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Post by bob,

4754227112 I vie been scammed before and within your procedure of Attempting for rid of these Publications that I dint even read Around. But I know I 've awful credit due to these Individuals and Merely desire it to end anyone got any info or Changes. I got a phone Recently on 1 W W and they are Attempting for milk me even more for W. W for W months and they Offered me the bull crap you personally on the Restoration already when I undoubtedly didn't desire it.

Post by Matt,

475-422-7112 I overly was just one that dropped to the kind of scam. Paid out your a for get them to Discontinue service but that Merely meant my number has been pimped Outside for all of the other groups. Now when they call I may either politely tell them that I shouldn't be receiving any Journals or Merely screw with them a little by using loud noises on that telephone acting enjoy I m someone else or something else enjoy that.

Post by Guest,

4754227112 Nothing. Empty telephone then a hang Upwards.

Post by irene,

475-422-7112 I Merely need for Cease the harassment

Post by TW,

4754227112 They ring and when you personally answer the phone no just one Solutions it says send box is not empty.

Post by Bd,

475-422-7112 Got a phone from this number. Did not answer. I have motive for believe it's readers club House office. They 've been pestering me for awhile now. They attempt to scam you out of money. I blocked most of the Amounts they telephone from but now they are using fresh ones apparently.

Post by Terpmom,

4754227112 My son Additionally dropped because of this scam about 3 years Past . . . within an Work to Discontinue the pain he made a single Closing payment but there's no way to Quit your Journals so each month they go right from your mailbox for your re cycle bin. Right before Christmas I happened for around hear him getting ready to give his credit card Amount again but was I was able for intervene before he Completed. He was told the money he had already paid was just for that first half of a W month Deal. I took that Telephone and Inquired what else he could potential owe after paying 1 W. . . . . . . . I was informed that the Business did t even 've a Strategy for that much cash thus I Required info become mailed for people . . . still waiting. Since Subsequently my son has received 3 other calls and has on all 3 Functions got it very clear he was cancelling his membership and never Needed any more Journals from them. Each time he was told that his account was shut and that his name was removed out of their Information base. Think who called this morning. . . . Is it worth calling your BBB. Could they would anything to help.

Post by Penny,

475-422-7112 I got scammed into your magazine matter so ashamed of allowing that for occur in the first place by a Business called reading America. . . I Truly have your First paperwork they Delivered in your mail 3 years ago. . I paid damn close W because of this crap and idea I was done along with them. . . Even spoke to your quite Pleasant Man who did t harass me and Guaranteed for get me off the phone list . . . I Haydn t acquired a call in 2 years until about a month ago a woman calls me from this Amount stating that my Restoration was coming Upwards and I told her no thank you. . . she Subsequently Delivered me to your Supervisor who attempted to convince me that I still owed W more months of W. W. . . Mind you personally I haven t paid anything for them since W when that Man called. . . she then tries to tell me that so e Individuals take time off out of Funds and that's Really what I did. . . Mum no not true thus I told her to send me that original contract and that I would t pay a single Dollar until I had it. . . Needless to say I haven t gotten it in the send. . . But enjoy I said I 've that original order stating that I will just pay W. W for W months and nothing else for your Rest of your service some of that mags are for 5 years . . . . Fortunately my credit card Information has changed since the last time I paid so they could t charge me without me knowing . . . . Oh and the address for reading America is P. O box W Atlanta fa W

Post by Guest,

4754227112 Magazine scam artists Only got magazine that I did not order they need please help to be shut down and go for jail

Post by L.H.,

475-422-7112 I found a phone on my cell Telephone from this Amount. Did not know they called until now but don t know this Amount anyway and I don t answer Amounts I don t Understand. I don t belong to any Readers Team if this is truly that Amount of 1 and will not fall for any scam of theirs.

Post by Marcie,

4754227112 Additionally I told both callers that I do not get Publications hoping they may stop sending them and calling. I could t get it through their heads that I am not being billed for that Journals. Most Pol give your entire Amount for Evidence. At that point they Begin billing them W. or more peer month. Pol demand to understand that they should telephone the cc company describe the Difficulty and have that card Ended and a new just one Given. It's your only manner for protect your own credit. Also report it for your DC list. If enough Pol do the that Authorities should Cease them.

Post by tired of it,

475-422-7112 been receiving several calls from this Amount but they never leave a message.

Post by RRB37091,

4754227112 Another Fated added to my rejected phone list 1 W W to go . . I don t even 've any magazine Subscribers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Carmen,

475-422-7112 I just acquired a phone from the number same Storyline calling to see I 'm getting my magazines okay. When I asked which Journals they were referring for they stated that for Seclusion Applications they could not tell me the until I Tested data. Then your Owner mentioned that the Publications were on Automobile renewal and that when I Needed to stop that I needed to verify my data. I went so far as for verify my address Subsequently he asked me to Confirm my age and then I knew for certain that they were fishing for data and realized that I understand darn nicely which Publications I get and that none are on any type of auto Restoration so I ended the talk. Definitely they're Upward for something nefarious and they were excessively obscure about who they were Signifying. If You're on the don't call registry report them I did.

