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Telephone information: Nextel Communications. Rogers, AR. Benton. United states
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Post by silly me,

4798773203 Complete scam. The is within Illinois and I live within Texas. I got a phone out of this number and he knew my name your HMO I was Included under and he proceeded to offer me an inventory of things I needed for send for your Wellness care. gov at their legitimate mailing address Offered me their valid phone everything seemed legit. The was on July Th. I started Attempting to find everything he said I Wanted and he told me to black Outside any account s before I copied them. . . Nicely I had a total Anxiety attack Now because I had for go out and buy a wireless printer yesterday and attempted to hook it up to my mac book today was bawling my eyes out and called that real government number told them what was going on begged for an extension after August ST. The Female got me calmed down and told me I was Ok my account did t demand to be Upgraded until October Th. She told me and I verified on that Web this was some type of scam. I read on another Site that it was notion to become caused by fired or rogue Use es in the Wellness care. gov site. That s how he knew my name and your Ins Policy that I had.

Post by Guest,

479-877-3203 Promised to become from the Health Marketplace never used my cell. Not professional used that period alright Afterward sounds enjoy we got a Cope. Very unexpected Do not Present Out Your Information For this Person gt

Post by Amy,

4798773203 You desire me for consider that a word press account is a legit motive for consider this. Anyone could open a word press account and Set this Upwards to make it look legit.

Post by Guest,

479-877-3203 Asking for private data.

Post by Guest,

4798773203 market place scam. don t provide Outside your own information

Post by Buck,

479-877-3203 Got a telephone the morning from that number Revealed Upwards as Heath IMUS MP on that Owner ID. That guy never identified himself or Firm. Said he needed data within order for Supply Well-being insurance. I told him I already had an insurance Strategy. Told me he Wanted to Check my name Inquired for my date of Delivery. I told him for take me off his sending list and Installed Upwards on him. I am certain if Added info was needed I would receive an email or letter from my provider or it would have been Inquired when I applied. I never offer Outside private data over that phone.

Post by Guest,

4798773203 Owner was phishing for personal identification info asserting they were along with your Wellness insurance Industry and my eligibility was at risk

Post by Guest,

479-877-3203 Ongoing calls

Post by joan,

4798773203 They State to be health care Obama attention and they demand additional paperwork. Since I 've mailed my paperwork for Obama Attention three times because of their paper log jam I knew the was a hoax. Enjoy they would personally call me. . Actually.

Post by Guest,

479-877-3203 I believe it s valid I got Records in the Wellness attention market place asking for verify my income so a phone call in the same place USN t a stretch.

Post by Guest,

4798773203 Wellness care Gov call

Post by Guest,

479-877-3203 Desired to phone me Back for info

Post by Guest,

4798773203 Health Ins Sign Put scam. . . Don t give your own Information. . .

Post by Guest,

479-877-3203 many Kind of insurance. .

Post by Badge714,

4798773203 The Amount may be valid that does not mean the caller is. NEVER present out private info on a phone you personally did not create out of a number you got. Do not telephone back Amounts left for your requirements within a Facsimile E-mail text or voice message. Check that Amount first. Caller ID spoofing fake is too easy for do.

Post by ???,

479-877-3203 They just called me Inquired for me but messed Upward my first name. He said your were informed that I was going to be denied coverage and Needed me to indication up. I said I don t consider individuals who telephone me Attempting for sell me something. If I 'm going for become Refused Insurance I may wait for your denial notice first. I get calls for Wellness insurance life insurance Auto warranties charity groups computer virus s and second and final see for rates on my credit cards in which I don t have any. Thus if it is legit like many Individuals state don t you believe your govt. would actually send an official notification before they phone.

Post by Bob,

4798773203 i go thus exhausted of your runarounds and Problems that Obama care gang got that i went to the Virginia and now get my insurance through them. I got this phone the same day I gotten my page informing me that my AC insurance had been cancelled. Just one hand not Understanding what the other hand is doing. . .

Post by riverhills,

479-877-3203 This is part of your Post. . . . . . . . . W W W Arkansas . . . . SEC will make three efforts within seven days to contact you personally Making voice mails each time they are unsuccessful. If unsuccessful a discover will become mailed for you that contains next measures for processing your application. There surely is no phone number you are able to phone to contact SEC. I got a phone from this . . . . . humorous story. They do not 've my cell . . . . . They have my property line. They called me on my cell. That Post Additionally says that they can leave a message each time they're unsuccessful. . . they were unsuccessful and did not leave a message. I believe they would have left a message if legit. . . . that s Simply my thoughts tho. . . .

