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Post by Bao,

4803643796 Called my cell Telephone. Record message said I have won a free Vacation to your Bahama.

Post by Marianne Fowler,

480-364-3796 Mari

Post by Guest,

4803643796 Spam Rob caller

Post by Patricia,

480-364-3796 I acquired a telephone on my cell out of this Amount. I did t reply and they left no response. Telemarketers do not leave messages. I don t reply ANY Amount I don t Comprehend on my either my cell phone or acreage line. It s Normally a telemarketer or a political Crack seeking votes.

Post by Autodialer,

4803643796 Called but left no message.

Post by TeleHunter,

480-364-3796 Called my mobile number did t leave a express mail. I called your Amount back and it stated the voice send carton was not setup. Clearly a non legit entity.

Post by Guest,

4803643796 Free cruise scam again W

Post by Betty,

480-364-3796 Obtained a phone out of the Amount while in a Assembly. Did not leave a message. Thanks for all who posted.

Post by Connie,

4803643796 Got the phone on my cell 2 hrs. Past. As soon as I recognized it as a ROB I Put up.

Post by LFR,

480-364-3796 Recording said you've won a free Vacation for that Bahama s and Afterward I Installed Upwards.

Post by zax,

4803643796 Rob dial


480-364-3796 Received Congratulations You've Won phone and I do 've Caller ID

Post by Dylan,

4803643796 Apparently I won a trip to your Bahamas. I m so excited. Yes. WHO Oho. Y all should Decided up that Telephone. idiots

Post by unknown,

480-364-3796 Got a phone out of this Amount they left no message. When i called back they state the number is not in service.

Post by Guest,

4803643796 I replied after 3 rings and heard nothing on the other Finish Subsequently call Lost.

Post by Cory,

480-364-3796 it was a Rob telephone for a free cruise if i took many survey. pressing 9 can automatically remove you in the list . doubt it works but present it a try next time if you get a call again from the number.

Post by eddie,

4803643796 I get a call from the number I response and no response. . . . . . . . . . . . . scam or telemarketing either way.

Post by Guest,

480-364-3796 Called me twice today did not leave message. I called them back for Notice recorded message of press 1 for make Pym on Verizon account 2 for start a Verizon account etc. I vie had T Mobile for W years.

Post by ticked,

4803643796 They are not legit telemarketers if they were they would not be calling phone numbers which are listed along with your Federal Do not Call Registry. They would make such calls and your just motive they telephone anyone is that there are more than enough foolish people in the universe that believe everything they're told thus they get ripped away emotionally and financially. Myself we don t reply phone calls that come within on either cell or acreage line if we don t recognize the phone number that is calling. Caller ID is your absolute best tool a phone owner can have. Generally if we did t asked someone for call us we don t response your Telephone. If it's a Suitable Telephone caller they will leave a message and we may return the call.

Post by metoo,

480-364-3796 I acquired a call from W. W. W today at 9 W 'm. Did not get for the Telephone they left no message. I called it back but its an Broken number. Something was on your news regarding scam calls from area code W for intelligent phones. I wish I paid more focus on that news that day. That simply matter your W. com says Around this number is its a Verizon phone number in Chandler Arizona.

Post by Stephen,

4803643796 Called my cellphone. I did t reply.

Post by Guest,

480-364-3796 Spam

Post by Jeni,

4803643796 Called my cell. Left no message. Did not response as I did not recognize the Amount.

Post by Padro Depacas,

480-364-3796 another mouth breather with a phone number

Post by FaaQu2UnwantedCaller,

4803643796 My caller ID said Cell Phone from the same number. . . . Pressed mute on that ringer and it Quit ringing after 6 W rings. They can call here all day no just one will ever response.

Post by Hal Osborn,

480-364-3796 Left no message

Post by A,

4803643796 Did t get for that Telephone Rapidly enough but called your number correct back. As shortly as I did it said that number was no longer within service or had been altered. The caller left no message. Your whole matter sounds scam my to me.

Post by RP,

480-364-3796 Received a telephone out of W W W W the morning on my cell. Did not reply it no message left. Number now BLOCKED.

Post by Guest,

4803643796 Free cruise crap

Post by Az Native,

480-364-3796 Rob call Around me winning a free cruise if I reply a few questions by pressing some Amounts. I Simply listened and did t say or can anything your fascination was repeated. I called back and it was answered Rob about being a Verizon pay Facility. These people are enjoy that east end of a horse watching the sunset.

