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Telephone information: Tw Telecom Of Arizona LLC. Phoenix, AZ. . United states
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Post by Samhain,

4803271200 harassing phone calls they never state who they are just demanding for speak for your owner of the Telephone Amount seriously. . . you cant come up along with a better line enjoy i demand to Talk along with your Girl of the home or guy. . . and when i Blow off the call no message. . . .

Post by Marge Ancira,

480-327-1200 Do not want them phone my cell.

Post by KP,

4803271200 I got a phone out of the Amount but as I can with all unknown numbers I did not reply your phone. If it's Significant they may leave a message.

Post by Casey,

480-327-1200 I did t response because I did t Understand that Amount and they left a message along with nothing on it. There was no sound but I did have a express mail. How Strange.

Post by Guest,

4803271200 ID who it's

Post by mary morris,

480-327-1200 I know nothing Around them except they telephone me two or three times a day. I 've ask them around and around not for that I was on don't telephone list and they still telephone.

Post by Katelovesthesuni th,

4803271200 I believe they somehow got my Amount out of when I was entering it for a Fund. They vie been calling for almost two months and 've now started calling my mothers Amount. Next time they phone may go down and I may lose my Girl manors.

Post by Kathy Dann,

480-327-1200 I ordered two pairs of shoes out of Sears online. I was quite satisfied with them. Please create a notice that I returned that call seeing that shoes. Don't phone again. Thank you.

Post by Thomas Dodd,

4803271200 The call comes out of Argosy Online University which I 've canceled.

Post by Ashley,

480-327-1200 i vie acquired 6 or 7 of these phone calls a week. i vie asked several times for be removed. eventually i called them back Now there's no automated option to be removed so i just pressed 2 for bachelors degree and Subsequently Legal justice or whatever. talked to a woman named Kris. she Inquired for my first and last name and Subsequently said i was removed. . . . so we ll see.

Post by valuedcustomertoo,

4803271200 If just that were Accurate. I told them I did not sign Upward for info that I don't need Information and to take me away their calling list and don't call my cell phone again. They still phone multiple times per day.

Post by Candace,

480-327-1200 Please Cease calling my phone.

Post by erika,

4803271200 I have been becoming all Types of calls out of Odd Amounts Around Faculty Lessons. . Discontinue. . Its annoying

Post by rb,

480-327-1200 harass them back

Post by William Peach,

4803271200 I don t need for hear from these people again.

Post by Beth,

480-327-1200 They vie been calling me for months on Dwelling and cell number.

Post by Phoenix U Scam,

4803271200 No message but I m not Choosing up either. I don't have any motive for contact any Schools thus I know they got my Amount nefariously. I am being called every day by these crooks. It sucks that as a university they re exempt from your law when it comes for harassing Individuals even if You're on the no telephone list. Check out what Wiki says about Phoenix University and their history of law suites due for their aggressive direct Advertising and loan sharking. Calling my State Congressman next. . . .

Post by West,

480-327-1200 I was getting calls from a School a few time ago. After asking them to Cease calling me several times at least W they kept calling me. Thus being fed Upward with that calls I replied that last phone and told them that I will become reporting them for the Better Business Agency. I did and they have not called me back since. So Merely file a Grievance with the BBB.

Post by Guest,


Post by Anna Mendoza,

480-327-1200 Please Quit calling my number your are searching for someone that this Amount does Fit I Simply got dis number 1 month ago

Post by Guest,

4803271200 Education in Arizona

Post by Guest,

480-327-1200 Keeps calling my traction


4803271200 This number telephone my phone numerous times a day. I 'm not interested please Quit calling.

Post by vjd,

480-327-1200 Not confident who this can be they never leave voice mails. But they certain call a lot.

Post by very annoyed,

4803271200 I Containers changed MT Telephone number a Month ago an I have obtained 6 Telephones a daytime sense I got the Amount. I 've replied several times a they request for someone else I state they dent live here Or 've this Amount anymore an they ask how to contact a person ID an I say I dent know them Afterward they state they will make notice of it so the calls will Quit. Lola. That calls r 3 times worse than they starred out being. I am very annoyed by these Pol they Count demand for Discontinue calling me.

