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Telephone information: Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless. Ozark, AR. Franklin. United states
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4792133492 TWIT. Playing games

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479-213-3492 Child starts calling around 9 W keeps calling every W Minimum and that. If I don t pick Upwards he leaves ugly express mail. Child said his name was Bob sounds enjoy he s about 6 years old.

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4792133492 the number provide virus.

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479-213-3492 Your entry last month has WON. Go for Goal Success. com and enter your own winning code W for State your FREE 1 W Goal present card within hrs Text message spam.

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4792133492 they said they were someone they Warren t and 've been Assessment me

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479-213-3492 This can be that given on a SPAM E-mail along with really questionable requests for products

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4792133492 LONG RUNNING AND Understood SCAM ALL Over Web AND NEWS Fake Debt Lovers Terrorizing People HTTP acne's. go. com Business Narrative. id W amp page MORE ON FAKE DEBT Collectors HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W HTTP Www. . com collocation W detail. Www. helpful. com newsletter W W. Web. consumer matters. com news's W W . HTML latest release of info on this scamp Web. Fargo. gov . crematory General Darrell McGuire took your amazing step today of warning your People Around a band of scam artists making threats for Buyers who allegedly obtained Web payday loans in West Virginia and across the Land. Your People they endanger never obtained a loan at all or paid it off years Past. Internet payday loans are short duration loans or cash advances Generally for W days made around that Internet via Fun web Websites and Procured by an Arrangement authorizing debits of the loan and all fees owed in the consumer s checking account. These loans Generally charge interest rates Starting from W W APR and are unlawful in West Virginia. Your scam artists who speak English with a foreign Feature phone themselves U. S. National Bank National Investigation Business United Legal Processing and numerous other phony names. They refuse for reveal real names and addresses and are Considered for become operating away the grid from Houses Vehicles or from off shore locations or foreign States including India. Since the scampers 've kept themselves purposely well hidden thus Way no law enforcement agencies 've succeeded in locating or shutting them down. Your scampers typically Present as law Administration officers Researchers Attorneys and bankers and jeopardize Buyers that they will become arrested for bank fraud or other Fake crimes unless cash is Sent instantly. They simultaneously frighten and mistake Customers by using meaningless legalese gobbledygook Words such as We are Getting warrants against you personally or We are Processing an affidavit against you. Consumers who don t instantly autumn for that scam are warned Simply God could help you now. The scampers Practically always call Customers at work several times a day and tell their Managers Your own Staff has perpetrated fraud and is about for be arrested. Such threats have proven unsettling even for the savvy consumers and employers who Think the calls are fraudulent. Lawyer General McGuire stated Ordinarily my office protects Customers out of Fake Tasks by seeking injunctions within court. But legal Activity cannot be Chosen until that scam artists can be located. Even Afterward it's unlikely the persons behind your fraudulent calls and extortionist threats would obey a court purchase. In this case the consumer s very best defense is to be armed with that knowledge of that scam thus that all demands for money can become resisted despite the untrue but frighten threats of arrest. McGuire added Because that fraudsters make a unique point of calling Customers repeatedly at work Companies must recognize the Customers are innocent victims of a criminal enterprise and cannot Quit that calls from coming. I Additionally want for promise your citizens of West Virginia that my office may continue to would everything potential for Identify and shut down your outlaw debt collectors. More information about the Fake debt Group Program is available at that Attorney General s website Web. Fargo. gov . Any Buyers who've been threatened by these persons or want for file a complaint Around another Buyer question might would so by calling your Buyer Protection Hot Line 1 W W W or by Finding a complaint type in the Lawyer General s net Website. It s a debt Set scam. And all their threats are false and illegal. This can be a very active group of scampers many of whom are calling from India and Likely other States and are within cahoots with a group of American pay day loan scampers. They Test to extort money out of Buyers along with a Range of false and illegal threats and alternately Present as debt Lovers National and state law Administration officers Attorneys and bankers. Their Logo is for use meaningless legalese gobbledygook phrases like We have been Getting warrants against you personally or We 're filing an affidavit against you. Another trademark phrase is to jeopardize that consumer with something enjoy this ridiculous phrase If you personally don t pay then simply God can help you. Normal of many Monetary scams of this assortment they Normally need payment via Western Union or Money Gram or credit card. They use any Amount of phony names such as Us National Bank National Study Bureau People Legal Analysis Agency Hopkins Law Office United Legal Processing Morgan Contacts United Pay Services National Processing White Collar Offense Unit and many more. These criminals Additionally use many Telephone numbers out of many Region Requirements they re probably using Owner id spoofing Applications and or VIP to disguise their Actual Place. The Primary matter for remember is that anytime someone calls you demanding cash to prevent your own arrest or demanding your own Attorney s name thus they could sue you it is Always a scam. No debt collector let alone criminals posing as debt collectors has your ability for have anyone arrested for anything. And it s prohibited for them for jeopardize this type of thing. And since these foreign Soil bags routinely impersonate law enforcement it s also Significant for Recall that American law Administration officers arena t in your company of debt Set. Debt is a civil not a criminal subject. That Base line is these are criminals Attempting for Take your own cash. A Client Publishing a Gripe about these same scampers at HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W notes that W W W is Linked by having an India Established outsourcing telephone bank. Though a reverse hunt on White Pages. com shows that W W W is an unlisted land line in Fresh York City information on Debt Consumers. Com shows that that number is used by India Established Interlaces. Source HTTP Web. debt Consumers. com debt Customers. asp My figure is that it s a VIP phone Amount. This is another piece of that Perplex that fits in absolutely along with other info Around this scam. There are a few reports on Notes that have Recommended the crooks behind this abroad scam are Additionally that crooks behind the notorious Bass Ellis Crosby amp Assoc. States Predisposition scams in Florida and Ga. Your interesting thing is the Amount of Gripes on here about the People National Bank Us Legal Analysis Federal Analysis scam skyrocketed after April 7 W when Florida obtained a 1. 