Post by Dawn,

4754227112 They phone and request your personal information including your card Amounts to Confirm that they 've that right information for End . Bull I never ordered any magazines for Start with. They have been calling me for months out of several Distinct Amounts this really is Merely your Latest Amount. Please don t fall because of this. NEVER provide your own private data to anyone on your phone enjoy this.

Post by Marcie,

475-422-7112 Additionally I told both callers that I don't receive magazines expecting they may Discontinue delivering them and calling. I could t get it through their heads that I 'm not being billed for that Journals. Most Pol offer that whole Amount for verification. At that point they start billing them W. or more peer month. Pol demand for know that they should telephone the cc company explain the problem and have the card cancelled and a brand new one issued. It is the just manner to shield your credit. Also report it to your DC list. If enough Pol would this that Authorities should Quit them.

Post by Guest,

4754227112 magazine scam artists

Post by Terpmom,

475-422-7112 My son Additionally dropped for this particular scam about 3 years Past . . . in an Energy for Discontinue your pain he made a single final payment but there is no way to Quit that Publications thus each month they go appropriate from the mailbox to your re Period bin. Right before Christmas I happened to around hear him getting Prepared for present his credit card Amount again but was I was Competent for intervene before he finished. He was told the cash he had already paid was simply for that first half of a W month Understanding. I took the Telephone and Inquired what else he could possible owe after paying 1 W. . . . . . . . I was informed the company did t even 've a Strategy for that Considerably cash so I requested info become mailed for people . . . still waiting. Since then my son has acquired 3 other calls and has on all 3 occasions got it really clear he was cancelling his Account and never wanted any more Journals out of them. Each time he was told that his account was shut and that his name was removed from their Information base. Think who called the morning. . . . Could it be worth calling your BBB. Could they would anything to help.

Post by nancy rs,

4754227112 I vie been having Difficulties for years with these Individuals and I get Around a dozen Journals a month. But I constantly tell them I did t purchase and 'm not paying for them and hang up. Your first time I dropped for your call where you try to End but they Strategy you into saying that Reverse then charge your own credit card. I called your number on the card and told them to take it off Subsequently called my credit card co. and got a new card. I m still becoming Short tons of magazines and I m still not paying and no threats from them. You Simply have to sound firm but not furious. Like you understand your rights. I am going for report to attorney General.

Post by GL,

475-422-7112 I Decided up that phone. Turns out they are Correlated with the magazine scam circle. If you might have ever fallen victim for among them that was me three four years ago they can circulate your information to other Firms and try to get you for Restore. The time they stated that I 'm on their automatic Restoration for your next five years unless I explicitly state I don't want a Repair. Then they ask you personally to support your own address credit card number last four Numbers of Societal. . . Yep. click Merely don t bother. Within your previous I ignored other Firms that tried to get me for Restore. Thus this 1 should become no different. My subscription in the ordeal three four years Past is coming to an Finish thus I sent Outside E-mails for all that Connected magazine Writers to not renew my order Notably if it was requested by an external source. Regularly times your Editors will Only direct you personally correct back to the scam circle for billing Requests. What a headache.

Post by Dee,

4754227112 'm receiving Around 1 call a week from the number asking me Around my magazine service. They 've an very old address of mine on file out of almost W years ago. I vie never had a magazine service so I don t know how they acquired my data. I asked them for take me off their calling list and your guy said that in order for him for would he needed for verify my address phone number social security number and credit card information. I 've now said no between 6 7 times. I have attempted for file a Grievance with BBB but because I don t have an address for them I could t. It s seriously ticking me away.

Post by ELAINE,

475-422-7112 They phone each half hour eventually got Insane and Decided up your call no just one there

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6783650160 Complains by Guest,

block it.

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7787093306 Complains by Guest,

I acquired a bank check for 4 W. W from Chart Finance Company drawn on USS Activity Inc. W S. Service Road A Jamaica NY W. Their notification said I had won W W. within that Lottery Office. They supply a claim Amount and a Dale Watson State Representative along with a Telephone number W W W. The connected check was Guess to pay that taxes on the W W. Yeah right. . . Do I look for Outside if this can be real or not.

3343100987 Complains by Guest,

She has scam me and took my money

8666201302 Complains by Guest,

Called 8 W am

2167120066 Complains by Guest,

Spam six

2562701554 Complains by Guest,

Fraud Guarantee Given. Turning that paperwork into that United Previously mentioned Authorities due for his fraudulent task.

9155462000 Complains by Guest,

county number

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8595126725 Complains by Guest,

Gotten an extremely rude text from the number

9514918810 Complains by Guest,

Would not declare it was a sales telephone.

7205062911 Complains by Guest,

wireless security system spam

8003610152 Complains by Rickster,

This can be a Legitimate Telephone telephone out of BC making certain that transactions which you are Properly making are actually coming from you. That is Outstanding security protection out of BC

9175731024 Complains by Guest,

Two text with free iPad scam.

9733279513 Complains by Guest,

The ROB call left a message identifying itself as being out of quot Diversified Health Services quot a quot debt collector quot . I have blocked this Amount W W W Nonetheless they can most likely Alter numbers amp phone again.

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