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Post by Alex,

4754227290 These Folks are from India using a Kickback phone system through your Internet. That s why it s not easy for that U. S. Or that Telephone Firms to Quit them. They Merely keep becoming a Kickback

Post by Guest,

475-422-7290 Its begins out as a recording .

Post by Guest,

4754227290 Voice message stating ignoring the phone can be an intentional federal criminal violation executed by that Us Treasury. I do not 've any outstanding dilemmas along with the People Treasury

Post by Annie,

475-422-7290 Nobody can do anything at the present time. That callers are hard Key Indian and Pakistani scummier extortionists so that as such beyond the reach of Us law. Local authorities do small if nothing to Discontinue your illegal phone Facilities. Invest in a telephone blocker.

Post by You are what you do,

4754227290 Yes I got a phone along with message left on answering machine repeating three times for have your same message as that preceding caller in the nature with if you personally do not call back You're in serious situation for indictment type of Waste threatening. Your Owner is like a pest skunk and put themselves as sub human condition when they carried Outside such acts to other people within the lives. They forgot each Actions they take for scam other people is from their pick of use their energy for create Bad Results within their own lives. I hope they see that danger within themselves for create such dark Bad Juice in their own lives. They can simply cause harm to themselves when they allow themselves for corrupt their own Heart and soul for commit such Work}. I seriously Expect they wake Upward to their own conscience for Quit such bad acts toward others to cause back fire within their own body thoughts and spirit. it can get rotten Indoors the self. There surely is no positive and healthy vigor entering that body thoughts and spirit when they can these Functions within that universe for anyone. . . Your more anyone keep doing terrible acts for others that worse it will be to their own body head and spirit. And which is your real TRUTH in life. You become what you personally do repeatedly. . Take this as a great warning Charlie Martin or whatever your own name is within real life and would yourself a favor for believe over again what you do.

Post by Guest,

475-422-7290 2 calls so far today. Its a recorded message saying something Around an enforcement Activity against me by the People Treasury. If I don t telephone back I ll maintain serious trouble. How do I stop these spam calls.

Post by Not her,

4754227290 Since this number was spoofed that's most likely an Simple Bash. These slime Pets are Normally located in India Thus the accents and that inability for real Americans for comprehend them.

Post by lori,

475-422-7290 These Men called my house 4 times within 2 hours. Finally they left a message about being with the Us Treasury. First the People Treasury will not call you personally. They would send you personally a certified correspondence. I hope no 1 falls for this scam.

Post by frank,

4754227290 I just got the call and I called appropriate away and that same Individual that called me reply my telephone. This really is a SCAM

Post by vicki,

475-422-7290 Got the same call from David Martin twice within an hour. Talked about an Administration Actions against me. He said if I did not respond Actions would become Chosen by a grand Court.

Post by Annie,

4754227290 Nobody may do anything at the present time. The callers are difficult Key Indian and Pakistani scummier extortionists so that as such beyond your reach of Us law. Local authorities would small if nothing to Quit your illegal telephone Stores. Invest in a call blocker.

Post by frank,

475-422-7290 I Only got this call and I called correct away and that same Man that called me answer my call. That is a SCAM

Post by Guest,

4754227290 Heavy Highlight States to be with People Treasury Demanding look before Grand Jury. Has to be scam Feds don t telephone.

Post by Alex,

475-422-7290 These people are from India using a Kickback phone system through that Web. That s why it s not simple for the U. S. Or that phone Businesses for stop them. They Only keep becoming a Kickback

Post by jim,

4754227290 I got your same call evidently they cant afford Good Gear. if That Government was looking for you personally it would be in Composing.

Post by Guest,

475-422-7290 This can be a scummier caller located in Bridgeport CT to become reported to Experts. Do not listen to caller.

Post by Not her,

4754227290 Don t trust TELNET. . I go ogled my own number and was Delivered for it. It shows a woman on a different road. I have had my Telephone number for W years. .

Post by Debra,

475-422-7290 I Only got the call overly same matter. Sounded enjoy he was talking underwater. Cops said to ignore. I vie been becoming bogus calls on my cell Telephone but they don t leave a message. So annoying.


4754227290 These People are a pain within a . We get at least 2 calls a daytime from these idiots . I wish there was a manner for people for intrude on their privacy as they would to people.

Post by Guest,

475-422-7290 Sounds like a someone trying to get you personally for supply them a credit card number.

Post by Bob (as well),

4754227290 Guy my name is Chad I got your same phone and I got it around 2 hours ago as nicely. Maybe these People Simply wanna Chaos with people named Chad.

Post by Not her,

475-422-7290 Don t trust TELNET. . I go ogled my own number and was Delivered for it. It shows a woman on a different street. I 've had my Telephone Amount for W years. .

Post by jim,

4754227290 It very nicely could become one of the Change appearance up services making annoying calls to get Individuals pissed off enough to want for look for Outside who these are. same as before called 3 times today but finally left a message maintaining jihad.

Post by Not her,

475-422-7290 Don t trust TELNET. . I go ogled my own number and was Delivered for it. It shows a woman on a Distinct road. I 've had my phone Amount for W years. .

Post by Guest,

4754227290 Says it's a ND Test seeing a criminal violation and a magistrate charge. Had English accent. Says I must Search before a magistrate.

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6783650160 Complains by Guest,

block it.

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7787093306 Complains by Guest,

I acquired a bank check for 4 W. W from Chart Finance Company drawn on USS Activity Inc. W S. Service Road A Jamaica NY W. Their notification said I had won W W. within that Lottery Office. They supply a claim Amount and a Dale Watson State Representative along with a Telephone number W W W. The connected check was Guess to pay that taxes on the W W. Yeah right. . . Do I look for Outside if this can be real or not.

3343100987 Complains by Guest,

She has scam me and took my money

8666201302 Complains by Guest,

Called 8 W am

2167120066 Complains by Guest,

Spam six

2562701554 Complains by Guest,

Fraud Guarantee Given. Turning that paperwork into that United Previously mentioned Authorities due for his fraudulent task.

8049773205 Complains by sheeki,

This crappie is Fully fake hell if Mr Green Connections you tell him to eat and your calling the cops

9166346824 Complains by dahir,

Hello i was Striving for contact you can you personally please call me back on

7024727109 Complains by Guest,

Don t leave no message. . . . . . .

8635825934 Complains by Guest,

who is this.

9049559970 Complains by lucy,

W Second Telephone call

9142144212 Complains by Guest,


8002823458 Complains by Miss C,

This number (443) 957-3749 called me at 10:40 est p.m. and they had a spanish accent and told me that they had an IRS refund of $2000 for me and asked me for my address so he could send it to me.  I looked it up and the phone number originated in Maryland as a wireless number.

9732735000 Complains by Guest,

2 calls and your DEA had no Thought of what I was calling them back about.

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