law firms in Brand new York for Offer legal Forms Normally a summons and Criticism notifying People that they are being sued and must reply that Gripe. ALP however supposedly Participated in sewer service where process servers take edge of People facing lawsuits by failing to correctly alert them and denying them the chance to Answer. As a result tens of thousands of judgments were obtained against unsuspecting New Yokes many of whom first learned they were being sued when they found their bank Records frozen or their Earnings garnished. ALP covered up your fraud by falsifying sworn affidavits of service in courts across Brand new York. That law Organizations and debt Lovers sued Now Subsequently used these false affidavits to Get Standard judgments against NY Customers. Between January W and October W these law Businesses and debt Lovers Submitted more than W W lawsuits within each county in New York State with the vast bulk of your Matches being debt Group Activities. In a large percentage of the cases sampled and Reviewed the defendants never replied the lawsuit and that law Businesses sought and obtained default judgments from your courts. In seeking your default judgments the Organizations got use of ALP s fraudulent affidavits that Maintained the individual defendants had been given Right legal discover of your suits. For Fix ALP s widespread fraud on Brand new York s courts and People Now s litigation filed on behalf of the Honorable Ann Pf Chief Administrative Judge of that New York State Single Court System invokes that broad remedial powers Given to Fresh York s administrative judges for right improperly obtained default judgments. Within addition for seeking to vacate all of your Standard judgments where the sole evidence the defendant acquired detect of your suit is an ALP affidavit Now s lawsuit Requires the court to order the law Organizations and debt Lovers to Enlighten that Brand new York State Single Court System of each actions within which they used ALP for Function legal procedure and within which a Standard Ruling was granted Tell all the Events within those Activities of that existence of the lawsuit and their correct for become heard and Alert your court of amount of any Standard judgments Chosen within any of the relevant actions as nicely as whether your Person paid any Sum for satisfy that default Ruling. Additionally where a Standard judgment is Eventually vacated today s suit asks your court for direct that Right restitution be got to any Person who got payment on an improperly obtained Standard Ruling. The Attorney General s Office Rates the Typical Standard judgment totaled About 5 W. Carolyn Coffey an attorney with FY Legal Services a not-for-profit Company of free legal services in New York said Around and around again we see hundreds of the vulnerable Brand new Yokes the elderly handicapped and working Bad blindsided by Standard judgments within lawsuits that they never even knew Around until after that Instances were over. Your justice system is built on that basic premise that everyone has a appropriate to become heard in court before a Ruling could become entered against them and that debt Group law Organizations that engage within sewer service deny Fresh Yokes this essential right. FY commends Attorney General Como for Choosing these measures for remedy your devastating effects of sewer service and for sending that message for debt collection law Companies that they must abide by the Fundamental Conditions of due procedure. That law Businesses and debt collectors named in Now s match are Forster amp Gar bus Sharing and Lips hie Zirconium amp Phillips P. C. Solomon and Solomon P. C Goldman amp Competitions haw P. C. Altman Altman and Cooper Eric M. Berm an P. C. Stephen Einstein amp Associates P. C. Fabian and Contacts Jones Smith Lark within O Conn ell Pantries amp Pantries Lp Wicker and Contacts Rel in Gold stein amp Crane Woods Ovate Gil guy Schick amp Gretzky Hat Cap amp Landau Presser amp Presser Gaffe amp As her Mullen amp Anaerobe Arnold A. Aping amp Associates Slangier amp Affiliates Mann Bracken LC Smith Automobile road Levy amp Finked McNamara Lichen Titus amp Williams Thomas Law Office Fleck Fleck amp Fleck Eric Outrage Cohen amp Switz Gas Cullen and Damn Lp Winston amp Winston P. C. Cooper ErvIn amp Savage Gas Robert P. Roth guy P. C Gerald D. Descants Greater Niagara Holdings LC Rodney A. Present Sophisticated Litigation Services LC and Jason L. Farrell. Attorney General Como Additionally announced that as part of his ongoing Study into fraudulent procedure servers and debt collectors his Office is Ascertaining which other law Companies statewide relied on ALP for Function legal procedure on Fresh Yokes facing lawsuits. More than W such Organizations 've been identified to date and his Office is notifying those firms of its aim to Find for vacate any Standard judgments those Businesses 've obtained Established on ALP affidavits of service. The civil suit and Research is being handled by Assistant Attorney General James Morris and Associate Lawyer General Nathan Reilly within Line with Dennis Donnell George Dank ARC Androgen and Dan Brown of the Central Review Unit of that Fresh York State Good Court System. Debt Collectors Do not Want You For Understand This Information. Your INFORMED Consumer IS Your DEBT Lovers WORST ENEMY. Dealing along with Debt Collectors HTTP Internet. Buddhas. com start. homesteaded of Restrictions by State consistently Twice check Your own OWN STATE Government Site HTTP Www. Buddhas. com . directing calls out of Debt Lovers consistently double Assess Your OWN STATE Authorities Site Www. Buddhas. com record. humdrum Federal Trade Commission Site Fair DEBT Set Practices Work} Debt Set FAQs A Direct for Customers If you re behind in paying your own bills or a Lender s records erroneously ensure it is appear that you are a debt collector could be Calling you personally. Your National Trade Commission FTC the Country s Customer protection agency enforces the Good Debt Collection Practices Work} FD CPA which prohibits debt collectors out of using Violent unfair or deceptive practices for Accumulate from you personally. Under the FD CPA a debt collector is someone who Often collects debts owed to others. This includes Set agencies Attorneys who Gather debts on a regular basis and companies that buy delinquent debts and Subsequently attempt to Gather them. Here are many questions and answers Around your own rights Underneath the Work}. What Kinds of debts are covered. Your Work} Includes private family and household debts including money you personally owe on a personal credit card account an Automobile loan a medical Invoice and your own mortgage. Your FD CPA dozen t cover debts you Received to run a company. Could a debt collector contact me any time or any Set. No. A debt collector could possibly not contact you at inconvenient times or places such as before 8 in your morning or after 9 at night unless you personally concur to it. And Lovers may not contact you at work if they re told orally or in Composing that you re not allowed for get calls there. Can I stop a debt collector from contacting me. In case a collector contacts you about a debt you personally could desire to talk for them at least once for see if you can resoluteness that question even if you don t believe you owe the debt could t repay it instantly or think the collector is Calling you personally by error. If you determine after Calling that debt collector that you don t desire that collector for contact you tell the collector within writing to Quit Calling you personally. Here s how you can can that Make a copy of your own notification. Send that Initial by certified mail and pay for a return receipt so you ll become Competent for Record what that collector obtained. Once the collector receives your own notice they could not contact you again with two Conditions a collector could contact you to tell you there will be no more contact or for let you understand that they or that creditor Plan to take a Particular Activity like Processing a litigation. Sending such a page to your debt collector you personally owe cash to does not get rid of that debt but it should Cease the contact. That Lender or that debt collector still could sue you for Amass your debt. Can a debt collector contact anyone else about my debt. If an Lawyer is Signifying you personally