Post by Liza,

4803643796 Called and left no message. When I attempted for hunt that Amount I kept becoming a message that it was an Broken phone number.

Post by Guest,

480-364-3796 Thus I get this phone that it is a Verizon payment call and to enter my Verizon Telephone Amount. Fascinating since I do not use Verizon I use AT amp T. I may report the to Verizon ASAP and suggest them that someone is spamming using their Name.

Post by FaaQu2UnwantedCaller,

4803643796 My caller ID said Cell Telephone in the same Amount. . . . Pressed mute on that ringer and it Quit ringing after 6 W rings. They could telephone here all day no just one will ever reply.

Post by Brian,

480-364-3796 Called at 9. W. I consistently Google your on my cell phone before I pick Upwards. Tool it was a bogus telephone and left it ring and ring

Post by Anonymous,

4803643796 Got a call out of this Amount W W Am. Left no message. Probably scam artists. Happy I did t Select up.

Post by Guest,

480-364-3796 Do not reply this call

Post by Jon,

4803643796 Everyone. . . each time you get one of these calls telephone the Phone Business and complain. Certain they ll state they could t would anything but if they become deluged with Criticisms sooner or later they may relent and start doing something. Complain Whine Complain. . .

Post by JayWY,

480-364-3796 You personally vie won a free trip to Bermuda Yep appropriate. Block this number.

Post by Guest,

4803643796 Owner to my cell phone. . . I don t response if I don t understand the Amount. . . looked it Upward on white pages and you personally said it was used for spam. . . . can t you guys would something Around it if you personally know that. . . .

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8002692144 Complains by Guest,

way overly many games

8003031995 Complains by mad as heck,

telemarketer won t Cease calling. Offers Mrs Fury and a Lot of ID Amounts after it

8002469734 Complains by J,

This is a company supposedly calling from Dish Network. Our number has been registered with the National No Call list for over 3.5 years when we first got this number. A company claims they are Dish Network and asks if we have it. We don't and never have. When I have asked them to cease calling they always say they do, and yet the calls persist. When I called Dish Network, they said they don't have our number on thier calling lists. So, they were also interested in who was calling, saying they were claiming they were part of their company.

8002619643 Complains by Bigi,

There is a pause when I answer the phone. Then a recording says all of our representatives are currently active something about Key Canada that's what it sounds like and its Significant that I return your call. I m put on hold and there surely is classical music playing. Recording Only keeps saying that there's a big volume of callers.

8002858048 Complains by joe,

received phone out of this number 4 W W short music no voice

8003007192 Complains by lori,

As a Set agency by law they CANNOT leave it on your voice send. Which is a Infraction of the Federal Group Laws. Which is because other people could possibly get your messages and Notice a collection agency calling you personally. Same goes with anyone else other than You personally who answers your phone. Including calls for your neighbors or employers. ALL of which you can readily Quit by telling them never to phone any of them.

8002989746 Complains by Guest,

The Amount keeps calling Wont leave message I vie answered nobody there robot call

8002930397 Complains by max,

Received a telephone out of Leah said she was calling about a payday loan. Had Erroneous address. Said loan was out of W.

8002105231 Complains by virtuality,

I think it s brief sale specialist but the Man mumbles so I m not certain. . . . net site optimization. . . David . . . Okay I got that gist of what he needs but jeez Speak slower or something. . . Lola

8003052851 Complains by Mary,

Thank you to your post. This helped me figure Outside how they got my cc digits and phone number. I Only canceled that cc and altered that Telephone. Once they sell your own Information you can t control how Much it goes. Cheers again.

8002312722 Complains by Guest,


8003057951 Complains by Mima,

I got a telephone on my company s Amount on Could possibly W W without any message or nothing for identify them.

8003082711 Complains by Sorry,

If you vie booked through the Amount End your own credit card instantly. It s a scam. If you re being diligent and seeking information BEFORE booking Don't Do IT. Go to Www. vacationist. com or Internet. Popular Line. comped. comprising. com THESE are all reputable trust worth and offer quite practical Costs. Merely don t autumn for Caribbean Cruise line. . .

8002986450 Complains by Po-ed,

Ok I have figured the Outside. They have a private registration on their Domain name name. That is why Domains by Proxy is showing Upwards. This is a valid service out of Go Father and has nothing for do along with Bob Parsons. I will keep searching into this and Upgrade you all when I find out.

8002268806 Complains by Guest,

Remove the . .

8002974107 Complains by Pat,

Live voice on the call. . . . said Oh I did t want to telephone you personally. . . . Put up

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