3 million judgment against Ted Ellis Crosby shutdown his operations and barred him from ever conducting debt Libraries within Florida Read HTTP . com news rel. NSF news rel . . . A There s surely an excellent chance that the crooks placing these calls out of India are doing so on Part of the American crooks behind the Crosby Bass States Predisposition scams. Here s your contact information for the Telephone bank within India Interlaces BPOE Pearl NR. Freight Motors C. G. Road Ahmadabad 9. GU. INDIA. E Send email W protected Site Www. interlaces. com A Assess on the domain name interlaces. com shows that the Web site and name registration was created on Could 8 Merely one month after that Crosby scams were shut down within Florida Domain name Name INTERLACES. COM Registrant Application Infra tech Pvt. Limited. E-mail email W protected W Aghast Structure NR. XCII Bank Opp. Rcpt Team S. G. Gujarat India Tel. W. Design Date W Could Expiration Date W Could possibly Domain servers within Recorded order N's. sentient. com N's. sentient. com Source HTTP who is. Domain name tools. com interlaces. com Though scam calls from these crooks have been going on long before Could possibly 8 that frequency of Grievances Around these calls increased well after Crosby was shut down in earlier April. This is conjecture but appearances suggest that Crosby and Business were originally running a two pronged payday loan scam operation with many calls being got from Jacksonville Florida and other calls being made from a phone bank in India and Maybe other countries Afterward after your Florida Lawyer General Close down your Crosby scams within Florida that Crosby crooks transferred most of their scam efforts to that India Telephone bank. If you are targeted by these criminals be sure for report them for all this National and state law Administration agencies most of which you can do online or around that phone 1. Your U. S. Secret Service is responsible for protecting that country s financial infrastructure and payment systems from international and domestic threats. Call or Compose your own local Secret Service subject office to alert them to the details of the attempted extortion. That addresses and Telephone numbers for the local Secret Service field offices are Recorded at HTTP Internet. secret service. gov edifices. HTML or in your own phone novel. 2. Alert your FBI at HTTP tips. FBI. gov Become sure to tell the FBI which you are being targeted by extortionists over the Telephone. And if that crooks State for be law Administration or lawyers officers of that court or bankers become certain to Comprise that information within your own report. 3. File a Gripe along with your local police. Most Authorities Sections can take a report over that Telephone. Become certain for tell them that you re being targeted by an extortionist and give them all your details. 4. File a complaint your own state s Lawyer general your contact data for whom is at Internet. Fargo. gov. File a complaint online with That Federal Trade Commission at HTTP Internet. . gov Factorized. asp. Lang Enif these crooks call back promise them nothing pay them nothing and tell them nothing other than you know they re a scam and which you vie reported them for law enforcement. And be confident for report them for all your agencies above each time they call you personally. By your way here s Simply a little try of numbers used by this Specific group of scampers. Read the reports and you ll see your same Design time and again phony organization names thick foreign emphases and oddly worded threats which are so melodramatic and ridiculous that it s laughable HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W Scummier Publishing here as Gary and GARRY Jones HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W Scummier Publishing here as Henry notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W Scummier Publishing here as Bob Scam alert Bogus debt Lovers By Leslie McFadden Bank rate. com Monday Aug. Posted 2 p. m. Bank rate reporter Leslie McFadden Given the entry. This scam USN t technically about credit cards but it is scary enough to post a warning. That Better Business Office Released an alert today saying Customers across that Nation are becoming phone calls out of Fake debt Lovers claiming default on a payday loan. Of path your Client needs to pay a big fee to avert Charge as Substantially as 1 W. That Owner poses as a Attorney and might jeopardize extradition to face trial if the Client dozen t pay Upwards instantaneously. What makes these calls alarming and perhaps convincing is that the perpetrators reference the Client s private info such as your person s Social Security Amount motorist s permit Amount previous bank account numbers home address even private Recommendations. Your amount of data they have is really troubling says BBB spokeswoman Alison South wick. She adds the Sum of Info points to some potential security Violation. Distribute that word to your own Buddies and family Don t supply Outside personal or Fiscal info to an unknown Owner. Scampers can spoof Caller ID to show Distinct Amounts thus trust your instincts over Engineering. That BBB offers these Suggestions Request that debt collector for Supply official documentation which substantiates your debt. Don't provide or confirm any bank account credit card or other personal data around your Telephone until you've Supported your legitimacy of your call. File a complaint with that National Commerce Commission online if that caller is abusive uses threats or otherwise violates National telemarketing laws or that Good Debt Group Practices Work}. File a complaint with the Better Business Agency online if you believe a debt collector is Striving to scam you personally.

