4796778520 / 479-677-8520

Telephone information: Windstream Arkansas. Saint Paul, AR. Madison. United states
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189 complaints
Post by js,

4796778520 I Simply got a telephone from the same i did not answer they left no vim so i called back and a recording says it a non working so Thieu are Judy scampers.

Post by Roman,

479-677-8520 They called me. I was too Mindless to response

Post by Guest,

4796778520 credit cards that I don t own.

Post by Mike,

479-677-8520 I m glad I m not alone within receiving a phone out of this Amount. Happened Around W minutes ago.

Post by Guest,

4796778520 replied Telephone. . . . nobody there . . . .

Post by Maestro,

479-677-8520 Merely got a call on my cell. Missed it CZ I was talking to someone. Tried calling it back Do Dee Door. Disconnected. . . .

Post by Guest,

4796778520 Phone rings for my cell phone with no 1 there. When I telephone back Telephone message says disconnected no longer in service

Post by Jennie,

479-677-8520 Cell Telephone Merely rang about 5 minutes ago. I attempted for answer but just missed it. Thank God for that. Then I looked Upward your Amount and saw these other messages. I always felt that telemarketers shouldn't become allowed to phone cell phones. I Firmly feel that now. Many of people don t enjoy the. . . exactly why can t the Cease. .

Post by Karina gonzalez,

4796778520 Quit calling me with the . . .

Post by Jacy,

479-677-8520 Got a telephone out of the number too while I was at work. If it s a credit card company trying for get my credit card Information. . good luck Destination t had a credit card within years. So Substantially for your no telephone list.

Post by Terri,

4796778520 Just got a phone from this Amount on my cell I did not Comprehend it thus I did not reply. . . No vim. . . Really annoying even on that don't phone list. . .

Post by Woody,

479-677-8520 I Additionally received a phone out of the number. No vim was left. I called it back amp acquired a record saying it was not a working Amount.

Post by Notsodumb,

4796778520 Merely got a call from the Amount the express asked if I wanted for lower my credit card attention and if so press one I did and a guy came on the line and Inquired if I Desired to lower my credit card speed I felt amusing Around the call so I Inquired is the fraud he burped and Put up f in scam

Post by Rick Fehling,

479-677-8520 I work Times and value my slumber the number W W W called wasted my time and is totally unwelcome. I would appreciate it being stopped

Post by JJ,

4796778520 Same deal no vim. . . . . . . .

Post by jerome sharpe,

479-677-8520 unwanted telephone out of credit card Business i 'm in your DC list scam for get credit card numbers

Post by "Anthony H Slowitz",

4796778520 Another one of your spoofed numbers used by the card services scampers in their own attempts for Split us off. Google my name to discover the best way to Discontinue their annoying calls while Additionally having many fun.

Post by Susan Reeves,

479-677-8520 Got a Registered message from W W W seeing my credit card. I understand that is a scam. Sometimes you can call the Amount back and be taken off their call list. When I called the number back I got that message that this number has been disconnected.

Post by Lannymc,

4796778520 Rec d a phone in the Amount. Knew not to reply as the Owner ID said AR Usa or a few such junk letting me know appropriate away that it is a scam.

Post by Clark,

479-677-8520 I did t recognize the Telephone number. I did t response and they turned around and called again. No messages left.

Post by EW,

4796778520 Called a couple of minutes ago. did t leave VIM.

Post by Guest,

479-677-8520 lower interest rates Registered call

Post by sassy,

4796778520 Merely obtained a call from the Amount on my cell. I was at work so I go ogled the number amp found the train of thought. No message was left.

Post by Lisa,

479-677-8520 No VIM

Post by Yrrek,

4796778520 Another message out of Cardholder Services. Owner ID said it was out of AR. Put Upwards when I heard who it was.

Post by KC,

479-677-8520 This Amount called my cell let it go to VIM. No MSG was left when called back it was disco. W W W

Post by krazywolf,

4796778520 Only got a call along with nobody on another Finish. My Amount is registered with the do not telephone gov site but guess that dozen t work.

Post by YOLO,

479-677-8520 Merely got a phone a few minutes Past. I did t answer. . . Seemingly they held the Telephone to listen to my VIM but left no VIM.

Post by Kandi,

4796778520 Recd a call just now no vim

Post by Margot,

479-677-8520 Merely got a phone overly. No message. Shocker.