Post by robert craig,

4798773203 is this no. out of they Well-being ins mp. W W W if so. might it be great no.

Post by Guest,

479-877-3203 Wellbeing insurance mark rt place

Post by Jose Torres,

4798773203 A few body from Industry called me and Inquired for my Individual data but I don t consider ET the phone. your number was W W W.

Post by Guest,

479-877-3203 Obtained a call on 2 5 W saying they Wanted additional data for my Wellbeing insurance application. Wanted a Replicate of my Survivor Gains Kind. . . Told him my husband was alive and well. . . Simply said oh and went on for your next question. Needed a copy of my SS W income statement along with my SS on it asked if I could Facsimile it and he said he did t 've a fax machine. . . What office dozen t have a fax machine. . Sounds like a scam to me become cautious Individuals.

Post by Ed B.,

4798773203 Well it Looks like it is legit. They gave me your website for Iowa s Medicaid Website and the contact Amount which both are legit. I listened for that express mail and even though the Person did sound enjoy he was calling from Illinois where that WP said that caller ID was out of he did have all his info correct on your express send. For the first time within your history of using the site I could Really vouch for a number. Who d a thunk.

Post by Guest,

479-877-3203 investment survey

Post by Guest,

4798773203 Only got a telephone out of the Amount maintaining to be out of Well-being Market but quite funny I never present out my cell Amount so how did they get it. Suppose I can call that real Wellness Market and get more info. The could be a scam.

Post by The Don'z,

479-877-3203 that is from your Wellness Care Marketplace Put Site If you personally get a call from the Marketplace After you personally Use you personally could get a Telephone telephone in the Marketplace asking you to Check or Supply more information. If we don t 've this data we could not able to process your own application. Follow these Hints for help prevent fraud If your Telephone has Owner ID Assess your Amount. The display might display among these Health Insurance MP W W W W W W W I was called by that W number agent did not identify himself by name or Representative ID Amount thus i refused to reply any questions. even though that Amount appears legit.

Post by gluckritz,

4798773203 Take a second for check the Wellbeing Care website they list your number s you personally could possibly receive calls frumps Internet. Wellbeing attention. gov can i protect . . . Ce Industry

Post by Rebel,

479-877-3203 Got that voice send from this number. I believe is legit. The Girl gave me Information on my local Individual services Section said that someone in my household could qualify for medicaid or Processor Thur your state. She did not ask for telephone her back or for any info. I signed Upward Thur your Wellbeing attention. gov Website. My Partner and I qualify for insurance but said my Children need for go Thur Processor so everything works out with this 1.

Post by Guest,

4798773203 Maintained for become from Wellbeing Care Market Put asking for verify your name. Well they called me. Would t they have already had the since they said they Simply needed more info. . . did not present them anything and attempted to return call. . . . always active. As terrible as Well-being Attention Marketplace is. . . it never rings occupied Heavy Highlight. . . scam

Post by Guest,

479-877-3203 Vanessa says these are valid calls from AC. Nicely I did not Implement for AC and never may. So how did we get the telephone. They called at least twice but we I not reply. I get thus many of these spoofed calls it s so frustrating.

Post by BOB,

4798773203 W W W Wellbeing Ins MP Now W W PM 0 Did not pick up. Live person left a message which was Regular along with my Present Well-being attention. gov process which is for Provide more Certification for my application. Since there was no phone to action within the message it was an FYI I think it was legit. That information left on my replying machine said that the Added Certification that I had sent via your USPS had been acquired and that I d become getting a standing back in the mail. Left a legit W Amount W W W for Wellbeing attention. gov within case I had questions.

Post by a former (2 days) telemarketer,

479-877-3203 They don t demand to. These callers we get just plumb within sets of Amounts and go for it. Dealers and computers don t recognize that fact your own Telephone is a no contact Telephone or on your DC let alone become unlisted even. You are able to see about a telephone blocking Program Only Google them along with your own phone brand version and see if you can locate one for it. Otherwise you may have to file a Grievance along with AT amp T and see they could block it for you.

