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Telephone information: Qwest Corporation. Phoenix, AZ. Maricopa. United states
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Post by Guest,

4803507037 This Man it appears to be a Whole idiot. Phone number Bands back to an replying Product that says they don't take calls please Cease that Check.

Post by Guest,

480-350-7037 They curse at me and hang Upward on me. Am filing a Official Criticism.

Post by enough is enough,

4803507037 This guy has had me for at least 5 years or more and Views it a joke by beginning that call you recognize the express . An immediate hint he is calling simply for harass because I once took that time to listen for his Observation. He uses filthy Violent language. I instantaneously hang Upwards and log 3 more calls. Seemingly nothing can be done as I tried for Increase a Grievance along with your FCC and FTC. He deserves a visit in the local police

Post by Guest,

480-350-7037 Rude

Post by Manager,

4803507037 Got that exact Telephone telephone today. . . .

Post by Guest,

480-350-7037 Unfortunately we are on the callers rotation. The time Owner ID shows as West Builders W. W. W. Asks for owner when told owner not available they won t leave a message but rudely says they may telephone back later and hangs up. Owner also calls under Enormous State Jim Miller Capital Construction and John Carter W. W. W or W. W. W providing an address of W SW W St but will not give city or state Capital Contracting or Merely Capital. Most intrusive name calling offensive caller will not stop calling even after asking politely

Post by Guest,

4803507037 I absolutely Merely love the app. you can block them eternally and ever and all they can get is express mail. I never 've for even Notice the Telephone ring again it s a great Experience to understand they waste that time

Post by Guest,

480-350-7037 The Amount called our office this morning asking for a partner who is long gone. Owner ID said quot West Contractors quot They Subsequently asked quot Who owns your Set. quot He was very obnoxious. I said we Warren t interested and the Owner called me a quot B Ch quot which was just thus absurd I laughed. Absurdity scummier call.

Post by Guest,

4803507037 Always calls and States for become Marketing tools and need Quit calling for W years now several times a month

Post by Doug,

480-350-7037 Called and Inquired for a fake name we use as owner online for weed out sales lists. I Installed Upward on him he telephone Guaranteed and cussed me Outside phone me a and a . What a joke. . .

Post by Brandi,

4803507037 Obtained a telephone out of West Contractors. That Man is asking for your owners cell phone Amount asserting he talked to him already. Was Actually rude called me a liar so I Offered him thus of my Southern Lady Charm HA HA Jerks

Post by LILY,

480-350-7037 these Folks are so rude after 3 or 4 calls out of them Recently I finally said appearance I cannot supply Outside my manager s cell number I have told you personally that before and Afterward I hung Upwards. Not even a minute After they called again the time your Men says You're an ignorant fuck bi and Subsequently he Put up on me. Who the hell are these Folks and how can they get away with this rubbish.

Post by Kelli,

4803507037 Acquired a phone Now from West Contractors. Guy Inquired for your owner and when I told him he wan t in he Simply hung up on me. There was Additionally loud music playing in the History. Scummier

Post by J J,

480-350-7037 Caller Inquired for owner I told him which he was on another line and he could hold or I could have him return the call. He said he would call back. Value your information out of everyone. I may definitely be on the look out for his return call. .

Post by Sandy smith,

4803507037 Got a telephone Now from capital contracting Needed my husbands cell Amount would t supply it so he hung Upward I tried to telephone back to tell him he s rude but your phone would t go Thur. Scummier

Post by Paula,

480-350-7037 Asks for your owner Afterward hang ups when say not Accessible. WOW W W

Post by Not having it today!,

4803507037 I gotten a telephone out of this number asking for my bosses cell Telephone Amount. We do not present out his number he Professional ceded for phone me a and called my job several times for continue for insult me.

Post by Guest,

480-350-7037 This Owner is rude and they are a scam. Report them and block their number

Post by Susan P.,

4803507037 Just gotten phone out of them. Man on that phone was excessively rude. When I tried to probe exactly why he wanted to Chat with my boss he asked me if I was going to keep on wasting his time or get my manager for him. I told him which he was going for get nowhere being rude for me and Installed Upwards on him.

Post by LILY,

480-350-7037 Excellent IDEA

Post by Guest,

4803507037 Someone ask for Talk to my husband by his first name. We 're Recorded as a company and it happens often as he is a company owner. I request what was your nature of the call and he request to speak for my Partner again. I explained I 'm your Partner and owner as nicely and he hung Upward.

Post by Bosses Wife,

480-350-7037 Caller ID said Capital Contract. Inquired for my manager who was not Accessible Subsequently wanted his cell phone Amount. When I would t present it for him he said I was horrible and he hoped I died Now.