Post by Laura,

4796778520 I replied your Telephone call because it was W Amount that is a common prefix for military Basics. When I replied it was a female automated voice. It says something Around your own credit card dozen t say what credit card company and they need you personally get within on the small time offer for lower your own attention speed and for press 1 to speak to your Representative to get it lowered. It s definitely a scam and I expect no 1 falls because of this and Offers away any credit card Amounts. It dozen t even say what credit card Firm they are.

Post by Hal,

479-677-8520 Only got a telephone from them. Humorous I don t 've a credit card. No on your reject list.

Post by CallingCard,

4796778520 Merely got your telephone myself on my cell . . . . Did not response.

Post by Robert,

479-677-8520 Contact the Federal Trade Commission at W W W and file a Grievance Around that number. They will investigate and Perhaps file charges.

Post by Lawnboy,

4796778520 First I vie heard of the. If Accurate that is huge.

Post by Roy,

479-677-8520 Got call out of the number. I did not reply since I don't understand anyone within the Place code and Owner id did not 've info. Checked here and see that I did your correct thing by not replying.

Post by Having Fun,

4796778520 Nicely they called my Amount. . . . . Arrived Upward as AR Us. . . did t seem correct so I did t answer. . . I came here. . . Now to add to my Scummier list and have some enjoyment with them. Should Now s Theme become Self Common gratification Incest with your own grandparent Grownup bed wetting . . . . . . Welcome to Dick home of shock Speak radio you are live on the air and today Theme is. . . Put just one can we get your name. For some motive they hang Upwards and don t phone back.

Post by john,

479-677-8520 got a recent telephone overly. no vim

Post by sia,

4796778520 I have for turn my ringer away now to get some Good slumber. Whats the use of that DC list if these clowns always call.

Post by gs,

479-677-8520 Here s what I vie learned for would along with annoying telemarketers and scampers such as the Amount buy a classic fashioned whistle and keep it by you personally . . . . when they Telephone Answer simply by an extremely loud continuous whistle blow into their ears. You personally ll never hear out of them again. It Actually works.

Post by Steve,

4796778520 they 've my cell number now ruthless

Post by Danielle,

479-677-8520 They called promising me a reduction to 6. 9 on my credit card. You are able to tell from your express on your recording that it USN t professional. They told me to press 1 if I Needed for Chat to some customer service Representative. Please look for these people and prosecute. . .

Post by RHenry,

4796778520 calling regarding my card account

Post by rural resident,

479-677-8520 Just got a telephone from the number too. Left no voice mail.

Post by Guest,

4796778520 spam spam annoying spam

Post by Tiffany D,

479-677-8520 Got a call the am. Second time within two weeks. Scam.

Post by Jim,

4796778520 Cheers for notes. com. A few minutes Past my cell phone rang. Since I did t recognize the Amount I let it ring for 7 or 8 times. Your buckler did not leave a message. As consistently I Google the Amount of unknown callers and notes. com is Typically right on top of it to point Outside that scam.

Post by s,

479-677-8520 got telephone too i expect this ends

Post by Guest,

4796778520 quot Credible quot sounding fraud. . . Nearly notion it was real. They state their calling out of Card Services which Addresses all Credit and MasterCard Records for Distinct quot lenders quot like banks. Enormous clue was how rude and condescending she was when you personally attempt for confirm who she works for. Tries for Mug you personally into giving your own Credit Card info with a promise for lower attention rates.

Post by Guest,

479-677-8520 When I called Amount back it was disconnected.

Post by Christine,

4796778520 Only got 2 missed calls in a row no voice mail

Post by Sam Hobbs,

479-677-8520 They called me. Luckily I was not able for answer.

Post by Judi,

4796778520 Am thus weary of these card services Telephone calls. I m on the Don't Phone list but that dozen t seem to matter. I m even receiving your calls on my cell Telephone and the Amount where I work. Get a life Individuals. . I 've work for can Areas to go people for see and don t have time on your scheming scamming phone calls. .

Post by Maz,

479-677-8520 Phone on my cell. Did not response. Cell registered in Thus Cal. Do not reply calls from numbers you do not Understand. Simply Google that number and see their are Grievances against it.

Post by Guest,

4796778520 When I replied no 1 said anything Subsequently they hung Upwards.

Post by Sciguy,

479-677-8520 I just got one. No message

Post by Guest,

4796778520 quot Credit card services quot wanting you for switch your account for them. SPAM.