Post by BOB,

4798773203 Don't Speak To this Person. THEY CALLED AND Tried For Confirm MY ADDRESS. SAID THEY WERE With Health Attention. GOV AND Your Health Care Marketplace Set. SCAM SCAM SCAM. WHEN I SAID WHEN I SAID I DID NOT FEEL Comfortable SHE SAID SHE WAS Just Trying To KEEP ME Out of LOSING MY Insurance Due to Lost Data ON MY Program. Offered ME The Telephone Number W W W To Telephone BACK. It's The Number FOR A NATIONAL Promotion Agency.

Post by Mark Lyvers,

479-877-3203 Here is my chat along with Heath attention. Gov 1 W W pm Thanks for Calling Wellness Insurance Marketplace Live Chat. Please wait while we Link you for someone who could help. 1 W W pm Please become patient while we re helping other Individuals. 1 W W pm Welcome. You personally re now Related for Wellness Insurance Industry Live Chat. Cheers for contacting people. My name is Jasmine. To shield your own Seclusion please don t provide any private data like Societal Security Number or any other sensitive medical or private info. 1 W W pm Mark Hi Jasmine I got a Telephone call Now from a Business maintaining for be you personally Men the Amount was W W W it was a foreign lady I did t remain on that Telephone because I believed it was a scam . 1 W W pm Mark is that number from you guys. 1 W W pm Jasmine I can be happy for help you personally along with that but the number to that marketplace phone Facility is W W W. 1 W W pm Mark Ok so I can just consider that other phone a scam and I did the correct matter by hanging Upwards on them. 2 W W pm Jasmine Yes you did and I apologize for that inconvenience. 2 W W pm Mark Ok Ty bye 2 W W pm Jasmine Thank you for Calling Wellness Insurance Marketplace Live Chat. We 're here for help you personally W hours a day 7 days a week. 2 W W pm Your own chat session is around. Thanks for Calling people and we expect we vie answered your own questions. Have a terrific day. 2 W W pm 1 7 W

Post by randall,

4798773203 I got a phone out of the Amount they asked for my wife by first name just and when I said no that is Randall they said thank you personally and Put Upwards. Never offered any additional info. Not quite legit for a Government mandated health insurance situation. If it was a follow Upward of Health care Connected they should 've identified themselves as such. It was simply when I got home a couple hours After I notion for appearance into it as my Partner said I decided to look into the Wellbeing care Program crap again. If this is Obama care I cant wait for socialized medicine.

Post by Beans,

479-877-3203 CONTACT Your own STATE INSURANCE Department IF You personally GET A Phone Out of This Number. Received a phone out of the number at 8 W p. m. George mentioned my health care application was lost documentation. He was quite rude could t get a Whole sentence Outside without stumbling around his own words and asked me for personal info. When I refused for Supply him along with personal data he began to inform me I was going to lose my Wellness attention Protection. He did 've your right Phone Amount to that Wellbeing care Marketplace Set but he would tell me exactly what documentation was missing. I informed him that when I log into my account on that Almond website it states my Program is Whole and nothing else is Needed. I waited for about an hour and called your Almond to verify that my Program and coverage is in Set. I was assured they had all that info they Desired. I was informed to contact the state Section of insurance and report that telephone as a fraud. That Girl at Almond took the telephone number and stated she would make a report as nicely. Only because someone has your telephone Amount to Almond doesn't mean he is legit. Be thorough. NEVER supply Outside private information for someone calling you.

Post by me,

4798773203 not giving my name Outside. these calls are annoying

Post by narket,

479-877-3203 Just Call Market. It's not among their Amounts. It is A SCAM

Post by Des,

4798773203 Yep but when you personally Talk to the Individual that first thing he she does is insist you personally support your address to them. So a stranger out of a peculiar number calls and tells you personally he s in the AC gives you personally his first name Just then tells you he needs you to supply him your own address to Show you personally re your right Individual. . . . . you d 've for be a mouth breathing moron to work. What s he going to request for after your own address. You personally SS . Should we give that for strangers around your Telephone as well. You personally May}n' 've been looking within that mirror when you personally made your own post.

