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2016-06-26 06:06:46
Phone telling me there surely is no Difficulty along with my credit card at this time but that I qualify for a lower attention rate on my card. Tells you to press 1 for speak to some live operator. I pressed 1 for look for Outside which card this phone was Around. They told me Charge and MasterCard. I told him which was vague what bank. He Recorded a few pursuit Bank of America. I told him I did t bank along with any of them and he Put Upwards instantly. Seems like a scam.
2016-06-26 05:31:09
free Vacation scan
2016-02-20 21:14:18
Shady text Result to an Advertising I posted on Grisliest.
2016-02-16 08:49:16
Barclay Juniper Banks Recovery
2016-02-16 08:49:12
I am within live Lola
2016-02-16 06:36:40
Hook me up
2016-02-16 04:52:38
I gotten 2 calls and they left 2 messages. Really hard for comprehend person who is leaving the message. They mentioned a Pals name and said your Buddy was being sued and I had to phone back before my name appeared on anything. I did not return your calls.
2016-02-15 21:03:47
that Man is Ge no he has several mental Difficulties he keeps calling and hanging up.
2016-02-15 17:45:36
I d like to know who has send me message
2016-02-15 17:34:48
Absolute waste
2016-01-23 16:42:24
incorrect number
2015-12-23 17:34:55
many person
2015-12-21 22:06:23
becoming text messages about Installing games
2015-12-20 16:53:00
Caller ID d them self as Mae Williams using an attorney s office. Claiming for need a message relayed to your Mr. Anderson whom we don't understand seeing a legal Dilemma coming Upward on Friday. Same Owner left same message around a month Past but the legal Dilemma was Assumed for have taken Put your next daytime.
2015-12-20 16:46:52
stop calling me
2015-12-20 14:15:30
Medical Statement debt collector.
2015-12-20 11:07:36
Choices Agency
2015-12-20 05:09:20
U dwelling in Amarillo
2015-12-19 19:38:06
Telephone is out of Litigation Mediation Group Lake worth FL. Other Related W W W W W W
2015-12-19 16:10:06
Set company