Post by hometown,

479-677-8520 Got a phone out of the no vim

Post by Guest,

4796778520 Striving for get credit card info

Post by razwoker,

479-677-8520 called my cell. . . seem for Often become getting these calls on Sat morn about same time. did t ans. no doubt a scam

Post by Juanita,

4796778520 Cease calling me

Post by Sue,

479-677-8520 I Merely got a telephone and Recognized what they Desired was for rip me off. I go ogled the Amount for read that messages and will not be giving them any info. Thanks for the trick off.

Post by Guest,

4796778520 Fake credit card people

Post by Guest,

479-677-8520 No manner to telephone back spam

Post by l.l. Sutter,

4796778520 desires credit card number

Post by A,

479-677-8520 W W W two calls no voice message.

Post by Guest,

4796778520 lowering my rates. no thank you.

Post by Monica,

479-677-8520 I acquired a call from the Amount a few minutes Past. I replied and that caller just stayed quiet. I stayed quiet. They listened for a Second and Afterward Put Upwards.

Post by Valerie,

4796778520 I just got this same call from Cardholder Services when she asked me if I currently owe x amount on my credit card Could I ask you personally who is calling. She said no you personally cannot and hung Upward on me.

Post by Guest,

479-677-8520 Discount call

Post by Los Angeles Lady,

4796778520 called Id Amount at W PM PST. did not Understand odd area code while working did not Select up. No message left. must be telemarketing scams. So few Individuals understand my cell Amount. This scummier must be randomly calling any Amounts saliva out by a computer by the thousands for Switch my cell.

Post by roy,

479-677-8520 these are just as Actual as that security leaks and Traveler Items . This is people right here in that Usa Seeking to rob Folks why cant they work on this and get these Individuals behind bars or in Italy either 1 . Calls on your weekend . suck.

Post by m a gomez,

4796778520 Only got the same phone. Left no VIM. . . I only answer if I know who it is Blocked the caller from my cell Telephone. I love that feature.

Post by shrtstf,

479-677-8520 Merely received a telephone out of this Amount W W W. . . no voice mail left 9 W a. m. Tues 8 6 W San Diego

Post by Jhoie,

4796778520 Annoying

Post by Janna,

479-677-8520 I got 3 calls in 1 Second and I am on the Do not Telephone LIST. What's Upwards with this.

Post by Paul,

4796778520 i got your something did not answer and no vim was left 2 W pm Texas time Area on 8 6 W

Post by Guest,

479-677-8520 Telephone came through did not answer. They did not leave a message. .

Post by Tom,

4796778520 Outside in full Power Now just got one overly. Decided Upward said Hi no response Installed Upwards.

Post by kc,

479-677-8520 I get a call from the and I reply it. You know the routine. So I create up a bunch of Complete lies about how Substantially I owe and I keep them on the line for as long as possible. . . . LOLA. Subsequently I finally let them in on my act and tell them that I do not 've any credit card debt and that I 'm Merely messing along with them. Your Man Subsequently threatens me and tells me how sorry I can become for messing with him within very not so type words. . . LOLA I Simply body if I could t get them for stop Afterward I might nicely 've some enjoyment at their expense. I idea Around just making up a credit card number. . . but Subsequently I thought. . . sacred crap. . . what if I gave them someone else s real Amount. Glad I did t can that. I uncertainty these scumbags could be stopped but dang I Control for piss em away. . . Great luck with yours.

Post by cc,

4796778520 Card holder services is a very long running scam. Discount the calls or block them. They telephone Everyone within America. Read all of your previous places. . .

Post by Guest,

479-677-8520 does not answer when called back.

Post by Guest,

4796778520 I Do not Know The Individual OR CREDIT CARD COMPANY

Post by Lauren,

479-677-8520 Only acquired a phone from this number and it came up as a Amount out of Illinois. I m from Baltimore. So I searched it and found this page. Good matter. But they did t leave a voice mail. Very strange.

Post by Guest,

4796778520 Dunn telemarketer

Post by Nick Peterson,

479-677-8520 Telephone came within the morning on my cell Telephone while I was driving. Did t understand who it was. Had to Move around to response might have been Significant. Heard that recording thought I d Line them along. Strike 1 got a voice for Around a half second Subsequently they Installed Upward. . . DC list is no help along with these goons they re criminals anyway. Hanging s too great for em.