Around that debt the debt collector must contact that Lawyer Fairly than you. If you don t have an Lawyer a collector could contact other Folks but just for find out your address your House Telephone Amount and where you work. Collectors Generally are prohibited from contacting third Events more than once. Other than to Get this location data Around you a debt collector generally isn't permitted for discuss your own debt with anyone other than you your spouse or your Lawyer. What does the debt collector have to tell me Around that debt. Each collector must send you personally a Composed validation detect telling you personally how Substantially money you owe within five days after they first contact you. This notice also must Contain your name of that Collector to whom you personally owe that cash and the way to Carry on if you personally don t think you personally owe your cash. Could a debt collector keep Calling me if I don t think I owe any cash. If you send that debt collector a letter stating you don t owe any or all of your money or asking for Evidence of the debt that collector must Quit Calling you. You might have to send that notice within W days after you personally receive that validation notice. But a collector could Start contacting you again if it sends you personally written Proof of that debt enjoy a Replicate of a Statement for your Sum you personally owe. What Methods are off limits for debt Lovers. Harassment. Debt collectors could not harass oppress or maltreatment you or any third parties they contact. For example they could not use threats of violence or Injury publish a listing of names of those who refuse to pay their debts but they can supply this information to your credit reporting Businesses use obscene or profane language or repeatedly use the Telephone for annoy someone. Untrue statements. Debt Lovers could possibly not lie when they are Attempting for collect a debt. For example they may not falsely State that they're attorneys or Authorities representatives falsely State which you 've committed a crime falsely symbolize that they Run or work for a credit reporting Business misrepresent the amount you personally owe indicate that Reports they send You're legal forms if they arena t or Show that Reports they send to you personally arena t legal forms if they are. Debt Lovers also are prohibited out of saying that You'll be arrested if you personally don t pay your own debt they ll seize Take attach or sell your property or Earnings unless they're permitted by law for take your Actions and Plan for do thus or legal Activity may be taken against you if doing so would become illegal or if they don t Plan for take the Actions. Debt collectors could possibly not provide untrue credit info about you personally for anyone including a credit reporting Firm send you personally anything that appears enjoy an official File out of a court or Authorities Bureau if it USN t or use a false Firm name. Unjust Methods. Debt collectors could possibly not participate within unfair practices when they attempt to Gather a debt. For example they may not try and collect any interest Price or other charge on top of that amount you owe unless your contract that created your debt or your own state law Permits your charge deposit a post dated check early take or endanger to take your property unless it can be done legally or contact you personally by postcard. Could I control which debts my Funds Employ to. Yes. If your debt collector is Striving for collect more than one debt out of you personally that collector must apply any payment you create to your debt you personally choose. Similarly important a debt collector could not apply a payment to some debt you personally don t think you owe. Can a debt collector garnish my bank account or my Earnings. If you don t pay a debt a Collector or its debt collector generally can sue you personally for Amass. If they Triumph the court will enter a judgment against you personally. That judgment states that Sum of cash you owe and Lets that Collector or collector for get a garnishment order against you personally directing a third Bash like your bank for turn over funds from your account for pay the debt. Wage garnishment happens when your own Workplace withholds component of your own compensation for pay your own debts. Your own Salaries Normally can be garnished only as your result of a court order. Don t ignore a suit summons. If you personally would you lose your option to fight a wage garnishment. Could National benefits be garnished. Many National Advantages are exempt out of garnishment including Societal Security Benefits Additional Security Income SIS Gains Veterans Gains Civil Service and National Pension and Impairment Advantages Service Members Pay Military Annuities and Children Gains Pupil Help Railway Pension Advantages Merchant Seamen Earnings Longshoremen s and Harbor Employees Death and Disability Advantages Foreign Service Retirement and Incapacity Advantages Compensation for Harm Death or Detention of Employees of U. S. Companies Outside that U. S. Federal Crisis Direction Agency Federal Catastrophe Aid But National Gains could become garnished under certain situation including for pay delinquent Fees alimony youngster support or student loans. Do I have any recourse if I believe a debt collector has violated that law. You have that right to sue a collector in a state or federal court within one year from your date your law was violated. If you win the judge can Demand your collector to pay you personally for any damages you can prove you personally endured due to your illegal Set practices like lost Earnings and medical bills. Your judge could Demand that debt collector to pay you Upwards to 1 W even if you are able to t Demonstrate you endured True damages. You personally Additionally can become reimbursed on your Lawyer s fees and court costs. A group of Individuals Additionally might sue a debt collector as part of a class action lawsuit and regain cash for damages up to W W or 1 percent of the collector s net worth Whatever Sum is lower. Even in case a debt collector violates that FD CPA within trying to Accumulate a debt your debt doesn't go away if you personally owe it. What should I can if a debt collector sues me. In case a debt collector files a litigation against you personally to collect a debt Answer for that lawsuit either personally or through your own lawyer by that date specified within that court Documents for Maintain your own rights. Where can I report a debt collector for an alleged violation. Report any Issues you have with a debt collector for your state Lawyer General s office Www. nag. org and the Federal Commerce Commission Www. FTC. gov . Many states have their own debt Set laws that are Distinct from the federal Good Debt Collection Methods Act. Your own Lawyer General s office could help you determine your rights Underneath your state s law. For More Data To learn more Around debt Set and other credit Linked problems visit Www. FTC. gov credit and My Cash. gov the U. S. government s Site for Fiscal Instruction. The FTC works for that Customer to prevent Fake deceptive and unfair company Methods within the Industry and to provide information to help Customers Area Quit and avert them. To file a Gripe or to get free info on Client issues See FTC. gov or telephone Cost free 1 W FTC HELP 1 W W W TY 1 W W W. The FTC enters consumer complaints into your Buyer Sentinel Network a secure online database and investigative tool used by hundreds of civil and Legal law Administration agencies within that U. S. and abroad February File Grievances along with Federal Commerce Commission HTTP Web. . gov Factorized. asp. Lang en Your own State Attorney General State Attorney General is every state they 've offices Link for all State Attorney General Websites Www. nag. org If you personally or they are located in NY use the Particular Link Www. Netball. com The special Web site was created by NY AG Toby Como particularly for reporting prohibited debt Group practices. HE S Cracking DOWN AND SHUTTING THEM DOWN. Also report your own calls and Connections with debt collectors at HTTP Www. Buddhas. com index. HTML If the Firm is listed under Companies report there. If not on the list Yet click on Watch list. and add to that list. You can also post here HTTP Internet. Lovers exposed. com Newsgroup index. PP. board 2. 0

