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Post by dennis caad9,

4752430080 Have seen repeated calls on my Owner if with this . All arbitrary times of daytime. There surely is never a message left on the machine.

Post by erica,

475-243-0080 no message left

Post by 42ezra,

4752430080 W is a fresh additional Region code for cell numbers within CT. W and W are apparently filled.

Post by wantnocalls,

475-243-0080 My caller ID reported number as being from area. It is Sunday 6 PM they leave no message. I found them as receiving Amount of Remarks on this site with many Showing this is some type of charity so No call list problems do not Employ. If they are a charity this can be not the manner to would company hence I block your Amount take notice of your charity name amp would never deal along with them. I then share the info with my Pals thus they can block that Amounts before they get a telephone.

Post by Guest,

4752430080 Getting blank calls out of a few creeps at W W W

Post by Ima Pissedoff,

475-243-0080 Enjoy others have said Sunday night 7 PM WT is Upward along with that we have been seniors and retire earlier. This Amount is now blocked. Your P R I C K S are not valid they're criminals prying on previous Individuals I hope they Find them and cut their nuts away.

Post by Guest,

4752430080 CALLED Sunlight Nighttime 8 W ID quot UNAVAILABLE quot NO MESSAGE LEFT

Post by Chip,

475-243-0080 It is your American Veteran Support Foundation . I called that number back.

Post by Rich,

4752430080 Answered your call and breathed substantial. I think they liked it.

Post by Guest,

475-243-0080 Create them stop

Post by annoyed,

4752430080 called at PM Sunday. Caller id Derby CT . Left no message.

Post by GumbyG,

475-243-0080 CT has two brand new area Rules which Comprises W

Post by John,

4752430080 Place code W is a North American Phone Place code that covers that southwestern component of Ct and is overlaid with Place code W. The Place Rules stretch out of Connecticut s western Line along its southern coast to Madison and north to Meridian.

Post by Maddy,

475-243-0080 Phone came at 3 W Sunday afternoon UNKNOWN NAME on caller ID. Did t reply as I don t reply calls like this. No message left.

Post by senior,

4752430080 Don understand but a Standard scam miscreant who needs an Scratch they cannot receive

Post by bob b,

475-243-0080 Gotten a phone from the number on Sunday day at PM showing from Place even though I am near Derby and Bridgeport CT see above notes . No message was left.

Post by Charles,

4752430080 The callers from the ostensible number if it's real appear for have been Outside in force Today Dec. W judging out of responses above. My Unique call this Sunday evening came at 8 W. Did not answer and did not let machine answer. I hope these pests and likely scam artists 've a lousy Christmas.

Post by Guest,

475-243-0080 Answered call nobody on another Finish. . .

Post by Maddy,

4752430080 Call came at 7 Sunday Night W W . UNKNOWN NAME on caller ID. I did t response as I don t answer these types of calls. I was Rather surprised for find it Arrived out of within my state of CT.

Post by Guest,

475-243-0080 Calls constantly and hangs Upwards. Super annoying and creepy.

Post by Richard,

4752430080 Calls and no message

Post by joann,

475-243-0080 called 8. W Sunday niter i answered no 1 Discuss then called it back a guy answered Subsequently Installed Upwards stop calling me Owner id said derby ct.

Post by rick,

4752430080 another fluted buckler scamming pretending for be a charity never answer a call out of someone you personally dint understand it Only verifies that your own number is active if you personally get too many you may have for disconnect your answering machine for a while

Post by Guest,

475-243-0080 Phone amp hang Upwards when machine answers have been calling for months now we 're also on DC list and nothing helps

Post by Guest,

4752430080 They call and hang Upwards when you response. I seen a news Application where they need you personally to telephone them back for what intention I don t Recall. Do not phone back. Don t open Pandora s Carton variety of speak. That is what they want. Your own first instinct could become to telephone back to see who it was. And it is not out of CT Only Spoofed to appearance like it Arrived from CT. Generally out of your Country.

Post by SD,

475-243-0080 Your don't telephone registry works but scampers don t care. This number is a scummier Attempting to get your info. They randomly Face numbers until they connect to someone.

Post by Guest,

4752430080 Spammer you are able to t telephone it back. k

Post by Guest,

475-243-0080 block your number

Post by Guest,

4752430080 A man with a very significant Highlight quot calling out of technical dept quot got a very creepy feeling from him. . .

Post by Guest,

475-243-0080 Did t reply did t leave message. Overly awful the type of called can t become Ceased .

Post by Rick,

4752430080 Wow. Does being a Entire create you feel all bright and Excellent. You could have got your own point without being a jerk.

Post by Guest,

475-243-0080 Asserting now for become calling on Part of your Masters. Seeking Contributions and won t take NO for a response.