Post by Jan,

4796778520 Merely got a call

Post by KM,

479-677-8520 I feel you I got 1 at 6 in that morning. Silly. No express mail either.

Post by Chelsea,

4796778520 Acquired only one call but had two voice mails from the number. Only a few breaths were heard Afterward it was disconnected.

Post by AAA,

479-677-8520 Simply got a phone out of the number too. Left no express mail.

Post by tdhs,

4796778520 I get calls like this out of time to time for Shift my interest speed or some such thing with my credit card. That hilarious fact is that I do not by choice Have a credit card. And before I tell them for Place me on their do not telephone list they hang Upward on me and get my feelings all hurt. peso much for your do not phone list.

Post by Shirley,

479-677-8520 I Simply received a call out of the number but when I answered Hi several times there was no response.

Post by Sick and Tired,

4796778520 Sick and exhausted of this crap

Post by KM,

479-677-8520 I feel you I got one at 6 within your morning. Foolish. No voice send either.

Post by CJ,

4796778520 Just received a call on my cell. Hung Upward as shortly as I heard your recorded message. Saved your Amount to my contacts as SPAM.

Post by martha rios,

479-677-8520 Unfortunately I gave them my data they Inquired for a just one time Cost of W. W I declined but I am Fearful they may collect

Post by Amy,

4796778520 Simply got the phone and pressed 1 . Told her I was on your DC list and did t even End my sentence before she Put Upwards on me.

Post by Dont Call Me,

479-677-8520 DC list is a joke.

Post by Scott,

4796778520 Ann from cardholder services calling about my credit card account calling once again trying for scam Bad saps

Post by Guest,

479-677-8520 unknown

Post by aly,

4796778520 Simply got a call out of the Amount overly. Left no express mail.

Post by Julie,

479-677-8520 Calling Around lowering credit card rate. When you personally speak along with a representative and ask for become removed from their list they instantly hang Upward on you.

Post by Richie,

4796778520 Only called my cell phone. They left a message on my express send amp all I herd was a screeching noise within that background. They most likely called from a cell phone.

Post by Guest,

479-677-8520 SPAM. . .

Post by Alan,

4796778520 Cardholder services crap.

Post by Alexa,

479-677-8520 I just got a phone too and no voice mail. I did t answer because I did t Comprehend that Amount. .

Post by elizabeth,

4796778520 the Owner out of the Amount leaves no message and calls at least 8 times a daytime. . . . Discontinue CALLING ME

Post by Robert Stevens,

479-677-8520 unwanted Telephone calls

Post by Lou,

4796778520 Got a message out of the number. She did leave a message for phone another Amount W W W. So why is a number in Wyoming Making me a message to Telephone a California number. Said it was an urgent issue pertaining to my property. What a scam. I don t own property. . .

Post by Guest,

479-677-8520 fraud credit card Firm.

Post by Tera,

4796778520 I too Only obtained a phone. . Did t leave a voice mail. . .

Post by Guest,

479-677-8520 I answered. They said nothing. When i called back the message said it was not a working Amount.

Post by Madashellatscammers,

4796778520 They telephone me almost daily and 've for over a year. They Additionally telephone using a Mississippi Region code and Amount Additionally. Only got for times telephone from the W Amount. Beware if they're calling because they scanned my credit card Indoors my Budget and attempted to use it but I 've multiple verification's on my cards. Its a bit of pain when I use my card but it saved my Lately.

Post by Libby,

479-677-8520 Got phone on my cell number I do not waste my minutes on Amounts I don't Understand. Left no express mail. Why do we have a don't phone list when they call anyway. . . . . . . .

Post by Jessica,

4796778520 I replied like I response my work phone Charging Department . They hung Upward fast.

Post by Kam,

479-677-8520 I acquired a telephone out of the Amount on my cell. Should have Understood better than to answer. No just one was there so I hung Upward Somewhat than waste cell minutes. They will Likely continue to phone my cell now that I answered Having the Telephone number on your National Don't Phone Registry does not help along with these callers. . . .

Post by Diana,

4796778520 Please Cease calling my number

Post by Guest,

479-677-8520 I Simply did t answer. Number was not familiar.

Post by Mike,

4796778520 Call no message

Post by RP,

479-677-8520 Just got a call a few minutes Past. I did not response and they left no VIM. Thank you for other Publishing about this scam.