Phone list in area 475

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
4752350540My home number got called out of the Amount. When I answered it I heard a quot hello. quot and when I talked they Put Upwards or that line was cut away. . . Guest62015-11-04 17:16:21
4752430080Asserting now for be calling on Part of that Experts. Seeking donations and won t take NO for a reply. Guest482015-11-04 18:53:21
4752014535Master Plumbing amp Strain Cleaning provides plumbing drain cleaning and heater repair services for customers throughout your greater Stratified CT Region. Plumbing Contractors Service Plumber Popular Water Heaters Bathroom Remodeling PlumberMaster Plumbing & Drain Cleaning42015-12-14 20:34:17
4752000163he is speaking with no meaning and goal. uselessGuest12015-11-04 17:19:54
4752989390A few gal named Jenny keeps calling me from W WMrLegion52015-12-16 11:58:53
4752821632W W W is a SCAM number. Taking credit card scamGuest72015-11-04 21:05:21
4754227363The telephone was asking for Contributions for veterans and was quite Consistent. Was rude and did t desire for take no for a response even after I said I already create Contributions to your veteran fund. Guest132015-11-04 21:27:21
4755292186A Complete scam Around referring possible credit card customers for them amp Getting a Price . . . like W for W a month to Begin. Bottom line they were trying for get my credit card Information to quot sign me Upward to be a brand new sales person quot . Keep Seeking my CC account number as a quot Coupon code quot that seemed Simply above my name. When I refused he said quot I ll can 've for Direct your case to the Advertising dept amp then hung Upward. Both of your number that showed within that Owner ID were spoofed . . . W W W amp W W W gt gt gt callback got quot the Amount has been disconnected quot recording. Guest62015-11-05 01:48:21
4755550134another of the W numbers who hang upGuest262015-11-05 02:39:21
4752097152Won t stop calling my cell . Quite annoying. wiz62015-12-08 18:43:17
4752042071Spoofing callGuest12015-11-05 03:17:21
4759991086online Relationship spamGuest62015-12-14 08:11:12
4752097432payday loanGuest22015-11-05 06:42:54
4752351573Disagreeable Man who need to Cease calling meGuest82015-12-19 13:16:11
4752122727automated messageGuest822015-11-05 08:12:21
4754227290Significant accent claims for become with Us Treasury requiring appearance before Grand Court. Has to become scam Feds don t phone. Guest252015-11-05 09:23:21
4752985463I m doneGuest62015-12-16 19:02:07
4752273654Unwanted SolicitationGuest32015-11-05 10:14:21
4752230304did t leave messageGuest682015-11-05 10:17:21
4752230276Payday loanGuest292015-11-05 15:15:21
4752230318This can be Alison along with House protection Engineering. . . spamGuest72015-11-05 15:46:21
4752015166stalkerGuest12015-11-05 16:48:21
4752394904This Amount is no More valid. Guest82015-12-14 11:12:29
4754227112Magazine scam artists Only got magazine that I did not order they demand please help to be shut down and go to jailGuest222015-11-05 19:27:21
4752828565This Amount has been testing and harassing me. Guest12015-11-05 20:48:54
4752019928Scam Group co. Attempting to Accumulate on a W Year previous debt threatening court Actions when 7 tread is that limit. Attempting to get payment over your Telephone. . Don t would it. . . Guest32015-11-05 21:34:21
4752122743UnsolicitedGuest32015-11-05 22:43:21
4752097343Tex ted me on grisliest Advertising and was obviously a fraud. Said was in TX but USN t. Guest32015-11-05 22:45:21
4752019052jGuest62015-12-14 17:31:28
4755292779Annoying. Dozen t leave a message. Guest132015-11-06 01:58:21
4755086978don t understand who this caller is keeps asking for quot Check my information quot Does not provide name . Inquired not to telephone again and calls every daytime. Guest12015-11-06 02:42:54
4752356009met him within corner bar. he s marriedGuest52015-12-14 09:45:23
4752230290says I qualify for pay day loanGuest72015-11-06 03:45:21
4752020295Dint AnswerGuest12015-11-06 04:20:21
4752230267A Ignorant machine was Striving to 've a chat along with me regarding solar panels. I almost talked for it because no 1 else is talking with me right now Guest62015-11-06 04:54:21
4758651999I'm in live LolaGuest42016-02-16 08:49:12
4752273658all you personally here is one beep Subsequently nothing calls are made at nay time of day or nightgaetan92015-12-16 02:26:52
4752388025Time waster n cheapGuest52015-12-09 12:19:37
4752230329hang up callGuest282015-11-06 10:53:21
4752220750Quite rude. Striving for sell something. Guest62015-11-06 12:49:21
4752220751Google scamGuest62015-11-06 15:44:21
4752120002Calls and hangs upGuest72015-11-06 15:51:21
4755017080Unavailable at this momentGuest12015-11-06 18:28:54
4752725364TelemarketingGuest62015-12-14 12:10:48
4752273669Whoever this really is keeps calling from different Amounts within New Haven CT. Guest32015-11-06 21:56:54
4752380137I get this phone Frequently it's a scam and I called them back and let them understand as much. . another way for scampers to attempt and get ah old of your infoGuest162015-11-06 23:11:21
4752382299Got a text saying you can make W per day guaranteed using the cellular telephone. Click here to see how measure by step HTTP tr. I'm Millimeters text Quit op tout. thanks Guest22015-11-07 04:01:21
4752095718soliciting moneyGuest32015-11-07 05:09:21
4752273663Steady calls from similar Amounts. Guest32015-11-07 05:09:54
4752822692calling 3 times day. reported for don't call list. Within returning phone I get recording that the Amount isn't within service. Guest142015-11-07 06:58:21

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