Post by Rich,

4752430080 Matters to consider from your National Trade Commission when a hero charity tries to bully or guilt Vacation your wallet open . . . . Charitable Solicitations for Vet amp Military Acquaintance Www. Customer. FTC. gov articles W char . . . litre families excerpt . . . . not all charities are valid A few are sham operators whose only goal is for make cash for themselves. Others use paid fundraisers whose fees eat Upward most of a donation so quite little of it is shared with those in need. . . . . Recognize that the words Experts or military People within an organization s name don t necessarily mean that Experts or your families of active Work Employees may advantage in the cash You're donating. . . . . . Other examples of a hero charity Comprise alleged Authorities and firefighter organizations. So called breast cancer fund drives also share the umbrella of survivor hero pitches. War Expert and breast cancer Look to be your two most popular Groups of fraudulent charity. Always Recall that not-for-profit is a tax Type not a Representation of where cash goes. You are likely for locate that most if not all charity calls are placed by a commercial fundraiser such as Associated Community Services Switch America Donor Attention Center Donor Services Group Harris Direct Horizon Promotion Cut Insight Televises MD'S and Telephoned. These and other telephone Facilities to varying degrees are normally Related to charity fraud by gulping down half or more of collected funds and working for thus called charity clients which exist Mostly to Improve their owners. As commercial Things hired call centers are Anticipated for honor an internal no telephone list and add any Amount upon request. Break that purchase the FTC declares and the telemarketer could possibly become Topic to some Great of Upward for W W. They could Additionally become spanked for excess telephone abandonment and calling outside default hours. Because your amounts collected are Fairly small these call Facilities are Fairly motivated to repeatedly hassle you. Your worst of that industry may Refill a Contributor multiple times a year preferring forgetful and easily broken victims. Most if not all such phone Facilities presume that your no call order when given verbally or by Crucial press conveniently Ends when a Customer s Plan ends. In comments from November W and June W Associated below I vie Reviewed simple measures I took for rid myself of a Important pain fund raising boiler room by politely rubbing its face within federal laws. You may notice that I never rely on verbal stop communication demands. HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W 7 HTTP notes. com forum ta beef air P

Post by Guest,

475-243-0080 Another hang Upward. Exactly why can t these people be Ceased. Sunshine nighttime . Your minute them hear record they hang Upward USN t there a law against this. There should be a law against this. .

Post by Guest,

4752430080 Did t answer. Hang up. No message left.

Post by GumbyG,

475-243-0080 CT has two brand new area codes which Contains W

Post by Guest,

4752430080 Spam

Post by Rick,

475-243-0080 Wow. Does being a Entire create you are feeling all clever and Outstanding. You personally could have got your own point without being a jerk.

Post by Guest,

4752430080 They hang up

Post by SD,

475-243-0080 Your don't call registry works but scampers don t attention. This Amount is a scummier Striving for get your info. They randomly Call Amounts until they Link for someone.

Post by GumbyG,

4752430080 CT has two new area codes which Comprises W

Post by Guest,

475-243-0080 Did t reply. No message left

Post by Guest,

4752430080 Spam. . Leave me alone. Annoying.

Post by Guest,

475-243-0080 A creepy scummier out of CT

Post by missy,

4752430080 Received telephone from this number at 7 W p. m. on a SUNDAY night. . . Did not response no message was left. Caller ID said Unknown Name .

Post by Cnels,

475-243-0080 What a waste. These morons phone Sunday Night then hang Upwards when we actually answer.

Post by Mecka,

4752430080 Additionally no message left

Post by bob b,

475-243-0080 Gotten a telephone from this Amount on Sunday day at PM Displaying out of area even though I 'm near Derby and Bridgeport CT see above notes . No message was left.

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8002341661 Complains by Kall,

No caller ID is Generally not family and not a Pal.

7795372408 Complains by Guest,

June 6 9 PM. Acquired text message quot Winery quot numerous incoming calls along with no response your few times I would pick up continuing 4 times after receiving your text.

8182913559 Complains by Mai,

I keep becoming the same MSG along with different Amounts. Located along with another another Amount it s a scam. Dint know how you can block this. . . Buddy s name Urgent to telephone National Lawyer Service on a Sensitive issue Lame Poe UN sun for mu Delgado AL 1 W W W Leave Case W Please help for block the number

5025388836 Complains by Guest,

keeps calling

7817424768 Complains by Guest,

Not receiving calls at that Second you can leave a message if you wish

8042731121 Complains by T,

located the info Mortgage Outre Inn slake Dr Glen Allen Va W W W W W

3018860102 Complains by Guest,

States for become the Irs calling tho your vim is cut away at the beginning of your vim. Rec d 2 calls vim s today on my company Telephone never mentioned who they're calling for. Irs NEVER calls taxpayers I understand that for a fact this can be a scam. . . . . . . BEWARE. Acreage property Telephone line within Annapolis.

4022286930 Complains by Guest,

Called at midnight left no message Afterward hung Upward.

2534261711 Complains by Guest,

9015029276 Complains by Karst er,

No message did t reply Rob telephone.

4805502986 Complains by Guest,

good bye

2406727627 Complains by Me!,

Caller ID Indicated "Wireless Caller" ... I answered on the 2nd ring. I was greeted by a recorded message: "Hello!  We are not available now but if you'll leave your Name and Number....." I hung up at that point!What a Moron; he calls to inform me I should tell him who he called! ... No cure for Stupid!The same number immediately called again. ... This Moron will never be answered again. An obvious SCAMMER!

2063312278 Complains by errrrrr,

who is it do i Discontinue future calls

3367255364 Complains by Guest,

Don t know

8186028916 Complains by John,

Ace Industrial Supply - relentless scammers. They're always "liquidating stock" and want to give you all kinds of great bargains. Read all over the web: they're NO BARGAIN. Inferior goods, outrageous shipping costs, etc.Today they called us from this number (520-547-0996). In the past they've called from 818-252-1981. Other numbers found on the internet: 816-500-3978, 527-795-2394, 520-256-1541,520-881-9982, 520-795-2249, 818-252-1981, 360-705-9133, 214-379-7161, 818-237-3547

4107649590 Complains by jules,

I have a neurological disorder and therefore have an unlisted number.  Very few people can call as I cannot be understood any longer.  I hope this is not a bill collector as they phoned me at 8:30 pm pacific standard time.  I believe 10:30 (?) this area code time.I would like to know if anyone can tell me if this is a business?  Private person?Thanks for the help.

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