Post by Theresa Holifield,

4796778520 This Amount calls my cell Telephone but when I Choose up there surely is no just one there. From my Research I consider it's a Rob call perhaps about refinancing on my Residence loan.

Post by tdhs,

479-677-8520 I get calls enjoy this from time for time for Shift my interest rate or many such matter with my credit card. The hilarious fact is that I do not by pick 've a credit card. And before I tell them for put me on their don't phone list they hang Upwards on me and get my feelings all Damage. peso much for that don't phone list.

Post by Susan,

4796778520 Only got a call. As it was ringing I go ogled it and these messages Arrived Upwards. Simply tried for telephone it back and you personally get quick occupied signals. Glad to have this thread. .

Post by VKB,

479-677-8520 Merely got a call on my cell from the Amount. Unidentified and left no voice send. Makes me believe it s spam or a telemarketer.

Post by SA,

4796778520 Dumb jerks Merely called my cell as it was ringing I Viewed up your . I figured it was among your regular annoying idiots. I m on a don't phone list as nicely it dozen t help

Post by Guest,

479-677-8520 telemarketer

Post by Brianne,

4796778520 Simply got a phone myself and found the post as they were still calling. Did not answer and hang Upwards on my express send.

Post by Christine Kruger,

479-677-8520 I answered the phone they Desired for affirm my credit card Information. . . . . I Installed up no dummy here. Don't annoyance to response.

Post by Guest,

4796778520 Possible sounding fraud used for try to get you personally to offer them your own credit card Amount within a Guarantee to lower attention rates. quot Credit Card Services quot purportedly Addresses all Charge and MC Reports on behalf of your bank lenders who Dilemma cards.

Post by Ray,

479-677-8520 This net Website is helpful. As that Telephone phone Arrived in I go ogled it and learned it's a scam. I value the site and all your contributors.

Post by RJ13,

4796778520 Called cell. . . left no message definitely won t be calling the 1 back. . . . these people 've nothing better to o I guess.

Post by Guest,

479-677-8520 many credit card Business offering credit help

Post by ssbsr,

4796778520 Only got that phone myself on my cell . . . . Did not reply.

Post by Angela,

479-677-8520 Just received a call from the Amount on my cell. I waited and pressed 1 to Chat along with someone. They Decided up and she Inquired me a question and I said I want my number Chosen off your calling list and she Installed up. When you call that Amount there surely is a record stating that the Amount isn't within service. . . if you are feeling you have reached the recording in error please check your Amount and dial again. That is some BS.

Post by Brutus,

4796778520 W W W called this morning. No message. If I don t recognize the Amount or you don t state who you personally I will NEVER pick up or Talk to you. I may Nonetheless let that Telephone ring as many times as Mandatory so it will waste these scum Drawing scampers time. Why USN t that NASA going after these terrorists.

Post by Annoyed by Unknown Callers,

479-677-8520 Gotten a telephone on my cell Telephone a few minutes Past. I let it go to voice mail but they Selected not for leave a message. I am Additionally on that don't telephone list but it does no good.

Post by SA, TX,

4796778520 Only 1 day i got 4 calls within your previous 2 hours wt leave a message I am at work. Furthermore i dint answer any calls if i dint Understand it i wont response it anyways. call in coming in from Saint Paul AR

Post by Guest,

479-677-8520 When I reply that telephone no just one can there be. When I phone it back it tells me this is not a working Amount.

Post by RM,

4796778520 this Amount W W W called the number is not in service. . . SPAM phone calls. . . . Your Bane of that ST century existence.

Post by Guest,

479-677-8520 replicating annoying call

Post by B,

4796778520 Simply got the phone from this Amount did t response and they did t leave a voice mail. Thanks to your Remarks won t telephone them back.

Post by Kay,

479-677-8520 Only obtained a call on my cellular telephone from this number. I did not reply. No voice send was left.

Post by another call...,

4796778520 just got a call as that Telephone was ringing looked Upward that number and found that a lot of Individuals are getting the telephone right now. glad i did t answer.

Post by Erm,

479-677-8520 Everyone Blow off that obligatory troll. . . .

Post by kevin haynes,

4796778520 Fraud call when I Inquired them how they got my number they hung Upwards. I called back with in seconds and your Telephone is disconnected. Be Cautious. Large SCAM Out of The Amount W W W

Post by L,

479-677-8520 Simply got 3 calls from this Amount. . tried for telephone it back and a record came on saying that number was no More in service. . how did i get 3 calls out of it an hour ago. spooky. or Only bothersome.