Post by H Carpenter,

480-327-1200 Someone calls from this number. Since we've a had a lot of Unknown calls we don t response. There has also been threatening task out of law Administration sources including invited entry to your home by local law enforcement sources and questionable arrests of family members resulting from those entries during your past few months. Could anything become done Around such task. . . .

Post by karen,

4803271200 I called them back and they refused for take my Amount out of their database unless I have them personal information. It's many university and I did not request any info or Fiscal aid

Post by kathy,

480-327-1200 these disgusting Person beings have been calling me Day AND Night waking Upward my very Ill Mum. . I 've called them back Around W times for take my Amount away the list. I vie been told it would get taken off. . . . I vie even been laughed at by one bright Bum Man. They say they are AUGURS UNIVERSITY. They are still calling. . . . no subject what I state. I 'm on that do not telephone list. . . a lot of help that did.

Post by lori,

4803271200 I get that exact same thing who your hell is it . .

Post by Casey,

480-327-1200 I asked for information on a Faculty. I don t want for indication Upwards for any more info on Universities now because its Only a way to be harassed. Yes I 'm interested in going to college but I don t desire for spend hours on the Telephone along with a recruiter. Send me the info within my email and I will telephone you if I 'm interested. Now that Unlimited calls are thus annoying. My boyfriend is even Beginning for get paranoid BC I just don t response calls Approximately him and its Merely these Mindless recruiters.

Post by Spytheweb,

4803271200 I starting becoming calls the weekend the latest is the number W W W. It started Sunday your Nov Th. Others are W W W W W W W and W W W. They even called my sister asking for me. My Telephone is not even Connected along with my name they must 've Inquired for your owner of my Amount. I have a Samsung pay as you personally go Telephone and it has a Avoid list those crazy Koreans when their Amount shows up i Only add them to that list and i don t 've express send turned on. BTW i never reply these calls it costs me cash when i Select Upward.

Post by Guest,

480-327-1200 Calls almost every daytime Merely to hang Upwards.

Post by shady,

4803271200 this can be prank call

Post by Athena,

480-327-1200 Nicely the same Amount I figure I answered too quickly and they Man was laughing and I said Hi Happy Friday and your jerk hangs up . Must be Pleasant overly Face random Amounts get paid and hang up on people Port Ar's . . .

Post by LTM,

4803271200 1 W W W has called and said nothing. I m glad that I got the Information concerning the Amount. Now i overly understand I made the right choice not for seek a level through them. That attorney General of each State within that People needs to get on that Basketball.

Post by Scarlett,

480-327-1200 As everyone else this Argosy or Nonetheless it s spelled calls me up to 3 times a day. . . I was searching at going back to school. Next thing I understand these stalker idiots keep calling me sometimes as early as 8 W a. m to 8 W at night. Become warned People be cautious when filling out forms inquiring about Universities amp or Scholarships. These websites lure us Subsequently sell your info all over your Put. . . . Subsequently your telemarketing vultures come from your wood works hovering over people Following our phone the Email and the snail send all daytime long for weeks or even months. .

Post by Michelle M,

4803271200 I consistently Blow off a phone call out of the number but I would value if they Simply sop calling and leave me alone. . .

Post by Dana,

480-327-1200 They have called me between 8 W times in one day I 've to turn my Telephone away because they won't leave me alone. I believe it is that University of Phoenix that's calling. Maybe if they left a message it would help.

Post by Guest,

4803271200 I

Post by Christine,

480-327-1200 That is an Amazing Notion. I m gonna try it overly if I need to.

Post by Guest,

4803271200 These Individuals keep calling my cell Amount. Please stop calling me. I am way too busy for deal along with telemarketers.