8002140673 Complains by Steven Wolf,

Pleasant strive fellas. I 'm Steven Wolf. Appearance Upward your words FRAUD MISREPRESENTATION and LIBEL within Wikipedia. These terms will be good for know on your future. I did not Compose the post apologizing for your response. We have a running record of your fraudulent places Composed by . com and their Guardian corp Print Right Publishing Inc. We have been working with the police and Prices are being filed. Your info that they Compose within that places is Great evidence that they are your Experts because none of the info is right nor could it be substantiated and each additional post just helps us Assemble a solid case against this company. Your Florida Lawyer generals office has access to the IPA addresses out of which your posts are being Delivered. What we don t understand is how a Player can become thus negligent when committing fraud.

8002267625 Complains by Bookworm,

I did t even 've to give my number and they telephone me. They Arrived to my school when I was within Rank twelve. I graduated a couple years ago and I still get calls. It s freaking annoying.

8002256709 Complains by irritated,

wow. . . Merely from curiosity I typed the Amount into Google as they vie Additionally been calling me constantly for your last month or so Merely the remainder of these reports they never leave a message. . . except for one Case when all I heard was hello Hi. . . Hi. . Subsequently a click they vie called up to 5 times within one daytime. . . and they constantly telephone at least once a daytime. I m glad I Viewed the up. I NEVER answer W Amounts unless they leave a valid message.

8002072303 Complains by Jack,

The phone is a recorded message out of AT amp T stating you won W. That same Amount left message last week saying you won W

8002234567 Complains by joe battle,

what Around that W W W calls from Spencer. I figure she won t be getting your own vote either.

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