Post by Jackie,

4796778520 Gotten 2 calls out of the on my cell phone that I did not response because I figured it was a telemarketer. I 'm on a Do not Telephone List .

Post by Ale,

479-677-8520 Don't reply to this Ph . . Is Only fraud.

Post by Mike,

4796778520 Simply got a phone out of this number. Let it go to VIM. No message left.

Post by Ilda,

479-677-8520 Simply got a phone on my cell I reply and it was a recording saying to press a Crucial thus they can lower my attention on my credit card. Should I would that if I desire my interest to lower down I can telephone that credit card directly at no Hazard.

Post by cf,

4796778520 Please don't phone the Amount again. . I 'm also on your Do not phone list. What s your Cope. .

Post by tom,

479-677-8520 a hole

Post by JH,

4796778520 They called and I said Hi Nobody said anything Merely hung up

Post by Guest,

479-677-8520 card member services

Post by Lawnboy,

4796778520 First I vie heard of this. If Accurate which is huge.

Post by SmartChick,

479-677-8520 I missed a phone from the Around W Minimum. ago. I just called back for see what I missed maybe a Customer or something Significant. The number is no longer in service so figure what. It s a scam my type of matter. . .

Post by Kirt,

4796778520 I m within that middle of a CC fraud Problem today and now i get a phone out of same Amount. No VIM not good.

Post by Hmm,

479-677-8520 From what I have Read that is a scam to get your own account Information don t fall for it.

Post by Robert Stevens,

4796778520 unwanted Telephone calls

Post by Peter,

479-677-8520 Simply got a telephone. No express mail.

Post by Guest,

4796778520 automatic Camera offering to lower your attention of my cc

Post by Martha Rios,

479-677-8520 Sadly I Offered them my card information they offered to reduce my rate but Inquired for W. W for a processing fee

Post by dave,

4796778520 replied and no 1 at other end out of appears of other Remarks scam most unknown callers are scams been my experience

Post by Mo,

479-677-8520 Whatever would I would without my good Buddies at credit card services calling for inform me of new changes for interest rates. My times would be thus barren without these interruptions. Fortunately for them I 've stopped my previous policy of not answering and now regale them with loud rude fart noises until that line goes dead. Triumph Triumph.

Post by Bugged2,

4796778520 Your simply matter that has worked and slowed down a lot of these calls for me is this Get your Begin of your answering machine or express send to play that three tones that signal an out of service number. Here it is HTTP Web. payphone Index. org sounds Wave bell disconnected. Wave It s pitiful but since they're all rototillers and not real Folks hopefully your computer has a Application or a Result for Quit calling a Amount that has those tones. I went out of twice a day phone calls from all of these foolish numbers to once each other week or two. If they re calling your own cell save that number as spammer and Set that ring for no ring . At least they won t create you personally get Upwards.

Post by annoyed,

479-677-8520 They must become active today. Cardholder services called me. What that point in even being on a Don't Phone list when I 'm still always getting BS calls. .

Post by Your worst nightmare,

4796778520 If you don t Discontinue calling Individuals you personally may suffer an unfortunate accident I panic. One where if you are a guy you might occur for 've your Wang eaten off by a specific Rottweiler before you personally perish or a Girl even worse. Keep it Upwards I Challenge you

Post by a. long,

479-677-8520 I desire this number blocked from calling me. I reply no one says a word. No voice send either. It s harassment and others have complained about it Additionally. Cheers. The number is W W W

Post by julika,

4796778520 I Simply got a phone from the number as nicely tried to phone it back to see who it was but it said not a working number

Post by Bugged2,

479-677-8520 That only thing that's worked and slowed down a lot of these calls for me is the Get the start of your own answering machine or express send for play that three tones that signal an from service Amount. Here it's HTTP Www. payphone Listing. org sounds Wave bell disconnected. Wave It s pathetic but since they're all rototillers and not Actual Individuals hopefully the computer has a Software or a response to Quit calling a number that's those tones. I went from twice a day phone calls out of all of these absurd Amounts to once each other week or two. If they re calling your own cell save the Amount as spammer and Set your ring to no ring . At least they won t create you get Upwards.