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479-213-3492 Stalker

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fuck you

8132986001 Complains by Bud,

Verizon Wireless

2512107655 Complains by Guest,

don t call this line

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Nobody said anything

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8003211103 Complains by MS. A,


8305227476 Complains by do not be fooled,

great luck . You'll not become able to do anything because you personally understand nothing about me. All you think you personally understand is fake but I understand about you believe Around it how would I know more about you personally than you personally think I understand. What does this tell you personally. America may pay all correct to your incarceration and deportation yet again. See you on another side the just one or the other.

8013019625 Complains by Guest,

someone is calling this number from my cell phone.

8002890004 Complains by Austin Ace,

No Response Owner ID just displays Not Provided and I don t 've the foggiest notion of who the May n't be no info online so Much either

8002910636 Complains by 800-291-0636,

Several calls per day. I don't response. No message left. When I call back there surely is a busy signal.

8002956724 Complains by B,

If you owe any cash towards a debt then by law they have for Take your own payment no issue how small. This is something you are able to Tahoe for court when they bring you within and you can display they refused payment THEIR LOSE.

8001218143 Complains by kiwi8,

I Merely got the call the guy was really rude and said that my skies box was a couple of months previous when we Simply got a brand new just one barely 4 weeks Past. I think they could become your same Individuals as W number comes Upward Distinct thus they could phone you personally if you vie blocked them . Don t trust them esp considering as they 've my Residence number.

8001298416 Complains by Guest,

Called at 5 W 'm Seeking if my Amount was a Facsimile Amount. This is illegal for telephone this early.

8002830909 Complains by Fed Up,

I won t become calling their Cost free number in any respect. That repeated calls I 've been receiving searching for this particular Individual who is unknown for me could not have been originated by Clovis amp Roche but by another party. Correct at this point I m quite confused. I 'm also quite angry that whomever is calling me Striving for collect a debt owed by the unknown person won t Take your fact that I am not that person. I simply wish the rep from Clovis amp Roche who Put up on me Haydn t done so and maybe we d all become happy and get it straightened Outside that the individual within question is not at my number Or do I know that Individual. My apologies for any confusion. Moderators on the board are encouraged for Remove this post and my earlier posting in fairness for the Firm named. Thank you personally.

8000001245 Complains by D,

Scam dint call back or provide any info.

8002301596 Complains by Roz,

Holiday Property Could own an yearly family Holiday for W per Individual.

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