Post by Helpful Advice,

480-327-1200 Your Don't Call list just applies to Firms who call you personally Uninvited for try to sell you personally something such as calling you out of a random list. It dozen t Implement to Businesses you have invited for call you personally. This university has forms online where you can request info . You could 've thought you were Seeking a brochure or other information by send but you obviously typed your phone number into your kind as well. That s exactly why they are calling. Next time put within a fake Amount if you personally don t need phone calls. In that meantime just set your Telephone to send the incoming Amount directly for voice send and. . . enjoy magic. . . you won t hear them ringing your phone anymore. They may stop eventually and even if they don t you personally won t hear them anymore anyway. If you personally don t have a phone that can do this I Powerfully advocate you personally get just one.

Post by Margie Hunt,

4803271200 They keep calling Distinct hours of daytime and night

Post by Informed,

480-327-1200 Irritating as hell.

Post by icequeen566,

4803271200 I keep getting a call out of this Amount but no one Addresses. . . ST time was Simply a Group of talking sounded like a Bash ND telephone was Only significant breathing. . .

Post by fearlessmexchic,

480-327-1200 This Amount keeps calling me and hangs Upwards every time I Choose up. They are Beginning for annoy me

Post by niknik,

4803271200 So annoying. A university calling Always calling me. Several times a daytime Every day for weeks. I already have a level so I Actually wish they would quit frig gin calling me.

Post by anony mouse,

480-327-1200 calls twice Day-to-day for five days until i finally replied i 'm on state and National no call list and never offer my phone number to anyone unless I am doing business with them and even then i strive not to. It was Argosy University Woman on phone was nice and said she would remove me from their list but said many schools telephone out of that same number so if someone else calls out of now on it could become another school or telemarketer. HTTP online. argosy. Ed

Post by sandy,

4803271200 I have had between 3 and 6 calls . . . . silent. But one a man and a Girl were laughing softly. I called and Inquired to Talk to someone in charge about unexpected phone calls. . . they Put up.

Post by GothikCowgirl,

480-327-1200 Yes. . . . they 've been calling me as well. . . . . would Cease. It s tiresome and if my cell Bands it s because someone I gave it for is calling about something I Really desire for listen to. So could it be a shoe Business or yet another online school come to fuss me. . .

Post by Tim,

4803271200 Hi I keep receiving calls daily out of this Amount and I 'm no longer interested in speaking along with someone out of this university. They're calling several times a day.

Post by Guest,

480-327-1200 Mindless scam school

Post by tsktsktrixie,

4803271200 Ugh. ANOTHER University call. . . It s really a sneaky manner of doing company to telephone folks who are Only utilizing their investigation Applications for would personal research. Sure I wanna go back to school. Yep I m even shopping for a school. But 'm I gonna go to your own school after receiving umpteen calls around a month s long Interval of time. I think NOT. I body that Entrances Employees must work on commission.

Post by Ray Appelmann,

480-327-1200 These Folks phone all daytime and nighttime. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

4803271200 Don t know who it is did t leave a message

Post by Hoa,

480-327-1200 It s annoying they keep calling and state nothing no express mail if you personally telephone back.

Post by Chuck R,

4803271200 There 've been changes for that Telephone Customer Protection Work} of W as of October W. As follows HTTP Styles. com h'm

Post by Christina,

480-327-1200 They Asserted I signed Upward for a Telephone phone from them and I did t. . . Afterward got another telephone from another college in New York. . I m somewhat suspect about this crap. Watch Outside.

Post by babalu,

4803271200 called march W W W never leave a message. called back your ST after a just one ring phone and no reply. wt

Post by Guest,

480-327-1200 they suck. . and they won t stop. .

Post by Stan,

4803271200 Tell them your same matter I told them. I believe all college professors are Liberal minded communist SOB s . They have not called me back since.

Post by LTM,

480-327-1200 1 W W W has called and said nothing. I m glad that I got the info concerning the number. Now i too know I got the correct selection not to seek a amount through them. The Lawyer General of each State within the Us needs to get on your Baseball.

