4794316205 / 479-431-6205

Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Fort Smith, AR. Sebastian. United states
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4794316205 Bobby Lowery Tree Service Old Lowery Rd Shannon NC W W W HTTP Www. . com

Post by nikigee13,

479-431-6205 ditto Indian i Installed up

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4794316205 Scam

Post by pete,

479-431-6205 Feature P Cleaning amp Pool Repair Ave M Boulder City NV Economy Pool Repair offers you personally Pool Lamps amp Settings and Heaters within Boulder City NV. Swimming Pool Pump Repair Swimming Pool Heaters Pool P Washing Pool Lamps amp Settings Swimming Pool Contractor

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4794316205 harasser

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479-431-6205 it s a scam. If you personally actually can win a sweepstakes then you personally don't 've for pay cash upfront to get those Profits. That biggest red Banner apart from them asking you personally to pay taxes or fees before you personally get your alleged Earnings is your fact you could t win a competition you personally never entered.

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6463896458 Complains by Guest,

She a girl half my age Looking for know all about me and think I m Selected by god for her she text a lot asking Around me.

8175910499 Complains by James,

Please can file reports along with the FBI your state Lawyer general and Department Of Justice FTC amp FCC. . HTTP Web. ICC. gov default. Internet. FBI. gov HTTP Internet. . gov HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms kind. Amenhotep's Gripes. dentally. gov Criticism complaint Assess. asp. Cell Additionally read Upwards on the laws and your rights HTTP Internet. FTC. gov OS Laws . shortstop Www. consumer finance. gov hunt . . . HTTP Www. Buyer. FTC. gov articles PD W fair credit reporting act. profaned see HTTP notes. com forum ta acted . . . W HTTP Internet. Customer. FTC. gov Posts W fake debt collectors HTTP Www. diversion. USDA. gov Cafes press releases extortion's. HTML Section W of that FD CPA HTTP Internet. FTC. gov BC Ed Cafes Client credit Cree. PD requires Rd party debt collectors to give debtors written discover of debt that key word is shall W. Approval of debts a Within five times after your Original conversation along with a Customer in Link along with your Set of any debt a debt collector 'll unless this information is contained in that Original conversation or your consumer has paid that debt send the consumer a Composed discover including 1 your Sum of your debt 2 the name of that Collector to whom your debt is owed 3 a statement that unless that Customer within thirty days after receipt of your detect disputes your Truth of that debt or any Section thereof that debt will be assumed to become valid by that debt collector 4 a statement that if your consumer notifies your debt collector within Composing in your thirty daytime period that the debt or any Part thereof is disputed your debt collector may Get verification of that debt or a Duplicate of a judgment against that Customer and a Replicate of such verification or judgment will be mailed for that consumer by the debt collector and 5 a statement that upon your Customer s written request within your thirty daytime period that debt collector can Supply your Client with your name and address of the Initial Collector if Distinct in the Present Lender. A Collection Representative Could Not Here are that top W actions prohibited by that Your Good Debt Group Practices Work} Misrepresent Him or Herself A debt collector may not misrepresent himself as an attorney or law Administration officer. Use the Phone for Annoy or Harass A Group agent could not cause a Phone for ring or engage any Individual within telephone chat repeatedly or continuously with an intent to annoy abuse or harass anyone at the called Amount. Endanger Arrest or Suit A Set Representative might not jeopardize a Buyer with arrest. It might not endanger legal action that is either not Let or not Truly contemplated. Within other words a your threat of a suit may be an Clear 1. Use Violent or Threatening Language A debt collector may no use Violent or profane language in the path of communication Connected for that debt. Publish a lousy Debt List Writing the Customer s name or address on a poor debt list is prohibited. Contact By Embarrassing Media A debt collector could possibly not Convey with a consumer by post card. It might not use any language or Image other compared to the debt collector s address on any envelope when communicating along with a consumer by use of that mails or by telegram. A debt collector may use its business name if such name doesn't Show it is in the debt collection company. Contact a Consumer at Work A collection Representative could not communicate with Buyers at their Set of employment after being told that is Inappropriate or prohibited by that Company. Find Unjustifiable Amounts A debt collector may not demand any amounts not permitted under an applicable contract or as provided under law. Contact a Customer Represented by an Lawyer A collection Representative could not contact a Customer after it learns your consumer is represented by a lawyer. Convey Along with a Consumer After Receiving a Approval Request In case a Customer sends a Composed G response in W days your Set Representative could possibly not Convey with the Client until it mails that Customer the Required verification of First Lender s name and address. Convey Along with Third Parties A debt collector may not reveal or discuss the nature of a consumer s debts along with third parties other in relation to the Customer s Partner or attorney. A Set agent could possibly contact neighbors or co workers simply for obtain location data. It might contact a third party again if it has motive for believe the information your Bash Supplied formerly is false. Bills. com FD CPA FAQ Below are questions Bills. com readers ask frequently Can a Collection Representative Phone My Cell Telephone. Yes. However if you tell that debt collector it could possibly not use that number because it is a cell phone it could possibly not contact you at that number. I Keep Receiving Dozens of Calls From Group Agents. Is That Legal. No. Unscrupulous Set agents can use block parties or office Events where they contact a Client multiple neighbors or co workers telling them they need for reach the consumer on an pressing subject. This is not Allowed Underneath that FD CPA. A Collector Says I May Be Arrested if I Do not Pay The was a true statement before your Us Civil War but has not been Authentic since. People could be arrested if an Extreme judge files a Seat Guarantee for a Man who does not Look at a hearing relating to some suit viewing a debt. However in that case your offense is the failure to Reply to a court purchase and not your existence of your debt. As stated above it is illegal under the FD CPA for threaten a consumer with Charge if your consumer does not pay that debt.