Post by HVAC company,

4803507037 This really is an excellent Thought. I 'm now going for would something similar. thanks.

Post by Jaime,

480-350-7037 Called Inquired for my boss by wrong name asked for his cell Subsequently Put Upward on me without anything. . I am on your do not telephone list so I may find out who they're that continue for phone my office Amount against the do not phone Guidelines Very rude they may never sell anything acting like that

Post by Trying to work,

4803507037 Only got a call from this number and he Inquired for your owner by name. I said he was unavailable and would take a message. He Inquired for his cell phone and I said I was not able for provide it and would take a message he Installed Upward.

Post by LILY,

480-350-7037 Fantastic IDEA

Post by Guest,

4803507037 They asked for that company owner and I told them he was here and they said what is his cell number they got really angry because I did t present it to them. RUDE

Post by Rox C,

480-350-7037 Really rude said was Ken Burns out of Burns Building Desired my boss cell number when I would t provide it and attempted to take a message he said he may Simply take his company and money and provide it to someone else. W W W

Post by Ann,

4803507037 I obtained a phone from this number asked who he was he said LBJ I said who are you along with he said Capital contract I said can you personally tell me what this is in reference overly he said NO. I said sir you are going to 've to present me more than one word Solutions he said Capital Contract is 2 I said Subsequently no he is not within. He said then why would you keep asking me these Ignorant Questions. Subsequently he Installed up on me. He called back immediately and my boss answered and he said he was along with West Building and when I got on and Inquired who was calling he said did I fart cause he could t odor it. This can be idiotic that Individuals can telephone and act enjoy 2 year old's and waste my time.

Post by VLN,

480-350-7037 Merely gotten a call from the Amount Seeking my bosses cell Telephone number said it was pressing private and would not take no for an answer. When he Comprehended I was not going to supply him that number he got rude and vulgar I Only Installed Upward on him.

Post by Guest,

4803507037 maria s Partner is a looser

Post by Guest,

480-350-7037 Same matter here. They called your Firm asking for your President. When I said he wan t here they Inquired for his cell I told them I did t have it they hung Upward. Jerk faces.

Post by Guest,

4803507037 This number keeps calling and hanging up comes Upwards west builders

Post by Guest,

480-350-7037 tools

Post by Guest,

4803507037 Constantly asked for owner Subsequently his Telephone Amount. Duh I m not Stupid. and hangs Upwards on me. Please locate the Man that has the number and Wonderful them or something. He has actually called among my co Employees names we 're Simply doing our Occupation and Attempting to be friendly. Pretty difficult when you've for Cope along with a jerk.

Post by Josie,

480-350-7037 Has called 3 times today Striving for get your owner s cell Amount. Each time I state we don t present it Outside he says he ll telephone back tomorrow. No vulgarity yet but something within his demeanor struck me as untrue. Now i know why.

Post by Guest,

4803507037 When I told him that previous owner was deceased he laughed and said who took around. I quickly told him we Warren t interested and please take us away that calling list. He called me a f ING bi h and told me I was stupid. SERIOUSLY. . . They're blocked from calling me and I trust their Business gets Close down eternally.

Post by Guest,

480-350-7037 Inquired for owner and when I said he wan t here could I take a message he got real irate with me and would t Quit until I Put Upward. They need for be Ceased.

Post by Gate Keeper/Receptionist,

4803507037 Called W times right. . First telephone they screamed my bosses name out and I brand new appropriate Subsequently it was an unwanted sales call. Afterward they proceeded for telephone W more times within a row. I Place them on hold until they dropped away. its your Dollar boys I know can have them blocked from your business. Skip Gate keeper

Post by Doris Garza,

480-350-7037 I Merely got cussed out by the Dumb company West Creator. . Do not Speak for these people. They are jerks and just one Large scam

Post by Guest,

4803507037 Caller was RUDE from the start. He Inquired for your manager. . . he dozen t work within that office. He wanted my boss cell number. . . . like I am giving that out. I messed along with the Man for a bit since he was thus rude amp thought it was Ok to treat Folks that manner. I have nothing better for can than conquer you personally at your Match JERK.

Post by Guest,

480-350-7037 I just acquired a phone from the number at my office asking for your President. As we Use significant screening here I did not connect that call but the Man was excessively rude. When I offered for take a message they Inquired for my President s cell Amount. When that wan t given they abruptly Installed Upward. Don t know what that Schedule is here but it s not valid.

Post by Guest,

4803507037 Told him that owner works in the subject. He asked for that cell number I told him we don t offer it Outside. Then he replied by telling me I should go suck a Large n c . And then Put Upward on me.

Post by Guest,

480-350-7037 Got a phone call from them the am. Scampers.