Post by Mike,

4803271200 Only got a phone out of W W W. It rang twice Afterward nothing. How pissed away I 'm. Argosy Union. now that Bands a bell. I should 've Understood.

Post by que,

480-327-1200 Only call them back and request your them for take you personally off their call list. I did they were really Fine about it.

Post by Lucio,

4803271200 Yes they are. . . . . . . . . . annoying

Post by Rose,

480-327-1200 They telephone and nabob will there be except not alive atmosphere.

Post by Van,

4803271200 no they dint. . . not within my case. they call least X week. and i told them for put me on their do not phone list Total time in October W


480-327-1200 Do NT Know WHO This Number IS AND Would NT Demand ANY MORE CALLS

Post by Guest,

4803271200 SCAM CALL

Post by Guest,

480-327-1200 Jerks will not Discontinue calling

Post by Francisco Diaz,

4803271200 Please Don't Telephone MY CELL

Post by johnson,

480-327-1200 I don't know who the Individual is that keeps calling my house from the W W W. From the posts i 've read its from Buying shoes online. I never have purchased any shoes and i wish these people would Cease CALLING my house W times a day. I Will not Response IT. . . . Thank you.

Post by Rosita,

4803271200 The same thing occur to me. . . . call and remain on your Telephone until they hang up

Post by Guest,

480-327-1200 They keep calling. So annoying.

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

480-327-1200 this number keeps calling me but my Telephone never rings and it s quite confusing

Post by kt,

4803271200 don't telephone me

Post by Guest,

480-327-1200 They phone 5 6 times a day all throughout your day. No just one is on another Finish. I am Ill to be harassed. The needs to Quit immediately.

Post by fran Argo,

4803271200 stop calling please

Post by corvettechk,

480-327-1200 I Getaway t ordered shoes or heard of that University but I Decided Upward Simply for tell them to stop calling and nobody said anything. They keep calling everyday about 3 X s a daytime. It s very annoying.

Post by weeb,

4803271200 don't call again. .

Post by Guest,

480-327-1200 That is a suspected spam Amount. It keeps calling my phone

Post by LINDA,

4803271200 Cease CALLING

Post by ronnie nash,

480-327-1200 annoying Replicate call

Post by West,

4803271200 I was getting calls from a School many time Past. After asking them to Discontinue calling me several times at least W they kept calling me. So being fed Upward along with that calls I replied the last call and told them that I can become reporting them for your Better Company Institution. I did and they never have called me back since. So Only file a complaint with that BBB.

Post by Trish,

480-327-1200 It s Argosy University They don t ever Cease even after asking for be on the don't call list. I refuse to reply anymore. Let them waste their money and time.

Post by Christine,

4803271200 I gotten a telephone Now out of the number but they did t leave a message. While reading other places I see it s Argosy University who I talked for earlier in your daytime through a Occupation investigation Website and told the Man that I wan t looking to get an MBA Or was I interested in another bachelors amount thus I don t know exactly why I d get another call although now that I m contemplating that person who transferred me them said I May}n' get an automated call which I suppose is that call I acquired out of the number.

Post by anonymousearthling,

480-327-1200 The number is such a nuisance. Can t anyone deactivate it somehow.

Post by David,

4803271200 Y'S

Post by Guest,

480-327-1200 Keeps calling. .

Post by Joe Fattal,

4803271200 It is a school on line. I get calls at PM from them. I us ally do not response.

Post by Sara,

480-327-1200 I got a really lousy stalkers voice send and so I checked what time it was left and it was out of the phone number. . . . They talk within the dreary muffled voice and say matters enjoy I m Viewing you and I m your stalker I expect it was Only a prank phone but you personally never understand. . . .