Post by riverhills,

479-877-3203 This can be part of that article. . . . . . . . . W W W Wyoming . . . . SEC may create three attempts within seven days to contact you personally Making voice mails each time they are unsuccessful. If unsuccessful a discover will become mailed to you personally that Features next steps for processing your application. There is no Telephone Amount you are able to telephone for contact SEC. I got a call from this . . . . . funny Storyline. They do not have my cell . . . . . They have my acreage line. They called me on my cell. The Post Additionally says that they may leave a message each time they are unsuccessful. . . they were unsuccessful and did not leave a message. I believe they would 've left a message if legit. . . . that s Only my Views tho. . . .

Post by KSmith,

4798773203 Got a phone out of W W W today and that Owner left a message. It was within Spanish Nevertheless and I do not speak Spanish. Or have I EVER signed Upwards for Viewed at or inquired Around any Authorities health attention. It's my opinion this is a scam. If they're calling Amounts they should not have and asking for you personally by name they must 've got you data from somewhere else.

Post by Guest,


Post by mam,

4798773203 It's a legit number but I don t think it is for incoming calls thus you probably could t phone it back and get someone. It's a Authorities phone center for the Wellbeing care. gov Market. I did a investigation and it appears on this government Site HTTP marketplace. Cm's. gov Go to the Website and put that Amount in your hunt box for verify it.

Post by narket,

479-877-3203 It is not legit. I calked market pk ace directly and gave them that number. It is not among theirs.

Post by Bob,

4798773203 Left a message on my express send claiming to become from the Wellness Insurance Marketplace. They said that they needed Additional information out of me for procedure my Program and that when I did t submit it within W times my Program would be Refused. However they did t specify what they needed instead asserting that I should 've gotten something within your send with more details but I 've gotten no such correspondence. They Additionally did t leave any Guidelines to contact them about it. I called up that Industry at their toll free number 1 W W W for request about it and they told me there was no Trouble with my Program. They had everything they Desired as Way as that representative could tell and there was nothing for me for Stress Around. Even if it USN t a scam it s still highly suspect. It s an excellent Notion in any case for telephone the Market at their toll free Amount to double check.

Post by Guest,

479-877-3203 Only confirmed along with Well-being care. gov this IS A SCAM. They recommended I file a complaint with the FTC at Www. . gov

Post by Guest,

4798773203 This Amount isn't a scam. I used for work there. That government has a contract with SEC North America. There are 4 SEC call center sites that help along with that AC. These locations are Illinois Missouri Oklahoma Ky. You can verify Amounts Connected with the AC on Internet. Well-being attention. gov. These 4 call Facilities are outbound calls only. 1 W W W is the inbound telephone Centre. There are just a few reasons that 4 outbound phone centers can phone you. 1. If you personally submit an AC Program through that send and you have missing information on it your call center Employees Additionally take your information out of your paper application and Place it into the Wellbeing attention. gov system . 2. If you don't Supply particular and accurate data on your own applications it may create an inconsistency . This is the phone Seeking Certification. You are able to 've citizenship immigration and yearly income inconsistencies. No 1 could Strength you for submit Records. You can Add them online to your own Wellness care. gov account or make copies and send them in. If you have a citizenship or immigration inconsistency you will lose your own coverage if you personally don't send upload that correct documents by a specific date which your Staff should give you that date or how many times you might have left. If you've an yearly income inconsistency you are able to lose your subsidy tax credit that helps you pay for your insurance if you personally do not send Publish documents by a certain date . Simply a few helpful Suggestions All SEC Workers 've an employee ID. If they do not tell you what it is Afterward request for it. It begins along with a notice for whichever state they work within Used by 5 numbers write that number and their name down . They do Check many of your info to make confident they are speaking with your correct Individual and that they're not telling your personal information to some stranger. They may ask you to Check your own address at your time you enrolled and that month and year of your own Start. That's all they ask for verify for protect your own privacy. You are also Delivered several notices telling you personally if you might have any dilemmas with your own account. I may not totally concur on how matters with your AC are done as well as other employees but this can be how your government decided for run things and this really is what SEC employees must do. I hope this helps anyone who is having problems with this.

Post by narket,

479-877-3203 It's not legit. I calked market pk ace directly and gave them that number. It is not among theirs.

Post by a former (2 days) telemarketer,

4798773203 Really a lot of call centers have automatic dealers or lists of numbers within purchase and since your own phone number is a number it could become included or Simply randomly dialed.