Post by Guest,

4803507037 RUDE.

Post by Mike F,

480-350-7037 These Men are sick and should become Given with by your Cops. That is Angry Strike. I was threatened and attacked by many slime amoeba of a human being sitting in his surely porn riddled little pitiful telephone Centre drinking his Last bourbon of your morning believing he wont Finish Upward with a firearm within his mouth. if you are reading this and get satisfaction Around Individuals spending time for whine about your own telephone center filth Please can your world a favor and stay alive so you can suffer through your own pathetic nights along with no worth

Post by Guest,

4803507037 The guy keeps calling after being asked to remove your Company number. He s Nasty and Rude and continues to phone for the point it's Harassment now. The Amount cannot Fit for the W Year. previous that it indicates within that White Pages. The Business is Report this number and concern.

Post by HVAC company,

480-350-7037 Yup was very rude and said he would send your owners cash elsewhere unless I Offered him his cell Telephone . I attempted for telephone back and a record said the person is unable for receive your own phone Located the Website and posts and now Validated that this is a scam. Thanks all

Post by Owner,

4803507037 Wow this guy Actually takes that cake. Calls at least once a month. Tell him I m not interested put me on the don't phone list and get your same hang Upwards. Today he says hes got a special on a few things and continues to Speak around me. Says he has double headed I could use to go F myself. The lad is crossing that line. Strategy for find Outside what a who is behind the and take whatever legal Activity is Crucial for shut this down

Post by Cin,

480-350-7037 ask for owner said he was Outside till Wednesday he hangs Upwards. Sounds enjoy he has a southern accent

Post by Secretary,

4803507037 Got a phone from W W W today he Inquired is owner s name available. When I said no can I ask who s calling he was even more rude and said present me his cell phone Amount. I said might I ask who s calling ever so politely again. And he said Shawn out of Capital Contractors. Afterward I asked what's this within Wishes to and he Installed Upwards. Evident bogus.

Post by Manager,

480-350-7037 Got your exact Telephone call today. . . .

Post by Doug,

4803507037 Called and Inquired for a fake name we use as owner online for Pot Outside sales lists. I hung Upwards on him he telephone Guaranteed and cussed me Outside phone me a and a . What a joke. . .

Post by Guest,

480-350-7037 They asked for your business owner and I told them he wan t here and they said what's his cell number they got really mad because I did t provide it for them quite demanding

Post by Kristina,

4803507037 A telephone came in the morning. Owner ID West Contractors Scalier W W He Inquired for my manager by name but did not pronounce his last name correctly. . . so I knew it was scam. He told me his name was Devin and which he was along with Miller Building returning my boss telephone. When I told him that my manager was not Accessible he Installed Upwards. I Viewed up that number it's located out of a telephone Facility within Illinois. scampers

Post by Waste Tech,

480-350-7037 Scumbag asked for owner offered express mail but Subsequently he Inquired for cell. Told him I could t supply that out and he said he would telephone back After and hung Upward.

Post by Annette S.,

4803507037 Had a telephone from same Set West Builders S W W W he Inquired for owner by first name only and I told him he was not Accessible. He Afterward Inquired for his cell Amount and I said You personally re not going to get it by being rude . He Afterward said Nicely then F you personally Bi

Post by Mary,

480-350-7037 called said he was returning my bosses call I said he USN t Accessible HE said tell your own manager he is a I quote a dumb . Finish quote

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8002865426 Complains by Guest,

She won t Cease calling and hacking into my phone

8002861589 Complains by h-man,

that Merely Began calling me when i picked up they Put Upwards so i called them back they wounding tell me who they were i told them I am reporting them for don't telephone. gov and not to call again. that's all you got for do

8001861472 Complains by Guest,

Cash max. com

8002152758 Complains by Guest,

no Assessment or calls

8002643283 Complains by rip off,

a Split away sex line

8002652015 Complains by Dajarvis Holmes,

a person called me from this number suppose to be for AT&T to set up a payment for services and AT&T dont have my payment and have no idea who this is....so im tryin to see if this a fraud or something because AT&T cant trace the paymnet she took or the person

8002306732 Complains by clarissa,

just called me appropriate now saying if i dint telephone back all he can perform is want me Fortune WOW

8001182196 Complains by Qwerty,


8003176508 Complains by maximumleo,

Only recently I vie Enrolled my Telephone with Do not Telephone list however Now got a phone message out of Ar lo asking for telephone back W W W no explanation given no reason mentioned annoying. KL

9492011229 Complains by Guest,

They are a Scam. . . . . you personally don t want for use this company for Drugs.

8665972424 Complains by Guest,

5 missed calls out of this Amount. No voice mails.

6034141927 Complains by Guest,

I replied. . it was a recording asking me to hold that line. . I held the line but Installed up after Around a Second. . .

6034141921 Complains by Guest,

Sick and exhausted of the person calling each daytime. ICC Systems you demand for stop calling me. I m on the Don't telephone list. Stop wasting your own time cause I won t answer.

8568404703 Complains by Guest,

same company but the time voice carton was not empty conveniently list this number on you suit as well.

9027088304 Complains by Guest,


8182113111 Complains by Why me?,

Obtained two calls Now. Did t answer both of them. No message left by caller.

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