Post by Clon Don,

4803271200 It is the university. . . . they wont Discontinue calling.

Post by In Florida,

480-327-1200 Argosy University calling within response to an Program that I partially filled Outside but stopped because I did t have that Program Payment on me at your time. The representative let me know that they can waive the Price. It made feeling why she called on an Partial Program. This Amount has called only a few times in that previous couple weeks but has not left a voice send message. It would have been Pleasant to 've Understood the info from your first call and been Competent to Reply. I get thus many Trash calls that I don t answer unfamiliar numbers on my cell where it Prices me minutes . That Caller ID Simply said Phoenix Arizona

Post by dananchorage,

4803271200 they have been calling me everyday for weeks

Post by Billie Marie Hamill,

480-327-1200 Calls in Min increments no vim each time. Was taking Set for a week. Decided up once and was hung Upward on. Worst. No Notion who they're or exactly why they're calling.

Post by SonofLiberty2016,

4803271200 I 've been unemployed for several years now and due for my father s greed I decided to go back for school. Well I Regrettably enrolled with Argosy online and was accepted for Monetary Help. How Considerably risk am I within along with my Monetary Support and what could I would for Quit them from ruining my Fiscal Help so I May}n' become Competent to go to your different school After on

Post by Kim,

480-327-1200 Please Don't call again

Post by kris,

4803271200 is that you . . .

Post by Brittany St. Amour,

480-327-1200 It s Argosy University and while I did request data out of them. . . I did t expect them for call numerous times a daytime. Looks like I could block them and ditch their school.

Post by kris,

4803271200 I called your Amount back and pressed 0 and got someone that was Capable to remove my Amount out of their list no more calls

Post by jacque Moslander,

480-327-1200 I Only want the for Quit calling Particularly since it's on my cell Ph and they telephone W 7

Post by Girl,

4803271200 Cease CALLING MY Amount. . . .

Post by vilma,

480-327-1200 many previous man shouts at me he is out of Autonomy University a Christian college calling Around enrollment

Post by lori,

4803271200 I get your exact same thing who your hell is it . .

Post by Guest,

480-327-1200 Calls daytime in and day out never leave a message

Post by Lucio,

4803271200 Yes they are. . . . . . . . . . annoying

Post by Janis Englett,

480-327-1200 No message left.

Post by Scott Ester,

4803271200 Please do not call me any more I am not interested in a School amount from you guys

Post by Guest,

480-327-1200 Not interested

Post by Kritters,

4803271200 Not amusing. Wastes my time and minutes. Cease calling I m on your don't phone list. You have been reported.

Post by kris,

480-327-1200 is which you . . .

Post by karen keeler,

4803271200 do not telephone me don't know who you are leave me alone Cease calling me. please and thank you. . . . . . . .

Post by r n,

480-327-1200 annoying repeat call

Post by Stacie,

4803271200 Keeps calling leaves no message. Get that hint I don't reply Amounts I don't understand. Leave me alone thank you.

Post by Guest,

480-327-1200 Online psychology degree

Post by J Patten,

4803271200 phone company should become doing something Around these calls. . . W W W. . . I don t know who it's or what they want. . . I 'm beginning to feel threatened. Discontinue That CALLS

Post by Dahlia,

480-327-1200 Got a telephone did t response it. Had a feeling it was spam.

Post by Guest,

4803271200 Argosy university

Post by kris,

480-327-1200 they keep calling my cell number and I never ordered shoes out of them. . .

Post by Katelovesthesuni th,

4803271200 I believe they somehow got my number out of when I was entering it for a scholarship. They vie been calling for almost two months and 've now started calling my mothers Amount. Next time they call can go down and I can lose my lady manors.

Post by Bethany,

480-327-1200 I would Quite your own school not phone me anymore i have already Began at a college and dint need anymore information appropriate now.

Post by Pam,

4803271200 I finally had enough and called them back. They 've removed me out of their call list It took them 3 days to would it. When I Inquired they told me that they had my name phone Amount and address. They obtained it from another School that I had Required data from.

Post by Greg,

480-327-1200 I Merely obtained a call out of this Amount. The Owner said that he was out of Argosy University. They told me that I requested info on a Therapy level in that past. I don t Recall Publishing my info for them. I told them that I wan t interested within furthering my Instruction. If they continue to telephone I may block the Amount.