2253841303 Complains by Paula,

OCH It's a scam HTTP Information. och. com Customer information fraud protection

4096988082 Complains by Guest,

No calls. . .

7048812401 Complains by Operator,

Will called from here and asked to speak to our owner. Asked what his name was and what company he was with. He said he was by himself but it was a completely different area code than we are. Our owner was gone so couldn't ask him. Told will and he left him a voicemail. Looked up on here and see he lied to me. Also found the phone number under Traffic Jam Events. Next time he calls, he will not get through.

8033863556 Complains by Guest,

Obtained text message quot yd. Now quot . Not confident who this can be.

8177263118 Complains by No Hope Here,

HTTP Web. . com Content Meme . . . Worth Essentially a run down Residence house located in a grungy Place of Houston. Agreed whoever this Man is he should t become operating anything for would with Kids.

8067712473 Complains by Guest,

Aka network.

8003038110 Complains by Pat,

You personally should Likely run your own anti virus and anti Malawi appears like your own computer could become infected. Nevertheless no reputable Firm including Microsoft and its Associates may call you personally unless you vie called them first. More here HTTP Internet. Microsoft. com security online Solitude avoid Telephone scams. don t Only send fraudulent E-mail messages and set up fake Sites. They May n't also call you on the Phone and State to be from Microsoft. They May n't offer to help solve your own computer Issues or sell you a software license. Once they 've accessibility to your computer they may do the following Key you personally into installing malicious Applications that could capture sensitive data such as online banking user names and Accounts. They might also Subsequently charge you for remove the software. Take control of your own computer slightly and correct Options to leave your computer exposed. Request credit card information thus they could Statement you for phony services. Direct you personally to fraudulent websites and request you for enter credit card and other private or financial data there. Neither Microsoft Or our partners create unsolicited Telephone calls also Understood as cold calls to charge you for computer security or Applications fixes. Telephone Technology support scams What you need for noncriminals often use openly available phone Websites so they might understand your name and other private data when they phone you. They May n't even think what operating system you personally re using. Once they vie gained your own trust they May n't request for your own user name and password or ask you personally to go to some Web site for install software that can let them accessibility your own computer to repair it. Once you can the your computer and your personal data is vulnerable. Do not trust unsolicited calls. Do not Supply any private info. Here are some of your organizations that criminals claim to become out of Windows Service Centre Microsoft Tech Support Microsoft Support Windows Technical Department Support Group Microsoft Research and Development Team Microsoft R amp D Team Report Telephone scams Discover Around how you can report phone fraud within that United States. Outside of your People contact your local Experts. The way to shield yourself out of Phone Technology support scams If someone maintaining to be out of Microsoft Technology support calls you personally Do not purchase any Applications or services. Ask if there surely is a Price or Membership Related with the service. If there surely is hang Upwards. Never offer control of your computer to your third party unless you can confirm that it is a valid representative of a computer support team with whom You're already a customer. Take that Owner s info down and instantly report it to your own local Experts. Never provide your own credit card or Fiscal data for someone asserting to become from Microsoft tech support. What for do if you already Offered data to some Technology support person If you personally believe that you might 've downloaded Malawi from a Telephone tech support scam website or allowed a Legal for access your computer take these steps Alter your computer s Code Shift that password on your Chief email account and Alter that Code for any Fiscal Records Specially your bank and credit card. Check your own computer with the Microsoft Security Scanner for look for Outside if you might have Malawi installed on your own computer. Install Microsoft Security Requirements. Microsoft Security Needs is a free Software. If someone calls you personally for Mount the product and then charge you personally for it that is Additionally a scam. Note In Windows 8 Windows Defender replaces Microsoft Security Needs. Windows Defense Works within the History and notifies you when you demand for take Unique action. Nevertheless you are able to use it anytime for Check for Malawi if your computer USN t working correctly or you clicked a suspicious link online or within an email message. Discover more about Windows Defender May Microsoft ever phone me. There are a few Instances where Microsoft will work with your own Net service provider and call you for repair a Malawi infected computer such as during that current Cleaning Work begun within our BITNET take down actions. These calls may be got by someone along with whom you can Check you personally already are a customer. You will never get a legitimate telephone from Microsoft or our partners to charge you for computer fixes. More information For more info about how you can recognize a phishing scam see Avert scams that use your Microsoft name fraudulently. If you need help with a virus or other security Difficulty See the Microsoft Virus and Security Solution Facility. For help protect against viruses and other malicious software download Microsoft Security Essentials. Windows 8 Contains anti virus protection that s turned on by default.

8098655393 Complains by steve,

Simply desire for know more about the number

8003171655 Complains by Bud,

Inquired political questions. Who is this.

8003436311 Complains by sewnina,

they called twice. Once asking for W Information and again asking for sensitive Wellness info

8044355816 Complains by Melvin,

W W W They may call and ask for you personally and use initials of the company for request for you personally and Subsequently they may ask for Hr if you do not provide them what they desire.

8063199563 Complains by Brilhant,

It keep calling and calling but nothing

8002243247 Complains by jsulli,

Received call asking for a Martha.  Caller ID shows name as Little Michael.  I had previously done a survey (stupid me) about smoke alarms in the home and gave a false name of Martha to see if I would get any additional calls from other people using this name.  Well, here it is.  I told her no one was here by that name and she seemed confused.  Also received a call later in the evening showing up on caller id as Yazdi Kharas 972-985-6016 which must be related since area code is the same.  Never answered that one.

8042651007 Complains by Bill,

I got a call too and it was for a House security system. It said it was a free DAT system but it was a sub Builder calling me.

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