Post by webmail,

479-877-3203 W W W 8 Am Rec d call from this number. Caller ID just says. . . . . Rogers AR. They Put Upward before it went for voice mail.

Post by Guest,

4798773203 Scam telephone asking about Wellness insurance. Don't present them any info.

Post by Guest,

479-877-3203 Scam. . . hang up

Post by Guest,

4798773203 Marketing insurance on that no phone list

Post by Guest,

479-877-3203 Telephone ND one different Amount different times stating they were from your Marketplace and Wanted more info. I actually had called that quot Actual quot Industry yesterday and Approved they had everything they Wanted. I told your caller I called and this was a scam. Subsequently I Put Upwards.

Post by cindy,

4798773203 i got a telephone asking for Ronald Lou bier. . . He has Approved away. . . Please do not call my Amount again. . Thank you

Post by Confused,

479-877-3203 The Amount has called my cell W April W at 8 'm and 2 other occasions. Hispanic Girl left a message saying they needed more data concerning my application along with that Wellbeing Insurance Industry. Only thing on my caller ID was Amount W W W Unregistered Rogers Wyoming. Inquired for return telephone to W W W if I have questions or log into my Heath attention. gov account. Assess the Amount first. Caller ID SPOOFING fake IS Too Simple For Do. Other numbers used W W W W W W a national Advertising Agency Business Names Used SEC North AMER Hectare Ins.

Post by me,

4798773203 did not reply don t know who it is just needs for stop

Post by narket,

479-877-3203 Just Phone Industry. It's not among their Amounts. It's A SCAM

Post by grizwolf,

4798773203 Even notion Well-being care. gov says this can be a good Amount I consider it is a scam. Allowing for that Site they just try to telephone 3 times then send a correspondence. I 've gotten alto more than 3 calls. I ll wait for them to send a page.

Post by Guest,

479-877-3203 I gave my state and my Start date but this really is Clearly a scam. I hope I did t give too much. They re saying they re out of Well-being attention. gov. They are not. Do not autumn for this.

Post by Guest,

4798773203 Terrance Brazil out of Wyoming is who the number is registered to. I m sorry but Authorities entities don t use personal Telephone Amounts for any Authorities business. Incoming calls are identified stupid

Post by Badge714,

479-877-3203 That number could be valid that doesn't mean that Owner is. NEVER give out private information on a telephone you personally did not create out of a Amount you got. Do not phone back numbers left for your requirements in a fax E-mail text or voice message. Assess that Amount first. Caller ID spoofing fake is overly easy for do.

Post by Guest,

4798773203 I have serious problems along with your marketplace within general and your AC within Special. Exactly why IS SOMEONE CALLING ME Out of A PRIVATE Acreage LINE. SOMETHING Around This can be Away AND Unusual.

Post by Fred,

479-877-3203 I also 've been receiving calls out of the Amount requesting paper work W pay stub SS . Simply received a phone Today at 9 PM a guy asking because of this personal Information told him sure ill mail it NOT. . . . . . . . He previously mentioned he was from Marketplace Place

Post by Helene,

4798773203 This can be NOT a legitimate Amount for your health insurance Market. I called and confirmed with them Now that they do not have any Wyoming Established Amounts. My cellphone Amount has been targeted for multiple scams Currently I could just presume that this is yet another. I am simply going to Discontinue replying your Telephone if I do not Understand the Amount.

Post by Guest,

479-877-3203 Said they were NH Wellbeing Strategies Asked for verify address date of Delivery and income at income I Installed Upwards but did get fooled and Validated my address and dob

Post by Wanda House,

4798773203 I telephone the number back and it doesn't even rings . Thus who calling me.

Post by a former (2 days) telemarketer,

479-877-3203 Truly a lot of call Facilities 've automatic Merchants or lists of numbers in order and since your phone number is a Amount it could be Comprised or just randomly dialed.

Post by Christine Schall,

4798773203 I gotten a telephone telephone from your Amount W W W asserting to become your health attention marketplace. I understand this can be not that Well-being care Market because I deal with them Rather a bit so it is a Fake call and I want to Merely reported to you. Thank you.