Post by myboyzmom,

4803271200 W before dialing your Telephone Merely gives a MSG that it s not valid.

Post by azn,

480-327-1200 The University calls me 5 times a daytime and I repeatedly request them for Set me on your do not phone list but they keep calling me. I never Closed Upward for any data from any university and I get calls everyday out of them and others. Stop calling me.

Post by SonofLiberty2016,

4803271200 I 've been unemployed for several years now and due to my father s greed I decided to go back for school. Nicely I unfortunately enrolled with Argosy online and was accepted for financial aid. How much danger 'm I within along with my Fiscal Support and what could I would to stop them out of ruining my financial Support so I May}n' be Capable to go to your different school later on

Post by Trisha,

480-327-1200 Got an unknown call out of this number and they did not leave a message.

Post by Guest,

4803271200 Cease calling me

Post by Susan,

480-327-1200 I Only did a reverse appearance Upwards on this number. For all intents and Applications I must presume that the person is Seeking to derive private info out of callers. Case and point. . . When I called your Amount back someone on that Telephone asked Who 'm I speaking with. for which I said. . . You personally tell me. You re your one who dialed my Telephone number. The Woman demanded for know my name amp from there on I Put Upward. My very best interpretation as a amount holder in CK is the Man is Seeking for derive personal info for resell in the name of committing identity Larceny. It s surely more of a scary motivation to gathering private information to sell. That manner someone looking for a way for get an illegal passport could succeed at a legal citizen s expense. Consider twice around whom you divulge your own private info to.

Post by Guest,

4803271200 annoying and doesn't leave message

Post by Monica,

480-327-1200 don t call

Post by Guest,

4803271200 Phone me everyday for register in Faculty I m W along with kids and could t they gone Upward. Grim.

Post by Guest,

480-327-1200 Online College

Post by Heather,

4803271200 They telephone about X a day and leave no message guess it s time to Place your funny voice within effect and Begin harassing them back. P

Post by Christine,

480-327-1200 Which is an awesome Thought. I m gonna strive it too if I need to.

Post by Kathy Dann,

4803271200 This number has seemed several times on my Owner ID. It's become annoying please stop calling. Thank you personally.

Post by Deanna,

480-327-1200 Argosy was calling me too. They 've called Upward to 5 times a daytime and I 've asked them not to telephone several times I have also emailed your school asking them for take my number away there list and for never Set it back on. . . . . . . NOTHING STOPS ARGOSY from calling. When a business continues to phone on a number using an unavailable Amount and dozen t leave a message there should become a way for UNPLUG their Telephone line after the Amount of Grievances have been received. Does your phone Firms not 've a few Obligation in the. and really UNAVAILABLE if the Man calling me is unavailable thus am I so don t hassle calling.

Post by Zena,

4803271200 Do not telephone again. . . .

Post by chris,

480-327-1200 ARGOSY UNIVERSITY ONLINE Total AND Whole SCAM AND HARASSMENT You might have to phone them and request for become removed out of their system. Ask to Talk to a Manager. All workers 've access for their calling list. They can tell you which you Required for be contacted but they will phone you personally REPEATEDLY even if you haven t Required it. So Give them your name and your Telephone Amount and 've them pull it Upward it can be in their system and Afterward have them Actually remove your name and Telephone Amount. Which is the only manner these scumbags will relent. I was actually becoming 6 calls within a W hour period. No exaggeration. And they were too ignorant to even leave a message and Pretend that they were really interested in Marketing something. They Only were harassing me. Period. What else would you personally telephone 6 Telephone calls in a day and a half where nobody even bothers for leave info or call back requests. That goes from sales solicitation to directly Upward harassment. Span. I expect whenever someone does an engine hunt for ARGOSY UNIVERSITY ONLINE OR ARGOSY UNIVERSITY

Post by myboyzmom,

4803271200 W before dialing the phone just gives a MSG that it s not valid.

Post by Guest,

480-327-1200 This really is NOT SPAM. If you are getting calls out of these Individuals it's because you Inquired for information.