Post by UGh,

4796778520 Simply got a phone out of the Amount. Said something Around lowering rates on my credit cards. I Sent one and told that girl I did t own a credit card. She insisted I did and if I gave her my info she would be Competent for help me out Lola. I Installed Upwards. I seriously don t won a credit card thus this really is fraud through and through.

Post by unknown,

479-677-8520 I got a telephone on a cell phone so when soon as I Put Upward along with 1 my other rang and it was them again. . . how did they get a cell Amount I don t supply Outside any numbers all. . . I don t own a credit card Or 've I ever your interests are overly high. . . . .

Post by Casey,

4796778520 Anne girl. You personally do not call me at 9 W 'm on a Saturday morning robbing me of my just one chance during your week for peaceful and uninterrupted slumber unless you are calling to state I m bringing you personally Bread and donuts. Credit card scams are Very Substantially the exact Reverse of bacon and donuts. NOT joyful.

Post by john,

479-677-8520 got a call just now. . . . they work Rapidly. . . should have a button where we can send a teaser shock to whoever is on the other end.

Post by Christine,

4796778520 acquired a phone from this Amount a minute ago. . . . no reply no MSG.

Post by Kerro,

479-677-8520 Only got a call overly. Left expressionless voice mail.

Post by K,

4796778520 Just got a phone on cell Telephone out of the Amount and Viewed it up here. Left no express mail.

Post by Chaz,

479-677-8520 Got a telephone from it. Chosen Alternative for lower got rep and said i wanted my number removed and he Only Installed Upwards on me. Scum bags. Hi Obama How about you personally track these callers Telephone calls and hang em.

Post by L,

4796778520 just got 3 calls from this Amount. . tried for telephone it back and a recording came on saying that number was no longer within service. . how did i get 3 calls from it an hour ago. spooky. or Simply bothersome.

Post by Erm,

479-677-8520 Received a missed phone telephone from the number at W W am. Consistently Google numbers you personally do not Understand. . I don t even have a CC.

Post by p!ssed Consumer,

4796778520 Card Services is a scam. . . They telephone my house Telephone on Typical of three times a daytime. . . and speak for my fax machine. . . Now they're calling my cell phone with a spoofed Owner ID reflecting this Amount. . . Why cant they just come to my door. . . I would happily Move them away . . . locked and loaded

Post by Jonathan,

479-677-8520 What you do is answer press 1 and play along enjoy the. First when they ask you personally what sort of debt you've say Approximately W W. When they ask how many cards state 2 or 3 no more. Then when they ask your own attention rate tell them anyplace between W and W . Subsequently they will ask you personally for your credit cards Conclusion date. Make something up. Now at the point they need your own credit card Amount. You are able to do several matters at the point. You are able to tell them off and laugh at them. You are able to do my Favourite is to give them a credit card number but trans Present that last 3 sets of 4 Amounts. Then when they come back as state that they wrote that Amount down wrong you are able to tell Afterward no I did it to mess with you personally to get you personally to Leave calling. They get so pissed away. When they request me one time for my number I ask them if their Mum knew they were scamming people. They got so mad they did t hang up so I toyed with them for a Second before they did.

Post by Paul,

4796778520 Only got a telephone from this Amount on my cell Telephone. Did not answer

Post by Swish,

479-677-8520 Merely got a phone from these Men overly. . So exhausted of scams. Thus glad I came here to check. If you dint understand your number Don't Answer. . If its important they ll leave a message. Glad I didn't reply. . Become safe everyone Swish

Post by Jim,

4796778520 They called while I was a meeting and I did not reply. They left no express send. I presumed it was a few Fake call.

Post by cc,

479-677-8520 Card holder services is a long running scam. Blow off the calls or block them. They phone Everyone within America. Read all of the previous posts. . .

Post by Nick Peterson,

4796778520 I obtained a telephone out of the Amount at 7 W W 4 W PM CST on my cell Telephone. I pressed 1 for speak to a representative. After waiting on hold your representative answered and said he was from Credit and MasterCard Services . I asked him for Duplicate that as it sounded like an Apparent scam Business. I informed that representative that my phone was a cell Telephone on that don't telephone list and Inquired he please add my Amount for their don't call list. The representative Installed Upward on me close your end of my statement before I could Whole saying it for him.

Post by LLE,

479-677-8520 Gotten call on my cell phone. They left no message.

Post by Matt,

4796778520 Only got a phone out of this Amount. No message left. I suppose we re all becoming calls from these Folks Now.