Post by Lynn,

479-877-3203 Owner Asserted for become Connie from Market. She Desired for verify my address. I told her she should 've it if she is out of where she claims for become out of. I don t consider the Authorities would be calling for verify addresses and such. They 've all our info. This really is a scam. . . become careful Folks.

Post by Guest,

4798773203 scam

Post by Guest,

479-877-3203 Phishing for my private info. SCAM ALERT. Please become careful. Villains

Post by Des,

4798773203 Yes but when you speak to that person that first thing he she does is insist you personally verify your own address for them. So a stranger from a peculiar number calls and tells you he s from your AC gives you personally his first name Simply then tells you personally he needs you to give him your own address to Establish you re your right Man. . . . . you d have for be a mouth respiration moron to collaborate. What s he going for request for after your own address. You SS . Should we give that to strangers around the phone as nicely. You personally May}n' have been looking in that mirror when you made your own post.

Post by Guest,

479-877-3203 This number has called my cell W April W at 8 Am and 2 other Events. Hispanic Woman left a message saying they Desired more information concerning my application along with the Health Insurance Marketplace. Only thing on my caller ID was number W W W Unregistered Rogers Arkansas. Inquired to return telephone for W W W if I 've questions or log into my Heath care. gov account. Check that number first. Owner ID SPOOFING fake IS Overly Easy For Can. quot Other Amounts used W W W W W W a national marketing Organization Health Insurance MP W W W W W W W W W W W W Business Names Used SEC North AMER Hectare Ins. MP SONOGRAM

Post by Jessie Knowles,

4798773203 Marker W has it appropriate i. e. . . . The Amount might be valid that Does not mean your caller is. NEVER present out personal data on a phone you did not create out of a Amount you got. Do not call back Amounts left for your requirements within a fax email text or express message. Assess the Amount first. Owner ID SPOOFING fake IS Overly Simple For Do. The government Wellness care fraud alert page states that if they could t reach after three tries they ll send you a correspondence. That might be a better Choice than falling victim to your scummier faking the W W W government Amount.

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7038598333 Complains by Guest,

Patent and Commerce Office F. C. U. Your card has been temporarily Blocked. Please call W W W

8329738069 Complains by Guest,


2566834229 Complains by Guest,


7344786282 Complains by Guest,

this Telephone is Underneath the name Theresa Kennedy from Ann arbor Mi. They can send various text messages along with pornographic Photographs and explicit content and sends them continuously this Man is a stalker beware.

8004479239 Complains by Guest,

Requested they stop calling still calling

5616924357 Complains by Guest,

Gotten partial message Man giggling about reversing Prices within just one hour. WT. . . .

5624454648 Complains by Lauren,

I get calls from this number often but choice to ignore it. The first and only time I answered it was 'Equifax' a credit protection company clamming that they can offer me protection from fraud with a monthly cost! told them it was not in my budget and said it was a one time offer I insisted that I was not interested and hung-up.

8042651021 Complains by MISSYT,

Don't have any idea who these people are they call several times per day

8002147842 Complains by momof3,

I strongly dislike Telephone solicitors.

8002449241 Complains by Guest,


8001418508 Complains by Guest,

7 day block

8002145382 Complains by unknown,

Altman Altman and copper was that thus called firm that was calling and the person who called said something rock not confident if that was the persons last name or not. they told me I would Used time in jail if I did t pay the resolution claiming if i didn't pay that resolution then i would sit within Prison until someone paid your debt in not empty plus legal Prices and such

8002385295 Complains by robin meek,

This Individual calls my Amount I Select Upwards and either I 've a Face tone or it's a Facsimile Alarm I hang up and the telephone blocks my line and it appears on my Telephone as line within use I cannot call Outside or get calls the caller repeats the same Activity over and around for as long as W minutes at a time sometimes longer

8002381682 Complains by LNSV,

I called it and it s Cit go but it could become a general Amount and Cit go has contracted them or something. How I Hate them.

8002343053 Complains by Ann,

Had this number appear on my bank statement for a buy of W. W out of a Put called healthy mu. I have no Thought how they got my card Amount or who they're and have never even heard of the place. I immediately called my bank blocked my card and it's being investigated by your fraud Business now.

8002139882 Complains by M. Buzard,

I keep becoming re pat calls from the NCO Fiscal system for someone that's never Dwelt here I am on your don't telephone list but they keep calling I want these Individuals for Quit harassing me. . . . . .

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