Post by Sw,

4803271200 I keep becoming phone calls from this number and I Discount them but need them to Quit calling. . .

Post by Nancy Storant,

480-327-1200 Do not desire for be called calls each W minutes to my cell Telephone and then to Residence phone.

Post by Donna,

4803271200 Calls twice a daytime each daytime for 2 weeks.

Post by Guest,

480-327-1200 They keep calling me and don t leave a message but when I call back try to harass me about online classes.

Post by marilyn,

4803271200 Please stop calling my cell

Post by Jim,

480-327-1200 Please Discontinue calling

Post by kathy kremer,

4803271200 don't phone this Amount. . . . .

Post by Guest,

480-327-1200 This is a caller in the Univ. Of Phoenix

Post by Michelle W,

4803271200 They haven t stopped after I vie told them time and time again that I m not interested. Asking them to Quit dozen t work. Blocking that number through your own Telephone carrier is Actually that just way not to get their calls Nonetheless your Telephone Provider may charge for that service.

Post by Made a mistake,

480-327-1200 I made the mistake of answering an online questionnaire viewing Accessible Awards to become a Certified counselor. Although I did not submit my information once I found out they were Striving to enroll students in their associates level Software I already have a master s measure. I suppose my info was captured by them any way. I knew their Application wan t for someone who already has a master s. So I did t submit to become contacted. They vie been calling me three times a day since Subsequently. Are they desperate for enrolment or what. . . This does not make them appearance professional in any manner. I d become wary in case a university that does company like this.

Post by Malik Briggs,

4803271200 That Amount has called me 2 6 times everyday the previous month or 2. I don t need them for keep calling me I vie Inquired them nicely a few times to Quit but they Simply keep calling my Telephone.

Post by Kathy Dann,

480-327-1200 I ordered two pairs of shoes from Sears online. I was really suited along with them. Please create a notice that I returned your phone regarding your shoes. Don't telephone again. Thank you.

Post by Brittany St. Amour,

4803271200 Cease calling.

Post by fearlessmexchic,

480-327-1200 The number keeps calling me and hangs Upwards each time I Select Upward. They are starting to annoy me

Post by Rosita,

4803271200 That same matter happen for me. . . . call and stay on your Telephone until they hang up

Post by Joe D,

480-327-1200 I Merely Submitted a E-mail and phone complaint with Monster. com 1 W Monster 1 W W W as i don t believe they would need for be Connected along with a Firm that harasses Folks like South University and Argus or whatever it is university is. Fact is your Info entry pages required for starting a job seekers account on Creature and Hot Occupations are littered along with online university solicitations that look really similar. Generally browsers Vehicle populate these Information entry pages and your next matter you know among these telemarketers has your own Amount and is smiling and dialing you personally 4 times a daytime. A Pal of mine was signing up for an account on my computer and i get calls Day-to-day. Would you personally part and let Creature understand that the advertisers they're Marketing space to are abusing your leads and deceptively gathering user data to harass Creature account holders. 1 W Monster 1 W W W Absolute best Joe D

Post by dananchorage,

4803271200 they have been calling me everyday for weeks

Post by Sebastian Fort,

480-327-1200 Ah so that s why I have all these strange numbers Creature. com is selling my Information. I 'm glad I got a Occupation NOT through Monster so I could take my info down. Most Folks searching for Occupations are determined these times Creature should t sell phone Amounts.

Post by Rosita,

4803271200 That same thing happen to me. . . . phone and stay on that Telephone until they hang up

Post by James Tavares,

480-327-1200 Stop me or i ll report you personally to the authorities W W

Post by jacque Moslander,

4803271200 the calls my cell number around and around and over

Post by Michelle W,

480-327-1200 They haven t Ceased after I vie told them time and time again that I m not interested. Asking them for stop dozen t work. Blocking the Amount through your own Telephone Service is Actually your only way not for receive their calls however your own Telephone Service can charge for that service.