Did you get an unwanted call from 479-677-8520? Is 4796778520 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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8325986120 Complains by DUMBOY THE SMART ELEPHANT,

Charities along along with many Survey s and Political calls are exempt from the DC however they can still get into problem for not Setting you personally on a Interior DC when asked you can also check your states Guidelines within regards. Some states have different Guidelines within Wishes to your calls which could Change in the federal. HTTP Internet. Cpl. com HTTP Web. Clementine. com publication new . . . October W W HTTP Www. consumer. FTC. gov articles W national don't phone registrants Web. dentally. gov HTTP Internet. FTC. gov IPA W W dandify. shortstop business. FTC. gov documents bus's complying telemarketing sales roulette company. FTC. gov Records bus's com pl . . . rule Denigrated consider maybe getting a call blocking device or phone. . You can Google them and many are around W. W or less. If its a cell phone some already 've call blocking if not there are free apps on that net that can work for some. You can Google this. If you have a smart Telephone there is a free app called call control. IPhone Search to 've Programs also. Another one is called Mr. Number. Report your callers here if they continue for telephone and harass HTTP Internet. . gov amp Section HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms form. Activity By State DC lists HTTP Www. . com tentacled. HTML might need to read many of the latest enforcement's HTTP notes. com Newsgroup ta bedeck . . . unwanted calls Enforcement HTTP notes. com forum ta CBC . . . associates letup notes. com Newsgroup ta CFC's . . . all's for the Fichte notes. com Newsgroup ta Cuba . . . Terry scam cassette notes. com Newsgroup ta cactus's . . . h notes. com Newsgroup ta . . . y FTC and Illinois ATP notes. com Newsgroup ta bedaub . . . e DC consumerist. com W W W recalling . . . ding Buyers HTTP Move. FCC. gov ebb HTTP Internet. Client finance. gov Website Kind enforcement HTTP Www. FTC. gov Administration Internet. FTC. gov IPA W W ambrosia. shortstop Web. FTC. gov OS case list W HTTP Web. Customer finance. gov newsroom

8003805101 Complains by Shawn,

This message is for Travis I Found within your write Upwards you said you eventually got your own loan my question for you is how Substantially did you might have to put up front cash wise for get your loan I am within your same situation and suspicious Around going with fair Triumph trust I want to understand what you personally had for can to get your loan and how long it took before you got that funds cheers Shawn.

8033261422 Complains by Guest,

He is very annoying

9098778536 Complains by Guest,

exceedingly rude SOB named Mary Richardson selling dental plans. Phone said Texas Cove but he called his Firm by another name. scummier

7864268977 Complains by Guest,

This person texts me repeatedly and either writes "it's Connie" or "k." When I said you have the wrong number she wrote"oh realnly u really make a person feel special" typos included.

8178034754 Complains by Jay,

They called me and said they I had got a new inquiry Around a job. I told them they had that wrong Amount and they hung Upward. I haven't got any Questions as to some fresh Occupation within years.

2403744527 Complains by Guest,

Unwanted contact

7083313303 Complains by jc,,

i see what they're doing they need you personally to Purchase a W. W Damage off and provide them that numbers in the card before they arrive. hurry because they are W minutes away Lao.

8028810607 Complains by Government,

everybody just Discount your calls

8552194669 Complains by Guest,

Acquired a call along with a Registered message out of W W W. It appears the info is the same as everyone else has said. . . They re going to sue me but they don't state what for or why. Nor can they mention my name. . . Unexpected huh. How did they know they even reached your right person. . Amazing since I don t have any bills at all other than Resources. LOLA. . What s sad is how many people can Truly get upset and may Answer for their call.

3173851979 Complains by Guest,

Joke telephone. Asking for newspaper back. . .

8002432469 Complains by T-Canada,

Did not answer but tried to phone the Amount Registered message in English only man express We re sorry your phone cannot become completed as dialed message Rings 3 times Afterward line Bands three times transferring back for the message sounds enjoy a Recording eventual ends along with a female Registered message and Subsequently your telephone is dropped. Clearly tries for confuse your caller within for believing it's a poor Amount.

4805538898 Complains by Guest,

Prize Success. . spam call

8320263663 Complains by Guest,

It's a valid telephone should return a missed phone. It's your Click office.

9143399509 Complains by Guest,


9788677856 Complains by Guest,

called 2 PM no message

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