Post by Guest,

4803271200 scam Pupil loan calls

Did you get an unwanted call from 480-327-1200? Is 4803271200 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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8002151283 Complains by Jay,

This really is a debt collector called Byron Fiscal LC

8002010050 Complains by Jamaica,

Your Man that called me out of this offered me a Petrol voucher for W. It sounded like a scam.

8002346545 Complains by mike,

First call left express send of fake calls enjoy a human voice set up by computer to seem like its having a real conversation. Second phone was that same but it was about subscribing for a magazine.

8001261921 Complains by santa claus,

KISS MY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . JERKS

8002075644 Complains by Ken Kroner,

Prestige Travel scam that you won a vacation, so long as you pay and pay and pay etc.  Come to our briefing to get your gift.  Scammers scammers scammers!!

8001572938 Complains by Deb,

Got a telephone out of this Amount. Any Thought who it could become.

8002343936 Complains by Meren,

You personally might 've done company with the company or left a message for someone who does would business along with your company. Such as an Investment Company or International Trading Corporation. I 've gotten a few calls out of them. They forward calls from Private Companies and Private Company Individuals.

8002810372 Complains by mica,

Stop calling please

8002348151 Complains by Rotcel,

That same guy unloaded all around me overly. . correct into my ear. I called the Cops but they wouldn't do anything either. I Viewed at your better company Agency and they Really 've an A Score. I suppose I am Simply gonna 've to bend over and take it when he unloads on me. . .

8002609125 Complains by Mark,

First time acquired telephone. That Girl asked for my Partner by name. When I said she was not Accessible and Inquired if I could take a message she said no message and she would call back After. I called your number back from my caller ID it was an replying machine CG Hot line asking me for leave a message. We 're on the do not call list. What's that CG Hot line and how can they get away with calling everyone enjoy this.

8002196304 Complains by AG,

Received SEVERAL CALLS Out of This Number. IT SAYS AT The Finish THAT It's A DEBT COLLECTOR. That Thing THAT BOTHERS ME IS THEY DON T Say WHO THEY Desire To Talk With. I DON T Answer That Telephone WHEN THEY Phone BECAUSE I DON T Believe I M BEHIND ON ANY BILLS

8001248456 Complains by Penelope,

Another scam Owner. I disconnected that telephone. They phone at all hours of your nighttime.

8002471060 Complains by Scott,

Same Facsimile same scam. I called with 2 of their faxes within hand along with Distinct Costs and your man representative Put Upward when I talked Around that Cost difference. I used a different Telephone and got ah old of a female Representative Ally and I played along for a bit Afterward I Inquired why online the website said that they were a scam. . . she was really taken aback. I could Notice a man express within your back ground. . . could t Select Upward what he was saying but Afterward she got flustered when I was stalling with my Facsimile Amount and asking questions between Amounts. I m still going to report for FCC HTTP support. FCC. gov complaints. HTML. . . . 've to 've a few trust that it may do something.

8002529141 Complains by D.R.,

LA Times Calls my job at least 4 6 times a day never leaves a message thank goodness for caller id. .

8002602013 Complains by MikeB,

Be thorough because I 've Given with them before. If your own General took Outside a payday loan along with a shut account they will work along with the DA within your city for bring felony fraud Fees against them. Your own best bet is to get in touch with them and let them know that they can arrange for payment of that bad check. Otherwise I m not certain what will occur. I notion they might have been a rogue collector as well but Seemingly they are a serious recovery Research Organization and do work along with local courts for bring fraudsters for justice. I got that error of Choosing Outside a loan along with a deferred presentment Assess and my bank account unbeknownst to me was closed due to your negative equilibrium. I let it Fall after I could t pay back the advance and it Arrived back to haunt me. Thus I would t become too quick about writing them off.

8001001246 Complains by p.b.,

call out of W W at 9 W within 'm no message left.

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